Class Eligibility
You are a member of the class if you purchased a Lenovo Ideapad model U310 computer or Lenovo Ideapad model U410 computer The device(s) must have been purchased in the United States up until the date of the entry of the Order of Final Approval
Estimated Amount
If you have not returned your device for repair you may return it for repair. The guarantee for devices repaired will be extended for an additional year. Alternatively Class Members who submit a valid Claim Form and do not elect to have the Wi-Fi capability of their Ideapad repaired by Lenovo may select one of the following benefits:
  • A cash refund in the amount of $100 paid by Lenovo; or
  • A $250 credit certificate toward the purchase of any product listed for sale on The $250 credit certificate is transferable within the claimant’s immediate family and will expire no less than two years after it is issued.
Class Members who previously incurred out-of-pocket expenses associated with the repair of their Ideabook for a persistent Wi-Fi connectivity problem will be reimbursed for 100% of the amount they paid. To receive this benefit, claimants must submit documentation.
Proof of Purchase
Must Provide Proof Class members must provide model number, serial number, evidence of purchase and/or information or documentation to prove out-of-pocket expenses if requesting a reimbursement.
Case Name
Kacsuta, et al. v. Lenovo (United States) Inc.,, Case No. 8:13-cv-00316 District Court for the Central District of California, Southern Division
Case Summary
This lawsuit and settlement resolves allegations that the manufacturer knowingly sold defective Ideapad and “U Series” computers marketed as “ideal for any and all mobile needs.” The units had design defects that affected internet and wi-fi capabilities and reception speeds.
Settlement Pool
Settlement Website
Lenovo Laptop Wi-Fi Settlement c/o Berdon Claims Administration LLC P.O. Box 9014 Jericho, NY 11753-8914 1-800-605-2008

33 responses to “Lenovo Class Action Settlement”

  1. shawn says:

    some reason this claim form is not working

    • Jeremy Fredricks says:

      We bought a Y 500 and have had nothing but problems . First the motherboard died, then there was so much bloatware that the operating system would not work properly. Microsoft got involved because Lenovo was absolutely no help. Microsoft said they would wipe the hard drive and install a clean copy of Windows. 8.1all at no cost to me. Then we had the screen go out and we took the computer to the Microsoft store which sent it out to be repaired and the techs said it was a defective screen. Lenovo again did nothing for us. We were told when we originally bought the Y500 from the Lenovo the sales guy promised us a 3 year extended warranty for free but he never added it to our order. I guess he figured we would never know if we never needed the warranty, but we needed it 6 months after we purchased it. Lenovo continued to give us the run around and play the put us on hold then hang up on us game. We would like to file a class action lawsuit and want others to join in to get a refund for the cost of the computer. They can have this lousy computer back.

  2. Ronald L says:

    Wow, so there really was an issue.

    I purchased the U410 in September more than a year ago. Ended up returning it for a refund because of the Wi-Fi issue.. (Go Costco!)

  3. frank hartman says:

    website will not acept information on claim

  4. Cynthia w. says:

    Claim form will not accept for submission.

    Contact the class action administrator and inform them of your issues submitting. They will be able to help you out.

  5. Steve says:

    I purchased one I have the model, serial number, and copy of both n the actual machine as well as the date purchased. I no longer have a receipt on me personally. Am I eligible?

    Hi Steve,
    I believe the serial number will be sufficient to prove ownership.

    • Diane Daniels says:

      I received a ultrabook for xmas 2013, but i no longer have it because of that wi-fi issue. No one believed me when i kept saying that there was sometthing wrong with the wi fi . It worked fine if i connected a wifi adapter that i had to purchase separately. If i removed the adapter it would no longer work. I think i have the serial no. But i no longer have the physical product, it was too much of a hassle when trying to do scool work..
      Will i still be able to get my reimbusment?

  6. Yael says:

    I understand one of the options is to get the wi-fi problem fixed.

    1. What is the process for getting the problem fixed? If it requires driving to a location and handing over my computer for 2 weeks, I might go for the reimbursement, but I would really prefer to have this issue fixed.

    2. What is the fix exactly? Is there a physical component that needs to be replaced?

    Please submit your questions regarding this class action settlement to the administrator of the settlement using the information provided above.

  7. Destiny goss says:


  8. Michelle dodd says:

    I purchase two and it stopped working a couple of days of having it

  9. Sharon Grace says:

    for some reason i picked up wi-fi, but when i go to my bedroom it wouldnt pick up. i have a one bedroom house and there is no reason that i shouldnt be getting wifi

  10. david santini says:

    I no longer have the unit, so I do have the serial number, but I still have the receipt confirming I bought it. Can I still file a claim?

    Hi David,
    Please contact the class action administrator directly with your question.

  11. michael head says:

    I purchased 3 of which they all had a wifi issue im not happy

  12. mackolia basham says:

    I purchased 2 which I was not happy

  13. Blayne Overman says:

    We have a U510 that has the same problems. This should have been included in this model. Why can’t this be fixed???

    We encourage you to contact class counsel if you are interested in starting a class action for your particular model.

  14. Ryan Schlosser says:

    It is ridiculous that the U510 is not included in this settlement. I have had countless WiFi issues with this laptop and it is a well-known and documented hardware issue among PC forums.

    The 510 should be included for settlement for the countless people experiencing issues identical to those with 310s and 410s.

    ADMIN- Hi Ryan,
    If you believe there is a problem with a particular model I encourage you to contact class counsel. Perhaps they can go after Lenovo with another class action specific to the model you have.

  15. Tue Tran says:

    I submitted my claim form in October 2014 and I still have not heard anything from Lenovo. My case number is JVC3YUY3YRFP. Please help!


  16. Brandon Williams says:

    U510 lousy Wifi woefully insuffecient

  17. Kim Collins says:

    I received mine as a gift and it didn’t work.

  18. Darren Yeung says:

    I filed a claim a while back now, around May or so, and got a claims number but still haven’t heard from the Claims Department. When will we get an update?

    ADMIN – Hi Darren

    Please check directly with the class action administrator.

  19. loretta mccrary says:

    I bought it I was very unhappy

  20. John says:

    So I just found out about this. I cant believe I was not notified. Now I am stuck with this crap because it is pass the date. Is there anything I can do since I was not notified. Bought at Cosco in 2012.

    ADMIN – Hi John,

    I don’t think there is anything you can do now.

  21. Nate says:

    Dear Admin,
    How do we go about contacting the class action counsel to recieve our settlement? I submitted the form months ago with no word back since and would like to contact someone about it. Thanks

    ADMIN – Hi Nate,

    This was handled by this firm among others

  22. Lois Williams says:

    I cannot find anything about the hearing in December. My claim number is125472

    ADMIN – Hi Lois,

    I don’t have additional info. Consider reaching out to the class action administrator.

  23. suresh says:

    HI Team,

    I submitted 2 year ago and didnt got any thing for this, who can help and whom to contact.

    Who is class action adminstrator.

    Suresh M

    ADMIN – Hi Suresh,

    This settlement was paid out many months ago and you no longer have escalation recourse.

    • Lou says:

      I, also, submitted the proper claim and never received the settlement. I called the administrator several times only to learn the settlement wasn’t finalized. Now, I am reading we don’t have “escalation recourse”. Has the class action administrator acted in good faith? If there are many more of us who have not received our share of the apparent finalized settlement, maybe a class action suit against the administrator should be our recourse.

      ADMIN – Hi Lou,

      You could always try that avenue.

  24. Janer G. says:

    I believe I have submitted the form on time. And then forgot about it.
    I have received the settlement finally first week of June 2018 after almost 4-5 years later. It was very lucky for me that I moved to a totally different city. It arrived in the last week of the mail-forwarding that I had set. I received my check of $100.

  25. James says:

    I finally received my check for $100 after waiting for almost 4 years. I really didn’t think it would happen. If you have changed addresses since then, they likely sent it to your old address. Mine went to my ex-wife’s house, as she happens to still live in that same home as when I filed my claim.

  26. Dave O'Grady says:

    I have received nothing. I have since changed my address, so have emailed the earlier contact my new address. Hopefully this will get through.

  27. Satish says:

    Can this $250 voucher be combined with lenovo coupon?

    ADMIN – Hi Satish,

    I don’t know. Contact the class action administrator.

  28. charles g ambrose says:

    I purchased a lenovo ideapad 310-151kb model name80tv s/n pfokz80j mtm80tv00wkus mfg date 16/10 12 about two years ago I have never been able to use the laptop as the wifi card is so slow. I would like to know if my lap top is part of this Lenovo Class Action Settlement”.

    ADMIN – Hi Charles,

    The deadline has passed and you may no longer file.

  29. terry white says:

    Lenovo should get hit by another lawsuit for lack of update to current, my mom got me yoga tab 3 pro and i notice the games and apps i had on my broke tablet are not running right or crash i check the OS and it is Android version 6.0.1 Marshmallow… that like 2016,current android tech are at Android 8.0 Oreo, I c heck forum and they have not been making update for there product and allot people are complaining on there forum, plus my mom call tech support and the lady she talk to told her only way they solve problem with the tablet is a system recovery that wipe all data, I told my mom that not solving the problem the OS and software are old and lenovo isn’t doing anything about it. Lenovo is a American tech company and we try to support it but now i getting a ipad Pro but wish the law do something about this because there cheating allot people out money.

  30. ChrisHatesEverybody says:

    Just received an email containing what is said to be and looks like a standard payroll check but being that it’s been so many years since I have even thought about this settlement and mostly the fact that I’ve never heard of or seen a valid check sent through email, this worries me. I will dig a little deeper on the subject before clicking the link.