Class Eligibility

All persons residing in the states of Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming and the District of Columbia who purchased and/or paid for Provigil® or generic versions of Provigil® (modafinil) for consumption by themselves or their families during the period from June 24, 2006 through March 31, 2012. You “purchased and/or paid for” if you paid some or all of the cost of the drug. If insurance did not pay for the whole amount of the drug, you are included. Specifically, you purchased and/or paid for Provigil® or generic versions of Provigil® (modafinil) if you were: (a) An uninsured consumer who paid all of the purchase price of the prescription; or (b) An insured consumer who made a co-payment or other partial out-of-pocket payment, or paid the entire cost because you had not met a deductible amount under your health plan.

Estimated Amount

Varies With a few exceptions, consumers’ recovery will be calculated based on how much you paid for Provigil® and generic versions of Provigil® (modafinil) from June 24, 2006 through March 31, 2012, compared to the amount paid of all other consumers who file valid and timely claim forms.
Proof of Purchase
No Per the terms you may be required to provide proof of purchase later
Case Name
State of New York, et al., v. Cephalon, Inc. et al., Civil No. 2:16-CV-4234. District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania
Case Summary
This lawsuit claims that Defendants engaged in a course of conduct to delay the sale of generic versions of Provigil®. The lawsuit claims this conduct violated federal and state antitrust laws and consumer protection laws by delaying the entry into the market of low-cost generic versions of Provigil®. Defendants deny all of these claims. The Court has not made any determinations regarding the merits of the case.
Settlement Pool
State AG Provigil Settlement, c/o A.B. Data, Ltd., P.O. Box 173026, Milwaukee, WI 53217, 1-877-236-1413.

210 responses to “Provigil Generic Delay Anti-Trust Class Action Settlement”

  1. Lora leigh smith says:

    I purchased provgil

    • Karen Falbo says:

      I was on provigil from 2002-2007 and sent in my information and never got a reply back. And my doctor had printed my entire history and it was written down every month that I was taking them but again thanks to someone nevertheless either contact me or email me I got nothing.

      ADMIN – Hi Karen,

      I am so sorry about that.

  2. Brittany Kinder says:

    I purchased Provigil around March 2011
    However, I have no proof.

    ADMIN – Hi Brittany,

    Please refer to your pharmacist for evidence.

    • Lorre says:

      Pharmacists are of little help because they don’t reveal records that far back.

      • Jeremy says:

        Contact your pbm.. prescription benefits management company for a SOBA pr contact your dr

      • Janet says:

        CVS went back to 2007 for me.

      • Joyce says:

        Walgreens only keep for a few years BUT they got me in contact to their corporate offices and I was able to get back ten years

      • PJ Kessler says:

        I contacted Walgreens, put im the time frames that I needed and they semt me all of my records of Provigil and the generic version purchases. Very easy to do.

    • Betty says:

      The Drug Store will have record of your purchases.

      ADMIN – Hi Betty,

      Even if she gets records now she can no longer file as the deadline has passed.

  3. Sara E Dodson says:

    I have taken Provigil and/or Modafinil (when it came out on the market as the generic version) for many, many, many years. Even with insurance and having to meet our Deductible and Co-pay every new year, this prescription would be the first to be filled and, of course, was the most expensive! I have always cringed and would get so upset wondering where we were going to get the money just for one necessary-to-function drug! To this day, I physically feel myself get uptight when I think about the expense! Sadly, I have been only able to obtain this one record for January 2012 due to the neurologist’s office changing/updating how records are kept and so, they no longer have access to anything prior to that date.

    ADMIN – Hi Sara,

    Your source for records is actually the pharmacy.

    • Sara E Dodson says:

      Right, thank you, however, the pharmacy prior to 2012 has only this one record due to how long records are kept and sadly, since this claim is since 2006, that is the only record I was able to produce.

      • Tracy Farnie says:

        Did you claim meds on taxes? Maybe cpa has it or health ins at the time may have records

      • PJ Kessler says:

        If you fill out a form at your pharmacy, they should be able to send you those records from back then. Walgreens did it for me, no problem.

  4. Darrcel Bailey says:


    • Susan says:

      I used during the entire period, before & after. Sorry to hear. Did u get receipts or file ur claim with an estimate. I hope the extended deadline means we didn’t have to file Anything by yesterday. Do u know? Thx. Take care!

  5. Darrcel Bailey says:

    I used the product in 2008

  6. Amanda M Short says:

    Is there an online claim form

    ADMIN – Hi Amanda,

    There is.

  7. deborah little says:

    I used this product in 2014

  8. sandra hansen says:

    There is an on-line form available on the AG Provigil Settlement Website, or am I missing something?

    ADMIN – Hi Sandra,

    There is, just look at the top a tab reads file a claim.

  9. sandra hansen says:

    “While the class action is online, the actual form is a paper form that must be printed”.

    Does this mean that if we file a claim online we have to print it out and send it by mail?

    ADMIN – Hi Sandra,

    The page is now updated to include both digital and printable.

    • Shannon Cross says:

      I called the provigil admin for this suit. Told California and LA will have its own lawsuit and we need to kerp our eyes out for it. I’m in ca too. Insurance paid except my co pay from 06 to 2007 or 08 when the generic drama started and i too shelled out up to $300 a month 3-4 months till I just gave up. Good luck to us, right?!?. Why Ca didn’t include us is sooooo far beyond me…. kits bs….

  10. Steve says:

    I spent thousands of dollars on Provigil during this time, and could easily get proof, but I live in California. Does that mean that I am excluded from this lawsuit?
    Thank you

    ADMIN – Hi Steve,

    It sure looks that way. CA is not included.

    • DW says:

      If you read on the stateag website, California is not excluded, it’s just that the funds only come from the Class Consumer Fund.. Some states receive from both the Class Consumer Fund, and the States Consumer Fund, while others only from the States Consumer Fund or Class Consumer Fund.

      • Shannon Cross says:

        Where do we submit our claims. I’ve lookef and called and have not seen anything. The state of Ca is known to make getting our money very difficult. Ever tried the state’s unclaimed property site? So many typos in the city, name and address that it’s impossible to prove it’d yours.

        ADMIN – Hi Shannon,

        You submit your claim using the link that points you to the claim forms.

  11. Mary says:

    Is Nuvigil included in the class action settlement?

    ADMIN – Hi Mary,


  12. Kevin Stockley says:

    I bought Provigil in February right around the 15th

  13. Kathy A vanderheyden says:

    I purchased provigil

  14. Bernadine says:

    Regarding claims in California:
    “#3. If a consumer filled a prescription for Provigil® in California or Louisiana and paid $1,000, that consumer’s check would be calculated as follows: $1,000 x 5.36% = $53.60. The entire amount would come from the Class Consumer Fund. California and Louisiana consumers are eligible to receive money only from the Class Consumer Fund because those states are not participating in the States’ settlement. ”

    I’m going to file and see what happens.

  15. Steve M says:

    We purchased this at a ridiculous price in 2014. This settlement says it is for 2006 through 2012. Why? And why does it state those of us who purchased it through 2016 are affected?

    ADMIN – Hi Steve,

    This settlement has to do with the delays of generic drugs. I believe generic modafinil became available in 2014

    • Steve M says:

      But I do not understand why purchases made through 2016 are affected. I paid an outrageous price for the generic because of this company’s underhanded dealings. If financial consideration for that is not part of this settlement then the purchase should not be included either. My purchase should be excluded and available for inclusion in a separate lawsuit.

  16. Stephanie Blunt says:

    I have started used Provigil in 10-23-2008 , 01-22-2009 , 02-22-2009, 05-26-2009, 07-24-2009 and there are more dates but theses are some that I remember I have also used them up to date.

  17. Stephanie Blunt says:

    I also used it in 2010 ,2011, 2012

  18. Matt says:

    Yep, they raised the price on Provigil to over $1,200 per month and United Healthcare stopped covering it.
    It’s a great drug for night shift disorder, but a rip off.

  19. Kathy Yarbrough says:

    I have been on provil and later the generic modafinil since 2006 but I had insurance most of this time so I didn’t have to pay the ridiculous price of 1800.00 a month , I only paid 4.00 because of my insurance so am I still eligible to file a claim? And I’ve been on it since 2006 every month since so I was unsure if I could because in my letter it states if you purchased provil through July 28th, 2016 you’re rights will be affected so I don’t know if I need to submit a claim form or not.

    ADMIN – Hi Kathy,

    You can certainly claim but your check is likely to be very little as it will be based on your $4 copay

  20. Sandy says:

    I was prescribed Provigil for a period of time between 2007 and 2010. CVS cannot retrieve those old records. I also did not save old receipts etc. and have moved twice since then. What can I do? The only proof that “I have taken Provigil” is that the class action info and claim form was mailed to me at my new address.

    ADMIN – Hi Sandy,

    I encourage you to contact the admin to ask about next steps.

    • Shannon Anderson says:

      I am the exact same way Sandy! I’ve moved twice, they don’t have records that far back and I’ve even been divorced since then! Why would they put this on us? They know we’ve obviously purchased the medicine and how much they were charging at the time! They should just take the total amount and split it up among all of us or something. To provide records 10 years old, no one has those! Even HR doesn’t hold records for that long :/ so we automatically just loose out? That’s not right when we are potentially talking thousands of dollars for some of us! That medicine was crazy expensive and when some of us were taking it, back in 2006, 2007, 2008, etc I can’t produce those records/receipts etc. so what’s the next steps?

      ADMIN – Hi Shannon,

      We are not putting anything on you. If you object with the settlement you can submit an objection as directed in the long notice.

      • Sandy says:

        Shannon, Good to know that so many of us are having the same issue.
        Don’t give up and follow up with whatever direction you are given. It may be worth it. Good Luck.

    • Sandy says:

      Thank you for your quick response.

    • Marilyn says:

      Sandy, call 1-800-shopcvs. You will be asked to write a letter, and instructed what the letter must include. They also provide the mailing address.

    • Angie Scott says:

      CVS can retrieve your old prescription records. You need to call the main offices. They cannot give you the information immediately because it has to be mailed, so you better act quickly.

    • Lorre says:

      CVS and BLue cross blue shield told me they require a request from an attorney to retrieve records during that time. I have no idea how anyone will be able to retrace the dates and cost of using this drug.

      • Susan says:

        They are YOUR records. Tell them all u need to do is sign a release of info, at most. The root of the problem I suspect is the they only keep records so long. Seems the lawsuit should just ask what dose u were on when & they can come up with approximate dollar amounts. Sheesh. They aren’t making this easy.

  21. Randy says:

    I received claim form, took Provigil the entire time: 6/24/06 – 3/31/12 but have no records to prove it. My insurance covered the drug, but co-pays were steep — maybe $1000 total? How am I supposed to find “documentation” of co-pays I made 10 years ago?

    ADMIN – Hi Randy,

    Try reaching out to your pharmacy.

    • Judith Latham says:

      I just got my letter and think I will have some verification problems. No one has mentioned your tax records on your personal computer. You may have medical deduction worksheets, the receipts from the pharmacy, and don’t forget your doctor’s prescription records. I don’t know how long those records are kept, but it is a long time. The records themselves wouldn’t wouldn’t prove you purchased the drug, but I think the records could buy you time to do more searching since you don’t have to send your proof with this form.

      • Susan says:

        Yup, u thought of the taxes too. I’ve never had a pharmacy deny me a printout of my meds, but I’ve been on this from at least 2000 to present (well, I take 1/4 my dose now). Imho, I also think the insurance companies should be held accountable. Fortunately, I tend to save receipts but my file drawer with many of them is jammed. My PCs from then are dinosaurs & useless.

      • Michelle says:

        good luck. I got only a few weeks warning for receipts due (Aug 12) after my June deadline to claim (I was notified about the suit in April).. The administration said I would have up to 6 months to find proof.

        No pharmacy or insurance company would help me anyway. I spent hours on the phone. This has been very frustrating.
        I spent a few thousand.

  22. Tee says:

    I am so frustrated, it’s way too late for me to access ANY records from the pharmacy from 2008-2009 when I took it!

  23. suzanne shellman says:

    I have been taking Provigil since 2003 and required to pay full price for name brand , I live in the state of California and would like to confirm that California was not included in this settlement?

    ADMIN – Hi Suzanne,

    California is not included in this settlement

  24. Shelle Miles says:

    My first comment is similar to the claimant/person above. I was prescribed and purchased Provigil from 2007 – 2012, lived in 2 different states and just received notification of this law suit yesterday (March 28th, 2017) via the U.S mail. I personally know if I attempt to contact my old pharmacies in other states, if they are able (at all to find my old Rx records which I purchased Provigil), it would take at least 90 days. The claim form has to be received no later than April 13th, 2017. There is no guarantee that my previous pharmacies, would still have on file, my old prescription records which need to include the amount I personally paid for each.

    So can I leave the dollar amount listed BLANK on the Provigil Class Action Law Suit Form ?
    Or should I write in “Exact Amount Known by Medicare – Part D – Prescription Drug Plan” ?

    FYI….for the exact dates which I purchased the medications,
    I wrote in “Purchased between 06/24/2006 – 03/31/2012 and then wrote my Initials next to it.
    Hope this will be legally acceptable.

    In addition, I have another very IMPORTANT QUESTION:
    by signing the Release Paragraph on the Provigil Class Action Settlement Form,
    are we Waiving Our Rights to Potentially Participate in Any Future Class Action or Other Legal Law Suits For Those of Us (Like Myself) who also were prescribed and purchased Nuvigil, during the same time period (June 24, 2006 – March 31st, 2012) ?

    Hope someone will answer all of my questions, not just some of them.

    ADMIN – Hi Shelle,

    Call this number 1-877-236-1413

    • Tony Harris says:

      I want to see your answer to these questions instead of just keeping it private. These are important and I want to know.
      Because insurance paid the larger portion of the total cost – it still hurts society as a whole, as all of our insurance premiums went up the next year!

      ADMIN – Hi Tony,

      At Class Action Rebates we specialize in providing general class action info. We don’t have answers specific to each individual filing a claim.

    • Susan says:

      They don’t answer that number or emails & btw, how r we supposed to afford private lawyers when some of us have gone into debt over provigil or been able to get nothing done going without ? Ok, u only answer questions abt class action suits. 1. I thought a “class action suit” means the more plaintffs are a group of people all represented by the same Attys for the same problem? Also will you PLEASE answer abt whether anything at all needed to be filed by 4/13/17 still & what al the ppl do who couldn’t respond with an actual dollar amount? If u cannot help, pls tell me what agency defends our rights and pls do not tell me to hire my own Atty or call the number. I’ve been asking here for two days and up all night doing taxes and this. And btw, I also have a rare fatal illness and this is what I get for being a model USA citizen. FYI, I’m not stupid. I have a doctorate. What a waste my life has become. Please help us!

      ADMIN – Hi Susan,

      As a matter of consideration to your multiple health issues I will ignore your lack of kindness. Please remember that our website is a project that we do out of love. We don’t presently profit from it.

      1.There was an extension to the deadline meaning you don’t have to submit a thing by the original deadline.

      2. The class action attorney represent you for collective issues not for individual concerns. Class counsel has done their job in securing a settlement in your behalf, it is not the job of the admin to ensure the claims process goes through.

      3. Among the agencies that defend your rights as a consumer you may want to consider the FTC.

      Congratulations on holding a doctoral degree.

  25. Robert says:

    My wife was prescribed NuVigil during that time. The co-pays kept going up so she finally had to do without it. Are those rats going to pay us for the pain and suffering she endured by not having access to the drug she needed because they kept the price artificially high? Are they goint to be punished for producing a generic version that they sold at the same price as the brand name version because they were the only manufacturer?
    If we are lucky, we might get a couple hundred dollars. The lawyers will make millions, and they didn’t suffer at all. This is what we call justice.

    ADMIN – Hi Robert,

    Without the help of these lawyers you would not get a single penny.

    • Susan says:

      I thought I read there was a separate Nuvigil case before. I took it too but got no notice of a lawsuit. I asked the official website by phone messages & emails but no reply.

    • Amarti0234 says:

      Agree with admin

    • Jim Jones says:

      admin— u must be a lawyer.

      ADMIN – Hi Jim,

      I am not. I am a beekeeper, a theologian by training and a volunteer admin at this site 🙂

    • vernell says:

      I think a refund a couple of hundred dollars will only make it harder on high cost of insurance

  26. Suzzette Wagner Gornbein says:

    I lived in Michigan when taking provigil but I am now a resident of California. Am I eligible in the class action lawsuit

    ADMIN – Hi Suzette,

    The terms read: “All persons residing” if it read “All persons who purchased” I would probably guess that you qualify. To make sure contact the admin.

  27. Kimberly M. Kosch says:

    I’m still waiting for Walgreens and KMart to get back with me concerning Provigil, should I wait to send in my form or go ahead and send it in. Also, I was on Nuvigil should I include those copays in my paper work.

    ADMIN – Hi Kimberly,

    I highly recommend you contact the class action administrator with your question.

  28. Sally Stamos says:

    Are the dates required for each refill of Provigil that was purchased between June 24, 2006 and March 31, 2012?
    If an individual was prescribed Provigil for narcolepsy that is a long list of dates.

    ADMIN – Hi Sally,

    It looks like the form asks when you started taking the medication and when you ended.

  29. hilary says:

    I paid WAY more money after March 2012. Thousands more! It was the “generic” modafanil that I paid almost $5000 for out of pocket while my insurance paid just under $8000. I didn’t even fill it every month, I usually went without.

    If I join this class for purchasing between 6/24/06 – 3/3/12 does it exclude me from a future settlement for purchasing between 4/1/12 – 7/28/2016 when the generic form was still monopolized??

    the section “what are my other rights?” at the bottom of the first pg states,

    “If you purchased Provigil and/or modafinil through July 28, 2016, and you do nothing, your rights will be affected. If you do not want to be legally bound by the settlement, you must exclude yourself. If you do not exclude yourself, you will not be able to sue the defendants for any claim relating to the lawsuit.”

    It is confusing. Does this mean joining the class will automatically exclude me from this other pending litigation? it sound like I may get very little, so I don’t want to opt out of a future settlement that is for the time I paid quite a bit more.

    ADMIN – Hi Hilary,

    It is best that you consult with your lawyer if you need clarification.

    • Susan says:

      same for me! I’m still gathering up all my info from the entire period covered! Do u know if the deadline for sure was extended to June? The claim form has not been updated & I can’t get thru to a live person or reply from the class action website. There was no way u could meet the 4/13 deadline. Do u know if we had to submit anything at all by yesterday. I am very sick & all my $$ is going into medical treatment despite two health insurance plans. Provigil/modafil is not covered at all by my insurance now (despite my docs’ best efforts) & im rationing my dose & it’s made my quality of life much worse now. Thus, retaining an Atty is too costly even tho I’m over the poverty line. I won’t be if my meds continue to cost so much. Very discouraged & idk abt others but the April deadline even for healthier ppl was at a time most are finishing taxes & most of us have quite a few itemized deductions that make taxes take longer. Fortunately, I have a thing abt saving receipts & have gathered much of my medication receipts. I really need to know if nothing was due yesterday so I can stop stressing & take care of myself & taxes. Pls pls reply. Thank you so much! Ps sorry for typos. I have low vision & typing all this is hard. I hope u respond. Maybe we all need our own group Atty! Idk much abt that.. not my field. Thx. Sorry to struggle to ramble.. I do that when stressed!

  30. Sue says:

    I received 8 letters last week–about the lawsuit–all the same.. I presume that they get the info. that I took provigil from the pharmacy.
    1. It looks like I only need to return one completed form to be included in the class action claim. Is this correct?
    2. Two or three times, I bought some through a Canadian mail-order pharmacy ( US doctor faxed the pharmacy a prescription). It was a generic version. Can the amount that I paid the Canadian pharmacy be added to the amount that I paid to the US pharmacy as a baisis for the total amount as part of the lawsuit?

    ADMIN – Hi Sue,

    I believe it is only one form.
    I don’t think Canada is included.

  31. Marilyn says:

    I did not receive a letter about this Provigil class action lawsuit, but instead heard about it from a friend. I plan to submit the Provigil Claim Form as soon as the CVS administration responds to my letter requesting Provigil documentation. Is there another step I should be taking, or reason for not receiving a letter?

    ADMIN – HI Marilyn,

    You just need to file as instructed on the online notice.

  32. Lonnita Franco says:

    Would you please clarify the meaning of the statement “if you purchased Provigil through July 28th, 2016 you’re rights will be affected.”

    I have records for purchasing Privigil from 2007 through 3/31/2012. I plant to submit a claim, I just don’t understand the above statement.

    Thank you in advance for your help.

    ADMIN – Hi Lonnita,

    Basically what that means is that if you file and get paid you release your rights to a lawsuit in the future. If you do nothing you release your rights to a lawsuit in the future. If you want to take the company to court on your own you must exsorcise your right to object

  33. Noreen Channels says:

    I just filed my claim online. At the end, the notice said “Your claim number is.” — without a number being inserted!
    Can you email this claim number to me, please?

    ADMIN – Hi Noreen,

    I am not the claim admin. Please contact them directly using the info we provide under contact.

  34. Marilyn says:

    I sent a certified letter to CVS administration on3 -28-2017. I still have not received a written response from CVS, and they refused my request for verbal receipt information. Then on 4-10-2017 I called the contact phone number listed here, but could only leave a message with my name, phone number, and reason for call.:
    State AG Provigil Settlement, c/o A.B. Data, Ltd.,
    P.O. Box 173026, Milwaukee, WI 53217,
    Today, 4-11-2017, I left a second message to call, as I could not get a real person to talk to me. The only other option I have is to try and get information from BCBS, at which point my phone will ring busy. How should I proceed?

    ADMIN – Hi Marilyn,
    Consider contacting class counsel. Their info is on the long notice.

  35. Bryan K says:

    I just learned that the claim deadline has been extended by the judge until June 25 th? To verify, use Google to search for Provigil lawsuit extension. A copy of the judge’s order is also on the official website in the court documents section.

    • Susan says:

      Hi, Brian- yes, I heard this too,& saw the judge’s order, but the class action website hasn’t updated the form. I tried callinf but couldn’t get to a live person. One of the automated options did say the new deadline. I don’t know if it applies in every state. Do you? I searched google & didn’t find much &emailed the Atty general but no reply. Do you know if we must submit anything today & if so, what and what exact time & zone. I was told a few days ago by the lawsuit office to just estimate a$$ amount. I feel uncomfortable abt that but have been on it the entire time! If we submit an online claim tonight, can we revise it? Thx. Hope u or someone who knows for sure can answer my questions ASAP!

  36. Lorre says:

    I have contacted my pharmacy, who recommended I contact my insurance company. They will not reveal any information to me without a request from a lawyer. I contacted my doctor to get an dea of prescribed dates and I have to file a formal request to research my files which could be months. I’m not sure what else to do but to guess at dates and money spent.

  37. Kelly says:

    Greetings, I filed a claim online this evening, but did not receive a confirmation number or email. Was the claim form received?
    For reference, I did complete the information online and saw green check marks for each category.
    In the meantime, to confirm, I’ve been paying apx $20 a pill for years for this medication. The medication has had a positive affect on my life, and has been necessary for daily function, but over the years the increasing high cost has been a challenge.
    Like others, i struggled with the price, but was told to be patient, the generic would soon be available and the cost would go down.
    If I’m not mistaken there was some kind of prolonged court fight, and the company bought the other company that wanted to make the generic Provigil? Or something like that, I don’t remember precisely.
    What a shock after years of waiting and delay after delay of the release date for the generic medication, that when the generic was finally released ….it cost more than the Brand Provigil and my out-of-pocket jumped to apx $800 for 30 pills!
    Of course by then the company simultaneously released a new… slightly less expensive version of what appears to be basically the same medication called Nuvigil. Nuvigil was curiously priced at apx $20 a pill… basically the same price I had paid that previous month for its sister medicine Provigil before the price jump to over $800!
    My out of pocket costs for Providgil, Nuvigil and generic Armodofinyl, over the stated time period, totals approximately $24,000.
    I need to pull all the pharmacy records for those last 7 years, but I think the medication out of pocket costs ran between $3,600-$5,000 a year.
    For many years the medication wasn’t covered by insurance, and only recently has the cost been partially covered.
    Thank you for your time and consideration.

    ADMIN – Hi Kelly,

    I believe you are asking if the admin received your claim. I can’t answer that. You need to contact the admin directly using the information we conveniently provide under the subheading “contact”

    • Jill says:

      Kelly, I am in the same boat. Curiously though, Nuvigil gave me a bad reaction and I could only take the Brand name. Such a strange situation, I had to stop completely as I am on a very limited income. So sad too, as Provigil was the only thing that worked properly for my situation. Now I take 3 different meds to get the a similar result.
      I am unable to get al of my records from the pharmacy but am still going to give this a shot. It appears as though there are many of us.

  38. Colleen McDonough says:

    I received a notice (addressed to me personally) of the settlement action for Provigil. I purchased the medication once with a prescription. I want to know how my prescription record was made available to have been included in this notice of the right to make a claim. A response asap would be most appreciated.

    ADMIN – Hi Coleen,

    I can’t answer your question. You must reach out to the admin

    • Colleen McDonough says:

      Who is the “administration”? Can you direct me to their contact information?

      ADMIN – Hi Colleen,

      State AG Provigil Settlement, c/o A.B. Data, Ltd.,
      P.O. Box 173026, Milwaukee, WI 53217,

  39. Susan says:

    PROVIGIL FRIENDS- Can anyone please please clarify if the extended deadline of June means we didn’t have to file anything at all by April 13? The online claim form still liists the deadline as 4/13. Please reply!!!! Thank you so very much.

  40. Susan says:

    Maybe We should start a Facebook group about this to have a centralized place to share info. I’m not getting the info I need.

  41. Susan says:

    Btw, ATTN: moderators, can I please post my posts? U must Not understand how important this is to us. We are talking huge expenses & lots of confusion. If u say u help ppl, do it!

    ADMIN – Hi Susan,

    There is a Chinese proverb that you may want to consider. Don’t kick the honeycomb if you wish to extract honey from it. Be kind to the moderator.

  42. rachel says:

    I am curious if the moderator has heard any news regarding a similar lawsuit with the prescription Buprenorphorine aka subutex…I know attorney generals in all 50 states have filed a complaint or investigation against Roxanne, teva, hi tek, etc…I know this is a dif drug and am just reaching out. I currently spend 300 a month out of pocket and that is cheap compared to the year I spent $800. With insurance I was paying 270 at CVS. Anyway just curious if u know of anything pending or can inform me of some resources to use for info

    ADMIN – Hi Rachel,

    I have not heard of any pending class actions. Please remember that a high price for a particular drug does not necessarily mean that the drug manufacturer is doing something wrong.

  43. Joyce says:

    I’ve been using Provigil since 2005. My choices were, try Provigil or go on disability. I chose Provigil. I’m now retired, on Medicare and pay $800/month for supplemental insurance in order to keep the drug plan. Some pharmacies won’t be bothered to even stock it. The pharm I use now charges me $120/mo co pay but only gives me a 15 day supply at a time. Admittedly I cannot function without it but why “do they” make it so difficult and so expensive to get it? Upstanding citizens pay the price to feel well to be productive, yet the government spends millions on Narcon to help the drug addicted, nonworking opioid user! Now that’s a real dichotomy I’ll never understand.

  44. Robert Zimmer says:

    I have sent Robert Zimmer 449862609 and Alekos Zimmer Application for funds spent on Provigil and Nuvagil prescribe by our doctors

  45. cne virgin says:

    Not done so but agree with most all of you and that it is practically impossible to gain access to how much we paid at pharmacies excetera after so many years however after reading for there when you click on the detailed information above where it says if you want to download this it will list the claimants lawyers and perhaps that might be where we need to go I know one number in Columbus is 614-466-4328 it is the council the plan Estates at 150 East Gay Street 2nd 2nd floor if you want additional information I suggest you look above and read the entire docket I also believe that this does not include any lawsuits that might incur due to them breaking laws on monopolisation mop Monopoly station between individual provigil and its generic switch are all manufactured by the same drug company I’ve had problems with this for many years could only take it in and out off and on due to the prices and how overwhelming it was in fact provigil became more expensive when they made the Nuvigil version which is just taking out one ingredient I remember talking to my Pharmacy way back when and they just told me they had seven years and I keep renewing the things which is what does anti loss dude is about but I think it’s separate when it comes to the monopolization this is just a payout for what we paid but I could be wrong I’m no lawyer far from it and actually I’ve been taking provigil /and or Nuvigil since I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 1998

  46. Renee says:

    Im not sure what state the one of you that are having a problem getting records from CVS, i live in GA and i called home office, took a pic of my signature, emailed it to them and got my pharmacy records all the way back to 2006. I, of couse had to go through them and add up the provigil costs but i atleast got a close estimate of how much ive paid for this drug thru the years. Ive been on it since 2004 and have spent quite a bit. I noticed on one response that we will only be getting 5.26% of each $1000? But im not complaining!!! A little is better than nothing!!! Especially when i live on SSDI and SSI that the govt so kindly acts like its coming out of their personal accounts.

  47. Renee says:

    Can anyone tell me if we will be getting back what we paid in or just a percentage of it? After reading back thru that was about what to do in California.

    • Jim Jones says:

      California for one time is LEFT out!!

      ADMIN – Hi Jim,

      You are speaking too soon. Given the legal precedent related to class action settlements don’t be surprised if Californians get triple the money.

  48. Debra Maroney says:

    I purchased this drug in California (although I now live in Ohio)–please provide a link to claim form for those who purchased in California. As I understand it, those who purchased in California are covered under the Consumer Fund, rather than state. I have searched for the Consumer Fund claim form, but cannot find it.
    Please help.

    ADMIN – Hi Debra,

    That page has never come across my desk. When it does I will post it.

    • Rlee says:

      Would you please keep me in the loop as far as California being included?

      ADMIN – Hi Rlee,

      We will.

      • Rlee says:

        Thank you ADMIN:)

      • Jim Jones says:

        Rhee, as we all know, California is special, Oh they want to be trend setters in America. The rest of the country should go the way California goes. If you folks had your way, you would be your own country, the same as NYC,, I didnt say NY,, I said NYC. You people in California are often the ONLY ones who gets any attention, how does it feel to be left out?

  49. Julien says:

    I got the letter today and I really don’t understand. I see commercials all the time about lawsuits against pharmaceutical companies because people suffered from side effects that are listed in the prescription sheet. I don’t understand how people can hold a pharmaceutical company responsible for side effects that were listed as possible. Am I not responsible for informing myself and for the decisions I make, I guess not… then lawyers take half. It’s one reason that medicine costs so much… BUT, in this suit that does not seem to be the case and I can’t figure out what the suit is about (other than money). Could someone fill me in? What is this about? If the price was too high why did you buy it?

    ADMIN – Hi Julien,

    This is an antitrust case in which the defendant apparently found ways to delay the release of more affordable generic options which was against laws designed to protect consumers.

    • Rlee says:

      Hi Julien. In reply to your question, “If it was too expensive, why did you buy it?” Some may say, “So I can resell it at 100 times the cost to those that MUST have it. Maybe an addict, maybe to someone who just had a child and needs to stay awake during the first day or so. Maybe to a long-haul truck driver who might not want to fall asleep at the wheel.
      I’m being facetious Julien. However I do suffer from narcolepsy and sleep apnea. I can’t drink or take enough caffeinated products to keep me awake so, unless you know of a better way for me to stay awake, I don’t have the luxury of ‘just not buying it.’

    • Michelle says:

      Hi, in response to “if the price was so high, why did you buy it?”. For many of us, our condition is such that we can not function safely (like driving) or normally (without severe issues) without treatment. For many years, my insurance paid $ after my deductible… which was often over $1000 a year. It is sad that a company who creates such a helpful drug not only puts a huge price on it, but then finds ways to delay generics and/or demand high prices for generics when they come out. It has been a huge burden. I’m sure I’m not the only one.

  50. Matt says:

    I believe my late wife’s had been on this. I don’t have receipts , how do I go about filling out the forms or am I not covered under the suit as a surviving spouse?

    ADMIN – Hi Matt,

    Please reach out to the admin to see if you can claim on behalf of your wife’s estate.

  51. kathy says:

    I have been taking Provigil now take the generic for 16 years my insurance pays well. I only pay $5.00 so there is no need for me to be part of this lawsuit.

    • Speedway says:

      Did u think anyone wanted to know that.people put the silly stuff on a comments.if donot got to file.who cares and who wanted to know.

  52. betty godfrey says:

    I took Provigil and got a letter to fill and return . HOW TO GET PROFF INFO WHEN MY INSURANCE HAS CHANGED WITH DIFFERANT PYMACYS. Not sure wich it was at this time or how much I payed and dates?? and don’t remember what drug store as it has changed a few times too. thanks.

    ADMIN – Hi Betty,

    Do you best and go to the pharmacies that you do recall.

    • betty godfrey says:

      I have papers from blue cross insurance I had them send me, But it don’t show anything for 2006,2007,2008,2009 or 20010. Not sure even how long I was on it. Do I have to call Drug store when I am not sure the others I used or may have used. Not sure what others I used. Or just send in ones from 2004 to 2005?

      ADMIN – Hi Betty,

      I would get as much evidence as possible.

    • betty godfrey says:

      I know I used some other ones but what to do when I am not sure what OTHERS IT WAS IN 2006 TO 20012. OTHER PHARMACYS

  53. RO Roberts says:

    Just want to be positive on this. I submitted claim online in Feb. Today I received a blank claim form via USPS. Do I need to also complete and mail in the paper copy? Thank you so much.

    ADMIN – Hi RO,

    Is it a full form or a request for additional information?

    • RO Roberts says:

      It’s a full blank form with no letter or anything requesting additional information. Thank you.

      ADMIN – Hi RO,

      Fill out the form and send it using certified or registered mail.

  54. betty godfrey says:

    If I send paper back I filled out with out proof of purchases and so on. Will it be ok until if they ask for more proof ? As this will give me more time to get all of this together since it has been so long ago. If I can get all proof they ask for if they ask me to send more. ? ?? Also how will the money to me get to me ?? Check in mail ? or direct deposit?? Also how long will it be until I get it ? Thank you.

    ADMIN – Hi Betty,

    Provide as much info as possible when initially filing. When you are ready to add more info use your claim number as reference and send the new info via email or snail mail. The monies will be paid when the settlement is fully resolved. Most settlements are paid via check.

    • betty godfrey says:

      Thank you for info. Where is my claim number located on form ? If it is??

      ADMIN – Hi Betty,

      You receive your claim number after submitting the online form.

      • betty godfrey says:

        I wont be doing a on line form. I got paper form in mail to send back with info. So is this ok?? Also do I still have to do something online??? Like claim number ?? thank you.

        ADMIN – Hi Betty,

        If you are planning to submit via regular mail I guess they will send you a confirmation in the mail. I would send it certified just in case.

        • Chana Rumer says:

          They did not send me a confirmation for the form I sent them with certified return receipt.

  55. Char says:

    I filled my Provigil prescription at Eckerd’s pharmacy, which is now no longer existing. Does anyone know if the DEA or government agency who keeps records from 2006?

  56. Bsaver says:

    I have Narcolepsy, undiagnosed until 1998 and only then because I had to change my PCP. It has always amazed me how a medication so important to people’s lives and especially everyone’s safety could be so expensive. Thankfully my pharmacy can go back as far as 2010. The 10plus years prior will have to be a loss, the act of keeping the generic form of this from the public on purpose for personal gain is criminal…I would like to skip my provigil and take each of these pharm execs for a long ride down a curvy road in my car.

  57. Rlee says:

    I live in Northern California. Can anyone tell me;
    1. Why Ca. and La. were not included?
    2. Does anyone know if there will be an Anti-Trust lawsuit here?
    I guess I should call our State Attorney General’s office.

  58. Rlee says:

    Also, I was originally on provigil but switched to Nuvigil, then to Modafinil. Are all 3 the same?

    ADMIN – Rlee,

    Not the same.

  59. Michelle says:

    I have taken Provigil or Nuvigil since 2004. I received my letter today. I pray i have time to get numbers! I have to figure out which years I took which medicine (insurance usually forced my hand one way or another), and which insurance company I was with which years… and which pharmacy? (mail in, local, etc). not to mention records going that far back. This is going to be something…

    Does anyone know: If I have to estimate a dollar amount now and am asked for receipts later and the amount differs, will I be penalized? If I have to wait on copies to be sent from companies… They may not come in time.

    ADMIN – Hi Michelle,

    I would make it very clear that I am writing estimates.

  60. Clarissa says:

    MedCo only keeps records for 5 years. I took Provigil from 2000 to 2009 and my scripts filled through mail order pharmacy MedCo. They don’t have the records from the end of 2009 and back. My neurologist is uncontactible. How do I quantify or prove I was taking it during the 2006 to 2009 time period?

    ADMIN – Hi Clarissa,

    We have no idea how you can prove it. Perhaps you have old emails from Medco?

  61. llisa says:

    Lawyers and States will recover well from this…poor patients will get screwed……again. What a sham! 🙁

  62. Bradley G. says:

    I received the claim form in the mail and returned it awhile ago. When should we expect to hear something back?

    ADMIN – Hi Bradley,

    It will be a little while before this is paid out. They extended the deadline for submission

  63. Christine says:

    I have used the same pharmacy located in a grocery store since 1998. Ownership changed in 2014 and am finding it difficult to find proof of payment. The application doesn’t ask for proof. It does ask for a dollar amount and I will give my best estimation.

    Anyone else think it odd that you received the lawsuit application, in the mail?
    How did they get my address?
    How did they know I took Provigil 10 years ago?
    Who shared my private information?
    How did they know what prescriptions I had taken 10 years ago?

    Don’t worry about proof… they already know your claim is legit. Only scammers will need proof. In 2005, a National Prescription Data Base was created for controled prescriptions…. Provigil is Class IV.

    • Michelle says:

      They demanded proof shortly after my claim. And not enough time to find. And I tried very hard. No pharmacies I worked with kept records.

  64. Chana Rumer says:

    This website says claim needs to be submitted by May 2017, the paperwork sent to me says June 25, 2017. Which is it? Why are claim numbers asked for the drugs is the dates between 6/24/2006 to 5/31/2012 when I am still paying $50 per month for modifanil? Did I submit the wrong amount?

    ADMIN – Hi Chana,

    The deadline changed due to lack of participation. The dates for which you can claim remain the same.

    • Jim Jones says:

      The dates changed because the pharmacies of america didnt send out the notices to REAL provigil users. All they had filing was the freeloading liars from sites like this and others. It is true whether you want to admit the type of people who frequent these sites or not.
      They see BIG MONEY and NO PROOF and dollar signs light up in their eyes.

      ADMIN – Hi Mr. Jones,

      For this settlement you needed to prove your use of Provigil. No free ride. The deadlines changed because it was difficult for users to come up with proper evidence.

      • Jim Jones says:

        Mr. Administrator. you are an intelligent man. We both know that the majority of these people who see the word NO Proof and something of that nature will file a false claim in a heart beat. Some of these claims administrators will pay a claim off to your pet dog if you simply file it for him. Wanna try it? You can simplty return the check or not cash it, buy the point will be proven.Maybe not on this website, but the other one TCA, they go so far as to post a copy of the check they get, and we both know that the same person is not lucky every week to score a settlement on hundreds of suits. Then they do it on Facebook site too and their picture is there and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to tell what the demographics aree on our frequent filers

        ADMIN – Hi Jim,

        The redemption of settlements in relationship to the number of affected users tends to be pretty low. Some settlements are certainly a free for all but if they were not, the barriers would be too high for participation causing frustration for those who are truly entitled to monies.

        On the other hand settlements like this one have a more strict validation system to ensure the distribution is as fair as possible.

        It is not a perfect system by any means and there are those who abuse it. Eventually, as we move into a more digital economy the rules around settlements will get stricter.

        We live in a broken world and there will always be cheats. 🙁

  65. Lisa says:

    Once your claim is mailed in which I have already done how long will it take for me to hear back on anything?

    ADMIN – Hi Lisa,

    You will have to wait for the deadline to pass.

  66. Susan says:

    Is there some way to access the national drug database online? I still don’t have all my info. I’m very sick & have been struggling with medical complications one after another.

    Can I estimate it & update the total amount after submitting my claim?

    I know this is really last minute but im doing my best. Thank you.

    ADMIN – Hi Susan,

    I don’t think there is. and no there is no way to estimate until there is a total number of people making valid claims.

    • Jim Jones says:

      Thats the key word Valid…

      If they had handled it the right way they would have never put the notice out on places like here and top class action. They would have and should stuck to the mail outs only from actual provigil users from the databases of drug stores. advertising it here just promotes false claims to be filed. I know you hate I said that and will delete it,, but its true.

      ADMIN – Hello Again,

      I won’t delete it. The administrators of the settlement are not paying us to advertise. This is an independent project. In this case we are doing it as a public service. The class action administrator has done due diligence in trying to contact real users.

      • Jim Jones says:

        I see NOTHING wrong with you taking money from the lawyers, not the administrators, but from the lawyers and taking money that is out of their share the court pays them. Frankly I dont see how you field some of these questions from some of these idiots they are so stupid. My favorite type is.. OK i bought the product 2 years ago, sign me up,, when do I get my check? And they really expect a check after writing that to you. You should give those type people the phone # to your worst enemy and tell then to call them that they have their check!!

        ADMIN – Hello Again Jim,

        Patience is a virtue of mine 🙂

  67. Rita says:

    What happens if I just found out and I am past the deadline for putting in a claim form?

    ADMIN – Hi Rita,

    The deadline for this case was extended.

    • Lisa says:

      What was the extended date?

      ADMIN – Hi Lisa,

      It was originally a May date and it was changed to June.

  68. Patricia Hischer says:

    I received the initial form in April while I was away from home. I have been on provigil/Modofinil since diagnosed with narcolepsy about 2001. It’s always been a struggle to pay even the copays. I had to guess at what I spent. It’s now July and I haven’t heard a word. Should I be contacting pharmacies for proof or is it too late?

    ADMIN – Hi Patricia,

    Did you file the initial form?

  69. Patricia Hischer says:

    Yes I was in Florida at the time, my husband mailed me the form and I completed it online. I was running out of time. I became disabled in 2010 and had to pay $700 month for Cobra, finally I qualified for social security disability (after hiring lawyers). My doctor has always had to sign a petition stating I have narcolepsy in order to get it. But after a few months I am in “the donut hole” where insurance only covers 20% so sometimes I had to go without it. Provigil makes a big difference in my life, I have AFIB so cannot take amphetimine type meds. Provigil/Modofinil is a life saver for me but a costly one. I was on twice a day but now just one. I sleep a lot. Thank you for answering so quickly! Patty Hischer

  70. Kim Halbach says:

    I was given provigil, to help me stay awake at work, after my accidents on the job. The medication I was taking during the day was putting me to sleep at work, so my doctor gave me a script for provigil to take at 9:30-10am everyday. My accident was 9-5-07, and I was still taking it till, someone told me about this, need to contact my pharmacy for actual dates and cost that I paid. If not covered by insurance the cost is outrageous. Due to the cost, and not covered by my insurance. I was forced to skip some month, living off my disability, so need to prioritize my meds. Or, sleep through my life….!

  71. Amber says:

    I received a letter from the data collection company requesting more information regarding my claim in the State AG Provigil Settlement. Like many people I see commenting here, I relied upon pharmacy records for proof of the dates of my filled prescriptions and the prices I paid. However, the documentation that A.B. Data deems “acceptable” does not include pharmacy records! The letter I received says that acceptable documentation includes copies of itemized receipts (who on earth would have this 5 to 11 years later?), cancelled checks (who uses paper checks anymore for things other than rent/mortgage, car payments, or similar?), credit card statements (unless you kept old statements, they’re not going to go back far enough on credit card websites), or an EOB/Explanation of Benefits from your insurer. I was uninsured, and the other people who paid the most out of pocket will be also. It seems to me that hardly anyone will be able to provide documentation that meets the required acceptability. So who is all of the settlement money going to be awarded to? I feel like this is crazy. I also feel like it was very manipulative of the litigators to tell everyone to submit a claim without requiring proof, and remove yourself from any right to future legal action, only to reveal later that ultimately you will have to submit proof that very few of us will have available. They also have told me that you have to provide the documentation by August 12, 2017, which gives less than a month. Even for people who had some information on hand before, that is a tight deadline when you surely will have other responsibilities going on. I feel like it’s all another con, disappointment, and pile of dashed hopes. Provigil and its generics already ruined my life by pricing the drug so high the last years of my life without it (once it hit the $700s, I was pretty much out of the ability to afford taking it) have been a complete mess. This was just another similar offer of relief taken away: “Here’s a balm for your problems—nope, sorry, you can’t have it.” Only in doing this I realized I spent the price of a luxury car or the downpayment on a house on this drug, so I feel like even more of a foolish loser than I did before! Especially because if I could afford it, I’d still be spending the money on it. Having a functional life is just too valuable to pass up, even when it’s crazy expensive. This is how they strung us all along for so many years. I wish someone who understood that were working to secure some compensation for us, rather than these people who clearly don’t understand that it’s us, the patients, who paid the most, in money and in suffering.

    • Amber says:

      A reply to myself for others encountering the same issue: I contacted the help/support email and they said to send the pharmacy records, that they might count them. So just for anyone else who may only have pharmacy records, they may be accepted. MAYBE. Of course, for a few prescriptions, the pharmacy records didn’t show them or I couldn’t find the right pharmacy I guess, so I don’t even know what they’ll do about those, but considering I have solid month to month prescriptions recorded for years, I feel they should trust that I got those prescriptions. I still think it’s pretty ridiculous that they expect people to have these scrupulous records so many years later. A doctor’s note that they prescribed it for you continuously during that period (especially during the period or in states where you needed a new prescription each month) should suffice as proof.

  72. Carolyn Loven says:

    I just stumbled across this website showing different law suits. So today is the first I have heard of the class action law suit against the makers of Provigil. I had no previous notification. I know the deadline date of June 25, 2017, has passed, but is there any way I can still get included in the law suit? I was on Provigil/Modofinil from May, 2008 through July, 2012, when I was switched to Nuvigil.
    Thanks for your assistance.

    ADMIN – Hi Carolyn,

    Probably not but I encourage you to contact the admin

  73. Lou Ann Thompson says:

    I filed a claim form and yesterday received a request for additional information, which I have ready to send.

    My dilemma, I received TWO letters requesting additional information with TWO DIFFERENT CLAIM NUMBERS.

    Should I copy the paperwork twice and send to each claim number? I don’t want to file as a claimant twice. Is too much information better than inadequate information?

    Thank you

    ADMIN – Hi Lou,

    You need to contact the admin and tell them that you have two claim numbers and have your stuff consolidated into a single claim

  74. Janet says:

    I spoke to the pharmacy about giving me a printout showing that I indeed did pay for Provigil during that time frame. What they gave me was the exact same printout that I sent in. When I asked if there was anything they could print out showing that I paid with a bank card, cash, etc., they told me: “No. This is all you get.”
    It seems I’ve hit a dead end. Is there any more routes I could take to show proof? My bank records don’t go that far back and I sometimes paid cash. Please help!

    ADMIN – Hi Janet,

    Did you ever contact the class action administrator?

  75. Kathleen Browe says:

    I sent in the form I received in April.
    I have yet to hear back from anyone, nor have I been contacted for proof of purchases which I do have.
    Thanks for responding.

    ADMIN – Hi Kathleen,

    Send copies of your documents via certified mail to the class action administrator.

  76. Karen weickum says:

    My husband signed me up before the deadline. But did not send any thing else. Can I still do that?

    ADMIN – Hi Karen,

    Did he sign you up for updates or did he file a claim on your behalf?

  77. Patty says:

    I did receive a check in the mail, but there was no letter attached. I am wondering who is paying off the claim. Is it Health Advocacy Strategies, LLC?

    ADMIN – Hi Patty,

    Let me check with the admin.

    • Patty says:

      Any word? thanks for your help

      ADMIN – Hi Patty,

      Nothing at the moment.

    • Julie says:

      Really? That’s great!!!!! When did you initially submit your claim? Just curious of the time frames that i am looking at

  78. Teresa says:

    I mailed in the claim form by the deadline and it said they didn’t need proof of purchase at this time. Will they eventually request this?
    We were lucky when it finally went generic we only had a $25 copay for years until our insurance changed and modafinil/prodigil was considered a preferred drug regardless of it being generic which I think is fraudulent generic is generic. I would be happy to provide more information on this payer.

    ADMIN – Hi Teresa,

    I would start gathering all my evidence just in case they ask

  79. lisa mozuch says:

    I signed my sister up in 4/2017. We never received any other information. Is there still a pay out? If so when? Ty

    ADMIN – Hi Lisa,

    No payout yet.

  80. Julie says:

    When I first received the letter asking for further verification I had many many questions so long story short I called that 877 number and one thing the lady said to me that stuck out. She said anyone who’s claim is over $50,000.00 was sent verification letter.

    • RBN says:

      My claim is only a few thousand and I was sent a “Request fo Additional Information” today.

    • Michelle says:

      Just like RBN, mine was a few thousand and got the letter asking for receipts.
      got letter about the suit in May, with filing due date in June.
      Got letter end of 2nd week of July asking for proof… due Aug 12.

      Impossible, and I tried and tried. Like a part time job for a few days.

    • Amber says:

      Like RBN and Michelle, my amount spent was less (although more than RBN), and I, too, was asked for more information. I sent in what I had gathered (pharmacy records) and a letter that promised I wasn’t perjuring, etc. Mine was also due August 12th. I agree that it was like a part-time job, if not a full-time one! For the pharmacies that hadn’t provided information, I was literally looking on the Timeline on Google maps to see where the pharmacies may have been, their store numbers, everything. I lived in big cities, so in addition to the fact that most pharmacies don’t keep records beyond two years and that pharmacy companies keep buying other pharmacies, the actual brick and mortar stores are constantly changing. For some of them, the buildings aren’t even there anymore. I sent my information certified mail with return receipt, and never received my return receipt, but did confirm the delivery went through. Still, I later received another request for additional information. They said they had not received the first package, even though I provided them with the USPS information. So I had to do it all over again, pay another $12+ to send it with all the confirmations (I got that return receipt back, so they got it for sure). The worst part was opening the letter expecting a resolution and finding instead they hadn’t done anything and were saying I didn’t send anything. After all my work, I got cold chills and was freaking out. The re-do of my information was due September 18th, and I haven’t heard anything yet. I was just checking in here to see if anyone had gotten any news on their claims yet, but it looks like no one has gotten any resolution. I wish everyone else the best of luck. We were truly cheated and abused by the makers of Provigil, and we deserve better than even this. And by the way, in several of my emails to the Claims Administrator (who were helpful except for “losing” my proof documentation), I mentioned that a lot of people were not notified/left out of making claims, as comments here reveal. I see obvious magazine ads all the time about class action lawsuits, and I only happened to find out about this one because I am constantly looking to see if they lowered the darn price so I can afford it again. So I hope you who missed the deadlines also find some recourse in the future.

  81. Linda Labonte says:

    It was a very expensive medication. I too had to meet my deductible! It was awful. Now I know how the elderly feel when they have to choose between food or their meds. I’m sure that it didn’t cost that much to make it.

  82. Stephanie says:

    How can I add to my claim online?

    Can I only use snail mail, the 877 number, or email the address provided??
    I received a more info request letter I need to respond to.

    Also, a question asks, Did you have prescription benefits that paid for a portion of your purchase? There was about 1-2 months I was not insured. The other months I was insured and had a co-pay.
    SO,… how would I answer that? It is actually YES and NO. Yes insurance covered a portion, most of the time. And NO there was at most 2 months when a portion was not covered.

    ADMIN – Hi Stephanie,

    You need to reach out to the class action administrator with your questions

  83. PATTI Kessler says:

    I spent hours going through my Walgreens documentation on what Walgreens Corp office sent me on what I personally pd for Provigil and the generic version. It was about 4,000.00. I just received another letter asking me to redo what I sent in. This WAS the amount that I personally pd for these presc during the time period you listed in your letter.
    I do not understand what else you need from me. PLEASE let me know.

    Thank you.

    ADMIN – Hi Patti,

    You need to contact the class action administrator. Not class action rebates.

  84. Donica Schroeder says:

    I submitted a claim form before the June deadline but I have never heard anything from anybody. How do I know for sure my claim form was received?

    ADMIN – Hi Donica,

    You contact the class action administrator.

  85. Lisa mozuch says:

    Has anyone received any money yet

  86. Ramona says:

    Hi, have any payouts been mafe? When can we expect a refun?

    ADMIN – Hi Ramona,

    I don’t think this settlement has been paid yet.

  87. Pamela Neff says:

    I sent my claim in back in April right after I received the form. I have yet to hear anything. I see that some have received a letter asking for verification but I didn’t even get that. Wondering if I should continue to wait or should I contact someone. I did have insurance so the amount I paid was smaller than some have stated.

    ADMIN – Hi Pamela,

    If you are curious about the status of your claim you can always contact the class action administrator.

  88. Taye says:

    I received a notice requesting that I complete an out of pocket expense form. I sent the form in two weeks ago..What should I do at this time?

    ADMIN – Hi Taye,

    Now you wait.

  89. Bonita says:

    My son has taken provigil (2) 400mg daily since 2003- he was on my insurance until 2014. I have spent at least $16k ++ with deductibles and co-pays- I have doctor’s reports and some of my insurance details, but who would have saved every receipt back to then? I also sent a letter I sent to the attorney general in 2009 about this situation and have her response to submit. I received a letter dated August 29, 2017 on September 1st, asking me to prove my claim. The date it is due is September 18th- this is a terrible way to reimburse people for something like this. All this work for what? If you can claim your purchases you get 5.36% x let’s say $16000 = $857- maybe!!!

    ADMIN – Hi Bonita,

    We totally get your frustration but there is nothing we can do to help. $857 is better than nothing.

  90. John Sullivan says:

    I have submitted all official documents and on time. No response,no reply,no check!

    John Sullivan 1317 north V street #6 Lompoc CA 93436

    ADMIN – Hi John,

    Class action settlements work different than other transactions you may have processed in the past. On occasion it takes years for settlements to be finalized. I encourage you to contact the class action administrator to ask about yours.

  91. Sharon Aldridge says:

    I have filled out the required forms and sent them in before the deadline. When can I expect to receive my settlement? I need be i have the documentation of when I took Provigil and how much I paid.

    ADMIN – Hi Sharon,

    I currently don’t have any new info on this settlement.

  92. Anne says:

    I didn’t know about the claim in time, can I still make a claim

    ADMIN – Hi Anne,

    Sadly, no.

  93. Lisa mozuch says:

    This settlement is close. Why is there no payments sent out.

    ADMIN – Hi Lisa,

    The deadline has passed but the appeals process is still open. Until all appeals are resolved there will be no payments.

    • Lisa mozuch says:

      Do u know when that will be. And ty

      ADMIN – Hi Lisa,

      I don’t know. Appeals are not subject to deadlines. The appellants and the court can take as long as they need to.

  94. Dana kinder says:

    I filed the paperwork and send it in on time and I was just wondering where I can find out if I’m going to receive any money

    ADMIN – Hi Dana,

    Please forward your question to the class action administrator.

  95. Lawrence says:

    I filled out the paperwork and attached copies of the pharmacy receipts showing the medication, the payment made, the date the prescription was filled. I only used the receipts from 2006 to 2012. I got a second letter asking for proof of my purchases . I then called the number on the AG web site and was told that the request for proof was received when I sent in the pharmacy receipts. I was told that my claim has been recorded. What happens now?

    ADMIN – Hi Lawrence,

    Now you wait for it to be finalized and paid.

  96. cara rando says:

    I recently sent an email inquiring a bout this settlement a few days ago.
    I sent in the initial form required and then followed up with another request for more information which I included the print out of my pharmacy prescriptions with the cost.
    I followed through with this settlement because over the years I was upset with the cost I put out for this medication and it just “didn’t seem right” with the constant change with price gouging.
    The response I received was to give them my social security number and tax ID?
    That information was never requested on any forms and I was shocked at that response that I need to prove who I am ?
    This makes me question if this is even a legitimate class action suit.
    Now I’m giving this info I sent to my attorney to follow up. I’m sure he will tell you my identity without my social security number and tax ID.

    ADMIN – Hi Cara,

    Class action administrators can request your social security when issuing payments above $600

  97. Denise Topping says:

    I submitted a claim before the deadline with details from my pharmacy but have not heard back. How do I know if my information was received and if I will receive a settlement?

    ADMIN – Hi Denise,

    You can email the class action administrator to ask for confirmation

  98. Nick Perri says:

    Well spoke with someone today 11/14/17 at the settlement place told me 1 year from the date it was settled that’s when we should get are Check so like June of 2018 they said to start looking for Check they gave me my claim number if I have to call back to Check again in June if don’t get Check so it’s going to be a while 7 to 8 more months I thought it was 90 days after settlement but it’s not

  99. Nick says:

    Well spoke with someone today 11/14/17 at the settlement place told me 1 year from the date it was settled that’s when we should get are Check so like June of 2018 they said to start looking for Check they gave me my claim number if I have to call back to Check again in June if don’t get Check so it’s going to be a while 7 to 8 more months I thought it was 90 days after settlement but it’s not

  100. Carolyn Magnuson says:

    I filed claim; however, have not received request for additional information or documentation. ???

    ADMIN – HI Carolyn,

    Have you reached out to the admin?

    • Carolyn Magnuson says:

      I have not! I don’t know how to contact him or her.

      ADMIN – Hi Carolyn,

      Scroll up and look for the subheading titled “contact”.

  101. Deanna Williams says:

    I am getting ready to move. How do I go about changing my address with provigil, I have looked through the whole website and can’t find a phone number to call and change my address.

    ADMIN – Hi Deanna,

    You do it via mail using the address provided and sending your notification via certified mail.

  102. Cheryl Lynne Nichols says:

    I submitted a claim before the deadline with details from my pharmacy but have not heard back. How do I know if my information was received and if I will receive a settlement?

    ADMIN – Hi Cheryl,

    You can always reach out to the class action administrator. They can confirm if they have your files on record.

  103. Linda Herold says:

    When should I expect a settlement for all the money I was over charged? I filled out all forms on time. I live in Alabama and got all records from RiteAid.

    ADMIN – Hi Linda,

    This settlement is still in progress. No money yet.

  104. Fran Pavick says:


    Heard that we might hear more about the Provigil
    settlement in summer of 1918….how do u go
    about obtaining a claim number…few people
    mentioned claim number in comment section??
    Thank you!!!

    ADMIN – Hi Fran,

    Claim numbers were assigned when you submitted your claim.

  105. Roni Marino says:

    I put in a claim for provigil, a medication I have taken in large doses as prescribed for 20 years.
    I have received no communication in the mail or otherwise about the matter since.
    Please advise as to why this is so and reply here and by email as to what I can expect next.
    I completed claim months and months ago.
    Please include physical and email address for the Class Action Administrator.
    Why no follow up on the settlement with me?

    ADMIN – Hi Roni,

    The class action administrator does not have a physical address. Their contact info is as follows:

    State AG Provigil Settlement, c/o A.B. Data, Ltd.,
    P.O. Box 173026, Milwaukee, WI 53217,

    • Rhonda Turner says:

      I also havent heard anything since I filed my claim online I had my pharmacy info avail when I filed it, but it said not to mail it in yet,,,, I am in Tennessee….I have a claim number but havent heard anything else since and apparently from looking at this site, I am not alone just wondering which State your in

      ADMIN – Hi Rhonda,

      Please reach out to the class action administrator.

  106. Ann Marie Vasquez says:

    Ir is my understanding that a settlement has been reached. My claim was submitted in April of 2017. When can we expect payout?

    ADMIN – Hi Ann Marie,

    To get more specifics regarding the release of funds from this settlement please contact the class action administrator. Their number is posted above.

  107. Lisa mozuch says:

    Has there been any pay outs?

    ADMIN – Hi Lisa,

    Not yet.

  108. Shelly says:

    Has anyone heard when the payout might be and is it a percentage of what you claim

  109. Christine says:

    I received payment today!! Although it was less than one half of my submission. Not sure why though.

    ADMIN – Hi Christine,

    How much was it for?

    • Christine says:


      ADMIN – Hi C,


    • hj bruntsch says:

      christine, the amount is based on the estimate of what you overpaid, because of the companies fraud, not to reimburse the total cost of your medication. they soyld have made that clear from the start!

      • Christine says:

        Thank you for the info. Put it this way, regardless of what the amount was, I still require the drug and hope to some day be cured of MS! Just sayin

  110. hj bruntsch says:

    i just recieved a check! yeah! i wasnt really expecting it, because i live in california. its a percentage of the illegally overcharged amount. very pleased!

    • hj bruntsch says:

      i am wondering if this distribution is going to be taxable????

      ADMIN – Hi HJ,

      Given the amounts my guess is yes.

  111. gb says:

    My claim was not received apparently-I mailed it 2 months before deadline. what do I do

    ADMIN – Hi GB,

    Did you send it certified & kept copies?

  112. Liz says:

    I received my settlement check . It was for just over 25% of my total amount out of pocket for provigil. My insurance did not cover this medication. I’m pleased with the settlement.

  113. Joe Blow says:

    I called them on Thursday and they are sending checks in waves. The next round are being mailed on Monday 2/12, then another round will be sent, no set date on that one yet. She told me that since I live in Florida my check would be in the round after Monday. So be patient everyone.

  114. Holly O'Connor says:

    I got a check. I received Walgreens records after my initial estimate of out of pockets I incurred. My original estimate was based on what I could prove at the time of filing. Actual out of Pockets were much higher based on the records I received from Walgreens after the due date for claims. Much higher. Has anyone resubmitted amount of Claim forms based on a higher actual amount. Thanks.

    ADMIN – Hi Holly,

    I don’t think that is possible but you can always try.

  115. Bill says:

    I got a check in the mail for 924.34. The administrator said the claim was filed over the internet in 2007. I was in the hospital around 2007/ 2008 but don’t remember the exact date. I was in the hospital for a manic depressive psychotic episode and was put under a lot of drugs. If I have had any association at all with Provigil it was in the hospital because I don’t remember ever having to buy it at the pharmacy. I personally don’t remember filling any claims in 2007 but I’m thinking its possible somehow my name got filed because I was associated with it in the hospital or someone filed on my behalf? Maybe my Mom filed it, not sure? Either way I got a check and kinda want that money but don’t wanna get in trouble if I cash it and I’m also not interested in taking money that’s not justly mine. How do I find out how this claim occurred on my behalf? The administrator could only give so much info?

    ADMIN – Hi Bill,

    The administrator has specific patient records. I would suggest that you reach out but before you do that ask your mother if she filed on your behalf.

  116. Jean Cianci says:

    Kind of getting anxious and excited that some people have received checks. The amounts are different. Soon i hope!

  117. Karla Valentine says:

    What is taxability of the settlement?

    ADMIN – Hi Karla,

    That question is better answered by your CPA but everything tells me you are likely to have to pay taxes on it.

  118. Karla Valentine says:

    4325.40. Woohoo

    ADMIN – Hi Karla,

    Woohoo indeed!!!

  119. Carrie Johnson says:


    I received a check today but do not believe I provided any pharmacy records. I have tried to get them but have not been successful. Will information be requested of me even after the checks have been sent?

    ADMIN – Hi Carrie,

    I don’t think so.

  120. Jean Cianci says:

    4964.45 nice surprise. Got it today

  121. Amber says:

    I received my check on Monday or Tuesday (the mail was wet but it was luckily the check was dry!) and received just over 33% of my estimated out of pocket costs. However, I don’t know if my estimate was perfect. I erred on the side of caution. But I included all my records, so they may have tallied a higher total for me, and the percentage figure of a higher total would obviously be lower. I was only expecting (at best) about 8%-15% of the amount I estimated, so I’m pleased. It still works out that I paid enough per bottle on average for Provigil that I feel they got away with much more profit than they should, but I guess they also had to make all those payouts to the other pharmaceutical companies they messed with as well. It seems unfair that the people who had to take the drug received the smallest total settlement of all the legal settlements they made. And they should have done much more to publicize this. I only found out about it by happenstance, and I took Provigil for about 11 years. I hope anyone who missed the settlement finds some other way to receive compensation for their loss in the future. Good luck to everyone. And thank you to this website! It was a big help in understanding how class actions work.

    ADMIN – Hi Amber,

    Set the money aside. You may need it to continue paying co-payments. It seems like out of pocket gets higher and higher by the minute.

  122. Lori Dechene says:

    I just received 320.00. I take 30 250 Mg a month, since 2007 for narcolepsy. I was on provigil til 2012. Now I’m on the modafanil, but some months it was Nuvigil. Different chemistry for all three which has really messed with me.Pretty sure I was supposed to receive more than 6 % of what I paid ?

    ADMIN – Hi Lori,

    Contact the administrator if you provided evidence.

  123. janet says:

    how can i reach out to the administrator

    ADMIN – Hi Janet

    State AG Provigil Settlement, c/o A.B. Data, Ltd.,
    P.O. Box 173026, Milwaukee, WI 53217,

  124. JANET says:

    how do i reach out to the administrator ?
    email address or phone #

    ADMIN – Hi Janet,

    This administrator did not provide an email address. Here is their contact information

    State AG Provigil Settlement, c/o A.B. Data, Ltd.,
    P.O. Box 173026, Milwaukee, WI 53217,

  125. JANET says:

    i found an email address
    thank you.

  126. M. Reeves says:

    I totally forgot about this and received my check in February but I have one little tiny problem. It’s under a former married name.. I am remarried and I can not get my check cashed..
    Is there something that can be done? Is there a way I can have it direct deposited into a account?

    ADMIN – Hi M,

    You can take evidence to the bank of your prior name.

  127. Troy Riner says:

    I have received a check, but I did not submit a claim. How can I verify if this is real?

    ADMIN – Hi Troy,

    Did you use Provigil? If you did there was record of your use and you were included in the class automatically.

  128. DAVID LOUTHAN says:

    I never purchased this and just got a check in the mail for 1,331.72

    ADMIN – Hi David,

    Perhaps someone is making use of your identity.

  129. Kathy says:

    What happens to unclaimed funds for this settlement? I can’t remember if I took this particular medication but I never submitted a claim. I received a check in the mail and tried calling the number to find out more, but all they could tell me was the date/amount on the claim and that it was submitted online. If unclaimed money is redistributed amongst members of the class then I’m happy to return it, but if it is returned to the defendant then I’d rather donate it to a fund that helps people who are unable to afford their medications.

    ADMIN – Hi Kathy,

    It is either secondary distribution or donation to selected charity. It never goes back to the defendant.

  130. Wondering says:

    So checks are still being mailed? They said my claim was lost and they would investigate. Still waiting :/

    ADMIN – Hi W,

    As of last week some people were still receiving checks.

  131. Pam says:

    Is a second round of checks being sent out to those that cashed the first original checks sent out? My original check stub copy says void and subject to redistribution 90 days after issue date.

    ADMIN – Hi Pam,

    I don’t know the target date for second distribution.

  132. Susan Pollock says:

    On 9-20-17 I submitted my claim #60063835201 in thisclass action litigation. I have never heard anything back from them. I am able to provide proof for every purchase that I made during the time period in question.

    Can you help me find out why I’ve never received a check?

    ADMIN – Hi Susan,

    It is too late to escalate. This settlement was paid out last year and the administration has closed shop.

  133. Sue Stevenson Leth says:

    I was told I would receive my settlement for Nuvigil – that I’ve had to take for years – this month – Jan. 2021 –
    I was told than in December 2020. My Claim # was 65866122 for $17,000. dollars. My paper work was
    sent to AB DATA LIMITED for POVIGIL SETTLEMENT My paperwork was received by AB DATA LIMITED
    in Milwaukee, Wisconsin Certified Mail on Jan. 9, 2020.

    I have not received the check you said I would get this month.

    • Angelica (Admin) says:

      Hi Sue,

      Sorry, but there’s been a misunderstanding.  Please note that we ( are *not* the Settlement Administrator of this case. We only post opportunities for potential Class Members of various settlements on this website. If you want to an update about your check, please follow the claims link above. Please also check the settlement website for any updates on the issue moving forward, and/or contact the Settlement Administrator directly, if you haven’t already done so. The details are provided above; just scroll up. Thank you, and best of luck.