Class Eligibility

The Settlement includes all persons who purchased Defendant’s Marlboro Light or Marlboro Ultra Light cigarettes in the state of Arkansas for personal consumption from November 1, 1971 through June 22, 2010.

Estimated Amount


Payments will be made to Class members who file valid claims and will be calculated as follows:

  • 10 cents per pack for each pack purchased between November 1, 1971 and April 17, 1998;
  • 25 cents per pack for each pack purchased between April 18, 1998 and April 18, 2003; and
  • 10 cents per pack for each pack purchased between April 19, 2003 and June 22, 2010.

If the total value of submitted claims exceeds the money available in the Settlement Fund, each claim payment will be reduced pro rata. If the total

value of submitted claims are less than the money available in the Settlement Fund, each claim payment may be increased pro rata. If you do not complete your claim in its entirety, it will be processed, but the available refund will be automatically reduced to the amount in the incomplete claim form or $50.00, whichever is less.

Proof of Purchase


Case Name

Wayne Miner and James Easley, Individually, and on behalf of all others similarly situated v. Philip Morris Companies, Inc.
Case No. CV 2003-4661.
Circuit Court for Pulaski County, Arkansas

Case Summary

The lawsuit resolves claims that Philip Morris advertised, marketed and sold Marlboro Lights and Marlboro Ultra Lights cigarettes as healthier than regular cigarettes in a way that deceived consumers who purchased Marlboro Lights and Marlboro Ultra Lights in Arkansas. Plaintiffs allege that,during the period in question Philip Morris marketed and sold their cigarettes a as “Lights,” “Ultra Lights,” “lower tar and nicotine,” “low tar and nicotine.” According to the plaintiffs the Defendant falsely represented that Marlboro Lights and Marlboro Ultra Lights being less harmful and delivering lower tar and nicotine in comparison to regular Marlboro cigarettes. Contrary to these claims the cigarettes marketed as Lights do not deliver lower tar and nicotine than regular Marlboro cigarettes when actually smoked. This case does not address actual damages suffered as a result of that person’s addiction, personal injury or any health-related illness resulting from that person smoking Marlboro Lights or Ultra Lights cigarettes.

The manufacturer denies the claims and allegations in the lawsuit but has agreed to settle the case to avoid further substantial expense and the inconvenience and distraction of protracted and burdensome litigation.

Settlement Pool





Marlboro Lights Settlement Administrator PO Box 4349 Portland, OR 97208-4349 1-877-625-9432

81 responses to “Marlboro Lights “Healthier to Smoke” Class Action Settlement (Arkansas Only)”

  1. Janice Chambers says:

    When do we get our settlement money???

    ADMIN – Hi Janice,

    When I have more information I will post it.

    • justin lozano says:

      Why was my part so small i know it didnt reach the settlement agreement ammount why was my part so small i want my fair share or im going public.

      ADMIN – Hi Justin,

      A great question to ask the class action admin.

    • Amanda Michelle Taylor says:

      Is it to late to apply? I am just seeing this.

      ADMIN – Hi Amanda,

      Yes you are too late.

  2. Joyce L Dougan says:

    is there any clue on where the law suit stands and how much longer it will be maybe an est. time frame. i do understand that it is a waiting game.

    ADMIN – Hi Joyce.

    The last hearing was on January 17

  3. carla harrington says:

    If we filed a claim for the settlement will everyone get part of the settlement money?

    ADMIN – Hi Carla,

    If you have a valid claim you will receive a portion of the settlement.

  4. April Mendenhall says:

    When will they disburse the claim money?

    ADMIN – Hi April

    We don’t know yet.

  5. Jerry long says:

    Was told that by March the 14 all unclaim money will be donated to charity. How is that possible? When no checks has been sent out ? That came from the attorney her self . That the judge has ask her for the final report. But then read a post stated that the judge has issued 18.5 million and that 5,000 ppl was disqualified. So my question is which one is it ? . Is there away to check to see if you was qualified or disqualified??????

    ADMIN – Hi Jerry,


  6. Joseph forman says:

    I filed my claim on time, but have moved to another town in the same county, therefore I have a new address. How do I ensure I still receive my portion of the settlement?

    ADMIN – Hi Joseph,

    Please send a postcard via snail mail to the contact information we provide above.

  7. James Easley says:

    Which lawyer

    ADMIN – Hi James,

    Just pick one from the list

    Thomas P . Thrash
    Marcus N. Bozeman THRASH LAW FIRM, P.A. 1101 Garland Street
    Little Rock, AR 72201
    John Eddie Williams, Jr. Edwin Armistead Easterby Brian Abramson
    Sean McCarthy
    WILLIAMS, KHERKHER HART, BOUNDAS, LLP 8441 Gulf Freeway, Suite 600 Houston, TX 77017
    Joe J. Fisher, II
    Guy Fisher
    W. Michael Hamilton
    Beaumont, TX 77704
    Dewitt M. Lovelace LOVELACE & ASSOCIA TES 12879 Hwy 98 West, Suite 200 Miramar Beach, FL 32550

  8. James Easley says:

    There is 2 more documents that have been added to the website asking for compensation for there, services

  9. Shea C Cornelius says:

    Hi, I tried to contact the administrator on the site and noone has responded yet. Has a final decision been made? I understand they could appeal the decision. I am not sure if I qualified or was disqualified. Quite a bit of confusion out there. Thanks for your time.

    ADMIN – Hi Shea,

    If the phone is not working for you try to contact the admin via email, otherwise escalate to class counsel.

  10. Linda Hicks says:

    I just called and all they could tell me is my claim is being processed.

    • M says:

      I emailed and called also. They emailed me back with a similar response that my claim was being processed. They did tell me however, checks would be mailed out May of 2017 and to patient

    • Steph says:

      Least they found you. They said I didn’t file yet it said my claim was accepted inline. I ain’t seen a check

  11. James says:

    According to an article in the Arkansas democrat people should get their money in the next 45 days

    • sharon says:

      I received an email today saying payment is to be expected in May 2017.

      • Lucy says:

        Can you tell is who the email was from? So we can check our inboxes. 🙂

        Thank you.

        ADMIN – Hi Lucy,

        What email are you talking about

  12. Patty says:

    Need to file a claim how do i go about it my friends received their checks already

    ADMIN – Hi Patty,

    The deadline for this class action settlement has passed. You no longer have legal recourse.

  13. Patricia E. Griffith says:

    Im Patricia of 112 n. 4th Ave. paragould, At. 72450. My claim was filed in plenty time im just concerned when the settlement will be dispersed among the class members. I have smokeds Marlboro light 100’s since I was 18 years of age. I am now 64 years old. Thank you

    ADMIN – Hi Patricia,

    Please contact the admin directly with your question.

  14. Jessica says:

    How do I final out If I file in time please email me

    ADMIN – Hi Jessica,

    Please resubmit your question as it is illegible.

  15. Kandy Bundy says:

    April 4, 2017

    I am trying to find out if I qualify or not to receive any funds from my claim. I have looked at different websites and have not found out the status and when the funds will be given out. Can you tell me who I can contactabout this settlement?

    ADMIN – Hi Kandy,

    You can contact the class action administrator whose contact information is listed above on the main page.

  16. Eyvonne says:

    Is there an update as to when checks will be sent out? I received an email response from the “info” email address stating they could confirm my web claim was received timely & complete – but I have not received any further information.

    ADMIN – Hi Eyvonne,

    I think I heard November from a community member that emailed the admin.

  17. Amy says:

    For those that sent emails, how long did it take you to get a response back?

    • Linda says:

      normslly you will get a reply within 24 hours maybe less…I was told yesterday checks would be mailed in May…

  18. Latricia says:

    I called the phone number on the Website and they told me that my check would be sent out in two weeks.

    • M says:

      I called today and the representative stated my check and my husbands check were mailed out on April 13 from Oregon – My husbands check will be for $851 but mine is for only $100 because apparently on my initial claim form I put down I smoked when I was 17 ( underage ) so my claim was reduced to $100 – it was an honest mistake that cost me over $1000 dollars

      • Heather Hardin says:

        My claim was was reduced to $100 for claiming the year I atarted amoking at age 17 and was buying them illegally. Man! Being 17 sure didnt stop them from getting our money, huh? I called the claims administrator and she informed me that the awards could not be appealed. I hesitated to include that year, but I went forward after re-reading the instructions- after all, when I was 17 there were cigarette vending machines at pizza places, in the movie theater, restaurants, and the mall. oh well.

  19. Linda says:

    I called today and my check was mailed out yesterday..April 13… ?

  20. Matthew says:

    Was told my check has been mailed, should get it in a few days.

  21. William john Williams says:

    I’m trying to find out when we get checks sent to us I filed in time but not sure where to check stats

    ADMIN – Hi William,

    Best place is our Facebook page.

  22. melissa smith says:

    i was told to call back in a week, my husband was told his check was mailed yesterday for the amount of $100, he has smoked for 40 years.

    ADMIN – Hi Melissa,

    Did he report smoking as a minor?

  23. Tamara Tackett says:

    I revived a check today I believe it is real but not sure

    ADMIN – Hi Tamara,

    Go visit our Facebook page to review samples.

  24. William says:

    Wife and I both received our checks today as well

  25. Amelia B Killingsworth says:

    I received a check for $100.00. Stating “The court has determined the claim was timely but materially incomplete because your claim requested a refund for at least one entire calender year in which you purchased cigarettes while under 18.

    ADMIN – Hi Amelia,

    I am hearing lots of reports like yours.

    • Angie Williams says:

      Not HAPPY! Received a $100 check because it said I purchased illegally! No I didn’t, but what about the years I was 18 or older and smoked!! I never once read where it said you wont be paid if you claimed to smoke under 18!!! This should make them realize even more the underage children can give others money to purchase their cigarettes!! They should at least pay for the legal years!

    • Mike Willey says:

      Same here. 16 was legal age when I started, but because they say “underage” in the agreement, we have all been screwed!!
      I feel like the lawyers cheated us!

  26. John Waddle says:

    I suppose it’s no fault but my own for not knowing about this lawsuit until today when a coworker showed me a pic of a check he received from Phillip Morris lawsuit. I’ve been smoking Marlboro light 100’s from 1984 until the company started putting the fsc chemical in them back in 2008 I believe. I have had to have openheard surgery due to smoking. And wish I could have quit a long time ago. Or for that matter never started. Hope all the people get something from the damage they caused. And a special thanks to the attorneys that represented then.

  27. Jena Rice says:

    Im going to retain an attorney to file suit against Thrash Law Firm PA for unfair settlements.

    • v says:

      me too! It was NOT illegal to smoke or buy cigarettes when I was 17! even the schools had smoking sheds are designated smoking areas for the kids!

      • cm434 says:

        i received the check for 100 too, because i was underage, but i could buy cigarettes any where at 16, and yes my junior high school had smoking rooms too. not following how you could buy cigs at 16 back then in stores, but last week i received another check for 300, saying claim total was 400, but im seeing so many who actually got all the years, not the you were underage amt. ive smoke 30 years.

        ADMIN – Hi CM,

        Your best bet is to contact the class action administrator.

  28. joni says:

    I received my check but can’t cash it because I bank with Money card? What am I supposed to do?

    ADMIN – Hi Joni,

    Have you tried a check-cashing facility?

  29. Leslie says:

    I received my settlement check yesterday for 100.00 because it say i was a minor (which i was) You are supposed to be honest when reporting these things so i was that cost me 1000.00, that is not right. First off it was NOT illegal to buy at 17 when i started smoking, Ok so DO NOT give me credit for that year, but dont pocket 1000.00 like its nothing, I dont think that is right and this should be looked into. I think that an attorney needs to look at all the folks they are disqualifying due to being underage, and only giving 100.00 because they were truthful.

  30. sshirley says:

    My husband also received this reduction to $100. We also have not cashed the check, and will be looking into our rights to sue for the rest of his settlement. Despicable considering the target age for marketing at the time for the tobacco companies was 16 to 21, and they certainly took his money at age 17 on his college campus. They were not illegal to possess underage, the sale would have been illegal. As the minors in this situation, everyone who was reduced for this reason did nothing illegal at all.

  31. christie says:

    My husband only received 100.00 dollars he called the administrators and they said they made a mistake
    they used the date he started smoking with his birthdate they said they would fix it and call us back in 72 hours
    I think this may have happened to a lot of people who know they used the correct birthdate

  32. Jolie King says:

    My settlement was reduced to $100 like many others. They claim I bought underage for at least one calendar year, etc…
    Who is pocketing our money? They told me on the phone there was no appeal or recourse. I requested a copy of my claim. Completely unfair!!!

  33. paul cole says:

    My check, like a lot of others apparently, was reduced to $100.00 on the grounds that one calendar year I supposedly put down I was a miner. I do not believe that it was listed that way, but even if a mistake was made that should not exclude all the other years that I smoked after being of age. Does anyone remember how easy it was to purchase cigarettes 30 to 40 years ago? They didn’t care how old you were and vending machines were all over the place. Cigarettes were glamorized by Hollywood, in magazines, on TV and billboards. Anyway, I called to object to the amount, but was told there was nothing they could do. It appears that a lot of people who had larger claim amounts due were reduced to $100 for supposedly claiming a year when they were a minor. How convenient for them to not pay all that extra money. And as another person pointed out, why should she be penalized for telling the truth when she smoked. I think I will try the governors office first. If they won’t do anything I will try going to channel 7 on your side. They can look into the judge and the lawyers and see how their pockets are being lined while once again taking from the little guy. Let’s see if we voted the right governor in and if he will do anything for us.

  34. kendric says:

    hey does walmart cash those settlement checks

    ADMIN – Hi Kendric,

    I believe some do.

  35. Carl williams says:

    Can you check on Carl williams settlement please.

    ADMIN – Hi Carl,

    I can’t. You must contact the admin directly.

  36. justin lozano says:

    I know 45 million wasnt paid out i want my money

    ADMIN – HI Justin,

    We are not the class action admin thus we are unable to assist in securing your money. Contact the class action admin directly

  37. justin lozano says:

    If i dont get more im takeing jg go court and going public they are ripping us off i bet they got millions

  38. Sabrina A Browers says:

    I too only received $100. I believe the smoking age was raised to 18 in AR in 1987. So, in 1986 when I was 16 it was legal for me to buy and at some point in 87 it became illegal to purchase if you weren’t 18. I turned 18 in Nov. Of 87. I wonder what month in 87 the law changed ? Furthermore our school also had designated smoking areas, no one carded, there were vending machines, and Sonic even sold them in my town. I feel so ripped off and disappointed in our legal system. Namely Judge Fox and the claims administration. I’m with anyone wanting to start a class action against the state. I’m going to email 7 on your side. They might be able to at least publicly shame the people who are lining their pockets with made up technicalities. The claim for says ALL PERSONS who smoked Marlboro Lights between 1971-2010.

  39. Sabrina A Browers says:

    CDC: 66% OF ALL SMOKERS BEGIN BEFORE 18 ! So I imagine AR was able to reject around 66% of the claims ?

    • cathy says:

      I never knew about this Was it made public? I smoked marlboro lights and still do for many years switched when they said it was healthier this lawsuit still pending? Can I do anything now?

      ADMIN – Hi Cathy,

      Yes, this was made public in the news and other channels. There is nothing you can do anymore since the deadline has passed.

  40. Sabrina A Browers says:

    As a matter of fact, here’s the math, to my best edtimate. If 21,000 people filed a claim and 66% were probably “determined by the court to be illegal”, that’s 13,860 people who were likely
    denied. If those 13,860 people were supposed to recieve an estimated $2000 that would be $27,720,000. At $100 each = 138,600 a difference of $26,334,000. SO WRONG ! DEFINITELY WORTH SOME LAWYERS TIME TO TAKE ON ANOTHER CLASS ACTION TO FIGHT THIS LACK OF JUDGMENT! !!!!! I’M SO F______ MAD ! CHEATED! ROBBED ! BY THE PEOPLE THAT WERE SUPPOSEDLY FIGHTING FOR US !

    • Leslie says:

      I totally agree! Somebody is lining their pockets. I did not ready ANYWHERE in there that it was for smokers 18 and older. It ask WHEN you started smoking! I have not cashed the 100.00 check they sent.

  41. Timothy Gould says:

    I too got the 100 dollar settlement , I sent the Ark attorney general an email and have not heard back, a class action lawsuit would benefit all of us now

  42. Mike says:

    This article tells exactly how many payouts went to “valid” claims and to “invalid” claims. Very interesting read:

    “Of the 26,001 applications received over the three-month claim submission period, 13,035 were deemed valid and complete by the court and will divide the bulk of the award money, $17.3 million, which averages out to about $1,325 per claim.
    There were 7,486 flawed applications submitted, and each of those claimants will be paid $100.”–1/?news

  43. James says:

    The judge made the decision on who got what not the lawyers the lawyers got about 29 million dollars for their 13 years of fighting the case you can read all about it in the document section at

  44. jeremy walters says:

    Wow!!!! I got over 3 grand. I was a happy camper!!

  45. Sabrina A Browers says:

    I gave my info to Helen Rice Grinder. She’s an awesome attorney here in Conway. I don’t think she does class actions, but she told me she thinks we might have a case based on our “illegal underage purchases” because that wasn’t the law when we were 16 and 17. She forwarded my info on to another attorney and I’m waiting to hear back from her. If there are any people interested in joining me, you can email me at I will post more details later.

  46. James says:

    Wonder if we can sue for the damages that the Marlboro lights caused

    ADMIN – Hi James,

    You can always sue, that does not mean that you will win.

  47. Susie Nenninger says:

    I smoked lights for two decades and I didn’t receive any thing ..

  48. Angela Stallworth says:

    I never received payment or letter

  49. Marilyn Hogue says:

    The attorneys did not represent the people, Thrash said he thought it was fair for the 100.00, the attoney that represented the people, the one who made millions! smoking was not regulated until President Clinton in the 80’s he never brought it up to the judge, because he was out for hisself! call the federal trade & tobacco regulations, judge does not know what he is talking about, although they have changed the story to the legal age of as now. They now have mislead tbe consumer when they ask them to fill out the forms , they lied to them on what they said they would pay them! They still have the money and the attoney said the judge would donate to a charity who will that benifit? The money was to be given to the consumer, not a charity. We sent the 100.00 back not what we agreed on when we filled out the forms. We were mislead and lied to. Keep your 100.00 this is a sham on the consumer they used us as a pond to get paid millions. Everyone should make a complaint for them going against what they agreed to pay. We could of backed out and they would not of had the people to go against Marlboro! Circuit Judge Tim Fox Thanks! Remember that name when you vote!

  50. Sandra S. says:

    I got almost $4000. But I am 55 started smoking at 12 but I did put from 18 on. My question is I got the court order letter on “Cy Pres” saying that the 2.2 million will be distributed to the 3rd party because it’s not economically feasible to redistribute out to the consumer. How is that when in the lawsuit it is all suppose to be paid out, if they divided it according to the lawsuit there would not be any left to distribute to the 3rd party. How are they allowed to give it to 3rd party (U of A and William Bowen school of law) when it should go to the litigators of the settlement?

    ADMIN – Hi Sandra,

    If the amount available for each of the members of the class is lower than what it would cost to send the checks the admin can resort to the charity clause if one exists within the terms of the settlement.

  51. Marcia says:

    So is anyone filing suit against Thrash ??

  52. James says:

    A fried of mine got another 300.00 check today letter said it was left over and that some people would get more than that

  53. James says:

    I also got a letter yesterday stating 2.2 million that was left they want to give scholarships for law school

  54. James Easley says:

    I also got a letter yesterday stating 2.2 million that was left they want to give scholarships for law school

    ADMIN – Hi James,

    Thanks for the info.

  55. Amanda Michelle Taylor says:

    I need to know who I would contact to see if I’m to late. I am just now seeing all of this information. Please reply to

    ADMIN – Hi Amanda,

    You are too late and no longer have legal recourse.

  56. randall pearson says:

    Trying to find out about my refund , i had been emailing with last reply(On Friday, November 3, 2017 2:52 PM, info_marlborolightsclass wrote:

    Thank you for your e-mail.

    One of our customer service specialists will review and respond to your e-mail. In the meantime, you may access FAQs or view the Detailed Notice on the Settlement website, You may also call the toll-free line at 877-625-9432 to speak to one of our operators.

    Arkansas Marlboro Lights Settlement Administrator) now the adress just comes back domain failure . another email (On Friday, November 3, 2017 2:52 PM, info_marlborolightsclass wrote:

    Thank you for your e-mail.

    One of our customer service specialists will review and respond to your e-mail. In the meantime, you may access FAQs or view the Detailed Notice on the Settlement website, You may also call the toll-free line at 877-625-9432 to speak to one of our operators.

    Arkansas Marlboro Lights Settlement Administrator) yet nothing back i worked and bought marlboros in Ar for 15 yrs and can get a reply back ?

    ADMIN – Hi Randall,

    We are not the class action administrator thus we are unable to answer your questions regarding the claim. You need to reach out to them directly.

  57. randall pearson says:

    To debbie dwyer 11/03/17 at 2:52 PM
    Thank you for your e-mail.

    One of our customer service specialists will review and respond to your e-mail. In the meantime, you may access FAQs or view the Detailed Notice on the Settlement website, You may also call the toll-free line at 877-625-9432 to speak to one of our operators.

    Arkansas Marlboro Lights Settlement Administrator

    Please note: This is an automated e-mail response, please do not reply to this e-mail Dear Sir or Madam,

    Thank you for your email.

    We would be happy to research your inquiry. In order to locate your record in our database, please provide your complete name and address as well as any previous addresses that may be associated with your record.


    Baily Y-J

    Arkansas Marlboro Lights Class Action Class AdministratorDear Debbie Pearson,

    Thank you for your email.

    Your inquiry requires further consideration, we will respond to you once information is available.


    Baily Y-J

    Arkansas Marlboro Lights Class Action Class AdministratorDear Debbie Pearson,

    Thank you for your email.

    Your inquiry requires further consideration, we will respond to you once information is available.


    Baily Y-J

    Arkansas Marlboro Lights Class Action Class Administrator as well as a few others ! NO FUTHER REPLYS AFTER WAS ADVISED THEY WOULD CK ON IT

    ADMIN – Hi Randall,

    I would reach out to class counsel.

  58. Rhonda McCrory says:

    I received the “cy pres” letter and submitted my objection in writing to the administrator by the deadline.

    Has there been a ruling and if so, where/when is the remaining 2.2 million being distributed?

    ADMIN – Hi Rhonda,

    Have you checked directly with the class action administrator?

  59. chris h says:

    Need to reopen to give people more information so many did not know

    ADMIN – Hi Chris,

    I believe the whole settlement has been disbursed. No more money left

  60. Jerry says:

    Hi, My son was in jail when he received his check and did not find out about them until he got out.
    The cash by date has passed, can he get an updated check issued ?

    ADMIN – Hi Jerry,

    You cannot. Once the checks have expired the leftover funds are distributed to charity.

  61. Brian peaster says:

    I think it is really unfair that this was not made public so everyone could decide for them self’s if they wanted to participate or not I have smoked Marlboro lights since 1995 and I was born in 1976 and they told me that I was too young to get a settlement . Can some one please due something about this matter you can reach me at

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