Class Eligibility

The Court has certified two classes. Those classes are as follows:

(1) All persons and businesses who from March 26, 2006 to the present paid any of the Leasing Defendants property taxes based on a cost greater than the “equipment cost.” “Leasing Defendants” means Northern Leasing Systems, Inc.; MBF Leasing LLC; Northern Funding LLC; Jay Cohen; Leonard Mezei; Sara Krieger; Sam Buono; and SKS Associates, LLC. (This class is called the “Property Tax Equipment Cost Basis Class.”)

(2) All persons and businesses whose lease numbers appeared on “Schedule 1.” A copy of Schedule 1 is available for review here. (This class is called the “SKS Post-Lease Expiration Class.”)

The two classes combined will be referred to as the “Settlement Class.” The Settlement Class excludes (1) the Honorable Judge Claudia Wilken and any member of her immediate family; (2) any government entity; (3) any person or entity who acted as an independent sales organization or independent sales or marketing agent on behalf of Leasing Defendants with respect to any equipment finance lease; (4) any of the Released Parties (defined below); (5) Antonio Piazza and Mark Segall and any members of their immediate families; and (6) any persons who timely opt out of the Settlement Class.

Estimated Amount


Every Settlement Class member who files a Valid Claim (defined below) will receive the following benefits:

(a) Each member of the SKS Post-Lease Expiration Class from whom monies were actually collected in connection with the SKS Allegations (described in the Notice) shall receive the full amount collected, less any refund provided to and received by such Settlement Class Member in the New York Attorney General Settlement, plus $41.75.

(b) Each member of the SKS Post-Lease Expiration Class from whom monies were not actually collected in connection with the SKS Allegations shall receive $15.

(c) Each member of the Property Tax Equipment Cost Basis Class shall receive $14.25 for each year after March 26, 2006 that he, she or it paid any Leasing Defendants property taxes based on a cost greater than the “equipment cost.”

Proof of Purchase


Case Name

Rainbow Business Solutions, Inc., et al. v. Northern Leasing Systems, Inc., et al.
Case No. 10-CV-01993-CW
U.S. District Court, Northern District of California

Case Summary

The class action settlement will resolve a lawsuit over whether Northern Leasing Systems, Inc., and affiliated entities improperly charged taxes and fees in connection with certain credit card equipment leases.

Settlement Pool





Northern Leasing Settlement
Claim Administrator
c/o A.B. Data, Ltd.
P.O. Box 173043
Milwaukee, WI 53217

9 responses to “Northern Leasing Credit Card Equipment Class Action Settlement”

  1. Clemmie holmes says:

    I have been getting cards and phone calls for credit card people’s and received cards from people I didn’t sign up for and they give you cards but never let you get a long

  2. Patsy Hojnowsi says:

    I have been getting annoying phone calls and have a terminally ill person living here I did not sign up for this and fimd it very disturbing

    ADMIN – Hi Patsy,

    This settlement has to do with wording on a contract. Calls are not relevant at all.

  3. Israel MONCIVAIS says:

    When are we receiving our settlements..

    ADMIN – Hi Israel


    The Order final approving the Settlement was granted on December 5, 2017. Settlement Payment checks are scheduled to be mailed out to valid claimants on or about February 26, 2018.

    Additional updates will be posted as they arise.

  4. brenda comer says:

    how much is each person receiving on the settlement

    ADMIN – Hi Brenda,

    The estimated settlement is between 14 to 41 dollars.

  5. paul baker says:

    hi, I live in Ma. and have been hounded by LFG for 10 years. My New York Attorney died earlier this year. Can you please advise on how I can go about fighting these criminals. Thank you

    ADMIN – Hi Paul,

    Hire another attorney.

  6. Charmaine watkins says:

    What if you missed the deadline, due to you knowing of No Such lawsuit. What can I do now? Account has been closed for years but it says they can ruin my credit and possibly even detach my wages or take personal property is that true?

    ADMIN – Hi Charmaine,

    Once you miss the deadline you no longer have legal recourse.

  7. frank lombardi says:

    Northern leasing stole my identity and charged 11,579.44 to my credit .

  8. Lisa Briggs says:

    I have a change of address on my claim filed on 11/27/2017, how should I get correct address for my settlement?

    • Angelica (Admin) says:

      Hi Lisa,

      I’m afraid you’ll have to contact the Claims Administrator directly for the database update re. your change of residence. We are only a class action newspaper, not the settlement administrator of this lawsuit. Please see the “Contact” details above. Best of luck.

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