Class Eligibility

All owners and lessees of a 2011, 2012, 2013, or 2014 model year Hyundai Sonata with a Theta II 2.0 liter or 2.4 liter gasoline direct injection engine purchased in the United States, excluding the territories, or abroad while on active military duty.

Estimated Amount

Proof of Purchase
VIN # plus other supporting evidence
Case Name
In re: Hyundai Sonata Engine Litigation, Case No. 5:15-cv-1685-BLF District Court for the Northern District of California
Case Summary
The manufacturer has agreed to settle a lawsuit alleging engines of certain cars failed and dealerships refused to conduct repairs Vehicles presented a variety of malfunctions inclusive of total failure and engine light. The plaintiffs indicate dealerships would blame the issues in lack of maintenance on the part of the owner The manufacturer denies culpability but will settle to avoid trial >
Settlement Pool
Sonata Class Action Settlement c/o Claims Administrator PO Box 20840 Fountain Valley, CA 92728 844-317-9571 Email:

85 responses to “Hyundai Sonata Engine Defect Settlement”

  1. Beverly r Henry says:

    I submitted several receipts for work I had done on my own and I have had several recalls now I am experiencing an oil leak and just finished paying for the car. In addition after having the culling replaced out of pocket which requires the steering wheel to be removed or repositioned, my horn went out on and off then it continuously blew had to get fuse taken out and windshield wipers go haywire when turned on I have never had so much problems with a car. It’s just five years old. When I called to have it repaired I was told it wasn’t from recall work. This is unreal I will have to pay for them to check it I’ve been driving with no horn form several months were my receipts considered what kind of rebate will I receive

    ADMIN – Hi Beverly,
    Kindly contact the admin using the information provided above to get updates on your claim.

  2. Betty Sloan says:

    I have that car

  3. Linda Galayda says:

    My daughter had a 2013 Hyundai Sonata. My daughter bought this vehicle from a used car dealership, it had about 36,000 miles on it at the time,she had it for a year with 70,000 miles on it when it just stopped while being driven. My daughter called us, as my husband is a mechanic. We drove 45 miles to were the car was and my husband could not start it so we called a tow truck, as it was being towed back to the house it caught on fire inside the vehicle. The driver of the tow truck was able to get if off his truck but the car interior was totally destroyed. Before this happened my daughter had no issues with this vehicle, does she have a case against the dealership.

    ADMIN – Hi Linda,

    We are not in a position to give you legal advice. I encourage you to consult with an attorney.

  4. Paralee Broughton says:

    My claim for the sonata engine class action was approved four weekks ago. When can I expect the payout.

    ADMIN – Hi Paralee,

    Usually it takes months for a check to show up in the mail.

    • tom says:

      Quick question: We have a 2011 Hyundai Sonata which has just had this failure. Is it too late to get involved in this settlement?

      ADMIN – Hi Tom,

      Sadly it is too late.

      • Justina says:

        no not to late they have a new engine lawsuit against them should have gotten letter in mail if not number to call is 1-866-944-7620, or

  5. cathy c muller says:


    ADMIN – Hi Cathy,

    Here is the contact info for the admin

    Sonata Class Action Settlement
    c/o Claims Administrator
    PO Box 20840
    Fountain Valley, CA 92728

  6. Rose Marie Ilizaliturri says:

    I already submitted my claim. My claim number is 042061. When I called the information line, they told me I was getting a reimbursement of $4,849.16. Can you please tell me the status on my claim and when I will be receiving my check in the mail. I believe it has been over 6 weeks since I first called and they approved my claim. Thank you for your time and I will be waiting for a response. Rose Marie Ilizaliturri
    P.S. I have a 2011 Sonata, VIN: 5NPEB4AC9BH054998

    ADMIN – HI Rose,

    We can’t. To get a status you need to contact the class action administrator. If you scroll up you will find their contact info.

  7. Bob DeSimone says:

    My daughter’s 2013 Sonata suddenly developed a knocking and the car failed. I had it towed to Hyundai and was told that since they have no record of service, “Hyundai refused to warrant the vehicle” I had to pay over $8,000.00 for a “New engine.”

    Now the car has absolutely NO OIL. The oil pan was installed with silicone hanging from every inch, oil leaking from the valve covers and where the engine connects to the transmission, and coolant is leaking from a broken heater core. I am now seeing these complaints all over the web.

    I feel I have been taken advantage of because the service manager told me exactly what is presented in the Law Suit. Not only did the engine fail, but the repair work is deplorable.

    Please get back to me on this.

    Thank you,

    Bob DeSimone

    ADMIN – Hi Bob,

    Even if your issue was related to this settlement, please notice that the deadline to file has passed.

  8. Rochelle Dixon says:

    HI, Im an owner of a 2011 Sonata and just finding out about this . I have been having issues with this car since I purchased this car brand new in 2010. Just paid 300 plus money to get something fixed with the steering wheel. Is it to late to be apart of this class action?

    ADMIN – Hi Rochelle,

    Yes it is too late. At this point you no longer have legal recourse under this settlement.

    • Sara J Metzger says:

      Rochelle the steering wheel has been recalled. You can get reimbursed at this website if you have extended warranty.


      • Mark S Lawless says:

        you can get reimbursed on the steering wheel issue they put an extended warranty on the steering wheel dampener so just submit it to Hyundai and they should pay you back.

    • lenae says:

      no you are not my car just went out monday and i called hyundai in ca and they are more than willing to reimburse me

  9. David Hoskins says:

    I did not receive any notice of a class action law suit. my 2011 Hyundai sonata just locked up and the dealer or Hyundai will do anything. Do I have any recourse at this time.

    ADMIN – Hi David,

    Short of calling the customer service line and checking if Hyundai can help you out I don’t think you have legal recourse.

  10. David Hoskins says:

    As stated above the dealer or the Hyundai company will not help in an manor with my locked up motor. they admit the problem was there fault but state they do not have to do anything since the class action lawsuit was settled. do I have any recourse at this time.

    • Sherry says:

      It says in the Hyundai website, that even after deadline. Anyone who has a problem in the future is still covered by the extended power train warranty ordered by the court. 10yrs or 120000mi

    • Dan says:

      You have to prove in court that you never received any notice of this class action lawsuit. That is the only way you can have any legal standing. They would have sent a postcard to you atating about this. Or the dealership could have called , emailed or sent something in the mail.
      If you moved since you bought the vehicle and ita been more then a year that coule be vaild in court. Try that.

  11. Kathleen Bob says:

    Good morning, folks,
    I am inquiring about the status of my claim that I have forward to you.
    Much appreciation in advance for your reply,
    Kathleen Bob

    ADMIN – Hi Kathleen,

    All questions regarding specific claims should be directed to the class action administrator. Their info is available by scrolling up.

  12. Gregory Reece says:

    How do file claim , I trade in my 2013 Sonota today
    It had two recalls on it the power train and airbags, it
    Also had electrical problems, the dealership would not fix any of problems. I took Hugh loss on it

    ADMIN – Hi Gregory,

    You are out of luck. This settlement had a deadline of January.

  13. mary Holland says:

    I was the owner of a 2013 Hyundai SONATA. I never got any recall notices on the steering or the engine stalling. My son was in a head-on collision in August 2016. I did receive the class action suit while he was in the hospital and I have sent them in. In the mean time, my son had both lungs collapsed, broke 7 ribs, broke left hip and knee cap, his liver was cut into, bruised pancreas so bad that he had to have insulin the entire hospital stay and cut his small intestine. He was very critical for 2 weeks and on life support. Hyundai said they sent an inspection team to the auto auction, but they have no record of anyone being there. The steering wheel did not fall down and the air bag did not deploy on the steering wheel. He is in mental health counseling now and has a flash back of not being able to steer the car. Also the driver’s side door was melted inside and most of the dash. What kind of inspection would have been done for Hyundai to say they didn’t find a problem. I would just like everyone to know that serious problems can and did occur.

    • Dan says:

      They would see if the steering wheel is mobile now. If all parts are able to move freely under the car. They will also check to see if the power steering pump was working. If it was low on fluid or faulty thats not a Hyundai issue. Thats a notmal wear and tear issue. So they go and check All bearings, pulleys, all moving parts that should move to help and aid in the steering column. If they all work properly their findings will be their was no problem to their fault. They actually legaly have yo have outside investigators go do these checks. My uncle does them thats how i know.

  14. mary Holland says:

    Does my son have any legal litigation on this matter ??

    ADMIN – Hi Mary,

    We don’t know. Consult with your attorney.

    • mary Holland says:

      My reply is that Hyundai and Girard Gibbs are in together with a serious cover up. My suit filed should have never been sent to Hyundai. The law firm was supposed to handle it but didn’t so I think they are as much responsible as Hyundai is responsible, especially since they admitted guilt. I have a 2017 Santa Fe now and I have problems with it that my attorney will take care of. I should have hired my own, which was an option, at the time of the class action suit. I do have a reputable attorney working for my SON and myself. I will NEVER buy another Hyundai. These accidents are serious and could have taken my son’s life. People BEWARE.

      • mary Holland says:

        I am now, since May 2017, getting recall notices for that 2013 Hyundai Sonata. Serious problems have and can occur. I would like to know if there is a way to know how many serious accidents and or deaths that have occurred from this vehicle. I have positive proof that Hyundai did not inspect the car at the auction site and witnesses that the steering wheel air bag did not deploy.
        My son was on life support from the crash of the Sonata in August 2016. He will never get but 75% of his lung capacity back.
        Why did Gibbs pass my case to Hyundai?

        ADMIN – Hi Mary,

        We are not familiar with your situation thus we are unable to provide you with any guidance or clarification.

  15. Torie Byrge says:

    How long does it take to get money back from a claim filed?

    ADMIN – Hi Torie,

    You need to contact this # 844.317.9571

  16. Maria Lorenzi says:

    I have a huyndai sonata 2013, this is the third recall, I did the notification that a sue was in progress and I didn’t have to do anything. Huyndai have made repairs with out charges. What is to be expected of the settlement? Thanks

    ADMIN – Hi Maria,

    If the repairs are made you have been made whole. No need for further action.

    • Susan says:

      my VIN number says you are NOT affected by this recall.. yet my car is exact same year make model.. how can I prove it was indeed made in Alabama plant? its making knocking sounds… same as everyone else says..mechanic TODAY said its the engine.. that’s why im here looking all this up

      ADMIN – Hi Susan,

      The VIN is always accurate as far as demonstrating where a car was manufactured. Not all engine problems are related to this settlement.

      • Dan says:

        That comment is not true. If the engine was replaced then the car may still be affected if the engine was replaced at a certified shop

        ADMIN – Hi Susan, & Dan,

        Susan, Dan thinks you may still have a chance. Not sure how the admin will accept your claim without a VIN that is included but again give them a call and see if they can help you.

  17. Susan says:

    what about when your 2012 Hyundai sonata matches all symptoms to a tee (no engine light comes on/knocking sound) and they say your vin number doesn’t match or is not included in the recall campaign 132.. it says 470,000 recalled from Alabama plant… how can I prove that includes mine? are there other plants!?

    ADMIN – Hi Susan,

    Alabama is the main manufacturing plant in the US. Why don’t you call the admin and read out your VIN. Perhaps you are making a typing error.

  18. Shatara Clark Delaine says:

    I am having the exact same issue Susan except I have a Hyundai Sonata Hybrid 2011 and they are saying that it is not covered under the campaign 132. I’m currently waiting on someone from Hyundai headquarters to contact me and I’m also contacting the lawyers who handled this class action suit who appears to be Girard Gibbs. Has anyone else gotten any further on this?

    • Amanda W. says:

      Hi Shatara,
      Same situation here- I have the hybrid so was denied by Hyundai corporate & BBB claim. Even the dealership associate said it’s insane. Any luck with the lawyer?

  19. Bradley Nance says:

    I had to pay out of pocket Close to $8000 for a new engine and also I had to pay for a rental car. I sent all my claim ‘information well over 8 months ago and was denied because the dealership claimed that I caused the damage to the car. Which was completely untrue. I have battled this out with Hyundai since day one before the class-action or the the recall ever started. So I took my car to another mechanic which I had to pay for myself and they told me that the problem with that blew my engine was in fact caused by the defect so now I am out of my pocket almost $10,000 if you wanna include All of the toe bills and the diagnostics that were ran and the rental cars. We’re going to hire a personal attorney to hopefully Get this taking care of. My wife was the one that took the car to the dealership in the 1st place or actually had it towed so the mechanics thought that she was an idiot because she is a female and didn’t know about cars. What the mechanics at the dealership and Hyundai don’t realize my Wife has been working on cars and is an ASC certified mechanic For over 15 years.

  20. Bryan Martin says:

    I did not receive a claim number when I filled. Who do I contact

    ADMIN – Hi Bryan,

    You contact the class action administrator.

  21. Aliea says:

    I have had the same issue. 63000 miles and Monday my engine started knocking. Pulled over, towed to dealership and I am getting the feeling that because our oil changes were done at home I might be stuck. I have been reading and it looks like the deadline for the class action was January 2017. I never had a reason to believe there was an issue till now. Am I Stuck?

    ADMIN – Hi Aliea,

    Why don’t you contact Hyundai customer service and see if they have an option?

  22. Ranee says:

    I have a 2011 Hyundai Sonata. On Monday it failed the engine inspection and I was told that they would replace the engine. Today I received a call & was told they reran it and it passed. How can that be? I do not feel safe with a vehicle that failed an engine test just 5 days ago. Any suggestions?

    ADMIN – Hi Renee,

    We don’t have enough information to provide you with any guidance.

  23. Tony Gutierrez says:

    I have a 2007 hyundai sonata and it started with engine tapping, the check engine light turned on, and had loss of power. About two days later, it stopped on the freeway and under hood oil was everywhere on passage side of motor. Sounds like same as this claim, are they going to include other years?

    ADMIN – Hi Tony,
    I don’t think so but if you believe there is a widespread issues you may want to contact a class action attorney and get one started.

  24. mary Holland says:

    Where can I find an attorney for a lawsuit against Hyundai? My attorney here in Virginia says that he doesn’t know of any to go against a Corporation, such as Hyundai. First I can prove that an inspection never happened on my 2013 Sonata that my son was nearly killed in. He was on life support for 2 weeks. And I bought a 2017 Santa Fe Sport and totaled it on June 8th,2017. The airbags did NOT deploy and we had a major front impact with a HUGE John Deere tractor, went into a deep ditch, hit a 3ft. embankment went into the air and front end first into a hay field over a barbed wire fence. Even the sales person that I have worked with for years says that should have caused the airbags to deploy. I was going about 40 mph. at the time of the wreck. I need to get an answer, an honest answer as to where the airbag sensors are located in the passenger side. No-one seems to know.

    ADMIN – Hi Mary,

    Google class action attorneys.

  25. Ann B says:

    I have a 2011 Hyundai Sonata . I did receive the recall information and I took the car to the local Hyundai dealer who informed everything with the engine was ok at that time.
    Just recently the car engine locked and lots of metal was inside the oil pan per Tech. The local dealer is submitting the information to I guess higher up. But I am concerned on if I will receive more assistance due to the claim being done, yet I did reach out once I receive the recall. the issue did not occur until months after the claim was submitted an completted

    ADMIN – Hi Ann,

    At this point your only avenue is to escalate through Hyundai customer service.

  26. ann marie stoute says:

    Hi- I had an engine failure for my 2014 Hyundai Sonata what do I need to provide you to be part of class action lawsuit.

    ADMIN – Hi Ann Marie,

    There is nothing you can provide as the deadline for this settlement has passed.

  27. HUGH says:

    My 2012 Sonata motor just locked up to day I only have 58k on it and bought the car from a dealer less them 6 months ago will this be covered by the recall

    ADMIN – Hi Hugh,

    The deadline for this has passed.

    • HUGH says:

      So are you saying that they’re extension to 10 years or 120,000 miles is no good

      ADMIN – Hi Hugh,

      I am saying you need to reach out to the admin or to Hyundai to explore your options.

  28. says:

    I have a 2011 HYBRID Sonata is there any help offered for Hybrid owners? My engine had the same failure as other Sonatas but Hyundai refuses to honor my claim. 58k miles and documentation of all oil changes. THe oil change prior to the engine seizing was performed at the dealership! The dealer that sold me my car is now out of business. My car is just sitting in the garage. PLEASE HELP

    ADMIN – Hi Matt,

    I can’t help you but you should consider hiring a lawyer.

  29. Carlotta Carr says:

    My 2013 Sonata caught fire on 8/5/17 while driving down the freeway.I a recieve recall letter on 8/10/17 on my engine what should I do???

    ADMIN – Hi Carlotta,

    Contact a lawyer perhaps

  30. Monica wright says:

    It has been over 60 days since I submitted paperwork including engine repair bill and payments. Have contacted reimbursement claim team several times still waiting my case to be assigned to adjuster. Confused on why haven’t I been compensated yet for my engine locking up on my 2013 Hyundai sonata.

    ADMIN – Hi Monica,

    I am sorry about the delays. You need to contact the class action administrator to obtain updates.

  31. E Renner says:

    My Sonata 2013 was recalled and they did not repair the car properly so my engine stalled and locked at 50,000 miles. Now my car’s engine seized due to the engine locking. We have to start another class action lawsuit against Hyundai. My steering wheel also makes a cracking noise and the wiper blades move uncontrollably.

  32. chris says:


    My 2011 Sonata Limited was in the dealership 3 months ago for this exact recall. They told me nothing was wrong with the engine. It was not exhibiting symptoms of the engine failure. Fast forward to 10/13/2017, I was driving on the highway doing ~ 70MPH and I went to change lanes and the car fell flat on its face. I coasted to a safe spot off the highway and could not get the car started. Had it towed to the dealer that did the recall. They believe to be 99% sure it will be covered under the recall. The dealership was also the last one to perform an oil change as well as the numerous other recalls at that time. If they don’t replace the engine, what course of action can I take?



    ADMIN – Hi Chris,

    We do not provide legal counsel. Please approach an attorney with your question.

  33. Paul Monterosso says:

    What is there in the class action for lost value of the vehicle , my value is 7500.00 for trade in , 3 different company’s . motor was replaced and I was given a rental but have been back several times. Total cost is 7200.00 for motor replacement and rental that Hyundai paid for it all. But lost wages and other b.s. must be addressed or some offer from Hyundai toward a new vehicle or trade allowance toward another Hyundai at least. Hyundai USA says nothing. Motor seized at 55,000 miles 5 years and 12 days old. Was fixed at there expense but vehicle value does not hold due to all recalls and issues. I am glad the recall was honored and fought for us consumers but still left to hang out and dry.

  34. Elizabeth A Edwards says:

    Reading these stories and claims break my heart. I just purchased a 2014 Hyundai Sonata in March. My son was driving it this past Saturday he literally got down the block and it caught on fire. This car only has 56000 miles on it & is still under the manufacturers warranty. I’m beginning to see after reading this all Hyundai’s shady practices. I too at this point have been blown off and feel they are not trying to assume responsibility. I was told Hyundai Corporate has to deal with this themselves & it could take months for a arson specialist to come take the care apart to investigate the cause of this. Hyundai is not offering a loaner or rental & I’m being told file a claim through my insurance. Why would I have to do that & pay a deductible if the car defaulted due to the engine recall I’ve researched about & the car is still covered under the manufacturers warranty? Now after these horror stories I’m beginning to feel like there is no hope.

    ADMIN – Hi Elizabeth,

    If you feel you have a case against Hyundai you may want to consider securing a private attorney.

  35. Felice says:

    I took my 2012 Hyundai Sonata in when I got the recall notice on the engine. I was told that my engine passed but that “sludge” had built up due to my failure to have the oil changed regularly. This was not true. They flushed out the engine and put in new oil and a cleaner. My engine began knocking and making noises again. My check engine light never came on. I took it back as it was losing a quart of oil about every 2 weeks. This time the dealership stated that I had a pin hole oil leak in the pan and that it was repaired. Two weeks later I was down a quart of oil. The first dealership asked me to return after 500 miles so they could check my oil level. I called Hyundai Corporation of America and they recommended that I go to another dealership and I did. This dealership told me that my engine noise was due to “sludge” build up due to my failure to have the oil changed regularly! They flushed out the engine and put in new oil and a cleaner. They asked me to return in 1,000 miles to check the oil level. The engine starting making noise again and hesitating on acceleration. My check engine light has never come on. I called Hyundai of America again. Now they are telling me I have to have 2-3 oil level checks before anything will be done. I’ve spent over $300.00 so far and my car isn’t in any better shape than when it started making knocking noises. I took it in when I got the recall on the steering column and the recall on the ball bearing rod. I heard noises for each of these recalls as well. I do not think Hyundai is going to replace the engine which is the only resolution I can accept. I am now finding out that this type of engine inherently builds up sludge (an independent mechanic informed me of that fact) even the dealerships are telling me it is due to my negligence. I am so sorry I listened to Consumer Reports and purchased this 2012 Hyundai Sonata. Boy, did they get this wrong!

  36. Melinda Smith says:

    I purchased my 2013 Hyundai Sonata the End of January of 2017 the dealership Rt 46 Hyundai didn’t mention to me about the recall. I went to the gas station a month later and the gas attendant told me about the recall. I then contacted the dealership and they informed me that it wasn’t nothing they could do because there was no diagnostic for the recall. I then contacted Hyundai and was told the same thing. Now it’s November and as i go to start me car i hear this loud noise so i drive to a local mechanic shop to see what the noise is. Never made it there because my car cut off as soon as i turned the corner in the middle of the street. I couldn’t get it to turn back on. I didn’t know what was going. I tried turning it on again and my whole car starting jumping as if it was about to blow up. Now I’m afraid. I called a friend explained everything to him and he informed me that it was my engine. I️ called the local dealership that’s close to me and they told me i could bring it in and they would look at. I have never had a bad experience like this in my life. The dealership i purchased it from had given me problems from day one and to get a recall on this and not even knew of the updates is solely wrong. I spent way to much money on this car to have to deal with this. Now i am spending money on towing and Uber’s. And to top it off I’m still paying on this car and to be inconvenience like makes no sense at all. I contact Hyundai and they don’t contact you back.

    ADMIN – Hi Melinda,

    You may want to explore hiring a private attorney.

  37. Chymae says:

    I purchased my 2011 Sonata in 2015. A few months after purchase we received noticed of Recall #132 that had to do with engine failure and immediately went to have it checked out. They told us the engine was not defected. Well yesterday I was driving the car, which had been running fine and just had a new oil change, and the engine started knocking and after pulling over it died and would not restart. Which seems to be exactly what that recall stated would happen if my car has a defected engine. I also noticed that the recall paper said the inspection should take about an hour but the people who ‘checked’ it at the dealership literally had it back there for about 15 minutes before telling us it was fine! My car was towed to my local Hyundai dealership, and I’m wondering if you’re able to tell me if you think they will replace my engine at no charge. I am out of warranty and have almost 170,000 miles. But if I took it immediately after the recall was issued, and they didn’t investigate it thoroughly like they were supposed to, won’t that be Hyundai’s mistake and responsibility of replacing my engine?! I’m panicking because I still owe $2,000 on the car and have nothing else to drive to work.

    ADMIN – Hi Chymae,

    Given the mileage of your vehicle I don’t think you have much ground to file a claim. You can certainly consider a private legal action but it would not be associated to this settlement.

  38. Dan says:

    okay so long story short my engine to my Sonata 2011 is no good and my car has 121500. Would it still be coverd with the warranty. I never recieved any kind of recall notice!

    ADMIN – Hi Dan,

    Way too late. You may no longer access the extended care under this settlement.

  39. Steve Hornstein says:

    I filed on time for the settlement but I have not heard any thing back. Who should I contact?

    ADMIN – Hi Steve,

    You should contact the class action administrator.

  40. Sonja says:

    I bought my 2013 Hyundai Sonata Limited from Autonation Hyundai in Columbus, Georgia in June this year. When I bought the vehicle I signed a paper acknowledging that it had one outstanding recall at the time of purchase for the seat belts. Why was the engine recall not listed? Are dealers not required to disclose this information? I got the recall email November 30, 2017 and had my vehicle in to be serviced December 2, 2017 and my car passed the test they do for the engine. Well last night while going down the highway there are strange sounds from under my hood that sounds like metal bouncing around, the car starts shaking and then losing power. I called a family member that’s a mechanic who told me not to restart the vehicle and have it towed immediately to the nearest Hyundai service center. Well this morning when I spoke with them I was told that the oil dip stick test has passed twice this morning even though they know what is going on clearly falls under engine issue and they aren’t sure why.They will be sending pictures of what is in the drip pan to Hyundai to get my engine replaced and me a rental until it’s fixed. But that is very concerning and scary that it’s testing negative!

    ADMIN – Hi Sonja,

    Personally, I would never buy a Hyundai. My understanding is that the cars have an extended guarantee for engine issues as a result of the class action. Please reach out to the dealership to confirm.

  41. Charlie Cash says:

    I had done all the required preventative maintenance. I did all the recall repairs and checks. Going 70 mph on freeway in Southern Tier of New York. No warning, no check engine light, engine died. I pulled off and restarted. I was a bit surprised. Within 30 miles engine completely seized. I have 143K miles on it–not much for a modern car–but too much for engine replacement under their BS extended warranty.

    ADMIN – Hi Charlie,

    That sounds super frustrating. I am sorry.

  42. Vickie Mascarello says:

    I have a 2015 Hyundai Sonetta and replaced the engine twice. The engine begin stalling while driving. Same exact issues that the people had with the engines between 2011-2014. Is there a class action lawsuit on the Sonetta 2015 engine?

    ADMIN – Hi Vickie,

    Not that I know.

  43. Lorenzo L Howard says:

    I Have a 2011 and been to the dealer today for stalling issues but they said there’s nothing they can do until it fully seize is this true?

    ADMIN – Hi Lorenzo,

    We are not auto mechanics so we are unable to provide you guidance.

  44. Lorenzo L Howard says:

    I Have a 2011 and been to the dealer today for stalling issues but they said there’s nothing they can do until it fully seize is this true? Only 79,129

    ADMIN – Hi Lorenzo,

    Our area of expertise is not mechanics. We cannot to confirm or deny what you were told by the dealer.

  45. Twan says:

    I have a 2012 Hyundai Sonata and the top of motor caught on fire but dealer is saying the recall is not for that and now they are saying a leak in gas line did it have anybody else heard this

  46. Jmsaw says:

    I have a 2013 Hyundai Sonata bought used 1 owner in 2015 only 34000 miles and purchased extended warranty. Faithfully changed oil every 3000 miles. The lifters started rattling. On my way to work today the engine started sounding like a metal shop. Pinging, I heard metal grinding and it stopped running. It would not start back up. Had towed to Hyundai dealership and the intake technician immediately asked how many miles I had on the car. I replied 65 thousand. He immediately said and I quote “I know exactly what’s wrong with it. Don’t worry we will take care of you. Had a rental going to be paid by warranty a 2018 and out the door in less than an hour. I forgot to add I told him when the tow truck driver first pulled up : I am leaving this one here and taking another to work… He then replied “No problem we are going to take care of you “

  47. Virginia Bravo says:

    All these posts scare the hell out of me! I have a 2007 Hyundai Sonata, bought used a year & a half ago, with 150,000 miles. I keep having problems, on & off, where I put it in reverse, then in drive, & when I step on the gas, the car doesn’t go. The car is still running, but the engine doesn’t rev up or anything. I shut it off & restart it & it will drive, only to stop at a light, then when the light is green & I step on the gas, the same thing happens.

  48. Marlene Vallee says:

    Hello, I have a 2012 sonata and the engine failed. Can I be a part of this lawsuit?

    ADMIN – Hi Marlene,

    No, the deadline for this settlement has passed.

  49. Henry says:

    I have a 2013 Hyundai with about 113,000 Miles on it. I bought it about 2 1/2 years ago with 57,000 Miles on it. I kept up the maintenance! Oil change every 3k miles. The other day I was on my way home from work & it started to make a knocking noise for about 15 seconds then stopped on me in the middle of the freeway. I got it towed to a mechanic shop & they told me the engine failed. What do you guys suggest I do? Is it to late to be apart of this claim?

    ADMIN – Hi Henry,

    It is too late. I am very sorry.

  50. Roxann Contreras says:

    I just had my engine replaced on my sonata but the new engine seems smaller with less power. I am paying for a high performance car not a piece of crap. Is there anything in lawsuit that stipulates what type of motor it needs to b replaced with. It doesnt seem fair for it to be replaced with a lesser performing motor than what the model car is advertised to have. They also took off all my stickers under my hood that gave info about the motor.

    ADMIN – Hi Roxann,

    You could contact a local class action attorney.

  51. keith says:

    I just bought a 2011 sonata 2.4 with 129,900 miles I now have 133,000 miles on it ,engine locked up. Hyundai says that my recall on the car had been fixed at 109,000 miles but the said that multiple people have been bring back their cars after being fix and finding out that even after fixing the recall the engine still has problems between 130,000-135,000 I’m towing to Hyundai they admitted that they can’t fix the problem they can only prolong the life of the car for so long wether that involves a fix or new engine.i know no cares bout this but my life has crumbled do to this car. I lost my job when car broke down on way to work.i paid full in cash and lost that,now I’m trying to adapt to life with no car and living in the hill country as a single father with two kids.some people work hard living pay check to pay check and can’t afford to buy another car.we customers of Hyundai in trusted them only to find out that they have no problem taking food out my kids mouth meaning they really don’t care about your situation.why are they still selling these recalls knowing that they are ripping off your family and putting ours kids in a very dangerous car. Hyundai is banking off these recalls as people are tired of this and selling their Hyundai just to get ride of the problem… example: I’m the fourth owner of my sonata,I paid 7k cash.the previous owner paid 12k.then the owner before that paid 15k. Then the original owner paid 25k then tac on interest for the people that finance. Do the math Hyundai is making blood money. Well I will be taking my car to the dealership and if they decide to not fix it they are in for a shocker as I am prepared to give back my p.o.s Hyundai free of charge and sign the title to the general manager and just leave it there and take my loss… remember guys there is no fixing this problem outside of Hyundai. Even if people are taking it upon themselves to replace the engine with a used one remember your still gonna have this recall in any engine u find to properly match your car. Save a life or a family stop selling our recalled cars. And put a stop to Hyundai making money. I wish I could put a picture on here to show y’all how much Hyundai impacted my life as I just got a tattoo down my arm that says” Don’t buy a Hyundai”I’m so looking forward to walking in the dealership as everyone there can clearly see my thank you for reading my post and I wish everyone the best of luck in life and with their car as I personally know how hard it is to bounce back from getting ripped off by Hyundai…. Don’t play Russian roulette buy something else not a Hyundai.

    ADMIN – Hi Keith,

    Thank you for sharing your story with us. You are always welcome to share your tattoo with us on our Facebook page.

  52. keith says:

    Thank you for reading and yes I will share my tattoo on Facebook…… I would also like to add that there are now over 1.5 million of these cars having problems ( only Hyundai) so this means that there are over a million of these explosive cars on the road driving next to us… Don’t be a suicide bomber for Hyundai people are really getting injured here and this is a serious matter…these cars are attacking Americans financially and physically .. I feel like we are at war with Hyundai plan and simple…they need to get rid of these cars and start from scratch all over..

  53. Charles Dixon says:

    My claim number is PS036678. I spent almost 2 years trying to obtain my reimbursement of $11,495.61 to the Achieva Credit Union with no resolve. Will the responsible employees please do their jobs? This a disgrace to treat a 100% permanently disabled, service connected US Army Veteran in such a way.

    ADMIN – Hi Charles,

    I don’t think there is a special consideration for veterans when it comes to class actions.

  54. Charles Dixon says:

    I forgot to include I applied for the Assurance plan after losing my position as a senior pastor within the first year of my purchase. I thought it had gone through, but apparently the employees again failed to do their jobs. So sad. We are at war with Korea!!!

    ADMIN – Hi Charles,

    What are you talking about and how does that relate to engine failure?

  55. MarkP says:

    I have a 2001 Sonata Hybrid that the engine just failed. It has the 2.4L engine and I am under the 120K miles from this lawsuit. Are hybrids also covered.

    ADMIN – Hi Mark,

    The deadline for this settlement has passed.

  56. Sakena Brooks says:

    My 2013 Santa Fe engine started to make noise May 30, 2018. On the way to the dealership the car started sparking underneath in the attempt to catch fire on the highway. I had the car towed from there to the dealership. The car has been at the dealership since 5/30/18 awaiting a decision from the corporate office of with regards to the status of repairing/replacing/etc my vehicle. Case# 11314407. I have contacted Ivan at 714-965-3957, the individual handling case, and does not return my calls. I have called the customer service number whom stated they will send Ivan a message to call me back as well as a supervisor. No call back from anyone. Ivan finally gave me a call July 16, 2018 to request a payoff letter from my bank for the vehicle, that was four (4) days ago. No call back since. I am filing a complaint with the BBB. My next step will be calling the State Attorney General office and a lawyer, unless there is someone that can correct this situation.

    ADMIN – Hi Sakena,

    Get a hold of a lawyer.

  57. Ken Adams says:

    My 2013 Sonata limited 2.4 engine is apart of this recall issue. I bought my car Nov 2015 with 34,000 miles. I currently have 90,000 miles (just under 3yrs of ownership) and not one problem has occurred. Hyundai Dealer actually did a oil test (around 70,000 miles) to see if my engine has any noises or wear but my car “passed with flying colors”. I have done everything at the Hyundai Dealership… Synth Oil Changes, Coolant flush, Transmission flush, Engine flushes all when the dealer recommends to do at certain miles. I have read multiple times on this page that people have missed their chance to be in the class action, That is wrong. I have got numerous information catalogs, info sheets, packets, books all saying that the Recall has been extended to 10 years or 120,000 miles. My car is going strong and I hope that the things I’m doing will help me keep the engine strong for the future because I do love it. Very peppy car.

    ADMIN – Hi Ken,

    Thanks for the info. Many people have indicated that the dealership refuses to address the issue.

    • Sherre says:

      I have a 2012 Hyundai Sonata and the engine seized in late June 2018. I had it towed to a Hyundai dealership and after the diagnostic was done it was determined that my engine was one of those in the recall. They replaced my engine at no cost. I did incur some additional costs based on the “advice” of the Service Advisor – he stated that I would be reimbursed for those costs – I was not.


      Hi Sherri,

      Reach out to customer service

  58. marcos mejia says:

    He, there I bought the car from my sister late last year. They said a recall was done and an inspection was completed on the vehicle yet my car died last week. Mechanic said engine seized up. Do I still have any recourse?

    ADMIN – Hi Marcos,

    Check with Hyundai customer service. There are many reasons an engine can seize up

  59. Amy Whipple says:

    I was not notified of this active recall when the vehicle
    was purchased. I did
    not received notice that there was a recall until after the deadline to file had passed. The engine has since went out w all the stated symptoms. Do I have any recourse?

    ADMIN – Hi Amy,

    You don’t have any recourse under this settlement.

  60. Melissa Jones says:

    Is there an active suit against Hyundai for 2015 sonatas?? My engine has been,replaced TWICE!!!

    ADMIN – Hi Melissa,

    Not at the moment.

  61. Deb says:

    Having issues with my 2011 Hyundai Sonta…had the new engine done…and ever since..I’ve had problems…with brakes…electrical system…and it still knocks…not counting the air bag light…taking it in again…after speaking to customer affairs…at Hyundai Main office. I’m praying they fix it…and do the right thing. I’m in the same position as many of the ones on here. I’m not rich…and thought I bought a good car…as I said …praying they fix the issues…then maybe I’ll trade it in on a newer one…as i love this car…but I want and need it fixed … so no one will get a bad car if they happen to buy it on their used lot. Thank you for listening and say a little prayer that Hyundai takes responsibility for these issues everyone is having.

  62. Michael Cooper says:

    I am the second owner of my 2013 hyundai sonata. Around 84,000 miles seems to have had an oil leak (no check engine light turned on whatsoever) and the engine seized up. How should I proceed? What options/resources are available that might be able to provide me some help on how to go about getting some worth out of the car or perhaps having the engine replaced since



  64. Scott in Houston says:

    Affected engines are being handled by Hyundai.

    You need to have the vehicle towed to the dealer if it seizes.

    They will review and issue the replacement by an engine tech.

    They will reimburse qualified rental car costs, or issue a rental. (Keep receipt-if you are required to submit a deposit, that is refunded when they give the go ahead, and any other small deposit will be refunded as well-keep receipt for dealer so it can be sent to hyundai for their records.

    At time engine is serviced, be sure Hyundai dealer does all recalls required by Hyundai corp, that includes the software and engine knock update, airbags ect before it leaves dealership. Dealer will also do a point to point check to make sure there is no other issues, but not all small issues are covered but you’ll get a report.

  65. Xavier says:

    I have a open case for a Hyundai. If the consumer chooses reimbursement electronically, how long does it take to receive the amount owed to the consumer?

    • Angelica (Admin) says:

      Hi Xavier, Thank you for your message. However, there seems to have been a misunderstanding. Please note that we ( are *not* the Settlement Administrator of this case. We only post opportunities for potential Class Members of various settlements on this website. Please check the settlement website for any updates on the issue, and/or contact the Settlement Administrator directly, if you haven’t already done so. The details are stated above; just scroll up. Thank you, and best of luck.

  66. Lakshman says:

    I have a 2010 Hyundai Sonata that had the engine fail in September 2020. Any help would be appreciated.

    • Angelica (Admin) says:

      Sorry to hear that. As a rule, if anyone misses the claims deadline, they can no longer file a claim for that particular settlement.  The claims deadline expired  2017. Also, even if we wanted to, we couldn’t have signed you up. Please note that we ( are *not* the Settlement Administrator of this case. We only post opportunities for potential Class Members of various settlements on this website. Please sign up for our newsletter so you can be notified of any open settlements for which you qualify, moving forward. Thank you.