Class Eligibility

Persons within the United States who received a non-emergency or cell phone call from HSBC or on behalf of HSBC Finance Corp. or HSBC Bank Nevada, through the use of an automatic telephone dialing system or an artificial or prerecorded voice

The call(s) must have originated on or after May 31, 2008 through May 1, 2012

Estimated Amount

$20 to $40 (estimated) The total pool will be divided pro rata among qualified claims

Proof of Purchase


Members of the class received a card with a validation number if you believer you were part of this class action settlement and did not receive a card you must contact the administrator at 1-844-322-8224

Claim Form

Case Name

Michael Wilkins, et al. v. HSBC Bank Nevada, N.A., et al.,
No. 14-cv-190
District Court, Northern District of Illinois

Case Summary

This settlement resolves a lawsuit where HSBS is accused of violating the federal Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA).The lawsuit against HSBC alleges that HSBC used an automatic telephone dialing system or prerecorded or artificial voice when placing cell phone calls between May 31, 2008 and May 1, 2012. These types of telephone calls are illegal under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, which protects consumers from unwanted or harassing cell phone calls from companies. HSBC has denied the allegations but has agreed to settle to avoid the expenses and uncertainty associated with a long litigation

Settlement Pool


Settlement Website




Wilkins TCPA Settlement
c/o GCG
P.O. Box 35127
Seattle, WA 98124-5127
Denver, CO 80231

56 responses to “HSBC TCPA Class Action Settlement”

  1. judy wharton says:

    I received multiple phones from my phone from Chase these people are constanly aggravating

  2. John aldridge says:

    I received many calls non stop when even told them to please stop they kept up

  3. beverly frost says:

    I also received numerous phone calls after i asked to b removed from list

  4. Barbara McCormick says:

    I have received numerous calls

  5. Thomas Ruebensam says:

    I used to have this company and received calls from them . i never received a card from them about the class action suit.

  6. Thomas Ruebensam says:

    I used to used this company. I used to get a lot of calls from them too .Never did i get a card about the class action law suit
    Thomas Ruebensam 457 w 38th st chicago il 60609

  7. Christine says:

    I am constantly receiving calls from them both on home number and cell these calls are so annoying. I have not received a card about the class action suit

  8. Donna Roberts says:

    Please remove my address


  9. Christina Jenkins says:

    Iasked to stop the calks, and that I was on the do not call list; but I kept receiving calls

  10. rebecca says says:

    I’ve received many calls from them but never got a card.
    the calls don’t stop even if you tell them they have the wrong number, a week goes by and there they are again.

    I still get calls trying to get me to buy a reload card and go to the CVS and put money on it and they will call back, I’m to give them the number on the card and they will take that money,$250 and in return a limousine will show up at my residence with a check for $1 million dollars. these calls have been non stop, several a day and day after day. I contacted Bank America and CVS but none of them seem to be very concerned about it. both companies working together or individual scams can find out. Bank America needs to get to the bottom of this, if not than they or someone that works there is involved in this.

    • rebecca says says:

      these calls are non-stop. my phone rings constantly and hang-up, the minute I answer the phone without listening for a call to say who they are, it of course another one asking me to buy a card. wanting to know if there is a Walmart or CVS new me. I tried getting as much info as I could about a year ago. called CVS trying to warn them and report this so they would tell their customers to beware but they could care less, nothing they can do if someone whats to buy the care that’s there choice. they only concern it to make money.
      Bank America is also connected to this scam, I call them as well and told them of this scam and there is nothing they can do. tell don’t answer the phone or hang up.
      Many calls come to my home, some times on a daly bases. I can’t answer without listening to who is calling. they won’t leave a message. sometimes they calll, hand up and call right back making you think it’s someone you will talk to, of course it’s them again. many time when my grand children are here they answer the phone and they hand me the phone, I tell them to listen for the caller but when there expecting a call they pick up the phone anyway,.

  11. cleve jackson says:

    I have and still received call

  12. Maria says:

    I received calls with my other cell number received the card and send it back

  13. clifton wilkins says:

    these people are still calling.they are very harrasing

  14. Antonette K Wilson says:

    I use to have HSBC card closed the account but still get calls statement that my account is past due. I tell them the card was match by my saving deposit which was $1500.00

  15. Maria Rodriguez says:

    I haven’t receive any response at all

  16. mary anne says:

    Recieved my card in the mail last week.

  17. Janis Mays says:

    I did purchase reloaded card for my job can not remember exactly , but i think it was you would get calls about reloading

  18. Alicia Delatorre says:

    I had to tell them to stop calling, they would even call back asking for other people.

  19. mildred williams says:

    they harassed me with day and evening calls in my home.

  20. judy shannon says:

    I asked HSBC to stop calling me in which they continued to do so.

  21. charlene williams says:

    I was called & harassed on several occasions, including Sunday’s. I was spoken disrespectfully and threatened to be displaced for charges not owed. Msgs were left with my underage niece who was in fear of me & my son being homeless.

  22. Antonette K Wilson says:

    I also had a credit card from them and it was secure deposit. after the balance was paid the phone calls and harassing all time of evening on my cell phone and house phone. I thought I had already file paper but here again account date 02/2001 06/2006

  23. Mark McCombs says:

    thecalls finally stoped, after I changed my number.

  24. John Fiorio Jr. says:

    I need someone to contact me about this matter. Thank you

    Mr. Fiorio,
    Please contact the administrator directly using the information provided above.

  25. Stella Duru says:

    Yes I received calls from them all the time even when I told them to stop.

  26. Tanya White says:

    I recieved many calls from them , never have i ever recieved a card from this company.Rude rude rude, i use to hate to answer the phone

  27. Pat Welch says:

    I received calls after 10:00 at night sometimes. These people are rude and no matter how many times i told them to remove me from their call list, they persisted.


    They would call incessantly for no reason.

  29. Barbara Freed says:

    They called at all hours even thought I requested they quit calling.

  30. JoAnn Vance says:

    They harrass me at least 10 times a week, very annoying and very rude ppl to boot.

  31. michael head says:

    I got more than 10 calls some call at a unreasonable time of night

  32. tammera perez says:

    I received so many annoying calls from this bank that I called to complain a numerous amount of times.

  33. Gladys Talley says:

    They took money from my taxes. And I ‘received very aggressive calling.

  34. Vivian Brooks W. says:

    Ihave and currently being harrassed by HSBC along with them taking my taxes and a judgement.

  35. Timothy chambers says:

    Hsbc continually called me until I blocked the number

  36. Carla flowers says:

    Calls were made all hours and very persistent and aggravating


    i recieved many,many calls.glad it’s over…

  38. Denise Rogers says:

    I recd so many automatic telephone dialing system.

  39. Theresa says:

    I did get a check from the lawsuit they did harass me

  40. Theresa says:

    I received a settlement check should be more for the tines they called

  41. Jackie says:

    I received a check for $102.00

  42. Jessie says:

    is the check real? I dnt want to go to jail for trying to cash a bad check. The people who harassed me were very rude

    ADMIN: Hi Jessie-

    If you have concerns about a particular check please share a photo on our Facebook page. We can help you determine if your check is from a class action.

  43. James L says:

    When were checks mailed out?. How do I know if I going to get one, if I signed up?

  44. Shari strabley-brodt says:

    I was definitely part of HSBC bank at that time and received the automation calls

  45. Melissa Jackson says:

    I as soon as i closed my mortgage with them the calls started

    • Debbie Ruiz says:

      I receive a card asking to file i did as a class member never heard back., the phone number on this website is incorrect. when was this settled?

      ADMIN – Hi Debbie,

      This case was settled and paid a long time ago.

  46. Teresa Smith says:

    I receive phone calls and have never had an hsbc card. Very aggravating these people are rude.


    I received many many many calls from HSBC. OMG!!!

  48. Johnetta Morton says:

    I receive multiple phone calls. Tell me that I were pass due. and keep on calling me.

  49. LaKesha Holmes says:

    Calls stopped once I changed number.

  50. Robert Cacao says:

    P.S. Calls are illegal but no one enforces the telephone harassment. They just don’t care if you have had a personal circumstances or series of circumstances that have caused you to fall behind.

  51. Ceretha wyatt says:

    Calls and more calls

  52. blake canady says:

    how do I file my adresse is 187 gary ave oakhill fl 32759

    ADMIN – Hi Blake,

    The deadline for this case was 2014

  53. Earl Pinkney says:

    I ave a check dated 06/26/2015. I would like to cash it or put into my account. Please advise.

    ADMIN – Hi Earl,

    The check has expired and you no longer have recourse.

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