Class Eligibility

You are a class member if during any portion of the time period from November 25, 1994 to November 25, 1998, you were (a) a resident of Massachusetts who purchased Marlboro Lights cigarettes in Massachusetts, or (b) a resident of Connecticut, Maine, New Hampshire, New York, Rhode Island or Vermont who regularly purchased Marlboro Lights cigarettes in Massachusetts.

Estimated Amount


The total amount will vary based on the number of valid claims

Proof of Purchase


Case Name

Thomas Geanacopoulos v. Philip Morris USA, Inc.
Civil Action No. 98-6002-BLS1
Massachusetts Superior Court

Case Summary

Plaintiffs brought this class action lawsuit against Philip Morris USA in 1998, claiming that Philip Morris violated the Massachusetts consumer protection law by falsely representing that Marlboro Lights were less harmful and delivered lower tar and nicotine than Regular Marlboros, when that was not the case.

Settlement Pool





Massachusetts Marlboro Lights Settlement
c/o Analytics
P.O. Box 2003
Chanhassen, MN 55317-2003
(844) 836-3605

77 responses to “Marlboro Lights Class Action Settlement (Massachusetts Only)”

  1. Cynthia Rhodes says:

    I have purchased malboro light.

    • Norma grindstaff says:

      I have smoked them for years

    • Lorie bouchard says:

      My name is Lorie bouchard I filled out the papers you sent me to my address at 547 north Belmont Street a d mail them back at least 8 months ago my sister and her husband got there checks three weeks ago $225.00 is it because I moved my new address 307 Wade Street fall River ma.02724

      ADMIN – Hi Lorie,

      Leaving a note here will not result in any resolution. You need to reach out to the class action administrator.

  2. Norma grindstaff says:

    I have brought them for years.

  3. Karen allard says:

    When will we be receiving a check? I have filled out the claim form a long time ago.

    ADMIN – Hi Karen,

    You will receive a check when the class action administrator has finished processing all the claims.

  4. norman kinney says:

    who can I contact about the payment on this lawsuit

    ADMIN – Hi Norman,

    Massachusetts Marlboro Lights Settlement
    c/o Analytics
    P.O. Box 2003
    Chanhassen, MN 55317-2003
    (844) 836-3605

    • Barbara says:

      got mine today $225.00

      • Robin Ingemi says:

        Barbara ,
        Im hoping you can help me Please ? I also received a check for $200 but threw the stub awa by accident and didn’t get chance to read it so am I supposed to send something back from that stub ? To continue the unity checks or fill anything out ?

  5. Joann Landry says:

    Would like to no how long before I hear from you about the settlement

    ADMIN – Hi Joann,

    At the moment we don’t have any updates as to when the checks will be issued.

  6. Will says:

    Hurry up and wait!!! For What…? For them to send you a check that might buy you 2 more cartons of Smokes.
    So when you wind up in an emphysema hospital waiting to be wheeled out the back door instead of walking out the front door, please tell me, what difference will that $75 make then? That’s what I thought!
    SMOKE UP!!! ;))

  7. Joline says:

    I just received a check. How do i know if it is real?

    ADMIN – Hi Joline,

    Banks can verify checks.

  8. Patty says:

    Received settlement check today….3/16. $225.

    • rachel says:

      So did I but am wondering if it is a real check.

      • Terry says:

        Same here can we cash these checks without getting into trouble?

        ADMIN – Hi Terry,

        Generally class action settlement checks can be cashed without getting in trouble.

    • Anna Sullivan says:

      Yeah I got mine today to 2:25 forgot all about it but I’m not going to buy cigarettes with it I’m going to have a me day

    • kathy rogers says:

      me, too

    • Art Barbeau says:

      I received my check today 3/18 for $225
      Makes you wonder why so much when they were figuring $75 max depending on number of claims.

      ADMIN – Hi Art,

      I believe this is because they validated your claims against public records and declined many fraudulent claims. At the same time, many people who were in fact entitled never did bother to apply.

    • Lindsey says:

      I did too. Same amount.


    O would like to know when this class action will be settled. I am still waiting on a check. Thanks Eddie

    ADMIN – Hi Eddie,

    Here is the link hosting the latest status for this class action settlement:

  10. Karen says:

    I received my check yesterday 3/16 for 225,00

    • Vincent Titone says:

      Recieve my check on March 17,2017 made out to estate of Vincent Titone . The bank will not cash it

      ADMIN – Hi Vincent,

      Contact the class action admin to see if they can help you.

    • Dave says:

      Same here, check came 03/17 for $225.

  11. Stephanie says:

    Will people who were deemed “disallowed” be notified? My husband and I both filed, but have not received anything yet.

    ADMIN – Hi Stephanie,

    Normally you do receive a notification of rejection

  12. Judy says:

    I received my check 225.00 today 3/17/2017

  13. Geno says:

    Got my check 225.00 check today. I completely forgot I had included myself in this.

  14. Patricia says:

    I received my check today 3-17-2017 for $225.00 I’ll take it thank you !!

  15. Cindy Jackson says:

    I had know idea of this I wish I new I had been buying them since I was 15 years old wow just had no idea on this

  16. Amy Lagacy says:

    Received check today 225.00 and its a real check cashed it at my bank went towards rent.

  17. Donna Borges says:

    I never received any thing about this I smoked Marlboro til October 1994 then switch to Marlboro light because they were serpose to be better Ya right now I use and inhaler and a breathing machine.

  18. Brenda Almeida says:

    I never got anything in the mail about the law suit. So, I never got a chance to fill out any forms. This is the first, I have heard of this. Don’t know if it is to late to do so. I am a former smoker of Marlboro Lights.

    ADMIN – Hi Brenda,

    Too late to file now.

  19. Colleen says:

    Rec’d my check yesterday 3/17 also, $225.00

  20. David e carlson says:

    Smoked lights for years how do I sign up

  21. Emily J O'Malley says:

    I’m pretty sure that I filed a claim on this lawsuit, but I never heard anything more.

  22. Jonah says:

    I smoked those for many years

  23. Russell says:

    Got my check today

  24. Stephanie says:

    Hubby and I both recieved checks today for $225 each. Thank you!

  25. katie2_2000@YAHOO.COM says:

    This might help towards my COPC inhalers.

  26. Susan Cronin says:

    Hi I filled it out and have not received any response.

    ADMIN – Hi Susan,

    I encourage you to contact the class action admin.

  27. Brian Oliveira says:

    I never got my CHECKS my friend just got 340 $ I filled out the paperwork so what’s going on you can e mail at my name is BRIAN OLIVEIRA 25 7TH STREET NEW BEDFORD MASS 02740

    ADMIN – Hi Brian,

    Class Action Rebates is simply an informational website with news about class action settlements. We cannot check on specific cases. To get information about your claim you must contact the class action administrator.

  28. Erin M. Neill says:

    How do I notify them?? My mother smoked those cigarettes for 30 years and now deals with COPD and chronic cough and constant breathing problems..?? Can anyone help??

    ADMIN – Hi Erin,

    How do you notify who? If you are asking how to file a claim please note that the deadline has passed and you no longer have legal recourse. If you are needing to change your mailing address you need to send a letter with your claim number and new address to the class action administrator.

  29. Amy Pacheco says:

    Well this is nice, never knew about this and my husband and I both smoked these for years, up until 2 years ago when we switched.

  30. Michelle says:

    By cashing this check does it obligate us to any other terms other than the settlement money? I don’t want to cash it and find later by cashing it I’m agreeing to some other terms. Bank verified it’s real but with scams out there advised me to make sure by cashing it I’m not but ding myself to something else.

    ADMIN – Hi Michelle,

    Refer to the long notice. When you cash this check you give away the right to bring lawsuit on your own.

  31. Lillian says:

    I completed 2 request 1 for spouse (1st) and 1 for me (2nd) mine went through and his did not?

    ADMIN – Hi Lilian,

    Have you contacted the admin to ask about this? Their info is posted above for your ease and convenience.

  32. Catherine Iwanczuk says:

    I smoked them for year

  33. Toni OCallaghan says:

    I been buying them for years

  34. Wendy Shepard says:

    I received my check today, and it states of there is no water marks to void. I don’t see anything, so how am I suppose to know if it’s real.

    ADMIN – Hi Wendy,

    Watermarks are only visible under certain type of light.

  35. Nanette says:

    I received mine but u pnly get one right

  36. Keith Mercure says:

    I have and still do smoke Marlboro Lt. And would like to be compensated for .

    ADMIN – Hi Keith,

    You are way too late for this one and no longer have legal recourse.

  37. merlenegallison says:

    i am writting on behalf of my brother john gallison he filled the papers out and never heard back where he lives he on a complex houseand never receive any payment he bought cigareetts in mass 2 cartoon a month so i dont have a computer so i ask my sister to writemy name is john gallison date of birthjuly71960

    ADMIN – Hi Merlene,

    For inquiries you must contact the class action admin and not us.

  38. Tammy giorgi says:

    I had and still do smoke Marlboro cigarettes. I also collected. I used to get merchandise and coupons, but had moved.

  39. Thomas Cryan says:

    I received my check on March 16th going to cash it today.Hope it is good ?

  40. vicki nason says:

    hi, my name is Vicki Nason. i received my claim check but it was lost. how do i go about getting it cancelled and re-issued?

    ADMIN – Hi Vicki,

    You contact the class action administrator. Their information is listed above under “contact”

  41. Jeff Bancroft says:

    I got a check for 225.00 shocked

  42. Cheryl Lynn Hutchins says:

    Got my $225.00 check. Going to deposit it today.

  43. Shawna Hardies says:

    I have been waiting for my refund for ever i have smoked marlboro lights for years and now have emphysema my mom same as me has copd and my husband has smoked lights also i need to get my class action refund please email me and let me know
    Thank you
    Shawna Hardies
    Also my mom has not gotten her refund
    Kathleen laconte
    31844 st rd 62
    Duette Florida 34219

    ADMIN – Hi Shawna,

    We are not the class action administrator thus we are unable to help you.

  44. William Harker says:

    I smoked Marlboro lighrs during those years

  45. Marie says:

    I got my $225 check dated march 13, 2017. Deposited it. And it bounced my bank account for nsf. I’ve emailed and no one has gotten back to me. This is causing so much inconvenience. NOT HAPPY

    ADMIN – Hi Marie,

    Call them instead.

  46. R Young says:

    I deposited my check about a week ago and there’s a hold on it with the message that the “paying bank indicates item may be returned”.
    What’s this about? Thanks

    ADMIN – Hi R,

    I believe it is the shape of the check that hinders reading the bottom numbers. Call the admin to see if they can reissue.

    • R Young says:

      The admin of the class action lawsuit? Like the attorney’s office? Please clarify. Thanks!!

      ADMIN – Hi R,

      The admin to a class action settlement is a third party charged with distributing the settlement. Their information is listed above under “contact”.

  47. lesa bilskie says:

    Roommate received hers but I still have not gotten mine sent both response same time. I lived in Worcester Mass for25 years and still smoke Marboro lights so what gives

    ADMIN – Hi Lesa,

    Reach out to the admin with your claim number to make sure your claim was processed.

  48. lesa bilskie says:

    Hope to hear something soon

  49. Karen Smith says:

    I’ve been trying to get my check it was mailed on April 13th didn’t have my apartment number on it told to send latter to law did that 13 days ago the lady I talked to now got to see where it’s at been over a month come on it don’t make sense Karen Smith

    ADMIN – Hi Karen

    Please email the admin to ask them to reissue the check.

  50. Russell Fortier says:

    How long does it take get our settlement information?

    ADMIN – Hi Russell,

    Have you reached out to the admin.

  51. Danielle Sylvia says:

    Why doesn’t the link work to use claim form?

    ADMIN – Hi Danielle,

    Please refer to the deadline. This is no longer an active claim.

  52. michael johnson says:

    Where is my check?

    ADMIN – Hi Michael,

    We don’t know. Have you tried checking with the class action admin?

  53. Stephen W Smith says:

    Hello, I just found that my bank could not clear this check # 174110 Can you reissue one to me. I have my claim # ending in 213

    Stephen W Smith
    40 Deepdale Drive
    Middletown NJ 07748

    ADMIN – Hi Stephen,

    We are not the class action administrator. Contact them directly to see if they can assist you.

  54. Tanya boucher says:

    OK how do we get ahold of the class action council because I just found my check dated March 27 2017… and I didn’t cash it and need to get it reissued so I can please!!!

    ADMIN – Hi Tanya,

    Generally when checks are not cashed timely they go into a second distribution fund which is sent first to the people that actually cashed their checks and secondarily to charities. You can find the contact information for class counsel in the official page under the FAQ but I don’t think you will be able to recoup the money.

  55. ryan Pancine says:

    id like to know, why I never got any mail, calls, or nothing pertaining to this case? I submitted my form online, within time frame. I even saved the letter, wrote down the day and time that I finished enrollment, and I found the form going thru my drawers, and learned it was paid out on? and I didn’t get anything when I was a claimant?

    ADMIN – Hi Ryan,

    Based on your narrative your check was probably stolen in the mail. That is very common. I want to encourage you to follow us on Facebook that way you know when people receive their checks and you can follow up immediately with the Class Action Administrators if you don’t receive yours.

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