Class Eligibility

Class members are individuals who rented storage units from Public Storage within the state of Florida and who purchased self-storage insurance policies through Public Storage from May 1, 2010 through June 18, 2015.

Estimated Amount

Proof of Purchase
Case Name
Morgan, v. Public Storage Case No.: 14-21559-CIV-UNGARO District Court for the Southern District of Florida.
Case Summary
According to the plaintiffs allegations Public Storage deceived its Florida tenants by representing it would send the premiums collected through the sale of self-storage insurance to an independent insurance company instead the kept the majority of the monies in-house
Settlement Pool
AB Data, PO Box 170500 Milwaukee, WI 53217

41 responses to “Florida Public Storage Insurance Class Action Settlement”

  1. Kiwami Livingston says:

    Still paying

  2. shirley charles says:

    I had a storage in2010

  3. precious brooks says:

    yes i did purchase a storage

  4. precious brooks says:

    ok… please keep me updated

  5. Will Miller says:

    Yes , back in 12/15 keep me inform.

  6. nancy linville says:

    I rented from Extra Space Storage in 1/14. Is that the same thing?

    ADMIN – Hi Nancy,

    If Public Storage and Extra Space are two different brands.

  7. Nicole Gamez says:

    Yes 2 diff units I had

  8. t warringer says:

    yes, I rented a unit at public storage

  9. Saralyn Brinkley says:

    Yes i purchase a public storage back in Oct 2011 thru Nov 2013

    ADMIN – Hi Saralyn,

    The deadline for this settlement has passed.

  10. ALMA WILSON says:

    Has there been any payouts to this settlement yet? I filled out the claim form and have not heard anything yet?

    ADMIN – Hi Alma,

    There is currently an appeal pending in this matter before the United States Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit. The distribution of the Settlement Fund to eligible Class Members cannot proceed until this appeal has been resolved.

  11. Patricia Morris says:

    Patricia Morris. It seems as if we should hear something. I’ve never heard anything after I filed my portion. I only have a email recite when I contacted the representative. Also I sent receipts of all my charges from 2010 to present.

  12. Sarah Trottman says:

    Any news about the settlement?

    ADMIN – Hi Sarah,

    There is currently an appeal pending in this matter before the United States Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit. The distribution of the Settlement Fund to eligible Class Members cannot proceed until this appeal has been resolved.

  13. yalonda Williams says:

    Pls can someone let me kn will I be included. I submitted my inform . Haven’t heard anything yet .

    ADMIN – Hi Yalonda,

    Kindly contact the class action admin.

  14. Artese harden says:

    I was told I would have my check by April 2017 and I haven’t received it yet.

    ADMIN – Hi Artese,

    Who told you that?

  15. Alice Perez-Diaz says:

    Yo soy miembro de la clase mi direccion 3975 W 16 Ave Hialeah, FL 33012

    ADMIN – Hi Alice,

    Did you file a timely claim?

    • Alice Perez-Diaz says:

      Si! Necesito notificar mi nueva direccion: 3975 W 16 ave Hialeah FL 33012, ya yo no vivo en 3205 W 16 ave lote B 36.

      ADMIN – Hi Alice,

      You send your change of address to

      AB Data,
      PO Box 170500
      Milwaukee, WI 53217

  16. Alice Perez-Diaz says:

    Si, me lleno la Aplic., el Abogado
    Primero, q dejo el caso.

    ADMIN – Hi Alice,

    Then your best source is to contact the attorney.

  17. Alice Perez-Diaz says:

    Favor de comunicar a ese P.O. Box mi cambio de direccion, yo no tengo ni un centavo hasta el 1o de Junio. Las Gracias anticipadas!

    ADMIN – Hi Alice,

    I can’t do that for you. You have to do it directly with the class action admin.

  18. Alice Perez-Diaz says:

    Cuando van a comenzar a llegar los Cheques? Se sabe algo?

    ADMIN – Hi Alice,

    I don’t know.

  19. Alice Perez-Diaz says:

    En que estan trabajando los Abogados de la Clase? Despues de tirar confettis, queremos nuestro justo reembolso! Eso fue un abuso ademas de una violacion! Yo proteste, pero el Manager Guido dijo es la Cia.

  20. EGC says:

    I just spoke with the law office that settled this case. Seth Miles and David Buckner. 1-800-964-8003. I was told that checks will be going out all summer. I too have not received anything as if yet, but I guess with so many people in this class action, it will take time to send out all those restitution checks. By the way, the lawyers have nothing to do with the checks, they are sent out by Claims Adjustor, (not sure who or what that is).

  21. EGC says:

    I attempted to view, and it says that my IP address has been blocked. I tried from both mobile device and PC. Just wondering if this has happened to anyone else? Very strange!!

    ADMIN – Hi EGC,

    Where you using a VPN?

    • ECG says:

      No VPN, but it was my browser that was causing the issue. I was able to access the site later on that day. Thank you.

  22. Anthony jones says:

    This just don’t make any sense after all those years.

  23. Lawrence Burns says:

    I Haven’t Received any Info About the Outcome of the Suit.
    Appreciate Some Kind of Results

    Thank You
    Sir Lawrence

    ADMIN – Hi Lawrence,

    At this point nobody has received a check.

  24. Robin says:

    I sent my paperwork in also. I haven’t received any notices or nothing. I’ve had a storage with them for some years. Hopefully, we will hear some good news. Every little bit helps.

  25. Younda Allen says:

    I didn’t receive any notice,

  26. Jennifer says:

    I received a $50 check today.

  27. CW says:

    I received my check on Saturday 6/24/17 so they are mailing them out.

  28. Antoinnette Cody says:

    Really I lost almost 3,000$ and they only gave me $50 did anyone receive more than that please let me know.And how come we didn’t get close to what we lost and they settled for 5,000,000 wow really

  29. ECG says:

    I received my check yesterday! ??

  30. Will Miller says:

    Hello how can I get in contact with the person who issuing out the check to make sure they have my address so they can mail me my check?

    ADMIN – Hi Will,

    By writing to AB Data,
    PO Box 170500
    Milwaukee, WI 53217

  31. Marlo Byrne says:

    Hello, I have a claim ID # and haven’t heard anything from anyone. I am also still being charged $9.00 a month for insurance. Wasn’t that supposed to end once we filed? Who do I reach out to for a more comprehensive response to these questions in addition to others I have?


    ADMIN – Hi Marlo,

    According to the official page for this settlement the case is under appeals with no timeline in the horizon. As for your insurance I would suggest you contact the storage facility.

  32. Lou Murray says:

    I Filed My Claim In A Timely Manner But Havent Heard A Thing. Voicemail Still Says The Claims Adjuster Is In The Process Of Verifying Claim Submission.

    ADMIN – Hi Lou,

    The admin changes the recorded message once there has been some progress. You can always contact class counsel if you feel you need to escalate the delays.

  33. Lori whitlock says:

    Just came across mail that was lost and we ha da check in it that states not valid after 90 days it is for 131.00 I called the number given and told they have closed this case and cannot issure che k that the account is closed and therefore the courts can do nothing. I am disappointed as it am due the money.

    ADMIN – Hi Lori,

    All settlements have a time period in which to cash your check. If you fail to do so the funds become part of a secondary distribution or are given to charity depending on the terms of the settlement.

  34. Irene Milman says:

    I received a postcard notice with claim number about 4-5 years ago and I filed my claim right away. To this day, I have received absolutely nothing aside from the original notice.

    ADMIN – Hi Irene,

    This was paid out many months ago. At this point all the funds have been distributed and you are unlikely to have any legal recourse.

  35. Irene Milman says:

    Out of curiosity, why wouldn’t I have received a settlement check if I received a notice of eligibility? And if somehow my check was lost in transit, can I at least find out how much my share was? Thank you.

    ADMIN – Hi Irene,

    This late into the game you won’t be able to find out a thing since the admin has closed shop.

  36. Shanice Walker says:

    Is there any information on what is the lawyers name?

    ADMIN – Hi Shanice,

    Class counsel for this case is

  37. KENDRA GRAM says:

    I need an attorney because my storage was broken into 5/18/20 and the insurance company is giving me the run around I NEED HELP PLEASE

    • Angelica (Admin) says:

      Hi, Kendra. Sorry to hear that, but we are not a law firm. We cannot help you get an attorney. We are only a class action newspaper. You may have better chances enlisting the help of the Settlement Administrator’s office. The details are above. Just scroll up.