Class Eligibility

The members of this class include anyone who, between Apr. 26, 2012 and Oct. 13, 2016, purchased one or more products featuring the My Pillow brand

Estimated Amount


Those with proof of purchase may be able to claim more

Proof of Purchase


Case Name

Armin Amiri v. My Pillow Inc.,
Case No. CIVDS1606479
County Superior Court for the State of California

Case Summary

This settlement resolves allegations that the manufacturer and marketer of my pillow made false claims regarding the performance and benefits of their pillows. These claims allowed them to charge a higher price for their product

According to their claims these pillows could help with sleep apnea, insomnia, restless legs and other sleep disorders

My Pillow denies any wrongdoing but is settling to avoid the expenses of a trial

Settlement Pool





MyPillow Settlement
c/o Digital Settlements Group
P.O. Box 1561
West Palm Beach, FL 33402

44 responses to “My Pillow False Advertisement Class Action Settlement”

  1. Debra Yergen says:

    I may have my proof of purchase. I think I still have the information card that came with a $10 giftcard when I purchased the pillow by mail. I’ll have to look.

    • Nicole Morris says:


      ADMIN – Hi Nicole,

      Glad to hear you love your Walmart pillow. Hopefully you filed a claim so you can get more money to buy ore awesome Walmart pillows

      • Chris Arguello says:

        It’s the worst pillow I ever used!! It makes my back hurt and neck. Paid 79 dollars when It was suppose to be 50 dollars for 0ne and get the other free. I feel I was misinformed and ripped off. This product is not what Mike.Lindell ,makes it out to be.he is taking advantage of people and should be ashamed of himself!!!!

    • greg wikle says:

      the pill sucks cant give away hurts neck

      ADMIN – Hi Greg,

      Throw the thing away!

  2. Billy j Williams says:

    I have a my pillow, and it went flat in no time

  3. margaret a holsonback says:

    sent the things back! false advertising they went flat in no time even the dryer couldn’t revive them!

  4. margaret a holsonback says:

    bought 2 of them, sent them back went FLAT in no time! the dryer did not revive them!

  5. Robin Tapp says:

    Bought 2 pillows according to the guide line for right size and had to exchange down a size and think I should have an even smaller size. It still bunches up toward the headboard by morning.

    ADMIN – Hi Robin,

    The deadline has passed. You may no longer make a claim.

  6. Donna Hagy says:

    I purchase 2 orders of total of three pillows first thing they go flat and the second they say you sleep thru the night that is a lie because i wake up a couple of times and my daughter has one of the pillows and she has the same problem. I know the deadline pass but i did not get any information about this law suits and i think the people that did not know should get something out of this since it was false advertising and these pillow was not cheep.

    ADMIN – Hi Donna,

    Unfortunately once the deadline has passed you no longer have legal recourse.

  7. Dave says:

    The deadline says December 2016!!! is it 2016 or 2017?????

    ADMIN – Hi Dave,


  8. bmorgens says:

    In our opinion a true scam. Worst pillow that we ever had and it cost almost as much for the receipt and return costs to make it worthwhile. We advised a bunch of people to go to Costco for their pillows. And they did

  9. Curtis Scharfenberg says:

    When can we anticipate this settlement paying out? Thank you

    ADMIN – Hi Curtis,

    It may be a few months before you see a payment on this one.

  10. Chikodi Scott says:

    How much longer before we can expect payment?

    ADMIN – Hi Chikodi,

    Here is the number you need to call 1-877-595-9314

    • Sheri Lim says:

      when can we anticipate payment. I have not heard anything since I filled.

      ADMIN – Hi Sheri,

      Once we receive additional updates we will post them on our Facebook page.

  11. Sandra Grant says:

    I realize the deadline 12/2016 but for those who have not heard about lawsuit but can prove purchase I feel their should be an extension. I was just informed. 9/8/17, this pillow is awful I am a light sleeper never sweat OMG! I started sweating toss and turn , my head would sink into the middle and from that point I would not get any sleep. I was diagnoised with arthritis in the neck this pillow is awful please allow me to file. I am totally upset yours truly

    ADMIN – Hi Sandra,
    Class action settlements seldom have extensions. To stay up to date with the most recent settlements follow us on Facebook or sign up for our newsletter. This way you will never feel totally upset again.

  12. Gary Heraud says:

    I have purchased many items from MyPillow

    ADMIN – Hi Gary,

    MyPillow does not make many items. They make a single item.

    • sleeps with many pillows says:

      They make more than pillows. Either way I’ve loved the pillow i purchased. It may not be a cure all for everything under the sun but it’s the best pillow I have, better than my Serta pillows.

      ADMIN – HI SWMP,

      So glad to hear you love your pillow! Perhaps that is the way they should have advertised: This is a pillow you will love!

    • Everett Holstein says:

      This is not true. I have purchased two of their 4 pack sets which include two standard pillows and two travel pillows. The standard pillows come in 4 different loft densities. I also purchased a body pillow for my wife as well as the associated pillow case. So “MyPillow” definitely makes more than one item.

  13. Luis Acevedo says:

    I just received a email in regards to this class action lawsuit on 11/26 2017 and now I’m reading on these post that the deadline was on 2016 which is it..

    ADMIN – Hi Luis

    You received a supplemental notice authorized by the judge. Here is the link

  14. Al Small says:

    Best pillow I have ever had! Did they make some mistakes in their advertising? Could be.
    Who is going to benefit from this? Why, it’s the attorneys of course. A real problem in our country!

    ADMIN – Hi Al,

    This settlement is about false advertising. I love my pillow too but that does not negate their responsibility to be truthful.

  15. C. Cicirelli says:

    I have 4 pillows. We have been very happy
    with them. They wash and dry well
    And remain full and comfortable. I have
    Slept better sine using it. Sorry to hear
    About the dispute.
    This is Not a duplicate statement. It’s the first
    Time I have responded. You must only want
    Negative responses.

  16. J. Forbes says:

    False advertising??? Best pillow I’ve ever slept on and I’ve tried them all. No more stiff necks for me.
    What is the real motive behind this?

    ADMIN – Hi Mr. Forbes,

    Being the best pillow is very different from curing health conditions.

  17. Connie J Falk says:

    My 2 daughters purchased a “My Pillow” for Christmas last year. I saw their commercial many times on TV and put it on my Christmas List. I was so-o-o happy to finally have one of those pillows. When I fluffed it up after sleeping on it the first night, I could feel something hard inside of the pillow; it felt like a piece of hard plastic. I moved it into a corner of the pillow. Then I went to see an attorney to see what he could do. He told me it would not be worth taking it to court. So we took the pillow back to the store and received a new one.
    Just wanted to share my experience.
    Thank you;

  18. George Blackmore says:

    I love these pillows and have owned one for about a year, it’s kept it’s shape, is comfortable, and I personally think the product is fine.

  19. Barbara Moran says:

    I bought 3 My Pillow Queen White and believe me they are NOT worth the money and I still am not sleeping any better than with my old pillow. Claims are not true at all. Best night sleep, not true. Very uncomfortable and lumpy. I put them in the dryer to fluff them but the fluff doesn’t last. Get to sleep faster and sleep longer, not true, all lies as far as I am concerned. Can’t believe Sean Hannity advertised these on his radio show and praised these pillows. Anything for a sponsor. Sorry I bought them. And I do have the receipts. One was purchased at Bed, Bath and Beyond and two by phone.

  20. Bryan W says:

    My Pillow is legit. Me and my wife both love ours. It takes a little getting used to, but best pillow i’ve ever had.

  21. Jessica Cameron says:

    I bought 2 TWO My Pillows. They are now only used for my sham pillow cases because these are the MOST UNCOMFORTABLE PILLOWS I’VE EVER HAD! I wish i had never spent $49.99 each on these. So VERY DISAPPOINTED

  22. Carol Hessen says:

    I have purchase many my pillows, love them

  23. Carol Hessen says:

    Love my pillows, I have 6or 7

    ADMIN – Hi Carol,

    Good for you! You are still potentially a member of the class and should consider filing.

  24. J. Coglianese says:

    The TV ads are very annoying – would never buy one because it seems the only way they can get rid of their inventory is with their TV overkill. Mike Lindell should hire someone to do his commercials – as soon as I hear that annoying voice -I change the channel!

    ADMIN – Hi J,

    I am with you. I hate their ads. They could do so much better.

  25. Jacqueline Manson says:

    I don’t know where these people bought their My Pillow (s). I bought mine on-line from the original company and am so happy with it that I have recommended it to family and friends, all of whom are as satisfied as I am. I have never had a pillow that comes anywhere near close to this one for complete comfort With a few punches it goes back into perfect shape. Washes and dries perfectly. I don’t ever want to be without mine and am now going to purchase the smaller travel pillow. Jacqueline Manson in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

    ADMIN – Hi Jacqueline,

    We are so glad you are enjoying your pillow. You should still file because they were not honest in the way they advertised.

  26. William T. and Marlene V. Hill says:

    I purchased (two) sets of Pillows and I found them to be as advertised. We are Happy with the Pillows as they are the most comfortable Pillow that we have ever laid our heads on. I feel this Lawsuit is a sham and an insult to the manufacture Who MANUFACTURES,THE PILLOWS IN THE ( USA ) AND EMPLOY’S ”AMERICANS”. This man Should be PRAISED “NOT PENALIZED . I hope my comments are published and feel deeply embarrassed that I live in a country that takes advantage of true AMERICANS, Shame on you.!!!!

    ADMIN – Hi William,

    The manufacturer is not being penalized for making a comfy pillow. In fact he has made millions from making a wonderful American-made pillow. The penalty is associated to making claims that this pillow could cure fibromyalgia, restless leg syndrome, sleep apnea, cerebral palsy, acid reflux.

  27. Jacqueline Lewis says:

    I live in Ohio- I purchased 2 of the pillows. I was very disappointed with the claim: ” Put in the dryer first , it will immediately become firm.” That isn’t what happened, they barely had any firmness. When I took them out of the dryers they still remained as they were from the boxes they came out from. I paid over $39.99 for each pillow. That refund should be a full one !!!!! Also, I haven’t been able to get a decent sleep, I toss & turn all night, can’t find a comfortable position. Each day I get up have soreness in the neck, stiffness in my lower back & constant pain in my neck & back. This is especially unfare to me. because, I am disabled. I am on a fixed income, however, I doubt this will happen. So please stand up for rights of the “Disabled” & listen to me and give back full refund !!!!!!!

    ADMIN – Hi Jaqueline,

    I don’t think you will get a full refund with this claim. You will get $6.

  28. Revf. Dr. Mitchell D Maybury says:

    Purchased two of these pillows they did not live up to the expectations they were advertised as. I was deeply disappointed . I purchased one with a buy one half off and it ridiculously came to about $498. USD. I felt this to be a price gauging scam. For the price I thought it would help my sleeping habits as advertised. However it wasn’t even close to what was expected. In Fact I awoke with a sore neck, irritated back and lack of sleep

    ADMIN – Hi Reverend,

    You really paid $498 for two pillows? OMG!!!

  29. Tom Kochevar says:

    Why did I just get a notice stating the deadline is January 23, 2018.

    ADMIN – Hi Tom,

    I have no idea, we are not the class action administrators. If you received the notice prior to the deadline just go ahead and file.

  30. S. Beebe says:

    I love MY PILLOW. Best pillow ever. Cleans up nice and just fits to form my head. I don’t know where these people bought their pillow, but a) they should learn how to spell and use grammar properly; b) perhaps it’s best to be honest about your weight and size. I am a very small girl (my hockey team of all guys calls me “mite” and “peewee”), but I love a nice fairly firm pillow. I first got the white, and then after calling the company directly to consult and pretending that I was my boyfriend’s size (he’s 6’3″/223 pounds of solid muscle), I found that they have an exchange program that is good for many years, and jointly we decided I should move up to the green pillow for what I really need/like for support through their great consultation staff. The new one is the absolute best pillow I’ve had in my life. The pillow top for the mattress makes me not even want to get out of bed because it’s so comfortable, and if that is a downfall, then it is the best downfall a product could ever have. Haters gonna be haters, and everybody wants to make a quick buck and be litigious.

    ADMIN – Hi Beebe,

    We are so glad you love your pillow. The manufacturer claimed this pillow could cure insomnia, fibromyalgia and even multiple sclerosis.

  31. Rosie Kelly says:

    Whoever Armin Amiri is he implied that My Pillow is guilty of false advertising. The commercials play often and I’ve never heard Mike Lindell claim the pillow could “cure” anything. In my opinion the suit is frivolous and without merit. If Amiri was so dissatisfied with his purchase why didn’t he just return it to the store where it was purchased? We live in such a litigious society that people think everything is actionable. I believe greed is the sole motivation. I also purchased 2 pillows from My Pillow in 2016 and we’ve been happy with them. I have NO intention of filing, so I don’t understand why you would encourage people to file regardless. What for? Are you deliberately trying to drive Mr. Lindell out of business? Sorry to say, it figures this “lawsuit” originated in California.

    ADMIN – Hi Rosie,

    Lucky for us it was not up to the plaintiff to establish the merit of the case. It was up to the judge who is either an elected official or an appointed official whose main duty is justice. If he had found the case to have no merit he would have dismissed it.

  32. Rosie Kelly says:

    Whoever Armin Amiri is he implied that My Pillow is guilty of false advertising. The commercials play often and I’ve never heard Mike Lindell claim the pillow could “cure” anything. In my opinion the suit is frivolous and without merit. If Amiri was so dissatisfied with his purchase why didn’t he just return it to the store where it was purchased? We live in such a litigious society that people think everything is actionable. I believe greed is the sole motivation. I also purchased 2 pillows from My Pillow in 2016 and we’ve been happy with them. I have NO intention of filing, so I don’t understand why you would encourage people to file regardless. What for? Are you deliberately trying to drive Mr. Lindell out of business? Sorry to say, it figures this “lawsuit” originated in California.

    ADMIN – Hi Rosie,

    If someone claims on their labels that their pillows can cure medical conditions they totally deserve to be in trouble. This is not a lawsuit about comfort is a lawsuit about truth in advertising. If for example you purchased a car and you were promised that the car could fly, If it did not fly you were offered 100% refund. If all of the cars did not fly and the manufacturer intentionally lied they are still liars selling false hopes and making you waste your time even if they do give you the option to return stuff.

  33. Concerned Citizen says:

    I bough the BOGO My Pillow and absolutely LOVE them. I bought 3 more pillow sets (6 pillows) for my adult children and they love theirs.
    This just appears another gimmick to make lawyers a little richer at the expense of the rest of us.
    I will not participate. I have morals.

    ADMIN – Hi Concerned Citizen,

    Please note that this settlement is the result of the manufacturer claiming that the pillows cure fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis and other conditions.

    • Everett Holstein says:

      I thought it was the greatest thing since sliced bread for the first six months, but now? Lumpy, goes flat, and worst of all has caused injury to my neck. This is no frivolous lawsuit, and there should be more for physical injury. If there is one thing I hate, it is bogus attorneys trying to make a fast buck off of a company, but after the hell I’ve been through I support this completely, and plan on a personal injury suit, myself.

      ADMIN – Hi Everett,

      Keep us updated on the progress of your lawsuit.

  34. ANGRY AMERICAN says:

    January 29th, 2018

    I not only bought two pillows plus body pillow for me, but I bought one for each of my adult children and their spouses and we LOVE THEM. They are exactly as advertised. This suit really angered me. HOW dare they ask that I have to contact them if I don’t intend to sue them. DAMNED attorneys seeking more $…probably rep their competition. STUFF IT ATTORNEYS… this is one great product!! I have recommended it to everyone I know. CLEARLY if it’s BOGO free, then if you just wanted one you’d only pay for one. I didn’t find that objectionable at all==I’m not 10 years old>>>>

    ADMIN – Hi Angry American,

    This settlement addresses claims that the manufacturer promised healing conditions such as MS and fibromyalgia.

  35. Lorraine Sam says:

    I purchase a my pillow mattress topper and it is not a good product , if the law suit is still in effective i would like to join in it,.

    ADMIN – Hi Lorraine,

    You may no longer join. The deadline has passed.

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