Class Eligibility

Iff you received either a prerecorded call or call using an “artificial” voice from SCI Direct (also known as the Neptune Society) at any time since October 16, 2013, or you received two or more calls within a 12-month period from SCI Direct (after May 27, 2012), you are likely included.

Estimated Amount


This is a pro rata settlement. You will receive a portion of the the pool after expenses

Proof of Purchase

Phone #

Case Name

Allard and Strache v. SCI Direct Inc., dba Neptune Society,
Case No. 1:17-cv-04692
District Court for the Northern District of Illinois

Case Summary

This lawsuit is about whether SCI Direct violated the Telephone Consumer Protection Act when SCI or companies working on its behalf made calls through the use of an artificial or prerecorded voice and did not have the recipients’ permission to make these calls, and made calls to consumers without a proper “Do Not Call” policy in effect.

Settlement Pool





Strache v. SCI Direct, Inc. Settlement Administrator
c/o Kurtzman Carson Consultants
P.O. Box 404039
Louisville, KY 40233-4039

30 responses to “Neptune Society TCPA Class Action Settlement”

  1. Vicky L Bentley says:

    I received these calls a couple of times was not happy.

  2. Alaura says:

    Is there a way to check phone numbers?

    ADMIN – Hi Alaura,

    This settlement does not have a tool to check but you can try calling the admin.

  3. Rosemary Jolley says:

    I received multiple calls from this company. I requested the company to please remove my name and number from their list. They advised me it would take a few days to remove my information.

    ADMIN – Hi Rosemary,

    If you are a class member by all means file a claim.

  4. Lowell W Davis says:

    I am over 84 and can’t remember if I sent the tear off card ? is there any way I can see if I sent a claim ?they did call me several yimes during that time,

    ADMIN – Hi Lowell,

    Yes, you can write to the class action administrator to ask if they received your card.

  5. Domingo Cesar says:

    I have been getting calls from multiple unwanted, calling sources. Several times over on some. I never answer, so I don’t know exactly the source entity. How do I move forward with these type of claims? Do I claim anyways? Or do I need a certain amount of proof before I do?

    ADMIN – Hi Domingo,

    I would not claim. You could have received calls from millions of potential people. You have no way of knowing if it was Neptune.

  6. Odessa Crenshaw says:

    Yes They Called Me To. Over and Over. Just Hot Tired.

    ADMIN – Hi Odessa,

    It sounds like you are a class member. By all means file a claim.

  7. Jack Robinson says:

    I receive calls, so what do I do?

    ADMIN – Hi Jack,

    You file a claim.

  8. Amy says:

    How do I know if this company has called me? I get so many that it’s unreal.

    ADMIN – Hi Amy,

    You would totally know. They offer cremation services. Hard to forget.

  9. Mary Gerelene Dominici says:

    I’ve received so many calls I cannot count them all and I reported the telephone numbers, date and time of call to the National Do Not Call. The most of the calls were 2016 and 2017 and at one point during that time I had received 21 calls in 3 days.

    ADMIN – Hi Mary,

    If you believe you are a class member by all means file a claim.

  10. Patricia Chandler says:

    I received pre recorded calls from a company & kept calling over and over harassing me. It was a voice recorded cal but not sure if it was this company! I mean all hours of the day, early morning calls from a recording. I kept calling back asking them to stop calling my house. And said it would take up to 48 hrs to remove my number. and it never got removed. went through this for about 3 weeks tops I do believe! annoying..

    ADMIN – Hi Patricia,

    Just a random company? They did not tell you what they sold?

  11. beverly alcorn-poon says:

    yes I recieved numerous calls from them…either at 7am.or at 8:30pm..I was really upset every morning…complained wanted to talk to supervisor…click….over and over

    ADMIN – Hi Beverly,

    Super frustrating. Please remember to file your claim.

  12. David Perlin says:

    yes I recd calls–never listened–considered spam

  13. David Perlin says:

    considered spam and very annoying

    ADMIN – Hi David,

    File your claim.

  14. MIKE MARTIN says:

    I have received multiple calls from these people, I asked to be taken off their calling list but they continued to call,
    I asked to speak to supervisor and I would be transferred to a busy signal.
    These people called early in the morning and late in the evening, very frustrating.

    ADMIN – Hi Martin,

    Please consider filing a claim using the link provided.

  15. Kensi Brooks says:

    I have received multiple phone calls from this business and I have asked several times to be removed off the call list.

    ADMIN – Hi Kensi,

    If you feel you are a class member by all means complete your claim form.

  16. Tehodore Johnson says:

    My name is Theodore Johnson, 1515 Huntington Ln. 1014
    Rockledge, Florida
    On claim, #1:17-cv-04692
    Is my name on a claim ?

    ADMIN – Hi Mr. Tehodore,

    We don’t know. The best way to find out is by reaching out to the class action administrator.

  17. Joe Randall says:

    how do you contact the class action administrator to find out what is going on? Filled out claim many months ago and have not heard anything. Neptune society should be shut down. They are rude and crude, only after money and then forget they ever contacted you.

    ADMIN – Hi Joe,

    Just scroll up and look for the section subtitled “contact”

  18. john gregg says:

    i sent in a claim before the dead line and have not heard any thing back my claim # was sent to me and i still have the card that was sent to me what is going on? when i enter it it says too late

    ADMIN – Hi John,

    I don’t believe this settlement has been distributed yet.

    • Dellen says:

      I just got my check today June 18th so they must be on the way

      • Julie Serrano says:

        I respectfully request a review of my settlement check. Just received my settlement check for $129.85. This amount is not acceptable.
        Your calculations are extremely erroneous. Please review and remit a check for the appropriate amount due to me.

        ADMIN – Hi Julie,

        We are not the administrators. Think about us as a newspaper for settlements. If you wish to escalate to the administrators their info is posted above. Keep in mind their decisions tend to be final and not subject to revisions.

  19. Sandra Maison says:

    I have filled a claim and have not heard from you. SCZ-10585168-0. Can you tell me when it will be distributed..

    ADMIN – Hi Sandra,

    We are not the class action administrators. In order to obtain updates on your claim you need to contact the administrator directly. Just scroll up to locate their #

  20. Shirley Dhuyvetter says:

    I called the number as I also have a valid claim. You only get prerecorded info, nothing about whether the final hearing approved the settlement, whether it has been contested, or when payments might be forth coming. Is there anyway to find out if the settlement was approved on March 14th, if there were any objections filed, and if not when the payments might be distributed? I’ve searched all over the web and it seems like the only way to find out any info is to write to them….Hopefully we don’t have to do that.

    ADMIN – Hi Shirley,

    Why don’t you call class counsel and ask?

  21. Joi Juaire-Darfler says:

    I have come to the conclusion that it is virtually IMPOSSIBLE to get even the slightest, (post-deadline), specific information, either by phone or online! This is ridiculous!
    I question if checks will ever be mailed!!!

    ADMIN – Hi Joi,

    Settlements can remain under appeals for years.

  22. Rick bowling says:

    Please let me know how many people received a part of this settlement. If my settlement was about average there would have been between 5,000 and 10.000 people depending on expenses. I received $129 today.
    thank you
    PS. Are you currently involved in any class action suits against landlords especially in CA.

    ADMIN – Hi Rick,

    We are not involved in specific cases. If you feel there is the potential for a lawsuit I encourage you to contact a class action attorney.

  23. felix a ruiz says:

    i receive a check from sci direct is this valid for the class action settlement

    ADMIN – Hi Felix,

    If you share a picture on our Facebook page I can help you determine the validity of your check

  24. Anthony Miller says:

    I received a check distribution of settlement benefit. I want to make sure it is good

    ADMIN – Hi Anthony,

    I have received several reports indicating that the checks are good.

  25. Theresa Brown says:

    I got a check for $129.85 in the name of Geraldine Brown, my name is Theresa Brown what do I doo with this check ? Was their a mistake made?

    ADMIN – Hi Theresa,

    You can contact the administrator to see if they will issue a replacement.

  26. Nanci says:

    I also received a check for $ 129.85, this must be the end of the suit. I will take it to the bank today. It’s something i did not expect. , had to look on line to make sure that it was not some other new scam. So if others are receiving this amount and the checks are good, off to the bank although the wasted time is nor can be replaced with this amount it’s better than being poked in the eye with a sharp stick so the old saying goes. Hope it’s for real. Good luck to others.

    ADMIN – Hi Nanci,

    The check is real

  27. Tanya Trujillo-Davis says:

    Hello. My name is Tanya Davis.
    I was going through all of my mail that I had not opened up and read.
    You know sometimes you get a lot of junk mail and if you are not familiar
    with the Company or Person of a Certain Business, you kinda just throw
    it off to the side in the junk pile. Well that is exactly what I did then one
    day I was like “OMG” let me get to looking through some of this mail that
    was stacked up for a few months and, “WOW”…..I could not believe it. I had
    to glance at it a few times. So I do remember getting all those unwanted call
    a lot , at all hours during the day and even same late evening calls. I told them
    to stop calling and there were even times when there were Pre – Recorded
    calls after many times I begin to get irritated for the fact the calls interrupted
    our family time/ dinner, even reaching out to the local county for Colorado’s
    BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU….. So I am really hoping this to be a legit
    check….. It is in the amount of $ 129.85.
    Cross my fingers all the way to the “BANK” ya’ll….
    After all it is the holidays… Could use the money to get my children a present
    for Christmas…. God is Good….

    ADMIN – Hi Tanya,

    The check is probably expired and no longer qualifies to be reissued. Check with your bank prior to cashing.

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