Class Eligibility

JP Morgan Chase class action settlement Class Members include all borrowers or guarantors of a Chase or Chase-serviced account in which your consumer credit information was accessed by Chase through an Account Review Inquiry between Oct. 16, 2009 and Oct. 16, 2014, and at a time when the account met any one of the following criteria:

  • The account was closed with a zero balance
  • The account had been sold or transferred to a third party
  • The debt on the account had been discharged in bankruptcy
  • Chase had foreclosed the property securing the account loan
  • Chase had sold in a short sale or had transferred through a deed in lieu of foreclosure the property securing the account loan

Estimated Amount


The settlement funds will be divided in equal portions among all qualified class members.

Proof of Purchase


Case Name

Duncan v. JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A.
Case No. 5:14-cv-00912-FB
District Court of the Western District of Texas

Case Summary

The plaintiffs allege that JP Morgan Chase PMorgan accessed consumer credit reports in order to conduct an Account Review Inquiry of customers even after they, for numerous reasons, no longer had a relationship with the bank. These actions were in violation of the FCRA.

JPMorgan Chase denies the allegations but has agreed to settle to reduce the risk and uncertainty associated to a trial

Settlement Pool





Chase FCRA Settlement Claims Administrator
P.O. Box 43389
Providence, RI 02940-3389

161 responses to “JPMorgan Chase FCRA Class Action Settlement”

  1. frank and cynthia says:

    please add our names to this settlement to ensure we qualify

    ADMIN – Hi Frank & Cynthia,

    Please refer to the instructions and file a claim. We don’t “add” names to any settlement.

    • Linda Contaldi says:

      I wish to exclude Myself from the Claim#: JPD-10376540201-25247.
      I am about to go in 2 surgery and will be unable to participate. Thank you for the offer. Linda A Contaldi

      ADMIN – Hi Linda,

      To exclude yourself from the settlement you must contact the class action admin. We are not the admin. You can find their info by scrolling up. We hope your surgery goes well.

      • Dirk says:

        Wow, some people are absolutely brain dead. Suppose she’s not getting a new brain do ya?

        ADMIN – Hi Dirk,

        Our job at class action rebates is to serve without passing judgement. I doubt Mrs. Contaldi is getting any type of transplant. However, it is worth highlighting that there is work happening in Italy described as head transplant. In reality, it is a healthy cadaver body attached to the head of a patient whose body no longer works.

        Thank you for visiting our website!

        • NS Grant says:

          Wow you’re kidding about the full body transplant right?

          Anyway is there any other way to contact the attorneys in this case? I sent out our cards on time they were returned to me too late.
          (The big cuts at USPS cut the thinking part out,I believe )
          Do I need to just show up at the scheduledhearing and object to the settlement? That seems extreme, however after everything else chase did to me I won’t let this go.
          Please help if you are able.
          Thank You
          NS Grant

          ADMIN – Hi There,

          Here is the link to class counsel. Hopefully they will be responsive

      • terri lynn brown says:

        i ‘ve been trying to reach someone but the number on the claim form is invalid . i filed my claim before the deadline and i even updated my address but i yet to receive anything. i have my claim form receipt and my original claim form

        ADMIN – Hi Terri,

        Consider reaching out to class counsel.

        • JOSUE JULES says:

          I am in the same situation trying to find out about my claim but can’t get a hold of no one because the phone number keep hanging

          ADMIN – Hi Josue,

          Try escalating to class counsel.

    • Kerstin Grissom says:

      plz add my name

      Kerstin Grissom
      4607 SW 6th Ave
      Cape Coral, FL

      ADMIN – Hi Kerstin,

      We cannot add you. Individuals need to submit claims on their own.

    • amos e culpepper says:

      please add mine and Patricia,s name

      ADMIN – Hi Amos,

      You and Patricia need to file a claim using the link provided.

  2. Kathleen A Burt says:

    Hi, I received a postcard about a proposed settlement. I didn’t have a credit card with Chase but they’d purchased the mortgage. The property was not included in the 2010 bankruptcy, so they were not on the list of creditors notified by the attorney. I made all my mortgage payments afterwards, from then till the house sold (closing Aug 8, 2013.) But in the meantime, between bankruptcy and closing, we were hassled with robocalls on a daily basis, sometimes twice a day, waking my poor mother-in-law who was in Hospice in our house through her death in Dec 2012 Clearly they had checked our credit, learned of the bankruptcy and were threatening the house. (My husband was on the deed, but no the loan.)

    My address now is
    Please let me know if I qualify under the terms of the settlement.

    ADMIN – Hi Kathleen,

    We cannot tell you if you qualify or not. If you received a postcard chances are you do. File a claim.

    • Ella l Buyers says:

      I wish to file a claim as i received a card from chase class action

      ADMIN – Hi Ella,

      To file a claim click on the orange link and complete the digital form.

      • Eric says:

        How can i find out the total amount of participants?

        ADMIN – Hi Eric,

        You could contact the class action administrator but I am unsure if they release that type of info.

      • Bruce Schmidt says:

        Chase sold my loan to a third party and they told me months ago that my loan was “gone” and has a zero balance. But they wont sent me the notice for a reverse mortgage I’ve been trying since August of 2016.

        ADMIN – Hi Bruce,

        This settlement has to do with violations to the fair credit reporting act.

      • shirley boster says:

        i reiceived a postcard but have been unable to find out anything else they scmed us on the morgage insurance i lost my husband now im about to lose my home

        ADMIN – Hi Shirley,

        Did your postcard suggested you file?

    • Jennifer Linn says:

      Hi Kathleen,
      I have received a couple cards, not sure if they’re concerning this.


  3. Lacee Tuttle says:

    I would like info on the wrongful foreclosures JP Morgan Chase is accused of conducting

    ADMIN – Hi Lacee,

    Unfortunately we are not in a position to provide that type of info. I encourage you to Google it.

  4. John White says:

    P.O Box 11 Cazadero, CA 95421
    please add my name to this settlement to ensure I qualify

    ADMIN – Hi John,

    Please read the instructions. Leaving a comment does not constitute claiming and we cannot claim in your behalf.

  5. Shauna Islas says:

    I had direct deposit to a debit card they charged me for all kinds of fees ,,I requested it to be closed and they would not cancel the card ,some deposits were made but i didnt have access to it ,also had my personal Information compromised .

    ADMIN – Hi Shauna,

    Your complaints and concerns are not relevant to this settlement.

  6. DAVID LOTT says:

    My name is David Lott I got screwed around by jp Morgan case please send me the necessary forms to fill out on this case to this address 108 north George Street apt 9 petal ms 39465

    ADMIN – Hi David,

    Please read the instructions provided above. Leaving a comment does nothing for you.

  7. Laverne Curtis says:

    Status of J P Morgan Chase settlement, previous address: 5109 Beacon Drive, Irondale, AL 35215
    I have submitted several copies with return receipt. During the time, action was submitted, my husband Eugene Curtis, passed. It has been 7 years since we submitted required information for the class action. Just needed to know, what and if we would be compensated. Seven years is a long time to not be compensated! —We actually did what you required us to submit and have not received anything. Please submit in writing the reason for the delay(s). Each time we submitted return receipt and still have not heard anything, but to submitted the same info over and over again. My new address is: LaVerne Curtis, date of Birth I also sent in copies of Eugene Death certificate. Thanks for any information I could receive regarding this matter PLEASE RESPOND!
    E-mail Address:

    ADMIN – Hi Laverne,

    I believe your escalation has nothing to do with this case. Even if it was relevant we could not assist you as we are only an informational website.

  8. Jamie Ploskunak says:

    JPMORGAN & CHASE tried to sue us through the court, and police officers delivered the summons to our home, HOW VERY NERVERY WRECKING AND EMBARRASSING! WE DIDN’T SLEEP FOR WEEKS!! THE CASE WAS CLOSED DUE TO FRAUDULENT ISSUES ON THE BEHALF OF JPMORGAN & CHASE! I must contact JPMorgan & Chase to be included in this settlement???? Not really what I had in mind since they have tried to sue us a few years ago!! I have been through 13 surgeries within five years, and not sure I can now find the small index card that was sent to our home regarding the settlement. Would our civil summons and the records of the case being close be enough ?? They need to pay us for the grief which they put us through!! Thank you in advance.

    ADMIN – Hi Jamie,

    To be included in this settlement you must submit a claim. The claims are not managed by JP Morgan. Claims are managed by an independent claims administrator.

  9. Wynastine Johnson says:

    Please include me in the settlement

    ADMIN – Hi Wynastine,

    We do not “add” or “include” people in settlements. It is up to you to file.

  10. Mark says:

    Hello, Both links to the claim and the website are not working… according to the details of the error page, “ERR_SSL_VERSION_OR_CIPHER_MISMATCH”, “A secure connection cannot be established because this site uses an unsupported protocol or cipher suite. This is likely to be caused when the server needs RC4, which is no longer considered secure.”

    Is there a valid link available to file a claim?

    ADMIN – Hi Mark,

    I am able to access the website without any issues. You can contact the class action admin and escalate your concern.

  11. Mahmoud ElKahlout says:

    My account has been closed , with 0 balance , during that time

  12. rosetta Carroll says:

    Ill send in the cards thanks

  13. Bekki Brown says:

    What if I am no longer at same address that I would of received notice of class action?

    ADMIN – Hi Bekki,

    If you are set for mail forwarding and/or your credit report is updated chances are you will have received a notification.

  14. McFly says:

    I agree

  15. Don Rocko says:

    Hello, How many people are listed in this settlement? Is this worth even the time to go through this process and receive little in this settlement? Just carious. Thanks.

    ADMIN – Hi Don,

    The number of potential claimants and the number of people submitting claims varies. Checks for class actions are usually small. This is the very reason why the process is handled as a class action.

  16. Robin Coy says:

    I received a post card about the settlement and if I am eligible I would love to be apart of the settlement , but I do not have any money to pay any court fees or anything if the case doe not go through. I do not understand how any of that works. Is this a big risk by joining the settlement? If so I don’t think I can take the chance to owe anyone any money. Just curious?

    ADMIN – Hi Robin,

    If you received a card we encourage you to submit a claim. The costs of the trial are paid by the settlement which is already finalized thanks to the efforts of class counsel. You file your form and a few months or years later you get a little check in the mail if you are a part of the affected class. Easy.

  17. ryanne Godfrey says:

    This happened to me in 2013 possibaly 2014.

  18. Donna P. DiGuardia says:

    Chase Bank has been phone harassing me for years. Robocalls, once admitting to me that these calls would stop when I pay up. They have sold my loan over and over again to various finance , or collection agencies, so they would continue to harass me. They sold my Condo at auction, but the harassment continued, even through 2014, even using my cell phone, until I told them it was illegal for them to use it to annoy me. Until I got this card informing me of this class action suit, I was just putting up with “Mr. Beep” as we called him, blocking the caller’s phone number only worked once, then they called from a new number each time. Is there some relief for me? I have filled out the card sent to me and mailed it on 01/15/16. Correction: they have been harassing me through 2015 not 14.


    We lost our house in March of 2013 because Chase would not modify our payment after I lost my job

  20. Lalla Lilley says:

    I received a card for both my mother and myself and will be sending it back in signed for sure ASAP. Are there at class actions against them for fraudulent documents they created… That for us caused my 88 yr old mother and myself to lose our home of 40 yrs? If so PLEASE contact me!! We lost everything because of them and had to start over.

    ADMIN – Hi Lalla,

    This settlement is not related to the creation of fraudulent documents. This is about usage and disclosure of credit information.

  21. Andrea Thomas says:

    My previous address at the time was 1549 Multnoma and then 1224 Sparhawk and I just want to make sure you had my updated information. I have never been able to get over the loss of my very first home I feel like I let my children down and that will never go away.

    ADMIN – Hi Andrea,

    To update your address information you need to contact the class action administrator.

    • Andrea Thomas says:

      My updated address is 882 Ute Avenue Akron Ohio 44305.

      ADMIN – Hi Andrea,

      Glad to hear but posting it here does you no good.

      • Andrea Thomas says:

        I got the forms to update my address but they came after the deadline. What should I do?

        ADMIN – Hi Andrea,

        Send the forms.

        • Andrea Thomas says:

          Okay. When will I know something?

          ADMIN – Hi Andrea,

          To get the latest news on each settlement please follow us on Facebook.

  22. Adam Romines says:

    How many potential claimants are envolved in this lawsuit. How many postcards went out?

    ADMIN – Hi Adam,

    I took a quick look at the long notice and that info does not appear to be included.

  23. Eugene says:

    What if multiple sited violations were found for a single individual? How are they respectively treated?

    ADMIN – Hi Eugene,

    We have no idea. Please contact the class action administrator with your question.

  24. Emma Murphy Williams says:

    I had a credit card and chase sent me a bill for 600.00 for something I did not order on the card I paid off or it went into bankruptcy and I cut the card up. These people have issues and if you are not paying attention or do not know all the loopoles they have you and I have a mortgage and that is the biggest mistake I have please help!!!!!!!!

  25. Beverly Proctor says:

    please add my name to settlement I LOST EVERYTHING PLEASE HELP .

    thank you
    Beverly E Proctor

    ADMIN – Hi Beverly,
    I can’t add you to the settlement. You must include yourself by filling out a claim form.

  26. Sandy Patterson says:

    I’m sorry to admit that I got a small chuckle out of the comments that have been left about this settlement. Any forum will do it seems to express one’s frustration over getting screwed by the big corporate a%%holes that stole our livelihood and got away with it. My husband and I lost our home as well, only it wasn’t Chase. No, our dream killer was Bank of America after they bought out Countrywide. We had an open line of credit with Washington Mutual that was immediately closed when Chase took them over. It makes me sick how the rich just keep getting richer, which seems to be by destroying the lives of the working class. Our jobs have been shipped to other countries for cheap labor and then the banks steal our homes with no remorse or consequence. In fact, when they struggled, the government bailed them out just so they could screw us again. We too got a card in the mail. We filed online. Seeing as we are currently homeless, I’m really hoping it will be significantly more than $100, but I’m betting it will be much less. Pretty much anything will help at this point. Wow, that felt good to get that off my chest. Thank you for the opportunity to vent!

  27. Jennifer Hebert says:

    My accpunt was closed on a ZERO Balance during that time frame and now they want me to pay a fee? For what ?? !!! I didnt spend ANY money from my account and they made me lose over 1,110 dollars all the way down to zero they drained my money

  28. Kayla says:

    After the class action suit has been closed, will the close zero balance items be automatically removed from my credit report?

    ADMIN – Hi Kayla,

    To get clarification on this matter please contact the class action administrator.

  29. Cynthia Brown says:

    I want to be included. I have several cards from them.


    ADMIN – Hi Cynthia,

    To be included you must file a claim. Please carefully review the post.

  30. Scot Greiner says:

    I want to be included as I had a few cards with Chase and they still running credit inquiries up till end of 2014 when acct was closed in 2010. You sent the postcard in my wifes name who was a holder as well. Do we do separate requests ?

    ADMIN – Hi Scot,

    Was it the same account or different accounts?

  31. Renee Greiner says:

    My husband and I were both card holders and “yes, I want to be included as well in this settlement.

    Thank you, Renee Greiner

    ADMIN – Hi Renee,

    To submit your claim you must click on the orange link and carefully follow the instructions provided.

  32. KAREN A THOMPSON says:

    please help me find the website to file a claim,because the website to filed a claim is block

    ADMIN – Hi Karen,

    I just tested the website and it is not blocked.

  33. Dustin says:

    How are people still not getting this? CLICK THE “CLAIM FORM” LINK.

    The admins here just provide the link. They aren’t lawyers, they don’t know anything more about the case than you can learn from reading the case documents, and they definitely don’t receive your claims!!!

  34. Daniel Zink says:

    Web page for claim form is not up and running. This is what it is saying; A secure connection cannot be established because this site uses an unsupported protocol or cipher suite. This is likely to be caused when the server needs RC4, which is no longer considered secure.

    ADMIN – Hi Daniel,

    We are not the admins of the settlement thus unable to resolve the issue.

  35. nandram says:

    How do I know if I am qualify ? I received a claim form. I was granted discharge from bankruptcy in 2010. At present I have my mortgage and accounts with chase.

    ADMIN – Hi Nandram,

    You qualify if you meet all of the standards set forth under the section called “eligibility”

  36. Perry & Evelyn Jones says:

    How can we find out if our claim forms were received….We sent back the claim forms on
    January 7, 2016….

    ADMIN – Hi Mr. & Mrs. Jones,

    You can find out if the admin received your forms by calling the class action administrator. Their info can be obtained by scrolling up.

    • Perry & Evelyn Jones says:

      Thank you for getting back but we tried the phone service ….You really don’t get a real person….We listened to the phone prompts there really isn’t any prompt that gives us that opportunity….My question is, should we go ahead and open the claim online even though we mailed the forms ?

      ADMIN – Hi Perry & Evelyn,

      If you are not getting a response from the admin you can try class counsel. However, generally speaking if you have mailed your forms chances are they received them and you will eventually receive a check.

  37. Tad says:

    How many Chase members (or previous members) have been notified to file a claim on this class action settlement? How many Chase members (or previous members) have filed a claim for this class action settlement so far (as of 2/1/2016)?

    ADMIN – Hi Tad,

    We don’t have that information. I encourage you to contact the class action administrator but I seriously doubt they will provide you with said data.

  38. chris glass says:

    RE: Claim #JPD-10333367901-332907. This notice was mailed to my former address at 9630 April rd. Miami, fl. 33157.

  39. Angie says:

    I received a class action card in the mail but I still have several accounts with Chase bank. I am not sure if this even applies to me. Unless I was flagged after closing a credit card and also a checking account with debit card because of fraud. Would they have checked my records when they issued a replacement on these accounts?

    ADMIN – Hi Angie,

    We have no idea, but we encourage you to contact the class action administrator. If you received a card chances are you were affected by the issue in question.

  40. Richard Sinay says:

    I received a class action settlement postcard. This is to advise you of my desire to participate.

    Richard Sinay

    ADMIN – Hi Mr. Sinay,

    To include yourself in the class you must submit a claim form. Leaving a comment here does not count.

  41. Kathy says:

    On the card I received for this settlement it states that if I do not object, that I may be subject to the settlement and/or the amount of expenses incurred in the court. What exactly does this mean? If you have already obtained attorneys from San Antonio Texas and they will be paid from part of the settlement, why would I have charges to pay?

    ADMIN – Hi Kathy,

    I don’t think you are reading it correctly. If you do object you will pay your attorney’s fees associated with your objection.

  42. victoria m powell says:

    I received a post card a long while ago saying that I was in this class action suit, and that I didn’t have to do anything. is that true? my new address is 4613 Alonzo rd garner nc 27529

    ADMIN – Hi Victoria,

    For address changes you must contact the administrator directly.

  43. Jackie Sedam says:

    I wan to be included 1781 S Bull Run, Fowlerville, Mi 48836

    ADMIN – Hi Jackie,

    To be included you must file a claim

  44. russ kamalu says:

    How do I proceed to file a claim?

    ADMIN – Hi Russ,

    You click on this link and you file following the directions step by step

  45. Leonard Calderon says:

    I lived at 7537 S Via Hermosa, home that was foreclosed when Maria Elena Calderon was not able to pay house payment one summer because she was off for summer with no pay. They then told her they couldn’t help her because she wasn’t behind to call back when she was behind. she then called back in August when school started and they said they couldn’t help her until she was making money. In December 2009, Maria Elena sent a payment of $1075 , which was returned to her because they wanted the full amount. They soon began foreclosing procedures. I now live at 2600 W. Ironwood Hills Apt#10150 85745 in Tucson.

  46. Donna Love says:

    I bought a truck for chase bank but i never thought that they would give my in formation to a third party i would never used them again

  47. Maria E. Roos says:

    I received the claim card from Chase FCRA Settlement Claim Administrator. I filed the claim and mailed it back. I would like to know if I am included in this process, since I didn’t receive any confirmation of receiving my card.

    ADMIN – Hi Maria,

    Contact the class action admin at 888-736-2826

  48. Inez E. Butts says:

    I received a notice of Proposed Class Action Settlement and Fairness Hearing. Please add my name to the list.

    ADMIN – Hi Inez,

    I cannot add you to the settlement. You need to file using the link provided.

  49. Susan B Tealdi says:

    I also received a notice of a proposed class action settlement and fairness hearing. Please add my name to the many others.

    ADMIN – Hi Susan,

    Please refer to the FAQ we have provided. I cannot add you to any settlement. If you believe you are a member of a class for a class action settlement you need to complete a digital claim form or a paper form and submit it to the class action administrator.

  50. Susan B Tealdi says:

    Awaiting moderation – what does that mean?

    ADMIN – Hi Susan,

    Awaiting moderation means that every comment you leave here will be read by me prior to publication.

  51. B. Gibson says:

    I have been apart of a few class action lawsuits and all of them paid under one hundred dollars. I feel that this one will be no different. So take the money buy a tank of gas or go out to eat . Don’t look for life changing amount

  52. james madison says:

    how do you keep your composure when replying to so many stupid inquiries?

    ADMIN – Hi James,

    I practice gratitude. It is far more advantageous to be the one responding to said inquiries than to be the one making them. I hope you are having a super day. Keep visiting our website and enjoy reading the comments.

  53. S Wallace says:

    How do I get my case number if I have lost it?

    ADMIN – Hi S. Wallace,

    You can secure your number by contacting the class action administrator.

  54. Carmen Villas says:

    I have submitted my card for this action settlement.
    I would like to add the following comment.

    Chase had approved a forbearance while letting me know they would be working on a permanent workout . I was to wait for the trial package.
    Several follow ups were made in my behalf but Chase would not have an answer for my situation .
    Ultimately they sent my case to foreclose on my home. I was able to stop the firehouse because I had all the evidence of all my efforts to get a workout.
    Finally with no other options I filed bankruptcy chapter 13.
    Then Chase approved a modification which modified the interest rate not the principal.
    All fees and more were added to the principal balance which went for my initial $216,000 balance owed to $244,000.
    In addition Chase kept my Escrow Surplus of $ 7,000. Which was not any fault of mine Chase did not resolve on a timely manner.

    Thank you ,
    Please add this to the complaint.

    ADMIN – Hi Carmen,

    We are happy to post your observations about the way Chase handled your situation. Please note however that this website is purely informational and no action is taken on any matter.

  55. john f ouimette says:

    hi, i left an email checking on the class action thats pending,could you please get back to me with any action thats happening,i did received a post card and haven’t heard anything so far.thank you.

    ADMIN – Hi John,

    We are not the class action administrators. We are an independent website that exists only to provide information about class actions. Contact your class action administrator using the information we have provided at the bottom of each posting.

  56. john f ouimette says:

    resmit commet,after thinking a little bit,i think B.Gibson has a good idea,i would like to send mind to wounded worrers,and you can get back to me with any question…thank you, and it doesn’t matter how much the settlement is..ths

    ADMIN – Hi John,

    What a lovely way to use your settlement. Many people file their claims and use the money for charitable endeavors. Thank you for having such a generous heart.

  57. Sean says:

    I received a claim card in the mail but had lost it how to do acquire a claim number to submit a claim??

    ADMIN – Hi Sean,

    You can contact the class action administrator to secure a duplicate.

  58. Jeremy K says:

    Is there a rough approximation as to how many people are involved in this suit?

    ADMIN – Hi Jeremy,

    I looked into the long notice and did not see anything that would provide insight as to the number of affected members. If I find out I will surely send you an email with the info.

  59. Irena k says:

    I did send in the card. Had a bad experience with Chase loan and credit cart. Thanks

  60. Mayra H says:

    My husband received a claim card. He doesn’t want to be a part of this. How does he exclude himself from this?

    ADMIN – HI Mayra,

    To exclude himself he has to submit a request for exclusion to the admin.

  61. anon says:

    lol to all who think you can make a claim on a forum… failure to read instructions…failure to make payment and we want to blame the banks for not working with you but they don’t have to because you signed a contract that you agreed you would pay in a timely manner. Just because you loose your job doesn’t give you the right to demand a modification to your payment.

    Bottom line is people want to be the victim and its those type of people who are the poorer getting poorer not at the fault of the rich getting richer.

    • Dawn Osburn says:

      Says one of the “Richer”! Obviously you ( Anon) has never had to worry about money due to losing a job or even business through no fault of your own. While you are correct the bank does not HAVE to modify the loan but they SHOULD!. This person lost his job and now his home , can you even fathom that idea? Probably not. We as a country should be helping each other and when times get tough why not lend a helping hand instead of acting like they are nothing more than a piece of trash and tossing them out just so you can make an even bigger profit when you already have more money than you know what to with! You waste the money on stupid useless expensive things that mean nothing to you while the person whose home you took is out on the street with no home to go to. The truth of the matter is if they would have refinanced his loan to make his mortgage affordable they could have charged him more money over time and he would have paid it to keep from losing his home!

  62. Brian Weeks says:

    If I have this correct if we take the settlement they cannot be sued again? Does this mean they can continue there activities what’s stopping them from doing this again?

    ADMIN – Hi Brian,

    It appears that is the case.

  63. Bsrb or Lance Wohlwend says:

    218-371-1942 *cell* 218-583-2256*Home* We have been hanging a string with Chase. We have tried to refinance this loan for almost 8 years. They do not have the correct paperwork T9 give us. Also, this was included in a Bankruptcy over 10 years ago. Noone has record of this besides my attorney. I have worked with Chase and their Escalation Dept. For many years. It has been the worst experience of my life. They had both our loans at one time & they would NOT REFINANCE THEM TOGETHER. PLEASE HELP US.

    ADMIN – Hi Lance,

    We are not in a position to help you.

  64. jonaphar johnson says:

    how do I file a claim I also received a postcard

    ADMIN – Hi Jonaphar,

    You click on the orange link that reads “click here to file a claim”.

  65. Mary Mathieu says:

    I’m guessing that after attorney fees, payments to the class initiator, costs, that the amount left will be half of the settlement. I have no idea how many class members there are but knowing how many people Chase screwed over, I assume there are at least tens of thousands, correct? Is there any way to find out how many members?

    Also, are there any criminal charges being filed? Or is this yet another law broken by the banksters in which they get to walk away scott free?

    Thank you

    ADMIN – Hi Mary,

    Your best bet to get more details regarding the settlement is to email class counsel.

  66. Kellie D says:

    I received the settlement but my name is spelled wrong how do I fix this

    ADMIN – Hi Kellie,

    You reach out to the class action administrator and you request a correction.

  67. Erik says:

    How will I know if Chase accessed my credit report between Oct. 16, 2009 and Oct. 16, 2014?
    If I order a credit report today it will only show inquires going back 2 years, i.e. after 3/22/14.

    ADMIN – Hi Erik,

    You can actually contact the admin and ask them to check if you are a member of the class.

  68. Patricia B Pearson says:

    I filed a claim after receiving the card but want to assure that I am on the list.
    Can you verify this for me?

    ADMIN – Hi Patricia,

    I can’t. But you can contact the class action administrator using the information we provide under “contact” to ask your question.

  69. Constance L Kiggins says:

    Am I qualified for this? Just got a notice about this. You apparently sent me a notice to contact you and it was put in someone else’s mail.
    Thank you

    ADMIN – Hi Constance,

    Please contact the class action administrator directly.

  70. Constance L Kiggins says:

    this is only 1:18 pm

  71. Deanna says:

    I received a card a few months ago and it said if I wanted to participate in the action to send the card back. I filled it out and sent it back. Was I also supposed to file claim online ? I didn’t do that but the card was sent back.

    ADMIN – Hi Deanna,

    It is enough to send the card back.

  72. deborah a rushford says:

    Please can I still enter as the eligible claimant that I am? I have needed help in my home during a shoulder injury. In physical therapy for 2 months an unable to care for my home easily. The gal that had been helping me just now brought forward some of my mail she had misplaced an forgotten about. I am trying to find the claim form to fill out and cannot find it.

    ADMIN – Hi Deborah,

    We are not the class action administrators, but I can tell you that in general deadlines are not waved regardless of the reason.

  73. natacha adams says:

    please add my name to class claim

    ADMIN – Hi Natasha,

    I would love to add you to the claim but I can’t. Please carefully read the instructions and file a claim online.

  74. Sonia Delblridge says:

    please add my name to the list

    ADMIN – Hi Sonia,

    Please spend a little time reading our handy instructional. Leaving a comment here is not sufficient. You need to file a claim using the digital claim form or submitting via snail mail.

  75. NS and KJ Grant says:

    We are a part of this and do not want to be left out. I am disabled and am in bed sick more than half of the time. If there is anything I can do please contact me at 307-871-2000.

    Thank you
    Nova lee Grant

    ADMIN – Hi NS and KJ,

    We are just an informational website thus unable to contact you about this matter. You need to either file a claim online or contact the class action administrator directly using the information we provide at the bottom of each settlement page under the heading “contact”.

  76. Antonio Uribe says:

    I sent back a the post card. I just want to know if I was included?
    Also I would like to have an update.

    ADMIN – Hi Antonio,

    To get updates on this settlement you have to contact the class action administrator directly. The information is available in the main settlement page under the heading “contact”.

  77. laura forte says:

    Just got this postcard. My email is property address 716 SW 24 AVE Fort Lauderdale Florida 33312. Claim # JPD-10635963001-635119 my home address is 7876 N Galena Ave Citrus Springs, FL 34434

    ADMIN – Hi laura,

    Leaving your info here is not filing a claim. You need to file an online or paper claim to receive a portion of the settlement.

  78. Michelle says:

    When will the settlement checks go out?

    ADMIN – Hi Michelle,

    I have no idea. As soon as I hear something I will post it on Facebook

  79. DeCarlo Monsoni says:

    I did not receive sny notice on this matter

    ADMIN – Hi DeCarlo,

    Sometimes the admin does not have your most recent address. Regardless, if you feel you are a member of the class please file.

    • DeCarlo monsini says:

      Address 42356 parkside cir. Apt 204
      Sterling hgts, mich 48314

      ADMIN – Hi DeCarlo,

      Sharing your address with us will get you nowhere.

  80. Ray Cruz says:

    Now that the time to file a claim has expired, how can we find out how many member are in the class.

    Thanks Ray

    ADMIN – Hi Ray,

    You can contact the class action administrator and see if that is information they are willing to disclose.

  81. Michelle says:

    When will the checks be sent out?

    ADMIN – Hi Michelle,

    You can contact 1-888-736-2826 to ask for more details.

  82. Larry Collins says:

    Hi, My name is Larry Collins Is it possible to get the total number of qualified participants in regard to payout portions. Thank you, Larry C. Qualified participant.

    ADMIN – Hi Larry,

    Normally this info is not disclosed. Why don’t you give the admin a call to see if they can give you some idea as to the amount of the settlement.

  83. TOMMY CAN says:

    This is Thomas can

    ADMIN – Hi Tommy,

    The settlement was calculated pro-rata, every member received the same amount.

  84. Scott C McGowan says:

    There is no Payer’s Federal EIN included with my check. Everyone needs this number for their tax returns. What is the number please?

    ADMIN – Hi Scott,

    Kindly contact the admin to obtain this info.

  85. hattie allen says:

    I wrote to you concering my part of the class suit. my name is on the list with old address. k youI could not do online because you would allow me because the phone numbers which is not the same. as you know phone # change! please contact me before the time run out thank you!

    ADMIN – Hi Hattie,

    I believe you are trying to reach the settlement administrator. That is not me. To reach the admin you must use the info I provided above.

  86. Michael Leitheiser says:

    My name is Michael Leitheiser. My claim number is late wifes is #10361618
    I have Miss depositing both those checks being one day late. Is there a way to reissue them? Feel free to call me at # 213-280-6698 or
    Thank you

    ADMIN – Hi Michael,

    You need to contact the class action admin. We are not in a position to help you out.

  87. Walter Anderson says:

    I received a check and wanted to know, how many people are involved in this settlement as my portion was so minimal vs. the $$8,750,000 as a settlement amount?

    ADMIN – Hi Walter,

    It is best that you contact the admin with that question. Otherwise you can figure it out on your own by substring attorney’s fees and admin expenses and then dividing the money left by the amount you received.

  88. frank woodruff says:

    I have not received a check yet when can I expect it to arrive claim jpd-12086824601-2084071

    ADMIN – Hi Frank,

    Please contact the administrator directly instead of asking in our comment section. Their info is listed above under the heading admin.

  89. Steven M Kolessr says:

    I have a staledated check from the settlement. Can I still cash it and if not, how do I get it replaced?

    ADMIN – Hi Steven,

    You can’t cash it. Usually funds that are not claimed are either given to charity or sent to the treasurer as unclaimed monies.

  90. Rita & Bill Matchette says:

    Both myself (Rita) and Bill have been out of town for 3 months and when we returned, we had received the claim check in the mail. The problem is we returned on 4/2/2017 and it states the checks had to be cashed by 3/16/17. Is there anyway we can get a new check as the checks are now void. Please advise. They are for $8.93 each
    Rgds……Rita Matchette

    ADMIN – Hi Rita,

    Generally when the funds are not cashed they are either given to charity or sent to the treasurer where you can find your money under unclaimed funds.

  91. Janice Russ says:

    I have not received any other correspondence regarding the settlement after I submitted my claim on 12/29/2015. What is the phone number to inquire about my claim.

    ADMIN – Hi Janice,

    The contact information is as follows:

  92. Mary Martinez says:

    I never received a check for my claim #JPD-11257521301-82928 and the telephone number to call is disconnected. How do I get information about my claim?

    ADMIN – Hi Mary,

    To receive additional information about your claim you must contact the class action administrator

  93. Nicole Dahms (Fury) says:

    claim number is 10659689501 case code is JPD Jan 22 2016 my last name has changed and my address has changed my last name is Dahms, Nicole R
    805 East Ryan Dr Apt. 11 Tea SD 57064

    please contact me if I was to receive anything and if so or want to ignore me please give me a telephone number that works this one does not NOT work (1-888-736-2826)

    ADMIN – Hi Nicole,

    I am not the class action admin thus I am unable to assist you.

  94. Jose Delgado says:

    Claim number is JPD-11170013901-1168473,I received a check for the amount of eight dollars with ninety-three cents, dated 12/16/2016, check number 186263, I have not changed it .I have the same address, The question is the following. of the eight million and thousands of dollars, this misery corresponds to me or they only used me

    ADMIN – Hi Jose,

    That misery corresponds to you. Nobody used you.

  95. Joanne c Rogers says:

    I received a check in July 2017 for this class action suit for the amount of $8.93. The check itself is dated 12/16/2016! The check # is 287564. Claim #10901981. So I deposited it at my bank – Chase – and received it returned in the mail saying “Account Closed” and was charged $12 fee by Chase. This seriously is a joke. I’ve been with Chase for years, even worked at their corporate headquarters. This makes me want to move my banking elsewhere. suggestions?

    ADMIN – Hi Joanne,
    The check most likely read that it was valid only for 90 days. Had you read this you would have not deposited the check. I suspect it was mailed in December, it was lost in the mail and it finally reappeared.

  96. Joanne Rogers says:

    I tried to call the 888 telephone listed in these threads. The number is disconnected. I emailed the claims admin but don’t have much faith in a response given the series of events thus far relating to this claim.

    ADMIN – Hi Joanna,

    This settlement was paid out long time ago and the admin is no longer open.

  97. Dan lambrix says:

    hi admin
    can you tell me the status of this case
    i have not heard anything in months
    my wife has a claim as do i
    tried to email that dont work
    tried to go to web page that dont work
    left a msg phone number no call back
    now i sent a letter in the mail to the address
    and zip
    help help help

    ADMIN – Hi Dan,

    This settlement was finalized and paid many months ago. The admin is no longer receiving escalations and you no longer have legal recourse. I encourage you to follow our Facebook page to know when checks are sent that way you are able to escalate in a timely manner with all future settlements.

  98. Floria Mcgee says:

    I would like to file a claim against JP Morgan Chase, due to the way Chase closed my account.My loan was unable to be deposited into my account. Chase did not inform me that they closed or was closing my account. Also I filed a claim because money was being withdrawn from my account without my knowledge. ATM withdrawls were being made 3 and 4 times a day in 100.00 amounts that were not me.I inquired about this matter. JP Morgan blew me off as if I didn’t matter.

    ADMIN – Hi Floria,

    It seems you need to secure legal representation on your own.


    May I please have Check#559023 in the amount of $8.93 reissued. Re: Claim #JPD-11360987-6

    Yaqinah Abdurrahman
    Email sent from Her Imperial Majesty’s iPhone

    ADMIN – Hi Your Imperial Majesty,

    We do not reissue checks. You need to contact the admin directly. If the check expired chances are it will not be reissued.

  100. Annette Torres says:

    Me and my two kids had money and Investments if it’s not too late I just noticed this give me a call at 210 537 88-92 thank you

    ADMIN – Hi Annette,

    It is too late. You no longer have legal recourse.

    • Annette V Torres says:

      I wish something could be done to compensate me I didn’t even know a lawsuit was going on. Me and my family are suffering because of this.

      ADMIN – Hi Annette,

      Class action settlements exist to compensate you. Did you file your claim on time?

      • Annette V Torres says:

        I don’t think so.

        ADMIN – Hi Anette,

        If you did not file you no longer have recourse.

        • Annette V Torres says:

          Then I would like file a law suit against them for what they did with my funds. .

          ADMIN – Hi Anette,

          Consult with a local attorney. They will be able to point you in the right direction. Keep us updated.

          • Annette V Torres says:

            This law firm wouldn’t be able to help me with the case. My cell number is 210 944 7766… You can text me also.

            ADMIN – Hi Annette,

            We are not a customer service channel or a class action administrator. Think about us as a newspaper with class action news.

  101. Amreco Bland, Sr. says:

    Hi I filed my claim online and printed a receipt in Feb 6th 2016. I have yet to hear from anyone or receive a check.

    ADMIN – Hi Amreco,

    I believe this settlement was paid a long time ago.

  102. Jose Delgado says:

    I need to know if they are going to reimburse us more money because they only gave us $8.00
    I hope you answer me, or give me an explication of my case.
    October 29 2017

    ADMIN – Hi Jose,

    This is a pro rata settlement, meaning each class member received an equal portion of the total amount. You will not get more money.

    • Jose Delgado says:

      Claim #.JPD-11170013901-1168473 It is not a lawsuit over $8000000 to give about $8.00 compensation.
      October 30, 2017

  103. julie says:

    I moved and do not show that my settlement check reached me. Can you please tell me how to file an inquiry? I have the claim number. THanks.

    ADMIN – Hi Julie,

    That settlement was distributed a long time ago. The admin has closed the channels of escalation. You no longer have recourse.

  104. Gloria says:

    What’s the update on this settlement

    ADMIN – Hi Gloria,

    This was paid a long time ago. You no longer have legal resource.

    • JOSUE JULES says:

      I am in the same situation trying to find out about my claim but can’t get a hold of no one because the phone number keep hanging

      ADMIN – Hi Josue,

      Try class counsel.

  105. Linda says:

    I’m trying to get an update on my claim. I haven’t heard anything and I submitted the information as requested. Who do I need to contact? What is there name and number?


    ADMIN – Hi Linda,

    You need to contact the class action administrator. Their info is posted above.

  106. Deborah Vereene says:

    How can you find out if you received a part of the settlement?

    ADMIN – Hi Deborah,

    You can reach out to the class action administrator.

    Chase FCRA Settlement Claims Administrator
    P.O. Box 43389
    Providence, RI 02940-3389

  107. Teresa Hayes says:

    Hi I filled out a postcard when this started and sent it in. I also filled out a claim form via this website. I have not heard anything about it.

    ADMIN – Hi Teresa,

    This case was paid out a long time ago and the admin has already closed shop. There is no way for you to escalate.

  108. K G says:

    I have a claim number 11050315601 I never received a check? Can you help?

    ADMIN – Hi KG,

    We can’t. We are simply an informational website with no access to specific claims.

  109. Pierre Alexander says:

    Does anyone have a working number to reach the claim administrator or any department to get any info., the one displayed (888)736-2826 is not working.

    Thank you

    ADMIN – Hi Pierre,

    Here is the general information for the class action administrator


  110. Shirley Evans Smith says:

    My name is Shirley Evans Smith. I filed a claim with Chase FCRA Settement Claims Administrator on December 30, 2015. Claim #JPD-11812602701-1810182. As to this date, I have not received a settlement nor heard anything else about this claim. I recalled the court date being scheduled for April 27, 2016. My old email address was, but I no longer own this email address. My NEW EMAIL ADDRESS IS

    ADMIN – Hi Shirley,

    The class action admin for this settlement is no longer available. The settlement was paid.

    • Shirley E Smith says:

      When was the settlement paid? where was check mailed, who was it paid to, and who cashed the check?

      Claim #JPD-11812602701-1810182


      Shirley smith

      ADMIN – Hi Shirley,

      Those questions can be best answered by the class action administrator.

  111. LINDA R PACER says:

    linda r pacer,,,,,,,,,yes include me,,i never was notified until now,,

    ADMIN – Hi Linda,

    Leaving a comment here does not constitute a claim.

  112. Terrance Currington says:

    Please add me to this.

    ADMIN – Hi Terrance,

    Please file a claim using the link provided.

  113. Angelia Crook says:

    If I received my 1st postcard this week and do not remember if I was under the Chase umbrella during the time that has been allotted for the wrongful act on Chases behalf. Do I need to contact someone, if so who would that be? If not, then will I be contacted for the portion of the settlement that I am due ?

    ADMIN – Hi Angelia,

    If you received a postcard you are most likely a member of the class.

  114. Donny says:

    I just received a letter today 8/7/2018, and is reading some of the blogs and one in particular says that the settlement has been paid. So why am I just now getting a letter about this lawsuit. Plus the website is down to place a claim. Please explain.

    ADMIN – Hi Donny,

    Please make sure you are looking at the correct settlement. JPMorgan is continuously involved in a variety of settlements.

  115. Sergio Vela says:

    I received a postcard, how do I submit a claim?

    ADMIN – Hi Sergio,

    Follow the instructions on the postcard.

  116. Annette Torres says:

    Me and my two kids had accounts their Morgan Stanley Dean Witter or now Chase I didn’t know this was case was going on how would I file a claim I’m in need I’m homeless please help me and my family I’m in need my number is 210 9447766. For any questions call me please thank you Annette Torres AKA Annette Vasquez San Antonio Texas Joseph Gonzalez who’s my representative on Saint Mary’s Street started down on Convent Street.

    ADMIN – Hi Anette,

    This settlement is no longer available, the deadline has passed. Perhaps you are looking for a different settlement?

  117. Johnny Jackson says:

    I received a postcard August 7 2018

    ADMIN – Hi Johnny,

    Please type out the URL provided on the postcard so I can provide you with additional guidelines.

  118. Johnny Jackson says:

    how do i file claaim

    ADMIN – Hi Johny,

    The deadline has passed. You may no longer file.

  119. Johnny Jackson says:

    when will l get a check

    ADMIN – Hi Johny,

    You need to to contact the class action administrator.

  120. John E and Sylvia Kersey says:

    please check to see if we are included in this suit

    ADMIN – Hi John,

    If you received a postcard you are probably included.

  121. SERGIO VELA says:

    please check to see if I am included in this suit.

    Sergio Vela

    211 Kirk Av. Henderson NV. 89015

    ADMIN – Hi Sergio,

    I can’t do that. You must file your own claim.

  122. Donnie Edwards says:

    I am trying to reach someone to acquire my settlement monies. Please contact me via e-mail. I sent the forms in prior to expiration date and have heard nothing from you guys about the settlement.

    ADMIN – Hi Donnie,

    Scroll up and locate the info for the class action administrator. Reach out and ask about your claim.

  123. John Fleming says:

    Hi I tried the number and email above to inquire about when will the funds be released to individuals. The number just repeated itself and the email address wasn’t good and came back to me. If you could provide me with a good phone number or email address I would appreciated it. I received a letter in July to submit a claim which I did online. Any help will be appreciated

    ADMIN – Hi John,

    Here is the main number for the class action administrator.

  124. Lillian B. Logan says:

    I filed a claim back in January 17, 2016.. I have not been notified by the Administrator or receive in compensation from this claim. What is up what this. I have tried to contact Kurtzman Carson Consultant and there is no response. I wonder if this is a scam when it comes to the payout. Why is it no one can locate the administrator to verify if there was a payout.

    ADMIN – Hi Lilian,

    Not a scam. Have you tried KCC’s main telephone line?

  125. ladrena stevens says:

    when can I expect my refund for JDP-11091035701-72147.
    Please contact me at 336 5215446

    ADMIN – Hi Ladrena,

    We are unable to provide updates on specific claims. You must reach out to the class action administrator.

  126. Mary Lou Silva says:

    Please add my name to the list of clients, thank you.

    • Angelica (Admin) says:

      Hi, Mary Lou. Thanks for your message. However, we ( are *not* the settlement/claims administrator of this case — we are only an online “newspaper” of various class action settlements involvingĀ various companies. Please contact the Settlement Administrator directly, if you haven’t already done so. The details are stated above. Thank you.

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