Class Eligibility

If you purchased Extended Download Service for Norton Products or Norton Download Insurance between January 23, 2005 and March 10, 2011, you may be eligible to receive a payment from a class action settlement and your rights will be affected by the settlement.

Estimated Amount


Note: This settlement may be adjusted down pro rata if the number of applicants exceed the available settlement pool

Proof of Purchase


Case Name

Khoday v. Symantec
NO. 0:11-cv-00180 (JRT-FLN)
Circuit Court District Of Minnesota

Case Summary

According to the settlement and lawsuit the defendants violated consumer protection laws and the common law – specifically, that Digital River violated the Minnesota Consumer Fraud Act, and that Symantec violated California’s Unfair Competition Law and Consumer Legal Remedies Act, when they failed to disclose to Class members that there were free alternative methods to redownload purchased software existed.

Settlement Pool





Khoday v. Symantec Corp.
c/o GCG
P.O. Box 10081
Dublin, OH 43017-6681
Toll Free: 1-855-382-6395

152 responses to “Norton Insurance Class Action Settlement”

  1. emilio sciortino says:

    before I got my free Norton from Comcast I was seeing charges i did not authorize for two of my PC,s
    what a mess it was to get them to stop it took two years



    ADMIN – Hi Therese,

    Did you further extend your services to include the insurance or extension package? If so consider filing a claim you may be a part of the class.

  3. Matt says:

    They are asking for e-mail addresses associated with the purchase. Won’t they check those e-mails against their records? Doesn’t that mean proof is required? I don’t remember if I used my work e-mail, old e-mail, or my current e-mail address…

    ADMIN – Hi Matt,

    I encourage you to call the admin and ask to check both emails for you.

  4. Ron Ross says:

    When I got my Norton service I thought I was well protected. Goes to show; you can’t trust anyone.

  5. Patrick Wightman says:

    I used Norton on my dell desktop, hp desktop and hp laptop, I had many of the same issues with additional charges for service I did not purchase! On two of my devices I had puchased the extended protection!

  6. Marcy Davis says:

    They just take over your computer! Then you can’t even get them off if you tried you have no choice but to renew or your computer won’t even run correctly until you do.

  7. Hannah Kinsey says:

    Norton is pesky and completely overruns my laptop. I’ve had to restore my laptop after trying to uninstall this from my computer over and over and nothing seems to work. It constantly sends me reminders to repurchase norton even though i will be doing no such thing and have told them so.

  8. William Aylward says:

    I never thought I would see the day that I would be reimbursed for being charged for this service. I wrote it off thinking that you live and learn. I am glad somebody stepped up and filed a lawsuit for the regular folk.

  9. Bianca says:

    I’m just glad that someone is trying to give us our money back for this product

  10. Martha Lane says:

    Norton did not protect my computer. I had a hard time with norton l had to Do a restore on my twice and try to remember what l had on there and put it back on my computer. Norton even let pop ups come on my computer alot.

  11. Karrington Harris says:

    I purchased this when I got my first laptop in 2010 and 2011.

  12. peter carbone says:

    charged me more by adding other services

  13. peter carbone says:

    norton charged me more by adding other services.

  14. lisa edwards says:

    Did not protect my desk tops or lap tops

  15. Debrah Wells says:

    We replaced 2 computers before we switched from Norton. Took me around 2 years to get them to stop charging me.

  16. Jon penkava says:

    I called norton to discontinue my service with the and they continued my monthy charges. (This went on for months).

  17. William lane says:

    Norton did not protect my laptop

  18. Florine Johnson says:

    I brought norton product in 2005 year

  19. Arlene Lake says:

    Even after my download my computer crashed and I had to take to have all the worms and bugs removed. Then another 150.00 to load new spy ware and windows 10. Thanks for nothing (as far as protection) Norton!!!

  20. Gary Abraham says:

    It would really make sense that you could cancel this program as fast as they would like to charge you for their service.

  21. Gary Abraham says:

    why is it that it seems to take forever to get a cancellation from these people?

  22. Joseph Kiselburgh says:

    After i purchased and downloaded my computer crashed. It said that i didn’t purchase and i had to do it again.

  23. Allison Lee says:

    It says that you need the email that was associated with it. What if that email is no longer in use?

    ADMIN – Hi Allie,

    You still need it! They won’t email you there but they will verify your purchase.

  24. Cynthia Carlisle says:

    From 2008-2015 i have downloaded Norton on my cell phone.

  25. Mary Bell says:

    Had Norton on my computer when purchased. Tried to discontinue after first year, couldn’t find a way to do that nor a way to contact them by phone. Took forever before I was able to remove it by finally getting in touch with someone at Norton.

  26. Trent Werner says:

    I got Norton through Comcast and ended up getting charged for “add-ons” that ended up crashing my desktop computer causing me to buy a new one.

  27. Lori Moroski says:

    Our company was small so I took every precaution to protect it using Norton. Not everything is as it seems to be.

  28. Andrea Lewis says:

    Norton did not work long term on my lap top. When it was time to renew the entire system would CRASH . The only way I could get my lap top functioning again , I would have to purchase $200.00 worth of spyware protection. Needless, to say I just purchased a new lap top. Norton Sucks!

  29. Steve bock says:

    Thank god someone is doing something about them.

  30. kathy thompson says:

    I purchased a Norton anti-virus back in 2010, I believe. When it was almost time to run out I kept getting notices to extend my Norton services. I just didn’t respond, then right before Norton was to expire my laptop went haywire/crashed. I had a repairman look at it to see what was wrong or if could be fixed and he said no the computer was junk. So does this qualify me to file a claim or no?

    ADMIN – Hi Kathy,

    Please refer to the terms of the settlement.

  31. Barbara Johnson says:

    I purchased Norton’s Anti-virus protection (2009 or 2010) and I was always eery that they were actually causing virus attacks, because it seems that near expiration date, crazy pictures would take over my computer & when I contacted CSR, they immediately want money for that session as well.

  32. Mike Crowell says:

    I also purchased nortons and received a virus.

  33. Gwendolyn House says:

    I purchased Norton’s antivirus back in 2007 or 2008 when I purchased a new computer. I was still getting viruses on my computer with the protection. So I eventually switch service.

  34. janine perez says:

    I purchased the program and still continued to get virus and was still charged several times.

  35. thomas pipes says:

    I had to purchase a different protection. McAfee.

  36. Cynthia Bradwell'foy says:

    I purchased Norton’s antivirus back in 2007-2008-2010 and 2012 for my Desktop and Laptop Because the company was well Known for It’s reputation,
    But I keep having the same problems Virus on both so I switch to McAfee and it also was a problem with them.

  37. Margarette Ross says:

    ipurchased nortonantivirus in 2008-2012 it did not provide what the advertisement says

  38. Margarette Ross says:

    Norton is not as good as it used to be I still got a virus in 2010 so I had to go elsewhere and they messed puter up so I had to get a new computor

  39. Nova Rupertus says:

    I purchased Norton

  40. Paul Tipton says:

    I believe I may have purchased Norton during the time frame listed.

  41. Howard Williams Jr. says:

    I purchased Norton

  42. Kellie Brady says:

    I purchased Norton for a laptop 2010 2011.

  43. Robin McKinniss says:

    Purchased Norton for desktop in 2007.

  44. Barbara Hays says:

    purchased Norton for desk and laptop

  45. lydia says:

    Purchased Norton
    for windows seven

  46. LINDA SCHRAMM says:


  47. latesha Osborne says:

    I purchased a desk top & a lap top and used Norton’s for both of them. This was in 2009 and I can’t do anything with neither computers because of Norton’s… Smh Sad

  48. Nicholas A says:

    In Around 2006-2008 I had Downloaded the free version of Norton little did I know for them 2 years I was charged random fee’s after finally purchasing product that were hidden on my statements and I had no idea what the money was going too…very disappointed with Norton! I felt violated, this caused me to change all my bank information and start fresh to stop random charges.

  49. Vickie y collins says:

    I apply started year 2005 till 2016

  50. Heslop M. says:

    We bought an HP all-in-one touch screen..came with Norton, and also was included in our internet package from Comcast…covered for sure you would think….but no. Even after purchasing their highest intivirus protection package that covered all our internet devices (3 or 5 I can’t recall) all devices ended up with irreparable hard drive errors making the devices worthless… Total loss result $1400+

  51. K Garcia says:

    Purchased laptop and Norton was installed. Continually got viruses and still do.

  52. Annie LEE says:

    I Download Norton on my laptop and it continually got viruses

    ADMIN – Hi Annie LEE,

    This settlement is not related to the performance of the product.

  53. Randy Gobbel says:

    I went to the online claim form. It asked for an ID and confirmation number from the e-mail I received. However there was no ID or confirmation number in the e-mail. How do I proceed?

    ADMIN – Hi Randy,

    Note that there is a box you can check that reads ” I do not have a personal ID #” By checking this box you will be asked to submit personal information to validate your claim

  54. Frances Dobbins says:

    Norton is nerve wrecking

  55. Teresa Harris says:

    When I bought my computer in 2012 after my free Norton Anti Virus. I purchased the Norton Security for the next two years. At the time my name was Teresa Pinkney, I purchased my computer from Best Buy. My address is 7728 C Sunrise Drive
    Birmingham, AL 35210

    ADMIN – Hi Teresa,

    Posting your info here does not constitute a claim. Please file a claim using the link provided

  56. Jim says:

    How does one know for sure if they purchased this? Can we file and they will verify it with our email address? What about where it asks how many times we purchased this specific product?

    ADMIN – Hi Jim,

    You know you purchased this service because you have it installed on your computer or computers. You also know the number of instances by referring to prior emails confirming purchases.

    • Jim says:

      What about those who do not have the same computer(s) or emails that they had from 2005-2011? How does one know for sure if they purchased this? Can we file and they will verify it with our email address? What about where it asks how many times we purchased this specific product?

      ADMIN – Hi Jim,

      This is where good record keeping kicks in. Most email accounts give you sufficient space to archive every receipt ever. The burden of proof falls upon you and it is not up to the admin. You provide a sworn statement indicated that you purchased the product. Generally speaking this is not something that you would forget.

  57. Montgomery Beyer says:

    I understand the concerns of those before me however I think that the brunt of the statements actually refer to the fact that one could have alternative means of regaining the software other than their cost to download from their service. In no way shape or form will this be considered a reimbursement for the software, nor will the settlement come close to that level of payment. Be grateful that you will receive some small amount for the misrepresentation of the product and its delivery service.

  58. A Razo says:

    I down loaded the free version of Norton and then had to pay for the real version more than once. I had to pay for the desk top and on my laptop. I thought I was protected but was not i still had problems and viruses and had to reset my computer serval times.

  59. Curtis Staten says:

    Have trouble when time for renewal, keep trying to charge me, over and over for same service.

  60. Steve says:

    I elect not to get $50 from Norton. Probably they did me more than 50 bucks of holding off the “invaders”, we cannot know the benefit.
    I have more serious issues with Microsoft, as even if they “support” a software, they have NEVER sent a person over to my house to check on the problems we have with that (today my wife upgraded her Win7 to Win10 and it doesn’t allow her to do Facebook). Martin Luther King would be even more pissed than she is, I think!!

  61. Gwendolyn Sled says:

    Viruses took over my computer, even though I had Norton

  62. Clint says:

    They kept charging me.

  63. karen varela says:

    Our computer had to be trashed only 9 months old.. my mother keep getting all kinds of problems too. One computer over 2,000. The other 1700. We only have a tablet now. Can, t afford a new one. Limited income.

  64. Cynthia M. rhodes says:

    I had Norton on my desk top.

  65. Michael says:

    It trashed my computer

  66. Tammy says:

    I purchased Norton with our desktop and had nothing but problems. When it came time to renew, it crashed my computer before I had a chance to renew.

  67. Kristen Dybas says:

    always had problems with Norton

  68. Carol T Birt says:

    Norton literally made my life hell, I it crashed my laptop by letting a virus in. I had nothing but problems with charges and try homeschooling a child with Norton for security. It will keep you from doing the simplest of task and the stuff it should have blocked would come right up. I will never deal with them again. It’s like being strong-armed by your own computer.

    ADMIN – Hi Carol,

    This settlement has nothing to do with product performance. You can file for this settlement if you signed up for extended insurance.

  69. Nancy Wesley says:

    I had two computers to crash after I purchase Nortons

  70. nancy doege says:

    Purchased Norton for Laptop in 2010

  71. melanie henry says:

    my brand new computer crashed after purchasing Norton

  72. Alisha Callicott says:

    Purchase 3 year renewal Norton pack and have to renew every year.

  73. Renata Jenkins says:

    I purchased Norton that was to be good for a year but continued to get viruses before year was up.

  74. SMJ says:

    I purchased in 2005, but I don’t believe it was the insurance or extended download they’re talking about. I want to recommend AVG or avast free editions as I switched to them after I realized was paying too much to these companies.

  75. margo neil says:

    I purchased Norton in 2006,2010 and 2013 for lap and desk for computer

  76. Vickie y collins says:

    I did this during this period

  77. kenneth maglione says:

    been waiting on rebate i think this is not true

  78. Charles white says:

    I did in 2005

  79. Tony pham says:

    I downloaded norton in 2010 on my laptop and it messed up my computer, its very hard to get rid of

  80. Sherry says:

    I have purchase Norton twice between time period noted

  81. Emmanuel says:

    It’s awful! It messed up my computer and most of the things they flagged were fine! Had to take it to the store to get it fixed before I could use again!

  82. Arthurlyn Upshaw says:

    I purchased when I got my Dell laptop

  83. Sylvia Carlisle says:

    I had purchased Norton, numerous problems, but can’t remember old email. Not sure what it was.

    ADMIN – Hi Sylvia,

    I am afraid without the email address you won’t be able to file.

  84. Tamara Gordon says:

    I have purchased norton several times.

  85. Priyanka says:

    Norton is not so much beneficial for most of tha devices .It is unable to detect various harmful viruses.

  86. Patricia Grayshock says:

    I think it was in 2013 I purchased the extended protection and was never able to use it.

  87. Ralph aguilar says:

    I thought I was well protected but I wasn’t I was lied to

  88. hermon shelton says:

    my Norton protection package on my computer was frozen foe months and only came back on line when I had to purchase the same package for another year

  89. Denise Green says:

    I purchased norton for my computer when I first got it and it crashed my computer.

  90. Letitia Jordan says:

    I purchase norton for my computer on line.

    ADMIN – Hi Letitia!

    Fantastic, if you feel you are a class member I encourage you to file a claim using the handy link we provided.

  91. Rosalyn E. Tucker says:

    I had Norton on my PC since the day I purchased it. I thought having Norton would at least ease my mind by being secure. I have been harassed by hackers trying to get me take Microsoft from them. I called AT&T and question the called and was to led it was fraud.

  92. Gina Potter says:

    I had put norton on both mine and my sons new computer

  93. amanda monita says:

    I have used norton on every computer I have owed.I purchased this product at least 8 different times if not more. Always had to purchase it twice a year even though it stated it was a one year protection plan.

  94. Janis melton says:

    Hello Admin I didn’t know this was out there til a few weeks ago I purchased the Norton 3 times from 2006 they 2011,is there any way that I can still be included in this or email me the forms
    Thanks in advance

    ADMIN – Hi Janis,

    There are no extensions for deadlines. Make sure you visit our website often to avoid missing future settlements.

  95. Timothy Rowan says:

    I submitted my claim form by the February Deadline, now I see you advise others to file the form even though that deadline has passed. It is now April. Where is my money?

    ADMIN – Hi Timothy,

    Have you contacted the actual class action administrator to make an inquiry? Remember, classactionrebates is an independent informational website. We are not handling this case.

  96. Crystal Pleasants says:

    Norton did not protect my devices

  97. James Winstead says:

    I don’t think ANYONE will see ANY money from this. Except the Attorney’s of course!!!!
    I am with Timothy Rowan…..It is now mid-April…..Where is my money??????!!!!!!

  98. Myrtle Basien says:

    I have know idea why I have to have Norton, when I have MacAfee. I had a problem with my HP printer yesterday and my phone company could not help me and told me to contact HP. I did and I am sooo afraid to download to fix the printer ( I paid to get the printer to work), and now, I see Norton overpowering it. There should be something or someone to stop this company of taking over your computer and printer. Another computer in my house had to reset up to go to the host phone company instead of infinity which is Comcast. This is horrible.

  99. David Beisell says:

    It is 2017, where’s the money? This is as bad as the problem itself.

    ADMIN – Hi David,

    Have you reached out to the class action administrator?

  100. Christopher Salbego says:

    Hi, I have not received a payment yet. How do you go about contacting the actual class action administrator?

    ADMIN – Hi Christopher,

    This is the number we have Toll Free: 1-855-382-6395

    • Daniel says:

      Will make payments in “late July” their website states. Typical legal strategy……take years to settle, hope some claimers die off and file bankruptcy.
      Got $300 coming to me. Believe it when i see it!

      • E Watts says:

        Did you receive yours today? I received a check for $150 just today, July 31. I was pleasantly surprised and VERY THANKFUL!!

    • Daniel says:

      How about a real UPDATE for payment since we only have 7 business days left in July. Crickets??

      • Daniel says:

        It’s July 27th……I still hear crickets with two “business” days left in “late July”.

        ADMIN – Hi Daniel,

        We are not the “ADMIN” for this settlement. To get updates on this matter please reach out to the class action admin. their info is posted above.

  101. April Mendiola says:

    Can I still claim even if I missed the deadline?

    ADMIN – Hi April,


  102. Christine Kozak says:

    When do we receive the check? I filled out all the paperwork. To-day is July 27 2017. Will it come soon , and if it is not received who do we get in touch with.

    ADMIN – Hi Christine,

    Probably today

  103. Heather says:

    Can’t believe it..actually received a check yesterday.

  104. john says:

    According to USPS informed delivery, I will be receiving this check today or tomorrow.

  105. Ben says:

    see this in USPS Informed Delivery email today. the envelope is semi-transparent in the scan. can only make out the words ‘check amount’ in the background but can’t see how much.

  106. Annette says:

    Just got my $50.00 check today! Yeah!

    • Ken says:

      Got mine today for $400. I never thought anything would come of this when I sent it in a long time back. Still afraid it’s a scam. Going to check with my bank tomorrow to make sure it’s legit. I do know the routing number is legit.

      • Kathy K says:

        I received a check for $300 and am also afraid there is some kind of ‘catch’ to this. Please advise what the bank says. I really could use it but am afraid to think it’s ‘real’ … Thank you.

      • Craig Poche says:

        I got a $250 check, how do you know if its legit? I’m kinda afraid to cash it. Please let us know if you find out if it is legit.

  107. George says:

    I got a check for $100 today. Had not heard of the class action. Looked up this to check for legitimacy.

  108. Becky says:

    I must have downloaded and paid for more than I thought! I got a check for $250 today.

  109. tmama says:

    I received $200 ck today!

  110. Delia Cooper says:

    I received my check today for $150.00…..Yeah!

  111. Cyndi says:

    Yes Lord! Got my $350.00 check today. They have been ripping me off for years. A few months ago I tried working with them once again thinking maybe thing have changed and out of nowhere, my computer started getting viruses on it then finally crashed. It worked better when I was uncovered. In addition to that, they are now sending me notices warning me that my yearly subscription is about to expire. I’ve only had it for 3 months. Honestly, they suck!

  112. Carol Thibodeau says:

    I installed Norton on my laptop. I had so many problems. I thought I had deleted all of it. I had to delete it 2 Times . I was very unhappy.

  113. Elizabeth says:

    Got mine today for $400. I never thought anything would come of this when I sent it in a long time back. Still afraid it’s a scam. Going to check with my bank tomorrow to make sure it’s legit.

  114. Dan McManigal says:

    My wife and I both received checks how can we tell if these are real. Mine was $150 and hers is $250

    ADMIN – Hi Dan,

    The bank is the best place to verify.

  115. Negrilwoman says:

    I called the bank today to verify the check. It is legit. If anyone wants to call and verify the check, the bank is Signature Bank. 631-470-5000. It is open 9-5 eastern standard time. Hope this helps.

  116. Tatiana A. Kostanian says:

    First understanding by Mail,of the checks that went out to Symantec Users & buyers, I learned of this from a check For $000 of which I will share with you when I am sent a legal response on Mailed Letterhead.

    I am multi disabled & do not believe I was contacted initially as a person who had signed up with first, Symantec & Symantic Downloads & later Norton, Norton Downloads.

    As I stated, I am posting this on line as I don’t know who to contact further.

    I do not want to make further errors as I have NO atyorney to represent me or to se this case & its issues to full closure, I do want & need someone of full legal understanding to make sure my person willl be fully legally covered in these suits.

    I am on dialysis at this time & am not easily able to go out at will.

    If there IS someone who would be kind enough to direct me to an atyorney overall in charge of these cases, I would be very appreciative.

    Thank you again. I am somewhat limited in finding all information & Or Legal Persons or Bartisters to assist one further in securing the most up to date person or persons & or Final Courts dealing with these Court Cases to date.

    ADMIN – Hi Tatiana,

    These are the attorneys representing you

    Cohen Milstein Sellers & Toll PLLC, the Wentz Law Firm, McLaughlin & Stem LLP and Lockridge Grindal Nauen P.L.L.P.

  117. Kathy says:

    I could not remember which email I was using back then so I guessed which one I used. If I got a check today, does that mean they verified and that was the correct one?

    ADMIN – Hi Kathy,

    If you got a check it means the email you submitted was associated to a Norton Insurance account .

  118. e gillus says:

    are there more checks coming i ave not recd a check yet

    ADMIN – Hi E,

    Contact the class action administrator to check on your claim.

    • Rachel says:

      I sure did read my post below. Not sure exactly what is happening over there at Garden City Group but it looks like we need to verify by phone with them when we send in a claim, even though it shows it was sent successfully. I should know more next week. In the meantime you can reach GCG directly at 614-289-5400 and see what you find out. Please share if you get any answers as I will as well.

  119. Rachel says:

    Who actually Govern’s the claims administrators? Called GCG today and never got a straight answer. Had to escalate, they had me in the system, but didn’t not have my claim form. That is extremely unlikely, you cannot get a confirmation number if there is something missing from your claim form and when you get that confirmation # it says your claim was sent successfully. Waiting for escalations and project research to call me back. Anyone else have issues with this settlement? I asked the person who initially answered my call if we needed to call every time we send in a claim, so I’m going to give you all GCG’s direct number in case you are having the same issues. 614-289-5400

    ADMIN – Hi Rachel,

    Class Action Administration is evaluated by the judge charged with the case.

    • Rachel says:

      So am I assuming it is okay to call the Judge in charge of the case directly if we cannot get a good direct answer from the Claims administrator? I don’t mind calling but I’m going to wait to see what the project analyzer says from GCG first. Could be a gliche in their system, so for now I would make sure by calling them directly to verify they have received your claim and document who you spoke with! 614-289-5400 will get you a live person.

      ADMIN – Hi Rachel,

      Generally it is not a good idea to be calling judges about stuff like this unless you know a lot of people are impacted by a similar issue. I would escalate as far as I could with the class action admin then I would contact class counsel.

  120. Rachel says:

    Oh and the Number for Cohen Milstein Sellers & Toll PLLC, the Wentz Law Firm, McLaughlin & Stem LLP and Lockridge Grindal Nauen P.L.L.P. is 202-408-4600

  121. Gilbert says:

    Has anyone cash their check yet, to find out if its liget?

    • Negrilwoman says:

      I cashed my check the first of August. I published the bank and phone number in a previous post above. It is legit. You can call the bank directly.

  122. David J. Jackson says:

    I purchased Norton Antivirus in 2005 in which I received problems then I bought another one again in 2010 and continued to get viruses and received a lot of damage to my PC along with damage to other applications. With that said, for I am indeed a part of settlement clientele/group. For shouldn’t I receive compensation? for this is not right. For I received a letter in the mail from Khoday vs. Symantec before I moved, however I recently moved so, what is the point of contact to handle this discrepancy from an integral perspective?

    ADMIN – Hi David,

    This settlement was paid out a couple of months ago. You may want to contact the admin to see if they can reissue.

  123. Evelyn jasper says:

    My name is Evelyn jasper and I had purchased the Norton virus protection and my niece got her check but I didn’t receive mine

    ADMIN – Hi Evelyn,

    If you filed a claim you need to get a hold of the class action administrator so they can help you figure out what happened to your check.

  124. Myra Myrick says:

    I received my check for $100 on August 2nd. Deposited it into my account only to have it returned from my bank with a note that says “Returned Unpaid” “REFER TO MAKER”, with an additional $16.00 bank fee. I questioned my bank and all they could advise was that it was returned unpaid. I have forwarded a copy to the administrator…awaiting a reply. Starting to think this may be a scam!!!

  125. Robin says:

    I also received a check and just cashed it Oct. 27th, 2017. I received in the mail today from my Bank they had taken the money back out and withdrew and additional $10 for a “return check fee”.

    ADMIN – Hi Robin,

    I believe the checks only had a 90 day life.

  126. Teresa Heimer says:

    I never received my check (nor any advance warning e-mail as to when I’d receive it) from this class action settlement. It was supposed to have been $300. Supposedly these checks were only good for 90 days. Now I’ve been told basically “Tough luck!” WTH??? They can just keep my fair share???

    ADMIN – Hi Teresa,

    Your fair share was probably distributed among other class members or given to charity. The best time to escalate is as soon as we hear that other people are getting checks for a particular settlement.

  127. Bill says:

    I just saw that I got a check today. I noticed this from the website:
    Settlement Class Members who cashed their initial distribution check before the stale date were mailed a second and final payment on January 31, 2018.

    All check reissue requests for the second distribution must be received by March 16, 2018.
    Please visit this website for continuing updates regarding the Settlement. For inquiries about the settlement, or to update your address, please email the Settlement Administrator at

  128. John says:

    I seen on that informed delivery that I am getting a another check from them. I received mine months ago. I was not expecting a second check form then.
    Do anyone know how much it’s gonna be?

    ADMIN – Hi John,

    Probably $30

  129. Sherry says:

    Why did I only get $30.17??

    ADMIN – Hi Sherry,

    This was a secondary pro rata distribution.

  130. Nunya says:

    Got a 2nd round distribution 2/3/2018. $30 plus change.

  131. Nunya says:

    Got a second distribution check for $30.17 last week

    ADMIN – Hi Nunya,


  132. Ellanna Ruth Wallin says:

    I just received my SECOND REFUND CHECK (for which I thank you) but I don’t believe I received my first check. Please let me know about the 1st refund check and when was it mailed and did I cash it? Thank you.

    ADMIN – Hi Ellana,

    I am not the class action administrator. Think of us as a newspaper of settlements. You need to contact the administrator directly.

  133. Juanita Lowery-Chisolm ID= R010001120 says:

    Khoday v Symantec Corp, I haven’t received my reissue check yet that was rewarded to me from the class action settlement Norton Security Insurance claim. July 2017. I contact /1-855-382-6395..I have given the reason for why the original check was not deposit and past the 90th day due to my Hospitalization.. But for some unknown reasons you refuse to reissue another one.. under Settlement Administration. Khoday v Symantec Corp appear to be fraudulent they have not reason to keep my money that was rewarded to me in the class action lawsuit…

    ADMIN – Hi Juanita,

    Usually after 90 days the funds are consolidated and become part of a secondary distribution or they are given to charity. Also the administration which is a temporary agent closes shop and stops handling any escalations. You no longer can recoup that money.

  134. Yolanda Yellin says:

    re: ID: 2486D007AC
    Please be advised I have sent corres to you on Feb 27, 2018 but I have not a response. I received my check, misplaced it, found it, and deposited the check. However, I did not pay attention to the date and it had expired. I received the returned check and sent a letter and returned check and requested a new check. When may I expect to receive the check or at least a reply to my letter?

    ADMIN – Hi Yolanda,

    The administration normally closes shop on the date in which the checks are no longer valid and the remaining funds are given to charity or used in a secondary distribution. You stand no chance of obtaining a replacement check.

  135. Lucia Ferland says:

    both my husband & I received postcards re the settlement 11/2015 but nothing since then
    Are we ever receiving checks?

    ADMIN – Hi Lucia,

    It is best to check with the class action administrator, but I believe this one was paid out already and you might be too late to escalate.

  136. Cheryl Principato says:

    I received a check but it is now past the date it will be accepted by the bank. May I receive a replacement check?

    ADMIN – Hi Cheryl,

    Once the expiration of the checks has passed the monies become part of a second distribution or are given to charity.

  137. Helene Therriault says:

    I just came upon this check, number 00078237 for $50.00 from Khoday v. Symantec Corp.
    P.O. Box 10081 Dublin, OH 43017-6681 It is over 90 days.
    I was ill around the time this check arrived and it got misplaced.
    It was addressed to my husband who is since deceased.
    May I have a replacement? Please address it in my name. Thank you.
    Helene Therriault
    22 Bennets Neck Drive
    P.O. Box 1453
    Pocasset, MA. 02559-1453.

    ADMIN – Hi Helene,

    Discard the check. No checks related to these types of settlements are ever reissued

  138. kathleen bryant says:

    I have Congestive Heart Failure and was in and out of the hospital all of 2017. I am now going through my mail and found a check for over three hundred dollars which I desperately could use right now because I am still fighting with my issues. Who should I contact to see if they will reissue this check?

    ADMIN – Hi Kathleen,

    Checks are generally not reissued. The funds become part of a secondary distribution or are given to charity.

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