Class Eligibility
Class members of this settlement include all persons who, between June 19, 2009 and Nov. 6, 2014, used a credit and/or debit card at a Massachusetts Pier 1 Imports Store and whose Personal Identification Information, including, but not limited to ZIP code, was requested and recorded by Pier 1 Imports at the Massachusetts Pier 1 Imports Store.
Estimated Amount
Customers may select to receive a $10 voucher or a 20% off a $100 or more purchase coupon to be used at Massachusetts Pier 1 Imports locations.
Proof of Purchase
Not Required
Case Name
Anne Miller v. Pier 1 Imports (U.S.) Inc, Case No 1:13-cv-12595 District Court for the District of Massachusetts
Case Summary
According to the plaintiffs, Pier 1 Imports unlawfully requested and recorded personal identification information (including ZIP codes) from customers using credit and/or debit cards at Massachusetts Pier 1 Imports stores. The lawsuit claims that Pier 1 used the information to obtain customers’ mailing addresses for direct marketing purposes, and did so without first obtaining its customers’ consent. She says this conduct violates the privacy rights of its customers.
Settlement Pool
Anne Miller v. Pier 1 Imports (U.S.) Inc. Settlement Administrator P.O. Box 43326 Providence, RI 02940-3326 1-888-991-6109

16 responses to “Pier 1 Imports ZIP Code Class Action Settlement”

  1. E. Debnam says:

    I brought several things from them about this time, I really like this store.

  2. ELAINE GUIDO says:

    is there a claim form to be filled out

  3. Densie Morrison says:

    I need a claim number to file this claim please.

    thank you
    Denise Morrison

  4. Sally Ibarra says:

    How can I receive a claim number.

  5. Regina says:

    I need a claim number to file this claim please.

    thank you



  7. Anitra Hall says:

    I still shop at this store please forward a claim form to me

  8. jack mehoff says:

    can people not read? they ask how to file a claim and are too stupid to read and click through the links……idiots, obviously

    • Me says:

      I’m with you. I have never seen so many stupid people on one site.

    • aml says:

      um hello, if you click the link to sign up, it states you CANNOT unless you have a claim number. You cannot file without the needed number…. So calling people stupid is completely uncalled for.

  9. Christine Windsor says:

    Is this only for Massachusetts?

    ADMIN – Hi Christine,

    Yes, this is only for MA purchases.

  10. jk says:

    How do you get a claim number?

    • John says:

      The claim number is on a Notice that would have been sent to you in the US Mail. Maybe you can contact the Settlement Administrator for a claim number.


      5. How can I get a Voucher?

      To qualify for a Voucher, you must properly and timely complete and file a Claim Form. A Claim Form is available by clicking here or by writing to Anne Miller v. Pier 1 Imports (U.S.), Inc. Settlement Administrator, PO Box 43326, Providence, RI 02940-3326. The Claim Form may be submitted electronically or by postal mail. Read the instructions carefully, fill out the form, and submit it on or before 11:59 p.m. (Eastern) on January 20, 2015. You will need your Claim ID Number, which appears at the top right corner of your Notice, to complete your Claim Form.

  11. mateldia ferguson says:

    I shop in humble, texas my zip code is 77365

  12. Margaret Rowe says:

    I have not received the voucher. How do I follow up on this? Thanks.

    ADMIN – Hi Margaret,

    To follow-up contact 1-888-991-6109

    • don Lipsitt says:

      I submitted a response to Claim PO1-10310598001-118163 on Jan 4, 2015 and have had no response.

      ADMIN – Hi Don,

      I don’t think this settlement has been paid yet.