Class Eligibility

Borrowers must meet certain minimum criteria to be eligible to receive a settlement payment. In particular:

  • The loan was serviced by HSBC at the time of the foreclosure sale
  • The loan went to foreclosure sale between Jan. 1, 2008 and Dec. 31, 2012
  • The borrower made at least three payments on the loan
  • The home (or foreclosed property address) was, or was intended to be the borrowers’ primary residence at the time the mortgage loan was obtained
  • The borrower had a mortgage loan secured by a one-to-four unit residential property
  • The unpaid principal balance of the first-lien mortgage loan did not exceed $729,750 for a one-unit property; $934,200 for a two-unit property; $1,129,250 for a three-unit property; or $1,403,400 for a four-unit property.

Note: Borrowers will be ineligible to receive a payment from the National HSBC Settlement if they received a payment from: (i) The National Mortgage Settlement, involving Bank of America, JP Morgan Chase, Citibank, Wells Fargo, and GMAC/Ally, (ii) the National Ocwen Settlement, involving Ocwen Loan Servicing, Litton Loan Servicing, and American Home Mortgage Servicing Inc. (AHMSI) aka Homeward Residential; or (iii) the National SunTrust Settlement.

Borrowers from Oklahoma are not eligible for any of the direct payments because Oklahoma elected not to join the settlement.

Estimated Amount

$780 minimum

Proof of Purchase


Case Name

United States of America, et al. v. HSBC North America Holdings Inc., et al.,
Civil Action No. 16-0199,
District Court for the District of Columbia

Case Summary

The defendants have agreed to settle in a settlement that causes the defendant of engaging in abusive practices in its mortgage foreclosure, origination and servicing operations.

Settlement Pool





National HSBC Settlement Administrator

98 responses to “National HSBC Mortgage Class Action Settlement”

  1. kevin boursaw says:

    Has a date been set for refund checks to be mailed?

    ADMIN-Hi Kevin,

    I have not seen any more updates on this settlement.

    • Rick says:

      they were mailed February 17th allow up to 10 business days to recieve

      • sharon says:

        Any idea of the amount?

        ADMIN – Hi Sharon,

        Over 1k!!

      • Doreen says:

        Is this the only check we are receiving a one time check. The law suit if this is the case did not benefit the consumer. 58 million and we did not get even get at least 5 grand. What about the people who did do a claim or respond is that money being issued back out to those who did a claim. We did not win we truly lost.

        ADMIN – Doreen,

        There are judges tasked with ensuring you receive your fair share of a settlement pool.

    • Ronald Vance says:

      Hi I saw on the HSBC settlement claim that checks were mailed out on Feb 17th 2017. I have not received my check yet. How long does it take and were they mailed all at one time?

      ADMIN – Hi Ronald,

      If you don’t get your check by next week you should contact the class admin

      • Darthalee Benton Araiza says:

        Why didn’t everyone receive a notice about the lawsuit my name Darthalee Benton Araiza please contact me

        ADMIN – Hi Darthalee,

        The class action administrator contacts potential class members, additionally they publish info in common media channels. I cannot contact you regarding this matter as I am not a class action admin or class counsel.

  2. Ernestina Sutton says:

    I still have not seen any updates regarding checks mailed from hsbc but they knew how to fraudulent tske funds

  3. Angela McAllister says:

    I would at least like to know how many people actually responded.

    ADMIN – Hi Angela,

    Generally administrators do not disclose the number of claims received. Once the case comes to a closure you should be able to obtain paperwork from the courts under the freedom of information act.

  4. Debbie says:

    I read an article that stated the Attorney General claims that checks would be received by participants in February but when I called the settlement hotline, they read from the same script that is posted on the website “an exact date is unknown at this time.” The representative did say to watch the website for updates because it would probably change very soon. Whatever that means.

    ADMIN – Hi Debbie,

    I encourage you to be patient. If your claim is valid you will eventually get paid.

    • Doreen says:

      I strongly feel that people have been plenty patient. Most just want solid answers. Ifbthebchecks are coming out in and when I think most people would just wait for that time and day.bcan a release date be given as to when they plan to start releasing checks? Or allow the website to give options.

      ADMIN – Hi Doreen,

      If you believe the admin is taking too long to bring this to a proper resolution you may want to contact class counsel and complain.

      • Doreen says:

        Is this only check that participants are entitled to? Do they feel that a one time mortgage payment is satisfactory and helps with the error. Who really benefited from this law suite in my opinion not the consumer. Its states 75,000.00 borrowers if we do the math the calculations of outgoing checks don’t even equal to the amount of money that was awarded. Unfair act and it is still unfair to the people because at this time I don’t see where anyone benefited from this law suite well at least the public did not. Is there a break down of the allocation of $ and where all the other proceeds went. The amount received was not even enough to put a down payment down on another home. Will another check be issued in the future?

        ADMIN – Hi Doreen,

        The amount displayed is a minimum. Some people will receive more and others less. As for the breakdown you can always reach out to the admin but keep in mind the judge supervises the fairness in distribution and he or she is working to protect your rights.

      • Doreen says:

        Give me the number if its still active.

        ADMIN – Hi Doreen,

        The # is 888-538-5792 I don’t know if it is still active.

  5. Kay W. says:

    is there no approximate date when checks will be sent from Rust consulting?

    ADMIN – Hi Kay,

    I have not seen any updates regarding this class action settlement. When I have one I will post it on Facebook.

  6. Scott says:

    Looks like they are waiting to the last day to send out the checks. They make money in interest that way. We will be lucky to get anything before the end of march.

    • Bobby Willis says:

      It’s got to be by the end of march,because I think they can get in trouble, after March that’s the end of the 1st quarter.

  7. Pat says:

    If you received a letter, does that mean that you are IN the settlement. The letter states that ” you may be included”

  8. Debbie says:

    Attorney General Andy Beshear today announced that Kentuckians who filed claims in the settlement with mortgage lender and servicer HSBC to address mortgage origination, servicing and foreclosure abuses will receive payment in February. (This was posted by A.G. Andy Beshears on January 25, 2017. I can only assume he knows what he is talking about if he is announcing it publically.

  9. Tom t. says:

    Ive heard that from the 2nd of feb. To around the 21st settlement checks are going out to those ppl who have still got loans with hsbc and other checks are going to be mailed on or around the 21st. I too am still patiently waiting and dont know how much my check will b nor have i talked to anyone who has recieved any ?.

    • Ronald Vance says:

      I found this on their website yesterday

      February 2017:
      Please note; the deadline to file a claim was November 15, 2016 and claim forms are no longer being accepted. Payments on valid claims mailed on February 17, 2017. The payment amount for each loan was approximately $1,200. The exact amount is not being released to help prevent fraud.

      Hope this helps

  10. Angela McAllister says:

    I’m just hoping the check will be more than what it says. I have been unable to get a decent housing because of HSBC.

    • Mark says:

      Angela, I lost my home to HBSC due to them not participating in the Hardest Hit Funds which they did after 2011. Sure would have been nice to keep my home as I was unemployed “We will see” 🙂

    • Doreen says:

      The check should of been way more. I would live to see the financials report. We lost all the way around. That’s no money. That’s not even enough to pay for a collage coarse.

      ADMIN – Hi Doreen,

      I don’t think the intention of this settlement was to fund education for class members even if education is a desperately needed.

  11. Geoffrey Briceno says:

    I received 2 checks from Rust Consulting from Diaz vs HSBC settlement 2 years ago. First check was for $6000 and the second check was for $1172. I’m anxious to see how much this check is for. I’ll comment when I receive this check.
    Have a Great Day.

    • Brandi says:

      Do you mind if I ask you what the minimum amount was suppose to be on those checks I’m just curious if there is any possible way these ones may be higher

      ADMIN – Hi Brandi,

      Rumor has it these checks might be higher than expected.

    • vickie says:

      I am from ky and we lost our house, the payments kept going up , mortgage was sold, a bank employee got the house quick. I didn’t know that property can sit empty for several years while the mortgage company waits to see if you want the house again. I know of a house that has sit empty for over 6 years waiting to see if the people want the house again. I wish I had that option.

    • vickie says:

      How did you get so much back?

  12. Kathy bombriant says:

    How can we make sure our name is on the list. ? I mailed in my paperwork when I received it just would like to make sure I’m on the list.

    ADMIN – Hi Kathy,

    You contact the class action administrator and ask them to ensure they have received your claim.

  13. Deborah says:

    In the news this morning: More than 2,100 Virginians who were harmed by HSBC’s practices will be getting checks of $1,200, according to Herring’s office.

    Herring sent claim forms to Virginia borrowers last August — with a filing deadline of Nov. 15, 2016. Nearly 68 percent of affected borrowers reportedly filed a claim.

    Herring’s office says checks will begin to be distributed Feb. 17.

  14. plaintiffany says: channel3 had an article out on it this morning.
    The Virginia A.G. announced that Virginians would be getting payments this month. Here’s part of the article:

    “By Becca Mitchell
    9 hours ago
    RICHMOND, Va. – More than 2,100 Virginians who had their mortgages serviced by HSBC Mortgage and lost their homes to foreclosure between 2008 and 2012 will begin receiving settlement checks soon.

    The checks, for approximately $1,200, will be distributed beginning Feb. 17 and all checks should be received within a few weeks.”
    Hope this helps

  15. Brandi says:

    How would I be able to look up info on this for Ohio to see if they have stated whether or not checks will be going out? Would anyone know. This is the only website that I found anything about it on.

    ADMIN – Hi Brandi,

    In order to find out details about a settlement you contact the class action administrator.

  16. Michael Jordan says:

    What about ohio how much well the checks be.

  17. Bobby Willis says:

    They need to change that recorder it’s getting kind of old now.

  18. Tom t. says:

    Only thing we’ve heard in ky. Is that we can expect no less than $780 thats based on the 100 percent participation and only 1400 ppl in ky are supposed to get payed

  19. Danielle says:

    Does anyone know how this is going to affect the foreclosures on victims credit reports?

  20. william Barthel says:

    Is all states being sent out on the 21st

  21. Debbie says:

    So is there a way to see if you did qualify or do we just sit and wait?

    ADMIN – Hi Debbie,

    You can call the admin or email them and see if they will check that for you.

  22. Keith Hall says:

    Checks were mailed February 17, 2017

  23. Deborah says:

    My understanding is the checks are approx. 1200 regardless of your state. The settlement was split among those who responded and were qualified among the 75000 affected home owners nationwide.

  24. plaintiffany says:

    This is a update from the administrator’s website

    “This website provides information about the joint state-federal settlement with HSBC.


    February 2017:
    Please note; the deadline to file a claim was November 15, 2016 and claim forms are no longer being accepted. Payments on valid claims mailed on February 17, 2017. The payment amount for each loan was approximately $1,200. The exact amount is not being released to help prevent fraud.”

  25. Greg says:

    Has anyone received their check yet?

    ADMIN – Hi Greg,

    Yes, we already have reports of checks.

  26. John says:

    I received a check today. Has anyone else received a check?

  27. Geoffrey Briceno says:

    I received my check today 2/21/17 for $1212.42 I live in Indiana.

    ADMIN – Hi Geoffrey,

    Lucky you. Congrats. Thank you for updating us.

  28. Bill says:

    Received settlement today Tuesday Feb 21, 2017. I live in California. The amount is approximate as to what it says but since they are concerned about fraud I won’t say the exact amount either.

  29. Brandi says:

    Received my check today 2/21/17 in Ohio

  30. Brent boopy says:

    Received mine here in Michigan. Cheers..

    ADMIN – Hi Brent,


  31. Jeff says:

    Where is my check ? Washington state here

    ADMIN – Hi Jeff,

    We have no idea. Remember, we are a class action settlements informational website not the admin for this settlement.

    • Ronald Vance says:

      Hi Jeff

      I also live in Washington state and I am still waiting on my check from the HSBC settlement claim. I got this info off of their website.

      February 2017:
      Please note; the deadline to file a claim was November 15, 2016 and claim forms are no longer being accepted. Payments on valid claims mailed on February 17, 2017. The payment amount for each loan was approximately $1,200. The exact amount is not being released to help prevent fraud.

  32. Kristi Woods says:

    Received my check today-Georgia

  33. Miller says:

    Received my check need to know where to cash

    ADMIN – Hi Miller,

    The bank is a good option. Check cashing facilities with a fee, supermarkets etc.

  34. debbie says:

    I received my check they said all people would be approx. 1,200.00 ok the customer service rep told me it was 91,000 people the amount was 58 million if you total that up it is way short of 58 million what happen to the rest of the money I asked them and they could not tell me said someone would call. I feel this is a ripoff to the consumer who suffered the most. I want to know why we received a small amount so unfair and try to get answers. can anyone explain it to me.

    ADMIN – Hi Debbie,

    The settlement pool includes the fees paid to the class representatives, the attorneys and the class action administrators.

  35. Robby says:

    as a part of the class action, can we also have our credit report wiped clean? when we were told by H.S.B.C we have your back no worries?

    ADMIN – Hi Robby,

    I think you are way too late to make a request such as this.

  36. Cm says:

    Where can we cash these checks if I don’t have a bank account?

    ADMIN – Hi Cm,

    Have you tried a check cashing facility?

  37. Renee says:

    I’m in Ohio, I mailed my claim back soon as I got it. I called the administrator number today and they took my name and address and she said I was on the list and a check was mailed. My question is if that’s actually the case, I don’t understand how someone in California could’ve received a check already and I still haven’t seen mine. They were mailed from Minnesota.

    ADMIN – Hi Renee,

    Sometimes they send the checks in batches alphabetically.

  38. Cm says:

    Where can we cash the check

    ADMIN – Hi Cm,

    Perhaps you should try a bank first.

  39. Tommy says:

    Got my check last week,I live in ky no where close to 20,000 I put down+++

  40. MC says:

    We live in ky. We still have not received our check. Has anyone else from Ky still waiting on their check? They tell me it was mailed Feb.17th.

    ADMIN – Hi MC,

    Please contact the admin to check on your particular case.

    • MC says:

      I did and they said our check was mailed Feb. 17th.

      ADMIN – Hi MC,

      Ask them to reissue.

      • MC says:

        After about 10 calls. They admitted the check had an incorrect address. If I dont receive it tomorrow. They will reissue a new check in 4 to 6 weeks. Which is upsetting considered they made the mistake.

        • Deb says:

          They did the exact same thing to me, me and my spouse are now divorced so obviously we had 2 different addresses, that we documented on the paperwork. They sent his to my address and mine to his. I received his and contacted him so he picked it up. Mine is nowhere to be found. For those wondering, no I do not believe he did anything with mine. We get along well. So now I have to wait even longer because they screwed up. AGAIN! Absolutely ridiculous!!!

  41. Mattie says:

    I am in Florida and still waiting on my check

  42. Amy says:

    In California still waiting as well. Last name starts with a G. Wondering if they were mailed out in groups alphabetically?

    ADMIN – Hi Amy,

    Reach out to the admin to ask about the status of your claim.

  43. MC says:

    Pretty much found out today that this is close to being a scam. We were told lots of people have not received checks due to them having the wrong address. The best part they can read our address off correctly but was placed on the check wrong. We also learned they are scripted. They can not answer a question unless the answer is from the script. The operator did tell us to call Rust Consulting. I called and was sent to a project managers voice mail. Basically when you google this company you find nothing but negative comments. Good Luck. We are not banking on receiving any money.

  44. Thomas Shafer says:

    Yea I received my Check and I am not very Happy about the Amount and I deserve More. I payed out in Payments back in 08 through 09 $80,000.00 in Payments for an Acreage I really loved and Now just because HSBC they ruined my Financial Life and Lied to me back in 2006 when I got my New Mortgage. I hope HSBC falls apart HSBC ruins Lives Period.

  45. Adriana says:

    I reviewed my check 02/24/2017
    I heard we supposed to get another one at the end of April 2017 is that true?

    ADMIN – Hi Adriana,

    You can contact this number to find out 1-888-538-5792

  46. Amy Hartoonian says:

    I called the first week in March and found out that my check was mailed to my EX in KY even though I filled out all paperwork properly and on time. I don’t understand how my EX was able to do this but he did! Good thing I called and caught it otherwise I would have gotten nothing. Some people are just evil!!!

  47. Amy Hartoonian says:

    I was suppose to receive a check for 1/2 because of divorce- did all my paperwork right and sent in on time! Still have not received any money. So I called and found out my check was sent to my Ex- which NEVER should have happened considering I filled my part of paperwork out with my new last name and new address and told them we were divorced and that he lived in KY. So I’m wondering why did my check with my New last name get mailed to him??? Seems fishy to me!!!

    ADMIN – Hi Amy,

    That is not a question that we can answer. As you probably know by now, we are not the class action administrator. You can reach out to the class action admin to escalate your concern. Their info is listed above.

    • D says:

      Exact same thing happened to me. His was sent to my address and mine was sent to his! I gave him his but mine is nowhere to be found so now I have to wait because they had to cancel my check and reissue it so now I have to wait! Our addresses were correct as well!

      • pamela blaylock says:

        I live in ohio and have not received my check my friend got her ck the end of feb i called attorney general office and they gav me the number for hsbc?? How do i contact claims administrator?

        ADMIN – Hi Pamela,

        This is their # 888-538-5792

  48. Altaye s desta says:

    I am not receive any check I just claims, the form and the little card until now I am recived any checks , please can you checked out for me.

    ADMIN – Hi Altaye,

    I can’t. You must contact the class action admin directly. Their information is posted under “contact”. Just scroll up.

  49. Terry&Janice Head says:

    Haven’t received a check yet California?

    ADMIN – Hi Terry,

    Contact the class action administrator

  50. sue says:

    I have heard rumors of a second check. Any truth to them? I get no questions answered calling the number.

    • sue says:

      I guess my questions go unanswered yet again

      ADMIN – Hi Sue,

      Again, we are not the class action admins thus we are unable to tell you if you will get another check. Call or write to the admin. Their phone is 1-888-538-5792

  51. Penny Spearman says:

    I did a form on line and have heard or received nothing don’t know what to do

    ADMIN – Hi Penny,

    You can reach out to the admin to request an update.

  52. Evelyn Crosby says:

    In Louisiana & its end of May! Still no check! WTH?

  53. sue says:

    I guess since there have been no updates lately that this is over…hsbc wins again!

    ADMIN – Hi Sue,

    Not necessarily, settlements take a long time to be finalized.

  54. Grace Forcier says:

    June 24, 2017

    I am in the middle of suing HSBC for Fraudulent Business Practices. I did not know about HSBC being Fraudulent until now, and since the 2nd mortgage was in my husband’s name. They would not talk to me since my husband passed away in 2008 and yet I still paid the mortgage in full, because i was afraid they would take try to take my house unless the 2nd mortgage was paid. Like I said they would not talk to me for 9 1/2 years yet took my money and even though it was paid on time they gave me late charges, which I refused to pay! I checked my bank account and they took the money on time and still charged me late charges and would not explain why! They even had the nerve to send the mortgage statement to some unknown address in another state and I had to get the attorney general to get it back to my address, that it had been going to for 6 previous years when my husband was alive. They have changed their name to Household Realty to keep committing Fraud!

  55. sue white says:

    Any updated info?

    ADMIN – Hi Sue,

    This is directly from their website:
    Please note; the deadline to file a claim was November 15, 2016 and claim forms are no longer being accepted. Payments on valid claims mailed on February 17, 2017. The payment amount for each loan was approximately $1,200. The exact amount is not being released to help prevent fraud.

  56. Tammy F says:

    My notice went to a house I no longer lived at but when my tenant moved out I went to clean it and found the notice buried in stacks of mail that she never gave me although my mail was forwarded I see stacks were NOT. I mailed it off the other day and am expecting a nice check from Rust Consulting…

  57. Linda says:

    Here I am in August and still to this day have not recieve a check.I even filled out paper work on line to let them know that I recieved a letter from H S B C
    Settlment. They are telling me .no paperwork have been filed when I know I did.and they say its to late.

    ADMIN – Hi Linda,

    Do you have a claim number that was issued to you when you filed? If you do contact the class action administrator.

  58. Miguel Romero says:

    Do I get to receive a check to were is my money??

    ADMIN – Hi Miguel,

    If you are a member of the class and you filed a timely claim you are likely to receive money.

  59. Jamila Khan says:

    They sent my notice to my ex-husband husband address (divorced 22 yrs) I never lived there, it was not our marital home, he never until the deadline past. However,because the notice did not come back undelivered my claim was dismissed.
    I’m getting the attorney general’s office involved. I shouldn’t be victimized twice.

    ADMIN – Hi Jamila,

    I hate it when stuff gets sent to old addresses.

  60. Jennifer Gann says:

    I sent in my claim form in 2012 and still have my copy of it. I have moved several times since then and have
    not received any correspondence from this settlement.

    ADMIN – Hi Jennifer,

    This case did not exist in 2012

  61. Emmanuel Paul says:

    Waiting. Waiting. How much longer the year is almost over.

    ADMIN – Hi Emmanuel,

    Per the official website:
    “Payments on valid claims mailed on February 17, 2017. The payment amount for each loan was approximately $1,200. The exact amount is not being released to help prevent fraud”

  62. Melissa Kohler says:

    When will receive our tax documents over this ?

    ADMIN – Hi Melissa,

    Please contact the class action administrator if you received more than $600 so they can issue their document.

    • Melissa Kohler says:

      I tried to and said they had no record

      ADMIN – Hi Melissa,

      Talk to your accountant about reporting without receiving a W2 from the admin.

  63. Melissa Kohler says:

    Could u get me the info to contact them

    Hi Melissa,

    Have you tried 888-538-5792

  64. Jamie Heckart says:

    Were 1099’s sent to those who received this money from the settlement? I did not receive a 1099 and need to know if I will need to claim the settlement in the taxes I file?

    ADMIN – Hi Jamie,

    Contact the class action administrator.

  65. Ruby Brewer says:

    I never received a claim form and this is the first I heard of the action. Is there a way to still file a claim?

    ADMIN – Hi Ruby,

    If the deadline has passed you do not have any other recourse.

  66. Veronica says:

    Never received claim forms due to moving, am I still able to submit a claim?

    ADMIN – Hi Veronica,

    The deadline was 2016. You may no longer file.

  67. Clyde Tyler Jr. says:

    Who is the class administrator I never received my check and I have contacted the 8885385792 phone number and all they can say is that I have been paid over and over again even though I have not received a check.

    ADMIN – Hi Clyde,

    The administrator for this settlement is Rust Consulting

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