Class Eligibility

This settlement is open to all Class Members who purchased the Massachusetts automobile insurance policy through the Progressive website between May 1, 2008 and April 27, 2010.

Class Members must have answered “yes” to the health insurance question during purchase stating that he or she was covered by health insurance and the car insurance policy contained an $8,000 PIP deductible.

If you are not sure whether you qualify as a Class Member, you can call the Claims Administrator at 1-866-665-8445.

Estimated Amount


Proof of Purchase


Case Name

Wanda Estrada, et al. v. Progressive Direct Insurance Company,
Case No. 12-CV-30020 FDS
District Court for the District of Massachusetts

Case Summary

The plaintiffs accuse the insurance company of deceptive business practices by having its website recommend Massachusetts consumers with health insurance purchase automobile insurance with a $8,000 Personal Injury Protection (PIP) deductible. When the plaintiff ended up needing the protection she was surprised by having to face such a large deductible

Settlement Pool





Settlement Administrator
c/o Rust Consulting, Inc.
PO Box 2439
Faribault, MN 55021-9100

One response to “Progressive Insurance PIP Class Action Settlement”

  1. Steven Byrne says:

    You sent us a claim form and we lost it. When clicking above for the form it asks for a user name and we don’t have one
    please send us a claim form so we can send it back

    ADMIN – Hi Steven,

    I did not send you a claim form. The forms are sent by the class action administrator. You can see their address above.

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