Class Eligibility

This settlement open to all Class Members who received one (or more) solicitation calls from Interstate between June 12, 2010 and Jan. 28, 2016 to a phone number that was listed on the National Do Not Call Registry.

In addition, the TCPA settlement is also open to all Class Members who received a call from Interstate on their cell phone.

Estimated Amount


All valid claims will receive an equal share of the total pool

Proof of Purchase

Telephone #

Case Name

Mey v. Interstate National Dealer Services Inc., et al.,
Case No.: 1:14-CV-01846-ELR-RGV
District Court for the Northern District of Georgia

Case Summary

This settlement resolves allegations of automated marketing calls originating from the defendant and in violation of FTPA

Settlement Pool





Auto Warranty TCPA Claims
PO Box 170800
Milwaukee WI 53217

12 responses to “Interstate National Dealer TCPA Class Action Settlement”

  1. Linda Hitsman says:

    have received several and am still getting them I’ve even asked to be taken off the call list with no results

  2. Roderick Tackett says:

    I used to be called every week from them, I thought they were just incompetent I had no idea it was illegal even after I told them a dozen times and had the women on the other end tell me she would handle it and take me off the call list and I still got phone calls from them for months afterward.

  3. Roger Vallejo says:

    After purchasing a used car from a dealer where I live, I started to get calls and mailings from them and every other extended warranty company out there. Still get them, asked them to stop, still coming. Not as often as at first but still get them.

  4. Becky morris says:

    I need to file this claim I have bent over backwards with this company calling 4 or 5 times a week I finally stop answer number I didn’t recognize . When I click on file a claim it want let me. Need info or a claim form plz

    ADMIN – Hi Becky,

    The digital form appears to be working. If you need a different version please contact the class action administrator.

  5. Anna M Dunham says:

    I still get calls from them.Its very annoying.

    ADMIN – Hi Anna,

    I encourage you to file if you feel you are a member of the class.

  6. jesssie love says:

    They don’t care about lawsuits. all they want to do is keep calling that is very annoying. But when thoses chrcks be mailed out? Do anybody have any update information?????

  7. Frank J. Velinsky says:

    I have received several calls stating that “We have been trying to reach you. Your new car warrantee is abut to run out” I have a 100,000 mile warrantee and not close to the expiration, mileage or time.

  8. Ladina Knight says:

    I also, received several calls stating that “We have been trying to reach you. Your car warrantee is about to run out it has over a 100,000 mile on it. I then told them no thank you and I told them my husband said that I didn’t need the warranty. They response to me was ” Is he a mechanic” I said no and they hung up on me.

  9. E Akin says:

    I recieved countless calls myself and for my grief I recieved a settlement check for 9.93…WooHoo!!

  10. E Akin says:

    Why did you remove my comment?

    ADMIN – Hi E,

    I did not remove your comment. It was awaiting moderation.

  11. Jim Breaw says:

    As of Feb 2017 my wife and I have received 19 calls from someone wanting to sell me a car warranty. I tell them I don’t own that car anymore and they just ask if I have another car I want covered. I say no and to please take my number off their call list. We just today 8/31/17 received our checks from the class settlement, $9.93 each. I hope someone is still tracking the calls that continue to come. I report all of them to the do-not-call web site. Hope it works eventually.

  12. Carol Best says:

    For over 3 years I have been getting about 5 to 8 calls a day from these warranty people. So much so that I stopped answering my phone unless I knew who it was. I’m still getting phone calls even after the lawsuit, I have started to pick up my phone lately, I own a business and have missed jobs because they do not have updated number.
    I changed my business number to a cell phone but left my house phone on just for these warranty people. A of course it’s them telling me about my warranty!
    Can you believe it, I pay a bill every month to have a phone that I don’t use just so that I don’t have to deal with these phone calls on my cell phone.
    They’re still calling three to five times a day this is crazy!

    ADMIN – Hi Carol,

    That sounds so frustrating.

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