Class Eligibility

All living persons within the United States (1) who received a phone call from Defendant during the Class Period to a number assigned to a cellular telephone service at the time the call was made, (2) where the number was uploaded to and dialed by Defendant’s telephone system, and (3) who did not give his or her express consent prior to such call being placed.

Estimated Amount


Proof of Purchase

Tel #

Case Name

Tannlund v. Real Time Resolutions, Inc.,
Case No. 1:14-cv-5149 N.D. Ill
District Court of Northern District of Illinois, Eastern Division

Case Summary

Plaintiff alleges that she received telephone calls from Defendant to her cellular telephone in connection with the servicing of a debt that she owed using an automatic telephone dialing system or a prerecorded or artificial voice and that she had not provided consent to the receipt of such calls to her cellular telephone, and that these telephone calls violated the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (“TCPA”) 47 U.S.C. § 227. Plaintiff contends that Defendant made similar calls to a class of similarly situated individuals. Defendant denies these allegations and maintains that it did nothing wrong.

Settlement Pool





annlund Settlement
c/o ILYM Group Inc.
P.O. Box 130
Tustin, CA 92781
Phone: (855) 868-1194
Fax: (888) 845-6185

56 responses to “Real Time Resolutions TCPA Class Action Settlements”

  1. wesleycovert says:


    ADMIN – Hi Wesley,

    You file a claim by clicking on the link that reads: “click here to file”

    • Jennifer Randal-Thorpe says:

      These robo calls are quite annoying. There should be better control to prevent these annoying telephone calls.

  2. Shirlee Abdulhafiz says:

    Received several such calls during the time between later part of 2015 thru mid-2016 whereas I was able to block such calls after getting a new, update phone

  3. Barbara Betz says:

    YES constantly getting calls regarding my student loan which has already been forgiven.

    • Cathy Rodriquez says:

      I get those to all the time. I do not like it i hang up on them all the time I’m getting to where I don’t answer çalls I don’t know that’ go[d.


    I have had them call me so many times. I continue to dispute these calls and they pretty much do not care. This company is dispicable.

  5. Joyce Freeman says:

    Call me . When ever they wanted

  6. Willie McClinton says:

    Please send me the form I must fill out pleasr

    ADMIN – Hi Willie,

    We don’t send out forms. You must use the link provided.

  7. Doris e Lee says:

    I have received a lot.of calls from magasine co

  8. Fernanda says:

    I have been receiving this calls over and over again !

  9. Brenda Herd says:

    I even put my number in the do not call registry.

  10. Gail Gerald says:

    I received too many of these calls!

  11. Judy Giannone says:

    had enough of these credit card calls, calls that I have won something, calls from pretty much every state that I owe for this and that, calls wanting my ss number. hang up calls from 1888 or other and calls for donations etc etc etc. Most of these calls do not have good English. I could go on and on. these calls are all day long ,every day.

  12. Rebecca Harwell says:

    Way too many calls!

  13. Brandon Harwell says:

    How did they get my number?

    ADMIN – Hi Brandon,

    Normally because they had a debt transferred which belonged to you.

    • Mystry says:

      Admin, just FYI, the debt is believed to be his. Not necessarily true. I have gotten calls from places like this that are not my debt. That is a whole other issue though. Just thought maybe you should clarify your response.

      ADMIN – Hi Mystry,

      You are correct. Some of us have received calls for debts we do not have. In general, however the phones are added to the list under the assumption that the owner of the phone has a debt.

  14. Colleen Ann Cuthair says:

    I received my notice in the mail and HOW DO FILE A CLAIM?

    ADMIN – Hi Colleen,

    You follow the instructions after you click on the link that points to the claim form.

  15. Nicole wilhousky says:

    Both myself and my husband has endured many calls, even after the addition to do not call. We have “won” a few times.. What, I still have no idea. ??

  16. Jewel B Mitchell says:

    Yes I have received several calls and I register my number on the do not call list.

  17. Michelle says:

    Can we submit even if we hung up after 10 seconds but probably received half a dozen calls?

    ADMIN – Hi Michelle,

    You hanging up is irrelevant. If you got called and meet all other criteria you are a class member.

  18. Stella G Jones says:

    I have received several call , several times a month and would like to become a part of this claim

    ADMIN – Hi Stella,

    To submit a claim please use the link we provided above.


    I keep the same call from this company,it seems to be prerecorded

  20. David Perlin says:

    I am thankful for caller ID. I can avoid calls like these referred to on this site.

  21. Dan Stafford says:

    I receive calls but I have or owe nothing ?

    ADMIN – Hi Dan,

    If you received calls you are still a member of the class.


    These robo calls are quite annoying. There should be better control to prevent these annoying telephone calls.

  23. ELYSE L FARBER says:

    I get these calls all the time. How can I find out if this particular company has called me?

    ADMIN – Hi Elyse,

    Normally because you remember what the agent said

  24. Tiffany says:

    Have received calls but on a previous cell phone num.

  25. Tiffany says:

    Received phone calls frequently on a previous cell num

  26. Patricia Curran says:

    I get at least 40 robo calls a week. Some threatening that if I do not call back within 24 hrs I will suffer the consequences.

  27. DarleneTaylor says:

    I get about 4 calls a week.. thank you

  28. Veronica Pantuso says:

    Receive Phone calls daily!!

  29. DarleneTaylor says:

    receive robo calls often thank u.

  30. Shannon Scagel says:

    I recieved a check in the mail for 19.00. My name is Shannon Scagel can someone please get back to me in reguards to this case.

    ADMIN – Hi Shannon,

    We are not the class action admins so we can’t get back to you.

  31. Margaret trotter says:

    Received calls very often and it was nerve wrecking thank u

  32. Barbara A. Stunden says:

    Exasperating to say the least. After fractured femur and house bound I constantly receive these “robo calls” . Should be outlawed!

    ADMIN – Hi Barbara,

    Did you fracture your femur while trying to answer the phone?

  33. Jodie h says:

    How do you know if you got calls from this particular company

    ADMIN – Hi Jodie,

    I usually remember who calls me.

  34. Ana G Rodriguez says:

    how do I file a claim I have received several phone calls they have also visit my house several times that’s me telling them not to come again

    ADMIN – Hi Ana,

    Claims are filed using the link provided. You click on the link before the deadline and complete the form. You then hit submit.

  35. casey says:

    if the calls were placed after 04-10-2017 what can be done….if anything?

    ADMIN – Hi Casey,

    You could call the FTC and report them.

  36. Heather says:

    After I click to submit I don’t get any confirmation that my submission has been received. The screen just seems to refresh and all the fields are blank again. How do I verify that my submission has been received?

    ADMIN – Hi Heather,

    By contacting the class action administrator.

  37. Barbara B says:

    Where can I find the link for the class action lawsuit?

    ADMIN – Hi Barbara,

    Scroll up.

  38. LESTER B says:


    ADMIN – Hi Lester,

    It sounds like you are a class member.

  39. LESTER B says:

    I was get many phone call at late hours

    ADMIN – Hi Lester,

    Late hours are even worst.

  40. LESTER B says:

    I want to know how the TCPA class action settlements are coming a long

    ADMIN – Hi Lester,

    Many of the TCPA settlements are progressing nicely.

  41. LESTER B says:

    I want to know if I get the TCPA settlements

    ADMIN – Hi Lester,

    Which TCPA settlement?

  42. LESTER B says:

    The REAL Time Resolutions TCPA Class Action Settlements

  43. Char says:

    Has the final court date passed yet?

    ADMIN – Hi Char,

    It appears the final fairness hearing was scheduled for August 23 2017

  44. LESTER B says:

    I want to know did I get some of the Real time Resolutions TCPA Class Action Settlements

    ADMIN – Hi Lester,

    I don’t understand your question. Please clarify.

  45. LESTER B says:

    .How can I find out about The Real Time TCPA Class Action Settlements

    ADMIN – Hi Lester,

    You could click on the link that leads to the official page. Just scroll up to find it.

  46. Rebecca Anderson says:

    I received a check in the mail for the Tannlund v. Real Time Resolutions Class Action Settlement and I want to make sure this check is Legit how do I do that

    ADMIN – Hi Rebecca,

    You can verify the legitimacy of a check by taking it to a bank.

  47. Char says:

    Has the final hearing happened and what were the results of the hearing? I see no updates on the website.

    ADMIN – Hi Char,

    People are getting checks for about $40

  48. Susan Fairchild says:

    I received a check on 10/25/17 it looks strange though. Not sure I want to deposit it. Has anyone else received a check and if so any problems?

    ADMIN – Hi Susan,

    If your check looks like a postcard it is probably the real thing.

  49. Char says:

    I have yet to receive anything from this settlement. Who do I contact?

    ADMIN – Hi Char,

    You contact the class action administrator.

  50. bob west says:

    i have received no check, nor have 2 friends i have in Kansas. Called and left my # 5 days ago. No answer. I have the claim number. Looks like they must be thieves and scammers. I know many others have this problem, too.

    ADMIN – Hi Bob,

    Contact class counsel.

    • bob west says:

      2nd reply-the one i put on here yesterday it was not allowed on here, obviously. So i will put these comments all over here -every day. lym group skimmimg money. They do not return calls and their email is not functional. They are robbing us. This is a fact.

      ADMIN – Hi Bob,

      Have you tried reaching out to class counsel? I doubt they are robbing you. Most issues related to class action amounts are merely the class member’s inability to fully grasp the complexity of the terms.

  51. Em says:

    Were all checks distributed at the same time?

    ADMIN – Hi Em,

    I don’t think so. It takes more than one day to distribute.

  52. Charline says:

    This is the phone number of the lawyer for this settlement his name is Mark Ankcorn phone number 321-422-2333 out of Orlando Florida.

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