Class Eligibility

This settlement includes all natural persons residing in the United States who received one or more telephone calls from an autodialer or a predictive dialer operated by PRC to such person’s cell phone number between Dec. 23, 2006 and July 1, 2013, inclusive, and who are listed in the csv data file titled produced to plaintiffs’ counsel.

Estimated Amount


The pool will be divided pro rata among valid claims

Proof of Purchase

Cell #

Case Name

In re Portfolio Recovery Associates, LLC Telephone Consumer Protection Act Litigation
Case No. 11-MD-2295-JAH-BGS
District Court for the Southern District of California

Case Summary

The settlement alleges that the defendant engaged in violations to TCPA by calling via an automatic dialer and using pre-recorded voices in order to collect debts

Settlement Pool





In re Portfolio Recovery MDL TCPA Settlement
Settlement Administrator
PO Box 43421
Providence, RI 02940-3421

232 responses to “Portfolio Recovery Associates TCPA Class Action Settlements”

  1. Joanne Kelly says:

    we have not heard anything about this. our claim number is 13492876301 and 13490512001. What is going on with this and there is no number to speak to a person. thank you. my phone number is 610 246 5182

    ADMIN – Hi Joanne

    This is the number for the admin


    • Patricia Minter says:

      I have not received a. Payment nor have I heard anything. I corrected my addresss. 14476155501114. No response to any correspondent. The number 1888 301 8552 is not a valid number. What is going on.

      ADMIN – Hi Patricia,

      Try reaching out to class counsel.

  2. kimberly skinner/stout says:

    I haven’t heard anything either my claim number is 16123854301 any info would be appreciated thank you

    ADMIN – Hi Kimberly,

    Please scroll up and locate the contact info for the admin. Give them a call and ask about your claim.

    • Katie Davis says:

      Hi. I have not received a check yet. It is almost 2019. Please let me know what is going on.

      ADMIN – HI Katie,

      We are not the class action administrators we are therefore unqualified to answer your question.

  3. Vic stiefel says:

    I have not heard a thing about this lawsuit since I submitted my claim number back in November. A text or phone call would be welcomed anytime soon. Don’t leave myself and others hanging. Get on the ball and respond. Thank you

    ADMIN – Hi Vic,

    Please be patient, class actions take time.

    • Forlessa Pollard says:

      When did checks get mailed out

      ADMIN – Hi Forlessa,

      Last week.

      • Forlessa Pollard says:

        I didn’t receive any are they still being mailed

      • Amanda hutchinson (williams) says:

        I have moved and can’t get a Hold of anyone to update my address and it’s not even on the automated system how do I go about changing this cause I still have not received a check as well

        ADMIN – Hi Amanda,

        This settlement was paid on May of last year. If you did not escalate it in a timely manner chances are you won’t be able to get your share.

  4. Nita says:

    I read that each class member will recieve 75.00
    In March. I google it and thats what it says

    ADMIN – Hi Nita,

    It can be less if there are more people than expected filing for their claim.

    • Cookie parker says:

      Just got one for 30.00 Wednesday June 7. 2017

      • Gerber says:

        Was the check legit because I got one as well

        ADMIN – Hi Gerber,

        The checks appear to be legit.

      • Joe citizen says:

        me too. Paid in full
        Question: Does cashing this check give my banking info to Portfolio Recovery?

        ADMIN – Hi Joe,

        Cashing a check does not provide your banking information to the issuing party.

  5. Mary Johnson says:

    Hi. I received the post card regarding the class action suit with PRA. I followed the directions on the post card and called giving my claim number but have yet to hear anything. That was in 9/16. Any news on when this will be settled?

    ADMIN – Hi Mary,

    At the moment we don’t have any updates.

    • Roger L Ard says:

      Wher i recieved the inachele paper work it said it was estimated
      $6100 what happened

      ADMIN – Hi Roger,

      This is what I read on their page
      The Court did not decide in favor of either side. Instead, both sides have voluntarily agreed to a settlement. The settlement provides several benefits:
      Defendants will establish an $18 million Settlement Fund which (after deducting the costs of Settlement Notice and Administration, incentive awards to the Plaintiffs, and the fees and litigation expenses incurred by attorneys representing the Class in pursuing this Lawsuit on behalf of the Class) will be used to make payments to Class Members who submit valid claims. Class Members’ payments will depend on the number of valid claims submitted. Claims will be paid proportionally after making the deductions listed above.If any portion of the Settlement Fund is not distributed or any Class Members’ checks are not cashed or deposited 180 days after issuance, the funds will be distributed to Class Members who cashed or deposited their checks, as long as the amount is at least $5. Within ten days after the last check containing a payment becomes invalid under the Settlement Agreement, the Settlement Administrator will pay all funds representing uncashed checks to the Cy Pres Recipient.
      In addition, Defendants will be subject to a consent decree that will prevent them from using their Avaya Proactive Contact Dialer to place calls to any person’s cellular telephone numbers without prior express consent.

      There were 350,000 applicants so the pool was divided among all members.

  6. Terra Campbell says:

    I need to change my address for my settlement.

    ADMIN – Hi Terra,

    To change the address contact the admin.

    • mary smith says:

      my name is mary smith has mary starr on check of $30.68 how can I change last name and what to do with the check with wrong last name on it?

      ADMIN – Hi Mary,

      You will need to contact the class action administrator.

      • Jodi says:

        I got my check for $30.68. The check says do not convert to ACH. I search online and it says it is a scam. Is the check legit to put in my bank

        ADMIN – Hi Jodi,

        Most likely it is legit. Take it to the bank so they can verify. ACH is an automatic clearing house and many checks have that notice. It prevents check duplication.

        • Jodi says:

          Thanks. I do not want to deposit a fake check as there is also no line to endorse on the back of the postcard

          ADMIN – Hi Jodi,

          The endorsement line is not a legal requirement for a check to be valid.

        • Dawn says:

          I received a check for $30.68. It doesnt look like any other checks i have gotten it looks like a post card how do i find out if it is real. I called the number but not able to speak to anyone and i also went on the web site and still no answers

          ADMIN – Hi Dawn,

          The check is most likely real. They come in this format.

    • Sherri L Brown says:

      Who is claim admin for name change?

      ADMIN – Hi Sherri,

      In re Portfolio Recovery MDL TCPA Settlement
      Settlement Administrator
      PO Box 43421
      Providence, RI 02940-3421

  7. Kendall Brown says:

    Hello my name is kendall Brown and I’m curious to when should I expect the SETTLEMENT check. And how do I find out how much this check should be in the amount of.

    ADMIN – Hi Kendall,

    I don’t know how much you are going to receive, but here is the latest from the admin:

    Payments to class members will be made from the settlement fund on or before March 27, 2017, unless an objector files an appeal of the Court’s order approving the settlement.

  8. Mary Helen Silvas says:

    I have tried lookin up anything that’s going on with this law suit and when will we hear about our class claim ?

    ADMIN – Hi Mary,

    It appears they are getting ready to pay this one.

  9. candice morehead says:

    how to i talk to someone in reguards to making sure they have my correct address i have not recived any information on any news involving this i beed a number to call and speake with someone i have already called the 18883018552

    ADMIN – Hi Candice,

    Send a little letter to the address we provided. Include your claim number your old and your new address.

  10. Tammy Walters Richardson says:

    Hi my name is Tammy and I would like to know what company or attorney’s name should we expect to see on the envelope that the check will be mailed in. Reason being, is that I receive a lot of junk mail and I just trash it so I wanted to know what to look for. I would also like to take this time to thank all the attorney’s and their associates for your hard work and patients.

    ADMIN – Hi Tammy,

    When the checks start arriving community members will start posting on Facebook. Follow us so you can see how the envelopes are addressed.

  11. Rashaan Singletary says:

    Is there a list of the 6 receiving 6,250?

    ADMIN – Hi Rashaan,

    Not available to the public.

  12. Rodney Hughes says:

    Hello my name is Rodney Hughes I have not heard anything either . Please let me know something . My email is below , thank you.

    ADMIN – Hi Rodney,

    Read the comments. It appears you will soon get as much as $28.

  13. Sharon says:

    For those wondering, it looks as if all approved claims will received approximately $28. This is the website with that information.

  14. Marquitta Foster says:

    I need to change my address

    ADMIN – Hi Marquitta,

    Please scroll up and find the address for the class action administrator. Send a letter with your claim number your old and your new address.

  15. Tammy Walters Richardson says:

    Is their a specific reason why 6 people will receive $6,250 dollars.

    ADMIN – Hi Tammy,

    These are the class representatives. They receive more because they go to court on your behalf.

  16. Donna Moore says:

    I received a post card and file a claim and still haven heard anything.please help

    ADMIN – Hi Donna,

    We are not in a position to help you. Your best bet is to contact the class action admin.

    • Donna Moore says:

      I’m not saying help me ,I’m saying how can I get help on finding out information bout this lawsuit been going on for a while with no information.

      ADMIN – Hi Donna,

      The correct process is to first contact the class action admin and secondarily if you don’t get answers from them contact class counsel.

  17. kari dahlmeir says:

    Claim # PRY-12068085301
    I received the post card and I responded and never recieved
    Kari dahlmeir 409 6986329

    ADMIN -Hi Kari,

    How exactly did you respond? Did you file a claim online?

  18. Anonymous says:

    I really felt the whole approach was misleading. I understand not receiving 6250, but 28 dollars after months of waiting and being kept in the dark is very frustrating. I reinquished my rights for what I thought would’ve been a bigger payout. A clearer disclaimer that the amount could vary SIGNIFICANTLY based on the number of filed litigants would’ve been better.



      ADMIN – Hi Georgia,

      Your best bet would be to contact class counsel. The people receiving $6,000 are class representatives and always receive a higher reward. As for the 157 number that may not be correct.

  19. Jessie S. Gomez says:

    Hello my name is Jessie S. Gomez, I received a postcard but did not receive a claim form in time so I went ahead and sent a letter with my claim number before the deadline…will I still receive some money ?

    ADMIN – Hi Jessie,

    To get a response to your question you need to contact the admin directly using the information we provide above. Just scroll up until you find the section titled “contact”.

  20. Laura Holeton says:

    I received a post card in mail. Called number gave them the number off the card. I have not heard one thing back. I go to get my mail just now and got another letter from Portfolio Recovery Associates, LLC. THEY have been calling me and harassing me over a bill I don’t own. This has been going on for over 12 yrs. ( former last name was Swenka).. This has to stop immediately…

  21. Marcia brunson says:

    My name is Marcia brunson.
    I recieve a post card.claim pry 10831535601 831427 i also recive a letter from portfofio on 2 27 2017 hw it s)a.settlement if.thay are still you can’t call a.number to speak with some.onewahats really going on.i file a.claim we will we here.something soon i hope are you haven’t settle yet please let us know Thanks thay call me so much on my job my supervisor would get upset

    ADMIN – Hi Marcia,

    You need to contact the admin directly. Their contact info is:
    In re Portfolio Recovery MDL TCPA Settlement
    Settlement Administrator
    PO Box 43421
    Providence, RI 02940-3421

  22. Marcia brunson says:

    Why not my email phone number 803_8002481 is this for real i hope so are you.trying tohelp portfolio recovery. Are yuo sure it a settlement lawsuit pending
    If so when

    ADMIN – Hi Marcia,

    The action is no longer in pending status. It was approved on January 27

  23. jason says:

    These people have been calling me for almost 10 years now on the same claim. What can I do about this?

  24. Carlton Patterson says:

    When will the funds be available

    ADMIN – Hi Carlton,

    Payments to class members will be made from the settlement fund on or before March 27, 2017, unless an objector files an appeal of the Court’s order approving the settlement.

    • Shelia Watkins says:

      It’s now May 18th and no checks have been mailed.

      ADMIN – Hi Shelia,

      Have you contacted the admin?

  25. Michael howery says:

    Did they file an apeal,if so,how much longer will it be

    ADMIN – Hi Michael,

    Here is the latest:
    On January 25, 2017 the Court entered a written order, approving the Settlement.
    Payments to class members will be made from the settlement fund on or before March 27, 2017, unless an objector files an appeal of the Court’s order approving the settlement.
    If there is an appeal filed by any objector to the settlement, then the distribution of settlement checks to class members will be delayed until the appeal is resolved. This could take approximately two years.
    The settlement administrator received approximately 350,000 claims. Based on the information we have now (and assuming the Court grants all the fees and expenses sought), each claim should receive approximately twenty-eight dollars ($28).

    • Roger L Ard says:

      I understood $6100 now a check $30,what if we have an objection to this who and where should we contact im nit signing or cashing mine not even worth it

      ADMIN – Hi Roger,

      I don’t think you can object at this point but you can certainly reach out to class counsel or the admin for further clarification.

  26. kamesha davis says:

    I filed a claim online and by phone but no one has contacted me. Why does 6 others get compensation for 6250?

    ADMIN – Hi Kamesha,

    Because they have special consideration as class representatives.

    • Taffany says:

      Who are the six named plaintiffs that get $6250

      ADMIN – Hi Tiffany,

      You can obtain their names by contacting class counsel. Name plaintiffs always get more money than class members.

    • Roger L Ard says:

      Who picked the six reps nobody ask me

  27. Lester Shuler says:


    ADMIN – Hi Lester,

    Payments to class members will be made from the settlement fund on or before March 27, 2017, unless an objector files an appeal of the Court’s order approving the settlement.

  28. Scott Nodskov says:

    Was there a 2nd postcard mailed if so I didn’t receive one

    ADMIN – Hi Scott,

    For additional questions regarding mailers sent by the admin please use the contact info we provided above.

  29. Amanda sims says:

    Hello how are you I am just wondering why did only certain people get a higher payout because they called me everyday at least 10tumes a day for at least 8years now that is mental abuse and harassment to I am sure I am not the only one band I have not received any money thanks Amanda sims PO box 343 center TX 75935

    ADMIN – Hi Amanda,

    We can’t answer that for you, For specifics as to why you received a certain amount or none whatsoever you need to reach out to the class action administrator.

  30. Betty Revis (PRY-15459364301) says:

    Is there someway you could NOT publish my address change? I’m only sending for distribution so it would not get returned or forwarded. I don’t care to reveal this address change for others to see.

    ADMIN – Hi Betty,

    This is not the place to post your address. Your address change is to be submitted directly to the class action administrator whose contact information is provided under “contact”. This area is for comments and conversation directed at the admin of Class Action Rebates is not the administrator of most of these settlements.

  31. Myrtle Lockett says:

    My name is Myrtle and hadn’t got no check from the settlement. It March 25th

  32. Gail says:

    Why do some websites now say the “mail out by” date as April 30th and some still say March 27th? What’s up?

    ADMIN – Hi Gail,

    I have no idea. It is best to reach out to the class action admin to ask when your check will be mailed out.

  33. William Brown says:

    Have the settlement checks been mailed out yet?

    ADMIN – Hi William,

    The last update I see on the website indicates that the checks will be mailed today.

  34. Terri Foote says:

    It’s not now March 27 and still no refund check. What is going on please??

    ADMIN- Hi Terry,

    The admin has not finished validating millions of claims.

  35. William Brown says:

    Thanks for your response have a great evening!

  36. Sandra says:

    How do we know if we are one of the ones getting a check?

    ADMIN – Hi Sandra,

    If you submitted a valid claim you will most likely get a check when distribution takes place.

  37. Lisa narolewski says:

    I heard about it got a post card was one of the original 7 people who filed have not heard or got nothing from the settlement let

    • Lisa narolewski says:

      I heard about it got a post card in the mail call back to file claim did not here anything or recieve anything let when would we known

  38. Lynn says:

    By not paying out until April 30th, they can collect another 30 days of interest on the money not being distributed

  39. Ashley Long says:

    So the incessant harassment from these callbots over years and all people will receive is $28? Seriously? My level of frustration for one single callbot is worth more than $28. I’m guessing the law firms wracked up some serious coin on this case, but that won’t be trickling down to the people were harassed up to SIX TIMES A DAY EVERY DAY? I am absolutely livid.
    And I’m guessing they are going to take their own sweet time issuing payment of that pathetic $28. Wow…. just wow.
    Oh, and no payment received…. probably won’t be. The only people who make any money off these cases are the attorneys.
    If the case settled on 3/25/17, how long will it take to start the distribution of payment? I mean, I can actually buy a couple pounds of ground beef with it! WooHoo!

    ADMIN – Hi Ashley,

    Please remember that without the attorneys that are willing to take a risk in taking corporations to court you would not even get your $28 dollars.

    • Ashley Long says:

      But $28 seriously…. they are making millions off this case. And they certainly weren’t the ones harassed by callbots up to six times a day every day for months or years on end.
      And $28, that’ll buy a few pounds of cheap meat and that’s about it. These companies should be shut down. THAT should be their punishment. I’d forego the $28 if they could be shut down.
      SMH in disbelief.

      ADMIN – Hello Again,

      If you firmly believe something is unjust you have many legal avenues. You can object and take them to court on your own for more money. You can consider a political avenue and seek to lobby congress to make changes to the way corporations are ran or you can set up your phone to direct all calls to voicemail and only reply to the ones that are important to you.

  40. Patricia says:

    Does anyone know if the checks will be mailed “on or before” april 30tg or “on” april 30th? Why a delay from march 27th?

    ADMIN – Hi Patricia,

    The admin sometimes delays sending checks because they have not completed the paperwork associated to claim validation.

  41. Virginia Maddox says:

    My name is virginia maddox and i would like for u to call me 4234007523 i am a client with the pirtfolio recovery lawsuit

    ADMIN – Hi Virginia,

    We are just an informational website and not the persons in charge of this case. We can’t call you.

  42. Gail says:

    The checks can not be MAILED OUT ON April 30, cuz that’s a Sunday!

    ADMIN – Hi Gail,

    If you are a member of the settlement with a valid claim you will get your check in due time.

  43. Mary Alcorn says:

    I have been following this for along time..alot of anger..I look at it this way..$28 , is better than nothing..And I do feel, that it will come soon…’s not the end of the world, if it doesn’t.. To the ADMIN, thank you , for answering the comments..Wishing all a great day..

    ADMIN – Mary

    Thank you for your kind words.

  44. Kyle says:

    I agree with Gail the checks will not be mailed out on April.30 its a Sunday they will wait til Monday May 1 to collect another months interest

    ADMIN – Hi Kyle,

    The money is generally held in non-interest bearing trusts.

    • Gail says:

      “Generally” held in a non-interest yielding account, whatever that means? $28 is better than nothing, but why so long? Just get it over with!

      ADMIN – Hi Gail,

      It takes long because the judge places requirements on distribution to reduce fraud. But please keep in mind that I am not the class action administrator. I am on your side. You would not know about these cases if I did not take the time to curate them and post them for you.

  45. Nancy Zahorik says:

    The whole deal is a bunch of bull!All this garbage for 28.00! All the calls we put up with late at night. It all sounds like nothing more then a scam! And you say without the lawyers we wouldn’t get the 28.00! Tell them to keep it and buy some toilet paper! Or whatever they can buy with 25.00! They sound crooked as can be!

    • Benita Nelson says:

      I agree with you. All the calls and harassment we had to put up with. It should be more.

  46. Kyle says:

    So if the $ is generally held in a non interest bearing account it is possible its in an interest bearing account as well if so who receives the interst that has accrued?

    ADMIN – Hi Kyle,

    The defendant is not obligated to pay the full amount until the plaintiff’s admin is ready for distribution. The amount due is the settlement, not the settlement plus interest from the final hearing. In short, if the defendant keeps their money in an interest-bearing account it is their right and it does not affect the amount that you will receive.

  47. Kyle says:

    Ya i find it hard to believe giving final aproval was given Dec 5 2016 that the lawyers have not collected on their share they are getting millions they would of made sure that the administration had that taken care of…

    ADMIN – Hi Kyle,

    If you believe the way class actions are handled is not fair I encourage you to take a political approach. Write your congressman and ask for reform, lobby the cause. Come up with ideas that are functional and implementable and become a change agent.

  48. Patricia Burley says:

    Will i be receiving a check.

    ADMIN – Hi Patricia,

    If you submitted a valid claim I suppose you will.

  49. Kyle says:

    Why do you keep taking my posts down im asking a simplle question have the lawyers for the plaintiff received payment this is the second time my post was taking down for askin that question??

    ADMIN – Hi Kyle,

    We are not the class action administrators nor are we associated with this case. Class Action Rebates exists as a public service and we the admins do not presently profit from it.

    If you are inclined to research legal procedure to see if they are taking advantage of you or otherwise violating your rights I encourage you to do so. As for your question, I took the liberty of opening the long notice to copy the class counsel contact info. Call them and ask if they were paid already and if they are holding your funds purely to gain interest.

    James O. Latturner
    EDELMAN, COMBS, LATTURNER & GOODWIN, LLC 20 South Clark Street, Suite 1500
    Chicago, Illinois 60603
    (312) 419-0379 (facsimile)
    Ethan Preston
    4054 McKinney Avenue, Suite 310 Dallas, Texas 75204
    (866) 509-1197 (facsimile)

  50. Gayla says:

    I rceived a card in the mail stating
    that my claim was denied because
    the name & number were invalid. I received the information to file in my husband’s name; however, he is deceased. How can I make
    this right? It was still our phones, even though they were in his
    name. What now?

    ADMIN – Hi Gayla,

    When you file on behalf of the deceased you must use their name and provide evidence that you are entitled to the estate. Contact the admin to see if you have any recourse.

  51. Clara Henry says:

    I think you all are keeping all the money for yourself and want us to believe whatever you say i think we should all get together and file a class action on you all for trying to keep all the money we should all get at least l.000 or more.

    ADMIN – Hi Clara,

    Are you talking about us? We are certainly not keeping any money.

  52. Leila Ray says:

    Just send the check already, the original date for disbursement was Feb 27. This is sad. Wish I never was informed about the suit, just surprised when I got the check.

  53. Leila Ray says:

    Sorry worded that wrong, would have been surprised upon receiving a check.

  54. Gail says:

    People on other sites regarding this suit are just now saying they have received post cards dening their claim. If this is a fact, then how could a check amount ($28) be determined if the number eligible is not yet known?

    ADMIN – Hi Gail,

    The amount of a settlement is always an approximation.

  55. dee says:

    I agree with a few people that think 28 dollars from an 18 million dollar settlement is a shame. 5.4 million to lawyers no problem let’s say 6 mill right off the top. That leaves 12 million, let’s take another 2 mill for court costs and whatever costs were occured.
    That leaves 10 million. . And let’s round up 7,000 dollars for the 6 plaintiffs. That leaves 9,993,000 million (approx of course) for class action participates. 28 dollars a piece means that there are 356,000 class action participants. Three hundred and fifty six thousand of us. It is possible, very possible 2006 to 2013 that’s 7 yrs. I won’t break it down to see how many calls a day that would be LOL! I couldn’t stop once I got started… Interesting.

  56. Kyle says:

    And what remaining funds will go to the National associate of consumer advocates shouldnt any remaining funds go to the class members as it is were only gettn 28$ –

    ADMIN – Hi Kyle,

    Remaining funds in this case probably relates to checks that are not cashed.

  57. Laryn Bloss says:

    I sent my claim in back before the cut off date last year…misplaced my claim number. Checked the website to find out what the number was and it came back that I didn’t file…anybody else having that problem?

  58. Kyle says:

    Why has the post ive made 2xs already been takin down im not using any profanity just asking a question-I just want to no if the lawyers for us class action people have been paid yet??? Because if thats the case the money would be in an interest bearing account most likely just saying if thats the case were does that interest go ?because if it was divied up between us class members it would prob be more than tje 28$ we are supposedly gettn

    ADMIN – Hi Kyle,

    If you are curious about the management of a settlement pool I encourage you to reach out to class counsel and ask them for specifics. We will not do the research for you.

  59. Paul Abelson says:

    Is the 28$ total or 28$ per call

    ADMIN – Hi Paul,

    I believe the $28 is total.

  60. Todd J Hemphill says:

    I knew I should of become a lawyer ! lol

    ADMIN – Hi Todd,

    You still have time. But keep in mind that class actions are a highly specialized field. The law firms that take the risk to go after corporations also have many lawsuits that end up without a settlement. All the money they invested in pursuing the case is basically wasted.

  61. Jeraldine Johnson says:

    Hi my name is Jeraldine Johnson and I file my claim over the phone and still haven’t heard anything about the claim yet my case number is Claim#PRY-13324191901 3323790

    ADMIN – Hi Jeraldine,

    The admin has until 4.30 to pay class members.

  62. Shermaine C. Miles says:

    I am curious to learn when the date of the settlement checks mail out? Have not heard anything.

    ADMIN – Hi Shermaine,

    Per the settlement page:
    Payments to class members will be made from the settlement fund on or before April 30, 2017.

  63. Thomas Smoot, Sr says:

    does anyone know if an appeal was filed? If so, is the appeal still outstanding or has it been resolved?

  64. brian says:

    i feel if we get 28$ we still been got.the lawyer didnt get the call,but all the money .an why they r not on better then the ones who call.

    ADMIN – Hi Brian,

    Without the lawyer who took the risk of taking the defendant to court without knowing if he was going to win you would not have $28.

  65. Shermaine C. Miles says:

    Could you kindly verify that I have a valid claim because I filed Claim No. 15387397801on 8/8/16 electronically as well as in writing. Have not heard anything whatsoever?

    Please confirm. Thank you

    Shermaine C. Miles

    ADMIN – Hi Shermaine,

    We are not the class action admin thus we are unable to verify.

    • Todd J Hemphill says:

      Hello Shermaine,
      If you go to the official website for this class action you can easily find out if your claim is valid or not.

  66. Franni Minardi says:

    Hi its may 1st checks were supposed to be issued by end of April, any idea when we may get it?

    ADMIN – Hi Franni,

    Let me see what I can find out.

  67. Nancie Jones says:

    Is there and update on payments been sent out. I checked the website claim is valid still no response. Can’t speak to no one on the 888 number provided??????

    ADMIN – Hi Nancie,

    Someone said the checks were sent on April 1st but I am still checking on that.

    • Nancie Jones says:

      Thank you for your response, once you have an update will you please relay that information to me.

  68. Franni Minardi says:

    Hi I was wondering if our checks will be here this week, any way of knowing when they were sent? Thanks

    ADMIN – Hi Franni,

    Contact the admin directly. The website indicates the checks were released on April 1st

  69. Franni Minardi says:

    Do you have a direct number because the only number I have is on my postcard. And by calling that number you can not get a real person

    ADMIN – Hi Franni,

    Sometimes your best option is to contact class counsel. Their info is located in the long notice document.

  70. Melvin says:

    Hello my name is Melvin. I have a valid claim and I still havnt heard nothing. Every month it is put off for 30 days. Why is this class action taken so long. I would like to know like every one else why we haven’t received our check or no one contacted the members of this proc

  71. Kay Weeks says:

    Apr 30 was a Sunday, They should have been sent today.

  72. Tom Smoot, Sr says:

    Not sure where this APRIL 1st date is coming from. I checked the PRATCPASETTLEMENT.COM website and there is no mention of any checks being “released” on any date. The last change to this website was the date from March 27th to April 30th. It would be nice if they would tell us if any appeals have been filed and their status.

  73. Kay Weeks says:

    How do we get a hold of class counsel. Is there a web site?

    ADMIN – Hi Kay,

    Every long notice contains information about class counsel. Long notices are housed in the tab titled documents:
    James O. Latturner
    20 South Clark Street, Suite 1500
    Chicago, Illinois 60603
    (312) 419-0379 (facsimile)

  74. Kyle says:

    Because if the lawyers did not get their money already u bet we would of known if their was an appeal

    ADMIN – Kyle,

    If you are so deeply opposed to lawyers engaging in class action litigation I encourage you to always exclude yourself from the settlements and go after each company on your own. It will be more labor-intensive but you could potentially get more money and a deeper sense of justice.

  75. david willoughby says:

    i see that in the order and judgement there is 9 pages of names on in but i don’t see mine and that i am verified as to my claim number posted .so when are we to be getting our settlement check from them even thou it is just 28$ we are receiving here thank you

    ADMIN – Hi David,

    For additional details kindly contact the class action admin.

  76. Stephanie hicks says:

    When are the checks supposed to be in the mail? Site says april 30th and i have not received anything. Who do i need to be in contact with to solve this problem?

    ADMIN – Hi Stephanie,

    You need to contact the class action admin. Their info is listed above under contact.

  77. N. Ausman says:

    Has anyone received a check??? These people harassed me so much I almost lost my job!!! And everyone knew my business!!! When will these checks really be mailed?

  78. Nancie Jones says:

    I am going to contact the court in inquire about this settlement since the numbers listed seems to be bogus. Watch this disappear as well….no one seems to have an answer, nor has there been any update to the website. The Chicago number listed is someone’s personally cell number. The other number is a fax…

    ADMIN – Hi Nancie,

    I believe the settlement agreement indicates that you should not contact the court.

    • Nancie Jones says:

      Seems as though that’s my only option to contact the court can’t reach no one else. I want to know was this a legitimate claim???

      ADMIN – Hi Nancie,

      Are you talking about your individual claim or the whole settlement. I can assure you the settlement is real.

  79. Franni Minardi says:

    Has Anyone received a check yet?I know its a minimal amount but its now May 3rd.And I tried to contact class counsel they don’t respond either… Surprise Surprise

  80. Kevin says:

    Any word on if the checks were mailed yet? I have a valid claim number filed on time but the website is not updated and how can i see if my check has been mailed? Thank you.

    ADMIN – Hi Kevin,

    Someone shared that the checks were sent on April 30. I encourage you to contact the admin.

  81. Franni Minardi says:

    Nothing in mail today…maybe tomorrow. What about anyone else?

  82. Thomas SMoot, Sr says:

    The website (PRATCPASETTLEMENT.COM) has changed the date “Payments to class members will be made from the settlement fund on or around May 31, 2017.” These lawyers keep extending the date for some unknown reason. There are no new court documents indicating any appeals and I believe the appeal period ended around Feb. 25th. I thought that the checks had to be mailed withing 30 days of final settlement. Maybe we need to get organized and file a class action suit against these lawyers?????

  83. Kenneth Kelley says:

    FYI,the website now states the checks will be mailed by 05/31/17.

  84. Tammy says:

    Just read on the website that the checks won’t go out until May 31st! This is a bunch of bulk#%$&!! I think it’s time I file an appeal or an objection! I been keeping my mouth shut and waiting, but now in livid! Oh and get this, today I was checking Credit Karma and there is an old debt that has been put on my credit with a new date of being opened in 2012. I know for a fact this is a debt from way back in 2002. They are still breaking laws and this $18mil is chump change to them! As class members we have rights and I’m about to exercise them!



  85. K says:

    Payments to class members will be made from the settlement fund on or around May 31, 2017.

    Surprise surprise this is from the website about the case.

  86. Kyle says:

    I just read that their is a new check date of on or around May 31 2017

  87. Melissa says:

    The settlement website now states May 31…i wouldnt count on a dime from this.

  88. Sheffield Leshore says:

    Get.the money to me

  89. Tonja L Broadway says:

    Still waiting . I see there dates have changed May 31 now.

  90. Kyle says:

    I just noticed someone posted that they would not count on any $ from this and the post was taken down i.agree with them 100 percent.They dont keep us informed on anything at all except check date.

  91. Leila Ray says:

    I will stop looking for this money, I don’t think we’ll get it either.

  92. Franni Minardi says:

    Maybe they changed the date cause they are going to give us More Money!!lol lol lol laughing so hard I just peed my pants!! I hope everyone can enjoy their weekend.

  93. Kyle says:

    I agree with Thomas Smoot hes right.We need to file om the lawyers

  94. Betty Jackson says:

    i think the attorneys have collected all the money. if it were not for people like us who were harassed there would not have been a case

  95. Betty Jackson says:

    what will happen now? will there be payments for the ones who endured this harassment? it seems totally unfair that we get pennys while the attorneys get all the enjoyment with our money

    ADMIN – Hi Betty,

    If you believe a settlement is likely to be unfair consider objecting and hire your own attorney.

  96. Davey says:

    No checkey today.

  97. Tammy says:

    there is a law that states even when a class action objection date has passed class members can still object if they fail to give class members a finial date to object to class council fees. class councils fees were not filed until January 2017, which means we should have been given an opportunity to object to councils fees, these guys are just asking for another class action suit for failure to give notice. I have an appointment to talk to a consumer lawyer on Monday. just thought I would share this information, that is if the moderator doesn’t take it down in fear others may go see a lawyer as well…

    ADMIN – Hi Tammy,

    Why would we fear actions taken by consumers? We are not the defendant, class counsel or the admin for this action.

    • Tammy says:

      So who do you represent? i sure everyone appreciates this sites feed back but I am not the only one that has has comments removed from this thread. When our comments are removed like the one where i asked about where the information came from concerning a date of April 1st date of when the checks where mailed out its a little discouraging…

      ADMIN – Hi Tammy,

      I don’t represent anyone in particular nor do I profit from this website at the moment. If a comment adds no value to the thread it will be moderated. When and if we give information we do it based on press releases or crowdsourcing. Sorry you feel discouraged and we hope you feel better soon.

      • Tammy says:

        I thank you for responding, i am not worried about the money as many of us on here… I have never been apart of a class action settlement even when i got a notice a few years ago saying Swift Trucking had did a background checks improperly. The only reason i had joined this one is because i knew how ruthless PRA was and fought them many years after my divorce and still fight with them to this very day. They leave me alone for a while after I show them that i know what im doing and know my rights, them BAM here they come again with some B.S. Whats bad is they try to collect on timed barred, unvarifiable and plain out fraudulent amounts that is either already paid or has been inflated 10 fold. I had tried to get in on the class action in its beginning stages but no matter how many emails a sent no one ever emailed or called me and i have tons more proof than many of the named 6. I think 18 mil was easily pulled from a simple petty cash draw and they laughed as they stacked the cash on the counter knowing they came out pretty damn good. Sorry now im just venting, but its eye opening if you really think about it… Thanks again for reading and commenting, it’s gotta be a full time job by now. I’m sure you guys are just as ready to see an end as we are…

  98. Kyle says:

    I could care less about the money as its only 28$ i just think we are being treated with a huge lack of respect.Totally being left in the dark with whats going on.Considering if it was not for us class memebers their would be no lawsuit.They cant even let us no if their was an appeal or not dont we have that right? I would forfit my 28 if it meant the lawyers would get nothing…

    ADMIN – Hello Again,

    Class action administrators are subject to standards set forth by the judge. If the judge feels they are not servicing the case properly he will do what he needs to do to correct the problem. Class counsel is not tasked with disseminating information therefore your anger is misdirected.

  99. Mary Alcorn says:

    Good afternoon, everyone, we all would love to have more than $28. Somethings don’t seem right..but..I’m not going to, let this , take over my life…I checked to see if my claim, was good, which I THOUGHT, I did everything right..and my results were sad ” No Record Of It”..I did this on the internet..I wish you all luck and a check. real soon. To the ADMIN, Thank you, for calmness and have put up with alot..Hopefully, This will be over soon..

  100. Thomas Smoot, Sr says:

    I spoke with a paralegal at the offices of Edelman, Combs, Latturner & Goodwin, LLC yesterday. There are no appeals filed. I was told the processing of the claims is taking a longer than expected and they believe that the May 31st date is going to be THE date. I asked them to update the website if there were going to be any other changes or delays.

    • Terry says:

      I received a check today for the amount of $30.68.What a waste of time considering what a the lawyers received.

      ADMIN – Hi Terry,

      How much time did you spend on pursuing this matter?

      • GEORGIA PEOPLES says:


        ADMIN – Hi Georgia,

        We did not spend a single penny from the pool. We are not the class action administrator for this settlement. We are an independent informational website.

  101. Alex R Assimakopoulos says:

    Where is our 94.00 settlement? I read that checks were sent out March 2,2017..well that’s a lie! My claim number is # pry-10264689201-5795…where is my payment? Alex

    ADMIN – Hi Alex,

    It looks like it is going to be at the end of May

    • Terry says:

      I only received $30.68 Today.

      ADMIN- Hi Terry,

      Your amount is very much aligned with what everyone else received.

  102. Franni Minardi says:

    Hey Alex I hate to rain on your parade but I think you’re getting 28 like the rest of us,and maybe look for it around december.

  103. Davey says:

    No checkey again today!!

  104. Darman says:

    Darman why are we only getting 28 dollars .i don’t think that is right. We should be getting way more. I lost my house and job behind this whole mess. This isn’t worth 28 dollars. Class members should get the same amount as class reps do.

    ADMIN – Hi Darman,

    When you don’t agree with a potential settlement the judge gives you the option to object and bring a lawsuit on your own. Unfortunately you missed the deadline to take said action.



      ADMIN – Hi Georgia,

      I encourage you to follow us so you can stay in the loop of new class action settlements.

  105. Cynthia CooperHenry says:

    The cellphone number ending 9388, I switched2009, no longer with ATT as of August 2011- Also, i sued portfolio recovery Attempted to sue me in April 2013 They lost the case, the law judge threw out their case

  106. Sheila says:

    I just wanted to say that not only did Portfolio call me everyday they placed it on my credit report. I had the opportunity to send them 5 dollars a month, but they didn’t want that.. Could I have given them 20 dollars? maybe but just like a lot of people I ignored them and tried to continue with life. Am I responsible for the collection? yes. So I don’t blame anyone but myself. Companies should understand people circumstances but then they don’t make their money. So the wait for 28 dollars will not make or break me. Yes I’m disabled now and could use the extra money. But I refuse to lower my standards to gravel for something that may or may not come to me.Please understand sometimes these settlements are done in public to see how many people will respond so that the courts and attorneys can collect more money from the company.. Remember, if it wasn’t made public you would have never heard about it and filed a claim. We must be patient and hope they will do the right thing. God Speed.

  107. William Brown says:

    Portfolio threatened to send sheriff to my house for debt that wasn’t mine. LOCK THEM UP!!!!!

  108. Ms Pique says:

    What happened to the money the judge disapproved the concil….where does it go…

    ADMIN – Hi Ms. P,

    I don’t understand your question. What is a concil?

  109. Leila Ray says:

    I can’t believe this company called me 2 days ago. I thought it was my step daughter who lives in Vegas but when I called back it was them! Wow! I haven’t heard from them in a while. They give a bad credit rap, and this 28 measly bucks gotta take forever? Still smh

  110. Mike Plish says:

    I’ve been waiting what’s goi g on with this settlement

    ADMIN – Hi Mike,

    No distribution has taken place yet.

  111. Aleta Oakley says:

    Never received a check. Tried to call someone no answer. I have a new address who do I call to make sure they have it

    ADMIN – Hi Aleta,

    Changes of address must be forwarded to the class action administrator.

  112. M Downey says:

    Hello class action suit team. I’m very much surprised i came across this Q&A’s about our settlement. A fellow suitor mentioned he or she would forfeited their money due if the lawyers didn’t receive as well. I pretty much second that motion, with that being said hopefully that motion will be done, being we the suitors cannot receive better business respect than that. I hope I typed what was on my mind understandable.

    ADMIN – Hi Mr or Mrs. M,

    Please note that we have no say on this matter. We fully understand your frustration but can’t do a thing about it.

  113. Sheryol Rae says:

    The date I see for mailing out the rebates is today, May 31, 2017. Are they still going to mail them out today? I don’t see another date so I’m assuming this is it.

    ADMIN – Hi Sheryol,

    If that is the target date give them about 10 days to get your check to you. If you don’t get a check escalate to the class action admin.

  114. Tammy says:

    There is no way they are going to be able to mail out over 350,000 pieces of mail in one day… I just can’t see it lol. Maybe they will start mailing them out today, but i i dont see all 350,000 getting them in 5 TO 10 days. “shaking my head “….



      ADMIN – Hi Georgia,

      The legality of pool distribution is determined by the judge.

  115. Nancie M Jones says:

    I received an email from Preston law firm yesterday​ stating, the payments were processed and mailed out early last week. However I have yet to receive the payment…..will keep posted.

  116. Kenneth Kelley says:

    Got mine today for $30.68.

  117. Debra Adams says:

    Just got my check today for $30.68. Better then nothing I guess, 1 out of 350,000 people. Had to check since it stated we were getting $28. Still need to check my credit to see if these people are still on it.

  118. GR says:

    I received a check today. Is this a legit check?

    ADMIN – Hi GR,

    If were a class member who submitted a claim timely the chances are the check is legit. Take it to your bank so they can assist you in confirming.

  119. N. Kinnard says:

    Got a check for $30.68. It says “DO NOT CONVERT TO ACH” does this mean I cannot deposit this in my checking account?

    ADMIN – Hi N,

    This means that the check has to be cleared manually instead of using an automatic clearing house. Your bank should be able to accept it.

  120. Nancie Jones says:

    People have started receiving checks as of yesterday…

  121. Nancie Jones says:

    The amount of their checks are 30.68

    • Danya Miller says:

      i just got a check the mail today for $30.68. Did you cash your check and what is was your check?

  122. Tammy says:

    I haven’t received mine yet, but I see that the checks are rolling out. $30.68 still makes my laugh! I got a class action rebate yesterday from some green tea I bought a couple years ago and it was $39.99 and that lawsuit wasn’t even as much as this one. STILL SMH…. Lol!

  123. Sharon says:

    Just to add my update, I received the check in the mail today, 6/5/17, in the amount of $30.68.

  124. Shelia Watkins says:

    Received check in mail today be careful not to put in trash looks like junk mail it’s on something that resembles a post card.

  125. kyle tucker says:

    got a check in the mail today. I don’t have a bank account. where can I cash it at

  126. Valarie says:

    Got check today! $30.68. I got to order a large pizza and buy a six pack of Bud! Then I will have enough left over for a tip to the driver. No more class action lawsuits for me. $18,000,000.00 and this check wouldn’t cover postage for all the members of this action. Shame, Shame on legal systems.

    ADMIN – Hi Valerie,

    We are glad you enjoyed your pizza. By making the choice not to file any longer you are helping make the checks for others bigger. I am sure they will appreciate your generosity.

  127. mark g says:

    Got my chek today jst now hey 30.68 is better than nothing ik wat we wnt through ws vad at least WE got somethng

  128. Tonya says:

    I just received a check today but am having issues cashing it! They keep saying it’s not in the system. I’m guessing because the back of it looks like a postcard. Is there anyway that issue can be cleared up?

    ADMIN – Hi Tonya,

    Call the class action administrator.

  129. Melissa says:

    Recvd. $30.68

  130. Lisa woods says:

    Someone need to call I receive a check need to talk to someone my husband has pass 2253157456

    ADMIN – Hi Lisa,

    You need to contact the class action administrator. Their info is posted on this page, just scroll up.

  131. Daniel says:

    I got my $30.68 ckeck today. 6/5/17, It isn’t much but now days every little bit helps,Thank you


    I got my check today June 5, 2017 and it was for 30.68…. More than promised! I will take it to my bank and personally see if it’s even legit!!!! Could be another scam…

  133. Stephanie Rogers says:

    I received one today for $30.68

  134. Kristen says:

    This is bogus. But again better than nothing. For all the calls they made on MY Line that I pay for that they were not authorized to call. Seems like a low class settlement suit. Don’t spend it all in one place folks.

  135. AG says:

    So you all send a check on a postcard and expect who to cash it??

    ADMIN – Hi AG,

    A postcard format check is a normal format and approved by the banking segment.

  136. Trina says:

    Received check today for $30.68. Actually it doesn’t even look like a real check. It was mailed on postcard paper and this settlement started so long ago, I had forgotten about it. I found this blog by searching the web to see if this was real; at first glance I thought it was a collection scheme. Wonder how many will think the same and not even deposit it? The front says this is a real check and to sign the back for redemption but there is no signature line on the back. The back is the mailing label. Also it says “do not convert to ACH” It was dated for May 31st and is void after Nov. 27th. We get pennies on an $18 million settlement and we are the ones who got harassed. Needless to say, I will deposit my check and it will go towards a tank of gas.

  137. Robert says:

    Received my check today! A whole $31 for a violation that totaled 31 calls in 45 days. That’s what happens when I decline privately directed fdcpa and tcpa suits. Well thanks for the gas money PRC!

  138. Louisa Grant says:

    I received a check in the mail yesterday for $30.68. It looked like junk mail, but I opened it anyway. It’s a tiny check, and says to endorse on the bank to deposit. However, the back of the check is my name and address, and does not have the typical area that says “endorse here”. Did anyone else notice this? Thank you.

    ADMIN – Hi Louisa,

    That is pretty common in class action settlement checks. Just endorse it in the back as if it had an endorsement area.

    • Louisa says:

      Thank you so much!! This is very much a blessing, and I totally forgot about it.

      • Tara L Cherry says:

        I moved and need to change my address to recieve the new check it didn’t get forwarded to my new address.How do I take care of that ?

        ADMIN – Hi Tara,

        By contacting the class action administrator.

  139. CP says:

    I rec’d my check today, it looks funny because its literally the size of a post card. I totally forgot about the settlement. So this is a blessing in my eyes.

  140. Nakeyia says:

    We got our check yesterday $30.68, something is better than nothing

  141. Leila Ray says:

    Got my check today, almost threw it away.

  142. Mary Alcorn says:

    Got my check yesterday..And my bank, cashed it today..
    ADMIN, thank you for answering so many questions.

    ADMIN – Hi Mary,

    You are quite welcome. Enjoy your $30

  143. Tiffany says:

    I got my check today! It does look funny but reading the comments I think it’s safe to deposit! 30.68… I won’t complain… thanks for the gas money…

  144. GEORGIA PEOPLES says:


  145. Patrick Clark says:

    If we cash these checks, does that reset the debt if it has expired uncollected?

    ADMIN – Hi Patrick,

    I don’t think it does.

  146. Daniel M. Knight says:

    When I received my post card with my claim number, it stated that I would be receiving $6,250. I got a check in the mail for $30.68. I would like to know why the big difference?

    ADMIN – Hi Daniel,

    I don’t know. You need to contact the class action admin. ( I do suspect you are reading the amount that was given to the class representatives. You are not a class representative. You are a class member).

  147. Reygo Hidalgo says:

    I received the said postcard and do I need to return the update verification

    ADMIN – Hi Reygo,

    The check postcard or the initial postcard? This settlement was paid this week via a postcard check.

  148. CJD says:

    To Reygo Hidalgo~ The postcard attached to the check only needs to be returned if you have changes to your information.

  149. MONIQUE COOPER says:

    I just recieved a check for 30.68 , June 9, 2017.

  150. Allison Weston says:

    Unsuccessful in cashing this pc check. No one will cash it because of my name and address on the back and a QR code where an endorsement line should be. I am starting to believe is a last laugh attempt by Portfolio to deliver more frustration!!!

    ADMIN – Hi Allison,

    Many users have been able to cash theirs.

  151. frank weatherford says:

    tens of millions of dollars and all i get is some kinda post card micro size check that dont have an endorsement line. I went against my better judgement and tried to deposit it only to be looked at like a homeless bum passing counterfeit money. I just wonder what the physical size of law firms check was? We already know what what obscene size the dollar figure was. Bet there check looked profesional and real. Hell they might as well sent out those stupid big a@: checks they hand people when publishers clearing house shows at somebodies house. Atleast those folks actually get money unlike me i just looked like an idiot trying to deposit that dumb s:@/. Suck it p r a !

    ADMIN – Hi Frank,

    The appearance of a check does not increase or decrease its value.

  152. Ominea Taylor says:

    Who do I call if I have not received my check?

    ADMIN – Hi Ominea,

    You call the class action administrator.

  153. Alexandria says:

    Today is June 21, and I have yet to receive anything. I’m hoping i didnt throw it away by mistake being as though everyone says it looks like a post card. Would it say that its from the settlement on the postcard?

    ADMIN – Hi Alexandria,

    Yes it was a postcard and it did indicate that it came from the settlement.

  154. Dale says:

    Hi I received postcard as 30.68 in June 2017 so what I’m doing with it?

    ADMIN – Hi Dale,

    That postcard is a check that you deposit in your bank account.

  155. Ernestina Merling says:

    I’m not trying to put people down, but you should be thankful that your getting something. Remember there are people that have nothing. Also, they could of settled this without letting anyone know. It was mentioned that not everyone would get any $$. Now my question, I dont have a bank. I tried cashing it to my netspend prepaid picture deposit and they wouldn’t take it. I can’t get to bank of the west, i have no way of getting there. I called Walmart and they said they don’t accept it. Do you know where online i can cash it. Nobody like the postcard checks. By the way, you have been very polite replying back to everyone, from the rude ones to that are no. Some people can be impolite and im sure they wouldn’t want to get treated how they treat a person. They need to understand that your only replying to there question, you are not the lawyers, they need to keep that in mind. I wish you a good day ?.

    ADMIN – Hi Ernestina,

    Endorse the check in the area where you would normally endorse the check and give it to a friend to deposit in their account.

  156. Cally says:

    Ernestina I also have a NetSpend account I went to Ace Check Cashing store and they cashed it with no problem.

  157. sandra Holowenko says:

    Hi iam trying to find out how to cash these checks. one is in my name the other is in my husbands but he is now deceased….. how do I go about getting this changed? I had POA on him to pay his depts. but what about this ck? and don’t know if this is still valid

    ADMIN – Hi Sandra,

    You should be able to deposit the check along with a copy of the POA

  158. Michael says:

    Does anyone know if they’ve all been mailed out? They have my old address but I’ve got mail forwarded through the post office. Not sure if they forward post cards. Does anyone have a contact number? The one on the website is only automated.

  159. Jerry Bailey says:

    I filed my claim way before the deadline…claim number is PRY-10317282801. My address has not changed. Can you inform me what happened with my claim? I read where some people already received their checks.

    Thank you

    ADMIN – Hi Jerry,

    I cannot advice you about your claim. It is up to the admin. Their contact info is posted above.

  160. LaDunyo says:

    Hi, I have not received a rebate check as of yet. How can I check the status of this?

    ADMIN – HI LaDunyo,

    Reach out to the class action administrator.

  161. Sharie Brock says:

    gd afternoon my name is Sharie Brock claim number 10756401401 im just trying to s ee why I haven’t heard anything back yet

    ADMIN – Hi Sharie,

    Payments to class members will be made from the settlement fund on or around May 31, 2017.

    • Sharie Brock says:

      Gm May 31st has passed and gone today is July 19 2017 Does it take that long to be mailed?

      ADMIN – Hi Sharie,

      If you have not received your check you most likely did not qualify. Contact the admin ASAP.

  162. Allison Weston says:

    I am not able to cash this postcard/check. It has my maiden name from 7 years ago. How can I get my check reissued with my correct name?

    ADMIN – Hi Allison,

    You have two options, you can provide the bank evidence via birth certificate or you can contact the class action administrator and ask for a replacement

  163. LaChandra McGowan says:

    I have received a check but the bank is telling me it cannot be cashed and that I need to contact you for reissue. How can this be resolved?

    ADMIN – Hi Lachandra,

    Reach out to class counsel.

    • LaChandra McGowan says:

      phone number for administrator is just a recording?? How do I get a representative to help??

      ADMIN – Hi LaChandra,

      Try email or contact class counsel.

  164. Jennifer Gosnell says:

    Hello my name is Jennifer Gosnell its been vastly need. But where’s my settlement u send me the card and like alway bullshit so what’s the deal I’m I get anything out of settlement. what the deal. Give me a call don’t bullshit. Me 423 609 436

    ADMIN – Hi Jennifer,

    I see that you are angry and frustrated but I am unable to help you. I am not the admin for this case.

  165. Sara Chafe says:

    I’m on this class action suit and I havent heard anything . I havE not been able to find any info on who to contact. I have been trying to find info and tnis is the first time i found any contact at all. Will you please give some info , a number or email something so I have can find out who i need to contact. I have moved a couple of times and my mail has been messed up for months. Currently my mail is fine.

    ADMIN – Hi Sara,

    Scroll up and look at the subheading titled contact.

  166. Antonia Bonacci says:

    I got the check and I can’t cash it. It was stated to detach the numbers at the bottom of the check. Now I don’t have the numbers my bank said I needed to cash it. Why would it tell us to remove the numbers off the check? I have the check with my name and no routing number, can the issue me a new check?

    ADMIN – Hi Antonia,

    You can always try contacting the admin but I don’t think the checks said to detach any numbers.

    • Antonia Bonacci says:

      Yes the instructions said to detach the numbers at the bottom of the check and the numbers were already pre-cut to be able to rip it off. I called the 888 number and its just automated. It seems convenient so as not to be able to really help anyone. You are the Admin so why are you telling me to contact the admin. ?

      ADMIN – Hi Antonia,

      I am not the class action administrator. I am the admin to this free informational website about class action settlements. If you are unable to get a live agent through the phone number they provided your alternative option is to reach out to class action counsel. Their information is located in the FAQ.

      PS: We have deleted your comment with profanity as it does not benefit the community as a whole.

  167. Sandra L Lopez says:

    I have two checks that that expired 11/27/17. I need to deposit checks but bank won’t take them. I need to two checks mail under Sandra Rodriguez my maiden name. Can you reissue checks was out of town.

    ADMIN – Hi Sandra,

    You can try contacting the class action administrator to see if they can reissue.

  168. Ashley Bernstein says:

    I had recently spoke to one of my friends who got the same letter in the mail. She told me that she had received her check a few months ago. So I said to myself that I’d better go check the status of mine online. I checked on line today and guess what, it says I already received my check at my previous address. Um, no I didn’t. It’s true that I did move a few months ago, but I have never received anything. Boy do I feel cheated. I felt like this one time i was actually gonna receive something based

    ADMIN – Hi Ashley,

    Reach out to the class action administrator to see if they can reissue.

    • Ranee Wheeler says:

      I haven’t moved in years and never got mine.

      ADMIN – Hi Ranee,

      This usually means they were lost in the mail.

  169. Ranee Wheeler says:

    I have tried numerous times to get some kind of reply. I never received my settlement. I’m guessing the money from the claimants who never received the payment just goes back to the attorneys. Really looking out for us, right.

    ADMIN – Hi Ranee,

    Incorrect. The money is either given to selected charities or there is a secondary distribution where checks are mailed to the addresses of class members that received and cashed theirs.

  170. Brenda Bullock says:

    I received a check for 30.68 and placed it in my checking account only to have it returned and my account was charged a fee. I called the back and was told this account was closed. Who do I talk to about more fraud with this company???

    ADMIN – Hi Brenda,

    When did you receive the check?

    • Misti Turner says:

      My mother received a $6 dollar check from this lawsuit. We cashed her pension check and the $6 check at the local Kroger. A month later, we went to cash her pension check again and we were told that they couldn’t cash it and we needed to call, Certegy (the place that processes checks for Kroger).

      We called Certegy and the customer service rep told us that the $6 check that we had cashed the previous month was bad and now because of that, my mother can’t cash her pension checks at Kroger OR anywhere else that uses Certegy to process their checks. The rep did start a dispute for my mother but it can take anywhere from 30 to 90 days to complete it.

      Does anyone know what we can do to get this resolved?

      ADMIN – Hi Misti,

      Reach out to the class action administrator.

  171. Watoris Slater says:

    I have not heard anything why???

    ADMIN – Hi Wat,

    Have you reached out to the class action admin?

  172. Peggy says:

    I just received my check (8/9/18), but I am concerned that it isn’t legit, since earlier posts stated that checks were mailed out in 2017? Please

    ADMIN – Hi Peggy,

    Send me a copy to your Facebook via private message and I will help you determine the validity of your check. You can also go to the bank and check.

  173. Anita Urvina says:

    I just got a check today for $6.76. How do I return it? Portfolio Recovery made my life hell with threatening calls, calls to my work, calls to my family..all on accounts that were charged off in Bankruptcy that they bought and tried to collect. Even though the statute of limitations was over by years. This $6.76 is just salt in the wound. I’d rather return it so it can go to a charity, or someone else.

    ADMIN – Hi Anita,

    It won’t go to a charity. I believe they will have a secondary distribution.

  174. Newly Rich says:

    Got my whopping $6.76 check today, now I can get a gallon of milk and a loaf of break,if on sale..

  175. Suzan folsom says:

    I received a $6.76 check on 8/11/2018. why was it only $6.76 when you claim we all should receive $28.00 and quite a few received $ change? Also the PRY # on my check was only 9 digits , when I went to the web site to verify my claim status it said I needed an 11 digit claim #. Quite confused about the distribution of funds and the length of time between the higher amounts and the lower one I received. Web site say’s if your claim number starts with PRY-! you have a valid claim , yet it also say’s you must enter an 11 digit claim number; the PRY-1 number on the check I received only had 9 digits so I ran into a brick wall. what can you tell me about these discrepancies.

    ADMIN – Hi Suzan,

    The class action administrator is best qualified to answer that question

  176. Jamie says:

    I just received a check today for $6.76. Why did everyone else get $30.68?

    ADMIN – Hi Jamie,

    I can’t answer that question. To obtain details specific to your claim you need to contact the class action administrator directly.

  177. smarter than the average bear says:

    i think this is tactic they’re using to try to get ahold of bank accounts of people that still owe. why else would checks arrive a year later??? sounds fishy and whoever is answering for them “can’t disclose”


    I doubt that is the case.

  178. Ron says:

    Did the lawyers get paid ? I am still waiting !!!! Anyone know the final status; you cannot get information via phone or email. Sad state of affairs in the courts/legal profession.

    ADMIN – Hi Ron,

    The timing for lawyers to receive their payments is as complex as yours.

  179. Brad says:

    I received an additional check for $6.76 in August ’18 after receiving the initial $30.68 check in June ’17. Has anyone else experienced this? Is the check legit?

    ADMIN – Hi Brad,

    Legit. It is called a secondary distribution. Your share of the leftover funds.

  180. Richard Marullo says:

    Got a check for $6.76 and deposited it. Then a week later received a “notice of returned deposited items charged to my bank account”. The return deposit fee was $4.00. So, I ended up paying back $10.76. This is not right!! What kind of scam is this?

    ADMIN – Hi Richard,

    Reach out to the class action administrator.

  181. Richard Poulis says:

    It is December 2nd, 2018 and I haven’t received any compensation or letters regarding an update. This was completed in 2016? We are almost in 2019 for f*cks sake! Does our settlement come with interest?! All the websites on my postcard are now “404 Not Found”
    Claim # 15249666001

    ADMIN – Hi Richard,

    If the website is 404 it means the settlement was paid and more than 90 days have passed. Chances are your check was lost in the mail. Unfortunately you no longer have recourse to obtain a replacement check from this settlement.

  182. Chantella Blackwell says:

    Hey I am reaching out as I never received my compensation or letters regarding an update. I know the hearing was in 2016 no later than 2017. Would it be any way to check status and or status of compensation. Claim # PRY 10582137801. FYI my mailing address has changed.

    ADMIN – Hi Chantella,

    You need to reach out to the class action admin to check on the specifics of your claim.

  183. Robin Lancaster says:

    I received a check in the amount of 6.76 and it was returned by my bank because funds could not be collected. This cost me a 20.00 return check fee. I have tried many measures to resolve this issue and I keep getting a run around therefore I will be filing complaints with the companies listed below.
    Federal Reserve
    Consumer Protection and BBB

  184. Judith P Smith says:

    If I have the claim number for the settlement what do I do with it?

    • Angelica (Admin) says:

      Please contact the Settlement/Claims Administrator directly. Details are above. Please review the post. Thank you.

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