Class Eligibility

You are a Class Member of this settlement if: You are a member of the class if your membership at a Massage Envy franchise within the United States was cancelled, terminated for non-payment, or not renewed between March 7, 2015 and June 30, 2016, and you have at least one accrued and unused 50-minute massage; or You were an active Massage Envy member as of June 30, 2016.

Estimated Amount

Varies If your Massage Envy membership was cancelled, terminated or not renewed, you may submit a Reinstatement Request to have approximately 75 percent of your unutilized massages reinstated. The reinstated massages may only be used at your membership location. If you have moved more than 25 miles away from the Massage Envy location, you may elect to have a new “home clinic” designation if you provide the required documentation.
Proof of Purchase
Case Name
Donna Zizian v. Massage Envy Franchising LLC, Case No. 16-cv-00783-DMS-BGS District Court for the Southern District of California Michelle Bandell, et al. v. Massage Envy Franchising LLC, Case No. 16-cv-01236-DMS-BGS District Court for the Southern District of California
Case Summary
According to the lawsuit documents Massage Envy Franchising LLC prevented members from using accrued massages after membership cancellation, termination or non-renewal. Massage Envy Franchising LLC prevented members from using accrued massages after membership cancellation, termination or non-renewal. I
Settlement Pool
Zizian v. Massage Envy Franchising LLC c/o GCG P.O. Box 10314 Dublin, OH 43017-5914 Phone: 1-888-372-6327 Fax: 614-553-1409

31 responses to “Massage Envy Prepaid Massage Class Action Settlement”

  1. Leif Dumm says:

    I guess I am a little too late.

    ADMIN – Hi Leif,

    Totally late

    • V. Hewitt says:

      This issue is tell happening with former members… I think we need to start another lawsuit.

      ADMIN – Hi V,

      Contact the class action attorney that handled this.

  2. Aline Castellano says:

    WTF? they cancelled my membership without telling me, took my massages away and now i’m too late to participate???

    ADMIN – Hi Aline,

    Sorry to hear that. 🙁

  3. Lynne walker says:

    I submitted my claim as directed to do so by the deadline and have heard nothing back. Please let me know what the outcome was.

    ADMIN – Hi Lynne,

    I believe this settlement has been paid and the admin has closed the administration offices.

    • Cathy Hartley says:

      I did the same and never heard anything back

      ADMIN – Hi Ladies,

      It is best to constantly check the status of a settlement that way you can escalate as soon as the checks are issued. Normally if we wait more than 90 days the admin closes shop

    • Laura Leppanen says:

      I did everything I was supposed to do in order to get reimbursed for my massages. Never received anything

      ADMIN – Hi Laura,

      Sounds super frustrating but there is not much you can do now.

  4. Ronda J Carter says:

    I was a part of this lawsuit, but never contacted for the settlement.

    ADMIN – Hi Ronda,

    Are you saying you filed a claim?

    • Mandy says:

      I also filed a claim and never received anything?

      ADMIN – Hi Mandy,

      Not much that you can do now

  5. F says:

    I believe I was also part of the settlement and never heard anything. I have 4.5 massages left that i paid for and not able to ever use, plus I moved out of the state. So now I have to eat basically $200.00 for unused massages. I dont understand

    ADMIN – Hi F,

    Why did you not file a claim?

  6. YB says:

    Do you have any idea how to change the email address that I registered for the settlement with? My notification says they’ll let me know via email if my sessions are reinstated, but the email address is no longer valid. The website is also no longer valid, so I have no way of changing the address.

    ADMIN – Hi YB,

    When the website shows as no longer valid it means that the settlement has been paid.

  7. Kassandra Hartmann says:

    I was canceled for the same thing I didn’t even know that there was a lawsuit or a claim against them! Had I known that I would have never purchased a membership! Now I’m out Over 200$ I have paid and can’t even use! Anything I can do

    ADMIN – Hi Kassandra,

    Sadly there is not. The window of opportunity has closed.

  8. Carey Wells says:

    I received the class action letters and opt’d to be included in the lawsuit, however I did not keep the paperwork that apparently contained my unique ID code that I now need to submit a reinstatement claim. How do I go about finding my unique ID code?

    Thank You

    ADMIN – Hi Carey,

    The deadline for this settlement expired long time ago. You no longer have legal recourse.

  9. Candice says:

    I was apart of this lawsuit and never heard or benefited from the end result.

    ADMIN – Hi Candice,

    It is best to contact the class action administrator immediately after other class members have received their payment with any escalations. If you wait too long you are generally left without recourse for escalation.

  10. Lina Markus says:

    I received an email, registered followed up several times and was told that I will be paid back I just need to wait to receive the final settlement results. And nothing since!!! Just a bunch of lies… nowcall the numbers I had are disconnected and all the emails are not valid anymore…

    ADMIN – Hi Lina,

    We have found that the best way to escalate settlements is to do it in a timely manner. To stay in the loop as to which settlements have been paid I invite you to follow our Facebook page.

  11. Morie A. Burke says:

    Hi.. I submitted my claim per the instructions, a while ago so it was certainly by the deadline, and have heard absolutely nothing back. How can this be right? My membership expired and I had like 5 unused massages. So we get ripped off by Massage Envy and then again by the firm handling the class action?

    ADMIN – Hi Morie,

    Did you try contacting class counsel?

  12. Ladylaw701 says:

    just heard about the class action suit against Massage Envy. I over heard about this class action in the midst of some ppl talking about the harassment that was happening at Massage Envy. However, I did not receive any correspondence about the settlement case. I had over 10 massage on my account that were not used. Since I was not contacted, is there any way to contact the corporate office and talk to them about the settlement?

    ADMIN – Hi Lady,

    I don’t think so but you can certainly try.

  13. Isaac lasky says:

    Hi I just found out about this law suit now that I wanted to use 10 and 1/2 hours of services, was told that my account is “ suspended and can not use my hours until. I pay the last 3 payments ( they tried to charge my Amex card that expired 3 months ago my new card with the same numbers is current.
    In order to get my 10 hours they want me to pay $20 per month to “freeze plus “ account
    Is there another class action suit in process, their practice is damaging and offers no solutions

    ADMIN – Hi Isaac,

    I don’t think there is another class action in the works.

    • Nicole says:

      I put my account on freeze this Jan 1, 2018 through June 1, 2018. It is now Feb 21 and I would like to terminate my Massage Envy account, but I don’t know how I can get access to the 3 stored/unused hours. I also called ME and asked if I could use my unused hours while my account is on freeze. They told me that I would have to do the “Freeze Plus,” which is $20 a month to use the already unused hours that I have accumulated. This is quite ridiculous as I have already paid for those hours, now I have to pay more to use them! Ripoff!!

      ADMIN – Hi Nicole,

      This class action settlement has expired. You may no longer claim.

      • MJ says:

        I cancelled my membership in December 2017 and received an email from an individual at the location where I joined acknowledging my cancellation. It has been over 2 months and ME is STILL charging my credit card for services I no longer wish to receive. I really do not care to recoup any massages I have on the books or set foot in any of their locations again. I just want them to stop charging my card. Any ideas short of hiring an attorney and taking them to court?

        ADMIN – Hi MJ,

        Deal with their corporate office directly.

  14. Gina Donahue says:

    I was part of the class action lawsuit and was never notified of the settlement. is there a number I can call?
    This is really ridiculous.

    ADMIN – Hi Gina,

    The administrator made this public through magazines, on the web and in the news. There is not much you can do now. This is a very old settlement.

  15. Noemi S says:

    I was part of the class action lawsuit and was also never notified of the settlement. So this was made public, however I was notified by email of the lawsuit ! Why were we not notified ? A letter ? An email? This is ridiculous !!
    **** Records indicate that you were a member of a Massage Envy® Franchise before June 30, 2016, and that you may have previously received notice of a proposed settlement as a class member in a lawsuit entitled Hahn v. Massage Envy Franchising, LLC. PLEASE READ THIS SUMMARY NOTICE AND THE FULL VERSION OF THIS NOTICE AVAILABLE AT THE WEBSITE BELOW CAREFULLY – YOUR RIGHTS AND THE BENEFITS TO WHICH YOU MAY BE ELIGIBLE HAVE CHANGED

    ADMIN – Hi Noemi,

    You can always reach out to class counsel to voice your complaint.

    • Noemi S says:

      Is there a contact number ?

      ADMIN – Hi Noemi,

      This is the name of class counsel, you can use Google to find contact info

      Frank J. Johnson
      Brett M. Weaver

  16. Natalia B says:

    Contacting in regards to the outcome of the Zizian vs massage envy settlement. No letter or anything and I made a claim within the deadline. So what’s the next step? No one has contacted me. Thanks

    ADMIN – Hi Natalia,

    This settlement was paid out a very long time ago. The administrator has closed shop and you may no longer escalate.

  17. Rich Minshall says:

    So, Massage Envy won the lawsuit after all? I had $1200 in unused massages when I stopped paying for the monthly massage that my wife was too busy to use, and this is gone because I did not spend my time trying to call in? Pathetic… why was I notified at all? So that the there was the minimum number of complaints to process and close in 90 days? What a farce.

    ADMIN – Hi Rich,

    We are not class counsel or class action admins for this case. We are thus unable to answer your questions.

  18. Carmen M Vega-Florez says:

    I got these cards in the mail a few years ago and I filled them out and mailed them.
    the reason I stop going because my last message I had to go to the ER because the therapist did to hard that it trigger pain. I explained that to them and the wouldn’t honor all of the accumulated messages that I had.

    ADMIN – Hi Carmen,

    This settlement was paid many months ago. At this point you no longer have legal recourse.

  19. Dana Anderson says:

    I filed a claim, returned my paperwork with 13 massages owed to me and never heard another thing. I think this lawsuit and lawyers scammed us.

    ADMIN – Hi Dana,

    It is entirely possible your check was lost in the mail and your funds became part of the second distribution.

  20. Barbara Suyehiro says:

    I understand the class action suit was about clients who discontinued the membership and then had their credits denied. I am wondering if anyone has a similar case to mine that: Because credits would be invalid if I had quit, I’m stuck in a revolving door of accruing continuous credits and still paying to be a member in order to use the credits I have. I am limited to how many I can transfer to my friends, and thus will end up being a lifetime member.

    ADMIN – Hi Barbara,

    Reach out to a class action attorney

  21. Mechell says:

    I received information about the class suit and filed a claim and never received a settlement. To this day I still receive calls from Massage Envy telling me I owe them money but I have over 20 unused sessions on book, and the only way I can use my sessions is if I pay them more money. So either way I am still screwed out of money.

    ADMIN – Hi Mechell,

    Yes, sadly you are too late to escalate this issue.

  22. Yvonne Ashby says:

    Massage Envy
    147 Remsen St. Blyn
    Highway Robery
    I cancelled contract. 12/13/17 and massage envy continues to charge my credit card – I was able to work with my credit card to retrieve funds.
    The above massage clinic is closed. September 2018 and is charging my credit card.for non-service

    ADMIN – Hi Yvonne,

    Have you contacted the central customer service # for Massage Envy?

  23. Kathleen Sullivan says:

    Have 39 accrued credits due to Covid-19 closures and health mandates. Advised by Massage Envy that if I cancel membership, I will lose accrued credits in 60 days. If I suspend account to stop payments from accruing additional credits, I will be unable to access any accrued services. When asked if I can use them now with medical documentation excluding me from mask-mandate, I was told no. Asked if I could transfer them to other family members and was told I can only transfer one every six months. Massage Envy accepted advanced payments in the State of Nevada for services in the amount of $2,535 and are denying all reasonable options to either access services, terminate services and use accrued services at a later date, allow family members to utilize paid services on my behalf or receive a refund.

    • Angelica (Admin) says:

      Kathleen, we are sorry to hear that. It’s also terrible that you are 5 years too late to join this class action settlement. As you can see above, the Claims Deadline was way back 2016. We hope you will find other means to make use of your accrued credits. Good luck.