Class Eligibility

Eligible Ocwen borrowers included in this program are all individuals who received a misdated letter between Jan. 1, 2012 and Dec. 31, 2014 and were subsequently referred for foreclosure.

Estimated Amount


Proof of Purchase


To receive payment from this program, individuals must file a Claim Form. Those who are able to attach copies of Ocwen letter(s) showing the misdated document, will have their Claim Form processed quickly. Regardless, Claims will be considered even if documents are not provided.

Case Name

Voluntary Settlement by Ocwen

Case Summary

This settlement resolves allegations against Ocwen of backdating potentially hundreds of thousands of letters to borrowers which was likely to cause them “significant harm.”

According to the settlement borrowers received a letter from Ocwen denying mortgage loan modification and informing the recipient that they had 30 days to file an appeal. However, the letters were allegedly dated more than 30 days prior to the mailing date so that by the time borrowers received the denial, the 30 days to file an appeal had already passed.

Settlement Pool





Ocwen Misdated Letter Claims
PO Box 4349
Portland, OR 97208-4349
Fax: 1-844-898-4508

26 responses to “Ocwen Misdated Letter Class Action Settlement”

  1. Ellen Bingham says:

    Do not have the paperwork of the notification.

  2. Georgette says:

    Please send me the information Ocwen did deny me a modification and started a Foreclosure on my home.

    ADMIN – Hi Georgette,

    This settlement has nothing to do with denials or modifications. It is related to misdated letters.

  3. Sgt. Johnny says:

    Disable combat vet here: just want to take this time to thank you for this rare opportunity,it is a shame that greed would doThis to hard working people , I think we have the documents that is needed for process and they are on the way. again thank you and your team.(God’s speed and blessing be up on you.)

  4. Ms. L says:

    It’s been almost a year since I returned the packet before the deadline. Every time I call the number that Ocwen provided, I am told that my claim is still under review. I can’t but wonder if this is another scam.

    • Peggi says:

      I have been calling about every 2 weeks since May. “It is under review”. I respond do you need anything. They answer, “No.” in November (when they were supposed to have made the final payments) the response now is my claim is under additional review. I again have asked what can you be additionally reviewing if you have had everything you need. No response or someone will call you. When they do they read verbatim the same script. I am wondering if they are just stringing us along to file bankruptcy before we can force the courts to step in.

    • Judie says:

      I get the same answer

  5. Tamara Wilson says:

    I have never received a notification on this class action lawsuit and clearly I went through the same thing. I was forces in a short sale to stop forclosure because they would not accept my payment then when I tried to do a modification they kept saying they didn’t receive the paperwork and I faxed it from my military office with witnesses not once but 8 times then they said I kept missing my dates and I it was closed. Ruthless is what it is then a year later I see this lawsuit after my house was gone in Jan 2017. Seriously shouldn’t someone notify of course their saying we don’t have any records of you. and yet the owner of OCwen is a millionaire. I am going to try and file another class action.

  6. Tamara Wilson says:

    Not to mention our source your modification company is the genius thing when you don’t want to someone to keep their home. it was hard to understand them and over and over after providing proof I sent in my paperwork again they said they did not receive it. and this is the response I get below….RIP OFF Best Con Job Ever…yes I am quit mad. I was on a military assignment. when they did this to me and I tried several times to send them my payment and they kept saying they never received it boom I am in foreclosure people knocking on my house when I was on a military assignment saying their to take pictures..then they rack up over 22k in fees that they said I had after not accepting my payment which I wasn’t even behind.

    Dear Tamara Wilson,

    Thank you for your email.

    Using the information you provided we could not locate a record of any claim being filed. If you did file a timely claim please provide us the address of the property, the loan number associated with the property, or the Tracking number sent to you in the Claim Confirmation Notice you received after filing, and we would be happy to assist you further.


    Mohamad H.

    Ocwen Misdated Letter Payment Agent

  7. Jasper Snowden says:

    Ocwen modified our loan seven dollars difference, my payment was 814. they lowered it to 807 and this what they called a harp. I am 100% disabled and my wife had got hurt on the job, out of work for medical reasons and became 100% disabled with zero income. Ocwen took my (husband) disability income added twice during the time my wife had zero income, saying she had income. We called them about the error and they said ” they said we are sorry but you have signed the contract “. We informed them you added income that my wife doesn’t have….my wife had zero income. They didn’t correct it at all. We were left to suffer behind Ocwen physically and mentally.

  8. yolanda amezcua says:

    I faxed my information on 2016 I want to know the status of the claim.

    ADMIN – Hi Yolanda

    To find out the status of your claim you need to contact the class action admin.

  9. Smeralda Berrios says:

    I bought the house 12 years ago, now I owed them more money than the house value cast. I did modification last year because I am retired My check is less than 1300.00 and I am paying 646 for the first mortgage and 394 for the second mortgage. My monthly check goes in the mortgage , this is so sad. I bought the house for 210.000 now I owed about 260,000.00 and the price market is 190,000.00i am stuck

    ADMIN – Hi Smeralda,

    What does this have to do with the misdated letter?

    • Connie Braun says:

      I am going thru the same thing. Only much higher. U can’t reoair or remodel because u never know what Ocwen is going to do to u i I have paired them 3600 a month forv12?year have 0 equity now they are doing it all over after the first foreclosure cost me100000 can’t afgorf it again home is only worth. Half of what I owe . They put hazard ins 8 times when they had copies of my Ins. Now they want me to. Prove it all over again
      Why isn’t trump doing anything. Millions have lost there homes there lives. Their credit I called the hazard insurance company and they are owned by Owen

      ADMIN – Hi Connie,

      If you wish for Mr. Trump to do something about it I encourage you to write him a personal letter.

      His address is as follows:

      The White House
      1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
      Washington, DC 20500

  10. WonderingIfScam says:

    Is it best to file ANOTHER class action lawsuit? Hearing the same line … additional review … script … blah, blah, blah. Where are the attorney’s who filed the class action lawsuit. Are they monitoring the folks who have been under additional review for approximately a year?

    ADMIN – Hi Wonderer,

    I can’t tell you what is the best approach and I am not sure if they are monitoring anybody.

    • JuJuB says:

      Hello ADMIN. I stumbled onto this site in search of a possible class action suit against OCWEN for peppering it’s clients with unnecessary paperwork to generate additional fees. I have been with Ocwen for at least 11 years, several of which were financial hardship years. I was never notified of this class action suit. I am fairly certain that I have misdated letters. Apparently this suit is closed. Is there anything I can do?

      ADMIN – Hi Juju,

      Nothing at all. Once the deadline has passed you no longer have recourse. I am sorry.

  11. JM says:

    Just got off the phone with them. The gal I spoke with said that they are sending out the determination letters . I asked when I would be receiving this and all she would say is there sending them out as soon as possible. She was unable to say if we would receive the compensation or not. Would be nice to know either way instead of stringing people along.

    ADMIN – Hi JM,

    Thanks for the info.

  12. Suzanne Robinson says:

    We received a modification that started in Sept 2017 due to beginning hack thru money taken out of my husband account while we were on vacation the problem started I came home to make payment which was our first payment of our modification the ck bounced do to funds were taken with out us not knowing—- Freud
    I called spoken with someone on the Freudian active on our account and resubmitted payment I had gone thru the automatic voice and was given a different at so I called back to speak with a person he told me to submit amount plus 20.00 instead of the 12.00 fee we add when we call thru the automatic system Oct came payment ,made but when November came they denied us payment they said in September we were short 20.00 from our payment now mine u this was the am the rep told me to submit plus the 20.00 and I did just what he said
    They claim we now aready denied our modification, I am floored that this error was on their end and they aren’t listening to anything and advised us to turn to other lenders and resubmit to reissue a new modification
    I always write down everything and make shore I repeat to them to note our conversation they claim in Sept we didn’t make payment and when I explained to them I did and told them the am it changed to but u were short when I explain I spoken to a rep and that’s the am he said was due they didn’t want to here it
    I’ve had medical issues my heart is weak and I just was hospitalized in Nov having water on my heart came home and resubmitted to have a fibulaer place to keep my heart beating nomad this has been a on going issue since 2007 with me that had us fall behind and we don’t want to loss our house we need help my husband his a former retired Marine he serviced 21 yrs and yes we have a VA loan hell be calling them on this matter soon today we received a letter that ocwen has a law suit can u please help us
    516481-3475 HOME #

    ADMIN – HI Suzanne,

    Please note that this settlement has expired. There is a more recent settlement for which you may qualify but it has nothing to do with the issues you describe in your comment. You can find the settlement on this link

    Please note that this settlement has nothing to do with delayed payments.

  13. Tommy Joe Morrison says:

    This appears to still be happening regarding the back dated letters. Rec’d letter 12/2017 (end of last week)
    1- contacted Ocwen regarding a modification. Modification forms sent out. Was told it was denied because I was not 30 days behind. So I was told to get further behind and they can help us with the modification. So we got almost 60 days behind before we were told the modification was denied because we were more than 30 days behind? When asked why at first we were told the exact opposite they said something about the Administration has changed. I filed bankruptcy Chapter 7. We had decided to throw in the house. When we receive the letter from a foreclosure attorney on Ocwens behalf it said not too late to call Ocwen and they may can still work with us. So we called Ocwen and they advised they would send us new paperwork for another modification. We received the paperwork in the mail today… but it was not paperwork to fill out it was paperwork from Ocwen stating that our modification was approved however the letter is backdated June of 2017 and now we are in January 2018. I have yet to call Ocwen and plan to tomorrow.. is there any recourse we could do to keep our home or some good legal advice.
    Tommy Morrison

    ADMIN – Hi Tomy,

    At Class Action Rebates we are not in a position to provide legal advice. I encourage you to secure a lawyer to guide you through this situation.

  14. Rose says:

    I still have not received check. Every time I call. They say it is in review, It has been in review since 10/14/2015. Does anyone know who I can call?

    ADMIN – Hi Rose,

    You can call class counsel.

  15. Shannon Raulerson says:

    I don’t know what to do, I fought with Ocwen for months and months and months about a loan mod…Every time I sent in paoerwok, they needed more, different, you name it. I have no idea if I have a misdated letter because they auctioned our house off right in the middle of the loan mod process and we had hardly anytime to get out, because we didn’t know they had auctioned. There were so many documents I never received, that I guess I was supposed to. They had kept telling me they were rescheduling all the auctions that were supposed to happen and than had an auction while we were still supposed to be I in processing. A lot of our things got left behind, because we barely had a week to pack 15 years of our life up. Than we head the hurricane come through, and because we were now in a mobile home with my grandmother and mom and no room for my families things it was stored on a very damaged screen porch. I’m going to go through what I still have, I just need to know what I’m looking for please.

    ADMIN – Hi Shannon,

    We don’t know what you can do but one thing that you can’t do is file a claim as the deadline for this case has already passed.

  16. Shannon Raulerson says:

    We were also told we could possibly work with them to get our house back, than no we’d have to work with the buyers, but contacted the number given for them, the company that purchased it I guess, and was told by that company they had no idea what I was talking about.

    ADMIN – Hi Shannon,

    That sounds super frustrating. This settlement however has to do with notification letters with the wrong date.

  17. Penny parker says:

    I am curious to see what the Hired representitive has to say about my comment, because I have a feeling that I am disclosing something ocwen does not want public! But tough luck!

    I spoke with one of the two main controllers, from global assistance , the poor company hired by Ocwen to basically be thier FRONT MAN in th e misdated letter scandal in 2017 2018..

    They hired this company to basically use them as a” front man” to have it appear that it is this. Informed. Third party business, accessing the results, returned from our letters sent over 190 days ago..what I found out is that they gave nothing to do with the what is being decided. That they put the wolf in charge of the hen house if you will.
    Ocwen wants everyone to believe that the “hired ghost” company is making the final decision, sorry that’s not the case. I learned that global alliance ? Collected our letters and forwarded them to ocwen, and wait for ocwen to respond. Meanwhile they have to fence these calls all day long while Ocwen holds out hoping we all forgot. They are suppose to forward their results to GA in time to met deadlines given .

    ocwen is pulling the cord behind the curtain, so when you get your ” declined your claim letter” don’t blame this company in Portland, you now know its more of the same BS ocwen dishes out onky this time they want to hide behind a hired gun.
    So now Ocwen is informing the ghost comoany of their decisions and the company will send you a letter or the check.
    Don’t ever expect Ocwen to be a stand up company!!
    . I was to hear back or have a check by today. Feb. 14th 2018. Nothing .. Sorry no new I’m told..
    And what is Ocwen doing about it? Not a damn thing!! ALL I KNOW IS THIS COMPANY WILL FIND A WAY TO DEFAULT YOUR LOAN IN A HEARTBEAT. THEY KNOW HOW TO SEND A NOTICE OF DEFAULT and then find a reason to send your payment back and add thousands of fees on too of it. I just so mad hearing the same story over and over again
    PLEASE IF ANY STATE ATTORNEY’S OFFICE IS MONITORING THIS SITE, PLEASE DO RIGHT BY YOUR. CONSITUATINTS AND STOP OCWEN FROM CONDUCTING ANY FURTHER BUSINESS IN YOUR STATAE DOING . Shut them down !! How many victims do you need? WE are sharing the same old stories from people on this site. Not stories of this company making things right .
    . My hats off to the states that have barred this criminal enterprise from ever doing business again in their state.
    . I wish California would follow suit. I lost over $100,000 in equity when this evil entity stole my home. I will be active in seeing them crushed as long as I breathe.!! I probably won’t get a check now since I posted this piece. That’s okay, in will use it to show the world even still what slim balls you are..
    . Now what can you say to that , you hired mouth piece for Ocwen? I bet this time she or he will remain silent yes?

    ADMIN – Hi Penny,

    I am posting your story to at least give you the opportunity to vent.

  18. Tracy says:

    Has anyone gotten a letter with the status of their claims or a check yet?

    • Alfonso Serrano says:

      Yes Tracy i got the amount that will be awarded . Also a w9 form that i submitted for them to send me my check.
      I will also post when i receive it. To ease the tension and show you all Ocwen is paying the settlement. .

  19. Rhonda fuller says:

    Rhonda fuller still have not received my check that I should have been awarded the dateline was March 2018 mines was sent in February

    ADMIN – Hi Rhonda,

    I encourage you to contact the class action administrator to receive updates on your claim.

  20. Rhonda fuller says:


  21. Torry Hull says:

    Would someone refer me to an attorney that can help me fight Ocwen mortgage company. I was approved for a loan modification in June of 2017. They were taking the money out of my checking account. Then someone called me and told me my house was being foreclosed on. I called Ocwen and asked them what was going on. They told me I did not sign and send back the final paperwork on the loan modification. I told them I never received anything. They told me to submit another loan mod package and it was declined saying I had too much equity. Listen closely; The package they said was sent out in November of 2017 was delivered to my mailbox in July of 2018. I call the highest office and told them that.. I requested that they re-instate my previous loan modification and was denied. I received a letter going over all of my inquiries but it was never mention that I received their package in July of 2018. My house is scheduled to be foreclosed on in October 2018.

    ADMIN – Hi Torry,

    Sadly we are not in a position to make referrals.

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