Class Eligibility

You are a Settlement Class Member and part of the settlement if you are a current or former owner or lessee of a 2001-2004 model year Nissan Pathfinder with VQ35 engine or a 2002-2005 model year Nissan Altima or Sentra with QR25 engine who purchased or leased the vehicle in California.

Excluded from the Settlement Class are: (1) Nissan, any entity or division in which Nissan has a controlling interest, its/their legal representatives, officers, directors, assigns and successors; (2) any judge to whom this case is assigned and the judge’s clerks and any member of the judge’s immediate family; (3) anyone with a claim for personal injury based on a loose or detached power valve screw in a Class Vehicle; (4) owners of vehicles covered by Nissan’s Voluntary Service Campaign for certain 2004 and 2005 model year Altimas and certain 2004 model year Sentras; and (5) current or former owners or lessees of Class Vehicles who paid out-of-pocket for Repaired Engine Damage after the vehicle had reached 12 years in service or 120,000 miles, whichever occurred first.

Estimated Amount

Up to $3000

There are many scenarios for this settlement. In certain instances you could be reimbursed for repairs and damages

Proof of Purchase


Case Name

Fox, et al. v. Nissan North America Inc.,
Case No. CGC-09-490470
Superior Court of the State of California, County of San Francisco

Case Summary

Plaintiffs allege that the engines in the Class Vehicles were assembled with power valve screws that are not secure, are prone to loosen and detach, may cause the Malfunction Indicator Lamp (or Check Engine Light) to illuminate and may cause unstable engine idling or power loss. They also allege detachment of the screw can result in engine failure and is a risk to personal safety. The Plaintiffs brought claims against Nissan for fraudulent concealment and violation of the California Consumer Legal Remedies Act and Unfair Competition Law. They sought various injunctive remedies and damages.

Nissan has and continues to strongly deny all of Plaintiffs’ claims including the assertion that detached power valve screws provide any risk to personal safety, denies all allegations of wrongdoing, fault, liability or damage of any kind to Plaintiffs of the Settlement Class (as defined below), and believes that this litigation is without merit. However, both parties have agreed to settle

Settlement Pool





Nissan Power Valve Screw Reimbursement Claims Headquarters
c/o Kurtzman Carson Consultants (KCC)
P.O. Box 43440
Providence, RI 02940-3440

83 responses to “Nissan Power Valve Screw Class Action Settlement (California Only)”

  1. James Lewis says:

    I read and don’t see it but if you don’t ask you never know. I have a 2004 Nissan Maxima that had appeared to have a valve issue knocking every now and then and had to replace the engine close to 1OOK….i have all the engine replacement documentation if by chance I fall under that..

    ADMIN – Hi James,

    The Nissan Maxima is not part of this settlement.

  2. Jane Garcia (Cameron Garcia) says:

    To Whom It May Concern
    I received a claim form for my husband who passed away 2013 How could I submit the claim form and how am I going to fill in? I tried calling the phone # but I did not have a chance to talk to a representative. kindly give me a reply Thank you.

    ADMIN – Hi Jane,

    Try contacting class counsel. Ruben Honik (215) 278-4449

  3. adrian says:

    How about the 2003 infiniti with the same vq35 engine?

    ADMIN – Hi Adrian,

    It does not look like the Infiniti is part of the settlement.

  4. Arturo Monroy Alvarado says:

    I send my old address 11786 cool water st adelanto c.a 92301-4560 please dont send anything to this addres send it to my New address .sent all the information at 2222mountain ave san Bernardino c.a zip 92404 apt#37 to Arturo Monroy Alvarado

    ADMIN – Hi Arturo,

    Please contact the admin directly. Leaving your info on this comment section will not help.

  5. carmen franco says:

    My 2005 nissan sentra. Always had problems. It slowly lost power and then stopped
    Spent over 30000 trying to fix engine.

  6. Mamie Cephas says:

    I have a 2015 Nissan Rogue, does this car fall under this suit

    ADMIN – Hi Mamie,

    You are a Settlement Class Member and part of the settlement if you are a current or former owner or lessee of a 2001-2004 model year Nissan Pathfinder with VQ35 engine or a 2002-2005 model year Nissan Altima or Sentra with QR25 engine who purchased or leased the vehicle in California.

  7. TERRIE PROPPS says:

    I have A nissan murano 03 and i had A nissan pathfinder 04 2yrs ago and both of my cars had engin problems head jobs can i file A law suit with nissan

    ADMIN – Hi Terrie,

    Per the terms of the settlement your Murano is not part of this. Your Pathfinding has some potential if it has a VQ35 engine, it had a power valve screw problem and you reside in California.

  8. Rosana Connell says:

    I have a 2005 altima i live in long lsland n.y had to put motor, transmission, just been a money pit.not to mention all 4 door handles snaped off. Can i be a part of this action

    ADMIN – Hi Rosana,

    Please refer to the section that describes who is a class member.

  9. felicia says:

    Hello, I didn’t lease my car in California but they were both used in the state of california. I am also a resident here. I had a nissan sentra and nissan altima within this time frame. They both had issues. Can I still file?

    ADMIN – Hi Felicia,

    The terms read as follows:”purchased or leased the vehicle in California”.

  10. Daniel Picazo says:

    I received my form on my 2003 nissan pathfinder I purchased I sent my claim in I haven’t received anything as to my claim received will I be notified?or should I call someone to confirm?

    ADMIN – Hi Daniel,

    I encourage you to contact the class action administrator.

  11. Victor Diaz says:

    Im am.a.ex path owner filled out paperwork would like to.kmow that I qualified for this settlement

    ADMIN – Hi Victor,

    You are a Settlement Class Member and part of the settlement if you are a current or former owner or lessee of a 2001-2004 model year Nissan Pathfinder with VQ35 engine or a 2002-2005 model year Nissan Altima or Sentra with QR25 engine who purchased or leased the vehicle in California.

  12. linda gonzalez says:

    Hi I am currently an owner of a nissan altima 2005.

  13. Sheila Baker says:

    I am a former owner of Nissan.

    ADMIN – Hi Sheila,

    Per the terms of the settlement former owners of specific Nissan vehicles listed in the class eligibility section may apply for this settlement.

  14. roel estrella says:

    hi im roel owner of nissan 2004 sentra 1.8 s and nissan altima 2005 asking if i’m qualified for this settlement

    ADMIN – Hi Roel,

    You are a Settlement Class Member and part of the settlement if you are a current or former owner or lessee of a 2001-2004 model year Nissan Pathfinder with VQ35 engine or a 2002-2005 model year Nissan Altima or Sentra with QR25 engine who purchased or leased the vehicle in California.

  15. Stephanie says:

    Who has paper work on a car that you no longer own? Then I guess u just out of the money?

    ADMIN – Hi Stephanie,

    Have you checked with the dealership?

  16. Carolyn Smith says:

    I no longer own my Nissan Altima 2003 – and don’t have documents for proof of purchase. I traded the Nissan on a new car purchase in 2015. Do I still qualified for this claim. Please reply

    ADMIN – Hi Carolyn,

    Do you have evidence that you can secure through Nissan proving that your car had this specific failure?

  17. Reyna K Zavala says:

    I received notice of the class act and submitted proof of invoice from my mechanic of when my engine was replaced 8 years ago on my 2003 Nissan Altima. I just received a notice stating that they need further documentation saying that it was the loose screw. My mechanic already confirmed it with me but it was never detailed in the invoice. How do I submit something else that would prove the cause of the repair. This happened 8 years ago. We have no written old invoices only an E filed copy in auto shops system showing only the replacement and work done. I have called the admin phone number and the operator was no help and I have sent emails to and they get rejected cause it’s an invalid email address. What to do now? Any suggestions? Who do I contact?

    ADMIN – Hi Reyna,

    Why don’t you contact class counsel?

  18. Richard Sheridan says:

    I have a 2005 altima and I just had to get my motor changed because my Mackinac. Said it had something to do whith the intake and said the motor was no good no more so it cost me $2088.75 to get it swapt out if like to no if mine is a recall

  19. Richard Sheridan says:

    I don’t get a reply

    ADMIN – Hi Richard,

    Then consider contacting class counsel of Nissan customer service.

    • Richard Sheridan says:

      You csnt tell me if mine is s reacall

      ADMIN – Hi Richard,

      You are a Settlement Class Member and part of the settlement if you are a current or former owner or lessee of a 2001-2004 model year Nissan Pathfinder with VQ35 engine or a 2002-2005 model year Nissan Altima or Sentra with QR25 engine who purchased or leased the vehicle in California.

    • Richard sheridan says:

      Can u tell me if im in the class for the recall

      ADMIN – Hi Richard,

      You are in the class if you meet the terms set forth under class eligibility.


    Dear Sir of Madam
    I am and have been looking for the repair bill, but the business in question was sold and later went out of business. I will continue to look for it, but what can I do?

    ADMIN – Hi Peter,

    Without proof of damages there is very little you can do.

  21. Alex Perez says:

    I sent my paperwork through mail for my 2005 nissan Sentra about a month ago and still haven’t gotten anything back in my mail. How long does it take for a repsonse?

    ADMIN – Hi Alex,

    The deadline was just recently, give them at least a few months.

  22. Monique Davis says:

    I have a 2005 Nissan Altima, and have spent a total of $4,000, replacing the engine and engine repairs, the business that replaced my engine no longer exists, and I misplaced by repair bill, I am still trying to locate it, I think Nissan is being very unfair not reimbursing the owners who cannot provide information on a car that is 12 years old, Owners should be notified who the Counsel is for this case along with contact information to address the Court about this matter, it seems Nissan do not want to accept full responsibility on selling lemons!

    ADMIN – Hi Monique,

    When it comes to car repairs it is always wise to keep a folder with your receipts.

  23. Jose amaya says:

    Send the form before the date indicated, but I have not received any notice about the case, I have two days calling, and only says to try later, what should I do? Thank you

    ADMIN – Hi Jose,

    Consider reaching out to class counsel.

  24. Daniel Lawrence says:

    I provided documents and completed my application online. a month later I got a letter in the mail asking for the documents I uploaded online to the website to be mailed. The phone number provided does not allow individuals to speak to a live representative to resolve issues or answer questions.

    ADMIN – Hi Daniel,

    Consider escalating to class counsel.

    • Daniel Lawrence says:

      How do I escalate to class counsel?

      ADMIN – Hi Daniel,

      Every long notice for a class action settlement includes a section that discloses the names and contact information of the attorneys handling the case. In order to find the long notice you can click on the link to the settlement and look in the menu for the section called documents. Once you are in that section look for the document titled long notice. Open the document and scroll down until you find the question that reads Who is representing me in this case?.

  25. Veronica Navarro says:

    My name is Veronica Navarro, I am in Class Action Suit, would really like to know the status… THank You.

    ADMIN – Hi Veronica,

    Contact 1-855-306-9707

  26. Bonifacio pichardo says:

    Hello admin I am call the office and they told me that my case was rejected from my 2002 Nissan Altima I want to know why and what I can do now.

    ADMIN – Hi Bonifacio,

    The office of the admin is the one that can tell you why you got rejected. I am the admin to this page but not the admin of the settlement.

  27. Raul says:

    Hello can you give me an update on the class action lawsuit. Has it been settled? Have refunds been sent out in the mail yet. Any info will be helpful. Thank You.

    ADMIN – Hi Raul,

    No updates will be available until the deadline passes.

  28. Basil r Guruwaiya says:

    Now that the settlement is settled when can I expect to receive my refund check my claim #is NSX-10096196401-5046 my name is Basil R Guruwaiya 1402 kingsbury ave Modesto Ca 95350 I own a 2003 Nissan Altima I submitted all documents and I m in the system per the settlement administrator 408-644-6474 thanks

    ADMIN – Hi Basil,

    Please contact 1-855-306-9707 to obtain the most recent info.

  29. Richard sheridan says:

    When are we going to here from this settlement or do we have to do something else you are not telling us nothing I filed all the paper work. You asked for and now I don’t here from nobody is that how you pay people back for class action law suits

    ADMIN – Hi Richard,

    We are not the class action administrators. We are like a newspaper that posts the latest settlements but we have no authority or ability to ask you for anything or tell you specifics about your case. In order to find out the status of the case you may want to contact the class action admin at 1-855-306-9707

  30. Jc says:

    When are we getting any updates on the case??

    ADMIN – Hi JC,

    According to the official settlement page the Final Approval Hearing has been
    rescheduled for November 29 at 10:00 a.m. Pacific Time

  31. Vee says:

    How did the final hearing go?

    ADMIN – Hi Vee,

    We were not present and we will not find out until the class action administrator posts an update.

  32. yadira says:

    So what’s the update on the case?

    ADMIN – Hi Yadira,

    According to the official page the final hearing was rescheduled for today at 3 pm California time. That means it is happening as I type my response.

  33. edwin chavez says:

    cuando terminara esta demanda

    ADMIN – Hi Edwin,

    It will come to an end when all appeals have cleared and the judge is satisfied with the terms.

  34. Basil R Guruwaiya says:

    Now that they had the final hearing on November 29 2017 when are the distribution of the payments to individuals effected are suppose to happen Basil Guruwaiya 408-644-6474

    ADMIN – Hi Basil,

    There is a window after the final hearing to allow for appeals.

  35. Jc says:

    When we will be hearing about what’s going happen with our reimbursement?

    ADMIN – Hi JC,

    The hearing took place recently. Now we wait for potential appeals.

  36. yadira says:

    Now that the settlement is settled when can we expect to receive a refund check?

    ADMIN – Hi Yadira,

    The settlement agreement reads as follows:
    . “Effective Date of Settlement” means sixty-one (61) business days after the date when the Final Order and Judgment in the Lawsuit is entered, or if there is an appeal, (a) all such appeals have been dismissed; or (b) the appropriate Court of Appeal has entered a final judgment affirming the Final Order and Judgment of the Court, which (i) is no longer subject to any further appellate challenge, or (ii) has been affirmed by the California Supreme Court, whichever is earlier.

  37. Mimi says:

    appeals?? smh…They know very well they had defective engines, I spent thousands of dollars over the years tryin to fix the engine until I finally replaced it.

  38. Ivonne Colio says:

    Good morning. May I please have the status of the settlement. Thank you.

    ADMIN – Hi Ivonne,

    No updates yet. The final hearing was on 11/29

  39. Jim says:

    AKA: Your settlement check is coming on the Slow Boat from China.

  40. Mariana Estrada says:

    A similar question above was asked, but if the home address given in the file has changed since, who should one contact to give the new address?

    ADMIN – Hi Mariana,

    The class action administrator.

    • Mariana Estrada says:

      What is the phone number?
      Thank you

      ADMIN – Hi Mariana,

      If you scroll up you will notice at the bottom of the listing a subheading that reads contact. Right next to the subheading contact you will see all the information for the class action administrator.

  41. Donna Pearl Taylor says:

    WhenwiII the settlement check be mailed out?

    ADMIN – Hi Donna,

    I don’t know. You can call the admin at 1-855-306-9707

  42. yadira says:

    up date plz

    ADMIN – Hi Yadira,

    I do not have one at the moment.

  43. Linda says:

    I got a letter in my informed delivery coming today, hope it’s a check!

    ADMIN – Hi Linda,

    We hope so too. Please let us know.

  44. yadira says:

    up date plz?

    ADMIN – Hi Yadira,

    The class action administrator has not provided additional updates at the moment.

  45. Raul says:

    Can you please tell me if this case has been settled yet? Any idea when they will be mailing out the rebate checks? Any info will be helpful. Thank you.

    ADMIN – Hi Raul,

    I hear the case have been finalized and they are in the process of sending the checks out.

  46. Linda Barbee says:

    I have not heard anything regarding the settlement

    ADMIN – Hi Linda,

    I heard the case is moving forward with checks, contact the class action administrator to see if yours is on the way.

    • Maria says:

      Not sure what source you got your information from! I called yesterday and was told that Case was not settled yet.

  47. Jc says:

    They denied because I have not proof of repairs,
    Do anyone have recieps from 9 or ten years old?

    ADMIN – Hi JC,

    I don’t but some people do.

  48. Peter says:

    Just got off the phone with settlement adminstators office and was told no checks have been mailed out and could not provide a time frame for it either. Can anyone provide any real info ?

    ADMIN – Hi Peter,

    Some class members swear they received a written response from the admin indicating that the checks were about to be released.

  49. Victoria says:

    Any update on this case?

    ADMIN – Hi Victoria,

    None at the moment.

  50. Maria says:

    Anyone has any recent newes abut the case?

  51. VICTORIA says:

    Any updates on this case?

    ADMIN – Hi Victoria,

    The class action administrator has not updated their page.

  52. Bhavesh Patel says:

    I have paid around $3300 for my Nissan sentra. I dont own this car anymore. I have sold it. I dont have any documentation for this $3300. What should i do?

    ADMIN – Hi Bhavesh,

    In the absence of documentation you don’t have a claim. This is how the settlement reads:

    A Claim Form was included with the Notice mailed to Settlement Class Members. To obtain a reimbursement benefit, you must submit the completed Claim Form with necessary documentation

  53. Guadalupe mercado says:

    I want to know witch is the status ofmy claim

    ADMIN – Hi Guadalupe,

    To know the status of your claim you need to reach out directly to the class action administrator.

    Nissan Power Valve Screw Reimbursement Claims Headquarters
    c/o Kurtzman Carson Consultants (KCC)
    P.O. Box 43440
    Providence, RI 02940-3440

  54. Linda says:

    I called the administrator last week and was told the case was moved to May 30, 2018.

  55. Raul says:

    Has anybody found out why the case was moved to May 30th 2018? Is this accurate information? Case should have been settled already and checks should have been in the process of getting mailed out already. This does not make any sense. Any updated accurate information will be helpful.

  56. Susan says:

    Call the administrator for any details you feel you may need.

  57. Katrina guzman says:

    I called they said it was finalized i even nissan n asked to look up my vin for recall they said there is no recall on my car in that case why did I receive a paper telling me to file a claim that I was part of a settlement for the recall

    ADMIN – Hi Katrina,

    Have you contacted the class action administrator to ask? They are better equipped to address your question.

  58. Estela says:

    Hello, It looks like the final approval hearing was on…..
    New Final Approval Hearing:
    Scheduled for May 16, 2018 at 10:00 a.m. Pacific Time

    Do you happen to know when they plan to start sending out reimbursement checks? Any information will be helpful. Thank you.

    ADMIN – Hi Stella,

    We don’t have new information on this case.

  59. Maria says:

    If the case was finalized on May 16th, would not class members received at least a letter?

    ADMIN – Hi Maria,

    If a letter is not indispensable the admin is unlikely to send one.

  60. Stephanie says:

    So than whats next, when will they mail out the checks?

    ADMIN – Hi Stephanie,

    Since they changed the deadline it may be a long time before you see your share.

  61. Stella says:

    You mentioned they changed the deadline, but that is for those that received a notice,after Feb 12th 2018. What about those that filed long before that date? Was that not relevant to the finalized case that was on May 16th? There is some confusion about these two dates. Shoulden’t checks be in the process of being mailed out for those cases that were finalized on the May 16th date?

    ADMIN – Hi Stella,

    Generally they only send one batch of checks. Meaning that if the deadline is extended all other class members must wait. There are a few exceptions but not many.

  62. John Patrick schratz Jr says:

    Hi my name is John Patrick schratz Jr, and I filed a claim claim number NSX d e f 1031 345-9101. I received a letter returned to me stating that I was missing true showing that the repair was for damage to the engine caused by loose power valve screw. Well in my claim I stapled my only receipt which stated on the receipt of why the engine was replaced. So I need to have that return me, or I need somebody to look at it and look at the receipt, so we can fix this. Please email me or feel free to contact me on my cell phone number which is 949 568 7927. Thank you and have a nice day

    ADMIN – Hi John,

    I wish I could help you but I am not the class action administrator. To reach out to the administrator please use the contact information provided above.

  63. Maria says:

    Any idea about hearing as of May16th? I called the Admin about couple of weeks ago but there was no update! Isn’t it class members right to know about what went on the hearing?

    ADMIN – Hi Maria,

    The administrator has not posted updates. As far as right to know, you could always access public records and obtain the documents related to the hearing.

  64. Stephanie says:

    So what exactly do this court index mean? Was the case settled an dif so when will the payout begin.

    ADMIN – Hi Stephanie,

    Payouts begin once the judge has cleared all appeals.

  65. Amelia Gurule says:

    I like to know what’s going to happen with the settlement.

    ADMIN – Hi Amelia,

    Final hearing, appeals and if all clears payments.

  66. Benjamin Edringtonland says:

    Has the Final Hearing taken place? If so, has the court cleared all appeals as of this date? Given the above, should not the check be mailed out as of this date.

    ADMIN – Hi Ben,

    Reach out to class counsel to see if they have a set timeline for distribution
    Jennie Lee Anderson, Esq.
    Lori E. Andrus, Esq.
    Leland Belew, Esq.
    155 Montgomery Street, Suite 900
    San Francisco, California 94104

  67. Benjamin Edringtonland says:

    The following was taken from court records:

    Aug.11, 2018 Deadline
    Sept.5. 2018 Deficiency Notices
    Nov. 1, 2018 Rejection letters
    Nov. 21, 2018 Contesting of Rejected Claims
    Jan. 2, 2019 Submission to court of unresolved disputes
    Jan 14, 2019 Court hearing about contested rejected claims.
    (Distribution within 60 days)

    ADMIN – Hi Benjamin,

    Thanks for the updates.

  68. Benjamin Edringtonland says:

    No payments will be sent out until after the Jan.14, 2019 Court hearing regarding unresolved disputes. This is Similar to the 2018-04-20 order on unresloved contested rejected claims in which 27 were deemed invalid and 9 valid claims.

  69. Peter Tsachpinis says:

    I just received my check today Nov 3. Checked was dated 10/30.

  70. Peter says:

    Received my check yesterday 11/3. Check was dated 10/30. Just wanted to let everyone know it finally happened.

  71. Christian Salvador says:

    I just received my check in the mail 2 days ago. Thank you!!!! I will never buy a p o s Nissan again. EVER!!!! this settlement doesn’t come close to how much I blew on this product.

  72. Maria says:

    I got my check too a couple of weeks ago. Does everyone suppose to get the same amount? My car was also cost a lot of money to fix as far as engine and transmission in 80000 miles. I will never buy a Nissan any more.

    ADMIN – Hi Maria,

    The amounts varied.

  73. Susan says:

    I paid $3,200 to get my engine fixed and I only got a check for $1,500. What happened to the other $1,500? I was really looking forward to getting the $3,000 back to make me whole again.

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