Class Eligibility

Purchasers of Red Bull Energy Drink between January 1, 2002 and October 3, 2014

Purchases must have been made in the United States.

Estimated Amount

$10 or $15 in vouchers for the purchase of Red Bull Energy Drink

Proof of Purchase

No Proof of Purchase Needed

Case Name

Benjamin Careathers v. Red Bull North America Inc & Wolf, et al. v. Red Bull GmbH et al,
Case No. 1:13-cv-08008 & Case No. 1:13-cv-00369
U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York

Case Summary

Red Bull is accused of false advertising for claiming their beverages give the consumer wings

Settlement Pool





Energy Drink Settlement
c/o GCG
P.O. Box 35123
Seattle, WA 98124-5123
Toll-Free: (877) 495-1568

222 responses to “Red Bull Class Action Settlement”

  1. Chantel Turner says:


    • ANN SENERCHIA says:


    • Pawel says:

      The best way to get up

    • Emily. B says:

      Why is the settlement offered to each indivudual so small? a single can of redbull can cost up to 3 dollars, the larger ones almost 5 in Oregon. As a consumer of this product, if infact they were dishonest and their drink does not deliver additional energy in comparison to that of cup if coffee, then I would like to have more than 10 doas returned. is there any way to prove how many I purchased in order to receive more back?

      • Stevan Velasquez says:

        100% percent agree with you

      • Rev Robin says:

        Because the atty’s get at least half of the settlement (in fee’s for their services) BEFORE the remainder is split between those ACTUALLY AFFECTED!!!!!! That’s why attorney’s LOVE these class action suits.

      • Coach says:


      • Clamato says:

        That is because it is a CLASS ACTION. You can exclude yourself, hire your own attorney and sue red bull yourself. make sure you have the proof of each purchase. the mooney for your legal representation is out of your own pocket.

    • Robin Irwin says:

      Benjamin Careathers did you really think it was going to give you wings???

      • VANESSA ROBISON says:

        hahahahahahahha good one!!!

      • Raymond Kidwell says:

        I’m gonna sue ax body spray because the commercial says that a bunch of hot women will chase me if I use it. It hasn’t happened yet. False advertisement. And Coors Light never causes a big train to smash through the wall and for it to start snowing everywhere in the middle of summer.

    • Christine says:

      Well I received Sugar Free Red Bull that I do NOT drink, I didn’t want this type and the check was a good one in the amount of $4.25?? According to the suit I was under the impression that it was supposed to be for $10.00?? And they never mentioned the Sugar Free Red Bull that doesn’t cost the amount that they are stating for 4 cans??? What happened to this where it states we all would receive either the $10.00 or $15.00 in a form of a voucher..??!!! A 4 pack doesn’t cost $15.00 so I feel we are all going to be left in the cold.. WOW

  2. Linda sullivan says:

    Love my red bull

  3. Andrew nolan says:


  4. Samntha says:


  5. linda horen says:

    hi I am just contacting you to let you know that I have at least 2 red bulls a day where I work at I have one at first break and than again about 3 I the afternoon ugg but I will continue to drink them I think

  6. Frederick Schultz III says:

    I drink red bull almost everyday and give it thumbs up

  7. Dawn Hintz says:

    Please send my settlement

    Please use the link above to file a claim directly with the Red Bull claim administrator.

    • Patricia says:

      Dawn, surely you have SOME knowledge of the internet. Click on the class action website (A WEBSITE IS MADE FOR EACH CLASS ACTION SUIT AS REQUIRED BY THE COURTS) and click on submit/file a claim.

      CAR owner, how do you not get frustrated with the numbnuts who post here?

  8. jaxon curtis says:

    i drink redbull after school allmost everyday

  9. Rick Buie says:

    Purchased 3 to 4 times a week.

  10. sabrina spencer says:

    i drink atleast 1 a day

  11. JUlie Gardner says:

    I have been buying Redbull for years!

  12. rebecca says says:

    perhaps this drink doesn’t affect many of you, but a person it is not good. My grand daughter at the start of high school started drinking these drinks, Red Bull is not the healthiest drink for her and she is all wired up from this drink.
    I reallly don’t won’t a voucher and I don’t want her to drink Red Bull ever again. If I could get even a percentage of my money back it would be appreciated. I can’t have caffeine and let me tell you this drink is more than I can handle and I’m an adult.

    • Jenne says:

      Wait, let me try to understand this better. You say you bought these for your grand daughter, and that they worked on her, but are requesting money back instead of a voucher? But also say you don’t want her drinking them, and from the looks of it, you are the one buying them for her?? And even more stupid is the fact that you are requesting money back in the comment section, lmao. No, you’re not special and won’t get and cash back for the redbulls you willing buy for your granddaughter that you state do WORK for her. You comment is the dumbest thing I’ve see all week.

  13. josh faires says:


  14. tim hyames says:

    Ill take my check thanks

  15. Ryan says:

    Purchased many redbull throughout October 2013- June 2014 to aid as a roller derby ref. Disagree with red bull slogan

  16. Latoya stewart says:

    Drink all the time

  17. Robert Quintua says:

    Was Actively taking Red Bull for several months.

  18. Nicole Hernandez says:

    Still drink 2 Red Bulls a day and use to drink 4 Red Bulls. I will gladly take my money back. Thank you

  19. Stephanie Dickerson Marsh says:

    I have been drinking these since they came out . I used to drink at least 2 or 3 a day from Wednesday till Saturday so I could stay awake at work and go out to the club at night. Now I drink maybe 2 but cause I think I’m hooked or just immune to them.

  20. Ranata Smith says:

    This is crazy. I have been drinking red bull since it came out. I still drink red bull. This is not ok. I even drink it with alcohol

  21. Anita Cordova says:

    I usually drink Red Bull when traveling to keep me alert while driving. sorry…

  22. Rachel Hembree says:

    I don’t drink energy drinks very often from the crash that happens when they wear off :/

  23. King POTUS says:

    It’s not MAGIC, you guys. It’s just a ton of caffeine to wake you up. In that regard, it works well. I’m looking to score some free product, kick ass hell yes.

  24. Virginia says:

    Red Bull gave me no energy!!

  25. Lucifer says:

    You’re telling me, Red Bull doesn’t really give you wings???

    Nope! No wings. Sorry to disappoint you. Now file your claim.

  26. Kristal Newmark says:

    red bull doesnt work

  27. Amy Santoro says:

    My teenage son purchased these. Horrible side effects. Worse than caffeine. Mood swings, jittery and weight loss. Should not be sold to minors!

  28. anonymous says:

    How can you people really be astonished? It’s a friggin caffeine drink, not a magic potion.

    Oh, and yeah, posting “Send my check” on a forum, without filling out the claim form …. brainiac.

  29. Colette Bryant says:

    Red Bull drinks never gave me energy. Just ME NERVOUS.

  30. Chad says:

    Can I have wings in the settlement. Keep the money I want to fly.

  31. Kimberly says:

    My sister had always worked out at the gym a lot and been very active and physically fit. There has never been any history in our family of any health concerns or any other prohibitive reason for any of us not to become involved or participate in something.

    However, I remember way back and eay on when Red Bull had just been on the shelves and marketed for a short amount of time, and when physicians or others began making medical statements in precautionary warning about all concerns for the sports drink being rumored or discovered to cause a “fast heart rate” and or severe “inability to sleep”, in addition to other related side effects of similar nature.

    Long story short, this was right about the same time as unknown person in the state of California was said to have suffered the condition of a stroke as a direct result of drinking Red Bull Sports Drink. I also do not think this poor person in California lived as a result of the stroke caused to them.

    It was during this same time that my younger sister, who was then in her early 20’s, and also in perfect health, without a medical condition of any kind, illness, family history, or any other related concern or event, to speak of when she suffered a very severe, paralyzingly, and permanently disabling stroke, of which immediately required several emergency brain surgeries, and months in the hospital lying in a coma, and etc just to begin, and for purposes of starting to describe her extremely unfortunate situation, circumstances, and story. (Further details, explanation, and elaboration of all other consequences suffered on behalf of her previously perfect health, as well as all related sacrifices, damages, and all other loss of opportunities which have since been suffered and experienced by certain and select family members whom also remain affected (from date of initial injury throughout some unknown date in future to come).

    When my sister suddenly suffered from a stroke, she was in prime of her life, had just previously graduated from college with a business finance degree and was thriving in her self earned career as a mortgage broker. In fact, she had just managed to earn her very first luxury sports car (2-door sport Mercedes), and which had just recently been purchased (a few short weeks before suffering a stroke for no explainable (and all unknown and undiagnosed reasons).


  32. valerie davis says:

    Red Bull just made me sick to my stomach and no energy as stated.
    My 13 year old daughter begs me for one every time we go to store..

  33. carole lukacz says:

    have been purchasing 3-4 a week for at least 1 yr like the taste of it, but doesn’t really give me energy

  34. mary mcmillan says:

    I think it depends on your body type it didnt do nothing for me see me a refund

  35. GaryLK says:

    I grew wings after drinking Red Bull for 6 months, but I can’t fly. Can I get money to have the wings removed?

    • Arsynius says:

      Unfortunately, no. Additionally, redbull is going to subpeona you physical person as evidence that they do, ultimately, live up to advertising. If you’re lucky, they may consider bribing you to make it look good for their case 😉

  36. Carolyn says:

    Red bull didn’t give me energy.

  37. Gladys says:

    I used Red Bull while I was driving thinking it would keep me alert but it didn’t I got sleepy anyway.

  38. Sherri says:

    I am obsessed with Red Bull. I will take my voucher and go buy more Red Bull. I have to have it at least once per week at the very least. I think the issue here is not why does Red Bull not give me wings, but wtf is in Red Bull that makes me keep coming back for more? :/ I spend so much money on it. At my highest I was buying a 20 oz every other day. The reason why I didn’t get one every day? Do the math. That would’ve costed me $24.85 per week. It’s almost like buying a pack of cigarettes every day. No other energy drink compares to Red Bull in my opinion. You have to drink it quick to get the ‘unhealthy’ effect that everyone seems to be wanting. Otherwise, it leaves you feeling energized, focused and with enough energy to get done whatever it is you need to get done. But it does give you a huge crash later. Only bad thing besides price I can say about it :/

  39. valerie Trentz says:

    I bought Red Bull quite frequently on weekends

  40. Ashley Gilipsky says:

    I buy red bull every weekend to keep me alert and awake in order to stay out dancing at the clubs rather than indulge in illegal drugs like many others.

  41. Randy Kirby says:

    I have tried them several times in the past and they do not work

  42. lillian paulo says:

    I ‘ve been buying red bull for a long time I just love it but it never gave me the energy the company talked about I just thought it didn’t work on my system and then my husband said I have an attitude every time I drink it I did feel different but I wouldn’t admit it until now thank you.

  43. Monica says:

    I have been purchasing and drink red bull for years. They energize me at times other times not as much. I like them before I party. They alright to me.

  44. Judy Cook says:

    Red Bull, not effective,request refund for 12 six packs!

  45. Seth Chandler says:

    Used to drink red bull often to stay awake at work. After a while it stopped working but that is just body chemistry fro you. Still love the product and get it when I do long drives as far as im concerned it keeps me awake for the most part lol.

  46. Etta Billips says:

    I have bought Red Bull off and on for several years.Never seemed to make me feel any extra energy…….

  47. Justin Li says:

    I drink red bull all the time and then I crash. It gave me anxiety.

  48. shun g says:

    Why vouchers???? If the product doesn’t do what it says, why would I want more of it? Doesn’t sound quite right to me!

    ADMIN – Hi Shun,

    The class representative usually push for the best deal they can get. When they settle for vouchers, it is usually a sign that the case was weak.

  49. Brandon Fotiathis says:

    I have bought TONS of redbull for the past couple of years and it never helped me and gave me INSANE anxiety.

    ADMIN – Hi Brandon

    Just curious. If the product never helped and gave you anxiety, why keep using it?

    • leslie french says:

      I have an anxiety disorder, what the heck! Why would you continue to drink it?

      We agree with you Leslie. If something gives you anxiety you should stop drinking it immediately.

    • Jenne says:

      Exactly!!! Seeing way too many people posting that they bought it all the time and it never worked for them and give them this and that. WHY CONTINUE TO BUY IT IF IT DIDNT WORK FOR YOU?? I smell bs!

  50. May R, says:

    My son drank Red Bull 3-4 cans a day for a long time. I did’t see any improvement. Now my Grandkids think that they can’t go a day without it. Does it show any addictive problems? I would like to know. I have spent a lot of money giving them what they wanted, (I guess I wasen’t the best mom & grandmother).

    Dear May,
    Red Bull contains caffeine which may be addictive to some people. You are a very generous grandmother to buy so many Red Bulls for your grandchildren and for your son.

    • Capt. Obvious says:

      Yeah, WELL DONE on buying him loads of energy drimks! Grandma of the year here!!

      Oh, if you didn’t understand it, that’s SARCASM.

  51. michael ozuna says:

    i drink red bull at work 4 or 5 times a day and it doesnt do nothing for me

  52. michael ozuna says:

    i drink red three four times a day it doesnt do nothing for me

  53. charlie says:

    i got wings though

  54. Monica says:

    I drink red bull

  55. Geffrey says:

    I drink redbull at least 2 times a week. It was suppose to boost energy and give me wings but it does not.

  56. Carol says:

    Drank Red Bull daily for energy. It was suppose to help like coffee would.

  57. brandon roberts says:

    i drink two to three 20oz cans daily and didnt give me energy.

  58. alberta says:

    should have had coffee instead, 🙁

  59. Ricky Watson says:

    Did not see any changes in enegry level.

  60. Nick K says:

    I’ve purchased hundreds of these throughout that time span.

  61. Barbara Bowman says:

    This product don’t work it make you real jittery December 3 2014 12:20 am

  62. Christian says:

    I bought, I drank, I fell asleep.

  63. kyla rollier says:

    I got ventricular tachycardia from drinking it to much. Bad for your health!

  64. Breaunna Couts says:

    Purchased this product numerous times

  65. Janine says:

    Have been purchasing Red Bull over a year now 2 to 3 cans a day to get my energy level up and stay awake. . My energy level has not change a bit,

  66. Joe H. says:

    I drink bull in the morning to help me get through the day at work. I work from 6:00-2:30 in the middle of the morning I have to refuel up again. I buy at least 2 or 3 red bull daily. I have been buying this energy drink for the last three years.

  67. Mark McCombs says:

    wings never grew. Im waiting……… still not a sprout. I love the taste but its true a cup of coffie can give the same lift. Im still drinking it No Bull!

  68. Kimberly says:

    We purchased Red Bull as an alternative to Monster however we were not really impressed. Sad to say, didn’t boost my energy at all.

  69. Stella Duru says:

    I work night shifts 7p-7a and always tired so I used to drink red bull for energy but it did not work for me at all. The name makes you want to buy it but it does not deliver.

  70. dana nelson says:

    I always brought red bull and it never gave me energy it made me tired

  71. Bridget Slezak says:

    I have bought red Bull and it normally gives me a stomach ache more than energy.

  72. Tanya White says:

    Red Bull is no good, this is so fake, i gain like 30 pounds from this product in a year of time, this can is full of sugar

  73. Cedon Puusepp says:

    Red Bull is just an ordinary “Energy drink” that costs more and tastes the same…

  74. Unika Banks says:

    I used to drink this while I worked in a hospital during 3 rd shift. I did not have more energy in which I was seeking. I also hear they use bull semen in their drinks. I am disgusted.

  75. Orbon Tinson Sr. says:

    I drink red bull when I’m playing golf

  76. Erick Jarosz says:

    This is ridiculous! It’s an energy drink. Like anything else, to much is not good for you! But they taste excellent and if you only drink one once in a while for a pick me up they’re great! Why is it everyone is surprised it could raise your heart rate slightly, make it hard to sleep and NO it won’t literally give you wings! Feel like I’m reading comments from Harry and Lloyd! ( Dumb and Dumber)!!

  77. willie mae ashford says:

    This energy drink does not give me a boots.

  78. Teresita tigulo says:

    No effect on my body after drinking this product

  79. Jessica Derrick says:

    I used Redbull religiously for years, and never felt anything remotely close to what they claimed in their ads. I didn’t feel revitalized, focused, or anything close. It was like drinking a foul tasting drink that was over priced.

  80. judy says:

    I drink one everyday

  81. Pram Maven (singer) says:

    Energy drinks made me insane. I did not even realize they were doing this until I stopped drinking them. Red Bull was one of the caffeine drinks I consumed on a daily basis. I never assumed it did anything it claimed to, but I also didn’t expect it to warp my personality or cause me to misjudge situations, either. Some people are very sensitive to caffeine, and this will happen to you. And when you crash, you’ll be mentally and physically depressed. Since getting off the energy drinks, I’ve been a different person. Kinder, more patient. Before that, I fought with everyone I met- especially on message boards. Red Bull is useful if you work at night and need to fill in some holes in your sleep patterns, but be prepared for the negative side effects like restlessness, confusion, and anger- all of which are symptoms of caffeine intoxication. Red Bull is not unique in this game, but it is one of the major players, and I can’t imagine the company doesn’t know the mental health effects of its product when it is consumed beyond moderation.

  82. Michelle dodd says:

    I been drinking redbull for about 2years and it’s done nothing for me

  83. Sagi Alush says:

    Hate red bull my heart is racing every time I drink it

  84. Janet says:

    Every time I drink a red bull, I am wired for three days, heart racing, not good!

  85. Melissa Gammon says:

    I’ve drank Red Bull several times and every time my heart raced and I had pain in my chest.

  86. Anis Adhaim says:

    i drink redbull after school 🙂 evrytime

  87. Sharon Grace says:

    red bull was really good to me, but after a period of time. maybe two years later it seems as if i couldnt stop my body from shaking

  88. nancy king says:

    i drink red bull everyday

  89. Bobby says:

    I have drank probably 200+ cans of Red Bull over the past ten years and have still not sprouted wings!

  90. Lakisha Garbutt says:

    I have drank Red Bull for over one year. I have MS and was taken Red Bull to “cure” my major fatigue problem.

  91. Charles Singleton says:

    I’ve been drinking Red Bull for over 2 years. I have personally endorsed Red Bull with my close friends and family. I am extremely upset with their actions. Sorry Red Bull.

  92. Biggie H says:

    I was hoping that I would receive my wings and all i got instead was obese.

  93. LaRicca Mathews says:

    Red Bull doest work

  94. Jessica says:

    Frequesnt sugar free red bull purchaser over past 2 years.

  95. Matt says:

    It’s for dumb people who don’t know how to sleep accordingly…..Just sleep 7 hours a day & problem solved plus more $$ saved.

  96. yolanda fernandez says:

    To Be Honest Ive purchased Over 20 bottles of red bull last month and now im recieving migranes

  97. victoria hutson says:

    Always enjoyed red bull with jaguermiester.

  98. jacqueline diaz says:

    False advertisement of companies should not be permited.

  99. jacqueline diaz says:

    False advertisement

  100. John says:

    Took it and fell asleep. What a rip off. Even tried it again, it did nothing

  101. Kenni Graham says:

    i drink one to two 20oz cans daily and doesnt give me energy.

  102. Michael Bowman says:

    I drank red bull for a long time thinking that it was waking me up as much as I could get. Since then I tried other brands and realized that I was being shorted on what ever the other have the red bull does not.

  103. Jerry sanchez says:

    I’ve been purchasing Red Bull for several years now.

  104. Autumn berg says:

    I drank red Bulls every day until I foun out I was pregnant

  105. Sharla Graham says:

    I drink Redbull daily to enhance my school studies.

  106. Tameisha CowaN says:

    I buy red bull my the case and drink by itself or with vodka and never gotten any wings

  107. Stephanie Wallace says:

    I’ve use to buy these every morning to wake me up & get me going for school in the morning & it never gave me any energy what’s so ever I only crashed very hard & sometimes in class!

  108. A kibler says:

    Way too much caffeine

  109. Otis McBride says:

    Purchased and was not energized. I actually felt the crash of the sugar dump…..Also gained weight.

  110. Tisha Parris says:

    Red bull gave me heart palpitations. Thought something was seriously wrong I used to drink about 6-8 a week

  111. caleb davis says:

    purchase at a walmart in ct at that time.

  112. caleb davis says:

    yes i purchase a red bull product at that time and fill something should be done about what they put out in are american stores to protect us.

  113. gazelle saint-vil says:

    I buy redbull by the cases and drink it everyday.

  114. kathy bachak says:

    I have purchased this product hoping it would provide me with the energy it promised. It didn’t. I was very disappointed. I tried using it first thing in the morning, in the evening and in the afternoon to see if I would get different affects at different times of the day. I didn’t. I was very disappointed.

  115. jen reubert says:

    does not provide energy

  116. jen reinert says:

    no energy

  117. Matt P Tonning III says:

    I have purchased this product hoping it would provide me with the energy it promised. It didn’t. I was very disappointed. I tried using it first thing in the morning, in the evening and in the afternoon to see if I would get different affects at different times of the day. I didn’t. I was very disappointed.

  118. Joseph Damon says:

    I ordered this product due to the fact that I believed it would help me to get more energy. When I heard about this I thought about everything product I bought from Red Bull based on this. I was expecting a rise in energy when I needed it and I never got it.

  119. it was good but iwas drink a little to much says:

    Got sick drink to much

  120. Jeannie conejo says:

    This product became habit forming for me but I had to cut down on it because the crash afterwards

  121. THERESA DESOUZA says:

    I drank red bull because it was supposed to give you a little pep in your step, to me it just ended up being another carbonated soft drink no big deal.

  122. pritina Liggins says:

    Red Bull never gave me any Energy when I drank them

  123. kelly johnson says:

    didn’t get wings or energy

  124. Westley Mills says:

    I’ve drank red bull quite a bit but never felt energized so I had to switch to another brand

  125. Shawna proffitt says:

    I did not feel a change in my energy levels.

  126. Thomas Burman says:

    Red Bull did not give me wings.

  127. Linus Svensson says:

    I dont get more energy from red bull but its still my favorite energy drink.

  128. Robbin Morales says:

    Just want to say I do a lot of driving for my job on the road may hours so as you all know this is very tiring to the eyes. I drink redbull at lease 3 to 4 a day hoping to feel some kind of awareness and all it does is run my to the bathroom.

  129. Unha says:

    Red Bull is not the energy product it’s Made out to be…coffee is cheaper.

  130. Marcos Mena says:

    i use to take this to get home from work after working the graveyard shift for my second job

  131. Zackry Cephas says:

    Drink it all the time. Gets me through work when I don’t get enough sleep.

  132. Leah says:

    I used to buy it every morning for myself and my coworkers.

  133. sue dieringer says:

    I bought some red bulls to help me drive home to Wisconsin. I drink coffee and I was so glad that after hearing about Red Bulls and reading the ingredients, I felt the Red Bulls would give me the extra caffeine and energy I would need to drive all day for 2 days. I was so disgusted, after buying several cans for the trip, and I’m pretty sure it was the third can that I was finishing that first day….. and I was literally falling asleep at the wheel! I couldn’t believe it…..I had to get off the highway and go to McDonald’s for their coffee. Finally I felt some energy. I agree what false advertising. Live and learn I guess. I too wish we would get cash back.

    • admin says:

      You can’t expect redbull to keep you up two days straight driving. that’s unnatural for a human to do, and I suppose if you got in an accident you would blame red bull? That was a wreckless bonehead imbecile move to drive on the rode with sleep deprivation. You could have killed yourself, or someone else who isn’t a bonehead.

  134. Latasha wheeler says:

    I use 2 buy them at least once a day.

  135. Ruben Zesat says:

    I use to drink 3 a day and did not feel any different. Where’s the ” it gives you wings” feeling?

  136. brannon meador says:

    red bull doesnt give you wings man im sorry…

  137. Ralph Yzabal says:

    Redbull gives you wings feeling really

  138. JUANITA WALKER says:

    had no effect what so ever . however it did taste

  139. javi vano says:

    It sucks

  140. Clarence Caldwell Jr. says:

    Who has not purchase Redbull at sometime in their life.

  141. Amanda Pabon says:

    I Can only drink one can, more than that will make me feel a little sick.

  142. Amanda Pabon says:

    I can only drink one a day if that.

  143. shane says:

    Still waiting for something in the mail $15 worth of merchandise. How long am i gonna have to wait for this now?

    Hi Shane,
    Class action settlements can take a long time. Be patient.

  144. Stevan Velasquez says:

    I drink it all the time. Even though it said it gives you “wings”, obviously it doesn’t lol

  145. carlos says:

    well we should be getting it soon. no?

  146. Adem zeqiri says:

    Sure didn’t give me wings,didn’t do anything….

  147. Gerri dale says:

    I tried red bull for over three months daily hoping day after day I’d get my “wings” but sadly never did please send me some vouchers to compensate for the months of wasted time money etc thank you, for your time
    Gerri dale

  148. Allen Payne says:

    No settlement yet ?

  149. Eric Ellingham says:

    Redbull is one of the biggest advertising and hype ups on a drink of all time. They made a drink that was made of a simple ingredients maxed out glucose and taurine and an ulcer to go along with it over some time give it two months drinking it every day. Advertise is what its all about. I sppent way too much money thinking it had the most caffeine and it only has 50 mg a can. Weak Demo ! Like to get all the money I got back spending on a 3-$5 cans about 6-8 per week.

  150. Joshua allen says:

    I agree with this settlement. red bulls didn’t work. Actually made me more tired.

  151. james briggs says:

    ive drank red bull many times and still do not hsve wings

  152. Angela smith says:

    It’s had me feel some type of ways. Feel like I was in the sky

  153. Tonia Alexander says:

    I drink a lot didnt feel anything not a kick or nothing

  154. tallulah davis says:

    I been drinking red bull n I stated to get chests pain.

  155. Karen Cortinas says:

    I ever got my wings

  156. Michelle Higginbotham says:

    I frequently purchase red bull

  157. Allen Payne says:

    This claim ended on3-2-2015 and no settlement yet ? Is it under appeal ?

  158. Dawit Tarekegn says:

    I frequently purchase Redbull

  159. cynthia grant says:

    Red Bull doesn’t work for me

  160. Jamiee Smith says:

    Drink and drank redbull all the time. Drank it daily but found out I needed more than one to help with energy until I switched over to Rockstars

  161. william bearfield says:

    I tried red bull once,OMG, it was lousy

  162. Terry W Ellis says:

    I drank Red Bull for quite a few years and I have never had a bladder infection but realized this must be what was causing it because …. I will spare you the details. I quit drinking them in 2014 and I have been well ever since. Please send a claim form to my email address. Thank you

  163. Monica Martinez says:

    Redbull didnt give no energy . All it did wad give me a stomach ache. I bought it 4 times and it would hurt my stomach so i stop buying them.

  164. Steve says:

    I didn’t get wings . But I sh t a lot.

  165. Gilbert Mata says:

    I drink very often due to being tired and feeling drained from work so purchasing red bull thanking for me an my co workers to gain energy from the drink and feel no different…

  166. Abishek Poudel says:

    Red bull gives the cough syrup smell.

  167. hattie gillespie says:

    I worked 12pm_8am. And had to be woke. I needed wings, did not get them.

  168. Liz Lyons says:

    Red Bull didn’ t forewarn strongly enough to the horrible side effects

  169. Allen Payne says:

    Settlement is over

  170. joy chaney says:

    It made my stomach hurt, got slight headache.

  171. Clamato says:

    when does the money come

    ADMIN: Hi Clamato,

    Be patient. A class action settlement sometimes takes years to be completed.

  172. heather grantt says:

    Red bull makes me tired

  173. heather grantt says:

    It makes me tired its bs not redbull.

  174. Bette Shapiro says:

    Bought some for my grandson and he didn’t like it.

  175. Daniel Mcgraw says:

    I was a 2 to 3 cans a day drinker….. and a few more on the weekend

  176. P Adkins says:

    Drnk Red Bull and end up in a hospital in Los Angeles. Was on vacation in Hawaii and drunk red bull for engery. I was getting head aches while I in Hawaii. I had never suffer from headaches. On my flight home, I got so sick that I had to be taken off the flight and rushed to the hospital. All of the sodium elevated my blood pressure. I spent 24 hours in the hospital before I could continue my flight home.

    ADMIN-Hi Mr. Adkins,
    This class action is not related to health issues. The class action addresses false advertising on the part of Red Bull.

  177. James L says:

    Has money been paid out yet?

  178. MaxTape says:


  179. Ashena Jones says:

    It was just a waste of my money

  180. Ammon Halpin says:

    I drank it and felt no effects.

  181. Betty George says:

    This. Drink sucks…. Doesn’t do nothing for me…I brought and took but never again will I buy… Not what it says

  182. Betty George says:

    This. Drink sucks…. Doesn’t do nothing for me…I brought and took but never again will I buy…

  183. Chelcee sanchez says:

    Bought several times never gave me energy

  184. Maria Montiel says:

    I use to buy these up to 3 times a week during my Spring semester. I switched to 5 hour energy when redbull just wasn’t doing it for me, it at least doesn’t upset my stomach and make me pee every 10 minutes.

  185. Karen Coppedge says:

    doesn’t give me energy, just makes me shake.

  186. Malaya Meadows says:

    Red bull did not give me wings but it did give me a headache.

  187. Teresa Smith says:

    This product smells horrible and does not give you any additional engery.

  188. norma francesco says:

    this product is a ripoff

  189. Johnathon Moore says:

    I feel like this product hs never once vitalized my body nor mind. definitely did not “give me wings”. I have bought around 3 in my life. all different flavors.

  190. Ren Rutherford says:

    Does not improve concentration.

  191. Kyle Politis says:

    voucher please

  192. carlos cardebas says:

    Has any gotten the voucher or red bulls or anything?

  193. Allen Payne says:

    This case is under appeal mite take years for a settlement

  194. loretta mccrary says:

    I will never drink it again I was sick for 3 days because of trying to get the engery that it said that it would do for you

  195. Christine says:

    Why hasn’t anyone received either the cash or vouchers for the Red Bull Class Action Suit? I know I didn’t receive anything from them nor did anyone else I know that submitted a claim?!! This has been settled and still nothing, is there someone to contact regarding this issue, and as well I can forward the information to all the others I know that filed for this item. Any help would greatly be appreciated.. I didn’t see anything here on people asking what I am?? Thanks in advance and I look forward to hearing from anyone that can assist with this.

    ADMIN – Hi Christine,

    If you go to the settlement page, it reads as follows:
    IMPORTANT UPDATE: The Court held a Final Approval Hearing on May 1, 2015 and approved the Settlement however two appeals were filed shortly thereafter. On September 30, 2015, the final appeal was dismissed and the Settlement became Effective. Pursuant to the terms of the Settlement, distribution of settlement benefits shall begin within 150 days after the Effective Date. Please check this website periodically for further updates.

  196. Christine says:

    Dear Admin,
    Thank you for your great advice and I did what you said and found what you stated above. Again, I will continue to follow this and keep checking this website for updates, again Thank you very much for your support and time.

  197. Allen says:

    I received the settlement check today. It is postcard sized and looks like junk mail, so don’t trash it by accident.

  198. Teresa Scarbrough says:

    I wood like my rebate PKEASE

    ADMIN – Hi Teresa,

    This settlement was paid a long time ago. You no longer have legal recourse.

  199. Andy b says:

    After reading half of your replies, I feel stupid and I’m in shock that the court would waste so much time and money on something so ridiculous! Is the world going full retard and letting anyone jump on the band wagon? Come on, people. Take a joke maybe drink a coke and have a smile but act right and just a smidge more intelligent. At least try.

  200. Lorraine Garcia says:

    I am requesting a refund in the amount of $6.00,on a sugar free red bull,due to an allergic reaction

    • Angelica (Admin) says:

      Sorry, Lorraine, but there’s been a misunderstanding.  Please note that we ( are *not* the Settlement Administrator of this case. We only post opportunities for potential Class Members of various settlements on this website. If you want to file a claim, please follow the claims link above. Please also check the settlement website for any updates on the issue moving forward, and/or contact the Settlement Administrator directly, if you haven’t already done so. The details are provided above; just scroll up. Thank you, and best of luck.

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