Class Eligibility

You are considered a Class Member if you are a Pennsylvania policyholder who during the defined Class Periods:

“(a) had a policy of automobile insurance that included comprehensive insurance coverage; (b) whose insured vehicle(s), according to Nationwide’s VIN Database, had a passive antitheft device installed as manufacturer’s standard equipment; and (c) did not receive a 10% discount on the comprehensive portion of the paid premium.”

The Class Periods are defined as follows:

  • Between Nov. 12, 2005 and Feb. 28, 2015 for current or former policyholder of an insurance policy issued by Nationwide Insurance Company of America.
  • Between Oct. 15, 2006 and Feb. 28, 2015 for current or former policyholder of an insurance policy issued by Nationwide Affinity Insurance of America.
  • Between Sept. 17, 2009 and Feb. 28, 2015 for current or former policyholder of an insurance policy issued by any of the following companies: Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company, Nationwide Assurance Company, Nationwide General Insurance Company, Nationwide Mutual Fire Insurance Company, Nationwide Property and Casualty Insurance Company, Victoria Fire & Casualty, Victoria Select Insurance Company, Titan Indemnity Company, Victoria Fire and Casualty dba Titan and Victoria Fire and Casualty dba Nationwide.

Estimated Amount


Under the terms of the Nationwide class action settlement, the company will set up a $4.9 million settlement fund to make payments to Class Members. Should the court give this proposed antitheft device discount class action settlement final approval, then Class Members who are current policy holders will automatically receive their share of the Nationwide settlement fund.

Class Members who are former policyholders will need to fill out an Address Verification Form to receive their award. Each award will be calculated separately after the various court fees have been calculated and the total number of Class Members identified. However, it is estimated that each eligible Class Member will receive up to 6 percent of the amount paid for comprehensive insurance premium.

As for non-monetary provisions for the Class, Nationwide has agreed to provide Antitheft Discounts to all car insurance applicants and insurance renewals for the next two years if the car insurance company’s VIN Database shows that an insurance applicant’s car contains passive antitheft devices.

Proof of Purchase


Class Members must submit an address form

Case Name

Tomaine v. Nationwide Mutual Insurance Co
Case No. 2:13-cv-05408
District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania.

Case Summary

The settlement alleges that Nationwide Insurance Company of America, its partners, and its various branches or subsidiaries failed to give certain car insurance policyholders a discount for antitheft devices featured in their cars, e/p>

Settlement Pool





Tomaine v. Nationwide
Settlement Administrator
PO Box 2838
Portland, OR 97208-2838

14 responses to “Nationwide Insurance Antitheft Device Discount Class Action Settlement Pennsylvania Only”

  1. Carolyn maddox says:

    3518 campaign st ne Holt Alabama 35404

  2. Carrie Randall says:

    Always a mess

  3. Patricia Adams says:

    Not professional service

  4. Sharon Sturgis says:

    The deadline is on 09/302015 Today is 07/28/2015. How is the claim closed

    ADMIN – Hi Sharon,

    This remains open, print your PDF form and send it via mail.

  5. amanda says:

    On the printed form, it stays Pennsylvania! Is this the only state included!?

    ADMIN – Hi Amanda,

    On the title of this class action you will notice a qualifier that reads: “Pennsylvania Only”

  6. Anton Terrell says:

    I thought nationwide was on MY side!

  7. johnny young says:

    Nation wide always messing up my insurance.

  8. April Floyd says:

    I had Nationwide during this period

  9. Sari Aldumiare says:

    Nation wide have the weirdest phone services, and they keep you on hold for ages!!!

  10. Doug says:

    I had two cars on the policy from Sept 2007 to 2011. Received my card earlier this year for the settlement.

  11. Doug says:

    So when are we suppose to receive said settlement.

    ADMIN – Hi Doug,

    Some settlements take years, this is particularly true if there are appeals.

  12. Lisa says:

    Have owned my car with factory anti theft device since 2001 and was insured with Nationwide Insurance up until 6 months ago. Received my settlement check today for a lousy $17.71. I thought that it was supposed to be 6% of what you paid in Comprehensive. What a joke! Nationwide will never get my business again! I was a long time customer, but was informed that they do not cover Florida residents (which is where I relocated to). Their name should not be Nationwide if they truly are not nationwide!!

  13. What a Joke says:

    What a joke !!!! I received my check as well on 12/18/15 for a lousy $13.61; I thought we were also getting an incentive, just for being part of the settlement.

  14. Doug says:

    I see they remove my little rebuttal which I expected. Since I just ratted them out. Maybe we should bring a class action suit against the lawyers.

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