Class Eligibility

You are a member of the Class if you: purchased a Fat PS3 in the United States between November 1, 2006 and April 1, 2010, from an authorized retailer for family, personal, and/or household use and you (1) used the Other OS functionality; or (2) knew about the Other OS functionality; or (3) contend or believe that you lost value or desired functionality or were otherwise injured as a consequence of Firmware Update 3.21 and/or the disablement of Other OS functionality in the Fat PS3.

Estimated Amount

Up to $65

This is a pro rata settlement. You will receive a portion of the the pool after expenses

Proof of Purchase


Case Name

In re: Sony PS3 “Other OS” Litigation,
Case No. 4:10-cv-01811-YGR
District Court for the Northern District of California

Case Summary

The Lawsuit claims that disabling the Other OS functionality in Fat PS3s through a firmware update constituted an unfair and unlawful business practice and false advertising. The lawsuit seeks recovery of monetary damages to compensate Fat PS3 purchasers for the loss of the Other OS feature and functionality.

Settlement Pool





In re Sony PS3 “Other OS” Litigation
c/o Garden City Group LLC
P.O. Box 10312
Dublin, OH 43017-5912

21 responses to “Sony PlayStation Other OS Class Action Settlement”

  1. Andrew Hove says:

    Had to turn off OS and screwed my p.c.

  2. Kevin L Wilson says:

    Hello yes my name is Kevin Wilson I would like to hear from you all day had a PS3 the fat version around that time I bought that at GameStop in King of Prussia PA that was right after I got my tax refund in what that bad baby everything was working good to later on down the line had my update sign and my hard drive had crashed please get back with me thank you so much

    ADMIN – Hi Kevin,

    This lawsuit has nothing to do with hard drives crashing. This has to do with OS compatibility.

  3. Belinda Willis says:

    Now what’s up with the rebate checks on that PlayStations 05 that’s been over I don’t know how many years 2008 that’s been a lot of years and we still had never seen no money no check. I don’t want a case pending but what happened to the rebate check

    ADMIN – Hi Belinda,

    If you tell me the case name I will look it up for you.

  4. Stephanie Canez says:

    We bought the station at Walmart we had to turn off the is not sure how my husband solved it

    ADMIN – Hi Stephanie,

    This has nothing to do with your ability to turn the unit on and off. This is related to operating system compatibility.

  5. andy says:

    wasn’t there an earlier class action lawsuit for the other OS issue? I think I already got paid for it.

    ADMIN – Hi Andy,

    I recall seeing one too. Let me look into it.

  6. Mike says:

    I swear I filled out a form for this a while back. What happened to that? This is a new different case?

    ADMIN – Hi Mike,

    I believe it is the same case and it was extended.

  7. Ellen Voell says:

    We no longer have s proof of purchase can we still be a part of the class action

    ADMIN – Hi Ellen,

    I believe your Playstation has a unique serial number.

  8. Tracy allen palmer says:

    Hello, I purchased mine in 2009 but I don’t have my proof of purchase receipt. And have thrown away the unit bc it got that dreaded yellow light of death.! I just recently decided to go ahead and buy a ps4 bc I missed playing.. May I still get on the list for a rebate ?

    ADMIN – Hi Tracy,

    Probably not unless you happen to have some sort of evidence that you owned the device.

  9. Sherry E. Henderson says:

    What if I can’t find my receipt you know how long that has been

    ADMIN – Hi Sherry,

    I believe your piece of equipment has a serial number.

  10. tomicka says:

    At the time I brought it, I stationed over seas and brought it through the AAFES store. would that be considered a United States purchase? It was brought on a US Base.

    ADMIN – Hi Tomicka,

    Yes. U.S. Bases are considered sovereign territory.

  11. Chris says:

    Yeah, that’s why I modded mine with rebug. There’s a new exploit out that applies to the latest official firmware, go look it up and have fun.

  12. stacy hale says:

    I’m not sure if mine qualifies or not, I still have it here, but it no longer works because of the yellow light of death. I’ve since purchased a ps3 slim and ps4. The slim I got rid of when I upgraded to the ps4.

    ADMIN – Hi Stacy,

    If you purchased your PlayStation with the expectation that it would have compatibility with other operating systems and you still have the serial number you are probably a good candidate to file.


    Don’t know if mine qualifies, but had to send it off to be repaired. Only problem with that is they sent a refurbished one back.

    ADMIN – Hi Deborah,

    If the refurbished piece of equipment is an equal replacement and part of the settlement per the class eligibility you are likely to qualify.

  14. Carmen a nieves says:

    what if i lost my receipt but still have the system am i still eligible

    ADMIN – Hi Carmen,

    I believe you are as the device has a serial #

  15. Lynne Roberts says:

    I no longer have the receipt but have the PS3

    ADMIN – Hi Lynne,

    I believe you can use the serial number.

  16. suzanne says:

    hi when can i except my rebate?

    ADMIN – Hi Suzanne,

    I have not seen updates on this settlement. Your best bet is to reach out to the class action administrator.

  17. Tricina McDonald says:

    I have a unit that I purchased during that time. Is there a possibility I can still file??

    ADMIN – Hi Tricina,

    The deadline has passed.

  18. Edward Coddington says:

    How do i see if my claim went threw!?

    ADMIN – Hi Edward,

    By contacting the class action administrator.

  19. Keith Green says:

    When and how do know when I will get the $65? Its June 26th and I have not heard anything. I filled out a form online before April 15th 2018 and I have not heard anything and I have been checking my mailbox. Please let me know something.
    Thank you

    ADMIN – Hi Keith,

    To find out the status of a claim you need to reach out directly to the class action administration.

  20. Calvin Marshall says:

    Whats the outcome of the case? I filled out the form and didnt hear nothing since!

    ADMIN – Hi Calvin,

    This is the last update from the administrator.

  21. Rockwall says:

    So guess what? I got my settlement check. No, it wasn’t anything like $65. I got $10.06. woopdee doo.

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