Class Eligibility

You are a member of the class if your purchased from Monarch materials such as decking materials including railings and boards, or were transferred ownership of the product or any structures containing Monarch Decking when you purchased a home or building

Excluded from this Class are individuals who previously made a warranty claim to any defendant with relation to owned Monarch product, where said claim was satisfied by acceptance of replacement product or otherwise agreed to have been satisfied. Also excluded are entities that purchased Monarch product for purpose of resale.

Estimated Amount


The settlement class is divided into two tiers of claimants. Tier 1 claimants will be treated as having submitted a claim for the amount he/she/it paid for Monarch decking products, up to a maximum of $30,000. Tier 2 claimants will be treated as having submitted a claim for either $2,000 or $500 depending on the type of Monarch decking products acquired or purchased. The amount paid to each participant will depend on the number of claimants and the size of each claim. A person submitting a valid claim of $4,000 will receive twice the amount of money as a person submitting a valid claim for $2,000. However, because the total dollar value of all claims is expected to exceed the available funds, no claimant should expect to receive payment for the total cost he/she/it expended for Monarch decking products. In other words, a person submitting for example a claim for $4,000 should expect to receive less than $4,000 from the settlement fund.

Proof of Purchase


Case Name

Mark A. Stolzenburg v. Green Tree Composites LLC.,
Case No. 4:14-cv-1533,
District Court for the Eastern District of Missouri

Case Summary

This lawsuit addresses complaints that some Monarch Decking products and materials are defective.

In this case the plaintiff indicated in the lawsuit that the defendants sold decking under Monarch brand with a 20 year warranty, this decking manifested a variety of defects once installed

The seller defendant did not stand by the warranty, instead they opted to tell the customers that Green Tree the manufacturer was out of business and thus not responsible or able to fulfill the promises made

Many consumers complaint of defects and extreme wear and tear happening before the 20 year warranty and not backed up by the manufacturer

Green Tree denies any liability but will settle to avoid the expenses associated to a trial

Settlement Pool





Monarch Decking Settlement
c/o Dahl Administration
PO Box 3614
Minneapolis, MN 55403-0614

7 responses to “Monarch Decking 20-Year Warranty Class Action Settlement”

  1. Albert Bowyer says:

    I would like to make a claim. I had a contractor rebuild an existing wood deck with Monarch Decking in April, 2010. The following year it started to show signs of warping and it has now progressed to the point where I may have to replace the entire deck. Please let me know how to proceed with filing a claim..Thank you in advance.
    Albert Bowyer

    ADMIN – Hi Albert,

    The deadline for this case has passed. You no longer have recourse under this settlement

    • Raymond Fortuna says:

      Hi I read about a lawsuit against monarch
      dedecking.What a double disapointment for me as I have a failed monarch exzotic deck and Its to late for a claim. Just my luck. I have been loming for something to happen for years and maybe gave up to soon. Just saying kind of hurts alot.

      ADMIN – Hi Raymond,

      We feel you. That sounds super frustrating.

  2. Karen Schleicher says:

    We also purchased Monarch Decking that is now lifting and bowing. Of course the deadline is past for the suckers who purchased too late to see the imperfections of this product.

  3. amy dell says:

    I also just realized we missed deadline – my decking broke in half on steps and is splitting everywhere.

    ADMIN – Hi Amy,

    I am so sorry about that. Please sign up for our newsletter that way you will never miss an opportunity such as this one.

  4. Dave Adams says:

    We purchased our house in 2010 which had a composite deck that had been built in 2007. The deck appeared to be in good shape when we purchased the house and was an influential feature in our decision to purchase the house. Well, 2 years later the composite deck boards had swelled to a point that eliminated the gaps between them. The composite boards had also started splitting along their edges and there were little things growing out of the cracks (some kind of algae/fungus?). We tried cleaning the deck multiple times a year to eliminate the growth to no avail.

    Skip ahead to this summer (2018)…..we had people over for a cookout and one of the deck boards actually gave way while one of our guests was standing on it. Luckily, our guest wasn’t seriously injured because our deck is only about a foot off the ground. But they did get scratches from the incident. I, myself, also experienced one of the boards giving way under my foot that same evening. It was at that point I realized the issue with the composite boards was more than just cosmetic and we needed to replace the boards before somebody did get seriously injured.

    I had not had composite decking before this house and was quite surprised with how poorly the material performed and was puzzled with why composite decking is being marketed so heavily as “better than wood” and “lasts longer than wood without the maintenance costs of wood”. So I looked through all of our paperwork trying to find what brand of composite boards were used to warn people of that brand.

    I never did find any paperwork, but once I started pulling off deck boards last weekend I found a board with a label on it. IT IS MONARCH! I do a little googling today and find all of these posts about class action only to find I just missed the deadline.

    Is there any alternative course of action I can take against Monarch, et. al.?


    ADMIN – Hi Dave,

    I don’t think there are additional options for you. Once the deadline has passed those that did not file don’t have recourse.

  5. Eduardo says:

    Our composite decking is almost entirely disintegrated- over 1500 sq ft! I think it was about $10,000.

    I bought it from BUILD DIRECT, but they seem to be unable to provide the manufacturer, so I don’t even know who to ask about warranty, etc. Is there a way to tell? This decking it nail/screw-free its held down with clips.

    • Angelica (Admin) says:

      Hi Eduardo,

      If you still have your original receipt copy, you can go back to Build Direct — or contact Monarch directly — to ask about your warranty. Best of luck.

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