Class Eligibility

You are a member of the Settlement Class if you used a TD Bank Penny Arcade coin-counting machine to exchange coins for a credit to a TD Bank Account or for cash between April 11, 2010 and July 12, 2017

Estimated Amount

Varies Payments to class members will likely be at least 26¢ per $100 exchanged using Penny Arcade during the Class Period.
Proof of Purchase
Case Name
Regina C. Filannino-Restifo, on Behalf of Herself and All Others Similarly Situated,v. TD Bank Case 1:16-cv-02374-JBS-JS United States District Court for The District of New Jersey
Case Summary
The lawsuits challenge the accuracy of Penny Arcade coin-counting machines at TD Bank stores. The lawsuits claim that users of the machines did not receive the full value of the coins they deposited into the machines.
Settlement Pool
Penny Arcade Settlement c/o GCG PO Box 10470 Dublin, OH 43017-4070 1-855-312-1974

115 responses to “TD Bank Penny Arcade Coin Counting Machines Class Action Settlement”

  1. Joyce Freeman says:

    Please add me

    ADMIN – Hi Joyce,

    I can’t add you. You need to submit a claim after 8/28

    • Holly Geyer says:

      I had 3 acct. and used the arcade frequently anat I felt I was not given an accurate reading/ I always complained .

      • Lonny Cowan says:

        Mine was 4 cents, what a pile of crap..If they cheated us out of anything, it was DEFINITELY more than a penny or 4 even….This settlement was a joke, but as I always thought,, TD bank is a joke..Dumped them off a few years ago…Their bank is good for next to nothing..

        • Frank Marra says:

          Wat is your problem—where can I cash my coins in now ? TD was much better than wrapping all my coins !

          ADMIN – Hi Frank,

          Have you tried those machines at the supermarket?

          • Tj says:

            Yes, the supermarket machines give you both a short count and deduct a percentage even if you do your grocery shopping there. I now only keep quarters. Everything else goes into tip jars when buying coffee.

        • stewart says:

          Lawyers: $1,935,000. Customer: 21 cents. The joke is on us

          ADMIN – Hi Stewart,

          Settlements like this can be absolutely frustrating but don’t let that discourage you or frustrate you.

          • jay reed says:

            I dumped around $350,000 in coins from 2012-2016 using the penny arcade machines at various td locations. I’m a coin roll hunter… Which means I search coins for old/collectable coins and cash out the rest. Rinse and repeat. In my experience regarding the accuracy of the machines, they were 100% accurate probably 10% of the time. The dimes were the biggest issue of all the denominations. Typically counted as pennies when it was off. I always ran every denomination separately to know if it was miscounting. One of the big issues regarding the machines were the lack of service from employees. They were suppose to be cleaned(sensors wiped with a certain cloth) vacuumed out, etc. I can guarantee that this did not occur like it should have. This would of increased the accuracy greatly. NO machine will ever be right 100% of the time but it all falls backs to the banks laziness of not wanting to take rolled coin and have to deal with unrolling it and dumping it into a bag to be shipped off. They would much rather just pull it off a machine. A machine they never took care of properly. A secret not known by many was a magnet that would catch foreign coins and 1943 steel pennies has they were dumped down the shoot. I always cleaned that off each time(employees never cleaned it ethier lol) so that helped recoup some money. I would say that for every $250(2,500 coins) in dimes ran through the machine it would average counting 1-20 of them as pennies. Rarely did it count a penny as a dime but it did happen. There were a few instances that it overcounted. Due large in part of the last customers coins rolling around in the machine not being counted and me getting credit. Also, on the not being cleaned properly part, lots of customers were putting paper clips, buttons and all other kinds of crap into the machine with there coins causing them to malfunction… So its not just the employees but lazy customers not making sure they are putting ONLY coins into the machine. It would give you a message telling you to make sure you removed all foreign objects from your coins before placing them into the machine and 10% of people actually did that.

          • Tony Got Screwed says:

            What a joke 5 cents! Huntington just sent me a check for 5 cents, what the hell is THAT!!! Those crooked lawyers takes approximately 2 million dollars and the people that got screwed over got $0.05, $0.04 what a joke! Class action lawsuits never pays put proper. And I didn’t even know about this lawsuit, if it anything its the dam lawyers that screwed everyone. TD Bank and the attorneys both screwed over all the consumers what a joke how sad is this.

        • Kettia says:

          I received 45 cent. FOURTY FIVE CENT HAHAHA

          ADMIN – Hi Kettia,

          I heard of someone receiving a penny

        • Heather Ledoux says:

          I received a check for 8 CENTS!! I ripped it up and threw it cost more for the stamp to mail it to me!

    • John M. Turnage says:

      I visited penny multiple times since 2010 – 2017 and to receive 12 cents is robbery

      ADMIN – Hi John,

      We totally understand your frustration.

    • joyce hall says:

      I have 2 Reference Numbers 05490202 06953574 I thought that was all I needed. Please let me know . What is the next step for me to do . Thank you

      ADMIN – Hi Joyce,

      I believe this settlement was paid out a few months ago. You may no longer escalate as the admin has closed shop.

  2. john says:

    I don’t bank with them anymore. I don’t even remember what year I did use their coin counter. So I have no proof.
    It was only for a couple hundred dollars. So I would probably get less then $1. So it’s not worth it.
    I wonder how many people are going to say it’s not worth it. And TD bank won’t pay out that much.

    ADMIN – Hi John,

    It reads “at least”. If lots of people refrain from claiming you may get a really nice check.

    • john says:

      I was just reading the faq’s. It said it’s automatic if you had an account with them, they will pay you automatically.
      You would only have to file a claim if you used the Penny Arcade and was not a customer.

    • SKYE says:


      ADMIN – Hi Skye,

      If they placed the money in your account then you can ask the bank for historical records.

      • Sonia D says:

        Not true, I had an account. YOU take the receipt from the machine to them just like any other coin counter . They pay you, they are not just going to deposit in your account automatically.

        • Lisa says:

          Yes they do automaticity put it in your account… they just did in my account

          • Susan M. says:

            Yes, TD automatically put my part of the settlement into my account recently. I never had a problem with TD and always appreciated the help the give me as a valued customer.

      • V says:

        When I used it I did not have them deposit it…i needed it for bills.

    • JoAnn says:

      Lol! I received.60cents!

    • JoAnn says:

      Lol! I just received my check! .06 cents!

      • Michael says:

        I also just received a check for 6 cents. I would go once or twice a year with my daughter and we would deposit usually about three of four hundred dollars each time, so we probably put in a few thousand dollars during the seven year period. I don’t know what to do the the 6 cents.

        ADMIN – Hi Michael,

        I don’t know what to tell you. Maybe put it on a frame.

  3. Suzanne pearson says:

    I use this often.

  4. Suzanne pearson says:

    I use this often . have for a long time.

  5. Miss. Christina Valdes says:

    To whom it may concern:
    People are really busy these days, and receipts get miss placed or thrown away. So for the people that used cash has no way of showing they paid cash for unsaved receipts. That’s the real frustrating part of this. Please do not get me wrong, I am grateful if I get anything from these law suits that pertain to me. Just thought I would put that out there. Thank u in advance for your time and help.

  6. Rita says:

    I used this. How do you prpeed without proof?

  7. Janice farley says:

    If you used it but didn’t bank there can you still file a claim?

    ADMIN – Hi Janice,

    I don’t see any exclusions for non-account holders.

  8. Tamara McCants says:

    I don’t have the account anymore or the proof. What should i do?

    ADMIN – Hi Tamara,

    I think you can still contact the bank to obtain copies of your records.

  9. Meg says:

    Will TD mail you proof? I used their coin counting at least a dozen times. Thank you.

    ADMIN – Hi Meg,

    I am sure you can check past statements.

  10. Eva says:

    I used it a lot. But have no receipts or such. How would you be able to proof it.

    ADMIN – Hi Eva,

    Did they deposit the funds to your account?

  11. jim says:

    this is just another way for the banks to take your money and you not be able to do a thing about it. It is very much a injustice to the people who banked with them and walk away with more money than most people make in their lives’ and like the bank bail out was not enough, we let them walk

  12. Tim Crowley says:

    I’ve had an account with them for 15 years. Used penny many times in Boston and Arlington. I worked for them 2009-2010 in Arlington. Learned a lot about how banks take your money in a variety of ways. Fees for not enough money in acct, for not using acct enough, using too much, transfers, just having an acct at all, etc. I had to empty and clean the penny arcade countless times for dirt. They owe big time after literally nickel and diming people out of their last few cents.

  13. Darmica says:

    I don’t have any receipts, Can I still file a claim?

    ADMIN – Hi Darmica,

    Nobody can file yet. The form is not up.

  14. Jennifer Kish says:

    Yes but when the claim forms are available would I still be able to file a claim even though I don’t have my receipt anymore? Or are they going to say no receipt no cash settlement

    ADMIN – Hi Jennifer,

    I don’t think you have much of a case without a receipt.

    • Kim McGrantham says:

      Well today I received a check for a whopping 8 cents! Didn’t need to submit receipts to prove a thing!! And I’m quite sure this was all just another little scam to keep people quiet so they didn’t receive what they actually deserved!!

      ADMIN – Hi Kim,

      I believe this was a pro rata distribution.

  15. Crystal pooler says:

    If you could please send to my mailbox p.o box 485 Oakland Maine 04963

    ADMIN – Hi Crystal,

    I can’t

  16. Andrew Schwartz says:

    They would collect the reciept from the coin counter when i made a deposit i opened the account and spent hundreds of dollars sorting through the coin counter. What can i do as i have no receipts.

    ADMIN – Hi Andrew,

    Check with the bank to see if they have records.

  17. CARMEN says:


    ADMIN – Hi Carmen,

    You can contact the bank to see if they have records of the transaction.

  18. The Desert Sawyer says:

    I didn’t rely on the machines accuracy and always counted the money beforehand. The amount I received was not that much off and often within pennies. I maybe have cashed in $5000 over that time. Other coin counters charge interest upon the amount to be counted. I’ve seen 6% at various places. I’m upset now that the machine is gone and more upset that they’ll never be back.

    • Jeff says:

      I agree. If I was shorted by a few pennies, not a big deal. As you mentioned, better than paying those other machines. Now I have to hand count and hand roll all the coins.

      The great thing with the machines was that it did not like to accept silver coins. Multiple times, it sorted out my silver for me. That alone paid for any the few cents I may have loss.

      And honestly, I’ve fairly confident you can submit what you think you cashed without any proof. They are paying 7.5 mil from what I read. No more, no less. 7.5m – lawyer fees – the payout to customers. If that still leaves money, it will be donated to a charity. TD at this point doesn’t care who gets the money. The funny thing here though is that the only people making out on this are the lawyers.

  19. Harry M. Mahn says:

    Once again an avaricious pack of lawyers has found a victim. This reprehensible sector of our society seeks nothing but to dig it’s fangs into honest corporations. I bank at TD bank. I am really quite fond of TD bank. I used to use their coin arcade to dispose of my coins. I frequently counted my coins before depositing them. If you came close to the final count, you got a small gift. In this way I learned that TD bank gave an honest count.

    As a result of legal action against TD Bank we now have the following results:
    1. The public loses a really convenient way of disposing of their coins.
    2. The TD Bank has it’s reputation besmirched.
    3. Customers getting s bit of money from this settlement are delighted with their freebie.
    4. A bunch of predatory lawyer clean up and begin looking for their next victim.

    What a country.

    ADMIN – Hi Harry,

    This is the first time I see the word besmirched properly used!

  20. Franco Semeraro says:

    Hi, I used to have my accounys and credot card with them. I have few times the penny counter machine, but I don’t have anymore any paper from them because I’m not anymore a client from that … bank.

    How can I apply to ghos lawsuit?? I’m receiving emails, but I don’t know what to do.


    Franco Semeraro

    ADMIN – Hi Franco,

    Click on the link that reads file a claim.

  21. Ron Strong says:

    ….also, the bank fees go up to cover the costs.
    We get a whole dollar + 30 cents?
    Sued for occasional miscounting by a machine.
    Off by pennies for convince?
    Sue anyone for anything.
    Shouldn’t the manufacturer be responsible for it’s errors, & not a bank?

    ADMIN – Hi Ron,

    I agree with you that the manufacturer should have some responsibility. I wonder if TD will go after them for selling defective products.

  22. E Carl says:

    I have a post card with a reference number from the bank, is there a place to submit this? did not see anywhere on the form that was online, no copies of receipts, the teller always took them.

    ADMIN – Hi Carl,
    Enter your claim number and complete your form.

  23. Rose Beech says:

    I did not have an account… my ex fiance did. I am on his account. Reference #07305005 . We used the penny change machine many times. When he was with me, they took 0% out. When I went without him, they took a % out … I can’t remember the amount of the %… must have been anywhere from 6-10%

    ADMIN – Hi Rose,

    If you have a claim number please consider filing.

  24. gloria wynn says:

    how do I file a form? Where are they available.
    Will TD banks staff assist with help?

    ADMIN – Hi Gloria,

    Did you receive a claim #?

  25. Jazmine Moore-Reece says:

    Its after August 28th. How can I submit a claim

    ADMIN – Hi Jazmine,

    Click on the link that invites you to submit a claim.

  26. Nazbuttnaji says:

    I used penny arcade at td bank for my business account from 2013 to 2017

    ADMIN – Hi Naz,

    Fantastic, file a claim.

  27. Daniel Pizzutti says:

    I used this all the time and used to bank with them. I however no longer bank with them. If I’m already included in the settlement, how will they deposit the money or know where to send the check?

    ADMIN – Hi Daniel,

    Contact the admin

  28. Michael Heit says:

    I have an account withTD and used the machine several times. However, I took the cash and never deposited it. What records will there be to prove I used the coin machine?

    ADMIN – Hi Michael,

    Reach out to the admin.

  29. Kimberly Robertson says:

    What happens to those who did not have an account but used the coin machine? Who keeps receipts from that long ago??

    ADMIN – Hi Kimberly,

    You can contact the admin here and ask

  30. Thomas F. Gould says:

    Sept 6, 17
    I have used these machines and have wondered why the coin count was low.
    Can I get some one to send me some paper work so I can be on file.

    ADMIN – Hi Thomas,

    Contact the admin here

  31. Daniel says:

    I used this when I used to bank with them. The description says I dot need to do anything and they will deposit the money when the time comes. But I no longer bank with them, how will they know where to send the money? Should I fill out a form anyway? I don’t have proof of any of the times I did it, but I did do it through my account at that time.

    ADMIN – Hi Daniel,

    They have proof, fill out the form that way they have your current contact info.

  32. Girishkumar n patel says:

    I have coupal accout

    ADMIN – Hi Girish,

    What is a coupal account?

  33. Charles Johnson says:

    I used to have an account with TD and regularly was in there with my paycheck or any change I because I was helping out at a bar and I would always save my change instead of putting it in the bank every time I used to save them and every month I would put in at least I’d say easily 100 hours from went from way back when I started I think I had it for like 3 years or 4 years and then I still had a credit card from them and after that when I bought my Challenger I also was TD Bank remember remember when they charge 7% they said I didn’t Canada to since I didn’t have the Savings Bank there on the end of my living room I was a member there for as long as Knights Tavern was across the street in the shopping center I had at one point I had my credit card my checking and savings mactier and everything was fine for like 3 years or 4 years whatever it was and then when I only had credit card and I had that that wasn’t good enough and even when I financed a $20,000 or $25,000 car I forgot what I paid for it was a 2000 2010 Challenger just like the Challenger I have now I had to get a 2017 the other one was actually stolen I still was using them when I worked in the bar as well and the twins build up real quick when you work in a bar and I always went over and went to the store or bar or anywhere I always save my change I can’t even begin to guesstimate how much I put in that machine and quite a few times I thought it it should have been more I easily put over 7 or 8 Grand into that machine easily and the prep not a problem is who actually shaved those all those receipts lips that’s another way they are screwing everybody if you don’t if you don’t have your machine from each and every time you used it you’re screwed so they will win and I laugh about it too my name is Charles Johnson and my email is curly q 427 at let’s see if anybody from TD Bank has the balls to answer me

    ADMIN – Hi Charles,

    If you want someone from TD to address your issue you may want to send it to them directly.

  34. STEVEN YUEN says:


  35. Dolores DeCrescenzo says:

    I received reference no. 09542756 Not sure what if any was supposed to be credited to my checking account.

    ADMIN – Hi Dolores,

    The reference number is to help you file a claim. You click on the link that reads file a claim and you enter your reference number.

  36. Rameshchandra P Patel says:


    ADMIN – Hi Ramesh,

    Is this the number you received from the class action administration?

  37. Rameshchandra P Patel says:


    ADMIN – Hi Ramesh,

    Sorry about that. You can always check with the bank to see if they kept record of your deposit.

  38. Tyona says:

    I recently received a letter in the mail from TD Bank because now they’re under under investigation get someone just give me a call back

    ADMIN – Hi Tyona,

    I can’t do that for you. I am not the class action admin nor the representative of any firm currently investigating TD

  39. Tom Kilian says:

    I cashed in change a few times but I have no proof as the paper copy of the amount cashed went
    directly to the teller

    ADMIN – Hi Tom,

    Check with the bank to see if they have records of your transactions.

  40. Stephanie carver says:

    hi i received in the mail from penny arcade a settlement card with a reference number on it. do i still fill out claim? and if i do which settlement do i claim? thank you

    ADMIN – Hi Stephanie,

    Yes, you still have to file a claim.

  41. Chris says:

    I think it’s ridiculous that customers of td bank would hire an attorney to file a lawsuit against the bank I’ve used penny arcade dozens of times over the last fifteen years I used to save coins in a Pringles chips container minus the pennies after counting out the contents by hand a few times I started to use the machine at td I know that I would get between 150$ to 160 every time I emptied a container into the arcade machine I always got back what I saved it coins b off by a few cents but so what

    ADMIN – Hi Chris,

    When it comes to bank transactions there is no such thing as close enough. Accuracy is a must.

  42. Judy says:

    If you have an account and use the penny arcade do you still need to file a claim?

    ADMIN – Hi Judy,

    Directly from the official page:

    GET A PAYMENT OR ACCOUNT CREDIT AUTOMATICALLY If you conducted a Penny Arcade transaction during the Class Period at a time when you held a TD Bank checking, savings, personal loan, or business loan account (“Account”), you do not have to do anything to receive a Settlement Payment. Your Settlement Payment based on such transaction(s) will be made automatically by account credit or by check if the Court approves the Settlement and it becomes final. (Note that the Court has excluded current TD Bank employees and certain other persons from the Settlement Class.)
    SUBMIT A CLAIM BY OCTOBER 27, 2017 If you conducted a Penny Arcade transaction during the Class Period at a time when you did not hold a TD Bank Account, you must submit a Claim Form by October 27, 2017 to be eligible to receive a Settlement Payment based on such transaction(s).

  43. Maggie Frederick says:

    I used the penny arcade multiple times and realized that I wasn’t getting the amount I thought I should. The next time I used it I had counted all my change prior to my visit. Each coin was segregated and the number and total of each was written down. When the machine came up with a different amount I took my notes to the teller. She refused to acknowledge my total and told me that I had to take the amount the arcade machine listed. Even though I had a savings account there, I took the cash each time. Does that prevent me from being in the class action group?

    ADMIN – Hi Maggie,

    You are not eligible. The terms are as follows:
    You are a member of the Settlement Class if you used a TD Bank Penny Arcade coin-counting machine to exchange coins for a credit to a TD Bank Account or for cash between April 11, 2010 and July 12, 2017

  44. ASHLEY N WYCKOFF says:

    When is this supposed to start being deposited into peoples accounts? Any idea?

    ADMIN – Hi Ashley,

    No idea, but don’t make Christmas plans with the money. It won’t be a ton.

  45. Deborah Stiles/ Ronald Fecteau says:

    I have used the TD Penny arcade coin counting machine many times. The bank has the paper from the machine.
    I enjoyed a visit to cash in all my change. My husband & I both enjoyed having the arcade machine at our TD Bank.

    ADMIN – Hi Deborah,

    That makes you a class member. Did you file?

  46. Diane says:

    I used the Penny arcade 2x a year for many years including the dates in question. I always took the paper slip to the teller and got the money to use towards our vacations. I never deposited into my account but had to give my account #. I did have an account with TD still do. When I called they said I didn’t have to show proof they had it from my account. I figured the teller always put the amount I cashed in in my account file. I hope I don’t have to do anything else.

  47. Christopher Walter says:

    Hi, I just found out about this. I go no notice from he bank at all. I understand I’m late but I was wondering if I could file late (or if there is a grace period). Thank you for taking the time to review and reply to my query.

    ADMIN – Hi Christopher,

    Settlements seldom offer extensions to the deadlines. When they do you will see the extension on the website.

  48. Miriam Rodriguez says:

    I have account with TDBank for more then 7 years, and I use arcade machine to many times, I tall the taller something wrong wiht the machine, but they tall me nathing they can’t do.sorry

    ADMIN – Hi Miriam,

    At this point it is too late to file.

  49. Rita says:

    Wow. The stamp is going to be more than what they send for some.

    ADMIN – Hi Rita,

    You may just be correct on this one.

  50. Reginald Jeanmarie says:

    By the way I processed hundreds of dollars in coins I believe I am owed $85-$200. Unhappily, I cannot be more precise. My business used my personal account to process coins. I can recall one day hauling in $900+ in coins; in crates stacked 5 high at the 94th and Broadway branch where I had an existing account.

    ADMIN – Hi Jeanmarie,

    Hopefully you will get at least something.

  51. Miriam Rodriguez says:

    I use the arcade coin machine many times,lost mony,because I caunt the money at home before and the amount wast diferent. Hapen many times.

    ADMIN – Hi Miriam,

    That is why the judge authorized the settlement.

  52. Israel Soto says:

    this is true always counted at home first..

  53. Phyllis Hall says:

    Still waiting to hear from refrence # is 09500125.

    ADMIN – Hi Phyllis,

    Try reaching out to class counsel.

  54. Sarah says:

    When is the money coming?

    ADMIN – Hi Sarah,

    The fairness hearing was on January 11 and the admin has not yet updated the page.

  55. mike says:

    I have two reference numbers what do I need to do.

    ADMIN – Hi Mike,

    Follow the instructions provided with your reference #s

    • Coongetta Heintz says:

      I have used the td bank coin machine during the class action and lost money I was told if you had an account with td you did not have to do a claim form I am concerned because I am wondering if they are trying to contact me at my old address 27 Greenhill rd., Springfield, PA 19064 My new address is 240 Wanamaker avenue 1st floor Essington, pa 19029

      ADMIN – Hi Congeeta,

      You can submit a change of address via snail mail to the class action administrator.

      • Coongetta Heintz says:


        ADMIN – Hi Coongetta,

        Penny Arcade Settlement
        c/o GCG PO Box 10470
        Dublin, OH 43017-4070

  56. DD says:

    I did file a claim and I can’t seem to find my reference numbers

    ADMIN – Hi DD,

    Reach out to the class action administrator and have them check their records.

  57. Elisa j.Bolano says:

    I send the attorneys pictures of all my coins when it’s still in the big bottled water also the pictures on New Year’s Eve when I open the bottle everything’s on the floor nicely arranged by denomination coz we want to have fun on that new year to throw it to make noise.i think I’m the only one who changed the coins by separating the quarters,dime and nickel coz I want to make sure my estimate how much I saved. My estimate actually for all the coins in no more than $5200 but not less than $4000. I brought my coins by denominations coz it’s heavy to carryall. We bring first 2 boxes of nickel with my laundry cart then the next day 3 boxes of quarters to be honest when I got my receipt I’m dissapointed 100%they robbed me.hope I can get my fair share if only I can get my record I know I deserved mine.

    ADMIN – Hi Elisa,

    We also hope you get your fair share.

  58. kay says:

    Hello, I had a business account with TD bank, I received a notice and I am registered, but I have not received any word on this as of yet, please advise.

    ADMIN – Hi Kay,

    I don’t think this settlement has been paid yet. You are welcome to contact the class action administrator to make double-sure you are included

  59. Rosemary Gangi says:

    I have a reference number 09332713. What do I do now??

    ADMIN – Hi Rosemary,

    You patiently wait. Eventually you will likely get your share in the mail.

  60. Denise rosado says:

    I need yhe the phone number of the company. Because I need to change my address. How can I do it.

    Penny Arcade Settlement
    c/o GCG PO Box 10470
    Dublin, OH 43017-4070

  61. Cbaez says:

    I got a email last year about this matter . I did file a complaint about the machine not giving me the right amount. So do i automatically recieve a settlement or was i suppose to fill something out?

    ADMIN – Hi Mr. Baez,

    If you are an account holder and they have record that you used the machine chances are you will get your share.

  62. Mike Gillman says:

    The appeal that delayed payment was thrown out on Feb 11th this year so when do we get our payments? Anyone know? Please post.

    ADMIN – Hi Mike,

    You can reach out to the settlement administrator to secure a progress report

    • Mike Gillman says:

      Still no answer from anyone. The appeal was thrown out 6 weeks ago so when do we get paid???

      ADMIN – Hi Mike,

      Sometimes it can take up to a year to set up the payment process.

  63. Steven M Martino says:

    We got robbed by TD Bank..Now we are going to get Robbed by the Lawyers..How can the lawyers make out with millions and the customers that were the ones getting cheated Get the smallest amount back…Everyone is a Crook..Sorry

    ADMIN – Hi Steven,

    The lawyers are collecting their honorarium. You are collecting the amount that you lost in the transaction.

  64. Diamond says:

    I received this update from them via email today:

    At this time, we cannot provide exact payment dates; however, payments will be issued no later than April 25, 2018. We appreciate your patience during the process.

    Additionally, it is not yet possible for us to determine how much (if any) any one class member might receive payment, at this time. However, based on the terms of the Settlement, payments to class members will likely be at least 26¢ per $100 exchanged using Penny Arcade during the Class Period. Please review the Notice for a more detailed breakdown of how payments will be calculated.

    You may periodically visit the website,, for status updates and notice of the actual distribution date for this Settlement.


    Settlement Administrator (MB)

  65. michael fuchs ph.d says:

    I received a check for 1 penny! I burst out laughing! Should I cash, or hold out? Ha, ha.

    ADMIN – Hi M,

    Are you serious? You totally have to share a picture in our Facebook page.

  66. Anna Kay says:

    I had gotten a $2.03 reimbursement into my account -_- wow I know I cashed a lot more coins than that! What a rip off!!

  67. Janie says:

    I got a notice from PayPal that I got $0.03 from this settlement – woohoo! three whole cents!

    ADMIN – Hi Janie,

    You received 200% more than the last person that reported their settlement.

  68. Stan says:

    I got $2.34 back.

  69. Barry says:

    I love TD Bank! The people are great, pleasant, courteous and prompt. I have always gotten the correct amount from the machine. People are crying over pennies, it’s pathetic! And that lawsuit is a crying shame and part of America’s disgrace at the hands of frivolous lawsuit lawyers! 7.5 million dollars…. FOR WHAT?? FOR THE LAWYERS THAT’S WHAT! I PRAY FOR THE DAY WHEN PEOPLE WHO BRING FRIVOLOUS LAWSUITS ARE REQUIRED TO PAY THE COSTS OF THE OTHER SIDE IF THEY LOSE.
    It breaks my heart (not as much for TD Bank as it does for my country and the human race) that there is SO MUCH HATE AND SPITE AND ANGER IN OUR WORLD!!!
    And the same twisted fury is demonstrated in our politics every day. Everyone wants to destroy the other side regardless of the truth or facts. And they are willing to throw America under the bus to achieve that end. THEY PRESS ON, AND ON, AND ON WITH ABSOLUTELY NO SENSE OF SHAME!
    This country is in deeper poop than most of us realize!!!

    ADMIN – Hi Barry,

    The country does have lots of challenges to overcome

  70. Ryan Volk says:

    So I used Penny Arcade for hundreds and hundreds of dollars and all I got was 37 cents. This is despicable. Those lawyers should jump in a fire.

    • Ryan Volk says:

      Sorry didn’t mean to say jump in a fire. Meant to say get FIRED. oh wow. I am sorry.

      ADMIN – Hi Ryan,

      It sure looked like a extreme measure.

  71. cathy says:

    I have a solution for all who are upset about these coin counting machines, count and wrap your coins – don’t rely on a machine, take some initiative stop being lazy.

    ADMIN – Hi Cathy,

    I don’t think people see technology as a tool for the lazy.

  72. Cindy says:

    Not only was it a check for a whopping 6 cents but the check was made out to two people who are now deceased. Good one TDBank. One more great example of legal/corporate greed running the world. How much of that settlement actually went to people and what hideously large percentage of the settlement went into the lawyers pocket? Corporate greed makes the world go ’round. Nice job, TD.

    ADMIN – Hi Cindy,

    Your check was 500% higher than the lowest reported.

  73. Linda Bourhila says:

    68cents deposited in my checking
    I feel rich
    I use my change and save from breaking my dollars
    No machine counter needed
    And don’t cost me any money$$

  74. Joy Merc says:

    I used that machine a few times… Then I started getting a funny feeling about this exact issue. I only used the machine 3 times and I just received $0.51. Lol seriously though, Not bad since I didn’t even follow up. I can’t expect much. That kind of gets me about these other comments… Anyone who’s complaining about what you received… My question to you people is, did you get in on this lawsuit? Did you even know about it? I’m assuming the answer’s NO! So how can you honestly complain about what you received?

  75. Fabio says:

    I remember one time i was shorted $10 i actually counted out all my change just to see if the machine was trying to cheat people i complained and got nowhere just got my settlement of 64 cents

  76. Lynn Lawler says:

    I had a TD account several years ago. I don’t know how the other Banks were but the tellers were not courteous and the reason I kept the account so long was because I could bring my dog in. And they weren’t even nice to her! She was a smart dog and voiced her opinion of the place to the rude Clerk who was processing an application for us and none too thrilled about it. One sharp indignant bark, which she had never done before. Then I knew we weren’t imagining the hostility! When I saw those counting machines and the fact that there was no charge to count the money, I became very suspicious. I’ll Bank giving away free services, counting your money for you? Now in the past, I have had tellers who thought I wouldn’t notice try and put a sizable cash deposit into their own accounts. When questioned, the seller ripped the paper out of my hands and immediately destroyed it. Since that time if I’m making a deposit, I always count it several times and then watch them count it. Banks are in the business to make money. There are good Banks and bad Banks. Some banks are rotten through and through and do everything in their power to make money legally and illegally, and will rob you blind if they think they can get away with it. Others are just plain screw-ups and will never get anything right, and though I liked the people in the bank a lot, I had to withdraw from incompetence of that magnitude. My husband got a check for $0.16 from this class action suit. We laughed at both the size of the check and the amount. Then when I read the comments, I was amazed that anyone would send out a check for $0.04 or $0.06! It probably cost more than that to process it and mail it and then to cash it. We thought it was a scam.
    The important thing to remember is, you need to know what’s going on with your bank and your account and your cash. It’s yours and no one can take it away unless you let them. I happen to like rolling coins and Counting them, but then I’m retired and then I know that it’s counted right and that no one’s shorting me on every roll. I suggest everyone watch all your transactions and be prepared to dispute them if your tally doesn’t add up to theirs, and make them prove that they’re right and you’re wrong. I shudder to think how many people get ripped off by Banks everyday because they’re not paying attention or are too lazy to do the calculations. Hopefully none of us will get such an insult of a check in the future. I would be embarrassed to even cash it!

  77. Bob Palmer says:

    I used to have a TD Bank account, and I used their coin counter many times. They just sent me a check from the settlement for 21 cents. Big deal…….. it will cost me more than that to drive out of my way to the bank to cash it!!

    ADMIN – Hi Bob,

    We totally get that.

  78. Penny Saved says:

    This is a tragedy.. TD Bank was the only bank that had coin machines. Now, this ridiculous lawsuit took those machine away.. The only reason I had an account with them was to use the change machines.. Great, back to rolling coins.. I would gladly give them what they may have skimmed off the top to not have to roll coins.. The Coinstar machines in supermarkets charge a higher % than TD skimmed. Apparently, I’m a big winner here as I got a bigger check than most mentioned here.. $4.49.. whoooa…

    ADMIN – Hi Penny,

    Biggest check reported so far


    I just saw .47 cents in my account. I feel really rich. Who received the rest of the 7.5 millions of the settlement? What a joke.

  80. Lynne J says:

    After reading all of the comments, and payouts received regarding this TD Penny Arcade payout scam, and I don’t feel so bad.. I received a whole $2.82 cents.. our justice system at work..who got the big bucks?? the legal team??… What a joke..

  81. Ezein says:

    I received $0.20 , I am going to buy a nice dinner tonight , celebrate the big $0.20

  82. Vinny says:

    I received a check for 76 pieces of copper.🏦

    ADMIN – Hi Vinny,

    Don’t spend it all in one place.

  83. Lana says:

    Lol I’ve never had a problem with their change machine , i always counted my coins before i go and it always matched up . Occasionally the machine bag would get filled and whatever that was on the bottom of the machine the TD Bank employee would add in with my coins . 🤷🏽‍♀️ Anyway i got this check for $2.34 i thought it was a scam until i came to this post . It’s really a joke for that amount but money is money lol .

  84. Gwendolyn Lloyd says:

    I never received my settlement, nor did my husband. Our reference numbers are

    06968088 and 05220384.

    Please send us our money DUE US. It means our survival….Thanks for your thoughtfulness, our life will now be changed forever. !

    William H and Gwendolyn R Lloyd

    • Angelica (Admin) says:

      Hi, Gwendolyn. Sorry to hear that. However, since we are only a newspaper of class action settlements, we have no direct connection to the cases we report about. As soon as we hear of open settlements, we post the news here; what happens to the settlement after that, we no longer post about. It’s up to our subscribers to follow up directly with their respective claims/settlement administrators and/or check directly on the settlement website (always linked above) for updates.

  85. Cheryl Eick says:

    I never received anything from the class action my reference number was 06792412.

    • Angelica (Admin) says:

      Hi Cheryl,

      I’m afraid you’ll have to contact the Claims Administrator directly for your claims follow-up. We are only a class action newspaper, not the settlement administrator of this lawsuit. Please see the “Contact” details above. Best of luck.