Class Eligibility
You are a class member if you received a call from Nationstar on a cell phone between Oct. 14, 2015 to the present. Most Class Members will receive a postcard notice of the settlement in the mail.
Estimated Amount
Proof of Purchase
Cell #
Case Name
Wright, et al. v. Nationstar Mortgage LLC Case No. 14-cv-10457 District Court for the Northern District of Illinois, Eastern Division
Case Summary
The defendant is accused of violating the Telephone Consumer Protection Act by robocalling consumers regarding a home loan.
Settlement Pool
Wright et al. v. Nationstar Mortgage LLC Nationstar Call Settlement Administrator PO Box 3560 Portland, OR 97208-3560 877-683-9363

17 responses to “Nationstar Mortgage TCPA Class Action Settlement”

  1. Nicole says:

    I hate when I get calls from robots; I can’t understand what they’re talking about most of the time…

    • Frank Jefferson says:

      Thank you for your brilliantly worded comment. Have fun voting for trump

    • Lisa says:

      Register your phone number with It will ring once and then it stops the call.

      ADMIN – Hi Lisa,

      Great tip. Thank you.

  2. jennifer wil;lis says:

    just call too many times in one day………..

  3. Rita Fasullo says:

    I had to deal with Nationstar for a very long time. Besides the principal ,interest and escrow they had a running tap going straight into their pocket . They i assume sold the servicing rights in December. I want to file a lawsuit against them . Because they are notorious crooks it may be effortless to file another lawsuit against them .
    In Woodbridge Virginia they serviced and foreclosed on many homes there = They tried to foreclose on me 4 times ! I filed for bankruptcy because in this area no attorney wanted to help me get justice. Well they wanted more than I could afford since Nationstar drained me dry .

    ADMIN – Hi Rita,

    This settlement is simply rooted in having received unsolicited robocalls from the lender. It has nothing to do with customer service.

    • Susan Hill says:

      Rita , I’ve been having problems with Nationstar for years. I hired an attorney and Nationstar sent the lawyer a loan modification for me to fill out. Then Nationstar said they couldn’t find that application so they sent another. I filled that out and lawyer submitted it again. It has been months and we haven’t gotten an answer. I’m wondering if you were able to keep your house after you filed bankruptcy. Since Nationstar wouldn’t accept my payments,I have saved the money that I would have paid towards the mortgage each month. Thanks, ~Susan

      • Trudy smith says:

        What this notorious under handed and crooked bank does is Foreclose on your home by any means necessary. I lost my home after 2 years fighting with them which bankruptcy made it worst cuz in the state of GA is a non judicial state which Nationstar bank went behind my back after I sent them a short sale application with a buyer. They do not ALLOW you to send any paperwork to them by mail or fax they want the info up loaded scanned to them which they will come back ALL the time to tell you they didn’t received the information. With that being said this bank has been doing under handed and has violated many. Once I recd my dummy application for a short sale it had Crystal Blalock name on the letter which she stated she does not work in short sale and they do not allow a short sale only a loan modification wow between my boot leg attorney and this bank I was never offered this. Good luck with this bank is all I can say

        • Ulrike says:

          with me they did this.. i made mt payments… i had a Equety Loan. NOT a mortgage.. and when i put my house on the market to be sold.. then the told me that all my payments for the past 6 month where going in to a escrow account… called and ask what this is… I DO NOT HAVE AN ESCROW ACCOUNT NEVER HAD ONE.. this person on the other end informed me.. in a very snappish way and tone..YES YOU DO>>> WE BEEN PAYING YOUR PROPERTY TAXES AND HOUSE INSURANCE ALL THIS YEARS… so i ask for them to send my a hard copy of this tax paying and insurance paying.. but she hung up… then i called and ask to get the name and police number of the insurance.. i got the name of the insurance and policy number of the policy that i had been paying..and every year the send my a staement of the finance charges that i had paid and then it did not add up.. what about the test of the money what happen to that.. no answer.. so for 10 years… the kept that money.. got the finance money.. and my principal of the original loan .. was after 11 years still the same amount.. the gave my house to some one.. don’t know to hum and this person claims i owe him money for the house.. … nationstar stolen my house.. this person is renting out my house .collecting rent.. and he is reporting to the credit companies….. all 3 of them… that i am 150 days late.. .. i never singed anything .. that i sold this house to whom ever that person is.. but nation star wanted me to send them my warranty dead singned and notarized.. but i never did ….. i just found all this out a couple of days ago when i checked my credit with all 3 of this companies…. now i will have to scratch to get money… i am no a fixed income . social security…..i had talked to one in 2015 … and i don’t have 4000 to pay that up front…. well is my problem.. so i can hire a attorney.. what this nation star did is grand theft and this person… is in this sup to….. now where do i turn .. any one can tell me what i can do about that .. i paid this nation star 54600.00 on the equity loan ….. the equity loan was 48.000.00.. i had a buyer …and he was going to pay CASH.. and nation star wanted this persons financial SS number where he worked and so on… and i told this person ..on the phone from nation star … what for …he is paying cash.. her reply was .. we have to know if he can afford that house..and hung up.. after that the nation star company would not answer my calls any longer.. i reported that to the BBB and the Attorneys General but no one was helping me .. .. all just blowen me of like i was a nut.

  4. Theodore E Kanell says:

    I filed a claim with the form that was included with the post card notice. I never received any of the money.

    ADMIN – Hi Theodore,

    Have you tried reaching out to the class action administrator?

    • Tracinda Molnar says:

      I too have been waiting for 2yrs to hear something back. NOTHING. I’ve tried contacting the admin. per post card inf. that I wrote down prior to sending. Number not in service. No response still. So what’s up ?

      ADMIN – Hi Tracinda,

      If the # is not in service it usually means that the monies were distributed and the administration has closed.

  5. B. Freeman says:

    My claim was dated 2/21/16 and I still haven’t heard anything. What gives????

    ADMIN – Hi B,

    I believe this settlement was paid out a long time ago.

  6. Claudia says:

    Does anyone
    have the phone number for the settlement department? I have a check that expired and the number above and on my check is no longer in service.

    ADMIN – Hi Claudia,

    When the 90 or 120 day period passes the money leftover is either distributed to other class members or it is given to charity. You can always call the main office for each administrator but it won’t do you any good.

  7. Khristy Norman says:

    I’ve received the calls and still receive calls.I’ve not heard anything back from the claim.
    They also did a modification on my home loan in 2011 which left me with a Balloon payment of $40,000. Can’t sell my home because its not worth what I owe +40,000. I believe Wells Fargo got sued for doing this type of loan.

    ADMIN – Hi Khristy,

    The best way to check the status of a claim is to reach out to the class action administrator.

  8. Lam Chung says:

    I got a check . My check number is 15442, check amount is $19.39 tracking # 16911, the check is issue on May 5 2020. I didn’t cash out yet now it is expired. Please advise what do I have to do now ?

    • Angelica (Admin) says:

      Hi, Lang Chum. Sorry to hear that. However, since we are only a newspaper of class action settlements, we have no direct connection to the cases we report about. It’s up to our subscribers to follow up directly with their respective claims/settlement administrators for any queries or check re-issuance requests. Hope you eventually got in touch with the settlement admin.

  9. Joann says:

    I lost my house after paying Nationstar mortgage but never received a title or deed to the house. Could not sell. Spent 2 years trying to get them to find my papers and I was told by their rep, “Oh, well, we lost a lot of records, so, too bad.” Batik Star was a company whose executives hit rich, innocent people. The 2008 crash left a lot of people including seniors with nothing. Still waiting to hear about the class action settlement, and will we lose again…