Class Eligibility

You are a member of the Injunctive Relief Class if you are a current or former user of PayPal in the United States who had an active PayPal account between April 19, 2006 and November 5, 2015. You are a member of the Claims Class if you are a current or former user of PayPal in the United States who: (1) had an active PayPal account between April 19, 2006 and November 5, 2015; and (2) had a hold or reserve placed on the account and/or the account was closed or suspended by PayPal. Excluded from the Claims Class are judicial officers presiding over this action and the members of their immediate families and judicial staff. All Claims Class Members also are Injunctive Relief Class Members. The Injunctive Relief Class and the Claims Class are referred to together as the “Settlement Class.”

Estimated Amount

$3-$440 UPDATE:As of July 11, 2017, all appeals have been resolved. The Settlement Administrator is now in the process of reviewing all claims previously submitted. Payments for all valid claims will be sent by no later than October 24, 2017.
Proof of Purchase
Case Name
Zepeda v. PayPal Settlement Case No. 10-CV-02500 SBA District Court for the Northern District of California
Case Summary
According to the settlement PayPal improperly handled disputed transactions on PayPal accounts and improperly placed holds, reserves, or limitations on accounts or closed or suspended accounts. In addition plaintiffs also allege that PayPal failed to provide them with annual error-resolution notices and monthly account statements allegedly required under the Electronic Fund Transfer Act.
Settlement Pool
Zepeda v. PayPal Settlement Administrator PO Box 4259 Portland, OR 97208-4259 877-854-4514

137 responses to “PayPal Account Hold Class Action Settlement”

  1. Megan Latulippe says:

    had hold placed

  2. Gayle Travis says:

    I have an account with Pay Pal.

  3. Gail Strumberger says:

    I’ve had an active PayPal account for the entire timeline of this suit and have had disputed transaction funds held/taken out of my account balance at least 4 times in this period. These disputes have always ended in my favor and the funds were then returned, but I contacted them each time to state I felt it felt like a punitive action on their part.

    • Penny says:

      Is that what it takes – threatening a class-action lawsuit against them EACH and EVERY time they hold your funds for no reason? I’ve been selling with eBay/PayPal since 2010 and all of a sudden they’ve started doing the “new seller hold on funds” crap for no apparent reason. It’s been more than 90 days, my account isn’t “new” and I’ve sold more than the $750 minimum to get that to stop happening. They’ve taken to starting to hold the funds so I can’t ship the items so I’ve been having to refund the customers’ money and now I”m getting loads of bad feedback from customers!! This is costing me what little business I have these days.

      • Jaycee says:

        Paypal is doing some doing some disservice to its users(sellers) . Since when do they keep trying to refund your buyer from your connected bank account when the money sits in paypal? Paypal doesn’t release its fees at the same time you as a seller on a platform that accepts Paypal does a refund. Therefore csusing your pauupal balance to be short then they go after your bank account.

      • Gregory A Peralta says:

        OMG Me too They Cancelled my account

  4. Rogue Eagle says:

    The problem with this claim is that they require you to upload documentation. My account was closed in 2010 after suspending almost $1200 in payments which I never recovered. I couldn’t afford to take legal action against them, and have moved and changed computers and email addresses several times since then, and no longer have any documentation.

    • Grecua says:

      I happened to have a file from 10 years ago with all documentation, and I saved emails and screenshots. Doesn’t seem to matter they have not mailed checks to any itemized claims. A PayPal double stick-it-to-ya.

      ADMIN – Hi Grecua,

      Contact the class action administrator. Many people have had their checks lost in the mail.

  5. Hank Kasbohm says:

    They took money off my prepaid card more than once to establish the paypal account but never let the account be full established.

  6. Barbara Moore says:

    Hi ; PayPay refunded money and never sent me a notice. when I went to my account, I had no money and they said I owe them . fact is got a bill from a collection agency’s last week they had turn over.. I have all my emails , with all the proof I did not owe the money. the state also said I had paid them what I owe.. PayPal would say they were active looking into and I would go an a day later it would be closed again.. any way they took my money then called for a the money they paid. I did not know they could do that.. or get into my credit card and bank account , I put a stop payment on my bank account.
    Yours Barbara Moore; 2/7/2016

    ADMIN – Hi Barbara,

    When you first sign into PayPal you give them authorization to withdraw funds from you bank account. That is how PayPal works.

  7. Cathy Edmonds says:

    I’ve dealt with them many years and just called them the other day

  8. Noele Malone says:

    i have an account

  9. john says:

    Does this include the hold that they put on when you receive a ebay payment and they hold it for a couple weeks.

    ADMIN – Hi John,

    No, I don’t believe that hold is part of this settlement.

  10. Florence Payton says:

    I Still Have And Active Account Was Promise Numerous Of Payments .But I Never Received A Dime year 2013 -2016 Amounts Ragring from $50.00 Dollars To ,2,000 Dollars That’s Said How People Get Away With Mis Using Young And Old Individuals Hard Earned Money.This Florence Payton.

    ADMIN – Hi Florence,

    I removed your personal information. If you believe you are a member of this class please file a claim

  11. Gabby Minch says:

    How do I file a claim without documented proof?

    ADMIN – Hi Gabby,

    From what I see this is asking you for you paypal account email and not necessarily for documentation.

  12. Kendra Hahn says:

    I have an account with PayPal.

  13. Sandra Kourouma says:

    I have an account with Paypal

  14. niki fareesi tarver says:

    I had an account with pay pal but they closed my account I don’t have documentation to prove I had the account at the time don’t no what to do.

    ADMIN – Hi Niki,

    I encourage you to contact the admin or paypal customer service to see if they can access your files and provide you with the proof you need.

  15. Teresa Kohanek says:

    I had my monies held.

  16. e. schoder says:

    Paypal over a 6 or 8 year time period arbitrarily placed HOLDs on payments to my business and decided to charge-back payments to online customer disputes based upon unhappy customers seeking service of process when the clients’ own info on where to serve was poor or inaccurate, blaming no process service on the process server who merely goes to the address provided by the customer. However, Paypal, having no experience in service of process, gave customer fees back to the customer based soley on an unhappy Paypal user.

    In today’s use of Paypal, every incoming Paypal payment includes worry that we will loose income based on uninformed Paypal monitors with no experience or understanding serving court summons and order and chasing down dead-beat parents avoiding being found.

    Shame on you Paypal !

  17. RONALD T. BOCZEK says:



    ADMIN – Hi Ronald,

    If you scroll up you will see a link that reads “click here to file a claim…” If you click on the link it will lead you to this You can use that page to file electronically.

    • Genuine Oregon Mistletoe says:

      Ya PayPal facilitated theft against me for a couple hundred dollars in zepeda sends me a stupid check for $11.57 now I feel like I’m getting ripped off again please adequately fix my claim or maybe there needs to be another claim…..

  18. Ronald j Frazier says:

    I had an account with paypal

  19. Tammy says:

    I had several holds related to pay pal

  20. Debbie Jackson says:

    does this also apply to funds being held for 20 days or longer after ebay sales? They insisted on holding my funds until I had 10 positive replies about my sales from purchasers, and every time I sold something I couldn’t afford to mail the items because they held my money.

    ADMIN – Hi Debbie,

    Contact the class action administrator to get clarification on this matter.

    • Joseph Harting says:

      This is a common practice used to float your money………its wrong and yes we all should file another class action in my opinion

  21. Chris says:

    Paypal has a current hold on my account and will not release my funds for 6 months!

  22. Jeff Weinraub says:

    How much are the god damn lawyers going to make off of this?

    ADMIN – Hi Jeff,

    Per the terms of the settlement Class Counsel may apply to the Court for reasonable attorneys’ fees and costs and service awards for the named class representatives in an amount of up to 30% of the Settlement Fund for all plaintiffs. But do keep in mind that without their work nobody would get a single penny. If you feel this is unfair you can always exclude yourself from the class and file a lawsuit against PayPal on your own.

  23. Jay says:

    How can I find the info to upload? I’ve had holds placed many times and still have an active account.

    ADMIN – Hi Jay,

    Go to your PayPal history or check in your inbox if you are the type of person that never deletes a thing.

  24. Zachary Hilliard says:

    I had multiple accounts in this timeline. Can a person fill a claim for each account or is it 1 claim for 1 person? Thanks.

    ADMIN – HI Zachary,

    I believe it is one per account.

  25. betty mcdermoyy says:

    have an account Paypal took monies out of my cking acct.4 times in a roe without permission in one month and suspended my acct.

  26. betty mcdermott says:

    have an acct, paypal at one time tried to take monies out of my acct. 4 times in a row without permission and another time took it twice in a month and suspended my acct.

  27. Bernadette Sullivan says:

    I had a hold/suspension placed on me without having a chance to make things right on an item I had not paid for on time due to hospitalization. I was finally able to contact the seller myself and paid for the item but I thought it was quite uncalled for that paypal would just suspend me before a resolution was made.

  28. Carlos Whitesel says:

    I filed a claim but I saw paypal put my account on hold on november 6th 2015 not november 5th So I feel as though I need to be removed from this settlement now. i deleted my held account and made a new one recently with no problems.

    ADMIN – Hi Carlos,

    To be excluded you need to contact the admin directly.

    • Carlos Whitesel says:

      and where do i do that?

      ADMIN – Hi Carlos,

      Here is the info
      Zepeda v. PayPal Settlement Administrator
      PO Box 4259
      Portland, OR 97208-4259

  29. Ceceilia Olivas says:

    I still have my information from PayPal I don’t like PayPal and they took $250 and stole it off my card I have the proof they do get a even have the receipt it really sucks because it put me out of the streets I don’t like PayPal I’m disabled and it was taking me around you too much money

  30. Cheryl Willits says:

    My account was placed on hold and they took 300.00 from my account with out authorization. I have documentation and emails to provide.

    ADMIN – Hi Cheryl,

    Great! File a claim.

  31. wanda a banner says:

    they closed my account

  32. Patricia Johnson says:

    I am on this recent class action case and did not get my $20,000 settlement yet.

    Why haven’t it been mailed out to me?

    ADMIN – Hi Patricia,

    I don’t think this settlement will pay that much.

  33. Lisa Lorenz says:

    Just read the settlement. Now, my PP account has been on hold since 5/1/2013 for $156.83 that was refunded to a woman who bought a dress off of ebay from myself. So, you mean to tell me after 4 years of no PayPal, the $156.83, that PP unfairly took from me and a hold on my account, which prevented me from a lot of sales and opportunities, that I am only going to get a measly $3.00???????? Tell me I am wrong as to what I read in the settlement.

    ADMIN – Hi Lisa,

    I cannot speak as to specific cases.

  34. Ernesto m Avila says:

    I submitted a claim form when how do I get my money

    ADMIN – Hi Ernesto,

    The final hearing was on February 7, there is no update yet.

  35. SAYCIA McGUIRE says:

    Hello, The Internet has been scarce when it comes to locating any current updated info about this Settlement Status. I feel like I have been waiting years for this to be over already. Oh wait I have! Can anyone fill Me in?

    ADMIN – Hi Saycia,

    There is no update. The final hearing was on February 7

    • SAYCIA McGUIRE says:

      So I called the number that was suggested for info…And it said absolutely nothing that was of any help at all or even remotely informative! It’s been a month since final hearing. Can we get an update…PLEASE!

      ADMIN – Hi Saycia,

      We will post an update when we have one. Please keep in mind we are not the administrators of this settlement therefore we depend on press releases for the info that we disclose.

  36. Cathleen Butler says:

    Whts going on with this settlement can anyone confirm an up to date decision. Or has it not yet been settled ?

    ADMIN – Hi Cathleen,

    The final hearing was on February 7. I have not yet seen an update.

  37. Arlene Patricia Kirton says:

    I am checking on my claim against PayPal they held my account in 2015 just before you guys asked us to file for the claim if they held it for a long period. Mine was held over a three month period. When will I get my payment? By the way, I am a current holder of a PayPal Account. I know the court case was on the 7 February, 2017. So did we win? Will I get a payment? Like yesterday?

    ADMIN – Hi Arlene,

    Contact this number to obtain updates 877-854-4514

    • SAYCIA McGUIRE says:

      I called that # and it was about as helpful as the website was = NOT AT ALL! Can someone, anyone, PLEASE…Tell us what is the current information on this cases status??? Thank You

      ADMIN – Hi Saycia,

      As soon as we hear something we will post about it on our Facebook page.

    • Katherine says:

      I had filed a claim with this matter online as of January 4, 2018 todays date I have heard others are receiving their checks and I have received nothing at all. I was wondering I had moved in March of 2017 and changed my address via mail office but would they forward any checks related to the settlement from then to now. I did try calling the number listed but did not receive any information regarding a change in address. Could you help me out here. I would appreciate your assistance.

      ADMIN – Hi Katherine,

      Consider reaching out to class counsel.

  38. Russell Burkhart says:

    My name is Russell Burkhart and I have had a claim in since last year and have not heard anything from anybody nor any compensation after the trial. Can someone please fill me in on any reimbursement of any kind due to me? I do have the codes for this court case and I did file a claim last year but not hearing from anyone.
    Please respond asap concerning this issue.

    Russell Burkhart
    Stuart Virginia

    ADMIN – Hi Rusell,

    I can’t help you. You are supposed to send inquiries such as this to the class action admin.

  39. Anthony Buckley says:

    Anything on this case yet ?

    ADMIN – Hi Anthony,

    There was a final approval hearing in the beginning of February. To date I have not received additional updates.

  40. SAYCIA says:


    • Natalie Lee says:

      Me too! They latest settlement update said checks would be mailed no later than 10/24/17

      • Rhonda Deas says:

        I have informed delivery with the post office. Got something coming today in regards to this settlement.

  41. Ana M Gambetta says:

    Paypal limited permanently my account. I gave them all the documents that they requireme when it was on hold but they closed it still.
    I live in New Jersey. They said that t hey’ll giving me my money after 180 days. I already called them that they can’t hold it. How can I suit them? The amount is 300.

    ADMIN – Hi Ana,

    When you wish to bring a lawsuit against someone you hire an attorney.

  42. Mary D Frank says:

    waiting on settlement

  43. Dap says:

    Judge Approves $4M Deal Over Closed PayPal Accounts


    ADMIN – Hi Dap,

    Thank you for the share

  44. Mayra says:

    Does anyone know when the reimbursement will be? Let us know please

  45. Courtney says:

    When will the check be mailed

    ADMIN – Hi Courtney,

    This is the number you need to contact 877-854-4514

  46. Samantha vanvleet says:

    When will checks be issued???

    ADMIN – Hi Samantha,

    I don’t think so.

  47. Joseph Harting says:

    Ok this is May 9, 2017 I have been a paypal account holder since 2005 or longer, my problem is they are HOLDING my money illegally floating it for their purposes. My score on ebay is 350 + positive transactions yet recently they began holding funds or what they call pending. The issue is it takes approximately 7 days to get MY OWN MONEY.. IN the meantime the item was shipped and I had to pay shipping cost from my own funds…..secondly I do NOT fit any of the parameters used by paypal to HOLD or make the funds pending……….SO whats the recourse? I would like to begin ANOTHER class action based on this circumstances…………

    ADMIN – Hi Joseph,

    If you want to start a class action settlement you need to locate a class action attorney.

  48. George Remy says:

    I have been involved in several of these law suits, and have learned – patience. The date that the payments, if any, will be posted. This is not the only one that the courts are hearing.

  49. Tracy says:

    I called and spoke to someone at Quantum Legal, LLC and this was their response: Final approval of the settlement was granted March 23, 2017, assuming there are no appeals before April 22, 2017. The final approval order becomes a final judgement and money “could be” paid out as early as mid July. However, if there is an appeal the final distribution of the settlement funds could be delayed by more than a year.
    I don’t believe there was an appeal made, so hopefully mid July……

    • Dap says:

      Thank you, Tracy for your response and for giving us an update.

      I know it sounds a bit corny, but I find it to be very refreshing that someone would set-up this website; and we, as a community, can respond and help each other navigate this strange wold of legalese.

      Thank you all very much!

  50. Anthony Buckley says:

    Will we be receiving any payment?

    ADMIN – Anthony,

    Write the admin.

    Zepeda v. PayPal Settlement Administrator
    PO Box 4259
    Portland, OR 97208-4259

  51. R.C. says:

    They are still doing this a year and a half after the suit. And to add insult to injury, they’re holding the funds of my Paypal account, while they charge my Paypal prepaid card straight into a negative balance with service fees, including atm fees I was instantly charged, despite being unable to access my funds. I didn’t reply at first, because I hadn’t specifically had to cope with the problem of held funds up until then, but since receiving notice of the class action suit, I have on multiply occasions been forced to deal with this very same problem, even as recently as today, May 20th. Pretty shady still utilizing the same business practices they were sued for, only a month after the appeals deadline. I think they were just fine not filing an appeal, if they could validate that they could still get away with the same underhanded business practices.

  52. Jennifer says:

    I filed my claim then moved. Can I file a change of address so that my check comes to the right address

    ADMIN – Hi Jennifer,

    Yes you can, submit your change of address to the class action admin.

    • Jennifer says:

      How do I contact them?

      ADMIN – Hi Jennifer,

      If you look at the very top of this page there is a subheading that reads “contact”, below you will find this

      Zepeda v. PayPal Settlement Administrator
      PO Box 4259
      Portland, OR 97208-4259

  53. Christina Mullin says:

    The froze my account after I refunded a customer, they did, the eBay did, then the kept all the rest of my funds. 6 months later the send me $80 of close to 2k and the locked my account both on eBay and PayPal….I was lucky enough to have printed all my proof already though.

  54. Carlos Molina says:

    My account has been on hold since 2011 and remains currently on hold. How do i collect the settlement check.
    Will this be the place to contact to collect settlement check?

    Zepeda v. PayPal Settlement Administrator
    PO Box 4259
    Portland, OR 97208-4259

    ADMIN – Hi Carlos,

    That is the correct contact info but you can only collect if you filed a claim. Basically the admin will send you a check when they are ready.

  55. Steven says:

    I have moved how do I give my new address

    ADMIN – Hi Steven,

    You can submit your new address in writing to the class action administrator.

  56. tjimpression says:

    When you call any of those numbers above, recording refer you to the website.

    ADMIN – Hi There,

    Contact class counsel or try to contact them via email.

  57. CHERYL WEST says:

    How do I get my settlement money

    ADMIN – Hi Cheryl,

    You can contact the admin to find out. Their number is on the case page

  58. czsar Collins says:

    im waitingon my settlement

  59. czsar Collins says:

    im waitingon funds

  60. Bradley says:

    Hello admin if you are the oppointed Administrator why are you telling people to call an recorded line that gives no new updated info about payouts also write too someone that supposed to be you just give us the updated info and everyone will be ok sounds like a scam and what is class counsel action lawyers name and number please

    ADMIN – Hi Brad,

    I am the administrator of this page. The administrator of this settlement is a separate party. The number for the class counsel is available in the long notice.

  61. Corey Kehayes says:

    Just an fyi, each month they play that game with me too. Since May 2017, they continue to withhold monies of up to several hundred dollars since I opened a business account with them. Prior to this I used a personal account with not one single issue.

  62. Frances Lewis says:

    This is Frances Lewis, I had filed for the lawsuit but never received any answer back. Would appreciate a response
    Thank you

    ADMIN – Hi Frances,

    I can’t help you. To obtain additional information about your claim you must reach out to the class action administrator.

  63. Tamara Sims says:

    Were settlement payments issued yet?

    ADMIN – Hi Tamara,

    UPDATE:As of July 11, 2017, all appeals have been resolved. The Settlement Administrator is now in the process of reviewing all claims previously submitted. Payments for all valid claims will be sent by no later than October 24, 2017.

  64. Angelina says:

    I am just now experiencing a problem with a Paypal claim. Their resolution department doesn’t follow through, and isn’t reviewing the case properly. I keep resubmitting, but get no response. I am not a part of this current claim due to time line. Who can I contact to resolve this issue? It has been going on for 6 months now.
    Thank you

    ADMIN – Hi Angelina,

    I have no idea who can help you with your situation. If you have a customer service issue with PayPal just escalate as high as you can go.

  65. Jessica Nored says:

    Is there any way to join this claim?

    ADMIN – Hi Jessica,

    Unless you are a time traveler, there is not a way to file a claim when the deadline has passed.

  66. Mercedes Fields says:

    Question did u receive a email confirmation after filing your claim i have two emails advising of the class action but no confirmation i actually filed and i cannot remember if i did or didnt seeing it was so long ago

    ADMIN – Hi Mercedes,

    I can’t answer your question as I was not part of this class but hopefully someone here can.

  67. Mark keys says:

    And still a account holder

  68. Karin says:

    can there be a class action lawsuit against PayPal for permanently limiting accounts without warning and given no chance to appeal, and holding the funds for 6 months? While the agreement says paypal can limit your account if you violate the acceptable use policy, but nowhere in the policy does it say PayPal can limit your account without warning and no chance to appeal. Paypal should either ask for documentation that what I’m selling is legal and should give a chance to appeal. and holding the funds for 6 months is going to extremes, and it is an abuse of power, not to mention that is theft because that is MY money, not theirs.

    ADMIN – Hi Karin,

    You can always contact a lawyer that specializes in class action settlements in your area.

  69. Sue says:

    How can I find out if payment has been sent to me?

    ADMIN – Hi Sue,

    The payments won’t be forwarded until October.

  70. Hugh Trotter says:

    Me and my wife were dumb enough to open one 2 weeks ago. We just found out paypal is still doing the same illegal activities, if a there is another suit for people like use we want in .

    ADMIN – Hi Hugh,

    Two weeks is such a short period to get into a conundrum like this

  71. Marigrace Furby says:

    My PayPal had a hold placed on it in the Fall of 2013. We had just relocated to NC and a family friend was sending us funds to relocate and PayPal froze both my account and my husband, Joshua Furby, accounts and just recently released the hold. The hold was released after this settlement. We both files claims and recently sent certified mail to you stating our new address. This has been an awfully experience and made relocating so much harder. Even when I was diagnosed with breast cancer they would not let me send or receive money to help with medical costs. Horrible company.

    ADMIN – Hi Marigrace,

    You did not send anything to us. We are not the class action administrator.

  72. Anonymous says:

    Is sending them a w-9 seriously required to get paid?

    ADMIN – Hi There!

    If they are requesting it, it is required.

  73. Melissa says:

    Anyone get paid from this yet? They totally destroyed my business! I know what I lost because of them will never be replaced. But thank you for fighting for us. Hope to see some checks coming soon.

  74. bvijendi says:

    did any receive the payment? I had submitted the claim, but didn’t receive any check.

  75. Kathy Vaughn says:

    Paynents status?

    ADMIN – Hi Kathy,

    As indicated on our Facebook page which you can follow here the payments were sent yesterday via snail mail.

    • KENYA says:


      ADMIN – Hi Kenya,

      Snail mail is when someone uses regular postal service with a stamp on the letter.

  76. Mops says:

    Got check for Eleven Dollars and 57 cents. Really?

    ADMIN – Hi Mops,

    How much were you expecting?

    • Mops says:

      Hi! Considering how much harm they did and the settlement amount, no less than $100.

      ADMIN – Hi Mops,

      That sounds like a nice amount but the reality is that the judge decides what is fair given the information they have available at the time of the final hearing.

  77. Rhonda Deas says:

    Informed delivery shows something from the lawsuit will be delivered today to my address. I’m in Stockton, Ca and the return address on envelope is Portland, Or. So depending on location it may take a few more days to arrive.

  78. Jayne Does says:

    I submitted a claim with itemized verification. I have not received my check and there is no one who answers the 877 # ( for the years it has been posted ).

    Do you have a direct contact phone number since all the checks were mailed? Thank you.

    ADMIN – Hi Jayne,

    The class action administrator is Epiq. Their contact info is as follows:

    10300 SW Allen Blvd.
    Beaverton, OR 97005
    T +1 503 350 5800

    • Natalie says:

      Thank you for the info. I had a $30,000 hold placed for over 6 months and I still have not received my settlement check.

      ADMIN – Hi Natalie,

      Time to reach out to class counsel.

      • Natalie says:

        Thank you for your response. Is there a specific way that they prefer to be contacted?

        ADMIN – Hi Natalie,

        I don’t think they have preference

      • Grecua says:

        An itemized claim pays up to $1600 tops. IF they are even honoring those claims.

      • Natalie says:

        How do I contact them? Is there a contact number?

        ADMIN – Hi Natalie,

        Just scroll up to find their contact info.

    • SAYCIA MCGUIRE says:

      JANE DOES…Did you receive ur check yet for itemized verification? I have not received mine and have contacted the class administrator’s twice now and will have answers by Friday they said. We’ll see!

      • Jayne Does says:

        No Sacia is I have not! I have to write as well just need to print and mail response but what happened for you?
        I’m not liking this one bit..

  79. Rene Broom says:

    I received a payment for $11.57 on Saturday.

  80. Saycia McGuire says:

    I also submitted a claim with verification and still have not received a check. This is ridiculous! As class members who provided proof we should have been handled first.

    ADMIN – Hi Saycia,

    Have you considered the possibility that your check was stolen in the mail? I highly encourage you to immediately reach out to the class action administrator.

    • Saycia McGuire says:


      ADMIN – Hi Saycia,

      If you scroll up you will see a subheading titled contact. That is the info for the class action administrator.

  81. Michael J Lemire says:

    Hi I’ve sold cars and motorcycles and when the whole amount went to paypals they held my money ,are they earning short term interest on my back …..F them .Then customer service from the some other third world place.

    ADMIN – Hi Michael,

    I don’t think they earn interest. What they do is use your money to backup other transactions. Similar to what a bank does.

  82. Denise Del Monte says:

    I have not received my check and my paypal is still closed because of someone else comiting fraud and paypal took back the money and they also kept my tennis bracelet and I was in the class action suit but received nothing, really disappointed and paypal still never allowed me to use my original account . I had to open a new one for someone else comiting fraud. Seriously

    ADMIN – Hi Denise,

    It is best if you contact the class action administrator. It is entirely possible that you have far more complex issues associated to your account than a simple hold.

  83. JP says:

    Two accounts, funds held 180 days, cost me over 20K, filed claims, no money, no return calls from administrator or class counsel. 3.2 million settlement was a joke anyway, Paypal is crooked and still doing the same BS and then the administrators and class counsel a joke as well and they get most of the money!

    ADMIN – Hi JP,

    You do know you have the option exclude yourself from settlements and go after defendants on your own?

  84. JP says:

    I do now!!

  85. Grecua says:

    Anyone who received the 11.00 disbusenevt check, is there a phone #, or company name? The 877 number is only a recording. Writing seems too uncertain as well.

    Is there an email contact, Ms. Admin?
    Thank you.

    ADMIN – Hi Grecua,

    The admin for this settlement is Epic and they can be contacted using this form:

    • SAYCIA MCGUIRE says:

      Grecua the # is 1-503-350-5800
      Its epiq systems. You’ll prob get the run around and be prepared not to get an answer today. To get a better chance have ur claim confirmation code handy and the PayPal vs. Zepeda case #. Hope that helps.

  86. Paul Did Slaughter says:

    To date I have not received any settlement. How do I get the specific information about my case?

    ADMIN – Hi Paul,

    You reach out to the class action admin. If this fails you escalate to class counsel.

  87. Christian Broome says:

    Submitted a claim when will receive check??

    ADMIN – Hi Christian,

    From what I understand many class members received their money this month.

  88. Stephanie McCullough says:

    I submitted a claim and have a confirmation code but have not received payment. The website says everything was paid out by October 24. How do I find out where my check is?

    ADMIN – Hi Stephanie,

    Reach out to the class action administrator.

    • stephanie says:

      Can you please advise as to how to reach them?

      ADMIN – Hi Stephanie,

      Scroll up and look for the contact information. We always include it on the main settlement page.

  89. Grecua says:

    Still not recieved paymenr. A letter from Settlement Administrator said my e-mail address sidn’t match PayPal records so I get nothing. The original emails and fax cover sheets generated by PayPal include my email address, a PayPal claim number and include verbiage that states my account was placed on hold. There exists no greater proof, in my opinion, of my claim and all filinv requiremenrs were met. I ”appealed’ this weak rebuke by Claims Administrator and heard nothing in response. I have yet to hear of anyone recieving an itemized claim payout. How do I reach out to Class Counsel?
    What do I say to get someone to properly review my claim?
    Thanks Ms. Administrator

    ADMIN – Hi Grecua,

    Get a hold of class counsel.

  90. Mariah Martinez says:

    I’m placing a law suit against PayPal. I sold a bag through PayPal for 250, right after I sold the bag i left out of town. Buyer request a refund, since I️ was on vacation i did not notice the email until i came back. Once i read the email PayPal had refunded the buyer her money and did not request for the buyer to return my bag . She kept her refund and my bag. PayPal did absulity nothing, stated since they send an email they processed with refund without having buyer to return bag. This is fraud !!! Don’t trust PayPal with your items nor money .

    ADMIN – Hi Mariah,

    Where did you go? A town with no internet?

  91. Redmond J. Howard says:

    I filed a claim with Paypal during the lawsuit. Requesting claim, please.

    ADMIN – Hi Redmond,

    I believe this was paid a few months ago. You can reach out to the class action administrator to see if they are still reissuing checks. I doubt they are.

  92. Shelia says:

    This is still going on an not even related to eBay, I returned 9 items to Macy’s on Feb 28, 2018 they all hit pending to pay on March 1, 2018. Five of the transactions were in my available funds to use. Four of the transactions have been in pending status since March 1 so 16 days later. I talked to 5 reps and total runaround, retelling my story, and all had different stories and no solutions as to why this was occuring. I spoke to a supposed Supervisor who said it was a technical problem with their algorithm. He must have thought that sounded good and I would not ask more questions. I asked him what he thought an algorithm was. He said it’s technical, I said no it is actually very logical in function and algorithms don’t hold funds Paypal does. I also told him you can override the system and credit the funds. After working in banking 18 years and 12 with the Federal Reserve bottom line was they are still illegally holding funds for no reason. When I asked to talk to his boss he could only give me an address to their corporate office to snail mail a letter with no name of a person or dept to send it to. My transaction is out of the limits of the lawsuit. Is a new lawsuit starting?

    ADMIN – Hi Shelia,

    I don’t know of any new lawsuits that apply to your situation.

    • Brandi says:

      This is what is happening with my husband just about at least. For 4 weeks now theyve been holding his transfed for 24 hours. I know its not a lot of time for some people but when this is how his employer is paying him its means late fees for bills.

  93. Dan J McCain says:

    Never heard a thing. . why did I jump through the hoops?????

    ADMIN – Hi Dan,

    Generally it is best to check on pending settlements almost every month to ensure you have time to escalate when the administrator fails to send your check.

  94. Michelle Fox (Gardner) says:

    I never received anything and I filed a claim with documentation.

    ADMIN – Hi Michelle,

    By now the administration for this settlement has closed. There is nothing that can be done anymore.

  95. Catherine Gill says:

    My son was scammed out of 11,000. Credit cards were stolen and they used them to pretend to buy art and for exorbitant shipping cost. He’s young. Should I file a complaint with the Attorney General of Illinois, We already contacted the FBI. Paypal just wants their money. He doesn’t have any. The scammers do.

    ADMIN – Hi Catherine,

    I am so sorry about that. Best of luck.

  96. hsiao says:

    all we got was an confirmation email, with no other ways to check on this and now all has been paid? really.

    ADMIN – Hi Hsiao,


  97. Brandi says:

    Okay i get this is years ago. But what about now. They are placing holds on my husbands transfers every week the hold last 24 hours but they keep giving us different reasons why. First theres flags on your account because to many attempts transferring, second reason was because theres and issue with their security checks its doing it to everyone, now its because of suspected money laundrying. Its a different excuse everytime. This has gone on for a month. Before that he recieved his transfers in 30 min. It is hoe his employer is paying him his checks. Because they are very busy people and we thought this was the easiest way. His checks range from 800-1500 and since they have been 1500 every week for 4 weeks is when they started this holding crap. What can be done about this.

    ADMIN – Hi Brandi,

    You could contact a class action attorney to see if you have a case.

  98. Kumbi says:

    Hi PayPal limited my account and I can’t withdraw the money on it, until after 180 days. Is there any pending class action I can join At the moment

    ADMIN – Hi Kumbi,

    I don’t think so but you can always reach out to a class action attorney.

  99. Austin Williams says:

    The form is not working. Paypal is screwing me.

    ADMIN – Hi Austin,

    The deadline for this class action has passed.

  100. Austin Gomez says:

    Who should I contact about another clasa action suit. They are doing it again. My account has been locked and limited for no reason but they feel it is breaking policy but do not give me specific policy I am breaking.

    ADMIN – Hi Austin,

    Look for a class action attorney in your area

  101. Laura says:

    My husband and I had two separate accounts and neither of us has received a check to this date.

    ADMIN – Hi Laura,

    If you have not received a share of the settlement you are unlikely to receive one. Most qualified class members have already received payment.

  102. mark e williams says:

    i have sold my things and the buyers have got the merchandise paypal is holding my money without any reason that they can give me i have called over and over again and can get no real reason for them to hold my money.

    ADMIN – Hi Mark,

    That sounds super frustrating. Time to contact a class action attorney.

  103. Velia Valdez says:

    I had the same thing happen to me and I have contacted them back in the day and nothing was done about it. But a hold.

  104. Darren Chaker says:

    This is what happens when PayPal becomes the defacto world bank. You can get blackballed and be unable to get your money. I had this occur with two business accounts of mine and am thankful issues were resolved without the need of an attorney. I happy to see attorneys are ready to take action for consumers. Best to all, Darren Chaker

  105. terrence jones says:

    I don’t no if I got a check my account is under a old address

    ADMIN – Hi Terrence,

    I believe the balance was placed in PayPal accounts instead of a check.

  106. Raymond says:

    How do I find out if I am on the list. I been with paypal sense 2007. I just found email that I am on a class action settlement how do I find out?

    • Angelica (Admin) says:

      Hi, Raymond. Sorry, but your question comes four years too late. If you review the claims deadline above, it passed back in 2016.

  107. Kathleen Bachak says:

    The holding of funds has affected me. An example is when I was selling on ebay. They should not be allowed to do this. My money gets tied up and the interactions get all messed up. I would like to be part of this settlement. Thank you.

    • Angelica (Admin) says:

      Hi, Kathleen. Thanks for your message, and sorry to hear that. However, we ( are *not* the settlement/claims administrator of this case — we are only an online “newspaper” of various class action settlements involving various companies. Please check the settlement website for any updates on the issue, and/or contact the Settlement Administrator directly, if you haven’t already done so. The details are stated above; just scroll up. Thank you, and best of luck.