Class Eligibility

You are in the Settlement Class if you are a person whom Ocwen called using its Aspect dialing system on one or more of 1,685,757 specific cell phone numbers between October 27, 2010 and October 6, 2017.

Estimated Amount

$60 It may be more based on the number of qualified applicants
Proof of Purchase
Cell #
Case Name
Snyder, et al., v. Ocwen Loan Servicing, LLC, No. 1:14-cv-08461 (N.D. Ill.) United States District Court for the Northern District of Illinois
Case Summary
The Class Representatives filed and/or pursued this Action alleging that Ocwen violated the TCPA by using an automatic telephone dialing system to call cell phones without the prior express consent of the recipients. Ocwen denies that it did anything wrong, or that this case is appropriate for treatment as a class action.
Settlement Pool
Ocwen TCPA Settlement Administrator P.O. Box 3775 Portland, OR 97208-3775

112 responses to “Ocwen Loan Servicing TCPA Class Action Settlement”

  1. Rosa Muniz says:

    Ocwen tormented us for 5 years with calls from India and the Philippines. They called us at all hours. They would not allow us to close our short sale. We would get down to the end of the short sale about to close, they would say one word was misspelled and we had to start all over again. This happened several times. This was an investment property that we were trying to get rid of. It was because of Ocwen that we were not able to sell this property. After a short sale, it would have taken us two years to regain our credit. Instead, this short sale lasted five years and we still have not recovered our credit.

    ADMIN – Hi Rosa,

    If you feel you are a class member by all means file a claim.

    • Vickie. Burton says:

      Hello my name is Vickie Burton I would like to know what is a unique ID for this form

      ADMIN – Hi Vickie,

      Unique ID is the number on the postcard you received from the administrator if you are a class member.

      • Marie Reevey says:

        When will the fund’s be distributed

        ADMIN – Hi Marie,

        There are no updates from the October 9th hearing.

      • Marie Reevey says:

        When will the fund’s be distributed , it’s been awhile, sad the attorneys receive more.

        ADMIN – Hi Marie,

        The attorneys receive their wages which are determined by the judge based on their time investment. Similarly in due time class members receive what the judge deems to be fair.

      • Marie Reevey says:

        When will the fund’s be distributed , it’s been awhile, sad the attorneys receive more. When we endured the aggravation

        ADMIN – Hi Marie,

        The admin has not yet provided an update regarding the status hearing which took place on October 9th.

        • martin myers says:

          Ive checked and checked plus fillout form on this class action suit ive head nohing please give me a call martin myers at 816-699-2298

          ADMIN – Hi Mr. Myers

          We are not the class action administrator thus we are unable to provide follow up on this issue.

  2. kidroy cooke says:

    I have been the recepient of numerous phone calls from ocwen

  3. Merita Ruffin says:

    Everything yall have to and my family that cause to lose my house and what you put us through i want all the money what i paid yall every month the money i struggle to pay pay me my money back and take it off my credit file and clear my name so i start back over because feel yall have done me dirty and what my children went through trying to keep the house i was ripped off Mortgage company by yall and my children should get conversated for every sacrificed i did since i debt with yall GIVE ME WHAT BELONGS TO ME

    ADMIN – Hi Merita,

    This may not be the right channel to escalate this type of concern. You may want to contact the lender directly

    • Don says:

      God bless you and your family. Ocwen screwed alot of people out of there houses including me. I hope this company goes under. Check out there name on

  4. Elyse Farber says:

    How can I find out if my number is a part of this classaction suit?

    ADMIN – Hi Elyse,

    Do you recall Ocwen calling you? If you recall their calls you are most likely a class member. You can also contact the administrator and see if they will check it for you.

    • shari gnagy says:

      dont remember my cell phone number back then. but i remember being called

      ADMIN – Hi Shari,

      Consider checking your credit report or old employment application copies to see if you find your cell phone.

  5. Paul Sartin says:

    I was given this informational post card by a family member, have read it and would like to pursue this founded info.

    ADMIN – Hi Paul,

    If you believe you are a class member please consider filing a claim using the link provided.

  6. Nancy Mapes says:

    the form request a unique ID what is that?

    ADMIN – Hi Nancy,

    It is a number that class members that are validated received in the mail via a post card.

  7. David & Beth Bowling says:

    Cell phone # 616 827 8626 my name is on the mortgage and I can prove it, my husband passed away on 9 October 2014. Since the money for the mortgage payments came out of my money I am entitled to any of money that is due to him because I am his widow and we were together more than 25 years.

    ADMIN – Hi Beth,

    If you want to file on behalf of the estate you can do so using the link provided.

  8. Dorothy Thomas - Blunt says:

    I filed a claim on 11/18/2017 under the name of Thomas (last name) my name is Thomas-Blunt. My notice was
    received on 11/19/2017 with the name: Blunt and the ID number. I just want to notify you of the above. I could not
    file under Blunt with the ID number, please I am not trying to file twice, just want the name correction from Thomas to Blunt. Cell no. 510-325-4686
    Thank You,
    D.F. Thomas-Blunt

    ADMIN – Hi Dorothy,

    Leaving your info here does not result in any action. For changes in your personal information you must contact the class action administrator.

  9. Janet. O. Mason says:

    They always call me I have holes in my roof from thiernegectiance. I cannot even live in my house. I filled 3 claims never got any money to fiix my roof. My house is a total lost. I have suffered for. 3. years.

  10. Lilly Bell says:

    Every time I try to enter the online claim I get an error message asking to reformat my address. Once I do that then I get an error message saying to enter my cell phone number that was called. It keeps going back and forth between those to errors and will not let me submit the claim. Just like the same runaround I get every time I call Ocwen, I ask the same question but get a different response each time.

    ADMIN – Hi Lilly,

    If you believe there is a defect with the form please reach out to the class action administrator. Their contact information is posted above.

  11. Tommy king says:

    i was forced into bankruptcy. paid the bankruptcy off and still has to pay the full amount of the mortgage. they told me all the money i paid went to the interest of the loan.

    ADMIN – Hi Tommy,

    This settlement has nothing to do with terms or money allocation. Simply read the heading titled class eligibility. If you meet the criteria set forth under class eligibility I encourage you to file a claim.

  12. Luis G Canino Jr says:

    From the dare that Chase Bank transfer our mortgage we had had nothing but trouble even to go as far to try and foreclose our account after we had agreed to a settlement of $5,700.00 dollars that we paid, when we according to two managers told us that we were not on foreclose procedures and lied. We found out latter because they had charged us with every charge that they could muster to our account the $5,700.00 dollars were paid on time as requested . With reference to this settlement request of us to give cell phone numbers related to calls that Ocwen to phone numbers that we had and we had to change in order to have some peace of mind. WE can remember the numbers for it has been a long time. They still call our home at crazy time still. We need to refinance in order to stop the abuse. We have had to pay our mortgage by mail every month via USPS signature return basis in order to protect our self. We have a [problem they have reported to credit doing plenty of damage to us making more difficult to get approvals with bank’s or mortgage companies. the much more.

    ADMIN – Hi Luis,

    This is very sad but fully irrelevant to the settlement. The settlement simply addresses violations to TCPA. Did Ocwen call you on your cell using an automated dialer? If the answer is yes you are most likely a class member.

  13. Helen Mcneil says:

    I’m having difficulties trying to get a loan modification on my mortgage,,Ocwen keeps saying that they did not receive all of my documents, or e-mail,,,,

    ADMIN – Hi Helen,

    This settlement has nothing to do with Ocwen customer service. This has to do with calls conducted n violation of TCPA.

  14. LOUISE JOHNSON says:

    I did receive call from Ocwen, but on the card it ask for you cell number what if you can’t remember the number, what would be the next option.

    ADMIN – Hi Louise,

    How about checking your credit report? Your credit report captures all past cell phones and addresses.

  15. Merita Ruffin says:

    I have been a member every since 2008 with ocwen i have had numerous calls from ocwen that number was 252-227-6786 They call me a lot of times they are just like the rest nasty cruel rip off mortgage company they lies about where to send your mortgage payment i could have been paying off somebody house payment. The BIBLE you will reap what you so. Lied to me as been the borrower. I deserve to have money give back to me

    ADMIN – Hi Merita,

    If you believe you are a class member and you were contacted via cell phone without your permission by all means file a claim using the link provided. As for quoting The Bible let us always remember Romans 12:8.

  16. Travis Martin says:

    How much is the settlement per call because I have over 500 calls from them and some of the call where after 11:30 pm

    ADMIN – Hi Travis,

    You are likely to get $60 or less regardless of the number of calls.

  17. wendell b elzy says:

    Yes i will file my claim due to phones call from them guys. Thanks

  18. gladys pink says:

    kept getting phone calls that i have’nt made my payments that i made thur moneygram. finally in 2015 I recieved
    letter from moneygram advising me random payments where left in their dropbox for 5yrs and by law texas require them to contact me to and allow me to recover my payments that sat there for 5yrs. Ocwen refused to
    acknowledge they took some payments out of dropbox and left others. While they kept calling me.
    I, received notice and have mailed information

    • Dawn says:

      Read the reply 3 before you! You will only regain $60.00 regardless of the number of phone calls!

      ADMIN – Hi Dawn,

      Thanks for reminding Gladys of the terms of the settlement.

  19. Cristine Nettie says:

    According to the post card I received, if I’m dumb and fall for the settlement. Hopefully more people read the fine print which states…

    “If you make a Claim, you give up the right to sue separately for an order prohibiting more calls and damages of of $500 per call, or $1,500 per call made willfully.”

    Tell me again why I should file a claim when I can potentially make a TON of money based on the fact that I had a bunch of non-English speaking idiots calling both my husband and my cell phones multiple times a day – even after they were told repeatedly to stop.

    I think I’ll use my brain and call an attorney to see what’s really in my best interest and suggest that others do the same.

    ADMIN – Hi Cristine,

    I have opted out of some settlements in the past.

  20. Scott S. says:

    Thanks so much for the heads up on this. I saw this a few days ago and wondered when I would receive my notice from Ocwen regarding this. Received it the following day with “Unique Identifier”. Seemed odd they haven’t called the last month… now I know why. Thanks for all the great work and will be filing a claim!

    ADMIN – Hi Scott,

    You are quite welcome. Thanks for visiting our website.

  21. Denise Garnett says:

    Thank you so very much for this website, in regards to this settlement. Reading the comments and the replies have been very helpful.

    ADMIN – Hi Denise,

    Our pleasure, thank you for visiting

  22. Brad Driggers says:

    I am trying to input my claim eligibility on your web site ( and there is a bug preventing that. In addition, there is no one at the “call center” 888-723-1549. It is a frustrating msg with no way out to a live person that could have resolved this quickly. Please advise.

    ADMIN – Hi Brad,

    You can report bugs to the following company

  23. Bhuyan says:

    I got so many called from them , I thought those called for business call now I know what is going on , thxs

  24. NORMA MCCADAMS says:


    ADMIN – Hi Norma,

    Please reach out to the class action administrator.

  25. Chris andrews says:

    I love Ocean. They always helped us.

    ADMIN – Hi Chris,

    I think you mean Ocwen. The settlement is not rooted in good or bad customer service. Ocwen violated the law by contacting people on their cell without their permission using an automated dialer. If this happened to you it makes you a class member and you should consider filing a claim.

  26. Ruck says:

    Its seems to me that the only party that will truly benefit from this class action suit is the law firm. What is $60.00 going to due for the parties that were actually victimized by this unscrupulous company known as Ocwen. It seems to me that there would be enough evidence from people who have mortgages with Ocwen to file a real lawsuit for fraudulent activity. Let me know if this law firm is ready to actually make a real difference for the truly exploited.

    ADMIN – Hi Ruck,

    This settlement relates to violations to TCPA. That is, they contacted you using an automatic dialer without your permission. If you believe Ocwen committed other violations that may be subject to a lawsuit I encourage you to contact a law firm and get something started.

  27. Ruck says:

    keep the $60.00. Your law firm might need it. I got thousands tied up with Ocwen and there is no light at the end of this cash eating tunnel. Do the right thing and help us victims get real justice!

    ADMIN – Hi Ruck,

    We don’t have a law firm. We are simply an online publication.

  28. Ruck says:

    Are you listening to the public???? Help us, not yourself!!!!!!!

    ADMIN – Hi Ruck,

    Are you talking to us at Class Action Rebates? We are a free service that compiles and publishes the most relevant class action settlements. Can’t get more helpful than that!

  29. saade saade says:

    I concur and would I like to file a claim .!! I got hundreds of calls

    ADMIN – Hi Saade,

    Use the link provided above to file your claim.

  30. Adaely says:

    Do you have a number that I can call that talks in Spanish so my mom can go ahead and make a question.. she received a postcard by mail and it has a number to make questions but they talk in English.. do you have a number for Spanish?!

    ADMIN – Hi Adaely,

    I don’t think the class action administrator offer a Spanish option.

  31. Adrianne Bradley says:

    Yes, I will file my claim

  32. Florence Headrick says:

    My name is Florence Headrick but the house was in Kenneth Headrick and Florence Headrick and the address was 1841 n prairie circle Hixson Tennessee 37343 but now I’m at 140 Grayson cir unit 4 in Graysville TN 37338 and I got a card in the mail tell me about the settlement so I try to doing online but keep come back to me . Please email me The phone is 1-423-304-5902 and the unique identifier is 2CBA996D86CA can u tell me about it thank u

    ADMIN – Hi Florence,

    We are simply an informational website. To obtain assistance with your claim you need to contact the class action administrator directly.

  33. Stanley Myers says:

    I need help saving my house all I owe was $4,000 I’m not worried about a cash settlement I want to save my house can I get help please thank you

    ADMIN – Hi Stanley,

    Not from us. We are simply an informational website.

  34. Allen Williamson says:

    Irecieved some phone calls from ocwen during that time

  35. Bettye Harden says:

    I received a postcard with a unique identifier. I don’t know if I need to file a claim.The statement says (Please only complete the following if your name or address does not match where this form was mailed.

    ADMIN – Hi Bettye,

    I unable to provide you with clarification. I encourage you to contact the class action administrator.

  36. Robin M Carter says:

    Caused me to loos my home would not work with me concerning short sale or refinance. Filled out documents they sent to me and sent back, they did not acknowledge documents. Sold debt to someone else.

  37. MARIA CASTILLO says:

    MY NAME IS MARIA CASTILLO I received a separately phone calls from ocwen

    ADMIN – Hi Maria,

    If you are a class member pleas file a claim using the link provided.

  38. nanette costello says:

    I received numerous calls on my cell phone.

  39. Danial J Riosa says:

    My name is Danial J Riosa.
    My address is 165 Monahan Road Port Jervis Ny12771.
    My cell is #845-775-7220
    Ocwen call me over the last in 7 years at least sixty times. i was quit annoyed with all these phone calls.

    ADMIN – Hi Danial,

    File a claim using the link provided.

  40. June. says:

    Does this settlement only refer to cell phone calls?

    ADMIN – Hi June,

    Class eligibility reads as follows:
    You are in the Settlement Class if you are a person whom Ocwen called using its Aspect dialing system on one or more of 1,685,757 specific cell phone numbers between October 27, 2010 and October 6, 2017.

  41. Genaro Roman says:

    I have change my number so many Times i dont remember

    ADMIN – Hi Genaro,

    That is indeed a problem. I encourage you to always keep track of past phone numbers. Information such as that is always handy.

  42. Ruth Pfaff says:

    I didn’t change my number, I eventually just hit the delete button. My husband Steve and I did owe them the money and when Steve died, I answered a few times to try to make them understand I couldn’t settle but they continued to harass..

  43. Barbara Callis says:

    I received them all day and all knight. Sunday thru Sunday, over and over. so many calls

  44. Catheryn Miguel says:

    What’s the point of filing the claim if you will only get cash reward of $60. When Ocwen made such a huge mess with our mortgage. Not only the calls that was made. If you missed a call they would send a threatening letter of foreclosure then they send someone to tag your home. I was never late with my payments until this company took over. Until this date I still don’t understand why my mortgage was added extra 25 more years of payoff when it was due to payoff 20 years when they took over….

    ADMIN – Hi Catheryn,

    The settlement does not address the way Ocwen handled your mortgage. This settlement is exclusively addressing the fact that they called you using automated dialers in violation of TCPA. If you have other grievances against the lender we encourage you to contact a private attorney to pursue legal action.

  45. Veronica G Gordon says:

    December 4 2017 @ 10:10 am
    I received phone calls from Ocwen on a daily basis, i would just let the phone ring sometimes, just knowing it was them.

    ADMIN – Hi Veronica,

    Hopefully you have already filed your claim.

  46. Seneshia Jones says:

    I too had received have received numerous calls which was very frustrating and annoying.

    ADMIN – Hi Seneshia,

    Consider filing a claim.

  47. Michael says:

    They have called my home phone but it’s some how not included

    ADMIN – Hi Michael,

    It is possible that they had your permission to contact.

  48. Juanita Santos says:

    I still have an account with them, but I have bad memory and do not remember the phone numbers, I had have to change the numbers twice, now it’s hard for me to give the new one to anyone.

    ADMIN – Hi Juanita,

    Without a valid phone number affected by calls you are not able to participate in the settlement.

  49. Antonette Corley says:

    I also received calls from Ocwen loan servicing at this number 619-861-2278 just one of the but I had three difference number over a period 4 years plus they used to call me and ask for someone else. I wish our Government would be more the people instead of allowing these companies to try and take advantage of we the people. They should be held accountable for there action and greed.

    ADMIN – Hi Antonette,

    That is the very purpose of a TCPA settlement, to keep businesses accountable.

  50. Tracy a Marciano says:

    We received 2 call on 3 different phones at least every hour of the day. They scamed us out of 800.00 that we where forced to pay for them to hold off forclosure. When we filled with them to refinance my loan we have been working on a refinance for 4 yrs. The house is not even worth the amount of my loan and they don’t care even though we where going to file bankruptcy they asked not to that our refinance should be completed soon. They need to be held accountable for their actions.

    ADMIN – Hi Tracy,

    In this case they are only being held accountable for contacting you using an automated dialer.

  51. John says:

    We had calls all the time but we had a landline number not a cell phone would we still quality

    ADMIN – Hi John,

    The class eligibility reads as follows:

    You are in the Settlement Class if you are a person whom Ocwen called using its Aspect dialing system on one or more of 1,685,757 specific cell phone numbers between October 27, 2010 and October 6, 2017.

  52. Marcella Holloman says:

    I have been a victim of these phone calls for several years .

    ADMIN – Hi Marcella,

    File your claim

  53. michael smith says:

    my name is Michael smith I to have had these calls from ocwen loans very bothersome.

  54. Godwin & Mabel Onaghinor says:

    Are names are Godwin and Mabel Onaghinor. Ocwen mercilessly called us at anytime of the day. They finally
    forced foreclosure on us while we were in the middle of a short sale. It was a brutally painful experience and we
    had no way of fighting it.

    ADMIN – Hi Godwin,

    I am sorry about your experience. In this case the lawsuit is about Ocwen contacting you on your cell using an automatic dialer. If this happened to you during the qualified period by all means file a claim.

  55. carlos a felix says:

    my name is carlos a felix I to have these calls from ocwen loans

    ADMIN – Hi Carlos,

    That makes you a class member.

  56. Don L Tucker says:

    I fought with this company for years. Constant phone calls. Sending every information they ask for. In and out of court. Including bankruptcy. Everytime we thought we were good . They came at us again. They even had me paying for their insurance when I had my own.Finally enough. Tried short sale had buyers ocwen wouldn’t hear of it. After a year of sitting and getting 15 to 20 calls a day. They wanted to do a short sale. To late the buyers won’t wait a year. We finally moved lost the house. These people are crooks. Should be put out of business.

    ADMIN – Hi Don,

    If they called you on your cell without your permission using an automatic dialer you should consider filing a claim .

  57. Anthony C Willoughby says:

    ,The calls were coming on Sunday mornings holidays after 5

    ADMIN – Hi Anthony,

    I know. Super frustrating.

  58. JOANNE EGERSON says:

    These people called me constantly and up until Dec of 2017 and the bad part about it is that I do not even own a home. I got so sick of the calls I just blocked them

  59. Sheryl Ellis says:

    Ocwen are truly demons from Hades. They have totally destroyed my credit refusing to let me sell at short sale. They even sent me a letter taunting me and said they would “never agree to a short sale”. Just like the other folks here, I was tormented day and night by calls from India. I couldn’t understand them and they were rude and menacing. I asked for the short sale dept and they would either cut me off and pretend to transfer the call or just hang up on me. They could never pay me enough for all they put me thru. I’m STILL trying to get permission to sell this house. This is truly a horrible company and someone should file a bigger class action against them for all the harm they’ve done to people. All we did was buy a house. We didn’t ruin the economy and the housing market. Plus Ocwen wouldn’t agree to HARP relief. I’ve tried 5x to file this claim but the link is broke. Can someone please help me?

    ADMIN – Hi Sheryl,

    We are not in a position to help you

  60. Cindy S. Ernst says:

    I have been harassed by Ocwen from phone calls. To putting me into foreclosure. Judge vacated it and then Ocwen raised my mortgage. Took so long to get back to it now they ssy it’s been to long without making payment to get a modification. The put forced Insurance on my Home that they won’t pay on after the last two hurricanes. They are causing me to losse my home by also jacking up the mortgage by saying it came to them 403k more that it was before they got it. Many more issues. Some one please show me how to help my self.

    ADMIN – Hi Cindy,

    If they contacted you via phone without your permission you are a member of the class. For all other issues we encourage you to hire a legal professional.

  61. james m. woodard says:

    The Ocwen representatives was very rude and disrespectful, could you tell me if you received my claim. I could not remember which number they call, however, I did mail in the form and l have not receive my certified return postage.

    ADMIN – Hi James,

    I can’t. Class action Rebates is like a newspaper of class actions. We are not the class action administrators therefore we don’t have access to individual data regarding claims.

  62. Miss wheller says:

    Ocwen did call my cell, it was irritating but I never really had a problem with this mortgage company, my problem is I saw what the settlement is for, I miss understood what the recipients will receive,,,,,,,,, 60 dollars or less,, I did file the claim not knowing it was so little an amount, EVERY ONE DO NOT FILE A CLAIM,,FILE YOU YOUR OWN SUIT against this mortgage company

    ADMIN – Hi Miss Wheller,

    Are you suggesting people should individually file lawsuits for violations to TCPA?

  63. Nuran Arrowood says:

    Hello i was paying my mortgage payment every month i got letter saying late fee this late fee that interest rate OMG 6.25 Some one told me go to Walmart send money gram witch i did one day ocwen called me saying that they don’t want 3 453 dollars I stated that i need to have Office letter had stating me and under sighen which i did received Plus they were saying i suppost to i own them 11 000 $ ,Since i have panic attack.. I called my bank WelsFargo they send me 7 years document. with that i went local they pulled 7 yrs check copies they put me OMG my health finally we had agreement modification i went chapter 13 and soon be over chapter 13.. Still Ocwen didn’t learn last part of December 17 every week between 8 30 to 9 30 est morning i receive phone calls still i have those number on my caller ID lost phone calls they were asking me my Credit score. right now i receive a letter form Ocwen stating $ 19 98. but when i was receiveing monthly statemen how much i have to pay. lost part was 305 dollars,, i do have copies about this,, now they saying i was short.. another thing when we did modification from adjustable to fix rate…They still asking me Baloon payment.. well i have more to say but.. anyway you be the JUDGE thank you..

    ADMIN – Hi Nuran,

    It sure sounds pretty complex. If they called you on your cell as indicated in class eligibility I do hope you filed a claim.

  64. WARREN LANDER says:


    ADMIN – Hi Warren,


  65. Richard Barnes says:

    Consistently received calls on Sundays and early mornings starting one day after the due date.

    ADMIN – Hi Richard,

    Sounds like you are a class member.

  66. Richard berry says:

    I got two cards in the mail from Ocwen which my wife and myself signed with or cell numbers and mailed in I believe end on November early December last year and have had no reply what should we do.

    ADMIN – Hi Richard,

    For now, simply wait. The deadline to file was on 2/18/18 it will be a few months if not years for the settlement to be paid.

  67. Toni powell says:

    Also I never got conformation that they received the postcard out, so how would I know if they received it?

    ADMIN – Hi Toni,

    They usually do not send out confirmation, that is why we recommend that you send all correspondence certified. Why don’t you try to reach out to the class action admin to check?

  68. Teresa strong says:

    When do we get our money from this lawsuit? And they say there was 72 of us who filed so is it 17000000 between us . i mean they are saying 60 per phone number and claim deadline is past surely the laywers dont get the rest

    ADMIN – Hi Teresa,

    Your best bet would be to contact the class action administrator.

  69. Tura Stephens says:

    How can you find out if you filed a claim?

    ADMIN – Hi Tura,

    I usually remember when I file a claim

  70. Michael Lake says:

    Can you provide class action administrator contact information.

    ADMIN – Hi Michael,

    Ocwen TCPA Settlement Administrator
    P.O. Box 3775
    Portland, OR 97208-3775

  71. Herbert R Sutliff says:

    Unique identifier 364c3348beae why is people only getting 60 dollars when we have been tormented by all the calls and so what is my entitlement

    ADMIN – Hi Herbert,

    You get a pro rata share of the settlement.

  72. J clark says:

    When will payment be made

    ADMIN – Hi J,

    There are no updates since the April hearing.

  73. Valerie Welch says:

    Hi, any recent updates on this? When will the payments be made?

    ADMIN – Hi V,

    Nothing at the moment.

  74. PECK says:

    When do we receive the settlement ??
    Do we are least get an update about it ?

    Thanking you in advance for more information.

    ADMIN – Hi P,

    The class action administrator has not yet included updates.

  75. Sarah Crisp says:

    I have 100’s of call from them to my cell phone!

  76. becky says:

    how many are in this lawsuit?

    ADMIN – Hi Becky,

    How many of what?

  77. Jamie says:

    When can we expect payment? The hearing was in April. Also, will it be a check in the mail?


    ADMIN – Hi Jamie,

    According to the FAQ you will see payments once all appeals have cleared.

  78. Betty Feely says:

    I received the card in the mail and filed on 11/27/17 when will payments be received.

    ADMIN – Hi Betty,

    At the moment I don’t have updates regarding this matter.

  79. Valerie A says:

    I hope we get more then 60dollars we should be getting ACouple of hundred that they harrasting on the phone many phone calls my husband hot sick cancer they didn’t care we apply for a loan modification refuse seven times for dumb reasons didn’t care if he dieing. And put us in the street horrible mortgage company ten times the amount rib off.

    ADMIN – Hi Valerie,

    Hopefully you get your fair share.

  80. Valerie aviles says:

    When are the people who got harrast by owcen they vsll so many times robot call and my husband was fiei gbof cancer they ate horrible only 60 to 90 dollars they should be giving 200when the update .

    ADMIN – Hi Valerie,

    This is a pro rata settlement, that means you will get an equal share of the pool.

  81. Valerie aviles says:

    When’s the update coming. Ocwen isbhorrible they robo calls I lot and my husbandvfieing of cancer very rude harassed. Calls we should be getting 200or300 worse mortsge company.

    ADMIN – Hi Valerie,

    No update at the moment. You can always try reaching out to the class action admin.

    • karen says:

      I called the attorney and according to them there hasn’t been any change only told me that the judge did make a settlement at end of April. Thought checks would be out by now. In the meantime Ocwen has advised that my payment be sent to Select Portfolio Servicing. I looked this company up and they are not even a bank and the reviews are worse than Ocwen.

  82. Valerie says:

    How many people arebin this claim settlement ?

    ADMIN – Hi Valerie,

    We don’t have that info.

  83. Maria says:

    i have been tormented by ocwen for yrs and been foreclosed many times and i have filled bankruptcy had bad hardship situations going on and they are still continuing to do so there calling and and I’m really fed up because they don’t care! I’m still going thru tribulations

    • Lori says:

      Have you tried contacted and filing information with NACA program?- -time consuming both worth it. They have an event Sept 13-17 Americas Mart Building 2 in Atlanta. I am not sure where you are but you can still file a claim online or call. I hope this information will help you.

  84. Natalie says:

    Hello is now 09/18/2018 and i have not received anything in the mail? No check i was a class member.

    ADMIN – Hi Natalie,

    Have you reached out to the class action administrator?

  85. Natalie Nunez says:

    Any update on the class settlement ??

    ADMIN – Hi Natalie,


  86. Sarah says:

    I’m still getting these calls every month!!!

    ADMIN – Hi Sarah,

    Keep documenting

  87. Valerie says:

    What the telephone number for the administratior?

    ADMIN – Hi Valerie,

    3255 E. Elwood Street
    Suite 110
    Phoenix, AZ 85034
    +1 602 258 6469

  88. Javy says:

    How can i find out if I am getting a check?

    ADMIN – Hi Javy,

    By reaching out to the class action administrator.

  89. Vsl says:

    Call the number several times you gave us Mailbox is full.????????

    ADMIN – Hi Vsl,

    Here is the page with all the contact phone numbers for the class action admin

  90. Vsl says:

    There is a court decision tom on the verdict it that true

  91. Valerie says:

    Waiti gi for the judge decision

  92. Rolando Cousins says:

    Please I’m looking for any updates.

    ADMIN – Hi Rolando,

    We have no updates at the moment.

  93. Melissa says:

    Hi I received a letter from ocwen stating I was getting a check in the next few weeks. This was 2 months ago. Have they started the pay outs?

    ADMIN – Hi Melissa,

    I heard one mention regarding payments but have been unable to confirm

  94. Valerie says:

    Judge I hope he or her see that’s we should get more than 60dollars its like 500 for one phone call maybe not that much but for harassment we should be getting an couple if hundred dollars 200 or 300.

  95. Thomas Maloney says:


    ADMIN – Hi Thomas,

    No updates so far. Check directly with the admin

  96. Deb says:

    I just read that the court rejected the settlement on 1/18/19 because the amount to the claimants was too SMALL! Back to waiting.

  97. Vsl says:

    This settlement is dead when,?

    ADMIN – Hi VSL,

    Can you ask your question again with different words? We can’t seem to grasp what you are trying to say.

  98. Angelica Alfaro says:

    I had received a letter about the lawsuit and I called. I was told I didn’t have to do anything at that moment, and if there was a settlement, I would be notified or a check would be mailed. I have not received either, who can answer my question?

    • Angelica (Admin) says:

      Hi, Angelica. Thanks for your message, and sorry to hear that. However, we ( are *not* the settlement/claims administrator of this case — we are only an online “newspaper” of various class action settlements involving various companies. Please check the settlement website for any updates on the issue, and/or contact the Settlement Administrator directly, if you haven’t already done so. The details are stated above; just scroll up. Thank you, and best of luck.

  99. Gloria Douglas says:

    I applied and was accepted some years ago. cell 240-3025808