Class Eligibility

You are a member of the class if you are a person within the U.S. who were called on a cell phone by Midland or their subsidiaries, affiliates or related companies (other than Asset Acceptance LLC, Atlantic Credit & Finance, Inc. or Propel Financial Services) in connection with the collection of an alleged debt using a dialer or by artificial or prerecorded voice message without prior express consent between Nov. 2, 2006 and Aug. 31, 2014.

Estimated Amount

Varies This settlement includes monetary compensation for members who have paid their debt in full and debt forgiveness for those who have not
Proof of Purchase
Cell #
Case Name
In re: Midland Credit Management Inc. Telephone Consumer Protection Act Litigation Case No. 11-MD-2286 MMA (MDD) District Court for the Southern District of California
Case Summary
The lawsuit who alleges that the plaintiffs received multiple harassing cell phone calls at all hours of the day from Midland Funding, Midland Credit Management and Encore Capital Group without their prior express consent.
Settlement Pool
In re: Midland TCPA Claims Administrator PO Box 30198 College Station, TX 77842-3198 888-557-3460

159 responses to “Midland Credit Management TCPA Class Action Settlement”

  1. Allen Payne says:

    Mcm called my cell about 10 times a day they need to be put out of business

  2. Diane Moore says:


    • Monica bourg says:

      I want to participate.

      ADMIN – Hi Monica,

      Fantastic! If you believe you are a member of this class please file your online claim.

      • mike says:

        What does capacity mean when you sign for this claim?

        ADMIN – Hi Mike,

        Capacity means the role of representation that you have in association to the claim.

  3. Long hai nguyen says:

    My name is Long . I want to participate in this TCPA class action

    ADMIN – Hi Long,

    To participate in a settlement you must submit a claim. Please use the orange link that leads to the claim form.

  4. Larry Rodgers says:

    I believe my number was 760-212-2821. I would like to be part of this class action

    ADMIN – Hi Larry,

    If you are a member of this class please file your claim following the directions provided.

  5. Michelle Wheeler says:

    I know my number was call a whole lot, to the point i felt like i was being harassed by all the phone calls i was receiving from them….

  6. theresa says:

    they will call me all day and harass me and sometimes my kids will answer

  7. luke rachal says:

    yes I was called by midland credit corp

  8. Lisa Abramoska says:

    Oh yes, it was very annoying. They called repeatedly , a lot!!! I would have to shut my phone off at times due to the amount of times they called. I will participate in this action.

  9. Brenda Pepper says:

    Yes I was also harassed by Midland on my cell phone.

  10. Brenda Pepper says:

    I too was harassed by Midland.

    • Latoya says:

      They harassed me so bad I had to go the e r due to my blood pressure went up.

      • Jennifer says:

        Sad. MCM purchases old debt for pennies on the dollar. The original creditor has already written debt off the filed a charge off on corporate tax the negative /damage is done. No incentive whatsoever pay a debt once purchased by a collection agency

  11. Kirk Jones says:

    January 23,2016 at 1:07pm
    I believe my number was called so many times I lost count.
    I don’t under stand how they can stay in business.

  12. Fernando L. Paduani says:

    It’s been hell receiving phone calls at different times a day, I would like to be part of this class action, I received a legal noticed that I may be included in this class action settlement.

    ADMIN – Hi Fernando,

    We do not include people in settlements. It is up to you to complete a form and file a claim.

  13. Margaret Thomas Isom says:

    MY cell phone was called several times dail!y and I got tired of the harassment & irritating interruptions in my day. I don’t need it!

  14. lisa rogers says:

    they called me tons of times i tried to file your claim but it will not come up what should i do???

    ADMIN – Hi Lisa,

    I checked and the website to file claims appears to be working. As an alternative you may file a paper form and mail it before the deadline.

  15. Tia says:

    Hi, I am unsure of the phone number, can I provide multiple? What should I do?

    ADMIN – Hi Tia,

    You should contact the admin to have them verify the phone numbers you feel make you a part of this settlement.

  16. Octavia says:

    I have received several calls from this company using high pressure tactics and not wanting to answer any questions. There intentions were for me to supply my banking information without any explaination of who they were.

  17. Octavia says:

    I have been harassed by this company who did not want to supply any information. Their only intention was for me to provide banking information with no questions asked and when I did they became argumentative and hung up only to call me a day or two with the same intentions.

  18. Meredith h says:

    I had to change my phone numbers 3-4 times because of them finding my number from some where. and when they called they had a dialing system to transfer me to them and while it was doing that I heard they will be recorded. harassing me a lot and can’t even remember how many times I lost count. I never gave them consent to call me either.
    I don’t know what to do, is there any help for all of this.

    ADMIN – Hi Meredith,

    Please read the terms of the settlement again and if you feel you are a member of the class go ahead and file a claim.

  19. Ruby Trinidad says:

    What should I say then.

    ADMIN – Hi Ruby,

    If you are a member of the class file a claim.

  20. Jeremie Fuller says:

    They call my phone several times during the week and got tired of the harassment & irritating interruptions in my day?

  21. Bernard Koss says:

    I want to be inclued in this action

  22. c,straight says:

    Yes, as well,of the day!!!!!,
    what is the next step I DO??????

    ADMIN – HI C,

    The next step is to file a claim.

  23. Kira says:

    I have not only received calls from this company, but also received notices in the mail saying I owe past due on a payment from T-Mobile. I paid that off YEARS ago and I’m still receiving notices. What gives? I will definitely be filling out a claims form.

  24. peggy birge says:

    they called me so much I had my phone turned off and got a different phone and a new number.

  25. Phillip Howard says:

    I got a post card and I don’t know if this is a scam or if this is real, if it is real then I’m in but if this is a scam this a crappy way to steal people’s money. I will find out if this is a scam.

    ADMIN – Hi Phillip,

    This is real.

    • Phillip Howard says:

      Do I have to show all the times they called because i don’t remember when that was, it was a while ago.

      ADMIN – Hi Phillip,

      Generally people report times based on their best recollection.

      • Phillip Howard says:

        Well I can’t recall any of the calls and my phone records don’t go back that far so I guess I’m out.

  26. Janice Farley says:

    What if I don’t have the same cell phone number ? I was called on a daily basis .

    ADMIN – Hi Janice,

    You include your prior cell # and you need to be ready to provide evidence that it was your #

  27. Robert Garcia says:

    Been called ongoing bases told them to stop calling but calling continued

  28. Robert Garcia says:

    Been called ongoing bases told them to stop calling but the calls continued

  29. Marilyn Goldman says:

    I was receiving at least five phone calls a day from this company and because they are paid now I can’t be a part of this lawsuit. MCM made my life terrible and I was so scared to answer my cell phone.

  30. Ulani says:

    I received a notice and did file a claim……..
    I had them contacting me several times a day all day (Days, night and weekends) to the point I was talked to at work. I then got into a scream match with a few of their reps and a manager about calling my cell phone an then about the debt. My debt is settled with them and it is closed now. I am seeing this and MUST say this company is definitely way out of line in all aspects of business. This is not the 1st class action suit against them and probably wont be the last unless someone does something. They really need their license pulled or to be very closely monitored.

  31. Jo Ann Celestine says:

    I was receiving calls several times a day from MCM, and it was horrible how they would call asking me questions about my bill.I know that was against the law for them to do that to people. Making people lives miserable, it’s no use in doing that because you can’t squeeze blood out of a turnips.

  32. Gloria B Ruiz says:

    I’ve been called many of times, that I don’t pic up from being so tired of the calls

  33. Gloria B Ruiz says:

    Have been called many of times.

  34. Sima Rastkiz says:

    I got so many phone call from them early morning& late in the afternoon .
    It was so annoying.

  35. Kevin Massone says:

    Hello I received daily calls from MCM making my early to late evenings miserable they would not quit during that time period. Thank you Kevin

  36. jack duncan says:

    I will particpate

  37. jack duncan says:

    I would like to particpate…

    ADMIN – Hi Jack,

    Great, to participate you need to file a claim.

  38. John K. Robinson says:

    About time someone put a stop to calls all hours of the day and night….

  39. Armando Bonilla says:

    I have received several calls from this company all day every day. They will call my wife, father in law and my sons since they have the phones under my name they will be looking for me everywhere. It got really frustrated.

  40. Desiree Bishop says:

    I have received several calls from this company all day every day. They will call my wife, father in law and my sons since they have the phones under my name they will be looking for me everywhere. It got really frustrated.

  41. michille henry says:

    i have received countless phone calls for countless years to many letters and even went to court for debt that wasn’t mine just same name different dob on the 2nd court date they didn’t show up to court, judgment for midland funding denied. i still was at loss of wages due to having to miss work for 2 different day and still getting calls from them when do they quit never

  42. Cynthia M. rhodes says:

    I have received several calls from this company.

  43. Ramon Alvarado says:

    Oh yes they where calling me like crazy. I had to hang up on them several times a day. They were totally out of line. I would like to participate.

    ADMIN – Hi Ramon,

    If you believe you are a member of the class we encourage you to file a claim.

  44. Andrew sebastiano says:

    They called me a bunch of times since 2006.

  45. Douglas says:

    These people would call me several times a day and were very rude most of the time. They told me I had to deal with it and were very threatening.

  46. Betty Laird says:

    I had so many calls I had to block their calls.

  47. shawn flores says:

    I have gotten calls from this company

  48. Brenda L Young says:

    Yes I’m in also

  49. Sandra Williams says:

    I have gotten repeated calls from this company for years,

  50. paulette crosbourne says:

    I not only received calls from this company, ,but they were rude and obnoxious, I asked one of their rep how they got my cell phone number, I would be embarrass to tell you what he said to me they. should be put out of business. Please include me in the class action rebate.

    paulette crosbourne
    3912 pallas way apt 1g
    high point nc,27265

    ADMIN – Hi Paulette,

    To be included in a settlement you must file using the link provided.

  51. evelyn peterson says:

    I have received calls from this company on cell many times. They also are ex termly rude and aggressive.This company should be put put of business even when you tell them they are breaking the law they just keep screaming at you,
    Evelyn Peterson
    4969 snarks ave
    santa rosa ca 95409

    ADMIN – Hi Evelyn,

    Leaving your personal information on the comments is not sufficient. Kindly submit a claim using the orange link that points to the claim form. Fill out every field and click on submit.

  52. Jeaneen Boyd says:

    I had been abused by Midland as well and was forced to change my cell phone number and carrier twice. Please include me.

    ADMIN – Hi Jeaneen,

    In order to be included in a class action settlement you must file a claim by clicking on the orange link, inputting the requested info and hitting submit.

  53. Bernice says:

    I submitted a claim a few weeks ago. How do I know if you received it? I have been harassed by this company for years even when I have paid the debt off to the company they purchased the debt from. I even mailed in the proof and still years later they call me. They called when I was going through chemotherapy one day I was very sick and they kept on talking as if they didn’t hear me coughing up medication.

    ADMIN – Hi Bernice,

    You can contact the class action administrator to confirm that they have received your claim.

  54. Bobbi Kline-Reiter says:

    They called my cellular non-stop for quite a while.

  55. SherrellTalley says:

    Yes I was called and harassed by this company!!!!

  56. Brady S Hawkins says:

    They called non-stop all hours of the day/night. Not only that but they added more to my debt, and I had to pay a pretty good settlement and they purposely hurt my credit. I believe this company should lose everything they have because I doubt I’m the only one they have affected.

  57. Tisha says:

    MCM had another class action lawsuit within the past few years, and I believe it was for the same time period. Is this a separate class action lawsuit, or can people reimbursed in the last class action lawsuit be included in this one as well?

    ADMIN – Hi Tisha,

    You are a member of the class if you meet the following conditions:
    All persons in the United States who were called on a cellular telephone by Defendants or their subsidiaries, affiliates or related companies (other than calls made by Asset Acceptance LLC, Atlantic Credit & Finance, Inc. or Propel Financial Services) in connection with the collection of an alleged debt using a dialer or by artificial or prerecorded voice message without prior express consent during the period from November 2, 2006 through August 31, 2014, inclusive.
    Excluded from the Class are the Judges to whom the Action is assigned and any member of the Judges’ staffs and immediate families, as well as all persons who validly request exclusion from the Settlement Class.

  58. Sharon baker says:

    I was so sick of Midland calls very frustrating and especially at night and a whole lot of times while trying to focus on the job, a night mare!!!!!

  59. Jackie Sedam says:

    I was sick of them calling me and I told them to stop

  60. D SINGLE says:

    They have been phoning my job and still do I see the number and just let it ring. I thought they could not do that call your job.

  61. Sherell Johnson says:

    I’ve been getting phone calls from this company all the time. They made my blood pressure rise all the time. I’m glad someone is doing something about the harassment.

  62. norwood b knoebel says:

    I received a postcard with claim# and it was lost how do I find out what my number was thank you norwood knoebel

    ADMIN – Hi Norwood,

    You can contact the admin to request a replacement

  63. chucho says:

    I filed the claim. When will we know the final outcome?

    ADMIN – Hi Chucho,

    It may take a couple of years.

  64. Vicky Smith says:

    Harrasing calls every day. I want to file claim

    ADMIN – Hi Vicky,

    If you believe you are a member of the class please file a claim using the proper link.

  65. Machelle Crutchfield says:

    I was harassed so bad by these people that one time in 2011 a guy called and threatened with all kinds of things to get my banking info. They were going to ruin my credit to where i could never bank in the U.S. ever again, they also said that they were gonna have me put in prison if i didn’t ask family or friends for the money. I was trying to go to School and the harassment was unbelievable. I do not answer numbers anymore if they don’t leave a message just because of this incident. It is bad enough that I have family put me down and call me names, I don’t need this from some collection agency. I did not work while I was going to school. I also received a call while I was at school in class. they shouldn’t be allowed to do this to folks. I am very leary of answering any number that is not listed in my phone. I was very very upset after that phone call. Can they really do that stuff to u?

  66. Cheryl Turner says:

    I got so many calls that drove me crazy, because I had no idea why they kept calling me.


  67. Cheryl Turner says:

    They called me so many time and I had no idea why they kept calling me.


  68. dstewa says:

    So glad these people are being held accountable. They used to call me in excess of 10 to 12 times a day and threaten me and call me names. I filed a BBB complaint but nothing was done. They used to do this in odd hours of the day and into the night. Then they got my work cell number and started calling non stop there. They used to upset me so bad. I would be shaking and crying after. I had to screen my calls and they would call from different numbers.

    • Shannon Moore says:

      I am a class A member. I’ve already filed a claim but I want to tell you all that this was definitely a bad deal. When contacted on my cell phone, I was making an agreement to pay so much of a month when the lady next to me (my sister) shook her head no. She said that not anything about it sounded “ok”

  69. Jimmy mekelburg says:

    I have never conducted business with this company, but a debt using my names legal satire is at state. My information has been miconstrued from a state I never claimed residency. I have been a victim and nor do I understand why why my name is being used in another state. I never lived in Smethport P.A. I never even been there. Howe did this company allowyou social security number be used to credit this falsified information?

    ADMIN – Hi Jimmy,

    We have no clue. Your best bet would be to contact Midland and begin proceedings for stolen identity if that is what you feel is taking place.

  70. Maria Roxas says:

    Yes I would like to participate. They keep harassing by calling me. Thank God , this people will be punished.

    ADMIN – Hi Maria,

    To participate please file a digital claim using the link we have provided.

  71. Maria Roxas says:

    And they keep calling an holy hour. They disturbed me most of the day even at work. You supervisor
    called my attention . Thank for sending the legal notice

  72. James brown says:

    This is crazy I was called they were nagging and just wilding

  73. Teresa Kohanek says:

    These people called me numerous times, and are not very polit at all.

  74. Tina Leonard says:

    I did received a post card for this Midland TCPA lawsuit and I do believe i got several phone calls from them but can not recall dates…. please let me know my claim ticket post card says I HAVE A CLAIM NUMBER

    ADMIN – Hi Tina,

    I am not the class action administrator for this settlement. In order to contact the class action administrator and possibly secure your claim number you will need to use the contact information provided above. just scroll up all the way and you will see it under the heading titled: “contact”.

  75. Glory Murray says:

    They called me on my job as well at my home several times a day.

  76. Glory Murray says:

    They called me on my job as well as calling me several time during the day and night time hours.

  77. Mary Louise Brunson says:

    Please enter me in this lawsuit.
    239-940-8606 or 239-337-0572

    ADMIN – Hi Mary Louise,

    To be part of this lawsuit you must submit a claim using the link we have provided. That link which is available by scrolling up will open a new window in your computer. Once you are there you will be asked to fill out a digital form and submit. Leaving a comment on our website does not constitute a claim.

  78. Robert Sumner Jr says:

    MCM has called me over the years for a couple debts, but they were ordering it to be paid in full. When I explained I couldn’t, they were rude and threatened to take legal action. They called my job and kept calling almost daily.

  79. Karen Sumner says:

    MCM has called and kept calling a lot over the years for past due accounts. Rude and threatened to take me to court. They are still calling. It’s one phone call I don’t want to answer. For years they have been calling.

  80. Felipe M. Mercado says:

    Yes this company called me so many times, asking me when I was going to pay other wise I will be in all major credit bureau they’re rude and meant, to me that is not nice treat customers very unprofessional.

  81. Stephanie says:

    I received a card in the mail but I cannot remember for sure if I filled out the form. If I fill out another one, will it kick me out of the suit for duplicating?

    ADMIN – Hi Stephanie,

    Yes, it will probably mark you as duplicate. Try calling or emailing the admin to see if they can check their list of submitted claims.

  82. Zoe says:

    I filed the claim. They sent me a letter that if I don’t send payment they will forward my account to a lawyer. Should I pay at least $15?

    ADMIN – Hi Zoe,

    We are not in a position to give you advice as to wether you should or should not pay any pending debts.

  83. Jay says:

    Will being part of the settlement “open” my account with these yahoo’s again, thus resetting the 7 year clock on monies owed? so for another 7 years they are a blemish on my credit report all for probably $2 of debt forgiveness?

    ADMIN – Hi Jay,

    I don’t think so but let me closely read the terms so I can expand my response.

  84. Christine says:

    They called my home, sometimes 6 times a day, I had to get a lawyer to get them to stop.

  85. Marsha Somlar says:

    I do remember receiving harassing phone calls from this collection agency during the time mentioned

  86. peggy hicks says:

    I was called all times of the day even up to 10 o’clock at night.

  87. peggy hicks says:

    I was called all times of the day ,even up to 10: 00 at noght.

  88. Dianne ayersman says:

    They keep calling today and even when I answer it takes forever for them to come on the line they have called me 4 times this morning can’t speak English are rude and persistent.

    • Dianne ayersman says:

      On my account we went to court and proved it was identity theft so how did they get it?

      ADMIN – Hi Dianne,

      We have no idea. But in this instance the case relates to the credit management company calling you to collect in violation of TCPA. It has nothing to do with how the company came about your info.

  89. peggy hicks says:

    I was called everyday from 10:00 up to 10 at night.

  90. diana says:

    Hi, I clicked on the link to file a clam but It says the website isn’t valid? I’ve been harassed by these people and they would call me 5-8 times a day and all the way till 9pm PST!

    ADMIN – Hi Diana,

    I just checked the link and it works.

  91. Tammy Brown says:

    Called by MCM, still getting calls from them

  92. Alvin Evans says:

    got more phone calls from them then I have ever gotten in my life call over 10 to 15 time a day more if you did not answer the phone

  93. Cynthia Tidwell says:

    Just found out, went to my files & counted how many times MCM called my cell 41 times…I documented every time, date, length of messages along with keeping the recordings of threating & etc. messages that MCM called.

  94. Tresa says:

    Tresa says:
    I tried to explain to them the debt amount was not correct and they stated, I should have fix that problem before it got to them. I was call some much I put them on call block. The company start calling me from a new number 3 to 4 times a day starting at 7:00 am ending at 9:00 including Sunday. The last straw they sent me a certified letter to put a garnish on my wages. I am in if I qualify for this TCPA class action.

  95. will drapeau says:

    is this lawsuit for CELL phones only? or does it include harassing calls to my land-line?

    ADMIN – Hi Will,

    The Midland Credit Management class action lawsuit settlement is open to all Class Members within the U.S. who were called on a cell phone by Midland or their subsidiaries. No landlines.

  96. Jesse says:

    I am a victim of credit fraud. 2005 – 2009 there were 2 cell phone companies and 2 communication shops that were on my credit report for past due debt; the debt is not mine. My credit report was severely incorrect, but is fixed and monitored since. They tried to get me to sign and send in written statements that the debt was mine, before they would release copies of the contracts that I supposedly signed. During this same time frame the debt amount that appeared on my credit report was the same, but I noticed that two of them were different names. MCM and I have to find the credit reports from that period to state the other. I remember MCM because of the persistent annoyance. I believe that my debt was sold to MCM by on of the cell phone companies. Not illegal, but the debt is still on my credit report to date. My question is what rights do I have? The incorrect credit report during that time has cost me and will continue to cost me double the amount of mortgage (over 200,000 in interest alone,) because of a 30yr conventional home loan. Fixed 6.876%, the bank will not release me from the MIP, nor are they willing to discuss refinance for a lower rate. I know this was alot, but any advice?

    ADMIN – Hi Jesse,

    We are not in a position to give advice on legal matters or financial matters.

  97. Kristi VanVorhes says:

    I went through a divorce in 2006. Shortly after I had to file bankruptcy. A cell phone bill was supposed to be included in that bankruptcy. As far as I’m aware I’m not even sure this is on my credit report. At one point I even told this company I wasn’t worried about the debt because it wasn’t even on my credit report. I have the same cell phone carrier now on a contract and have great credit. With that being said shortly after it showed on my credit report as a collection. Then in some time it was removed. Long story short they’ve harassed me for years. In the last month or so I received the post card about this lawsuit. I thought these are the people and they’ve contacted me again and again at any and all times, hours, and days. Oddly enough in the last week this company has started called no me again. Today this morning again. I took it soon myself to answer their call this morning and made it clear to this gentleman that I was aware of a lawsuit and I was apparently part of it and to contact the attorneys because as far as I was aware that he wasn’t allowed to be calling me first of all by cell phone. I have apparently misplaced my post card with the lawsuit and attorneys information and I know the deadline is approaching. Can anyone help me with the information to participate in this lawsuit? Thank you for your time.

    ADMIN – Hi Kristi,

    Just select no on the digital form when you are asked if you received a postcard and that will give you the option to enter your cell number instead.

  98. hector says:

    i sure they have called me severall times ion my cell. they still call me at my house phone.
    but i have metro pcs phone no evidence of calls.

    ADMIN – Hi Hector,

    If you are certain they called you consider filing. Enter your # and they will check it against their list.

  99. Amanda Dubose says:

    My old numbers were 706-570-3610, 706-577-6349, 706-570-2884, and 706-570-5294. I recently changed carriers.

    ADMIN – Hi Amanda,

    Leaving your numbers here does not count as filing a claim. Please carefully review the instructions to submit your claim.

  100. Shoneka Chambers says:

    I have received several calls from mcm for the since 2006.

  101. marcilla marable says:

    Mcm, has sent me letters in the mail foe bills that has already been paid. Mcm has affect my credit report by making claims that I owe money that I do not owe.

  102. Alesha Green says:

    MCM have sent me mail for several years my name at the time was Alesha Colston I have no idea who they are and I still have some of the letter .

    ADMIN – Hi Alesha,

    TCPA settlements are related to contacts via cell phone, not snail mail correspondence.

  103. Velvaline Johnson says:

    I received several calls a day to my cell and my work phone. I asked to call me after a certain time and to stop harassing me at work they refused, I had to change my number.

    ADMIN – Hi Velvaline,

    Do you plan to file a claim? or are you simply sharing your experience with other community members?

  104. Jimmy says:

    They tracked me down using face book.They contacted my ex-wife They told my ex-wife that Arkansas was a community property state an that she could be responsible for my debt (Lie #1) So my ex-wife gave them my sister phone number.They called my sister in Texas they told her he was with Arkansas state police (lie #2) he was following up on a missing person report he told my sister me an my wife had been reported missing for 2 weeks (lie #3) I had talked to my sister a few days before he called her so she knew something wasn’t right My sister asked the guy on the phone his name an badge # he refused to answer her question she asked repeatedly 2 more time the same question the guy hung up on her. Midland Credit Management will do anything to collect a debit even say they are with law enforcement.

  105. Christopher Garvey says:

    From calls all day to a letters too more calls I blocked the number and they call from another phone, so I block that number, they called back and I swear it came from a cell phone

  106. Pamela says:

    I would like to participate.

    ADMIN – Hi Pamela,

    To participate please click on the link that reads “click here to file a claim…” and follow the instructions on the claim page.

  107. piper union says:

    I was also harassed by Midland Credit Management, Inc without my consent my rights was violated they called everyday all day.

  108. Deep says:

    I almost lost my job with these people calling me constantly an i already talked to them and setup payment plans even though midland had gotten there information WRONG. I just wanted them to stop calling. These people are leeches

  109. erin says:

    what if your number is not being accepted?

    ADMIN – Hi Erin,

    Are you talking about your claim number or phone #?

  110. zee says:

    Yes I was called so many times from this #…. however at the time the phone # was under my girlfriend name, but I have been using this phone # from last 10-12 yrs..what should I do??? Yes I have received the postcard.

  111. scott says:

    Midland has been calling me all weekend long once again. its gone beyond normal collections to the point of harassment

  112. Joyanna Hoque says:

    Wouldn’t stop calling me

  113. Demetrius Thompson says:

    These people were nerve racking!

  114. F.Walls says:

    I be sleeping so good then here comes this annoying phone call waking me up please please stop harassing me.

  115. Elsie Powell says:

    These people drove me insane for months on end,sometimes twice a day or more,from multiple numbers had to block all those numbers, oh the letters,too many to count..received one a few days ago,they will not get another penny from me Ever !!

  116. Charlie Day says:

    My number was call so many times.

  117. Andreaq says:

    What if you received notice that you are part of this class action lawsuit, but they provide your debt to law firm to and are now being sued in small claims court for the exact same account? Doesn’t make sense that they are allowed to take me to court, when they clearly violated my TCPA rights….

    ADMIN – Hi Andrea,
    If you have concerns about this settlement I encourage you to contact class counsel.

  118. Chris L says:

    Hello ,

    Midlund has contacted me of a unknown collection which increased every month. They then told me they have a laywer to sue me if i dont pay them 248.00 a month. I paid 3 month payments no debt was reduced. They then called me every 2 hours. Everyday. This company put me through alot of stress. I hope my settlement is big for this harassment and my unknown payments see 1

  119. pamela m digregorio says:

    Midland called me at home and at work which was very inappropriate.

  120. Desiree B. says:

    Hi I did the claim and I am wondering when will y’all mail the checks. Because I go to the web page and it keeps pushing the dates back. I was wondering is this real or fake.

    ADMIN – Hi Desiree,

    Class action settlements are real.

  121. Sarah says:

    So have they settled in court? Is it over? I’ve heard nothing back about my claim, or receiving any funds.

    ADMIN – Hi Sarah,

    The Judge has entered an Amended Order granting final approval on December 2, 2016. Judgment was entered pursuant to that Amended Order on January 10, 2017, and, by law, the Judgment is not final until February 10, 2017. After it is final, the process of issuing settlement checks and applying credits will begin within the time periods contained in the Settlement Agreement. Checks are scheduled to be mailed on or around May 26, 2017.

  122. john says:

    I see others getting theirs. But haven’t received my check. Their phone number is a record of the stuff you can find on their site. Won’t let you speak to someone. I cannot find an email to contact them.
    They make it so hard for you to get any information.

    ADMIN – Hi John,

    Why don’t you try this email

    • Dennis says:

      This is the number that lets you talk to a live person re: the Midland settlement: 781-575-4228. I found this in the “Address Update” section of the web site. You should definitely call them if you didn’t get a check as expected, since there was apparently a problem with a few of the claims incorrectly being classified as invalid.

    • john says:

      This is the email I get from them.

      Unfortunately, your claim was denied because the phone number/s you submitted on your claim form were out of class.


      Claims Administrator

      Which I know is a lie. I can look at my call history and show their number.
      I know nothing else can be done though.

      • Dennis says:

        John, I got a similar worthless response today after they had told me they were “researching” the problem. I’m positive my claim was valid. Their web site didn’t even allow a claim to be filed unless the cell number was in Midland’s records.

        Judging by the comments here and elsewhere, it looks like the administrator botched this for a lot of people. But I guess if they had actually paid all the valid claims, those puny $23 checks might have been only $10 or $15. This was such an underfunded settlement to begin with.

  123. Cris says:

    When are the settlement check scheduled to be mailed out? Why haven’t I received any?

    ADMIN – Hi Cris,

    The checks were mailed at the end of May. If you have not received yours you can call 888-557-3460

  124. Teresa L Maduro Ruiz says:

    I received a letter from Midland Credit Management Inc to send an evidence that I don’t have any debt with Defendants and send it on july/2016. My case no. 11-MD-2286 MMA (MDD) and as of today I don’t receive the compensation of the settlement. The web site says that the checks are scheduled to be mailed on or around May 26, 2017 and I don’t receive it.
    Please can you verify in yours records what happened?
    Thanks a lot.

    ADMIN – Hi Teresa,

    I can’t. You need to reach out to the class action administrator.

  125. john W. says:

    I was apart of the lawsuit and still never received my compensation or any follow up info. The check were supposed to be mailed out in may?

    ADMIN – Hi John,

    Contact the class action administrator.

  126. john W. says:

    I was apart of the lawsuit and still never received my compensation or any follow up info. The check were supposed to be mailed out in may? Who can I contact about this

    ADMIN – Hi John,

    Here is the number 888-557-3460

  127. Glynis Kessler says:

    I participated in this lawsuit and I still have not received my compensation or any follow up info. I called the number 1-888-557-3460 to follow up and could not get through to anyone. I sent to the claim in but nothing was received in May.

    ADMIN – Hi Glynis,

    Sorry about that. Sometimes it is frustrating to try to get a hold of the admins.

  128. Shannon says:

    Is it still possible to participate in this law suit against Midland? I am currently being called many times during the days, receiving threatening letters in the mail, and they are also calling relatives looking for me.

    ADMIN – Hi Shannon,

    If the deadline has passed it is no longer possible.

  129. Maxine Langston says:

    My cell phone was called

  130. Rowena Jackson says:

    Yes my cell phone was called me was a time and I had to hang up constantly from them calling my phone. I had to even change my phone number to keep them from calling me so much

  131. Hal Tendler says:

    I was contacted via email that I would be receiving a settlement check the last week of August, still have yet to receive anything.

    ADMIN – Hi Hal,

    If you don’t get your check by next week contact the class action administrator.

  132. Hal Tendler says:

    I attempted to call administrator & got a recorded message with promos. Never had an opportunity to speak with a live person. Would you have a phone # to contact the administrator? Thank you, Hal Tendler

    ADMIN – Hi Hal,

    I only have the number listed. Your alternative is to refer to the long notice and reach out to class counsel.

  133. mary E. nixon says:

    I have not received nothing

    ADMIN – Hi Mary,

    Have you emailed the admin to check on the status?

  134. kenneth demers says:

    I was wondering how you find out status of my class action suit I am still paying mcm

    ADMIN – Hi Kenneth,

    This settlement is separate from any debts you might have through Midland. If you need to get the most updated information regarding your claim you need to reach out to the class action administrator. Their contact info is listed above. Just scroll up .

  135. Natasha Fry says:

    I never received my settlement check

    ADMIN – Hi Natasha,

    I am sorry. Did you ever contact the class action administrator?

  136. LINDA SIMON says:

    I am LInda Simon I have not recieved any settlement .my cell phone 409 284 3830 .this case no. 11- M D – 2286 MMA ( M DD ) . My E – MAIL is .

    CLAIM # M D D 15188876001 WHEN WILL I RECIEVE MY SHARE ? My address IS 1855 Glasshouse ST.


    ADMIN – Hi Linda,

    Leaving your info here does not result in any action. We are not the class action administrator. To get a hold of the admin use the info we provided above.

  137. David Hernandez says:

    This people made my life a living hell.I was having up to 5 operations on my left elbow and in the meanwhile this people wouldn’t let me sleep calling me from 7 am to 10 am and from7 pm to about 10:30 pm. I’m glad they’re finally get some of they’re own medicine.

  138. Leamona Hall says:

    I have not receive a response from the class action settlement and I filed what and who should I contact.

    ADMIN – Hi Leamona,

    First you try to contact the class action administrator. If that does not work you escalate to class counsel.

  139. B says:

    I need to be a part of this. The postcard sent out was mailed to the wrong address so I didn’t get to include myself before the deadline. I received the postcard many months later from the person who receives mail st that address. I still have it as proof.

    ADMIN – Hi B,

    Once the deadline has passed you no longer have legal recourse.

  140. Douglas Gibson says:

    I filed a claim on March 31,2016. I was informed that settlement were to be sent a settlement some time after that . I was never contacted after 03/31 2016.

    ADMIN – Hi Douglas,

    Reach out to the class action administrator.

  141. Karen says:

    Were these checks just sent out as I just received one-just wondering if the check is legit. It looks like it is, but I’m hesitant because of all of the scams out there.

    ADMIN – Hi Karen,

    Send me a pic via facebook and I will try to see if it is the real thing.

  142. ness robles says:

    I submitted a claim#:MDD-13431098601 3431098 after I received a legal notice on 4/6/2016. What is status of my claim. I legally changed my name from Ness Mangaoang to Ness Robles.

    ADMIN – Hi Ness,

    The checks were sent in May 2017. I don’t think you have any recourse of escalation anymore.

  143. Cedric M. Lacey says:

    My name is Cedric Lacey and I submitted a claim and have never heard about the status of if I was to receive anything. How do I find out. Since then I have moved and have a change of address to my P.O. Box. Please let me know.

    ADMIN – Hi Cedric,

    You find out by contacting class action administration.

  144. Karen Glover Burkett says:

    I want my name and my settlement sent to me, I just received the notice 09/2021 my email address is as followed.

    • Angelica (Admin) says:

      Sorry, Karen, but there’s been a misunderstanding. Please note that we ( are *not* the Settlement Administrator of this case. We only post opportunities for potential Class Members of various settlements on this website. In future, if you want to file a claim/have a check reissued/update your mailing address, please follow the claims link provided. Please also check the settlement website for any updates on the issue moving forward, and/or contact the Settlement Administrator directly, if you haven’t already done so. In this particular scenario, however, you are 5 years too late. Please note the Claims Deadline date above. Thank you.