Class Eligibility
You are a class member if you purchased certain Perrigo products containing glucosamine/or chondroitin from Nov 1, 2005 and Aug 1, 2014. Stores that may have sold Perrigo products are listed below or you can refer to this link to help you identify specific products affected by this false advertising class action settlement
  • ALDI
  • CVS
  • GNC(General Nutrition Center)/RITE AID
  • H‐E‐B
Estimated Amount
$12 per bottle, up to a maximum of eight bottles per household, to Class Members who do not submit proof of purchase. This may be adjusted Pro Rata based on the number of valid claims submitted. Full refund in all purchases for those providing proof of purchase
Proof of Purchase
Not required for claims up to 8 bottles of Perrigo Glucosamine.
Claim Form
Case Name
Rosemary Quinn, et al. v. Walgreen Co, Case No. 7:12-cv-08187-VB U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York
Case Summary
The plaintiffs contend that Perrigo provided false and misleading statements on the labeling and on the advertising of Perrigo products. This statements regarding the effectiveness of Perrigo products, including claims that the products are formulated to help “rebuild cartilage,” “lubricate joints,” and “improve joint comfort” . The defendants claim this is a violation of consumer protection laws and purchasers should be entitled to compensation. Perrigo denies the claims but has agreed to settle to avoid the high costs associated with a litigation process.
Settlement Pool
Full refunds for all purchasers presenting valid proof of purchase plus a fund to be divided among those claiming without proof of purchase.
Settlement Website
Perrigo Glucosamine Settlement c/o GCG P.O. Box 10111 Dublin, OH 43017-3111 1-844-322-8236
Settlement Pool:Full refunds for all purchasers presenting valid proof of purchase plus a fund to be divided among those claiming without proof of purchase.Settlement Website:Perrigo Class Action SettlementClaim Form Deadline:
 11/24/2014Claims Administrator:Perrigo Glucosamine Settlement c/o GCG P.O. Box 10111 Dublin, OH 43017-3111 1-844-322-8236

83 responses to “Perrigo Glucosamine Class Action Settlement”

  1. Tereza burr says:

    It WON’T let me choose my state.I’ve gone to 2 websites to try to fill out. Is this done intentionally so I can’t recover my money

  2. Jesse says:

    Tereza – it could be the browser you’re using. I used Chrome and it worked fine.

  3. Mary Altman says:

    still using product bought at Walmart and Scolaris Food and Drug

  4. Angie says:

    It’s not allowing to put the phone number or info. This is a joke they don’t want people to claim their money! NOT FAIR…

  5. Neon says:

    You can print it out and mail it in if it’s not working online, I think…

  6. Miriam Stange says:

    Impossible to fill out the form and it won’t let you print the form to then mail in on the settlement.

  7. Denise Kelly says:

    Purchased this product at Walmart about 5 purchases.

  8. Liz says:

    I’m having the exact same problem as Miriam. Here I thought it was just me.

  9. Sandy Geffrard says:

    I am so angry. I want my money back because of all the suffering I’ve gone through with this product.

  10. Brandy says:

    This product mislead me in so many ways. It promise to lubricate my joints yet my joints are still dry. I want my money back for misleading statements.

  11. Hayley Serketich says:

    Bought around 6 bottles within the year, each of them from Target

  12. Doug says:

    Now the phone number entry blank aint workin ,,, what kind of scam is this … more money for the lawyers! HOW COME ALL THESE FAILURES WITH THE CLAIM FORM IS HAPPENING TO EVERYONE FROM DIFFERENT COMPUTERS!!!

  13. marie grasso says:

    purchased at CVS. do not have receipt any more

  14. Josie says:

    I have been buying this for arthritis so I guess that is why I am still in pain all the time? Well finally going to a pain specialist so hopefully I can get some help from that

  15. Lynette johnson says:

    I purchased 5 products also

  16. Dawn Nulph says:

    Same here won’t allow me to add my phone number.
    I feel violated and ripped off..They made millions of this shit..
    I purchased this for arthritis..I want my dam money back.
    How dare they mislead..That stuff is very expensive…

  17. Dawn Nulph says:

    I have no receipt for all of these…This was years ago..

  18. Anthony says:

    I purchased well over the 8 bottles it limits you to claim but I don’t have receipts. I purchased these for my dog who has recently passed away due to a tumor on his spleen. I hope this didn’t also contribute to that

  19. Chris Multhauf says:

    I purchased 7 bottles of thus product. It definitely did not help according to what the bottles stated it would do.

  20. Debra Abercrombie says:

    I. Purchased. At. A. Nearby. Walgreens. Store. And. I. Do. Not. Have. My. Receipts. Any longer.

  21. Valerie thomas says:

    Made purchases at dollar general

  22. Gregory Dangelo says:

    I have purchased well over 8 bottles at c.v.s..Thanks

  23. Subrina Parker says:

    I purchased multiple packs of the Perrigo products for my grandmother from Publix and Walmart.

  24. Debbie Mckinney says:

    I had purchased 2 at target and 3 at walmart within about a year. All I ask if for my refund.

  25. Pat Ballesteros says:

    Yes, I qualify to receive a settlement.

  26. Ken Mitchell says:

    I have bought more than 8 bottles over the years but as any other person I have gotten rid of the receipts therefore I am limited to the 8 bottle limit thanks for your support

  27. Junie says:

    Is anyone submitting an objection to tell the judge about the problems submitting the claim form or to say the relief is not adequate?

  28. Constance Manuel says:

    I purchased product

  29. cher says:

    Purchased at Sams club a few years ago
    the product did not do what it said it would, not satisfied.

  30. LaShonda Bufford says:

    I purchase over 8 bottles and the product did not work I was unsatisfied and disappointed

  31. kathryn porter says:

    i didn’t have any problem gaining access or filling out the claim form. Just one question, Where is my check

  32. bobby fleece says:

    My doctor said he didn’t know why my joints were so dry. I told him I have been drinking the stuff like he says. Now I know why. I can tell him it wasn’t just me.

  33. Jennifer says:

    I have purchased these products. I can’t believe they would provide false statements.

  34. tonya says:

    i have purchased these products ,and never got a respond from anyone .so I gave up on get anywhere and my joints still hurts so yes they are false ,it just seem you don’t get no where anymore

  35. tonya says:

    when I went to fill out the claim it would say refresh so am not sure if it went through or not because you don’t hear from no one it like everyone submits claims but the lawyers are the one get the money

  36. Robert F. Cross says:

    I purchased these products and didn’t notice any difference. I bought 2 types twice.

  37. Tracey Gesell says:

    I bought this product from Target and Walmart to help with my joints aches and pains to no avail. Stupidly I kept buying hoping it just took time to get into my system. What a waste of hope and money. Still hurting.

  38. Troy Hisel says:

    You wanna lubricate your joints? Drink water! These and any supplements DO NOT do anything. There all misleading in attempt to become rich off of us sheeple. WAKE UP!

  39. Carrol Pace says:

    It obviously didn’t help me, because I am recovering from total knee replacement. I’m pretty sure we will not get anything from this settlement. I was way over the 8 bottle limit. Who keeps receipts this long?

  40. Sam Trujillo says:

    Have been buying this product for several years. Can’t say if it works or not.

  41. Monica says:

    bought this product at Meijers and cvs, I still take it,

  42. Alicia Delatorre says:

    These are all the stores I love to shop at.

  43. Ricky Watson says:

    have been buying this product for years. Cant tell if it helps or not as my friend can tell a difference

  44. Gloria brodus says:

    I have brought 10 bottle from food lion

  45. Mark McCombs says:

    safeway store in Lakeport Ca. 8 plus bottles but I dont save super market receipts.

  46. shelby says:

    Has anyone heard anything about the settlement.

  47. FRANK says:


  48. juanita church says:

    I purchased this product at target and it has false advertise cause it did not do as the lable saidi have bought at least 20 bottles trying to see if I needed more time same result so I stop buying them cause im still hurting.

  49. Anna Lukoff says:

    I purchase this product from Swanson Health Products!!!! I cannot find your claim form!!! Would I be able to get a refund? Thank you for a quick reply. Anna Lukoff

    The deadline for this class action settlement was in November of last year. You may no longer claim.

  50. clara sanchez says:

    I got this glucosamine product at one of the stores at GNC but it did not help me I’m still having joint problems.i want my money back

  51. steve says:


  52. ralph schmidt says:

    was this a scam,i thought this was a miracle and I still have just as much pain

  53. Petra Ramirez says:

    I’ve been buying these products for my self and parents for years.

  54. james says:

    Any word? Was the settlement approved? When will checks be mailed?

    Hi James
    The final hearing was in the beginning of December. Give them a couple of months to update their page.

  55. Julie Moriarty says:

    I have purchased this for my mother and myself. I would like to be compensated!

    Thank you

    Hi Julie,
    The deadline for this class action has passed.

  56. Shelby says:

    any date for checks yet??? here it is march already

    • vegasdrummer says:

      On a March 6th email from Admin told me they are in administration phase and don’t know when checks will be coming out

  57. michael head says:

    I was truely mislead my joint ached as much as they did before using i should if know when buying from dollar store

  58. Shelby says:

    has anyone heard anything about checks for this settlement????

  59. jeff says:

    I JUST got an email saying I am trying to claim more than 8 bottles. I did not claim more than 8. I was in another class action suit. they did the same thing. rejected my claim. what a scam I going to contact the court who is handling this? Is there anyone else that is getting the same run around. we can start our own class action against this law firm.

    • sheba says:

      yep i got the same email and i know i did not put more than eight damn bottles. ITS COOL THO THE 96 BUCKS WILL DO ME JUST FINE…

  60. Vivian says:

    I got an email yesterday saying that I said on my claim form that I said I had receipts for the products, and that I had not mailed them. Well, I did not say I had the receipts still. I am claiming without receipts. Anyone get a similar email? Do you think that they ate trying to scam me so I won’t get some type of compensation? Is there a way to double check what I sent in on my claim form?

  61. Susan says:

    I got the same email. The only thing I thought was maybe I sent in 2 claims instead of one by mistake. They are only going to honor 1 claim not two. You can claim up to 8 bottles without proof of purchase. I hope this is the case. I have until the 24th of April to reply.

  62. Sherrie says:

    Yup had the same thing happen here. I did not say I had reciepts either. I have no idea what the heck this is about so I emailed them. Its almost as bad as what there all saying about the comscore settlement. Heard they denied over 10,0000 people some had claim numbers and some did not. Lost or saved on there old computers that are long since gone. Talk about terrible.

  63. Irene says:

    I submitted my claim forms before deadline indicating that I DID NOT have proof or purchase and I received a letter in the mail advising me that I need to submit my proof or purchase.

  64. Nancy says:

    They did the same to me but I emailed them back and told them again I had 8 but they only sent me 25.00. I do know a lady really got 96.00 for hers without receipt

  65. shelby says:

    Same here when I contacted them they said no date for check distribution

  66. mari says:

    When did anyone received a refund. Cause recording states processing. I have not got an emailed or mailed at all. I fill claim long time. As soon as it was available. Please anyone know anything or was it a scam. It’s upsetting I took this for many years. Had knee surgery,foot surgery did not work. Now I need knee replacement sucks…need status…

  67. Constance Redo says:

    been buying this product from Walmart, dollar general, wal-greens and other places. i was told it would help my legs with my arthritis. Bought over 5 big bottles.

  68. maritza says:

    any word on checks, I have not received an email ot mail, no check, I file along time ago, it was approved, ehat happened, I now need knee repelacement also, sucks, and a menicus tear in the other knee, try everything to build cartilidge.

  69. james says:

    Emails from Admin: ” Claims will be paid when and if we choose, and at our discretion, no claims will be paid if it proves to be too much burden on our systems”. So there it is, no one is going to receive payments. Both Plantiff Consuel and the courts have been informed of this, so this may getting to another Claims Admin.

  70. L.C. says:

    Bouth this product every month for a year from CVS for pain and didn’t work at all. Have a pain specialist now.

  71. heather grantt says:

    this product is a waste of time and a waste of money I was too just not using it

  72. MaxTape says:

    I am so angry. I want my money back because of all the suffering I’ve gone through with this product.

  73. Ron says:

    By this news I assume this case is over. Long URL but worth reading. This is old news and the site should have posted it but since they lost they moved on.

  74. Ron says:

    My comment above seems to be for another glucosamine suite which can be found on the expired list. Sorry about the confusion.

  75. Ron says:

    I received a check today.

  76. Amy says:

    I received a check for $3.69 for one bottle without a receipt–my “pro rata share” was far less than the $12 indicated in the settlement offer. Must be there were a lot of people like me who do not keep receipts for items purchased for a possible class action lawsuit years from now! Check is dated 9/15/2015, and it says Void after 60 days.

  77. skeeter says:

    checks are out for over 600.

  78. Hope says:

    What’s the status of this? I see people received checks for a settlement similar to this with the name glucosamine is this the same one

    ADMIN – Hi Hope,

    You are seeing reports of the one affecting California residents only.

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