Class Eligibility

Class Members of the Path Inc. TCPA settlement include all persons who received a text message without their consent from Path short code 59730 that contained a website URL where the recipient could download the Path Mobile Application between March 28, 2009 and March 28, 2013.

Estimated Amount


The amount may be lower if there is a high number of valid claim

Proof of Purchase

Cell #

Case Name

Kevin Sterk, et al. v. Path Inc,
Case No. 1:13-cv-02330
District Court for the Northern District of Illinois.

Case Summary

The settlement resolves allegations that Path Inc. Violated TCPA when they used a telephone dialing system, or artificial or prerecorded voice, to contact consumers on their cell phones without their prior consent.

Settlement Pool





Sterk v. Path Inc. Settlement Administrator
c/o Heffler Claims Group
P.O. Box 58280
Philadelphia, PA 19102-8280

5 responses to “Path Inc. TCPA Class Action Settlement”

  1. Ruxy Walsh says:

    Not sure if I’ve been called but figure I must have because of ALL the phone solicitations I get.

  2. Laurie says:

    I get so many “robo” calls especially at dinner time or later. I’m sick of thsee automated phone calls. The “do not call” list is a joke. I think since I have registered my cell number on the do not call list I’m getting even more calls. This has to stop. I too don’t know if this company texted me specifically because I delete the garbage. I get so much junk from social networks wanting me to join it is not even funny.

  3. Heaven freeman says:

    I get so many robo call throughout my days so I’m sure I am one them.

  4. valeria butler says:

    I get a lot of calls from so no day nd night

  5. LinDa atkins says:

    I get a lot of texts from people and companies that I don’t know. I’m sure this is one of them.

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