Class Eligibility

You are a member of the class if you are a consumer in California who has possessed or currently possesses a Red Robin International, Inc. gift card with a balance of less than $10.00, which was purchased on or after November 6, 2010, through June 5, 2015.

Estimated Amount

$10 menu item

Proof of Purchase


Case Name

Kelsi Knudsen v. Red Robin International, Inc
case no. RIC1410563
California Superior Court for the County of Riverside

Case Summary

Plaintiff’s claims that Defendant failed to redeem gift cards for cash, upon request, when the remaining balance on the gift card was less than $10.00. The law requires a cash refund for small balances pending or the ability to use the balance towards a purchase in combination with other FOP

Settlement Pool

600 spots




14 responses to “Red Robin Gourmet Hamburgers Gift Cards Settlement (California Only)”

  1. Olivia Williams says:

    I am very angry about my gift card and wish to get a refund equivalent of a new $10 Red Robin gift card.

  2. Bridget Batts says:

    Red Robin never gave back my change when it was below $ 10 using my gift card

  3. Mike says:

    This site is so easy to understand… I don’t understand why people always leave comments with their addresses etc. I do have to admit though.. it is entertaining! Next address I see is getting complimentary subscription to RedBull Magazine 🙂

  4. janice litchfield says:

    received gift card for a birthday present when I tried to use it there was nothing on the card what a birthday present

  5. Martha Hoover says:

    Didn’t use entire amount of gift card. Refused to give me change. Was told I’d have to spend remainder of gift card plus my own cash to purchase another menu item if I wanted the full value of the gift card.

  6. Martha Hoover says:

    Was told that spend entire amount of card even if I had to use my own cash. Use it or lose it.

  7. Martha Hoover says:

    Use it or lose it. Must use card for entire value or lose unused amount.

  8. Sandra Sanchez says:

    I wasn’t given my change back from the gift card. I was also told I had to use the entire amount plus put down my own cash .

  9. Derek Harris says:

    I had a couple gift cards and was not given money back though it was only a few dollars, when I used my card.

  10. Ashleigh Lauzonis says:

    I believe I was owed money back but the waitress said I wasn’t as it was under $10.

  11. Eliza Reid says:

    I tried and now it is saying it is all full, what can I do?this is what it is saying:Thank you for visiting The maximum number of available claims have been fulfilled and no further claims will be accepted.

    ADMIN – Hi Eliza,

    Refer to the conditions of the class action which limited the # of applicants to the first 600.

  12. Diana Paz says:

    I never used the remaining balance on the card

  13. Lissette Gonzalez says:

    Never redeem the balance

  14. malaika houston says:

    I never use my gift card. I always use my credit cards

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