Class Eligibility
Class Members of the Lennox air conditioner class action settlement include:
  • You are a U.S. resident and are the owner of residential property in the state of Florida;
  • You have installed at least one of the eligible Lennox air conditioning or heat pump system models that may or may not feature a white coil; and
  • Said eligible Lennox system contains both a serial and model number included in the range serial and model numbers determined in the settlement.
Estimated Amount
reimbursement of prior expenses associated with repairs of the white coil or replacement of the allegedly defective white condenser coil.
Proof of Purchase
You must provide documentation to prove expenses associated with the repairs
  • Personal Information
  • Air Conditioning Brand, Model Number, and Serial Number (to see a list qualifying Lennox air conditioning models and serial numbers, please click here
  • A Valid Itemized Invoice/Receipt/Cancelled Check to Support Claim for Reimbursement
Case Name
Abbott v. Lennox Industries Inc, Case No. 16-2011-CA-010656 Circuit Court of the Fourth Judicial Circuit for Duval County, Florida.
Case Summary
This settlement resolves allegations that Lenox knowingly sold units with coil defects, specifically coils made of aluminum which easily corroded resulting in failure of the unit.
Settlement Pool
Lennox White Coil Settlement P.O. Box 1961 Faribault, MN 55021-5157 1-866-317-7916

57 responses to “Lennox Air Conditioner Class Action Settlement”

  1. Josephine Reese says:

    Air ease split ton unit purchased Nov 2014
    Compressor & condenser both have been replaced
    Expansion unit has been replaced twice
    electricity bills range from $400-$800 when unity malfunctons

    • Harry says:

      We have similar situation like some of the above comments. Unit is 4 years old, detected a leak in coil. Do I still get reimbursed even if i did not file a claim before Dec 2015. I have never took any action till date but will be replacing original coil in next few days since there is a leak detected in coil. Also do I need to use one of the dealers from lennox website? Not sure why but the company that installed my original unit are not listed in the dealer list on lennox website and upon speaking to them they said they are dealers.

      • Ana says:

        Harry, some of my neighbors and myself (in NC) are having the same problem and wondering how Lennox could continue to sell units with defective coils! Replacement costs are high (part and labor) and we feel Lennox should absorb these costs!

  2. deb says:

    what about models in other states. I purchased new lennox heat pump that leaked all freon 3 months out of warranty. I now have no heat or no air cause can’t afford repairs or charge with freon.

  3. mary medlock says:

    a company came out over 2 years ago and told us that it was a recall on the coil and it was being replaced free of charge. all the expenses were paid by the company or grant and all they had to do was take the part out of the unit; in which they did and brought me a new one in the box but never came back to install it in the unit. I still have the coil in the garage but did not have the money to have it put back in. I kept calling the company and they made many promises and never got back to us. what should I do at this point. I can be reached at 352-693-3187

    Hi Mary
    Contact Lennox customer service directly. They will provide you with information specific to recalls.

  4. jim ocuto marco island fl says:

    We have two Lennox units, installed in March 2012. March 25, 2015 needed to replace evaporator coil in one of the units, I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before the other will need replacing.

    The unit repaired is model# CBX32MV-036-230-6-06
    SN# 1612A09100

    I we entitled for reimbursement for the labor portion of the repairs? the labor total is $1,414.48
    Please advise.

    ADMIN-Mr. Ocuto,
    I have removed your contact information. For inquiries such as this you need to contact the class action administrator. We are just an informational website.

  5. Johnatan Rodriguez says:

    Whine Whine Whine, I mean do you expect these units to last a life time. They run 365 days a year, they are exposed to the environment, and run under tough conditions. Gets me every time I go service a unit and its 11-15 years old and then home owner says “this is practically still new”, no its not!. Life expectancy of a unit is 10-15 years to begin with. Want to avoid costly repairs, get the EXTENDED WARRANTY which includes all parts and labor.

    • Daniel Wilhelm says:

      Hey Jonathan, what about a 3-4year old unit that is run ~90 days a year? Am I wrong for wanting the problem fixed. Also what about the thousandsof ppeople experiencing the same problem. Not complaining about the service, complaining about a defective product. What happens in the automotive industry when there’s a problem, do they just ignore the problem, or do they have a recall so they can fix the problem? Same principle. If it was one or two coils no problem, but it’s not. Put some pride in what product you’re sending out to the public

      • Daniel Wilhelm says:

        I am also in the service business but don’t put the fault on the consumer if there is a problem with a product. It’s just a shame to me how much of a disposable society we have become. The product prices have risen dramatically yet the quality of the products has declined. Doesn’t seem fair to the consumer

    • Tom Steele says:

      My house was built in 2011 with new Lennox air conditioners for all three floors. They started giving us trouble within the first two years. My parents in Central Florida have 30 year old units working in their homes. How come they survived the elements in one of the most punishing environments in the country for so long and the Lennox units haven’t made it five years?

    • William Mezzetti says:

      Mine is only 5 years old. It will not hold a charge for more than a couple months .I’m on Cape Cod so it does not run 24/7 . The company charges me every time .
      Cape Cod Gas .told me it sold the company when I called new Company won’t honor . This is a piece of sh===-0 as is the company and their reps.

      ADMIN – Hi William,

      Sounds super frustrating.

  6. Peter Palmer says:

    We had a completely new A/C system installed in 2010. A Lennox
    XP16-060-230 Heat pump/5Ton/230-1 ENH We took out the extended warranty to have 10 year coverage.
    Would this unit be included in this action?

    ADMIN – Hi Peter,

    Even if your A/C qualified we want to point out that this class action is now closed. You will no longer be able to claim.

  7. scott mccord says:

    In attempting to acquire the claim application, the class action web site address is unlisted in the mailed announcement (US Mail) to all Lennox owners, the web site (discovered through Google) is 404 (for over 1 week), and the Lennox telephone number produces an answering machine that requires you to spell your name and address for a claim form to be mailed (US mail) in “one to three weeks”)

    ADMIN – Hi Scott,

    This is because the class action settlement has expired.

  8. Dan Breitenstein says:

    We have the following units installed on 7-11-2013:

    Lennox ACX13 4 TON R-410A
    MODEL # S6280UH090V48B

    Is this included in the suit? Do we need to call our installer for a replacement coil? Thanks

    ADMIN – Hi Dan,

    You may not file for this class action settlement. Please refer to the filing deadline.

  9. Dan Breitenstein says:

    According to my Legal Notice postcard, I have until February 1, 2016, to file a claim. I just want to know if my HVAC is covered by the settlement or not.

    ADMIN – Hi Dan,

    Contact the phone number provided in your legal notice to ask. If you received a postcard it is usually evidence that your HVAC is part of a settlement.

    • Kyle Turney says:

      I have the same postcard notice with that deadline. Problem is I lost the notice. Can you post the phone number please from your card?

      • Dave G says:

        I received the post card also. Even though we live in Virginia and the original class action (now expired) was for Florida.
        The web site listed on the post card is:
        The listed phone number: 1-888-841-1363

        I have been browsing the internet about this to insure this is a valid class action. It appears to be.

        ADMIN – Hi Dave,

        This is a different class action settlement. I will post this one shortly.

        • Dixie Launius says:

          January 14, 2019
          Today is the first time I began to search the internet about this ongoing problem. My unit is about 5 years old, has had two coils replaced ( the third coil is currently in place and I was told it would probably need to be replaced also), a new motor, several Freon ‘fill ups’ and several large water leaks coming from the unit. I bought the best Lennox unit suitable for my home. This has cost this retired RN a lot of money. I am hoping there are some options for me. I spoke with the Texas Attorney General’s office today and was referred to the Thomas lawsuit. Do you think I have any options to help me out?

          ADMIN – Hi Dixie,

          You could consider reaching out to class counsel.

  10. Chip White says:

    The phone number is 888-841-1363. All you get is a recording with answers to common questions.
    This link answers some questions.
    My unit was purchased in May 2010. I only need to know if the evaporator coil needs replacing if it has never caused problems. It is obviously out of warranty.

    • Mary Ann Wakefield says:

      Not being knowledgeable about AC units and coils, I have to asked this question|: do bad coils cause condensation drips from the drainage pipes (or whatever).
      Yesterday I noticed evidence of a stain on my dining room ceiling, running down the wall to the hardwood floor. Thinking it was a leak from the bathroom upstairs, I called a plumber. After his inspection and cutting a foot square out of my ceiling he saw water seeping down from the AC. The insulation was soaking wet. The pipes were secure.
      Do I have a cause to make a claim against Lennex? I have two units.

      I just heard of the class action this week.

      ADMIN – Hi Mary,

      Once your situation is repaired ask the tech if it was a coil issue. Then check if your unit is among the serial numbers included on the settlement.

  11. Ken Barun says:

    My 3 units were installed in my home in Charlotte, NC August 2007. The home is 9000 square feet. One unit stopped working and I went out to look at it and it was completely white and the coils were crumbling. I took several pictures. So we had three Lennox people in the area come out and all three said they’ve never seen anything like it in their 10-30 years in the AC/heat business. All three!! So I replaced the one that was not working for 5 grand and the other two must be replaced soon.

    When I filled out the claim form it said we were out of the date range. How can that be if the units are in the description and definiately fit the description if not worse than what I have see? Help.

    ADMIN – Hi Ken,

    There are two different class actions for Lennox.

  12. Robert H miller says:

    i have an airease heatpump installed in dec 2013 will it be covered

    ADMIN – Hi Robert,
    You need to check your serial number against the list provided.

  13. Earnestine Johnson says:

    I have one that’s left me in the heat for the last 3 summers and now the coils are leaking. Just one thing after the other. It’s a problematic system.

  14. Mark says:

    Bought unit in 2010, by 2012 my coils needed replaced, then in 2015 my coils needed replaced. I kept good documentation however Lennox called the 2010 repair a warranty repair and refused to give me the document information needed to show two coils were installed. I’m on my third coil, monthly cost during winter is between $440-$700.

    My wife is retired and she has to work so we make ends meet. When I bought the unit I did much research and thought I was getting a good unit. However I can honestly say this unit has been nothing more than a money machine and continues to cost me money. I’m not always afraid when the HVAC company comes out to perform their maintenance. The typical cost after the HVAC company does than maintenance and finds issues is between $800-$1500. This unit is taking me to the poor house.


  15. Betty says:

    wrote to you earlier re: coil issue on lennox air cond. just checked my email didn’t realize I forgot to put state im in desert oasis in surprise az waiting on reply about serial no and model no

    ADMIN – Hi Betty,

    We cannot assist you. You have to contact the class action admin. Scroll up to locate their info.

  16. Len says:

    I submitted claims on two Lennox units, received Notice of Approved Claim on both and was told, “You will be contacted by Lennox to set up the repairs”
    That was April 14, 2015.
    There has been no contact at all and I’ve had to replace one entire unit just to cool the home. The remaining unit is on its last leg
    The toll free number has been disconnected.suggestions?

    ADMIN – Hi Len,

    Try Lennox customer service first. If that does not work reach out to class counsel.

  17. Paul P. says:

    I filed my claim in Nov 2015, and was asked for more information in March 2017. I submitted the information and I’m still waiting on the payment. The firm handling this has made these process nearly impossible to collect on. Has anyone out there been paid on their claim?

    • Frances Young says:

      Paul I have done the same thing even received notice that I am eligible I think the lawyers took the money and pocketed it! Maybe all of us need to file a additional class action suit against them to get our money they owe us. Any ideas?

  18. Paul P. says:

    Frances, it’s ridiculous. I’m not sure what to do, I know there are others out there and have not heard of one single person being paid.

  19. Judi Bohn says:

    Same with us. We filed the claim and were asked for more info earlier this year and have not received anything either.

  20. Chris says:

    We originally filed in August of 2015, they had us refile in August of 2016 and have heard nothing since. The phone number leads you to the website, the website gives you an email which just has an auto-reply. There ought to be something we can do as we are nearly two years from our original filing.

    ADMIN – Hi Chris,

    Contact class counsel.

  21. Larry distelhorst says:

    August 3 2017
    We purchased our Lenox unit 2 years ago we replaced it with another Lenox because the one we had was 23 years old and had been such a great unit with very few issues we have and always have had a service agreement so if problems come up they are taken care of immediately we just had our heat pump serviced and were told there is a leak in our evaporator coil.
    Lenox serial # 1615c15205
    Model. Cbx2744-048-230-6-04
    Lenox serial 1915d13622
    Model 144px-048-230-19
    Unit is still under warranty. But it’s going to cost $775.00. Are we able to be reimbursed for this cost please reply. We are on a limited income The unit was purchased in good faith. Thank you in advance for your kind assistance. Both my husband and are

    ADMIN – Hi Larry,

    File a claim using the links provided.

  22. Pam Mazurek says:

    I was never informed by Lennox or the company who put in our heat pump/ AC unit that they were defective. I just found out two weeks ago from a neighbor. We purchased a new one 3 years ago and in the first 6 months the unit outside was replaced again. What do we do at this point when the unit apparently has defective parts????

    ADMIN – Hi Pam,

    Which unit has defective parts? The one you replaced or your present unit?

  23. Harry says:

    We have similar situation like some of the above comments. Unit is 4 years old, detected a leak in coil. Do I still get reimbursed even if i did not file a claim before Dec 2015. I have never took any action till date but will be replacing original coil in next few days since there is a leak detected in coil. Also do I need to use one of the dealers from lennox website? Not sure why but the company that installed my original unit are not listed in the dealer list on lennox website and upon speaking to them they said they are dealers.

    ADMIN – Hi Harry,

    Go look at the option for after deadline issues.

  24. Dave D says:

    I bought a new home from the builder ‘Lennar’ in Suwanee, GA, July 2014. In just 2 years and 11 months, one of the AC compressors, a newer technology ‘scroll’ type, and somewhat sensitive to transport and physical handling, died. Compressor was under warranty, but we had to pay emergency call plus new install. Total was $870! During the time it ran, it never really cooled very well, and ran twice as long as the other unit for the same size zone space. Technician checked freon and all other parts, and they were fine. Also told me that Lennar used sub-contract labor to install the units, and not the primary contractor to save money. So, so maybe the unit was not handled with care? Also, was told that all the parts were made in China, then shipped to Mexico for assemby, then shipped to the U.S.for delivery and installation. Wow, all that movement around the world, and what are the odds is was damaged or just poor quality? Also, others in my neighborhood are having problems, so it’s not just me! I also spoke to the Primary vendor, who is certified HVAC, they contacted Lennox after sending them the unit early July, and have not heard back if it was defective or not. Plus, vendor told me that it’s very rare that they ever hear back from Lennox. Looking at all the other complaints and class action lawsuits to get re-imbursed, is there anything in Georgia to get re-imbursed? Thank you for this site plus your assistance.

    ADMIN – Hi Dave,

    Nothing in Georgia at the moment but if you feel there are many people affected by the issue you experienced I encourage you to contact a class action attorney.

  25. Gene says:

    We have same problem with Trane Air Condition Company with the aluminum cuils

  26. James D McFarland says:

    My Lennox A/C unit was not filled with Freon from the factory. The unit is about two years old and the unit failed.
    I have spent about $962.00 to have the unit working. The last time was because of a defective equalizer tube. The serviceman spent four hours repairing the a/c system and cost me $773.00 to repair. The first time the repairman had to fill the unit with refrigerant and cost me $189.00. I really do not know what will happen if I have
    to have the unit serviced again. I would like to enroll in a class action lawsuit against Lennox for the way this system has failed and cost me a ton of money to repair. Please let me know the law firms name and how I can get in touch with them. I cannot find the forms for a class action lawsuit against Lennox online. Help
    James Mc Temple, Texas

    ADMIN – Hi James,

    I cannot help you with the forms as the deadline for this settlement has passed. As for finding a proper lawyer just Google class action attorneys for your area.

  27. mary in atlanta says:

    lennox model cbx32mv-036 leak in the copper line under a factory installed coating so clearly a manufacturer issue. resulted in failure of entire fan motor and significant rust in compartment. unit 4 years old. what now?

    ADMIN – Hi Mary,

    You are no longer able to file. The deadline has passed.

  28. Rodney Houston says:

    The sad thing is there are still hundreds of people having issues because Lennox continued selling the units knowing they would fail. The deadline for the settlement closed long before most of the other units would start having isssues. A person doesn’t really know about this settlement until you start having issues of your own and do a little digging on the internet. Only to find out you have a piece of crap of a unit and you just missed the deadline. I don’t know why anyone would buy a Lennox product. I know I will never have anything that has Lennox’s name on it again!!!!

  29. Brian G says:

    Have a 5 month old Lennox Heat Pump that just sprung a leak where a capillary tube goes into the reversing valve. Why is that not covered ???

    ADMIN – Hi Brian,

    For an issue to become a class action you have to prove that many people suffered the exact problem and the problem is the result of a defect that could have been avoided.

  30. Paul P. says:

    Last update. I’ve been through it all, contacting them numerous times, always needing more information etc. The last few discussions I was told I had to have had the coil replaced two times and if I did I was eligible for 75 bucks or an extended warranty. An absolute joke. First, why would I need to replace it two times, second one is enough when the part is defective, third wtf is $75 bucks gonna do or an extended warranty? Almost 2 years, and I won’t get anything and to date I have not heard of one person getting a refund. A total scam.

    ADMIN – Hi Paul,

    Thank you for sharing your experience with us. Sounds totally frustrating.

  31. Pete says:

    Looks like you guys are getting the run around to. I went through Thomas v. Lennox Industries Inc. its been crazy submitted the claim form then about 6 months later submitted benefits form (10/26/15) still nothing. It’s a joke, have two units had to replace the coil 3 times in the down stairs unit finally replace it the whole system. Had the coil replaced last Christmas on the upstairs unit for the 3rd time. I believe Paul is right (scam)the only ones getting paid in these law suits are the lawyers.

    ADMIN – Hi Pete,

    Don’t assume the worst. Give class counsel a call and explain your situation,

  32. ORG says:

    Lennox doesn’t intend to reimburse most customers for this settlement. They are appealing. They feel they have not erred (though other HVAC manufacturers and repairers have since abandoned those faulty coils). Hence why your status is “pending” and will probably forever remain “pending”. I’m a wronged customer as well (and a practicing attorney who dug a little deeper). This speaks volumes on the type of company Lennox is. Most companies rise above by providing timely settlement and great customer service.

    ADMIN – Hi Org,

    Thank you for taking the time to share your perspective on this matter.

  33. M Manning says:

    Was just on hold with Lennox Consumer Affairs – 972.497.5799 for 31.44 minutes, only to have parrotted to me the 888.841.1363 and, which email tells you you will not receive a reply. He had absolutely no additional information.

    ADMIN – Hi Mr. Manning,

    Have you tried reaching out to class counsel?

  34. Tom Donovan says:

    I bought a new house from Lennar back in November 2014. Less than a year (late 2015) later the coil needed to be replaced. I sent in the required form to Lennox and was never reimbursed. Last year again I had to replace the coil. Each time I ask Lennox through their distributor to use a different coil ( coated) but they refused. Today I have to replace it again and have decided to replace the entire unit with a different brand, as I can’t keep replacing it each year with no compensation. I plan to file suit in Florida with small claims for the total reimbursement and ask anyone with a similar problem if they were successful. In closing I sent a certified mail to Lennox opting out of the class action suit. Thanks for any information.

    ADMIN – Hi Tom,

    If you opted out in a timely manner you can proceed on your own.

  35. B Johnson says:

    Purchased new LENNOX A/C in July 2015…felt like it wasn’t cooling near end of last summer (2017) so called my hvac guy now that 2018 summer heat is here. He informed me the evaporator coil needs to be replaced (plus needed to add $300+ of freon just to cool till the evaporator cool arrives & gets installed … then it will need MORE freon to replace what leaks in the next few weeks). I found info online about Class Action Suit (Thomas v Lennox). At first seemed like I could recoup SOME of my labor cost but after more research it seems the suit has expired (but it is hard to get a definitive answer). We always had Lennox in previous homes and they seemed reliable but now so many people are having the same problem that I just tonight told a neighbor who is having A/C problems to NOT purchase a Lennox!!! I am faced with spending $1000 this summer on a Lennox a/c that is less than 3 years old. If anyone knows of a solution, please advise!! Thank you!!

    ADMIN – Hi Mr. Johnson,

    Try contacting their customer service department.

  36. Robert Johnson says:

    Hello, today’s date 7/4/2018
    I have a Lennox system new construction closed 10/1/2015.
    My neighbor closed 9/2016 and their evaporator coil ruptured this past weekend filling the house with refrigerant.
    I would think our contractor should have been aware of the Lennox issues at this time and discontinued instillation of their brand,they do entire neighborhoods/subdivisions not a house here or there. What’s your thought on this?
    I’m sure if our neighbor had a bad coil (unit installed in 2016) I do as well (unit installed 2015) and it’s just a matter of time. Have the replacement coils had the issues resolved?
    Replacing with an improved coil is one thing, but to replace with a new still “inferior” coil makes no sense. I have been unable to receive a simple yes/no answer to this question.
    Hoping you can help.
    If it has not been resolved I’m better off replacing the entire unit and be done with Lennox.
    So far I’ve had no issues and hope I have one of if not the only one that’s good!
    Robert Johnson

    ADMIN – Hi Robert,

    Lennox would be best qualified to tell you if there were changes or enhancements to the design of the coil after the settlement.

  37. Thomas Rodgers says:

    So does there need to be a new class action lawsuit? I never received any class settlement paperwork. Unit is an Elite model purchased in 2014 and I’m on my third coil in less than 4 years. Installer wants to bend me over the barrel for $775.00 for labor. Are the new “coated coils” better, or will I have the same problem two years from now?

    ADMIN – Hi Thomas,

    Your best bet would be to contact class counsel.

  38. Jerry Bowser says:

    Hello, could you please help me. I need to know where to file for the class action suit against Lennox. I live in a New community in Trinity, Fl. for 2 years now, and had to replace the coil in one unit already, and seems like I am going to have to do a 2nd coil now. This unit is only 2 years and a couple of months old. This is just not right.

    ADMIN – Hi Jerry,

    Maybe a local lemon law attorney

  39. Bonnie Mobley says:

    We are having the same problem with our two and a half yr. old ac. Purchased April 2016. I am questioning why the business we purchased the unit from would install a defective coil. Is this just a money making deal for the installers?

    ADMIN – Hi Bonnie,

    I don’t know.

  40. De says:

    For everyone on here who purchased a home after the lawsuit closed you are not alone. Many neighbors have had to spend $700-$1500 each to replace their defective coils in my neighborhood. Watermark by Meritage Homes (who used Armstrong Heating & Air to purchase the Lennox systems from). The coils are going bad within weeks of hitting the two year mark. Think another class action lawsuit needs to happen NOW.

  41. Vernon Gordon says:

    I just received an email from an administrator of the suit. It’s so confusingly written. But I think it says I can only be reimbursed if the replacement goes bad. I’ve spent $970 to diagnose the leak and replace the original defective coil.
    The replacement coil was supplied but I paid for labor to install

    • Chelle Warren says:

      Where did you get someone to email? I submitted the claim but it says it closed 2015. No one has responded in 3 weeks.

  42. Chelle says:

    Hello! I too have 2 units whose coils are leaking and I have had to charge them twice. Installed 6/2012

    ADMIN – Hi Chelle,

    You no longer have recourse under this settlement.

  43. Susan a jones says:

    I am highly upset. I installed Lennox AC complete inside and out 2 yrs old and cool in air handler needs replacing something should be done consumers getting ripped off and nothing being done totally disgusted with Lennox and will never buy again or recommend.

  44. Greg H says:

    We purchased a new Pulte home, closing in Feb 2016. Beginning in April 2019 the Freon started leaking.
    Another maintenance call in November 2019 revealed more leaking. I researched the issue and found the lawsuit. Warranty will pay for the coil but labor is $845 +. I called Lennox and they claimed the fumes from the new home are causing the failure to copper tubing but they are researching the problem. Bottom line is this is the same reason why the class action was initiated and Lennox is still knowingly selling defective units. This class action should be brought again.

  45. Laura Fluegel says:

    Hello! I also have a Lennox Elite AC Unit that has been nothing but problems since installation (2010). I have already replaced 3 evaporator coils (2013, 2015 and 2017) as well as the condensate pump. I now am having the same issue (2019) and I believe the evaporator coil is leaking again. Contacted Lennox Consumer Affairs and was advised the coil that was replaced in 2017 is under warranty for 5 years but I will be responsible for the labor costs. I cannot afford to replace evaporator coils every 2 years. This is definitely deceptive business practices by Lennox. Another way Corporate America rips off the little person. Shame on Lennox and the legal system for allowing Lennox to continue business as usual even after class action law suit.