Class Eligibility

You are a class member if you are a current and former Lyft drivers who gave at least one ride to passengers in California at any time between May 25, 2012 and July 1, 2016.

Estimated Amount

Varies Payment will be calculated based on a points system, and will be awarded as follows:
  • “For each Ride given in the period from May 25, 2012, through September 30, 2012, the Class Member will receive two hundred twenty seven (227) Points.
  • For each sixty-minute period in Ride Mode for the period from October 1, 2012, through July 1, 2016, the Class Member will receive six hundred (600) Points.
  • For each sixty-minute period in Ride Mode for the period from January 14, 2013, through December 23, 2013, a Class Member will receive an additional one hundred twenty (120) Points.
For each Class Member who spent thirty (30) or more hours per week in Ride Mode in fifty (50) percent or more of the weeks in the period from May 25, 2012, through July 1, 2016, in which he or she gave at least one Ride, the points calculated above will be multiplied by 2, so that the Class Member receives double the number of Points than would otherwise be awarded.”
Proof of Purchase
Case Name
Patrick Cotter, et al. v. Lyft Inc., Case No. 3:13-cv-04065-VC District Court for the Northern District of California
Case Summary
This settlement resolves accusations that Lyft misclassified their drivers as independent contractors The lawsuit asserts that Lyft has standard operational procedures dictating the interactions between riders and drivers, such directives can only be made to an employee and not an independent contractors Lyft denies the allegations but has agreed to settle
Settlement Pool
Cotter v. Lyft Inc. c/o GCG P.O. Box 35129 Seattle, WA 98124-5129 855-907-3215

431 responses to “Lyft Driver Class Action Settlement”

  1. Asif Rafique says:

    Can you please update me about this case

    ADMIN – Hi Asif,

    No updates at this time

    • Guadalupe Becerra says:

      I heard on the news today March 17, 2017 Lyftlawsuit was settled it was approved so we should get our payments real soon hopefully the beginning of April or sooner.

      ADMIN – Hi Guadalupe,

      There are many things that happen in the back end after a settlement is finalized. There is lots of work ahead for the class action administrator prior to issuing checks.

    • SERGIO ANDRADE says:

      are they sending check

    • Albert Keys says:

      I got my check today. Thank you lyft

    • herman chanove says:

      hi herman a former lyft driver how can I get my claimiant id and vertification number I been trying to email @infolyft driverlawsuit im having no luck

      ADMIN – Hi Herman,

      Try calling the main line for the class action administrator.

      • Chaocheng heng says:

        Hi am chaocheng heng . My address has change. What can do to contact the Lyft to sand my check to new address ?

        ADMIN – Hi Chao,

        Scroll up and use the information provided under the subheading titled “contact”

    • Crescencio Garcia-Ortiz says:

      What is my status has the claim settle?

      ADMIN – Hi Crescencio,

      You can find the specific status of your claim by contacting the class action administrator.

  2. Guadalupe Becerra says:

    My is going direct deposit, so it shouldn’t take that long.
    On Lyftlawsuit asking questions say by spring 2017, so spring starts on Monday 3/20/17

  3. Misgana Mulata says:

    how we know how much money we are going to receive

    ADMIN – Hi Misgana,

    Generally nobody knows until all the claims have been processed.

  4. Alek bronsozian says:

    When are we going to get paid and how

    ADMIN – Hi Alek,

    I don’t have those details yet.

    • Kathleen Keenan says:

      Now I have been told by the attorneys there are more appeals. Im disgusted. The only people who will make money are the lawyers as usual. They seem like they are keeping our money for the interest. Please tell me where I can view the appeals

  5. mathieu egle says:

    I started working for Lyft in San Francisco in 2014 and later moved to Seattle , do the rides I gave in Seattle also count towards my share of the settlement?

    ADMIN – Hi Mathieu,

    Per the terms of the settlement only rides given in CA count.

    • mathieu egle says:

      So I can still litigate against Lyft for my work outside of California?

      ADMIN – Hi Mathieu,

      It depends on how the release of liability is worded.

  6. Sheree Nahmias says:

    I feel taken advantage of with Lyft’s bad business practices against its drivers. How. Can I find out about a class action law suit ?

    ADMIN – Hi Sheree,

    The deadline for this action has passed. You no longer have legal recourse.

  7. Moe Mehrassa says:

    will you notify us when we would get paid and how.

    ADMIN – Hi Moe,

    On March 16, 2017, the Court granted final approval of the settlement. If there are no appeals filed, we expect initial payments will be made to class members who have submitted claims in approximately late May 2017.

  8. D.E says:

    How can I make sure my issue of the settlement is sent directly to me …I have updated my address in the Lyft app as well when I received the email about the settlement?

    ADMIN – HI D.E,

    Make sure you contact the admin and submit a change of address.

  9. MI says:

    What is the actual break down including attorney fees? Why is the settlement pool down from ($27 to 12 million) for drivers?
    Someone how drivers are getting taking advantage of again by a billion dollar company. SHAME ON YOU LYFT! Hurry and go national “RideAustin”, “Juno”and “Mystro App.”

    ADMIN – Hi Mi,

    To review the breakdown please refer to the long notice

    • MI says:

      I’ve read the long notice above before asking the question. My question is the same. How did the settle for driver jump from (27 to 12 million)?

      ADMIN – Hi Mi,
      If I recall correctly, the first subtraction that we need to make is the fees for legal counsel which are four million. But the overall pool remains 27m

  10. JC says:

    It’s been over a month since the court granted final approval for the settlement. I understand there were appeals on file. Have the appeals been heard yet? How many appeals are on file? How long is this process expected to take?

    ADMIN – Hi JC,

    Appeals often take years.

  11. D.E says:

    Hello again,
    How do I update my address with the Admin???
    So I can stay in the loop of things, I have updated my info with Lyft so I can receive my issue of the settlement and there is no discrepancies..

    ADMIN – Hi DE,

    Scroll up, look for the subheading titled contact and write a letter with your case number your old and your new address.

  12. CarreMa says:

    Hello I would like to know also. Are there any appeals? If so how many?

    ADMIN – Hi CarreMa,

    I don’t know how many but the update on the settlement page is clear in the use of a plural indicating that there is more than one appeal.

  13. Natalie Lageder says:

    I have moved since I filed for the lawsuit. Is there a way to update my mailing address for any potential pay out check? Thank you!

    ADMIN – Hi Natalie,

    To submit a change of address send a snail mail card to the admin with your claim # as well as your new address.

  14. Jorkys Veranes says:

    I wanna update my bank account info
    How can actually do that

    ADMIN – Hi Jorkys,

    You reach out to the class action admin.

    • Jorkys Veranes says:

      They do have a direct number
      Or an email address that I can use

      ADMIN – Hi Jorkys,

      Use snail mail.

  15. sergio andrade says:

    do you know when you be mailing the checks

    ADMIN – Hi Sergio,

    I do not know.

  16. Matthew says:

    How will I know if I’ll be getting my payment directly deposited or if I’ll get a paper check?

    ADMIN – Hi Matthew,

    Did your claim form give you options to choose from?

  17. Jose says:

    Years. Lmao

  18. Colleen L says:

    Thank you for answering so promptly. Have there been any appeals filed as of today? How long do they have to file an appeal?

    ADMIN – Hi Colleen,

    The appeals are already filed. Now the judge must review the appeals.

  19. Asif says:

    Is it supposed to be final in the end of may

    ADMIN – Hi Asif,

    I would not count on it.

  20. nefhatia holt says:

    hello how do i change my banking info

    ADMIN – Hi Nefhatia,

    You reach out to the class action administrator

  21. Zack says:

    Any update on the appeals filed? When should we getting a payment. Thanks!

    ADMIN – Hi Zack,

    Per the main page for this settlement there are currently no updates.

  22. Chris says:

    There should be updates about appeals for class members
    I’m sure there are details as to what they are and how long will take.
    Totally frustrating

    ADMIN – Hi Chris,

    You can go check public records to read the latest. When I get updates I post them on our Facebook page.

    • John says:

      What is your FB page

      ADMIN – Hi John,

      FB stands for Facebook.

      • MrsPrat says:

        Wow! Admin, I believe John was asking what is your Facebook page so we can check for updates. I’m 99.9% positive that even though I don’t know John, John knows what FB stands for and was asking what the exact FB address was so we can all stay informed on updates.

        ADMIN – Hi Mrs. Prat,

        Facebook has a search bar at the top of homepage. When you type Class Action Rebates and click on enter our Facebook page will show up. Click on the icon of the page or alternatively on the hyperlink. Once you are on the page you can opt to like which will automatically result in following the page. If you ever need to refer to it you can once again use the search option. Alternatively, you can click on this link ( and avoid having to search for the page. You will still need to click on like or follow or make it a daily habit to come visit our page

  23. Sean Michael Weir says:

    Who are the people filing appeals? Are they the irrelevant drivers who were only gonna receive the bare minimum from the settlement? This is absolutely ridiculous that drivers like me who are about to receive at least $10,000 have to potentially wait a few more years to receive our payouts because of these stupid appeals? If the judge already gave final approval than why is the court allowing these brainless people to file appeals? I want my money now!!!

    • Tyler says:

      I feel you Sean Michael, I am one of the Lyft drivers who is also owed thousands. Super frustrating. But how do we know that it will take years now? Is it possible just a few more months? Frustrating in either sc

      • John says:

        Hi Tyler,
        Do you know how the payments breakdown by any chance?
        Do you know how the point system works?

        Thanks in advance!

  24. Farhad solati says:

    Please tell me how many appeals been filed for this case

    ADMIN – Hi Farhad,

    The website indicates that multiple appeals have been filed.

  25. Jake says:

    Do we know what the VALUE is that is assigned to each POINT for the payout? Can it be less than 1 cent?

    ADMIN – Hi Jake,

    I highly doubt it will be less than one cent. Keep in mind that after expenses there will be about 20 million to distribute.

  26. Theorphis Thompson says:

    When are we supposed to get paid on the class action lawsuit ?

    ADMIN – Hi Theorphis,

    UPDATE: On March 16, 2017, the Court granted final approval of the settlement. However, there have been appeals filed, which will delay the settlement payments. We do not yet know how long it will take for these appeals to be resolved.

  27. Kathleen Keenan says:

    Please tell me which court the appeals are filed

    ADMIN – Hi Kathleen,

    The appeals are filed at The District Court for the Northern District of California

  28. C says:

    Has there been an update on when the payouts will be distributed

    ADMIN – Hi C,

    No updates.

  29. Misgana Mulata says:

    Thank you for responding so quickly, we already at the end of May so when is the payment date?

    ADMIN – Hi Misgana,

    Once the judge tackles the appeals.

  30. Tyler says:

    Is there some way we can express to the judge to expedite this process?

    ADMIN – Hi Tyler,

    Generally no but you can certainly try.

  31. Tonisha Ellis says:

    Hello has payments been issued as of now?

    ADMIN – Hi Tonisha,

    No this settlement is under appeals.

  32. Adam says:

    Realistically, what do you foresee the payments averaging? I’m guessing it’s the lawyers who will truly be cashing in on this.

    ADMIN – Hi Adam,

    I have no idea. The lawyers will indeed get their share but without their work you would not get a single penny.

  33. Teresa says:

    So at this point we looking at the end of the year for a deposit?

    ADMIN – Hi Teresa,

    I don’t think it will happen that quickly.

  34. Michael says:

    I was told there are 4 appeals. When I inquired about the length Of time on the delays. Below is the response.

    Hi Michael,

    Yes, I apologize for the delay on this – our attorneys are working on the update but you will receive additional information as soon as we have it.

    There is no exact timeframe at the moment (as it depends on how quickly the court moves on the appeals) but payments will likely be delayed for months and go out at some point next year.

    Feel free to let me know if you have any additional questions about this, I’m happy to help!

    Best regards,

    Elizabeth Lopez Beltran

    • Teresa says:

      Can you say if it will be early next year? Any time frame?

      ADMIN – Hi Teresa,

      I can’t.

    • Antonyette L Fuller says:

      Hi is there away to comtact Elizebeth Lopez the Paralegal or to find out what company she works for I would really like to speak to her. I Antonyette and I habe a Amall Claims Judgement that just went in to effect July 8th and I am getting the runn around and have been fake and unaccurate information to collect

      ADMIN – Hi Antoinette,

      Sorry to tell you that we don’t have that info.

  35. Patrick says:

    What happens to any monies left over?

    ADMIN – Hi Patrick

    There will be no left over money since this settlement is based on units. Total shared among qualified applicants.

    • Teresa says:

      By the time all is paid, drivers will receive a few hundred if lucky, every one has their hands in the pot way before we the drivers get anything, very annoying if that happens.

  36. says:

    We got hacked by the damn lawyers

    • Teresa says:

      That’s what laywers do! That’s why the appeals are made, to longate the process, and they get all the monies for all their fees! Leaving us the ones they supposedly fight for, with hardly nothing but chump change, smh wow!

  37. Tammy k. says:

    Can we sue the attorneys for all this time that they’re taking getting this done? We’re the ones that worked our tails off in this the attorney shouldn’t get a dime. If they do get something it shouldn’t be 14 million dollars. They didn’t do anything. They went to court said Lyft drivers deserve this and then we should get the just of it. Not the attorneys. I think this is bullcrap! Some people have families and now new medical issues and they need the money. What’s up with this? Can you guys not hurry this along???

    ADMIN – Hi Tammy,

    No, it is up to the judge to decide what is reasonable time to handle appeals.

  38. Ahmed says:

    After I sign up for the for the class action Lyft turn of my account since then

  39. C M S says:

    I received an email from Lyft wanting updated bank info. for a deposit they want to make. I haven’t done any driving
    for Lyft since 2015. Would they want this for settlement payment or it’s another scam?

    ADMIN – Hi CMS,

    I don’t know. I can’t see the email thus I am unable to give you advise.

  40. DPE says:

    I no longer have the account that was use to set up my direct deposit, how do I opt to receive by mail or the like?

    ADMIN – Hi DPE

    You can send a certified letter to the class action admin indicating the change.

  41. Mas says:

    So far nothing sent yet. I imagine appeals will take years. We will end up with about $50 at most is my guess. I did get a random $10 payment in my account the other day from a referral I think. Even though I haven’t referred anyone in years.

  42. Marie says:

    Also, a Facebook page was mentioned above. What is the name of the page? I tried searching but the search did not yield the correct result. Thanks.

    ADMIN – Hi Marie,

  43. Kimber says:

    When are we getting paid?

    ADMIN – Hi Kimber,

    This settlement is under appeals.

  44. Tonnika Williams says:

    How many appeals are there?

    ADMIN – Hi Tonnika,


  45. TC says:

    I realize this may sound like a silly question given my knowledge of the legal system, but who filed the appeals? Lyft because they were unhappy with the decision, or the attorneys representing the class/drivers because they didn’t like the final pay out terms?

    ADMIN – Hi TC,

    Union-backed drivers are appealing calling the amount insufficient

    • TC says:

      I could be wrong here, but this article (2016) is much before the fairness hearing (2017). The due dilligence may not be up to snuff. From my understanding, the union backed drivers can’t appeal a suit between non union drivers and Lyft, which one may surmise means that either Lyft (whom agreed to the 27 million) or the law firm representing the class had to have been the ones appealing. Can you advise, please?

  46. A says:

    Fact: This case is not special, this is how our legal system works (or rathers fails to work).

    Fact: If you had to choose between spending $12m or trying your hand at a few appeals that cost next to nothing and will delay payment for years and even possibly save some of that $12m, you appeal too. There is no mystery here. This is how the game is played.

    Fact: Stop asking and stop expecting any money from this lawsuit this year, next year, and possibly the year after that. Rule of thumb is by the time you completely forget everything about this class action, you’ll receive a check in the mail or a deposit for $6-$64 (ppl are still filing claims).

    ADMIN – Hi A,

    Or $1000 I got that once on a settlement.

  47. Derrick Robinson says:

    I do you figure out the amount i would get and when?

    ADMIN – Hi Derrick,

    I encourage you to contact the admin to get more details, just scroll up to find their contact information.

  48. Mary hrasley says:

    The 27 million dollar settlement. Was put into a trust. Is that trust collecting interest? If it is collecting interest who will benefit from this the lawyers Lyft or the drivers?

    ADMIN – Hi Mary,

    That is a common question when it comes to settlement funds. No,they are not in interest-bearing accounts so there is no additional money to be had.

  49. Adam says:


    (everyone’s thinking it – I’m just saying it.)

  50. D.E says:

    How do I update my address or payment methods once and when settlement payments does come available?

    ADMIN – Hi D,

    Send a certified letter to the class action administrator.

  51. David Williams says:

    Guessing it’ll be another year or so before we see any money. That about right?

    ADMIN – Hi David,

    If we are lucky…

  52. Eduardo says:

    James Page the guy appealing only drove for two months before the cut off date so he is angry that he is not getting enough money. With that being presented by lyft most likely the judge settle the appeal and end all the bs….. once again here is the site with the details we need to know….,_et_al_v_Lyft,_Inc

  53. Dr. Ben Dover says:

    Lyft and their lawyers are a bunch of cock roaches. Their publicists make sure there are dozens of splashy headlines stating how Lyft is ‘doing the right thing’ for their drivers with a ’27 MILLION DOLLAR PAYOUT’. To make Lyft look like the caring ride share company compared to the evil Uber.
    Lyft paid off a few people to appeal the award so they will never have to pay up. Just like the ExxonMobil Valdez case in Alaska. ExxonMobil held up a multi billion dollar award for decades. Eventually they just paid out a few peanuts. The fake news press refuses to do a follow up story on Lyfts 27 million dollar scam.

  54. Manolo says:

    Have any checks been distributed? Another driver told me he received a $93 dollar check from the settlement.

    ADMIN – Hi Manolo,

    That is a surprise to me.

  55. James says:

    WHERES MY $10,000?????

    ADMIN – Hi James,

    I wish I could tell you.

  56. Josh says:

    The lawyers for this are disrespectful and criminal. I tried to send an email and they reply a copy and pasted b.s. message. It’s absolutely disgusting how they treat their clients. We should have gotten 500 million for this nonsense. I lost my apartment because of Lyft. I had a perfect driving record at all times, just took one random reviewer to lie and claim I didn’t drive safe, and they dropped me with absolutely no investigation whatsoever. They caused an untold amount of damage and hardship to me and I’m just gonna end up with a few dollars. The lawyers in this case are disrespectful

    ADMIN – Hi Josh,

    This settlement is about Lyft employees and how their roles are closer to an employee than a contractor. Has nothing to do with internal policies and nothing to do with attorney performance.

  57. Asif says:

    Can you plz tell me when we are going to get our check.

    ADMIN – Hi Asif,

    I don’t have that info.

  58. alohajoe says:

    I am older and not in the best health. If I die will my wife get anything?

    ADMIN – Hi Aloha,

    Yes, generally the estate is entitled to settlements.

  59. Wade says:

    What’s the latest on payout? Any news updates?

    ADMIN – Hi Wade,

    Nothing at all.

  60. Senad Zulic says:

    Can I get 1/2 of my pay now and you keep the rest? ??

    ADMIN – Hi Senad,

    I would love that but I am not the person holding the monies.

  61. E says:

    Hi guys I am not part of class action but I want to tell you what happen to me . I was a driver for Lyft I was harreassed by drunk passengers video taped for no reason without my knowledge I caught them in action in privacy of my car also I found out Lyft was claiming the fare from passenger was $12.00 but passenger told me Lyft charged $16.00 so they lied to me claiming fare was $12.00 they took the $4.00 than they took out more of fare of $12.00 so they have been cheating drivers. They also don’t check these passengers we pick up passengers on app were not passengers I picked up and this happen many times. We have no idea if this person was a just let out of jail for murder or mental health issues. They treat us like an employee there were many times I was driving a regular Lyft passenger not Lyft Line to destination when almost there to drop off passenger they would keep adding passengers without us drivers seeing passengers rate or choosing to accept their request to me that’s treating us like an employee. I have a great driving record no DUI’s no moving violations and great background check with great credit. My driver rating was 4.9 to 5.0 I was falsely deactivated because a passenger flagged me for safety I was very nice to passenger let him use my iPhone charger offered water he did not like me so he flagged me so I got deactivated wrongfully . I am going to have to live in my car since I can’t pay my rent because of it and declare bankruptcy I had amazing credit . I notice many drivers are wrongfully getting deactivated because some of these awful passengers lie saying they were intoxicated unsafe driver to get free rides so they put other drivers out on streets as well . I also noticed they claim you make $20.00 to $35.00 an hour I was not making that I barely made $8.00 an hour I was driving 12 hours to 14 to make $100. They are scamming people to drive for them claiming they will get a bonus than deactivate driver so they could not get their bonus
    anyone here part of this lawsuit knows a good attorney or the attorney themselves reads this please respond to my post I will give you my email if you give a contact number thanks . Us drivers need to take a stand against companies like this it’s not right the way we are being treated and pay .

    ADMIN – Hi E,

    In order to move forward with a class action settlement you need to have a pretty strong case and you need to have the certainty that many individuals experienced the same grievance. The best way to find a class action lawyer is to reach out to the class counsel for prior cases of similar nature.

    • G says:

      I had a very similar experience: very good driving record, no at fault accidents (only had been rear-ended by a junkie), 745 credit score, started with high pay, ended up dirt poor with absolutely ruined credit, with a car that’s now worth about $8,000-9,000 less than what I still owe on it. Had to move out of California.

      Lyft started me with really high pay, averaging about $35/hr, incentivized getting a new car to get bonuses. I did it. Started paying $700/month for my 2014 Prius. Then a few months into my car loan, Lyft started dropping driver pay. And they did it AGAIN, AND AGAIN, AND AGAIN, until I was making as little as $9-12/h, and that’s BEFORE deducting expenses! Was paying $7.25 at least once a day to cross the goddam GG Bridge, and usually crossed the Bay Bridge another 1-3 times a day, all tolls running me $170-240/month total. Paid about $20 in gas every other day. Lyft deactivated my account when I ended a ride early when some bratty 20-something, self-entitled little bitch proceeded to eat a fully-loaded street hotdog inside my car. When she was getting in with the food, I told her “You’re gonna have to wait to eat this, or I can’t drive you. After too many bad experiences, I no longer allow passengers to eat in my car.” She said she wouldn’t eat it, closed up the foil around the hotdog. The route was only 10 min, seems like a reasonable amount of time to wait on the food, to not have to wait for another driver late night. Then 2 min into the ride – she’s all sneaky-eating it, trying to be quiet, like I can’t see her stupid ass in my rear view mirror. Not a driver herself, obviously. Anyway, I pulled over and said this ride is over. I’m an independent contractor, and I reserve the right to refuse service to anyone who disrespects my property.” She got all huffy and started arguing with me, then finally got out. There were some fried vegetables on the floor in the back seat area. Next day, my account was deactivated, and when I emailed asking why, they said that I’d been reported to be an UNsafe driver. This is ff’in nuts, because I have actually literally dodged death several times and saved the lives of myself and my passengers from some of the crazy drivers in the bay area.

      I’m with you, E, if you want to start another class action law suit against Lyft for DRASTICALLY REDUCING PAY, for emotional damage/workplace harassment, and for quality of life reduction due to auto loans that we were no longer able to pay at a normal rate. What this current lawsuit is for is the employee status and that people should not have had to put in all the expenses they put in as drivers, while they were ruled over by Lyft as employees, yet not compensated for their expenses, and not allowed self-determination as part of the independence of an actual contractor. I mean I’ve worked a real job since my high school senior year, and never in my life have I before Lyft experienced receiving pay reductions for any reason, let alone for staying with a job for 2 years and doing a good job.

      I’ve been talking about a phenomena for years, and I call it the Lyft Brat. Lyft has created a culture of customers who think they can just abuse the driver and act out however they want, treat the driver like dirt, and threaten them with bad reviews. Lyft never created a passenger penalty system for the so-called “independent contractors” to use to recover the REAL damages from ill-mannered passengers. Just a few other examples of Lyft Brat-ism for me included the back seat of my BRAND-NEW, 14-day-old Prius getting barfed all over by one of these Lyft Brats. She got her puke on the seat belt too, and let it retract into the mechanism. That was ‘REAL FUN’ getting my brand new car taken apart to clean it. It took me 2 visits to an auto detailer (which didn’t help for the smell), $100 in cleaning fees, several hours of personal labor, repeatedly cleaning and drying the seats and the seatbelt to try and get rid of the smell of vomit. Not to mention the labor of cleaning the actual fresh, ‘yummy’, adult-person vomit out of the car! I suffered a GREAT amount of emotional distress! I am a germophobe, who doesn’t even touch door handles in public places, so cleaning the vomit was literally actual torture for me. This was my first car I bought BRAND-NEW and I was LOVING it before this Lyft Brat got in it. Despite all my cleaning efforts in the first few days, the vomit smell remained for about 3 weeks to my super-human nose, and about a week to other people, causing me intense anxiety every time I had to use my car. I could not serve as a Lyft driver for that whole week, because I knew the smell of vomit would just get me bad ratings and I might get deactivated. That was back when I was making over $1K a week! So this brat caused me $1,000+ in loss of income. And what did she get? – a $150 slap on the wrist! Judging by the kind of house she went into – she possibly wipes her behind with $20’s.

      Another guy put a key gash into the leather panel on the door after I insisted my windows needed to remain cracked (literally .5-.75 of an inch) because he got in right after smoking a cigarette, and his cig breath was making me nauseous. It was ‘SUPER COLD’ outside – the arctic San Francisco weather of 57 degrees!

      Another guy must have been on ecstasy, because first thing he did when he sat down in the front passenger seat was pet my head like I was his “best buddy”, eager for that kind of interaction!

      We should definitely sue Lyft to pay us;
      – the difference between what our initial pay per mile was when we started, and what they were paying us at the end of each driver’s individual end of Lyft ‘career’ per mile
      – the difference between initial ride minimum charge and minimum charge at the end
      – the difference between the actual costs of repairing or cleaning passenger-caused damage to vehicles and what we were compensated
      – the difference between what all driver bonuses would have been at original hire driver rates vs what we actually got after pay was lowered
      -and hourly wage of at least $20/hour, for 6 hours, for cleaning our vehicles from any vomit for every vomit damage occurence
      -any missed income due to passenger-caused vehicle cleaning or repairing activities, at the rate of median income from all weeks preceeding any passenger-related cleaning or repairs
      – emotional damages caused by passengers, plus money to afford at least 10 weeks of psychologist sessions to deal with the distress caused by Lyft passenger

      If we do this, we should sue in Federal Court, and get an attorney from other than the Bay Area to represent us. Lawyers in SF/Bay area are predators. How much their cut out of the $27Mil is in this case is just ridiculous! They’re looking to get set for life after that payday. I understand their jobs involve some hours in the courtroom and in the office, but what are they getting? – like $3,000-4,000 per hour?

      ADMIN – Hi G,

      I am going to post your long rant because you took the time to write it and that deserves merit.

      • Saul Garcia says:

        I’m with you G. Same exact and even more subjective reviews.Deactivated
        But claimed unemployment and got it thru lyft! They appealed but got good weekly benefits. Hit me up! Anyone! Know you are out there you deserve it but most of all WE NEED TO HIT LYFT WHERE IT COUNTS. POCKETBOOK.

    • s g says:

      lets do this…6198364190.

      ADMIN – SG


  62. Dee says:

    I have a question so lyft deactivated me because due my background not meet their criteria. My background has not changed since I started with lyft. I tried getting answers through emails I even went to their hub in Los Angeles. My background has been the same since I started lyft, they do background checks before you start and every year after why 2 year later they decide to deactivate, why wait so long. I couldn’t get an answer at hub in Los Angeles nor through Emails. Can they wrongfully deactivate your account? Thank god I didn’t quit my job the whole time.

    ADMIN – Hi Dee,

    We don’t know the specifics of your situation and are unable to give you a proper response.

  63. Tonnika Williams says:

    Who can we email or call about the disbursements? Why hasn’t anything been updated in regards to the settle. We NEED answers. The year is almost over and the disbursements were suppose to have went ouut in spring. This is ridiculous.

    ADMIN – Hi Tonnika,

    If you click on the page that leads to the official settlement you will come across this update:

    UPDATE: On March 16, 2017, the Court granted final approval of the settlement. However, there have been appeals filed, which will delay the settlement payments. We do not yet know how long it will take for these appeals to be resolved.

    Meaning, don’t count on this money for your holiday vacation.

  64. Michelle D McArthur says:

    Will lawsuit cover all lost? I was conversing with several Lyft staff via email and the ball was dropped on Lyfts end. I have had financial loss and no compensation or replacements for the loss. If there were no drivers there would be NO Lyft, I guess you gotta be a celebrity they are getting free rides. How will this be distributed? People that reply have no clue?

    ADMIN – Hi Michelle,

    Question: Will lawsuit cover all lost? We are not certain what you lost as a result of engaging in a contractor relationship with Lyft. This settlement is designed to compensate you for having worked as a contractor when the proper classification for they type of relationship that you had with Lyft would have been that of an employee per California law.

    Question: How will this be distributed? The settlements are distributed by a class action administrator and this is most frequently done via check through first class mail. As for how much you will get that question is answered in the FAQ as follows:

    The settlement awards Points based on Lyft’s records as to the number of Rides a Class Member gave and/or the amount of time a Class Member spent in “Ride Mode.” These Points do not have a value fixed at any particular dollar amount; they vary depending on how many people make a claim for a share of the settlement. For the purposes of calculating points, the settlement defines a Ride as beginning when a driver uses the Lyft smartphone application to accept a transportation request from a passenger and ending when a driver selects the “drop off” option in the Lyft smartphone application. The settlement defines Ride Mode as the period between the beginning and end of a Ride.

    Points will be awarded as follows:

    For each Ride given in the period from May 25, 2012, through September 30, 2012, a Class Member will receive two hundred twenty seven (227) Points.
    For each sixty-minute period in Ride Mode for the period from October 1, 2012, through July 1, 2016, a Class Member will receive six hundred (600) Points.
    For each sixty-minute period in Ride Mode for the period from January 14, 2013, through December 23, 2013, a Class Member will receive an additional one hundred twenty (120) Points.
    For each Class Member who spent thirty (30) or more hours per week in Ride Mode in fifty (50) percent or more of the weeks in the period from May 25, 2012, through July 1, 2016, in which he or she gave at least one Ride, the points calculated above will be multiplied by 2, so that the Class Member receives double the number of Points than would otherwise be awarded.
    After Points are awarded to all Class Members submitting valid claims, the Net Settlement Fund will be divided among those Class Members in proportion to each Class Member’s Points. The exact amount each such Class Member will receive cannot be calculated until (1) the Court approves the settlement; (2) amounts are deducted from the settlement fund for the costs of providing notice to the Class, administering the settlement, paying lawyers’ fees and expenses, and making enhancement payments approved by the Court; and (3) the Settlement Administrator determines the number of Class Members who excluded themselves, submitted valid claims, and after payments are made, successfully received their payment.

    Note that the total pool amounts to twenty-seven million dollars.

    Please be aware that this settlement is under appeals therefore there is no timeline as to when or if you will receive any payment whatsoever.

    Question: People that reply have no clue? I hope you are not referring to us. At Class Action Rebates we are always hard at work to ensure we have at least one clue.

  65. Jim ross says:

    I just want to say that the folks that run this website do a good job squeezing info where there often isn’t any. Kudos to you! On the other hand, you drivers made a mistake when you planned on receiving this money right when they told you. Just FYI, large disbursements in a class action often have hang ups like this, because some of the affected feel left out, or sometimes for nefarious purposes (not unheard of for a company to support an “appeal” to keep things tied up in court and avoid paying out). Also, these guys are just trying to provide info for just the cotter v. Lyft Inc. Settlement. These people aren’t affiliated with Lyft, so any grievances you have as a driver, or the dude that asks them about his driver application… Knock it off! I know luft/uber aren’t a good job to keep these days thanks to their ever declining rates (hence why I ditched and got a real job again), but this isn’t the place to air those grievances. I know you’re frustrated, and lyft makes it difficult to get ahold of them for several reasons, this being one of them.

    In summary:

    – thank you!
    – these folks have nothing to do with Lyft officially
    – they’re only providing what info they can find regarding th cotter v lyft settlement, and nothing else!

    ADMIN – Hi Jim,

    Thanks for the love 🙂

    The CAR Team

  66. Mohammed Ratan says:

    I just like to know how long it will be for final settlement,

    ADMIN – Hi Mohammed,

    We have no way of knowing. Appeals can take years.

  67. Johnnykeatth says:

    Hi all…looks like there’s finally been some movement on the class action lawsuit between Lyft and drivers in California. Read on for a brief report from Christopher Arellano, the San Francisco driver and journalist who’s kept a close eye on things…

    The distribution of a $27 million settlement in the Cotter v. Lyft class action lawsuit “should” be sent out in January, said a lawyer for the plaintiffs, Shannon Liss-Riordan.
    Liss-Riordan made her comments in an email Wednesday morning that confirmed a US Court of Appeals upheld the settlement in court papers filed earlier this month.

    The decision by the appeals court appears to end a legal case that began with a lawsuit filed in 2013 by Patrick Cotter and other plaintiffs. The original lawsuit said Lyft had mischaracterized their status as independent contractors when the plaintiffs argued they were employees.

    The lawsuit never went to court. Lyft and the plaintiffs first agreed to a $12 million settlement. A judge , however, said that figure was insufficient. Lyft and the plaintiffs then agreed to a $27 million settlement, which was approved by a federal judge last year.

    Distribution was set to begin last spring but four appeals were filed, including some by Lyft drivers.

    The objectors had – among other things- contended that too much money was going on to the drivers and not enough to the state.

    Liss-Riordan had branded the objections as “frivilous” and the appeals court agreed.

    “…The questions raised on these appeals are so insubstantial as to not require further argument,” the appeals court said in upholding the settlement.

    There are 95,000 claims filed by drivers, comprising 62 percent of the settlement fund, Liss-Riordan said in March.
    “So obviously, the people who drove the most will get the most,” Lisa-Riordan said in proceedings from March 7. “The vast majority of the drivers drove for very little time, less than 60 , even less than 30 hours total, ever, and obviously they’ll be getting more nominal amounts.

    But the people who drove more frequently will get real money.”

    • Teresa says:

      What does real money mean? How much is real money?

      ADMIN – Hi Teresa,

      Your question requires more detail for us to try to answer it.

      • Teresa says:

        In the last comments there is mention of those who drove more hours would be receiving more real money? How is that being calculated and what is considered real money?

        ADMIN – Hi Teresa,

        Every qualified member will receive real money. There is no fake money associated to this settlement. The distribution will be proportionate based on a point system

        Payment will be calculated based on a points system, and will be awarded as follows:

        “For each Ride given in the period from May 25, 2012, through September 30, 2012, the Class Member will receive two hundred twenty seven (227) Points.
        For each sixty-minute period in Ride Mode for the period from October 1, 2012, through July 1, 2016, the Class Member will receive six hundred (600) Points.
        For each sixty-minute period in Ride Mode for the period from January 14, 2013, through December 23, 2013, a Class Member will receive an additional one hundred twenty (120) Points.
        For each Class Member who spent thirty (30) or more hours per week in Ride Mode in fifty (50) percent or more of the weeks in the period from May 25, 2012, through July 1, 2016, in which he or she gave at least one Ride, the points calculated above will be multiplied by 2, so that the Class Member receives double the number of Points than would otherwise be awarded.”

        • Teresa says:

          So it looks like the last year to quilfy for payment is 2016? Correct?

          ADMIN – Hi Teresa,


    • Teresa says:

      Were can we find updated info on this case? Or do you have any updates?

      ADMIN – Hi Teresa,

      The website reads as follows:

      UPDATE: On March 16, 2017, the Court granted final approval of the settlement. However, there have been appeals filed, which will delay the settlement payments. We do not yet know how long it will take for these appeals to be resolved. Please be patient. This website will be updated with further information when it becomes available.

  68. D.E says:

    Hello Admin,
    How can I update my address so when funds are issued I can recieve my portion?

    ADMIN – Hello D,

    You can update your info by sending a certified letter to the class action administrator to the address we provide on the official page for the settlement.

  69. D.E says:

    Just to be accurate is it the P.O. box 315××
    Seattle WA???
    Thanks in advance

    ADMIN – Hi D,

    Cotter v. Lyft Inc.
    c/o GCG
    P.O. Box 35129
    Seattle, WA 98124-5129

  70. Teresa says:

    And what do they points signify?

    ADMIN – Hi Teresa,

    The points represent a proportional allocation of money. The value of the points will change based on the number of valid claims.

  71. Teresa says:

    So when can we expect the money to get paid? Will it be a check sent to address?

    ADMIN – Hi Teresa,

    The FAQ provided by the admin reads as follows:
    If the Court approves the settlement, it is anticipated that you would receive your payment in the spring of 2017. However, if there are appeals, it may take time to resolve them, perhaps more than a year. Everyone who submits a claim will be informed of the progress of the settlement. Please be patient.

    Generally payments are made via check to the address you provided.

  72. Teresa says:

    Spring of 2017 has passed and long gone! What’s the new date?

    ADMIN – Hi Teresa,

    It looks like the timeline to submit claims was extended and this settlement is still open.

  73. Teresa says:

    So the previous statement confirmed there was movement on this case? Is says payment are mailing out January? What dates?

    ADMIN – Hi Teresa,

    I don’t see any details on the dates. Keep checking the official page and if you see a change please stop by and share it with us.

  74. William Marano says:

    Will the payment be a Direct Deposit or check mailed?

    ADMIN – Hi William,

    The official website reads as follows in the frequently asked questions:

    If you have current electronic payment account information on file with Lyft, the settlement payment will be deposited directly into your account. If you prefer, you can request your payment be made by check. It is your responsibility to keep current electronic payment information on file with the Settlement Administrator, or, if you want to receive payment by check, you must inform the Settlement Administrator of any change in your address. You may update your address with the Settlement Administrator by submitting your former and current addresses to:
    Cotter v. Lyft, Inc.
    c/o GCG
    P.O. Box 35129
    Seattle, WA 98124-5129

  75. Gabby says:

    Any update on payment dates? I know this question has been asked multiple times but according to a previous post it says payments would be mailing out in January 2018. Is this true? Where can we find the most current details regarding payment payout?

    ADMIN – Hi Gabby,

    The class action administrator will usually update the website with changes. If there are no changes you can safely assume that timelines remain the same. You will seldom see a posting indicating that the admin double and triple confirms a previous disclosure.

  76. D.E says:

    I submitted an update to my address for future reference do I get a confirmation of receipt stating that my information was received…..

    ADMIN – Hi D.E.,

    We are not the class action administrators thus we are unable to answer your question. Reach out to the admin using the information we provide above under the heading titled: “contact”.

  77. Moe says:

    It’s almost dec 2017
    What is napping with lawsuits?
    What is the latest update
    Where is the money?

    ADMIN – Hi Moe,

    Yes it is, in less than 35 days it will be 2018.
    I have no idea what is napping with lawsuits
    This case is under appeals
    I don’t have enough info about the location of your money.

  78. Hate Lyft says:

    This law firm sounds like Lyft driver support with smoke and mirrors n bs. I bet they got there money lol also we need to sue Lyft on a national level they have broken so many laws and miss classified us as 1099 for their own benefit. We also need to watch out for this new tax law it means no write offs if using your ss #.

    ADMIN – Hi Hate,

    Sorry about your many grievances.

  79. liz says:

    Can you give information on Class Suit Administrators? It seems that you are as clueless to what is happening to the case as we are. Thank you.

    ADMIN – Hi Liz,

    If you scroll up I posted the contact information for the class action admin on the main page under the subheading titled contact.

  80. Nicole says:

    Don’t know if you heard, but according to Cotter v. Lyft Inc, The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has affirmed the final approval of the settlement and settlement payments will be distributed in early 2018.

    ADMIN – Hi Nicole,

    Thanks for the info. Much appreciated.

  81. Johnny says:


    The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has affirmed the final approval of the settlement and settlement payments will be distributed in early 2018.

    • Dawn Bertagnolli says:

      How early, it’s already February

      ADMIN – Hi Dawn,

      I hear some people are getting test deposits.

      • Dawn says:

        I received a check today for settlement. This check was for 279.00, far below the 8,000 to 12,000 I was informed I’d receive in an earlier letter. This is a slap in the face, it doesn’t even begin to cover fuel expenses. I worked from 7pm to 12am Monday thru Thurs, and 10pm to 3am Friday thru Sunday. I had to buy a newer car just so I could work for Lyft, this cost me 4,000.00 out of pocket for a down payment. I also had toll and parking expenses. I wrote all of this in my statement when I filed my claim. I expected a minimum of 10,000 to cover my expenses. what can I do now?

        ADMIN – Hi Dawn,

        Absolutely nothing. This was a pro rata settlement meaning you would get a proportional equal share based on the points system. The estimated amount was simply that, an estimation. If you look at our post the estimated amount you will receive is posted with the word “varies”

  82. Teresa says:

    Hello, is there any news? Or movement on this case?

    ADMIN – Hi Teresa,

    From what I can see they are still accepting claims.

  83. Phil Woods says:

    What month in early 2018

    ADMIN – Hi Phil,

    The disclosure from the admin does not indicate what month.

  84. Daniel Chung says:

    Hi. Just wondering, what are your office hours?

    ADMIN – Hi Daniel,

    My office hours or the class action administrator?

  85. Eduardo says:

    The original judgement paperwork said in January, these lawyers are saying early 2018 just more time to take more money from us. I called the ninth district court and they said the judge ordered payments to be done in January 2018……..

  86. Johnny says:

    I heard from a source inside Lyft that payments are being sent out this week 1/22-1/28

    ADMIN – Hi Johnny,

    Thanks for the insider tip. Hopefully it is true.

  87. Eduardo says:

    Why do u guys delete my post cause I speak the truth. The judge ordered payments to be done in January. And this was told to me by the 9th circuit court of appeals.

    ADMIN – Hi Eduardo,

    We don’t recall deleting your comment. Perhaps you commented in a different website?

  88. Gabby says:

    Is it safe to assume that as long as claims are still being accepted payments will not be released?

    ADMIN – Hi Gabby,

    Pretty much.

  89. D.E says:

    Are payments coming early 2018 or not ? Can you give us any update at all besides you rhetorically statements.
    We people want to know what`s going on with money that where entitled too….

    ADMIN – Hi DE,

    It looks like the admin opened up the submissions for claims again further delaying the issuing of settlements.

    • Former driver says:

      Hey, (removed by moderation)

      This site isn’t officially an arm of the legal group litigating this case which is plainly obvious except for obtuse people like you (and a few other commenters). Be patient. These folks have at least consolidated the limited info available. You broke lyft drivers need to stop budgeting this money into your finances. You’ll get it when you get it.

      – former driver who was smart enough to get a real job when rates dropped to an unreasonable amount.

    • Jonathan Gomez says:

      Well i think we should push them to close the damn thing if they didnt do there homework or anything there ass out. Tell them to close it and pay out already thank u God knows this bleesing would be good right now it would sVe my living situation right now

      ADMIN – Hi Jonathan,

      You go for it.

    • Jonathan Gomez says:

      Well thats mess up i get it the lawyers are the one that did the paperwork but we’re the ones out there and I think I deserve a little bit more than $104. But its always like this anyways us the lil people always get the shit end of the stick meanwhile all the suits get the cheddar

  90. Gabby says:

    Is there a set date as to when admin will stop accepting new claims?

    ADMIN – Hi Gabby,

    The admin has not listed a closing date.

  91. Jonathan Gomez says:

    I think all this is ridiculous. They should not have open it again. if you’re not up to date and doing your own homework then you obviously they dont want it.
    they should close it out and pay us out we’ve been waiting so damn long

    ADMIN – Hi Jonathan,

    You are welcome to escalate your suggestion to the class action administrator. Their contact information is above.

  92. Chris says:

    This is part of the email I received when I checked to make sure my contact info was up to date.

    The Settlement Administrator is preparing to distribute awards and can no longer make any changes to EFT account information.

    That would tell me that payment would be coming sooner than later. No firm date but there is movement.

    • Mario says:

      Your comment is the most valuable info I’ve read!! Thank you! I believe perhaps we are days or weeks away from distribution. Thanks for that info!

  93. Mary says:

    A deadline is a deadline. There has been several deadlines for submitting claims. They have come and gone. For those people who haven’t filed a claim yet. I say if you snooze you lose. You must not be that interested. Attorneys who keep putting the payouts off. Shame on you. I’m sure you have gotten your money. Now do the right thing and give us our money. The drivers who played by the rules and meet all the deadlines deserve their money now.

    ADMIN – Hi Mary,

    I am going to post your feedback just in case the attorneys involved read our page.

  94. Eduardo says:

    I spoke with the class action administrator today and they told me they are not receiving clams and haven’t since July 2017. She Janice the person who answered told me that the site hasn’t been updated all they do is add notes like the latest which said payments would be made early January…….. so basically they can add notes but not modify the page itself.

    ADMIN – Hi Eduardo,

    The administrator owns the page and should be able to make whatever modification they please. Making a change to a page is a really simple task.

  95. Andy says:

    If anybody has received a payment, please post a comment here so we know if they are actually distributing payments in January.


  96. Gabriel says:

    No paymemt yet.Still waiting for my deposit.

  97. Brandon says:

    No payment yet. . .
    “Early 2018?” Hmm.

  98. Johnny says:

    Nothing! They will prob wait until Mid June to send them out.

  99. Dan says:

    They didn’t include the payment with the weekly payout today. January 31. So I guess they aren’t gonna make the January “deadline”

  100. juan says:

    nothing yet, maybe some day in the year

  101. AndyVSLyft says:

    Thank you for “early 2018” disclaimers ! That was really helpful.
    Now I know it is anything but January

  102. Antonio says:

    You can email the attorney to, she will reply with an answer. I would post the reply that she gave me, but that wouldn’t do justice for everyone on here that has questions, if you emailed her, that means everyone, it would put fire under her to move more quickly. You can find her email at the, click on court documents and then click on motion for attorney fees. Her email address will be the first one you come across. She should reply within 24 hours. Be nice

    • Marie says:

      Hi Antonio,

      Thanks for the update. It was super helpful, but I think it might be a bit overwhelming for her to receive so many emails. I think most folks here just want to know around what date she shared for payouts. It is not necessary to post the email she sent you or the other details. But, at least if we had an around date we could know what to expect. Hopefully, you would be willing to share that here. Thank you so much!

      • Antonio says:

        @Marie, here’s the exact response.

        Thank you! We are working on getting the payments out very quickly now but do not have an exact date yet when they will be sent out. Under the agreement, they can go out as early as the end of January or as late as around March, and I am urging the administrator to get them out as soon as possible.

    • AndyVSLyft says:

      I emailed her. No response. You wanna tell us what she told you ?

    • Fred says:

      Sent email yesterday morning…no response 2 days later….

  103. Dan says:

    Do we have any idea the monetary value of the “points”?

    ADMIN – Hi Dan,

    I don’t but perhaps another community member does.

  104. Johnny says:

    I would like to know just what in the Tarantion are these attorneys and settlement administratiors doing everyday??? What is taking so long? How many claims can they process in one day?

    ADMIN – Hi Johny,

    Generally class action administration teams are really small. As for the attorneys I imagine this is not their only case.

  105. Nicole says:

    Technically early 2018 can mean between the months of Jan-March 2018. Who knows!

  106. Marie says:

    Why isn’t my comment up? I follow this page everyday and comments are moderated/added multiple times per day. It has been 4 days since mine was added. Please advise.

    ADMIN – Hi Marie,

    Your ADMIN does this on her free time.

  107. Max says:

    I’ll be surprised if we receive anything this year, this is insane!

  108. MessMan31 says:

    I asked(via email) when we would receive payment questioning what, “some time in early 2018” meant. I got an auto reply back that they could not give specifics of anything that had to do with questions regarding payments/settlements. When you say early 2018 that would mean January but now we are at 2/5 so who knows….

    ADMIN – Hi Mess,

    Early usually means first quarter. We shall see.

  109. Faith says:

    I received a testing on my account. It said cotter vs. Lyft $0.00 that usually means their getting ready to make a deposit.

  110. Do the math says:

    There are 12months in a year…”early 2018″ can be Jan-April–mid 2018 would be May-Aug–late 2018 Sep-Dec.

    You’re welcome.

  111. Marie says:

    Great news! The administrator updated the general voice message. At the end of the recorded line, there is a prompt to inquire about an ACH deposit made to your account. It says if you received a deposit, press option #4. Once you press option 4, it states that the administrator sent test deposits to confirm bank account information. After that, it says payments are currently being prepared and will distributed in early 2018.. My guess is that payments will come sometime in the next two weeks because they are sending tests to bank accounts now. Yay!!!!!! Report back if you get anything. The recorded line for the settlement was updated today. The number to call is at the bottom of the settlement webpage.

  112. Dan says:

    The admin totally ghosted us.

    ADMIN – Hi Dan,

    The admin has a day job that takes priority over this. I am glad you miss me.

  113. Michael says:

    Update ?

    ADMIN – Hi Michael,

    Another class member contacted the attorneys and they indicated the checks are possibly going to arrive in the next few weeks.

    • Marie says:

      To Admin – What are my posts being blocked? They provide more updated info than is shown on the site.

      ADMIN – Hi Marie,

      Nobody is blocking your posts. I am just terribly busy and have not moderated all the posts submitted. I will get to it shortly.

      • Johnny says:

        Can you approve Marie’s post I’d like to see what info she has???

        ADMIN – Hi Johny,

        I will, when I find it.

        • Marie says:

          My comment is still awaiting moderation. I sent it on the 6th. I just wanted to let everyone know they sent test deposits to bank accounts last week. I confirmed this with the administrator and attorney says payments are going out very soon. You may or may not see a test deposit (1 cent, 2 cents) in your daily transactions but they were sent.

  114. Johnny says:

    I emailed they lawyer and she said they hoped to get the payments out in January and they will be coming in the next few weeks.

    ADMIN – Hi Johny

    Thank you for sharing this info with us. Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

    • Robert says:

      But January has come and gone

      ADMIN – Hi Robert,

      We shall see…, So far I don’t have a single report of anyone receiving a check.

  115. Antonio says:

    What happen, did everyone lose their voice at once?

    ADMIN – Hi Antonio,

    Are you talking about us?

  116. A says:

    Anybody has any updates?

    Emailed the lawyer Shannon directly last week on her email from the court documents. Still haven’t heard back.

  117. Javier says:

    So are we all getting paper checks?

    ADMIN – Hi Javier,

    At one point I heard someone saying that there would be direct deposits as well as paper checks. Please double check with the class action administrator.

    • Marie says:

      They gave us an option at the time we submitted the claim form to say if we wanted paper or direct deposit. They have the direct deposit info from Lyft at the time the claim form went out. Email them right away to confirm. It will go to whatever bank info Lyft provided them. Small test deposits were sent to banks last week to confirm account details. At this point, you can only select check payment as they will no longer allow changes to bank info.

      • Robert says:

        I think it’s just bad PR to not disclose a date when payment will be made by now. There are a quite a few thousand people following this case and many are expecting thousands of dollars. When you hear “early 2018” and the attorney says January and January comes and goes, I think it deserves and explanation.

        Technically, we are the clients of the attorney and would think keeping the clients aware of the progress would be standard.

        ADMIN – Hi Robert,

        If you feel class counsel is not doing their part by all means submit a complaint to the judge.

        • Chris says:

          Early 2018 can be anytime between now and April. And no one knows how much to expect so I hope those drivers that are expecting thousands don’t get too disappointed when they get maybe in the hundreds since they’ve stated that majority of the claimants drove very little.

          Also if you don’t stress over when the payment arrives then when it does come it’ll be a nice surprise, no matter how much it is.

          ADMIN – Hi Chris,


          • Johnny says:

            Actually, most drivers are not expecting much, the majority of them don’t know this site exist. Only the people that drove the most during the time frame in the lawsuit have been following this case for years.

      • Michael says:

        Where to go to change it ?

  118. AndyVSLyft says:

    Amount of rumors is UNbelievable. Johnny said payments will come out next week( few weeks ago). Some other genius above claims small amounts were deposited already .
    Wow just wow.

    ADMIN – Hi Andy,

    I had someone send me a PM saying they had received a check but he would not share a picture…

    • Johnny says:

      Small amounts were deposited to verify accounts as verified by multiple drivers.

    • Marie says:

      First of all Andy, perhaps if you phoned the settlement hotline and listen fully to the message, then press option 4 as I noted you would not make blanketed statements. Wow just wow is right. Do your research before trying to insult someone. Test deposits did go out as per the settlement hotline. Do your resrarch before attempting to under handedly calling others idiots.

    • Max says:

      I received a test deposit in my bank account on 02/05/2018 if anyone wants to question that I’ll be more than happy to send them a picture!

  119. Jon H says:

    The bit about electronic ACH testing is accurate. I have a screenshot I can provide the admin if requested. 0.00 amount was credited to my checking account on Monday Feb 5 2018.
    Transaction info says : ACH Electronic Credit Testing in connection with the Cotter V. Lyft

  120. Jesse says:

    Claims are still being accepted so you all can stop holding your breath because it’s gonna be awhile.

    ADMIN – Hi Jesse,

    Thanks for the words of wisdom.

  121. MB says:

    When the final settlement docs are signed in a lawsuit (when money is due)……the defendant has so many days to payout.Everyday after that you should get interest on the dollar amount owed to you, so knowing when things have been signed is important.

    ADMIN – Hi MB,

    I can’t recall a single class action settlement that paid accrued interest.

  122. Eduardo says:

    Hi has anyone received a check, a deposit or a test deposit. According to the administrators payouts should be arriving soon. They refuse to put a date or tell us the amount receiving. All I was told was it will be arriving soon

  123. Sam says:

    I received a test deposit on February 5th

    • JC says:

      How much was the deposit? What was it entered as?

    • MessMan31 says:

      Why would they send a test deposit, that makes no sense. I’d love to see a screen shot of that. I never got one and if i did would think it was odd, simple common sense.

      ADMIN – Hi Mess,

      I don’t know if they sent test deposits or not but in the past I have received test deposits pending a large transfer.

    • Rhonda says:

      I have not received any test payment or any info at all. This is why I hate classactions you have no voice. The people that drive the most is that who received test payments. I normally drove a 30hr week.

  124. Chris says:


    They send the test deposit for one simple reason. To make sure account info is accurate. That is pretty simple common sense. I mean would you want that payment to go into someone elses account.

  125. Sam says:

    Is there a way to upload a screenshot shot here? I have the screenshot

    ADMIN – Hi Sam,

    No but you can go to our Facebook page and share it there.

  126. David W. says:

    I received a test deposit last week also. Does that mean any day now the money should be here?? What I do know is if they test deposited something is coming sooner than later…

    ADMIN – Hi David,

    Several people have reported receiving test deposits.

  127. Teresa says:

    Do we have to give account numbers? How are test deposits being made? I gave them email and addresses

    ADMIN – Hi Teresa,

    I believe some people opted for deposits via their account others opted for digital checks.

  128. Teresa says:

    Can you please let me know how long it will take to mail those checks out as well ?

    ADMIN – Hi Teresa,

    It sounds like it will happen in the next few weeks.

  129. Johnny says:

    What is taking so long????

    Claims are closed since July 2017.
    The judge ordered payments to be done I. January.
    Lawyer said we had hoped to get them out in Jan but will be coming in the next few weeks.
    Test deposited were received and reported by numerous drivers.

    It’s now Feb 16th, over 2 weeks into the “few” weeks.

    What will the lawyer say next time??

    “We had hoped to get them out on Febuary but they are coming ver shortly, I promise!”

    ADMIN – Hi Johny,

    Administering settlements is not an easy task. Be patient.

    • Johnnykeatth says:

      I’m done being patient it’s been years I want my money NOW!

      ADMIN – Hello Again,

      Then you will have to impatiently wait.

      • Former driver says:

        You seem like the kind of guy who comes home and yells at your family when somebody cut you off on the freeway earlier that day.

        ADMIN – Hi FD,

        Those are harsh words. Maybe he is a wonderful person inside.

        • Johnny says:

          I’m sorry that your daddy comes home and yells at you from being stressed out on the freeway

          ADMIN – Hi Johny,

          Thank you for your compassion towards other community members.

  130. Johnny says:

    Ok got some updated information:

    “The settlement administrator, Garden City Group, is busy working on calculating payments (and, as you saw, testing direct deposit functionality), and we expect payments to go out soon. I’m afraid I can’t be more specific than that because the distribution process in the settlement administrators hands, but if you’d like to inquire with them their number is 1 (855) 907-3215”

  131. Javier says:

    Since this has become a guessing game who feels positive that I might happen this week by Friday??? Plus let’s all be realistic nobody really knows how much we are getting it might just be a little only I feel like many people are expecting too much money.

    ADMIN – Hi Javier,

    My guess is Friday of next week 😉

  132. Sami says:

    i don’t receive any test despite!!!!
    They have my checking account information and I do claim, is that normal or I need to do something????
    Thank you so much for your help

    ADMIN – Hi Sami,

    Reach out to the class action administrator directly. They will verify your claim and provide you guidance in this matter.

  133. Michael says:

    I received this today from the

    Test deposits were sent in order to verify the ACH account information that was provided. It is possible that you will not see the test transaction reflected in your account activity.


    Lyft Class Action Settlement

  134. A says:

    The lawyers for winning party (meaning our lawyers) received over $3.5 MILLION for winning the case. You’d figure they can afford to hire few more employees to speed up payment processing. Fn Unreal.

    ADMIN – Hi A,

    The Class Action Administration gets paid from the overall pool and not from the fees allocated to your lawyers.

    • Johnny says:

      Class Council attorney fees: $3,654,116.62

      Class Action Administration(Garden City Group)

      ADMIN – Hi Johny,

      Throwing salt in the wound…

      • Johnny says:

        I was just trying to explain to the guy above that the class action administrators are the ones that are handling it and their only being paid $450,000 not 3.5 million I forgot they’re actually paid another hundred thousand dollars by the court

        ADMIN – Hello Johny,

        Yes, the class action administrator does not get the biggest slice of the cake.

  135. Kevin C says:

    I have received two $10 deposits from Lyft over the last couple weeks. Not sure why. Maybe these were “test” deposits. Seems like a large amount for testing.

    ADMIN – Hi Kevin,

    I hope that is not the totality of your settlement.

    • Michael says:

      I received a $10 deposit from Lyft as well (haven’t driven for them for a couple years now), however this was on April 5, 2017. I think it may have been someone using an old referral code or something :-/ not sure. Also the fact that it looks like it came directly from Lyft makes me think that it’s not related to the class action.


    • Kevin C says:

      I did over 1300 rides from 2015 to 2016, so I hope $10 is not all I get from the settlement.

  136. Edna says:

    Does anyone know how many total people filed claims

    • Johnny says:

      About 95,000 claims have been filed

    • Eduardo says:

      I was told that only 60% of the drivers filed a claim roughly 265,678 and 80% of those drivers didn’t drive a lot

      • Johnny says:

        It was 60% of the 256,000 so only 95,000 filed claims and 2/3 drivers worked less than 30 hours total, ever.

        • LyftOG says:

          That math doesn’t add up. 60% of 256,000 is 153,600…and then 1/3 of that means roughly 51k drivers drove more than 30 hours ever, about 103k did not.

        • Antonio says:

          Not to be a sour fruit, but 50% of 256,00 is 128, 000. As far as we know base off of recent numbers, the assumable claims filed is 95,000. Lets add a third to that number, which will be, some where around 126,000 claims. If 2/3 drove for less than 60 and even more less than 30 hours total, we can assume that 84,000 claims drove 60 hours or less, leaving 42,000 thousands drivers who drove the most. So, to the 42,000 that drove the most, be patient, and we will be rewarded accordingly. Everything will work itself out, if you have the knowledge to accumulate money, you have no issues, if not , I understand why your comments are being enjoyed, by myself and others. Look, everyone has the ability to accumulate knowledge about anything whatsoever, do it in a way that allows you to be a decision maker and not an employee. Salute!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Michael says:

          30 hours ever!? I used to drive 30-40 a week minimum. And here I was worried if I had driven a lot or not lol

  137. Juan says:

    The test deposit , is from raiser llc?

  138. Johnny says:

    Some Math:

    The pool is 27 million right minus

    Patrick Cotter: $5,000
    Alejandra Maciel: $5,000
    Jeffrey Knudtson: $2,500

    Class Council attorney fees: $3,654,116.62

    Garden City Group

    $22, 882, 500.30 is left over for the drivers.

    95,000 claims, if 2/3 drivers drove less than 30 hours total then that means only $31,666 drivers drove more than 30-60 hours total.

    Now that could mean they drove 100, 200, others could have 600 or in the thousands

    If the money was divided evenly everybody we get a payment of $694.75.

    But the allocation of the money is really down to the point system and how many Ride Hours logged in. There’s no way of really knowing without all the data but we do know over 63,333 drivers will be getting small checks.

    The firms own math suggest that drivers will see about $1-2 per ride given in the time frame and about $4 per ride if you drive full time since the points double.

    ADMIN – Hi Johny,

    I am not optimistic…, but this are great numbers.

    • Dan says:

      They stated $1-$2 per hour not per ride.

      • Johnny says:

        Oh right. Per Ride Hour. Well that sucks that results in a much lower payout. I guess we will see, anything will help at this point.

      • Johnny says:

        Also keep in mind the website has said $1-2$ per hour since open to claims. Only 60% have been claimed so then this should not us 40% more.

    • Chris says:

      Money will be distributed depending on the points system. There is no $1 to $4 per ride or hour. It’s all based on the points you get. Amounts per point will not be disclosed to anyone all the details will come in the stub when payment is received. In which u will receive a chart showing what the points were worth……

  139. AndyVSLyft says:

    Not tonight either. I called my bank to see if any pending deposits are there. Usually my bank can see deposits a day in advance. Like direct deposit for my wife’s work sits there visible only to the bank employees until Friday.
    Unless they start to deposit now, which not likely at all

    • MikeInCalifornia says:

      ACH deposits will not show up on a Saturday or Sunday. So, if they process them and send them for payment on Friday, we won’t see them until Monday’s banking update. (At least in the case of my bank). Some banks may not show up for 2 days after the funds are sent, depending on when the bank posts/updates accounts.

      ADMIN – Hi Mike,

      Thanks for the tip.

  140. Eduardo says:

    I’m sorry but where are u guys getting the amonuts being $1 to $4 per ride or hours…. the calculations are based on hours and the point system. There is a value per points not per hour or ride. That was explained to me by the administrator…. they told me they never put a monetary value to rides or hours. The monetary value is based on the point system and that will not be undisclosed we will find out when we get the check and the stubs.

  141. Dan says:

    While we wait for our money let’s have some fun. How many hours did you drive within the time frame and how much money are you expecting? Let’s see where everyone’s head is at.

  142. Johnny says:

    Are you gonna like Idk..moderate your own website more than once a week?

    ADMIN – Hi Johny,

    I have been thinking about this I have decided I will moderate my own website on Tuesdays at 6.33 PM for about 10 minutes. I will then focus on other higher priority activities.



    • Johnny says:

      Please moderate it more as these are the final days before we get a check we are all itching for any new information

      ADMIN – Hi J,

      I will try my best but do remember I have a day job and this is done on my free time.

      • Michael says:

        I feel like johnny could use a slice of some humble pie. Remember people, this is money we might never have received in the first place. So before you start being a dick about it, just take a moment to be grateful that you are above ground today. Thank you Admin for providing this forum for us to communicate and for putting up with these incessant quiestion.

        ADMIN – Hi Michael,

        I am starting to suspect that we have several Johny’s or a Johny with multiple personality disorder.

  143. AndyVSLyft says:

    Nope, not today either. There are no pending deposits.
    I bank with Chase . They can tell me if there are any incoming deposits. The ones you don’t see on their app or online. You have to call customer service and they go into some system to look it up. My wife does overtime so if we wanna know how big the paycheck will be, we call Chase and they tell us. Her work sends direct deposit with condition to be released on Friday. They can tell you info like that.
    Anyways, no pending deposits for today so far . It is 2:40 pm PST and

  144. D.E says:

    Howdy partner,
    Any legitimate updates on the Class Action?
    Is all final? Is settlement checks been mailed out anytime soon? I read most of the thread before submitting this message, however alot of material was unsure, etc ….I’d like to hear from you

    ADMIN – Hi D,

    The last I heard was that people were receiving test deposits.

  145. Marie says:

    Anyone get anything yet?

  146. Matt says:

    Nothing yet

  147. Gary Shandling says:

    If it’s only gonna be a few hundred bucks then there is nothing to really get all hyped up about. Someone said $695. I could use it like everyone else. But all this sounds like a monster let down. But hey, the lawyers got their casheesh!

    • Dan says:

      Welcome back from the dead Gary.

    • Michael p says:

      But how much did you drive? I bet a majority of the people in this group drove less than 30 hours a week during the period of 2012-2013 which it looks like the points are bigger

      • Johnny says:

        Remember, it’s not how many hours you drove, it’s how many ride hours, meaning the start and end of a trip, online time waitOmg or driving to a passenger does not count.

      • Billy says:

        I started in July of 2012. I easily did 30 hours a week for the first year.

        • Billy says:

          Back in July 2012 Lyft was giving Guarantee $25 per hour if you stayed in Drive Mode at least 50 minutes per hour.

          • Johnny says:

            Again, it’s not actual hours online. It’s Ride Hours only the time from the start of a trip to the end of one.

  148. D.E says:

    I’m hoping to receive more then 695 I drove for 6months putting in 40 hours a week, haven’t figured the point system thing out but whatever the case maybe ,whatever the amount else will be appreciated. As long as it’s fair …..As soon as I received that settlement funds I’ll keep you posted for the amount that was issued, hopefully attached is the points I have as well
    Other then that,let’s hope this Class Action lawsuit funds is issued soon….Is there any more new driver’s who feel Lyft had been wrong doing them? Such as canceling rides on there end? Freezing up your app intentionally so you can’t finish your rides especially if your close to the bonus that they hate paying out etc

  149. J. K. says:

    Did anyone actually get a confirmation of your claim being submitted?

  150. Billy says:

    Hi Everyone,
    I received $10 from Lyft on Feb. 7th. It reads: ACH CREDIT LYFT.COM TRANSFER
    I would assume that this was a test deposit.

  151. Ray A says:

    Just gotta say thanks first and foremost to the moderators for putting this page together. Just know even though us drivers maybe frustrated, we know it is not your fault and you are only doing your best.

    That being said it is March 1st, 2018 today. Many of us have known about this lawsuit for 2-3 years and have waited and waited and waited. IMO it’s not fair that the lawyers aren’t more transparent about when people are going to receive their compensation. I would call them, but I bet they get that same call everyday about 100x.

    I’ve been seeing that test deposits have been going through, so my hope is that sometime this month we will get our proper compensation…..but at the same time I don’t wanna hold my breath.

    ADMIN – Hi Ray,

    Holding your breath would be a terrible idea.

  152. MikeInCalifornia says:

    Billy: that is a deposit from Lyft from either driving income or referral income. That is not the ACH info that will show for the lawsuit payouts.

  153. Michael Harris says:

    I been driving since 2014 and picked up over 2000 people around t2014-2016 .. hopefully it’s more then 600

  154. Johnny says:

    What do you guys think is average length of a ride from all your rides? This will help answe the question of how much we are getting.

    ADMIN – Hi Johny,

    Not that you are asking me but the average length of ride varies by city.

    • Billy says:

      I have done a rough calculation. The average when ride starts and ends is about 20 minutes. If you figure 3 rides in “Ride Mode” per hour you’ll be more than safe. It probably will average between 2-3 rides per hour.

  155. Javier says:

    Maybe tomorrow Friday????

    ADMIN – Hi Javier,

    I don’t think so. It is Tuesday already and I have not received any reports.

    • Marie says:

      I sent a report. But, once again it is not posted. It is the email I received from the attorney. Oh well. At least I know what is happening. It is ashame my posts with accurate info are not posted. For whatever reason.

      ADMIN – Hi Marie,

      When did you send it? I have not yet rejected any of your posts.

  156. Mohammed Ratan says:

    How do I know how many points I have. Can I expect anything in this month.

    ADMIN – Hi Mohammed,

    Refer to your driving records to calculate your points as follows:
    The settlement awards Points based on Lyft’s records as to the number of Rides a Class Member gave and/or the amount of time a Class Member spent in “Ride Mode.” These Points do not have a value fixed at any particular dollar amount; they vary depending on how many people make a claim for a share of the settlement.

    We are not sure when the funds will be released.

  157. Gary Shandling says:

    This is a lot of work to wait around for $600. Gary needs some new shoes! And I am behind on rent one month.
    Glad the lawyers are living large on the cash they’ve receive already. They probably got $600,000 each and bought a new Porsche, each.

    ADMIN – Hi Gary,

    I am sorry you are tired of waiting around. I hope you get some rest in the near future as well as a pair of shoes.

  158. A says:

    If majority are getting small checks perhaps few hundred dollars, sounds like there’s more than enough to go around. What happens to the leftover money?

    ADMIN – Hi A,

    There is no leftover money. The money is divided proportionally based on the number of units assigned to drivers.

  159. David Williams says:

    Wonder how much interest they’re making off the money they’re not paying out. Interesting.

    ADMIN – Hi David,

    Why don’t you email class counsel to ask?

  160. Marie says:

    I spoke to the attorney. It is going to be a few more weeks.

    • AndyVSLyft says:

      Yep, I understood it few weeks ago and stopped counting on it. I already got my tax refund .
      If you want my opinion- anything that touches Lyft and Uber gets poisoned screwed somehow. It’s like North Korea of transportation. Big, ugly, slave labor and if you deal with them- it’s not gonna end well for you

    • Johnny says:

      Really?! And what excuse did she come up with this time????

  161. Christopher Smith says:

    What if you don’t receive a test deposit?

    ADMIN – Hi Christopher,

    Have you contacted the class action administrator to ask that question?

  162. Billy says:

    Hi Everyone,
    Any news on when Payouts will start?

  163. Javier says:

    I email them to ask the a question and this is what they responded looks like it’s coming soon.

    Thank you for your email. The Settlement Administrator is busy preparing to distribute awards, and provides the below information to answer many common questions. If the answer to your question can be found below, you will not receive further response to your email.

    • Payments will go out soon, and we are no longer able to make changes to your payment method, bank account information, or mailing address.

    • Questions regarding the timing and amounts of payments cannot be answered.

    • If you would like to confirm that you filed a claim in the Cotter v. Lyft settlement, please log in to the portal at using the Claimant ID and Verification Number that you used to file your claim. If your claim has been filed, you will see a “Claim Already Filed” screen. If your claim has not been filed, you may do so through the portal.

    • The Settlement Administrator is not able to confirm the payment method you selected when you filed your claim.

    • Class members whose payments are issued by EFT will be sent an email on the same day the EFT payment is made with information regarding their settlement award. Class members whose payment is issued by check will not receive an email notification, and their check will include the same information regarding their settlement award that is provided via email to class members who are receiving payment by EFT. The website,, will be updated when payment is made.

  164. Tom says:


    That is the same blanket response I got from them 2 weeks ago. I am just hoping Early 2018 means by March 31 versus the end of April.

    • Javier says:

      Wow well let’s hope for the best!!!

    • Aleksander says:

      This email is different than I received a week ago. I was able to make changes to my mailing address up until then and this email says you cannot not.

      ADMIN – Hi Aleksander,

      Thanks for the info.

  165. Tonnika Williams says:

    Hello. I have an update. I just received my settlement and it was only $25. What a waste of time.

    • Tonnika Williams says:

      Sorry everyone. I just found out that this amount was from a different courier lawsuit. My apologies again.

  166. Farhad Solati says:

    Hello did anyone recieved a check yet

  167. Sam says:

    Any update yet? Is it true that they have to pay us by the end of March by court order? Please update if you are aware

    ADMIN – Hi Sam,

    We have no updates at the moment.

  168. Johnny says:

    Where’s our money?!?!?!?!?

    ADMIN – Hi Johnny,

    In the hands of the class action administrator/

  169. Cody says:

    Any update as of late?

    ADMIN – Hi Cody,

    We have none at the moment.

  170. Guadalupe Becerra says:

    Has anyone got paid yet?
    They the process will start on March 7th.
    Still waiting

  171. Guadalupe Becerra says:

    Has anyone got paid yet?
    They the process will start on March 7th 2018

    Still waiting

    • A says:

      Who says? Who’s they??
      This is getting real ridiculous. Lawyers got paid, class action administration got paid, judge ordered payments to be paid out in January. It’s well into March and we’re the only ones left behind in the blind wondering what the hell is going on?
      I know the class action administration didn’t get paid as much as the lawyers and they’re the ones handling payment distributions. But you mean to tell me almost HALF MILLION dollars couldn’t get the Garden City Group to move more promptly?!?
      Whether we need the money or not is not the point. The lack of information and delays are just plain wrong and ridiculous.

      ADMIN – Hi A,

      I can see your point. Hopefully one day there will be change.

  172. Gary Shandling says:

    Email the judge or their office and let them know we haven’t been paid. Or do a certified demand letter to the Garden City Group. Yes, this is getting ridiculous. Gary needs some new shoes!

  173. s g says:

    We all need to call Garden City Group and professionally demand updates, accountability and for them to expedite our payments and if not to update us daily. We are not stripped of our rights, we are not incarcerated, we are paying there bills with our lawsuit judgement. I have already got thru and talked to somebody. By raising our voices collectively and calling every day, ALL of us. They will have no choice but to comply. Lets get proactive and get paid! 1-800-327-3664.

    1-800-327-3664 Garden City Group

    ADMIN – Hi S,

    I don’t think a calling campaign is likely to work but I will leave this here for people to support you.

  174. Gary Shandling says:

    I called that number and they’re directing all callers to email info@lyftlawsuite or whatever she said. She didnt even know how to spell Lyft. Email the Judge’s office or I wil, l if I can find the court docs online. I’m sure he/she is unaware of the situation. Time to light a fire under them and get these checks out. Sounds like the case is stalled out or something.

    • Monique Salinas says:

      Is it still to late to make a claim? I was driving last year, but I’m upset for something that happen this week. Lyft sent out a promotion to my neighbor who lives down the street saying if she completes 35 rides or more they will compensate an additional $320. I did 35 rides that week; 12 rides Friday, Saturday and Sunday. By the time they were supposed to pay me out, I didn’t get compensated. I also was not compensated for the streak bonus. I’ve been emailing them back and forth about the situation and the representative, named Jeff, basically said I was not the original recipient of that message therefore I did not qualify for the earnings. That did not seem fair at all and what I could not understand is how can Lyft send out exclusive promotions to only some drivers in the same small area?

      ADMIN – Hi Monique,

      Too late.

      • Egor says:

        I’m not sure why you are complaining. Did you get the same offer as your neighbor? No. Did you get paid for 35 rides you completed? Yes. All additional incentives are at Lyft’s discretion and can be customized for each and every driver. I believe Power Driver Bonus is the same for all, but getting extra $320 for 35 rides is, obviously, will be given to only a handful of people to encourage them to get on the road.

      • TimeIsMoney says:

        Lyft would never give $320 for 35 rides lol. Im 100% sure it was for 135 rides. If getting $320 were that simple i’d quit school and stop playing the lotto. My bonus last wk was $380 for 135 rides. This wk its $275 for 120 rides. Been driving since 2014. Bonuses have to do with how much you drive in general. 12 rides a day may not be enough for them to offer u anything extra.
        You’re welcome.

  175. James says:

    Press the button!!!

  176. Gary Shandling says:

    Lyft is a scam artist company. Get a real job that doesn’t require your car or your own gas. You’ll make more money and won’t have the general public’s germs in your car. It’s the lowest of the low. I can’t even buy any new shoes.

  177. Johnny says:

    Lawyer said they have been now told by the end of the month.

  178. A says:

    Yes if anyone has the email to the judge or the court please post it here. Let’s all email. It’s absolutely horrendous for the Garden City Group to withhold our funds like this.

    Thanks Admin for posting our comments diligently. I do understand you do this on your spare time. Really appreciate it!

    ADMIN – Hi A,

    It is entirely possible that the funds are not in the hands of GCG, sometimes defendants find every possible way to delay release. Granted, I don’t know if this is the case. If you go into the documents section and read the agreement you will probably find information regarding the judge presiding the case.

  179. A says:

    And to Marie that talks to the lawyer. I’m not sure if you work in that law firm or how you’re talking to her. If you do talk to the lawyer again, please let he/she know we are reaching out to the court or judge to seek answers for such horrendous delays.

  180. MiKe says:

    I’ve driven since 2014, taking BIG breaks in between. I get emails offering a $300+ bonus for 35 rides. Then the following week, they’ll send out another higher bonus offer for more rides. It’s their way of trying to get us back on the road driving again.

  181. MiKe says:

    Actually it wasn’t a bonus ater all. It was a guarantee of like $350 for 35 rides, if you you make $350 or not in said rides.

  182. James says:

    Hey all. Just a side note… Lyft permanently deactivated my account after 9,200 lifetime rides and a 4.89 rating for supposedly being an “unsafe” driver. Read that again. Not 920 rides… 9,200 rides!! After three years carving up the roads full-time in Los Angeles of all places, having caused zero accidents, they decide I’m not good at what I do. They refused to give me any information as to why either in person at the hub or via email. They have since ignored all of my inquiries. No explanation whatsoever. They don’t give a damn about anyone. Despite all of their happy claims, they couldn’t care less about their drivers any more than Uber does. Get out before they take you out. For real.

  183. Nick says:

    I have a new debit card number different from the one I had I on the claim form. What is going to happen? Can I still be able to receive payment?

    ADMIN – Hi Nick,

    If your bank account remains the same your debit card number is irrelevant.

  184. D.E says:

    I contacted the Garden City Group LLC and the rep gave no info
    She stated for me to email at
    This don`t make sense how they are with holding funds, they already taken
    there part, now give us our part,,
    Does anyone have the judge info,
    i`m definitely up for emailing him, certifying a letter etc
    It`s not about the money, it`s the principal

  185. Gary Shandling says:

    Where is my casheesh?!?

    ADMIN – Hi Gary,

    I don’t have it.

    • Christopher Smith says:

      Then who does?

      ADMIN – Hi Christopher,

      Three possibilities. The court has it in trust, the defendants have it or the Class Action Admin has it. But I don’t.

  186. Aaron Goodwin says:

    Hello good Morning everybody I’m a lawyer on behalf lyft drivers who drove in CA 2012-2016 will be getting paid on March 20th sorry for the delay.

    ADMIN – Hi Aaron,

    How about you leave your comment with a verifiable email?

    Aaron may or may not be who he claims to be but I am posting this just in case.

    • s g says:

      Aaron Goodwin is the television host of Paranormal Adventures……Lets not hold our breaths.

    • Yahor says:

      I hope what you’re saying is true. It seems probable to me because Lyft always submits their payments on Tuesdays.

    • AB says:

      pretty sure the grammar gives it away….

    • LyftOG says:

      Thank you, admin! You are the best!

    • Dan says:

      The chances of a lawyer writing in with such poor grammar is as unlikely as a driver becoming a lawyer.

    • Ray A says:

      Well at least this is something. We’ll see on Tuesday if it’s true or not.


    • Guadalupe Becerra says:

      Good morning Mr Goodwin ,
      Thank you for the info for March 20, but are you sure we are going to get it, because I called to GCG the other day and they said it could be any day. But it depends on the court calendar early 2018 falls , to them it could be Jan -april 2018, or mid calendar year of 2018 or the end end of 2018 of the calendar year. If you say March 20 2018, then thank you for the info alot of lyft drivers needs there money.
      Thank you
      Guadalupe Becerra

  187. D.E says:

    Aaron Goodwin I don’t remember him being on the roster, for attorneys representing the Class Action
    However if any1 get a direct deposit on the 20th, so post… thanks
    Why you haven’t approved my message prior to this moderator ,I see you like to play these games very unprofessional, you know that

    ADMIN – Hi D.E,

    Are you sure you left a comment on this page? I don’t see it. Perhaps it was in another forum.

  188. Gary Shandling says:

    My shoes are really hurting me right now. I could use that scratch. I think Mervins or Montgomery Wards might have some on sale for $15. Can’t wait any longer for this casheesh.

    ADMIN – Hi Gary,

    Stop it with the shoes, you won’t be getting shoes anytime soon.

  189. Gary Shandarooni says:

    I really need the dough. Can someone email the judge already?

    ADMIN – Hi Gary,

    Have you emailed the judge yourself?

  190. D.E says:

    Maybe it didn’t go thru…
    I love your energy Lol thanks for being the best moderator…U ROCK!!!!
    Any 1 have the judge email??

    ADMIN – Hi D.E.,

    You can contact the court they preside via phone and ask for it.

  191. Mario Rosete says:

    Aaron Goodwin cannot be for real. Why would an attorney apologize for doing their job with a “sorry”.

    ADMIN – Hi Mario,

    You don’t believe in the possibility of nice attorneys?

  192. Johnny says:

    This needs to be reported to a major news outlet, there were all the headlines years ago Lyft drivers win 28 million or whatever. People think we got our money. They need to know we haven’t seen one cent of it!

  193. Dan Mires says:

    Looks like Aaron is full of it. No deposit as of 3/20/18.

  194. D.E says:

    Hello there,
    Has any1 received a direct deposit this morning like “Eric Goodwin” mentioned? LOL
    Do any1 have the judge email, so I can let him know there withholding our funds?

    Good morning moderator,
    Would you happen to know how I can find the judge over these case,
    so I can email him and let know that funds has not been released.
    It`s almost April Mid 2018(which is March) is practically over……Greedy corporate people

    ADMIN – Hi D.E,

    I believe the judge is aware of the timelines affecting the case and is notified by the administration once they begin distribution.

  195. D.E says:

    Typo …Would you happen to know how I can find the judge over this case?

    ADMIN – Hi D.E,

    Vince Girdhari Chhabria

  196. D.E says:

    Not sure if this helps but here goes some info that may can spark something ,within us to reach out more to the people in charge ….Let`s get the ball rolling,everybody in the Class action suit send Miss Lisa an email or letter whatever works best..Pressure bust pipes !!!!!!!!
    This notice summarizes the proposed settlement. More details are in a settlement agreement. You can get a copy of the settlement agreement by writing to Lichten & Liss-Riordan, P.C. at 729 Boylston Street, Suite 2000, Boston, MA 02116, or
    ou can visit, call (855) 907-3215, or write to Lyft Class Action Settlement, c/o GCG, P.O. Box 35129, Seattle, WA 98124-5129. The website provides answers to common questions about the settlement, a claim-submission option, and key documents related to this case and this Settlement.

    ADMIN – Hi D.E,

    I don’t think there is a need to call. People are now receiving payments.

  197. Max Decker says:

    Looks like Aaron Goodwin was a lying trolling scumbag playing with the emotions for very exhausted people, I hope this degenerate is blocked from any further comments

    ADMIN – Hi Max,

    Those are very harsh words. I believe people are now receiving their checks.

  198. ALBERTO says:

    Just got paid!!!!!! It was true

    • Dan says:

      How much?? For how many hours?

    • Marie says:

      Congrats! How much?

    • D.E says:

      Saul Garcia …that was well said ,thanks for the email I’ll be submitting mines in the A.M …glad to hear every1 got there issue Lol long time coming ….Unfortunately my is coming via paper mail
      Hopefully this week….
      Moderator why you haven’t approved my messages?

      ADMIN – Hi D,

      I have been occupied with other matters, will try to approve messages as soon as I have a gap in time.

  199. NM says:

    ok, soooooo. was anticipating at least $700 according to my records and calculation (of course knowing that could change depending on # of claims), just found a transaction hit for a mere $69.98. woohoo. lol…… So glad i didn’t count on this $$. lyft and uber are a bunch of crooks. and yes, this was from the cotter v lyft lawsuit. it says so in the direct deposit info. good luck to you all and please don’t hold your breathe

  200. Marie says:

    Payments are here. Someone just posted in the San Diego Lyft driver group Facebook page that it showed up 19 minutes ago. I have a screenshot. Let me know where to send it.

  201. B says:

    UPDATE: The Settlement Administrator issued payments on March 21, 2018 to class members who submitted their claim form by January 19, 2018. If you have not yet filed your claim, claim forms are still being accepted.

  202. Robert says:

    It’s official, they are paying on March 21st. It’s been posted on the class action lawsuit website

  203. s g says:

    Our judges 2 email accounts,

    Mar 20 at 12:01 AM

    Your Honor,

    I am writing you today on behalf of the class members and myself with much respect and candor. I understand that our collective


    situations may seem of non importance to the settlement administrator, but we the class members have been left in the dark as to the

    status of our settlement payouts. Counsel Liss-Riordan alluded to our payment process beginning in January 2018, but to this


    we have seen no movement or update as to the commencement of said event. We have been patient but we cant seem to get any


    or update from the Garden City Group.We feel that “early 2018” has run its course, and we would at the very least like to bring this to

    your attention, if not have the website updated or better yet to be paid our long awaited and delayed checks. I respectfully submit this

    request with all due dilegence and hope that maybe you can help bring some resolve to a very pressing and urgent matter to the Lyft

    Driver Lawsuit Class. Thank you for your time and all that you have done in this landmark case.

    Respectfully, Saul Garcia

  204. Michael says:

    I got my settlement amount in my account today. I only drove around three months part time. More like 32 hours a week and I received $215. That’s better then nothing.

  205. Eduardo says:

    Good evening, so they made payments and still accepting applicarions. So how much money did they hold back from those people that didnt file a claim. Then how did they calculate how much we got. This makes no sense since payments were based on number of claims. This is highway roberry

    ADMIN – Hi Eduardo,

    Call or email the administrator to ask for details regarding distribution. Perhaps they held back the amount that was due to the parties that had not submitted a claim and will eventually release those funds through a second distribution.

  206. JC says:

    This may be a dumb question, but do we need to pay taxes on this money? Do people have an idea of roughly how much that will be?

    ADMIN – Hi JC,

    Generally speaking you pay taxes on settlements over $600 however this is a question you need to pose to your accountant.

  207. Teresa says:

    I changed my account number once after I submitted for he claim, how do I check were my pymemt is getting sent to? Someone please advise

    ADMIN – Hi Teresa,

    You need to reach out to the class action administrator.

  208. Michael says:

    I still have not received my settlement. I hope it’s coming

  209. MikeInCalifornia says:

    Just checked my account, payment of $2,272 from the settlement just showed up. Not really sure how much I drove in that time.. But glad to see the money.

    • MikeInCalifornia says:

      Has anyone received the email they claim was sent showing how the amount was calculated?

  210. Gary Shandarooni says:

    I got $614. Weak sauce, but it’s better than nothing. I can get some new shoes I guess.
    Was dreaming of 5 g’s.

  211. Mohammed Ratan says:

    Michael got settlement today, its real . when I can expect my settlement.

    ADMIN – Hi Mohammed,

    If you don’t get it by the end of the week you should contact the admin

  212. Gary Shandarooni says:

    When is the Uber and Door Dash payouts? Gary needs some new pants and a belt!

    ADMIN – Hi Gary,

    Be content with your shoes.

  213. Jesse says:

    I drove a lot. Like 40 plus hrs a week and got only $1600. If their still accepting claims. How will the money be divided after it’s all done with? Meaning the leftover money for late claims? Or do they keep it?

    ADMIN – Hi Jesse,

    They may be talking about second distribution or they may have divided the money already based on the number of qualified members and are waiting for those members to file.

  214. Ed says:

    Got my money today finally!!! They gave me $1,012.63. Expected more cuz I drove a lot but screw it I’ll take it.

  215. Albert Keys says:

    I got my direct deposit from the cotter v lyft today. Thank you lyft

  216. Cody says:

    I still haven’t recived my ach or an email regarding it. Should I be concerned?


    Ps hoping I get at least a k with all these other people posting. I drove pretty much full time for 6-8 months

    ADMIN – Hi Cody,

    Please remember that we are not the class action administrator. You need to contact them directly to resolve this situation.

  217. friscosav says:

    I worked 50+ hours a week for almost 3 years and got 2k

  218. Egor says:

    I got $2530, drove pretty much full-time Sep 2014 – July 2016 with a couple months of breaks in-between.

    Has anyone received an email describing the distribution? In the update they say we all should receive it, but I haven’t.

  219. Teresa says:

    I’m assuming they are going alphabetical with payments? Please advice thanks!

    ADMIN – Hi Teresa,

    I have no idea. I do know that fulfilling a settlement this big takes several days of creating and sending checks by batch

    • Robert Garcia says:

      I think that they are going by settlement amount. Yesterday’s pay outs started at 69 & 125 according to posts. this morning was at 600 and 1000. This afternoon at 2500. We’ll see how it goes later this evening and tomorrow morning, PT time for me.

  220. Regan says:

    I received my payment today, thank you for filing this lawsuit Patrick Cotter, I really appreciate the settlement money, it came at just the right time.

  221. Dan says:

    I got $1,336.

    Been driving since March of 2015.

  222. Greg says:

    Would people be willing to post how much was sent, when it was received, if it was check or direct deposit, the first letter of their last name and how many hours worked during the timeframe, it’d be appreciated.

    • Egor says:

      I got $2530 through ACH on March 21st. It’s currently a pending transaction which is usual with my bank, should be finalized tomorrow. My last name starts with Y.

    • Marie says:

      I got $1,000

  223. Eli says:

    Has anyone received a check?

    • Michael says:

      No I’m waiting my check in the mail also .. If you get yours soon come back and tell us .

  224. Senchy says:

    How much did lawyers take out of all this $$$$?

    ADMIN – Hi Senchy,

    You can go into the settlement agreement to secure that information.

    • A says:

      Lawyers got over $3.6 million. And I’m still waiting for my….And no email breakdowns for those that already received the settlement. And still accepting applications for settlement?? To say this whole thing is handled very unprofessionally is an understatement. Hope the judge gets the email and put the hammer down penalize those that are doing us wrong.

  225. Teresa says:

    What’s the phone number to the class action administrator? The numbers I’ve called state they can’t make changes to the forms of payment anymore, and they won’t answer so I can verify what type they have for my payment!

    ADMIN – Hi Teresa,

    Scroll up the info is posted.

    • Teresa says:

      I called and just answering machine comes on, I also emailed them and I got a default email back with the same info as posted here, I still haven’t received no email not deposit and no answers. I guess I’ll have to wait, I did read that by the end of this week, wich is Friday! Tomorrow, I should have some deposit. Hmm. Shall have to see it to Belive it

  226. Gary Shandarooni says:

    Got paid and some new shoes and Chump is gonna be impeached. Things are looking up right now. Could use that Uber class action payment tho.

    Friends are still waiting for theirs.

  227. Jesse says:

    I got mine today direct deposit. Here’s another question. Since they created a payout system and paid some of us out already. But is still accepting claims. How is the rest of the money gonna get divided if theres extra money left over. Do the lawyers keep the rest because that would be wrong.

    ADMIN – Hi Jesse,

    They either have a secondary distribution or they give it to charity. It depends on the terms of the settlement.

  228. Jonathan Gomez says:

    Dang this sucks well thanks to God that i even got something but i only received $104 out of 12 million dollars just sucks I wish and praying for more

  229. TimeIsMoney says:

    This is part of the email explaining why I got $127 bucks…

    Your payment was calculated in accordance with the Court-approved Class Action Settlement Agreement and Release. Your Settlement Award is $127.58, based upon a calculated points total of 47981.1000, based upon Lyft’s records, although it is possible that you may receive a further distribution of funds depending on the final claims rate in the settlement.

  230. Kevin C says:

    I got $649. Drove about 1300 trips from 2015 to 2016. Processing in my B of A account 3/21.

  231. Drex says:

    I received a direct deposit for $114

  232. Gary says:

    Maybe another deposit coming later?

    Subject: Lyft Class Action Settlement – Payment Notification
    From: “Info”
    Date: Wed, March 21, 2018 4:47 pm

    On March 21, 2018, the Settlement Administrator issued pro rata Settlement Awards in the Cotter v. Lyft, Inc. Settlement, Case No. 3:13-cv-04065-VC, United States District Court for the Northern District of California. Your payment was issued via ACH, using either the account information you provided to the Settlement Administrator or the account information that was provided for you by Lyft, depending on what you requested when you filed your claim.
    Your payment was calculated in accordance with the Court-approved Class Action Settlement Agreement and Release. Your Settlement Award is $214.75, based upon a calculated points total of 80765.2800, based upon Lyft’s records, although it is possible that you may receive a further distribution of funds depending on the final claims rate in the settlement. As described in the Notice you received, the points were calculated as follows: two hundred twenty-seven (227) Points for each Ride given in the period from May 25, 2012, through September 30, 2012; plus one hundred twenty (120) Points for each sixty (60) minute period in Ride Mode for the period from January 14, 2013, through December 23, 2013; plus six hundred (600) Points for each sixty (60) minute period in Ride Mode for the period from October 1, 2012, through July 1, 2016. In addition, class members’ points as described above were doubled if they spent thirty (30) or more hours per week in Ride Mode in fifty (50) percent or more of the weeks in the period from May 25, 2012, through July 1, 2016, in which they gave at least one ride. You did not qualify for this doubling. If you disagree with the amount of points calculated for you, you may challenge it by providing a brief explanation of how you calculate your points total and documentation that supports your calculation to within sixty (60) days from the date of this email. Lyft’s records will be presumed accurate unless your documentation proves they are not.

    Class Counsel, Defendants’ Counsel, and the Settlement Administrator make no representations as to whether you may owe tax on this payment to any federal, state, or local authorities. Accordingly, you may want to consult a tax advisor to determine if you owe taxes with respect to this payment.
    If you have any questions, please contact the Settlement Administrator in writing at Lyft Class Action Settlement, Settlement Administrator, c/o GCG, P.O. Box 35129, Seattle, WA 98124-5129, or

    Lyft Class Action Settlement
    Settlement Administrator
    c/o GCG
    PO Box 35129
    Seattle, WA 98124-5129

  233. Jonathan Gomez says:

    I am pretty sure I’m not the only one with this question what happens to the remainder money when all the checks are issued out and they’re still funds inside the account who ends up getting that money???

    ADMIN – Hi Jonathan,

    Depends on the terms of each settlement. Some have a second distribution where you get a tiny check others donate the money to charity.

  234. Niraj Bhattarai says:

    What is my status?

    ADMIN – Hi Niraj,

    We are not the class action administrator thus we are unable to give you updates on your status.

  235. Adam says:

    Might need to email someone about not getting settlement, can anyone help?

    ADMIN – Hi Adam,

    email the class action administrator.

  236. Jonathan Gomez says:

    Wait wait my 104 disappeared in my bank account is not there no more what’s going on does anybody know how did that happen to anybody else

  237. MikeInCalifornia says:

    I got my breakdown email late last night. Says I had 854758 points which translated to $2272.

  238. Cody says:

    Anyone else still not get paid via ach?

  239. Ray A says:

    I’m confused why some people have received the settlements, but others, like myself have not?

    Are they distributing it in a certain order? My last name begins with A, I have Chase Bank.

    If anyone could update and explain if their A) Payments have cleared and B) If anyone received the E-mail explaining their points? Because I have received neither and it’s March 22nd now.



    ADMIN – Hi Ray,

    Your best bet is to reach out to the class action administrator.

  240. D.E says:

    Moderator do you happen to know what state the checks are being
    issued out from?
    P.S my apologies for the last message but it was had to be said
    It`s already enough bad energy in the world, know need for more of it
    Peace and Blessings!!!!!!

    ADMIN – Hi D.E.

    You mean your super hurtful extra harsh message??? The one intended to crush my heart??? That one?? I deleted it with my powerful delete button and assumed you were having a crummy day.

    The checks from GCG are usually issued in Washington State.

  241. A says:

    Anyone still waiting for ACH deposit? I haven’t seen anything in my account.

  242. MiKe says:

    Im still waiting myself. Even went back to double check to see if my claim was filed or not.

  243. Edwin Artiga says:

    Does anyone know how I can obtain my Claimant ID and Verification Number? I’ve tried many times to email Cotter to ask and I keep getting the same automated reply with no information regarding my question.

    ADMIN – Hi Edwin,

    Have you tried class counsel?

    • MiKe says:

      Hi. I wasnt sure if my claim was filed. I went to my email, searched Lyft Lawsuit and there was the link to file. When I tried to file, it stated I already did and it had my claimant# and Verification#.

    • Kenn says:

      Check your email around March 2016 that is associated to your Lyft account. That email about the lawsuit has the info in it.

    • Rhonda says:

      Your claimant I’D should be in your phone or wherever you filed it. It should automatically come up when you try to refile your claim on the same phone. Hope that helps.

  244. Fred says:

    I haven’t gotten anything either, but don’t bother trying to contact the administrator or anyone else directly because they have a security fence around all the humans involved in the distribution. I called CGC directly and they are referring all Lyft drivers to the The woman said that they have no access to any individual information in the system and that is the only place to get info, where you will receive this automatic response:

    Thank you for your email. The Settlement Administrator issued payments on March 21, 2018 to class members who submitted their claim form by January 19, 2018.

    If you elected to receive your payment by ACH, your payment issued using either the account information you provided to the Settlement Administrator or the account information that was provided for you by Lyft, depending on what you requested when you filed your claim. An email was sent to the email address you provided that contained information about how your payment was determined.

    If you elected to receive your payment by check, your check was mailed to the address you provided. Information regarding how your payment was determined is included with your check. Please allow two weeks for the Post Office to deliver your check before requesting that your check be reissued.

    In a small number of instances, Class Member’s ACH information was determined to be invalid, and so the Class Member’s payment was sent by check even though the person had requested payment by ACH.

    If you are a Class Member who has not filed a claim, claims are still being accepted. You will need the Claimant ID and Verification Number previously sent to you in order to file a claim. You may file your claim online at

  245. A says:


  246. D.E says:

    Yes I was moderator
    Thanks for understanding and I apologize if I came off to gangsta.. LOL
    Still awaiting my settlement funds!!!!

    ADMIN – D.E,

    Let me know when you get it.

  247. Ray says:

    Gotta agree with Fred. Patrick Cotter and all the lawyers assocatied should be ashamed of themselves for not issuing the payments at the same time.

    Why do some people receive it on 3/20 yet it’s 3/23 and one of the first drivers to file, like myself, has received nothing. Zero. And when you try and contact them you get nothing back!

    ADMIN – Hi Ray,

    I don’t think they are required to issue all the payments at the same time as long as they distribute all the payments within a reasonable time.

  248. Farhad Solati says:

    Has anyone recived a paper check yet?

  249. Colleen L says:

    I filed a claim with the time limits and my ACH information has not changed. I have not received any payment. Is there a way to find my Claimant ID and Verification number? Thank you

    ADMIN – Hi Colleen,

    You would need to contact the class action administrator.

    • Kenn says:

      Check your email around March 2016 that is associated to your Lyft account. That email about the lawsuit has the info in it.

  250. uri darwish says:

    i did not receive email for payment
    my num 3109201332
    uri darwish

    ADMIN – Hi Uri,

    The proper way to escalate this matter is to reach out to the class action administrator.

  251. A says:

    Still nothing in the account and it’s March 23 2018 at 830pm. Ones opted for ACH deposits should have received it by now since those deposits are done electronically. Only explanation I can think of is GCG have not completed all the claims. They sent out what they could for now to calm the heat, as they’ve probably been told we have gone to the judge. Only reason I can suspect for now. Really frustrating nothing we can do about it. Ray was right, I got the same dumb automated email response, so yeah don’t bother. Will see next week.

    ADMIN – Hi A,

    I don’t think administrators send batches of money just to appease people.

  252. A says:

    Sorry I meant Fred (not Ray) was right….

  253. MiKe says:

    I received a paper check today. Was hoping to be more ($437), but it will definitely help!!!!

  254. Ray A says:

    So now it’s 3/24 and there are a ton of people missing their money. How could you post that ALL PAYMENTS were made 3/21, when no one has received anything.

    I had decided if by Monday at midnight, if nothing has been issued to my account or a check received, I will go to the lawyers offices in San Francisco myself and let them know how I feel.

    It’s completely unacceptable that our “lawyers” get to drive around in their Mercedes Benz’s and Porsche’s staying at their fancy hotels, and eat caviar. While the people who were the true victims of Lyft are being told one thing by the lawyers and then another thing by an automated messaging system.

    I just want people to know my anger is generated towards the lawyers and their irresponsibility, not the moderator of this forum, who has honestly done the best job they possibly could keeping us up to date.

    ADMIN – Hi Ray,

    Someone posted that in the cases of accounts that for one reason or another where showing errors in transfer the class action administrator will be sending checks.

    While there is much that is wrong with the legal profession let’s try to cut them a break. In the back end things are far more complex than we can ever imagine.

  255. D.E says:

    Hey there A,
    I believe any and all electronic payments was issues out on March21st.
    However, it may have been something wrong with your account info that rejected the funds
    and if that was the case you`ll more then likely get a check and the mail…
    I had spoke to a rep from GCG he said if I don`t get nothing in 2-3 weeks call back…
    At this point, I`m over it yet want my funds I`m entitled too!!!!!

  256. A says:

    Ok so I got a check instead of ACH deposit that I had requested on my claim. $297.91, 112042.86 points. Drove insanely when I started in late 2015. 80+ hours a week, over 1000 rides first 6 months. Got a lot less than what I expected. Oh well, it is what it is. Better than nothing.

    So for those that are waiting for ACH will probably receive a check like I did. Hope this helps.

  257. Donte says:

    I requested to get mine sent by check. Has anyone received their check in the mail yet??

  258. Fred says:

    I am thinking that maybe this was done purposely, requested by Lyft that all the payments were not distributed at once because no one was gonna drive that day and they would have taken a hit. Idk it looks kind of suspect at this point. I double checked, then triple checked my info…

    ADMIN – Hi Fred,

    From what I recall with prior settlements all payments are made in batches.

    • Fred says:

      Hi admin,

      Ok, maybe I am wrong…..I just REALLY want my money! lol

      BTW you do an excellent job with this site, I like your sense of humor

      ADMIN – Hi Fred,

      I totally want you to get your money. If you don’t get your money by the end of the week I encourage you to call the main line for the company that is handling the administration so they can check on it.

  259. D.E says:

    Finally received my check(March 23 or 24th)not sure what day wasn’t here, got back today (March 25th)
    And there it was 560 …..point system 210744.2400 whatever that means….Anyway was expecting more,but I’ll take what I can get…

  260. Cody says:

    Still nothing. March 26th

  261. Teresa says:

    I have not received anything neither! I wish they used the info on the lyft drivers app for bank accounts info! Makes no sense! Hopefully my address is good enough!!

    ADMIN – Hi Teresa,

    Give it another three days. If you don’t have a check by Friday start calling the admin.

    • Teresa says:

      How to call them? They have the information default recording! Who’s gonna answer? I have not received any email, check, or deposit!

      ADMIN – Hi Teresa

      Try this one
      (800) 327-3664

  262. Marie says:

    I got my check today. It was mailed from zip code 11042 and drawn on The Huntington National Bank for $949.77.

    ADMIN – Hi Marie,

    That is huge when comparing it to the others. Where are you taking us all for beer?

  263. Greg says:

    Received mt check in mail today for 1164.56

    Approximately 1880 rides

  264. Marie says:

    Easy … a few places … in San Diego Belching Beaver for their Honey Butter Peanut Butter Stout, O’Sullivan Brothers for their Russian Imperial Stout, Stone Brewing for most of their stash and Iron Fist for their Habanero IPA!

    ADMIN –

    Marie, you are my favorite Lyft driver ever!

  265. Ray says:

    I’ve complained a lot but today I too received a check instead of a Direct Deposit.

    2506 for me. Can’t complain. Like others wish I had qualified for double points, but oh well!

    Hope everyone else receives their payment soon!

  266. Fred says:

    Finally got a check in the mail, even though I opted for a deposit. $3200.. working like crazy since Oct. 2015. 50-60 hour weeks when I started so a I qualified for point doubling.

  267. Jonathan Gomez says:

    Dang people only getting small checks compared to what they sued for. I really hope we get another check with way more money cause we put the time in also.

  268. LyftOG says:

    I received my check in the mail Monday 3/26. Started driving Jan 2014 and did over 1550 rides between then and July 1 2016. I’ve found it’s typically a rough average of approx .50 to .65 per ride given (my check was for over $885).

    Also – I bank with Capitol One. No overdrafts, no returned deposits, with them for 4 years – I mobile deposited my check when I received it. After midnight I saw the funds were available in my account. Then at 1am my phone refreshed my email and I had an email from Capitol One telling me that they’ve reviewed the deposit more thoroughly & they believe there’s an increased risk that the deposit may return. They placed the entire check on hold until April 2nd 😡

    • LyftOG says:

      I haven’t heard of this happening to anyone else & obviously you can’t do anything about it. But I want it to be known that this happened to me I’m case it happens to anyone else. I wish I’d taken the check to the check cashing place around the block from me & just deposited the cash into my account. Ugh.

  269. Michael says:

    I got my check yesterday 1,135.05
    Hopefully more is coming because this is not what aspect but hey anything help

  270. s g says:

    After crunching my numbers: some 1600 rides or so from Halloween 2015 to June 2016 and 60000 Minutes for that time period. I did not double up my points other wise I would have had $1680. I got $840….. ADMIN…. thats my final ANSWER….care to share?

    Thank you for all your help…Cheers

    ADMIN – Hi S,

    I believe you are at the end of the spectrum where points had less value.

  271. Chris says:

    For those complaining about how much they received when they drove in 2015-2016, if you look at the point system and the dates for it the majority of points are from 2012. Very early on in lyfts infancy. the drivers in 2015 up until the cutoff in 2016 are obviously going to be on the low end of payment amounts simply because the point system was less for us.

    • Jonathan Gomez says:

      Yeah its sycks how they came up with this points stuff they should of came up with something else. Or just give everyone 1/4 of the settlement to every single person that have to deal with this issue and call it a day and then from there the lawyers can get the rest of it because they already got their share in the beginning before we even got ours

  272. moe daher says:

    Just got my check $1000
    Life time 2500 ride

  273. Gary Shandarooni says:

    I could use another disbursement something fierce. Gary needs another pair of shoes! When is the second wave of casheesh coming??

    ADMIN – Hi Gary,

    Stop it with the shoes. I can see how girls would be fixed with shoes but your shoe addiction is worrisome.

  274. Michael Harris says:

    Well that’s over .. Now who’s getting a uber payout ? 🙋🏽‍♂️

  275. Adam says:

    Nope not over….. still no check for me…. am getting responses back from laywers…. will email again on Monday.

    ADMIN – Hi Adam,

    That sounds super frustrating. Keep us updated.

  276. I.L says:

    Received my check from Cotter v. Lyft Inc. Settlement last week which isn’t much but better then nothing!! My bank & I are having problems contacting someone to verify funds! I have emailed & have called (855) 907-3215 & still no help w/ either one! My bank (Chase) is going to close my acct due to the fact that they cannot contact anyone to verify funds which is not fair at all to me!!! This is some BS and I need someone to give me some kind of information to assist my bank on getting funds verified so that they don’t close my account!!! NEED HELP ASAP!!!!!!

    ADMIN – Hi Iris,

    Have you reached out the main number for the class action admin?

  277. Gary Shandarooni says:

    We should buy the admin some shoes or give her a foot rub. A lot of work and she got no payout. Sorry for those of you who never got paid jack. I hope you get some casheesh from those turkeys soon. The lawyers REALLY got paid. My $614 went like it was $6 in quarters.


    ADMIN – Hi Gary,

    If you had purchased your shoes at Ross you would still have money for other things.

    • Jonathan Gomez says:

      Yeah i think its bull crap too i only got 124 dont get me wrong i was totaly greatful but just like everything else in the county us the lil people get screwed and the suits get the biggest piece of the pie

      ADMIN – Hi Jonathan,

      The pie shares are directly correlated to the investment of time and money placed by those involved.

  278. Bikash Gautam says:

    I didn’t receive a copy of my settlement calculation . How can i get a copy so i can tally with my records

    ADMIN – Hi Bikash,

    You can reach out to the class action administrator via email.

  279. Michael L says:

    I submitted my claim after the period. Do I still have a chance to get a check?

    ADMIN – Hi Michael,

    I am not sure. I heard this was left open to late submissions but I don’t have the details. I encourage you to contact the class action administrator.

  280. Mohammed Ratan says:

    I got my first payment. when I will receive my last and final payment.

    ADMIN – Hi M,

    Am I missing something? I don’t see any reference to a second payment anywhere.

  281. Kendra says:

    Im pretty sure this is going on in Baltimore aswell how do i get the ball going for us i know they ripping me off

  282. Marcel Henderson says:

    Where is my money. Can we suit for non notification

    File a new suit. They have been stealing from me and I did not exclude my self from this but I have no check or funds yet.

    ADMIN – Hi Marcel,

    Have you made an effort to contact the class action administrator or class counsel?

  283. Janeth says:

    Sent from AOL Mobile Mail
    Get the new AOL app:

    On Tuesday, September 25, 2018, wrote:

    Hi my name is Janeth Daniels and I was not able to cash my check because it is beyond the 120 days allowed to cash the check. I am writing you so you can reissued the check as soon as possible. Here’s a copy of the check for your reference. Thanks and have a nice day.

    I can be reached at 925 2896175. And you can mail the check to the address below to:

    Janeth Daniels
    133 fair oaks drive
    Pleasant hill ca 94524

    Hope to hear from you soon.

    Sent from AOL Mobile Mail
    Get the new AOL app:

    ADMIN – Hi Janet,

    Leaving a comment here does not result in any action. We are not the class action administrator

  284. Alex Hsu says:


    I’ve been trying to email regarding my check to be sent to my new email address.

    They have NOT responded to my email for a week now…

    Please let me know what is going on…

    Thank you!

    ADMIN – Hi Alex,

    This is the group managing the settlement.

  285. celina landaverde says:

    I ama lyft Driver how can I get add to the settlement

    • Angelica (Admin) says:

      Sorry, but there’s been a misunderstanding.  Please note that we ( are *not* the Settlement Administrator of this case. We only post opportunities for potential Class Members of various settlements on this website. If you want to file a claim, please follow the claims link above. Please also check the settlement website for any updates on the issue moving forward, and/or contact the Settlement Administrator directly, if you haven’t already done so. The details are provided above; just scroll up. Thank you, and best of luck.

      • geronimo bautista says:

        Where do I get the form? ive been a Lyft driver for almost 2 years and i only heard this just now. It was the year pf 2014 to 2016. So can you help me?

        Thank you very much. This will be a big help for my family.


        • Angelica (Admin) says:

          Hi Geronimo,

          This settlement goes way back to 2017. Upon checking on the class action settlement links directly (please click on the links above), we got 404 page errors. In other words, the pages have long been taken down. If you need to, you may contact lawyers directly about your rights as a Lyft driver here. Best of luck.