Class Eligibility

Purchasers of certain Kettle Brand products in the U.S. between 1/03/2010 and 2/24/2015. Kettle Brand tortilla chips, potato chips and TIAS chips are covered by the class action settlement if they included the following words on their labels:

  • “All Natural”
  • “Natural”
  • “Naturally”
  • “Made with All Natural Ingredients”
  • “Natural Promise”
  • “Nothing artificial”
  • “No preservatives”
  • “Non-GMO”
  • “Non-GMO ingredients”
  • “Only natural colors and flavors”
  • “A Natural Obsession”
  • “Real food ingredients”
  • “Reduced Fat”
  • “__% Less Fat”
  • And/or any other derivation of “natural”

Estimated Amount

Up to $20 with proof of purchase or $10 without. It may be adjusted up or down based on the number of valid claims

Proof of Purchase

Not Required

Case Name

Klacko v. Diamond Foods Inc.,
Case No. 9:14-cv-80005
District Court for the Southern District of Florida

Case Summary

The lawsuit resolves allegations that the manufacturer made false claims regarding the products under the Kettle Brand products that were allegedly mislabeled as natural, nothing artificial, and non-GMO. According to the plaintiffs the products unnatural, synthetic and/or artificial ingredients. Further, the plaintiffs allege the “Natural” language is central to the marketing of Kettle Brand products and is likely to deceive reasonable consumers.

Settlement Pool





Kettle Chips All Natural Settlement Claims Administrator
P.O. Box 43324
Providence, RI 02940-3324

130 responses to “Kettle Chips “All Natural” Class Action Settlement”

  1. Samantha Haynes says:

    I bought Kettle Chips for parties/events I organized. Disappointed to learn that the claims may be false.

  2. jessica Strahl says:

    I am so disappointed!!!! We always buy these chips!!!! If only I would have known to keep my receipts 🙁

  3. Miranda Springer says:


  4. NITA JEFFRIES says:

    This is my usual brand. I have bought hundreds of these!

  5. Kimberly Dixon says:

    So they are NOT GMO free????? I am very upset!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Gerrit Jonker says:

      Many kinds of Kettle Chips contain maltodextrin. Maltodextrin is an artificial sweetener that is derived from genetically engineered corn.

  6. Maxine Rappaport says:

    So happy there was a settlement! Love Kettle!

  7. Trena Smiley says:

    I would purchase a bag every Friday with my hero sandwich. Shame, shame.

  8. Melissa Garcia says:

    Oh no! This is a brand that I purchase every single month because I thought they were Non-GMO! I am a blogger and I have been promoting them as a Non-GMO product on my blog and I am concerned on what my readers are going to think! I never keep my grocery receipts and I even have 2 bags in my pantry right now.

    ADMIN-Hi Melissa,
    Sadly they are not the only company who has promoted their products as natural when the reality is different. I would suggest you include a link to our website to help your readers check if they have been affected by false advertising claims.

  9. geunevieve thevenin says:

    That what I purchase for my kids because I thought there were no GMO.

  10. Flo Jackson says:

    I have always bought these chips, they were my favorite. To bad I didn’t keep any receipts.

  11. Vanessa Robison says:

    Once again, and again and again. Another product that has lied, deceived, hoodwinked and bamboozled. I’m so tired of these companies promoting false advertising to gain our trust and steal our money. Thank God there is this legal action against this company and others, I just wish I had saved my receipts. From this point on, I will be filing all receipts bc this is becoming so darn common…….smh!

    • Holden Caufield says:

      this goes for all that have replied so far…

      why you folks acting like the world is gonna end over a bag of potato chips? Quick acting like this and just file the damn claim and take the free money like you usually do,.and quit calling attention to yourselves.

      • ChuckE says:

        Haha! Really Holden. Give the masses a little slack. And chill out. Your stress levels sound awfully high to me.

  12. Chris says:

    This is so disappointing! I’ve probably spent over $100 buying this brand BECAUSE of their claim. Like many others I too don’t save my grocery receipts past maybe a few weeks. I’m so tired of companies doing this – actually I’m disgusted not tired – disgusted.

  13. Victoria Morrell says:

    Who can we trust? Lies…all lies for the sake of profits! I guess we’ll just have to start making our own potato chips now.

  14. BETTY RAMER says:


  15. Karen says:

    what ashame they have to lie to get sales. I bought this brand for my kids, I never buy GMO’s. I guess I do now

  16. Patricia Johnson says:

    Another product that lied so sorry I buy kettle all the time

  17. Esther Murphy says:

    Sorry to hear as I thought they were so good

  18. Darlene Bennett says:

    Last 2 July 4TH party’s I purchased loads of these…and have since then!

  19. Dean Seigneur says:

    I am so sorry that this company has been found to be con artists. Their product is great and we love them. Of course, I have no receipts (who saves potato chip receipts anyway?) so I am only requesting the $10, but am glad for the warning that they are con artists. Thanks alot.

  20. elaine rickett says:

    yes I have purchased about 5 bags did not real care for them.

    • Christine Checke says:

      This brand I aalways bouht for partys holidays and just to snack on, I bought them cause they said all natural, Sucks that is not trie.

  21. Becky Pollard says:

    I bought kettle chips for a party, sorry to hear they are NOT natural.

    • Christine Checke says:

      I bought tonsof these chips due to the thought that they were all natural, I neeever sace my food recepits , This brand was my favoriate would buy them for hokidays and party,

  22. Jamie Clements says:

    i had gastric sleeve surgery so i only eat healthy all natraul foods this could be very dangerous for myself being mislabeled i cant believe ive been buying this and eating it thinking im going the healthy way

    • My Aunt Fanny says:

      If you are eating ANY type of potato chips after gastric sleeve surgery, thinking they’re somehow a healthy choice, you need some serious support and education from a nutritionist or dietician. Learn to read the nutrition facts, rather than the label.

  23. Lisa says:

    Love kettle chips. Love Natural foods I was fooled

  24. Wylene Hill says:

    Buy these all the time thinking they were better for my health.

  25. Jody Jones says:

    Seriously stop the healthy crap.If you were so worried about healthy perhaps ANY DEEP FRIED CHIP is not the best way to go. Thank you Holden Caulfield {LOL} for saying things a lot of us would like to say!

  26. Brianna bencivenga says:

    DISGUSTED that they have the audacity to lie and pass something off as natural ! Just tell the truth

  27. Jorge L says:

    wow, and this is one of my favorites. This or Vicks… sad to read I have been taken…

  28. Crystal R says:

    I’ve eaten 3-4+ bags per WEEK of Kettle Brand Potato Chips for YEARS!!!! No wonder my wasteline isn’t as lean as I think it should be, eating chemicals makes for challenging weight loss. They owe me lots and lots of money. I was Vegan for years and Kettle Brand Chips we’re my savior so to speak. No one and I mean NO ONE has eaten more Kettle Brand Chips than me. We’re talking, thousands of bags of Kettle Brand Potato Chips OMG. I raved to everyone how great these chips were and why they should buy them. Now I look like a flake… Or a chip, rather.

  29. Jim Van Zeeland says:

    Man I love these chips, we buy them all the time, why would I think to keep those grocery receipts?

    ADMIN-Hi Jim,
    Just file up to the maximum without receipt. I don’t think anyone keeps their chip receipts.

  30. bird b says:

    wow! as everyone else…very hard to hear this…love them and only eat natural products. countless money spent ,who would ever save their grocery receipts?!

  31. Breanna says:

    Having been under the impression that the ingredients in these chips were natural, containing ‘no artificial ingredients’ – feel that I have been cheated. If I, or anyone really….. purchases something because of what the exterior advertisements say, then I expect them to be EXACTLY that. Whatever the label may be – we, as shoppers, are going to purchase based on ‘what the bag says’. This is disappointing, yet again. As a consumer, being cheated, with companies continuing to make money off of me at the same time.
    Please help the shoppers, myself included, gain a bit back for consistently having faith in what we are being sold.

  32. Gladys says:

    I loved Kettle Chips!!!

  33. Kansas gilleo says:

    I was buying them for daughter part of her diet, sher liked them

  34. v ellison says:

    Wow I bought 5 bags in February for my daughter’s birthday party wow

  35. George Humphrey says:

    I bought bags and bags of chips,only to find out they are not natural

  36. Marianita Floro says:

    I bought kettle chips for my children. They love it and I can’t believe they lied!

  37. Caroline Sommer says:

    I thought they were all natural, liked the chips but not what I expected them to be, will not purchase again

  38. Thelma Flint says:

    yes this is very disappointing when I buy a product I buy a product then set it is what it says it is

  39. megan skilling says:

    I would always buy these over other chips in the past. so disappointed.

  40. Kimberly Chase says:

    Oh no! So upset over this!

  41. Joel Shannon says:

    Very disappointing….. i support Non-GMO products for health reasons. I purchased kettle chips at least 5 times of week trusting I made a good decision…….This upsets me

  42. Jimmy Dogs says:

    I cant believe this. These s.o.b.s got da cujones to lie to me . fugedaboutit, Im sending somebody down to straighten these mamalukes out right now .

  43. JoAnne Artemik says:

    I love Kettle chips. The “all natural” is an enticement for sure.

  44. Almedin says:

    I bought these sometime like 2 years ago

  45. David Brown says:

    I don’t like being lied to. Rocks are all natural, but that doesn’t mean you should eat them!!!!

  46. Miss Bell says:

    I save all receipts because of this kind of fraud I am on special Diet PAY UP

  47. Miss Bell says:

    and permantly disabled

  48. deborah says:

    my family loves kettle chips sorry have to go find another brand

    • regina says:

      Nothing in a package is all natural. If you want all natural, make it yourself. Stop being so neive. If your kids like them, what does it matter which non all natural brand you buy?

  49. Holden Caufield says:

    Poor Joel.
    Take a valium.

    Upset little Joel!

  50. Karen Johnston says:

    brought these all the time for the kids

  51. Karen Cortinas says:


  52. Melissa Paul says:

    I would buy at least 2 bags a week

  53. Sara Swingle says:

    I guessing natural isn’t all natural after all.

  54. Elizabeth says:

    This is awful, I purchased several bags and I can potentially pull the receipts from vons card.

  55. Ron Grant says:

    I’ve always loved these chips and now this? Oh well, hope were all ok. LOL

  56. Cherilyn Frank says:

    Wow I had no idea loved these chips did bye them all the time with lunch

  57. jEANNE DEMBECK says:

    very disappointed in this company

  58. Veronyca Cornish says:

    Wow! Highly disappointed !

  59. Candice Kretschman says:

    All natural consumer of this product for many years. Dissapointed.

  60. Lindsey Frazier says:

    Purchase these chips frequently. Disappointed

  61. Katie Mickus says:

    I always purchase these chips! My favorite & I had no idea!

  62. Judith alamo says:

    I always bought kettle chips,upset they lied

  63. Sharon says:

    We pur chased these chips cause they were in the health food section. How can this be fair. We chose healthy foods for our family and it turns out to be false.

  64. Emilie Theophile says:

    So disappointed I have been lied to for so long, I used to love this brand…

  65. Stacy Downin says:

    Very upset this was false.

  66. Tanya Fridal says:

    We are fooled daily with false claims on products but it is terrible.
    Of course no receipts but these are my favorite

  67. christina caputo says:

    I have bought this product many times over the years. Very disappointed I was mislead about it.

  68. Ron C. says:

    I love Kettle Brand chips anyway, crunchy, flavorful and good value……….

  69. Dr William Mount says:

    You do your best to eat right and then find out the stuff you buy is pure GMO Garbage. So I did a video on You Tube to help every one – I make no money off of it and if I wever get paid Patch Adams will got the money to run his 2 free clinics — “THE CURE FOR CANCER”

  70. Jane says:

    WE try – but theseI found a video on You Tub that can help : William Mount AGING REVERSED and STROKE DAMAGE REVERSED IN A CAT.

    Go figure

  71. John B. says:

    these are my favorite chips. i try to eat healthy and non-GMO was about the only thing that made these a preference. very disappointed.

  72. Marilyn Presher says:

    These chips were one of my favorites one of the reasons is I thought they were natural. Fooled again.

  73. MKSala says:

    I have used this product many times. We all like the thicker chips. Never thought there could be anything wrong with them.

  74. Maggie Nikkel says:

    I loved these chips because they were GMO free and they tasted great! Now so disappointed!

  75. Iris Chatman says:

    Bag stating all natural

  76. C.Neal says:

    I have been buying these for years because I thought they were the healthier choice, so disappointed.

  77. kathi knutsen says:

    I tried to get my husband hooked on a better brand of chips since he is a chip fiend. That did not work so well since they aren’t so natural afterall.

  78. Malik Hayes says:

    Always buy these chips. I’m very disappointed to hear the claims are false !

  79. Benjamin Elmore says:

    Every time I would go look for chips I saw these next to other brands and thought natural meant better. I guess I might of well bought the other chips and would of gotten the exact same thing health wise.

  80. Gilbert Mata says:

    Sad when it states it’s natural…healthier, disappointment…

  81. catherine martens says:

    I am super disappointed. I work at a grocery store that i bought these regularly at. They were my favorite. One tried every flavor. Too bad…

  82. Herb Johns says:

    Great chips. They are a favorite at our house!

  83. jaimie thompson says:

    I buy these all the time because I thought they were healthier.

  84. TORIE says:

    What’s REALLY incredible is that for all the people that are SO shocked and taken aback…you were looking for a healthy POTATO CHIP?!?!! AND YOU’RE SURPRISED IT WASN’T REALLY HEALTHY?! Will you be this floored when it turns out that Vaping is just as deadly as smoking cigarettes.
    However, thanks for the comic relief. The fake indignation over the false claims…Oh You are soooo horrified. You were SWINDLED! WORD TO THE WISE – SAVE THE THATRICS AND HYSTRIONICS AND BIG TIME FIBS. You are gonna get your 100% free money no matter what. You could probably leave a post saying you never bought the chips but just wanted the free money and you’d still get the free money.
    I think there is a very small percentage of people on and off this site that even understands what a “Class-Action Lawsuit” is. They KNOW they are paying people who don’t deserve it. But they are also paying people who DO deserve it. Stop with the false indignation, “I NEVER keep my receipts!” RIGHT! That’s why CLASS-ACTION LAWSUITS EXIST and THAT’s WHY YOU GET MONEY FOR NOTHING!! Because even the people that really DID buy these chips don’t have their receipts from 2009.
    Last tidbit of info: It’s not foolproof though. You DO see that EACH time you file you are swearing it’s true and if they see you just fill out every single CALS that comes along….that’s perjury. And perjuring yourself is even less fun than eating crappy potato chips.
    Good God Almighty.

  85. Lauren Schwerdt says:

    Bought these chips because I thought they were healthy. Sad to hear the claims were false

  86. Doug Lloyd says:

    I too have been misled about the health benefits of the chips.

  87. Kaitlyn Bower says:

    Bought these chips to attempt to live a healthier life.. Sad to see this company lie.

  88. Deborah Sublett says:

    Misrepresentation of health benefits of these chips – Bought these on regular basis – sorry to find out that I had been misled.

  89. jane orm says:

    I love kettle chips because of the crunch and less saltiness. My go to chips easy them all the time.

  90. Sharlene Lambring says:

    I have bought numerous bags for these chips substantially on the fact these chips were GMO free.

  91. Lauren Penman says:

    I purchased the natural kettle chips from Kettle because I was on a diet, no wonder i wasn’t seeing a difference!

  92. heather grantt says:

    The only reason I buy these is there healthier come to find out they same as cheap ones

  93. Daenette Pohlman says:

    Fat free X2

  94. john says:

    always look to the more natural choice, its bull that a company lies to people that trying to take the healthier road

  95. Alcola Johnson says:

    So these chips are full of GMO’s not cool, very disappointed, I though this was a safe brand to buy for my family!

  96. Roxanne what tuck says:

    Oh wow I’m so sad to hear this.

  97. Ieng Em says:

    why are these label natural this is wrong

  98. Asia says:

    My HUSBAND Love these chips sad to tell him that the brand is misleading.

  99. Mary Frazier says:

    I have purchased this brand during my weekly shopping on a consistent basis for years . I thought I was purchasing an all natural product.

  100. susan cohen says:

    guess they are really not natural.

  101. Sheryl Crose says:

    Very, very disappointing to think you are getting one thing and then you get something else.

  102. Teresa says:

    Heartbroken! When these hit the shelf, I fell in love! I buy a big bag for home every week and the small ones and a Coke if I’m in a convenience store! Hundreds of bags!!! If they fix this, I will remain a customer forever!

  103. Erica Smith says:

    I eat these all the time

  104. Becky says:

    I love these chips! Way better then Lays.

  105. Ben McCarthy says:

    Very disappointed to learn these are not `GMO free in addition to it not being natural

  106. Doylene Tarver says:

    not natural. False!

  107. Gordon Scott says:

    yes very embarrassing at my party.

  108. Sandy Sprague says:

    I love these chips, this is really too bad.

  109. Manuel Nieves says:

    I always buy these chips because I try to eat healthy. At times I have even promoted them to all my friends at work to the point that they are always buying them in bulk. I can not because I am in a tight budget.

  110. Celine Patient says:

    Who the heck keeps grocery receipts for months after the food is gone?? I bought these ALL the time and now I feel like a fool for believing their advertisements!

  111. Gail Peil says:

    Sad to hear we have been lied to. WE love these chips and purchase them often. Are they still made the same way now?

  112. Vikki Davis says:

    I purchase the all natural for grandkids and when I give parties get together a I thought we were eating healthy what a disappointment

  113. Sharon says:


  114. RM Howell says:

    I always buy these chips but fave it no thought as to authentication

  115. Troymeka bond says:


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