Class Eligibility

You are a member of the class if at any time from 2009 through 2012 you used Liberty Tax for tax preparation and elected to receive a financial product such as a loan or electronic refund check from Republic bank facilitated by Liberty Tax, and you filed in an office located in one of the following states: California, North Carolina, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Maryland, Illinois, Arkansas, Florida and New York.

Estimated Amount


May be adjusted up or down based on the number of valid claims submitted

Proof of Purchase

Last four of social

Case Name

Liberty Refund Anticipation Loan Litigation,
Case No. 1:12-cv-02949
District Court for the Northern District of Illinois

Case Summary

According to the documents supporting this lawsuit the plaintiffs allege that JTH Tax Inc. doing business as Liberty Tax Service and Liberty Tax Inc violated state and federal laws in connection with the financial products provided by the Republic Bank and facilitated by Liberty Tax during the period in question. Liberty Tax failed to properly disclose the fee for the Financial Products or finance charges associated to the services.

Settlement Pool





In Re: Liberty Refund Anticipation Loan Litigation
c/o Heffler Claims
P.O. Box 750
Philadelphia, PA 19105-0750
(844) 271-4786

246 responses to “Liberty Tax Refund Class Action Settlement”

  1. James Hemric says:

    Please send me a form so I can fill it out & return it Quickly Thanks Mr J Hemric

    ADMIN – Hi James,

    We can’t send you a form. You need to use the links and tools provided by the class action administrator by clicking on the orange links above.

    • Evelyn Brown says:

      Hi, I recieved the post card and I am interested in participating in the law suite. Please keep me posted.
      Thank you, Ms. Brown

      ADMIN – Hi Evelyn,

      Please follow the claim link and complete a claim using the claim number provided on your postcard.

    • i been beat bad by them like they were my parents! says:

      How can i recieve a post card with id member
      I’ve veen dealing with them since 2009.
      To long to now notice i have been rail road

      ADMIN – Hi,

      You don’t need a postcard. You can follow the path to file without a claim number.

    • monica mercado says:

      Hi, i received the little post card and want to recieve the form for my claim ,me email is (email removed) been trying to get in contact with them for a while now.

      ADMIN – Hi Monica,

      We are not the admin. Use the information provided on your card to contact the admin or file your claim online.

    • Doris Rutherford says:

      I can’t get on the link it keep saying error and that its down, I also got a post card , so what do I do now

      ADMIN – Hi Doris,

      Give it a try tomorrow. If it does not work tomorrow contact the class action administrator.

      • Bruce Dixon says:

        i filled out the information that you asked for i have not received any reply from you guys

        ADMIN – Hi Bruce,

        It has been a long time since this settlement was paid. You no longer have legal recourse.

        • Autumn Hughes says:

          What does that mean if you filled out the claim but never heard anything?? Who got the settlement that we made the claim for???

          ADMIN – Hi Autumn,

          Many possibilities. Your claim was not valid or your claim was valid they sent you a check and it got lost in the mail. Depending on the terms of the settlement any monies left after everyone has been paid or a certain period has passed the funds will go to the state treasurer under unclaimed funds, they can be donated to a pre-designated charity or the class action administrator may decide to have a secondary distribution.

          • Jamillah Hill says:

            I’m sorry to say that I have moved from my last address and never received any other correspondence from anyone.

            ADMIN – Hi Jamillah,

            This was distributed many years ago. You no longer have recourse.

    • felice mallette says:

      I am interested in participating in the settlement against liberty tax please send me any forms that need to signed that you

      ADMIN – Hi Felice,

      If you are a class member you have no need to receive or request forms to be mailed. You can simply file online using the link we provided.

      • Quillann palmer says:

        Hi i filled out the calm form and I just wanted too know when will the checks be mail out to us ??? Thank you

        ADMIN – HI Quillann,

        Please review our responses to other comments.

        • Christina says:

          There is no response on when there mailing the checks do u know when?

          ADMIN – Hi Christina,

          I have no idea but when I hear something I will post an update on our Facebook page.

          • Qui Boyd says:

            How long doze it take to mail checks? Here it is going on April and this b going on since Nov of last year. Wat is the hold up?????

            ADMIN – Hi Qui,

            Give it another six months before you check with the admin.

          • desiree kealey says:

            i sent my post card before the deadline. i still never recieved my claim.

    • Maria SerioSanchez says:

      I just received my mail and I missed the deadline is there anything I can do to be involved in this settlement?

      ADMIN – Hi Maria,

      No, once the deadline has passed you don’t have recourse.

    • Nicholas Jackson says:

      Never got the amount that was supposed to b paid for state n none for federal on taxes filed for2012

    • Joshua Phillips says:

      I was wondering how long it’s gone before we get paid

      ADMIN – Hi Joshua,

      Based on the info we have received from other users who have contacted the admin you are likely to get paid in the next few months.

    • Nickole Armstrong says:

      I was sent a post card and it said no action was needed that I would receive my payment when this is settled

  2. Beth hardesty says:

    I used liberty tax plenty please contact me

    ADMIN – Hi Beth,

    We can’t contact you. It is up to you to file the claim using the form provided via the orange link.

    • Joane says:

      Went to liberty tax did my tax 02152016, and some missed my tax a lot of error.and i ask them how much will charged keep ignoring me,then they will not telling you the fee amount until is done.liar for simple return filling widower they charge me $460.00.. And lie everything

  3. Theodore White says:

    I got a post card about this class action

  4. Woodroe Smith says:

    class action settlement with Liberty Tax, was sent a post card

  5. Carlton Smith says:

    could you send claim form to (number edited) laconia ave bronx new york as soon as possilbe

    ADMIN – Hi Carlton,

    We cannot send you a form but you can fill one out online using the links provided.

  6. beverly payne says:

    I got a posy card about a class action settlement with libertytax

  7. Andres Garcia says:

    i receive a post card about a classaction settlement with liberty tax, we used liberty tax in 2012…

  8. Paulettemorgan says:

    Please call me at (phone # removed)

    ADMIN – Hi Paulette,

    We are not the administrator and we can’t contact anyone in regards to this matter.

  9. Ivori Golden says:

    Hi I received a postcard however I misplaced it can another one be sent to me

    ADMIN – Hi Ivori,

    There is no need for a secondary card. You may file without it using their online claim form.

  10. iesha saulter says:

    Got the post card and went online to file claim. Very quick and easy less than three minutes. Got claim number about thirty seconds later. Just click on the orange link that says liberty tax claim form.

  11. Brenda says:

    How much is each person who does a claim will we get is the fee for each form used to do your taxes or what is it . I did a claim on line will be kept up to date with what is going to happen next

  12. pamela salters says:

    I need to know if I’m one that’s. Get money

    ADMIN – Hi Pamela,

    We can’t help you with that. You must contact the class action admin.

  13. christine says:

    Liberty tax beat me bad i knew something was fishy and they charged me $350.00 and the last time i use them i owed i.r.s they mess up my taxes i wouldn’t refer anyone to them

  14. christine says:

    I hope we get paid for pain and suffing when do we get our money i hope not next year

    • christine says:

      When do we get our money

      ADMIN – Hi Christine,

      It can sometimes take years to get your money. That is the way class action settlements work.

      • christine says:

        Wow that bs why should we the people of united states get our money in a few years it was not a problem when they stole hard working people money thank you Government for supporting cooperation or whatever should be punish basically if your high up its ok to steal if your low your going to jail thanks America

  15. Tracy Scroggins says:

    How do I claim my settlement?

    ADMIN – Hi Tracy,

    Follow the instructions provided when you click on the orange link provided.

  16. sonia says:

    How do i claim my sttlement………………………………………………….

    ADMIN – Hi Sonia,

    By following the instructions on the claim form.

  17. christine says:

    Known in days in these time big higher up are thieves lower class and middle class watch youre hard working money because it seems we don’t matter years for us to get our money because they theives. liberty ridiculous

  18. christine says:

    And i say claim what why are youre sending out post card for claiming our money if it takes years to get some people might not live to see it really

  19. Shelby says:

    wow, Years?! We should all submit a claim anyway, Years seem so long but if we all file a claim and the courts rule in our favor we can make an example of this situation. Our government operates by rules and regulations, complaining will not speed up this process. And by the way a lot of us were not even entitled to anything.

  20. Ingrid says:

    Hi ADMIN….
    I would like to know do you have any idea how much people will be getting back?
    Is it $30to$100 depending on how many years they filed with liberty tax?
    Or do people get more then that?
    I was just wondering because I read something that stated that…

    ADMIN – Hi Ingrid,

    Settlements are not written in stone as many are pro-rata and others depends on how you qualified for it. File if you qualify but always expect the minimum and be surprised if you get more.

  21. Maria says:

    is sad that the middle class people like us have to pay a big company and they take advantage

  22. Frances Holstein says:

    I filed mine on line and got a number to keep for my records ..I just want to know that you have received my claim..

  23. Marvette Scott says:

    I’m glad you all were able, to stop the exploitation of companies , preying upon valued customers.

  24. J.Murray says:

    I have fill form out and sent it back.When will I heard a response back.

    ADMIN – Hi J,

    You will receive a response or a check when the settlement is finalized.

  25. Maria says:

    I will like to know when i going to receive my check . I oready did my claim form

    ADMIN – Hi Maria,

    Please be patient. Receiving your check may be a matter of years. That is the way these settlements work.

  26. Tish says:

    How can we check status on claim

    ADMIN – Hi Tish,

    By contacting the class action administrator

  27. Kendall joshua says:

    Hi I have received a post card in the mail about the law suit settlement and I filled out the claim form online I just want to be informed about what’s going to happen thank you.

  28. Kendall joshua says:

    I want to know will I be receiving a check how long will it take

  29. Shannon D says:

    At the top of the comment section or on the home page someone should make a statement that this site is to inform people of lawsuits and class action claims that they may be included in and that it clearly isn’t here to file the claim forms for you. People, it would be a heck of a job for them to file individually for every person,when they don’t know your information..and for free? If I owned this site I’d start suing people who don’t pay attention for being aggravating. That is all..

  30. Denise says:

    I have been with them for a few years and they acted as if they really cared

  31. jesssica gomez says:

    I send the claim form now what happened now

    ADMIN – Hi Jessica,

    Now you wait.

    • Samantha says:

      How did you get the form ? Is it better to go to the library, my phone is not pulling it up

      ADMIN – Hi Samantha,

      The website was down today.

  32. Nakia Elquhir says:

    I filed taxes for each of those years with Liberty Tax. I’ll get settlement for each year?

    ADMIN – Hi Nakia,

    No, it appears you will receive a single settlement. You may contact the admin for more details.

  33. Leslie Redding says:

    Please contact me I want and already sent a claim form in so please contact me soon.!!!

    ADMIN – Hi Leslie,

    We are not the class action administrators therefore we are unable to contact you regarding this matter.

    • Leslie Redding says:

      I know that your office can’t call but, there someone all in all can give me some kind of satisfaction on what I might get in my Settlement and how much.!!!

      ADMIN – Hi Leslie,

      Per the disclosure provided by the settlement you should not expect to receive more than $30

    • Leslie Redding says:

      How do I go about sending in a claim form?

      ADMIN – Hi Leslie,

      Click on the link that reads claim form and follow the directions carefully.

      • Leslie Redding says:

        The class action lawsuit had it’s hearing on the 3rd, so I would like to know where is my check, or please tell me how long I will have to wait for it.!!!

        ADMIN – Hi Leslie,

        On some class actions class members have waited up to a year before getting anything.

        • Leslie Redding says:

          What is going on now, I would like to know was there an appeal to the court how much longer now.? I would like to have my 30.00 soon at least this year.

          ADMIN – Hi Leslie,

          We are not the class action administrators thus unable to give you detailed updates. Please contact the class action admins.

          • Leslie Redding says:

            Well I want to have the number.!!!

            ADMIN – Hi Leslie,

            If you scroll to the top of the page you will see a section under the sub-heading “contact”. Below it we have included the contact information for the class action administrator. It reads as follows:

            In Re: Liberty Refund Anticipation Loan Litigation
            c/o Heffler Claims
            P.O. Box 750
            Philadelphia, PA 19105-0750
            (844) 271-4786

          • Leslie Redding says:

            Nobody answer’s the phone, that is a recorded message, I want to talk to a real live human being about my 30.00 if that is all I am entitled to. So is there live people or NO.???

            ADMIN – Hi Leslie,

            If you feel the class action admin is not taking care of you it is possible to escalate to class counsel.

  34. Maria says:

    Hi how many years I have to wait for the check

    ADMIN – Hi Maria,

    We don’t know. Contact the class action admin to submit your question.

  35. Jeanetta. Cartet says:

    Have tooling a lot of money from me and I wonder way

  36. Marie kartman says:

    I received the post card and I filled out the form to be apart of the settlement but I cannot get ahold of anybody to talk to. Not only did they charge me $174 to do my taxes he also took both my checks as well so it ended up costing me $389 just to do my taxes, just one w2. I didn’t owe or anything. Who do I talk too to get that back?

    ADMIN – Hi Marie,

    Consider contacting class counsel. Their phone number is (501) 312-8500

    • Dawn Williams says:

      See post above..they charged me alot more in Fontana ca. I’m 2010 and another time….like over 4/500 bucks.

    • Althea Brooks says:

      I sent in everything and never received anything. Now what do I need to do?

      ADMIN – Hi Althea,

      I think this settlement has been paid and closed already. You are no longer able to escalate. In the future please check frequently in order to escalate before the settlement shuts down.

  37. Charron R. says:

    I have been filing my taxes with this company for over 5 years,09,10,11,12,13,14 and the upfront $50 dollars ,dont foget about that ,it really comes out of your refund,bet you didnt know that,anyways i thought this was the best place in the world,until i filed my taxes for 2011 they messed me up real bad, but i cotinued to file with them not knowing they were still getting overi got my postcard last month ,i want my money i dont give a dam how long it takes to get my check , they say it will take years, well the way time is flying, it’ll be real soon

  38. karseemia h king says:

    Please send me the forms..I have filedvwith them two years in a row…thank u

    ADMIN – Hi Karseemia,

    Carefully read the instructions. We don’t send forms you must file using the online tools provided.

  39. Collis Brazil says:

    Send me the forms. So I can get my money

    ADMIN – Hi Collis,

    We do not send forms. Follow the instructions provided.

  40. Kay Martin says:

    I receive a post card in the mail and i would like for you to send me the forms

    ADMIN – Hi Kay,

    We don’t send form. Please refer to the claim form link and carefully read the instructions.

  41. martin says:

    Hi i did send the email put is been mont 1/2 and never get my confirmation claim num. Back what to do on this case thanks

    ADMIN – Hi Martin,

    You contact the class action administrator and ask them if they have a claim number for you.

  42. Anita boykin says:

    They railroaded me not once but three times

  43. Thayshika torres says:

    Hi just want to know how do I know about my money .,

    ADMIN – Hi Thayshika,

    We encourage you to contact the class action administrator if you have additional questions.

  44. rashine johnson says:

    I filled out all the paperwork did everything I needed to do that my confirmation number when i’ma get my money

    ADMIN – Hi Rashine,

    On certain settlements it has taken years.

  45. penny speight says:

    I am trying to do my claim form because I have a post card for to do my claim in order to be able to be in court

  46. Diane steele says:

    Sttlement class member

  47. Diane steele says:

    I want to no about the settlement

  48. Tia Dobson says:

    I received the post card in the mail but where is the claim form to fill out.

    ADMIN – Hi Tia,

    The claim form can be accessed by clicking on the orange link that reads claim form.

  49. deatrice says:

    I want too know how long it take too get the money I file my clam

    ADMIN – Hi Deatrice,

    For specific timelines contact the class action administrator. Otherwise just wait patiently. The amount you will receive is very little thus unlikely to greatly impact your budget.

    • deatrice says:

      How I get in touch with them

      ADMIN – Hi Deatrice,

      You contact the class action administrator using the information we provided above under Contact.

  50. deatrice says:

    This is so wrong taking hard working people money and they say it may take a few years so sad

  51. maria says:

    Ive been doing my taxes with liberty for years and they always charged me over 300 dollars everytime smh…..

  52. karen phelps says:

    How will will be contacted for this claim when it’s all said and done?

    ADMIN – Hi Karen,

    If you are a class member and you have filed your claim you will know it is “all said and done” when you receive a check in the mail.

  53. sonia says:

    30 dollars or 30 thousand dollars?

    ADMIN – Hi Sonia,

    $30.00 if that much.

  54. hi my name is latasha and I just wanna make sure a claim is in for me says:

    How will I be contact from when the time cones

    ADMIN – Hi Latasha,

    Once you have filed a claim the next time you hear from the admin is after the deadline.

  55. Nicole dorsey says:

    Is there a number I can call an speak to someone directly too see how much an when I will receive it

    ADMIN – Hi Nicole,

    Per the posting the phone number to contact the admin is (844) 271-4786.

  56. Doretha davis says:

    when will I be hearing about the liberty tax settlement.

    ADMIN – Hi Doretha,

    You normally hear about a settlement after the deadline. Since this case has a January deadline don’t expect updates until February or later.

  57. Aaronetta says:

    Please contact me as soon as possible I resent in a form today with my current address would like to be included in the settlement

    ADMIN – Hi Aaronetta,

    We can’t contact you. If you need additional help you need to contact the class action admin.

  58. michael griffin says:

    So we want be getting the money til next year

    ADMIN – Hi Michael,

    Like we have said multiple times. Class actions take a long time to be paid. Be patient.

  59. LUNDY. J. DUKES says:

    I was a victim of this illegal practice at the TAMPA FLORIDA’S LOCATION. “I HAD A GUT FEELING” that they were committing a FRAUD in the way of them giving the $50.00. up front. I filed in
    2012 . gmail address ; [email removed]
    Please keep. Me informed via. My
    gmail. address

    ADMIN – Hi Lundy,

    We are not able to keep you informed. File your claim and wait until the case is resolved.

  60. laverne anderson says:

    yes i use liberty tax about 4 times and i always thought i was being cheated.

  61. Jose Chavez says:

    Is it $30 per year or just $30

    ADMIN – Hi Jose,

    Most likely just $30 if that much.

  62. Kelly O'Connor says:

    I used Liberty Tax preparation services since 2006. May I have more information as to where I can send my copies of my prepared taxes? How do I file a claim?
    Kelly O’Connor

    ADMIN – Hi Kelly,

    Do you see the link that reads claim form? Scroll up and you should see it. Click on it and carefully follow the directions.

  63. Isaac feliciano says:

    Why we getting only $30 dollar went we are talking about over 5 millions dollars,i think you’re stolen money from us ,like liberty tax did you people are also thieves…

    ADMIN – Hi Isaac,

    Are you talking about us? We are not the administrators nor Liberty Tax. We are an independent organization that posts class actions on the web as a public service. But for the sake of clarification the five million dollars will be divided equally among all qualified class members. You may get more or you may get less than $30.

  64. Carol Hollifield says:

    If we’re only getting 30.$ will it at least be 30.$ per year? I used them since 2007?

    ADMIN – Hi Carol,

    You will get a pro-rata share of the total pool. If you disagree to the potential amount you can exclude yourself from the settlement and hire representation so you can go after Liberty on your own.

  65. Sinnia Gardner says:

    I would like to know when will I receive a check because I filed my form October 3,2015 and I filed my taxes with them for 3 years?

    ADMIN – Hi Sinnia,

    We have no idea. As soon as we hear some information we will post it to our Facebook page.

  66. Jheree says:

    Just wanted to know how soon and how will we be getting contacted to receive the settlement!?

    ADMIN – Hi Jheree,

    It will be a while. On occasion it can take years.

  67. Ms. Perry says:

    How did you determine the split and how many reputable claims is there now?

    ADMIN – Hi Ms. Perry,

    I don’t determine a thing. We are not the class action administrators. We are simply an informational website showing consumers the best and most relevant class actions.

  68. Micheal tuten says:

    I have filled out everything on line an still have not heard anything. Can you please explain

    ADMIN – Hi Michael,

    After you file there is very little that happens until the case is finalized. Cases often take years.

  69. Micheal tuten says:

    I just want to know how true it is because I have filed everything I needed to.

  70. Robert Snider says:

    yes I did file my taxes with liberty in 09,10 and 11 also was charged more than a hundred to file. And felt unjustly treated

  71. claudia says:

    Hi can’t believe things people to do make a quick buck! We work for our money to have people rob from us!! Can’t wait till this settles

  72. Bettie taylor says:

    They also charge me over 500 to file my taxes

  73. luz says:

    I whant to know if I field for the settlement class’s action refund will I be able to do my taxes for the following year in liberty one again

  74. Latasha Conner says:

    That’s crazy we have to wait that long for a few dollars but it didn’t take them to take our money any other number to call that’s not fair they took a lot of my money

  75. DOC BERKL says:

    IF WE had know that something like this was going to happen IT MAY be a gOD day

  76. DOC BERKL says:

    we all can help someone out

  77. DOC BERKL says:

    I received my notice for the proposed class action settlement,

  78. Beverly H. Zimmerman says:

    t just received the postcard in this matter on 12.26.2015. Liberty filled out my taxes in 2011 and charged me $344.00.
    I want to be included in this legal procedure.

    Thank you!!!

    ADMIN – HI Beverly,

    If you received a postcard you are a potential class member. Read the instruction above and file a claim. Leaving us a comment here does not constitute a claim. If you don’t file you will not get your share.

  79. vera ellison says:

    I will like to know how much will I be getting back . and how long will it take. And how will I be contact. Thank you.

    ADMIN: Hi Vera,

    It is estimated that class members will receive about $29, it may be more or less. Once you have filed a valid claim you will receive a check once the settlement is finalized. This may take years.

  80. Tim Taylor says:

    Liberty just rob people and think they can get away with it.not sooo

  81. Syed Ali says:

    I just received post card today, I went to and put my Class member ID# and my info came up, so basically I just have to claim it? then how am I gonna get my claim back? btw, this post card came in very late I don’t know why.

    ADMIN – Hi Syed,

    That is correct. You put your info and submit and then wait. It may take a few months or even years but eventually if you are a class member you will receive a check in the mail.

  82. jameta says:

    when will it be finalized

  83. precious neely says:

    Trying to see were i stand i did mines back in aug whats next

  84. precious neely says:

    When will they send it

    ADMIN – Hi Precious,

    Please refer to the other responses regarding timelines.

  85. Syed Ali says:

    Can you aslo please tell me, what if I don’t wana take any action? And do I have to file a claim?


    ADMIN – Hi Syed,

    If you do not take action and file a claim you won’t receive any monies. and Yes you have to file a claim. This is not an automatic payout settlement.

  86. Christopher says:

    Thought we were friends

  87. Eric Chavez says:

    God is good may the new year be bless by the our heavenly farther Jesus christ

  88. Miss Mac says:

    The hearing date was the Dec 2nd. How did that go?

    ADMIN – Hi Miss,

    We have no idea. When we receive additional details we will share via our Facebook page.

  89. Rich says:

    Is the pay out determined by how many people filed.

    ADMIN – Hi Rich,


    • Maria says:

      That Liberty Tax will be punished for what they did right and how long more you have to wait for any notice from the case and when people is going to receive news about when you is going to receive the money from the settlement

  90. Eric Chavez says:

    I know the deadline is today how long it takes tell you now where I stand with the settlement

    ADMIN – Hi Eric,

    After you file all there is left to do is wait for the claim to be finalized.

  91. deatrice says:

    So we can’t file with them nomore because they are open in Florida

    ADMIN – Hi Deatrice,

    You can still file with them. The class action does not mean the business is no longer providing services.

  92. Feleshia Williams-Tillman says:

    In November I received a post also I file a claim form I was wondering what else is need did I do it correctly .

    ADMIN – Hi Feleshia,

    Per your description of the steps you took to participate in this settlement all there is left for you to do is wait.

  93. bobby Robinson says:

    When will i receive payment

    ADMIN – Hi Bobby,

    You will receive payment when the settlement is finalized and the class action administrator is ready to disburse funds.

  94. Michele says:

    How is the pay out established if not by how many people filed a claim

    ADMIN – Hi Michele,

    Per the settlement agreement distribution will be as follows: the Class Member’s share shall be determined by the number of times the Class Member purchased a Republic Bank Financial Product during the Class Period divided by the total number of times that all Class Members who submit timely Proof of Claim Forms purchased a Republic Bank Financial Product during the Class Period. The Parties agree that the Court may adjust the allocation of the Settlement Fund to the Class Members, provided it does not enlarge the Settlement Fund.

  95. Talika murray says:

    IHow can I filed a liberty class action settlement Case from last year self employment taxes from last year.

    ADMIN – Hi Talika,

    If you qualify for this settlement you file by completing the digital form provided.

  96. Eric Chavez says:

    How long I would know when it finalize

    ADMIN – Hi Eric,

    Some settlements take years to be finalized.

  97. deatrice says:

    When is the last court date will it be done this year

    ADMIN – Hi Deatrice,

    Please refer to “important dates” on the right column of this page

  98. April Bailey says:

    So is it in my best interest to go file some where else or is it ok to still file with Liberty Tax

    ADMIN – Hi April,

    We are not in a position to make a recommendation in this matter.

  99. jameta says:

    Hi there the last court day has passed when will payments be disbursed

    ADMIN – Hi Jameta,

    It often takes years to receive payments associated to class action settlements.

  100. Carmen says:

    How do we know if we will get anything?

    ADMIN – Hi Carmen,

    If you are a member of the class and you filed your claim chances are you will get something

  101. Joyce Jernigan says:

    Could you please tell me when we can look for our settlement funds. Thank You. Joyce Jernigan cell number 919 288 0986.

    ADMIN – Hi Joyce,

    On occasion it can take years.

  102. Tee says:

    It is sad when the government thinks of themselves. The working people are always robbed by the government. Here you say 30-100 dollars when fair is fair and we should all receive a full refund from the amount paid. Meanwhile there are a million people working on one case. So by the time the people receive a dime what will that leave us with?? Meanwhile some of us have responsibilities. Years to wait when the government can issue our money as of yesterday. It makes me sick to have to work hard for employers who pay us garbage and yet the government and there trustees get to go home and live comfortable. While someone one here can be put out of their home tomorrow. Liberty Tax should be ashamed for robbing innocent people an the government should be ashamed for catching this so late. That proves paperwork on some desk where wrong from the jump.

  103. ke says:

    how do i know how much money im awarded?
    where can i call to speak to a live person?
    what do i do now at this point?

    ADMIN – Hi Ke,

    1. Estimated payment is less than $30
    2. Generally speaking you will have a hard time connecting with a live person. One option is to reach out to class counsel.
    3. At this point you wait.

  104. jay jones says:

    liberty tax is still doing the same thing I want out of the class action and proceed to trial against them.i just received a letter from them and there still doing the same thing.breaking federal law.shut them down

    ADMIN – Hi Jay,

    We are not in a position to shut down a business. We are simply an informational website.

  105. Suavette allen says:

    Have they ok the pay out yet

    ADMIN – HI Suavette,

    When we receive an update we will post it on our Facebook page.

  106. Cynthia pickens says:

    Where’s my money? When will I get paid and how much

    ADMIN – Hi Cynthia,

    Please refer to the responses above.

  107. Cynthia pickens says:

    I used liberty for all 4 years and republican bank. I filed and ap long ago. When will I get paid?

    ADMIN – Hi Cynthia,

    Class action settlements can take years to be finalized. I would not be making plans with the money. Instead, take it as a nice surprise when it arrives.

  108. Bettie taylor says:

    When will the money come

    ADMIN – Hi Bettie,

    Please read all the comments.

  109. adan says:

    Just wondering what happen in THE court. Were thier gonna be any reimbursement for this settlement and will it be safe to do taxes with liberty tax?

    ADMIN – Hi Adan,

    We can’t answer your question. Selecting a tax professional is a very personal decision. Weight the risks and decide accordingly.

  110. virginia limon says:

    How can i find out if my claim form was received

    ADMIN – HI Virginia,

    You contact the class action administrator using the information provided and you ask.

  111. Patrick says:

    Hey I just submitted my claim today will they still accept it

    ADMIN – Hi Patrick,

    The deadline was on the 2nd and you submitted on the 11th. Chances are you won’t qualify. Please keep checking our page to make sure you submit future claims in a timely manner.

  112. Manuel Vasquez says:

    Good Afternoon,

    I filled this out last year and have been waiting or trying to find out when the checks will be mailed out or if I have to take any further steps to make sure you mail the check out to me?

    I filled out the forms online way back in December. Is there anything else I have to do and or are the checks being mailed out and when?


    ADMIN – Hi Manuel,

    There is nothing left to do but wait. Settlements often take years to be finalized and paid.

  113. Francisco Gutierrez says:

    OK I misplaced my card and recently found it on the ,,9th of January 2016. About 3days ago and submitted claim next day. Will I might get anything back.

    ADMIN – Hi Francisco,
    It may take a long time before you actually receive your check. After filing all there is left to do is to patiently wait.

  114. malinda says:

    I heard the case was dismiss on the 7 of jan 2016, so no one get any money.

    ADMIN – HI Malinda,

    We don’t think what you heard is accurate. Do you have a source for your information?

  115. Josephd says:

    Hello I received the post card then submitted a claim, can you please let me know what to do next?

    ADMIN – Hi Joseph,

    Next you wait. Sometimes it takes years to get your share in the mail.

  116. Angela Cammon says:

    I want all my money back there wrong for doing us like that……

  117. Jennifer Adams says:

    Good Afternoon
    I have filed my claim about 3 months ago, however I am not sure where I wrote my claim number down. I was wondering what is the status of the claim as to date. Will I be notified first of amount and approval or will I just receive a check in the mail.
    Thank You In Advance For You Response!!
    Jennifer Adams

    ADMIN – Hi Jennifer,

    I encourage you to contact the class action administrator at (844) 271-4786

  118. Demitra jones says:

    Hello! I sent my claim form in how long do I have to wait to receive any information about this claim will I be receiving a check in the mail, if so when should I expect it to come.

    ADMIN – Hello Demitra,

    Please see our responses to other comments.

  119. Lisa Lopez says:

    I have used Liberty tax for the past two years Nevada, Las Vegas. And in the past 2013 I want to know who would I contact.

    ADMIN – Hi Lisa,

    You no longer have a recourse for this class action settlement. The deadline has passed.

  120. Lisa Lopez says:

    I never received a post card or even knew about this until my friend from california let me know. So would I be able to get my money back as well. Also do I have to complete anything on my end or is my funds owed sent in the mail. Is it safe to still use Liberty Tax? Because I was going to go this year, but now that I found out they have been overcharging, I am going to another Tax preparer.

    ADMIN – Hi Lisa,

    You are too late to file and unfortunately we are not in a position to either recommend or disrecommend the provider.

  121. Moochie says:

    I have also receive my postcard in the mail already just waiting to see what happens

  122. George castine says:

    Can I go online and see what I’m getting back or do I have to call you guys .

    ADMIN – Hi George,

    You can’t call us but you can call the class action admin. The information is available on the main page.

  123. Regina Shaw says:

    Hi my name is Regina an I have already submitted a claim on behalf of this settlement back in October or November and I am just wondering when will I be hearing something about the settlement.

    ADMIN – Hi Regina,

    Class action settlements take a very long time to be finalized. Some people don’t see their checks for years.

  124. Tia Jones says:

    Hello so say if i move from a different address How would i be informed??

    ADMIN – Hi Tia,

    If you are moving you submit a letter indicating your change of address to the admin. The information to contact the admin is right on this page.

    • Denise nelson says:

      Hi I put a claim in online with my information from the postcard when will we be notified about the claim

      ADMIN – Hi Denise,

      You will be notified when the settlement is finalized and the checks issued.

  125. Toni says:

    I would like to know how much I will be receiving if possible, who can I contact to find out please and thank you (:

    ADMIN – Hi Toni,

    It is estimated that each member of the class will receive $30 or less.

  126. Kristyn says:

    What is the name of the Facebook page

    ADMIN – Hi Kristyn,

  127. darlene Taylor says:

    I receive a postcard in the mail

  128. Miss Mac says:

    I filed with them this year. ( Im close with the local owner) They are still offering advances through Republic bank, though no fees attached. If I accept it, will it make me exempt from the suit?

    ADMIN – Hi Miss Mac,

    If you accept the settlement you are releasing all rights to take legal action in the future.

  129. Greg says:

    Can I use Liberty tax this year or should I go somewhere else since I put the claim in on December 3rd for the settlement?

    ADMIN – Hi Greg,

    We are in no position to give you advise as to whether you should or should not use Liberty for your taxes.

  130. Irene says:

    Well i didn’t recieve a claim card why i file with liberty tax. And been fileing with liberty tax for years why why. Why

    • Mary says:

      I have the same question. I have gone to Liberty for about 5 years now. Why is it I didn’t receive anything and what exactly is tis law suit about?

      ADMIN – Hi Mary,

      We are not Liberty Taxes or the class action administrator. As prescribed by the settlement the admin attempted to contact the class members via mail and through public notices. At this point you have no recourse.

  131. James vanderpool says:

    I was just asking about to see if and when the check are going to be past out. I hope soon and don’t have to wated years for it.

    ADMIN – Hi James,

    Some class actions do take years. I will keep everyone informed.

  132. wade davis says:

    i just recieved this card in the mail…am i to late? i have used them since 2008 up untill last year

    ADMIN – Hi Wade,

    Yes you are too late.

  133. David j. says:

    What is your Facebook page?

    ADMIN – Hi David,

  134. Manolo says:

    Why will it take years for a check to be mailed out. I thought the first checks were going out already?
    Can you at least give us a time frame instead of it might take a few years?

    ADMIN – Hi Manolo,

    I can’t. I am not the class action administrator. My website is not associated to this settlement.

  135. Maria says:

    I still waiting for my check in the mail how long more I have to wait for it can’t you tell me how long more I have to wait

    ADMIN – Hi Maria,

    I can’t give you an specific period of time but I can tell you based on prior experiences that class action settlements can take years to come to completion.

  136. Keisha Luckett says:

    I filled my claim back in November and it’s now February when do we get Are money since the lawyers have been paid.

    ADMIN – Hi Keisha,

    Settlements take a long time to be processed and finalized. Don’t make plans with the money. Before you know it you will get a very little check in the mail.

    • Keisha Luckett says:

      A very little check???????? I have filled my taxes with liberty since 2009-2015 and its not fare that you guys keep all the money….out right scandalize..

      ADMIN – Hi Keisha,

      We are not keeping a single penny. We are not the admins nor Liberty tax. Our website is independent and exists as a public service to provide you with information about class action settlements.

  137. Pamela says:

    Hi. When should I be expecting a check

    ADMIN – Hi Pamela,

    Most settlements can take years to be finalized and for you to receive a check. Please be patient.

  138. Jose says:

    is it too late to submit a claim form?

    ADMIN – Hi Jose,


  139. johnny weary says:

    Has any person or persons other than government persons received or been sent a settlement check at this time??!!! Also will we the people that were stolen from get intrest on our settlement money??!!! If not why not??!!!!! Thank u hope to get a reply soon!!!!???????

  140. Pamela says:

    Hi. Any new developments on when checks will be mailed

    ADMIN – Hi Pamela,

    Presently we don’t have any news. When we do we will post them on our Facebook page.

  141. Richard says:

    Its not right that i cant fill now seeing that i just got the postcard today in my po box. Yes it dose say the deadline is January 2 but i just got the card today what can i do

    ADMIN – Hi Richard,

    Contact the class action administrator and class counsel and file a complaint.

  142. glen says:

    What is your Facebook page

    ADMIN – Hi Glen,

  143. jacklyn says:

    i just got my card and did the form on line do i still qualify for it

    ADMIN – Hi Jacklyn,

    I believe the deadline has passed but contact the class action administrator to ask about it.

  144. Richard says:

    I have filled out my claim form in December, at that time received a claim number. Read the outcome of the settlement and out of the 5.3 million the lawyers in this case are receiving 2.5 million and 2.8 million is for the masses who have been taken advantage of by this company and its antics. Since the lawyers in our behalf are receiving their monetary part when do we expect to receive our money.

    ADMIN – Hi Richard,

    I am uncertain if the lawyers have been paid yet. Their payment can also take a long time. As for the processing of your claim your best bet is to contact the admin for the claim but expect to receive a pretty generic response indicating that they are not yet at the stage where they can begin distribution. Also remember that this is a very small amount of money that won’t make a huge difference in your finances.

  145. Jennifer hernandez says:

    I received a email that said checks can be made from 30-100 dollars, and that would be sent out in the 2 nd quarter of this year what does that mean?? In California

    ADMIN – Hi Jennifer,

    It means exactly that. You will receive a check for an amount between $30 and $100 in the 2nd quarter of this year. The 2nd quarter begins on April 1st.

  146. Jennifer hernandez says:

    If only 172 people did do there part on sending or filing proper paper work ,why is it such a small amount we receive back,even if we been with liberty since 1998 to present?

    ADMIN – Hi Jennifer,

    Where did you get that number from?

  147. Michele Z says:

    When will the settlement checks get sent out?

    ADMIN – Hi Michele,

    At the moment we don’t have an update on this matter.

  148. Carrese Cunningham says:

    I have came to the terms that we have all.been scammed. Whomever this is gets paid to inform us of absolutely nothing. I say we all stand together and sue the suers. Has we not signed that post card we could have been entitled to 1500 .00 since they knew that wasn’t enough to hire a lawyer they took advantage of us…

  149. Dawn Williams says:

    Anyone can contact me about staring something. I have All my paperwork concerning being riped off by LIBERTY Tax. I’m a SINGLE MOM who works hard and was way over charged and taken advantaged of by LIBERTY TAX. I was charged $4/500 for filing in Fontana California in 2010 and then another time before I found out I was being robbed….

  150. Tina Pinuelas says:

    went to liberty tax on 02/01/2016 they quoted me $125.00 to file my taxes and charged me $818.00 without telling me and last year they charged me $766.00 and quoted me $300

    • CAROLYN says:

      they have a 100 satisfaction that they actually gave me a 421.00,my daughter a 450.00 refund of fees.they will try to offer free tax return next year,or a way less amount for refund of fees but if you were quoted a price and they snuck one on you…GET AHOLD OF THE FRANCHISE OWNER OR CORPORATE ONLY,DONT TAKE NO FOR AN ANSWER!

  151. Pamela says:

    Any new developments on the checks being mailed out.

    ADMIN – Hi Pamela,

    Not to my knowledge.

  152. Timothy David Caldwell SR. says:

    Hello to whom it may concern in terms of legal representation. My name is Timothy Caldwell I was first contacted in July of 2015 about a possible settlement against Liberty tax preparation it was then that I file and sent in my claim with an updated contact information. I have not to this point heard of anything in regards to the civil settlement. Please contact me at 916-856-9395 I would greatly like to be updated with this situation. thank you mr. Timothy David Caldwell SR.

    ADMIN – Hi Mr. Caldwell,

    We are not the class action administrators. To escalate your concerns or get updates on your settlement you need to contact the class action admins. The information to contact them can be found by scrolling up. It is under the heading “contact”.

  153. Melissa says:

    Hi I was wanting to know what is going on about this lawsuit here it is march and no one has received anything I am almost starting to think this is a scam we should be mailed something or contacted in some way can anyone give me any kind of information on this case please and thank you

    ADMIN – Hi Melissa,

    Not a scam. Generally speaking settlements take years to be finalized.

    • CAROLYN says:


  154. De Shuna Sharp says:

    I was wondering if there is any new developments regarding the disbursement of the refund checks? I submitted my claim on time last year and have not heard anything from anyone. Thanks for your time.

    ADMIN – Hi Ms. Sharp,

    Currently we don’t have any updates on this matter.

  155. Cassie Willets says:

    Hi, I put a claim in as well I’ve been filling since 2008 Liberty every year. I have moved how do we do an address change so I can be contacted. How long does the settlement take?

    ADMIN – Hi Casie,

    In order to submit a change of address you must write to
    In Re: Liberty Refund Anticipation Loan Litigation
    c/o Heffler Claims
    P.O. Box 750
    Philadelphia, PA 19105-0750

    Settlements can take years when there are a whole lot of appeals or there are a large number of class members making the processing of checks complex and time intensive.

  156. Monkietron Walls says:

    I turned in my request on time.. An we’re my money…if only 185 has file how much of that 5.3 million do we receive

    ADMIN – Hi Mr. Walls,

    I don’t think only 185 people filed. But if that is the case simply do the math. Subtract attorney and administration costs and divide it by 185.

  157. Tracy says:

    I received an email stating they anticipate checks will start being distributed during the second quarter of this year.

  158. Sonya says:

    How many people filed? And how much are the attorney and administration cost? Is there any updates?

    ADMIN – Hi Sonya,

    You can find out more about the attorney’s and administration costs by reading the settlement agreement which is posted on the settlement page. As to the number of people that filed I don’t think that is information that the class action admin is obligated to disclose.

  159. Latanya says:

    I just wanted to know when will the checks be released.

    ADMIN – Hi Latanya,

    We don’t know but you can try to reach out to the class action administrator using the information we provide at the bottom of the settlement page.

  160. Maria Luisa Vega says:

    I will like to know How long more I have to wait for the check thanks you for be there for the people that work hard for another person take advantage of every body that not right we don’t have to pay for it we deserve a blessing know not years just tell me how long more the poor people have to wait please thank you

    ADMIN – Hi Maria,

    If I had that information I would happily share it.

  161. Kenneth Blackweel says:

    When will that time come and how long because I have been with liberty Tax at that time or more.

    ADMIN – Hi Kenneth,

    Class actions can at times take years to come to full resolution. We will keep you updated if we hear anything.

  162. Mina Adams says:

    It seems that everybody is asking the same questions. $30-$100 will be issued. This is a class action suite and it does take years. I don’t understand why everybody is looking for a large amount. Lawyers fees will be paid first, than the little people like us will get either $30.00 or $ 100.00. Its sucks but what can you do. I’m just amazed that its taking so long to give me my $30.00. I think its a waste of paper printing a $30.00 check. Just think, you will not be worst off. All I could do is laugh at the thought of getting such a tiny amount.

    ADMIN – Hi Mina,

    Many members of our Facebook community donate the smaller checks to charity. I encourage you to do the same.

  163. Joshua Phillips says:

    When r u going to send out the payments

    ADMIN – Hi Joshua,

    We don’t send the payments out. It is up to the class action administrator.

  164. Shaun-Michael A. Patton says:

    I’m hearing a lot about how it takes years to settle this, and how emails have been sent out reading $30-$100 pay out on this settlement, as well as receiving this pay out 2nd quarter this year. My question is has this matter been settled? This email that discloses the payout and date of, is this new info? and is it valid? because I have not received this email.

    ADMIN – Hi Shaun,

    Contact this number to obtain details specific to your settlement. (844) 271-4786

  165. Sam Rosado says:


    I received the card and filled out the information regarding the lawsuit.

    What is the timeframe to receive the settlement.


    ADMIN – Hi Sam,

    According to the information we have received this should happen in the next six months.

  166. Lakkesha goodman says:

    I been filled that paperwork out 4 mouths ago I haven’t got no answer or email telling me nothing to do I’m kinda lost

    ADMIN – Hi Lakkesha,

    I hear this settlement will be paid in the next six months.

  167. Jameta Myers says:

    Will checks Be sent this month

    ADMIN – Hi Jameta,

    I don’t know. I am not the class action administrator.

  168. Jameta Myers says:

    2Nd quarter will they Be sent now

    ADMIN – Hi Jameta,

    As soon as I hear an update I will post it on Facebook.

  169. Tarsha Bowman says:

    I have moved since I have filed my claim and received a postcard. How do I change the mailing address.

    ADMIN – Hi Tarsha,

    You change your address by sending a change of address to the class action administrator via snail mail. Basically write your info such as name, old address and claim number on a card, include your claim number and new address and send it via snail mail.

  170. Maria Luisa Vega says:

    I just want to know what day I going to receive the check in the mail they say from the beginning of April to the end of June so what is going to be

    ADMIN – Hi Maria,

    Class action administrators don’t give you a definite date. When it gets there enjoy the monies your receive.

  171. Carrese Cunningham says:

    What is the page on facebook, that you will update on?

    ADMIN – Hi Carrese,

    This is our Facebook page

  172. winter Lowe says:

    I went to liberty tax in 2010 I knew something was wrong when I kept calling the system to put in my amount they give me it was wrong so when I finally got my tax paper it was a different amount on there that why the system couldn’t tell nothing

  173. winter Lowe says:

    Liberty tax had me all the way messed up in 2010

  174. Maria Luisa Vega says:

    Is true you have to be happy and thank for for the blessing that God give you is justice God like the true not the lie soon or later people get punished for that and very thanks for for my blessing that is coming soon thanks you very much for take care the people that Liberty taxes take advantage of people from the middle class

  175. Shonca Daniels says:

    Hello Admin
    I have filled out claim form electronically, back in November of 2015. ,When will the checks be issued out?

    ADMIN – Hi Shonca,

    You should expect your payment in the next few months

  176. Lakkesha goodman says:

    How many mouths so I have to wait for my payments

    ADMIN – Hi Lakkesha,

    I heard the payments will be issued this quarter.

  177. Maria Luisa Vega says:

    Hi I just want to know when they going to give me my money I been patient all this time how more longer I have to wait for the check to come in the mail please can’t you tell me

    ADMIN- Hi Maria,

    I can’t tell you as I am not the admin but at the bottom of the settlement there is contact information for the admin. Give them a call to find out.

  178. Maria Luisa Vega says:

    When I call that number from the administration is a machine that answers you can’t pick to nobody so how I am going to know when I going to receive the check in the mail

    ADMIN – Hi Maria,

    If you are having a hard time contacting the class action admin you can always try class counsel their contact information is as follows:
    2800 Cantrell Rd
    Suite 510
    Little Rock, AR 72202
    Phone: 501-312-8500
    Fax: 501-312-8505

  179. Maria Luisa Vega says:

    I spoke to jinny the administration and she said that she fine out the the check are going to be mail out on June keep checking the mail that what they tell me

  180. Latanya says:

    Did anyone receive a check yet

    • Carrese Cunningham says:

      No, I don’t even think we will? I check the FB page every other day. They don’t even discuss the Liberty settelment on there.

      ADMIN – Hi Carresse,

      This is from our FB page: June 21, 2016
      UPDATE 2: On June 10, 2016, the Settlement Administrator filed a Claims Synopsis with the court which included the following information: “A toal of 52,522 Claimants submitted Approved Claims. These Approved Claims include a total of 92,924 payable claims based on the total number of Tax Years these Claimants purchased the products at issue. ……each Class Member that submitted an Approved Claim will receive $30.44 per Tax Year the claimant purchased the products at issue.”

      • CAROLYN says:

        just got email back today,the checks will be mailed by the end of july2016,if you havent recieved your check by the end of summer contact settlement administrater

  181. Maria Ortiz says:

    I NEVER got my money

  182. Shalonda says:

    I never received anything either. If you go to the website, it says “approved claims”. I know I fit the criteria, so what does approve mean? I believe a lot of us were hustled. We gave information and our permission to be used in this lawsuit, when the intentions were to never give everyone a check. This is just my opinion.

  183. Trena Garcia says:

    The link is not working. It says site not found. I tried both links

    ADMIN – Hi Trena,

    You will note that the deadline as posted was a few years ago. Once the deadline has passed you may no longer claim.

  184. Tamika Ezell says:

    Who do I contact because I never received my check?

    ADMIN – Hi Tamika,

    At this point you can’t do a thing to get your check. Too much time has passed since the original distribution.

    • Tamika Ezell says:

      Wow so I’ve waited and waited and now its nothing no one could do that’s crazy I haven’t heard anything back

      ADMIN – Hi Tamika,

      This was paid a long time ago. You should have contacted the administrator when people started bragging about receiving their checks. In the future consider following our Facebook page that way you don’t miss a single settlement.

  185. Shawnta Jackson says:

    i did my claim as soon as i got my post card, way before the deadline!! i never recieved a letter, no money nothing and i claimed every year eith liberty!

    ADMIN – Hi Shawnta,

    I am sorry about that. At this point there is nothing that you can do to recoup.

    • Shawnta Jackson says:

      i want my money

      ADMIN – Hi Shawnta,

      I totally get you but you are way late. There is not admin tasked with this case anymore and all the monies have been paid.

  186. Tamika Ezell says:

    Have anyone received or heard anything back?

    ADMIN – Hi Tamika,


  187. Britt Walker says:

    Wow, how is that all the monies have been paid, when there’s still unanswered claims? I’m one of the many who filed between 2009-2012, but received nothing.

    ADMIN – Hi Britt,

    It is very likely that your check was sent and it was lost in the mail.

  188. Gayle Young says:

    There was a class action lawsuit during previous years so why are they still ripping people off

    ADMIN – Hi Gayle,

    You are not giving us enough details to provide guidance.

  189. Teresa Hibbert says:

    I filled a claim, have a claim number, and I had contacted Admin. Was told sometime ago checks were being mailed. Even updated address. Just found card buried in wallet. Need to know what was verdict.

    ADMIN – Hi Teresa,

    Have you contacted the admin? I believe this was paid out a long time ago and you no longer have recourse.

  190. Mark A says:

    Is Indiana in with this case to

    ADMIN – Hi Mark,

    Even if it was the deadline has passed and you may no longer claim.

  191. Kenyetta H Sampah says:

    They were in constant contact until it was time to send the check – still have not received -July 2018

    ADMIN – Hi Kenyetta,

    Who was in constant contact?

  192. Chandrs3 says:

    I havent received either.

  193. bonnie garcia says:

    I filled out the paperwork and never received anything back. I have a ID number…

    ADMIN – Hi Bonnie,

    This was paid out a long time ago. You no longer have recourse.

  194. Kenyetta H Sampah says:

    Still have not received check. Oct 2018

  195. Julia Bethea says:

    I filed my claim in 2017, how can I check the status of this claim?

    • Angelica (Admin) says:

      Hi, Julia. Thanks for your message, and sorry to hear that. However, we ( are *not* the settlement/claims administrator of this case — we are only an online “newspaper” of various class action settlements involving various companies. Please contact the Settlement Administrator directly, if you haven’t already done so. The details are stated above; just scroll up. Thank you, and best of luck.

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