Class Eligibility

You are in the “Settlement Class” if, on or after May 13, 2012, New York Life, or a third party acting on New York Life’s behalf:

Called you on a cellular telephone using an automatic telephone dialing system or prerecorded voice; or

Called you two or more times within a twelve month period on a telephone number that was on the National Do-Not-Call Registry.

Estimated Amount


The estimated amount is based on 10% of the class members claiming

Proof of Purchase

Tel #

Case Name

Abante Rooter and Plumbing Inc. v. New York Life Insurance Company,
Case No. 1:16-cv-03588
District Court for the Southern District of New York

Case Summary

the class representative claims that, on or after May 13, 2012, New York Life violated the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, referred to as “TCPA”, by making calls to cellular telephones through the use of an automatic telephone dialing system or an artificial or prerecorded voice and to telephone numbers that were listed on the National Do-Not-Call Registry. The class representative claims that New York Life did not have the recipients’ permission to make these calls.

The Court has certified a class for settlement purposes only, referred to as the “Settlement Class”. U.S. District Court Magistrate Judge Barbara Moses, referred to as the “Court”, is in charge of this class action.

New York Life denies that it did anything wrong, denies that this case would be certified as a class action in litigation and denies any and all liability to Plaintiff and the putative class.

Settlement Pool





New York Life Settlement
c/o KCC Settlement Administrator
P.O. Box 43492
Providence, RI 02940-3492

6 responses to “New York Life TCPA Class Action Settlement”

  1. james biancrosso says:

    sirs;; I even call an re ported to put me on the no call list did no good th called any way

  2. james biancrosso says:

    whaths to say, these people do whath want.

  3. says:

    This occurred at my business phone

  4. Char says:

    Are there any updates on this settlement? The final hearing was on 09/20/2017.


    ADMIN – Hi Char,

    None at the moment. I see no evidence of appeals and that makes me hopeful that we will hear something about it soon.

  5. Ella says:

    New York life in insurance is no good

    ADMIN – Hi Ella,

    Thank you for your feedback, are you part of the class?

  6. B says:

    Anything yet?

    ADMIN – Hi B,

    I don’t see any updates

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