Class Eligibility

Class Members of Relacore false advertising class action settlement include all purchasers of Relacore, Relacore Extra, Relacore PM and/or the Relacore System in the United States for personal use (not for resale) between Jan. 1, 2000 and Nov. 10, 2014.

Estimated Amount


Proof of Purchase


Case Name

Lee v. Carter-Reed Company LLC,
Case No. UNN-L-3969-04
Superior Court of the State of New Jersey, Law Division, Union County

Case Summary

The manufacturers of Relacor made false and misleading statements in their advertising and labeling of Relacore products, in violation of the New Jersey Consumer Fraud Act and other laws.

Settlement Pool





Carter-Reed Settlement Administrator
P.O. Box 1984
Faribault, MN 55021-6180

64 responses to “Relacore Diet Aid False Advertising Class Action Settlement”

  1. Thomas McNamara says:

    I purchased this product with the hope of helping gain a little confidence in my looks, but after a certain amount of time, nothing was happening. It just felt like another group of people trying to take advantage of those looking for help.

    • Kat Bloch says:

      My Doctor’s attitude; “You have health problems because you are overweight.” Why can’t he see that “I have health issues that are causing me to be overweight and I need help to find and fix the problem.” Sorry to hear that so many are having problems. Like you, I’m overweight and struggle with it. Because of a broken ankle that didn’t heal properly, I can’t exercise. I have a hard time even walking. HOWEVER, I’ve been taking RELACORE for the last month and have lost 8 pounds. Not a lot, but the best part is, I have felt calmer and been sleeping a little better, averaging 6+ hours when I used to sleep only about 4-5 hours. I have more mental clarity and have felt significantly better. Of course, we all have our own body chemistry and life issues, but it seems that cortisol is my problem and Relacore is actually helping stabilize it. I hope that you might all find out what it is that is causing your problems. Good Luck and don’t give up.

  2. Matthew DeOliveira says:

    Disappointed customer.

  3. coovix says:

    This only gave me the option of “one bottle” or “two bottles” as my settlement. I don’t want Relacore, I want $$$…..what gives?

    Relacore is not asking how many bottles you want. They are asking how many bottles you are claiming for.

  4. Dirk Martin Davis says:

    Disappointed customer

  5. Stella Duru says:

    This is one of the products I have tried to loose weight, just like the rest of them, it did not do a thing.

  6. Ro says:

    I purchased this product and also bought for friends, this is upsettin

  7. kim says:

    December 22, 2014 at 11:24 am
    I Purchased 3 bottles and tried to lose weight and nothing work i was very disappointed customer.

  8. FRANK says:

    my wife purchased 2 bottles and it did not work

  9. Heidi Fancsali says:

    I purchased 3 bottles and did not see a difference in my weight after I finished using the product.

  10. Tanya White says:

    this product did nothing for me all but false false lies. I purchased this and when i say sadly nooooooo good at allll , it was no goood

  11. Nicole B. says:

    I purchased three bottles and took it faithfully with NO results!

  12. Latonya B says:

    I also purchased two bottles and no physical results at all.

  13. Celine Benet says:

    I purchased four bottles. Two for me and two for my husband. They were completely unsuccessful. Please advise on what if anything, I should do next.

  14. Christy Ruiz says:

    I purchased 3 bottles and guess what? I’m still fat!

  15. Michael Burke says:

    I purchased 2 bottles in hopes of losing weight. Took 1 entire bottle, and, NO results of any kind. What a waste of money.

  16. Michael Jacob says:

    Weight loss pills DON’T work. It is a $3 Billion industry. They make more profit than they will ever lose in these class action lawsuits.

  17. Melissa Collins says:

    Money wasted. Another empty promise.

  18. Kara Kleingarn says:

    Very disappointed, did not work.

  19. Marina Sepenuk says:


  20. Marina Sepenuk says:

    Disappointed, no results after the bottles

  21. Allison McClain says:

    I bought Relacore in the hopes I could lose a few pounds before several holiday events I was scheduled to attend but after a taking one of the two bottles I purchased I hadn’t lost an ounce, ripoff!!!

  22. Lourdes Riate says:

    No results after i finished 3 bottles

  23. alfred says:


  24. willie mae ashford says:

    Did not loose weight

  25. JD says:

    I only see an option to get 2 more bottles. Why would I want more.

  26. chelsea hicks says:

    this didnt work for me at all

  27. Susan grant says:

    This product didn’t work for me at all such a disappointment it actually made me gain weight

  28. DL says:

    was realy hyped up about this finaly being the one that will do the job to just be let down again howcan anyone do this!! it did nothing!!

  29. Biggie H says:

    This made no progress for me. I was working out and doing everything right but saw no weight loss but weight gain.

  30. Spencer G Hedrick says:

    This product did not work for me.

  31. Sheri S. says:

    I purchased this product in 2005 Dec and Jan 2006, followed the plan and workouts with no results, still frustrating.

  32. simone says:

    did not lose weight

  33. yolanda fernandez says:

    i have been seeing most people that comes of cancer gaining weight and deciding to to use this relacor diet thing this is veru upsetting

  34. J. Queen says:

    Relacore was a joke. I purchased Relacore to lose some weight. After I did not lose any weight I quit taking Relacore. Relacore is a rip-off.

  35. Tami Dean says:

    I also bought 2, maybe 4, as you bought one and got one free with a hu-hum small processing fee. Did not work for me but I have a friend that swears by their product.
    What I found to “beat the belly” fat is “BIO TRUST” now this I know works! go to their web site. I am amazed how much belly flab I have lost. I started seeing a difference when my 1st bottle was not even empty yet! (I only ordered 2 bottles of 120 softgels.2 with bkfst & 2 with dinner. What I have is: Belly Trim XP. You will be very happy with the results. I know I am!!

  36. pamela says:

    never helped me 1 bit

  37. Angie Kirkham says:

    Purchased three bottles and followed directions and diet plan. Did not lose weight but had constant headache.

  38. M Brown says:

    Just damn frustrated with all this false advertisement!!!!!!!!

  39. Dolores Schenkenberger says:

    This does not work at all. Just another weight loss rip off

  40. Rita Cunningham says:

    Another disappointed customer that bought two bottles –
    took it as directed and got no results. Really tired of these “diet aid” companies taking advantage of a huge number of often desperate people who are looking for help in improving their appearance, self-esteem and often their health. This is not the only company that is guilty of selling pills in a bottle that do not meet the consumer’s expectations which have been set by the faulty advertising!

  41. Andrew Ferrell says:

    Bought in 2013, I feel like an idiot in hindsight

  42. Becky Morris says:

    I have purchased 3 bottles of these Relacore. Hoping it would work and I wanted it so bad I though well maybe just 1 more bottle 1 more month this stuff deftly does not work..

  43. Stephanie Smith says:

    Tried Relacore along with all other sorts of weight loss aids and got NO results.

  44. Christine Ourelio says:

    Tried Relacore – and I gave it a decent amount of time and no results.

  45. Albert says:

    My girlfriend actually gained weight. I ended up paying for her liposuction. That worked.

  46. Ron Rock says:

    Relacore is a very bad product and should of been pulled off the market along time ago. it doesn’t work tried all three relacore supplement and relacore pm I didn’t lose any weight I gained 12#, I want a refund of my money $28.00 per bottle.

  47. Edmund Mendez says:

    Their product is useless.

  48. mike head says:

    It dies not do what it says gained lots of weight regardless if its claim

  49. Muriel Bundley says:

    I purchase 2 bottles from Walmart, didn’t loose any weight at all

  50. Judi Stanish says:

    I’m so disappointed with myself (for believing the product claims), and Relacore for deliberately passing
    on false claims of weight loss. They prey on people like me, those wanting some help getting their
    weight under control, but never backed up all their talk with positive results.

  51. Allen Payne says:

    I purchased several bottles and sure don’t want no more cause it never worked

  52. Roseann Garcia says:

    When I purchase this product I was Garcia but now Ulloa. This product did not work for me. I was disappointed again.

    Hi Roseann,
    A change of last name will not impact your claim. Even if you were a Garcia then and you are now an Ulloa you can still file a claim with our without a receipt.

  53. patricia trisdale says:

    I bought a bottle after seeing their ads. Did not work.

  54. Tamira Smith says:

    How do I update my address change?

    ADMIN-Hi Tamira,
    To update your address you contact the class action admin. Their info is posted above. Just scroll up to the main page.

  55. Tami Dean says:

    Hi, I was wondering if this has been settled yet, and if any reimbursements were sent? I’m still waiting patiently. Thank-you!:-)

  56. DAVID says:

    Anyone know there email address?

  57. Allen Payne says:

    Guess no settlements yet ?

  58. Janet Duncan says:

    I have bought 2 bottles of this crap and let Me mind you I never lost a pound
    about time this false stuff is coming out
    My doctor finally had to put Me on a real diet pill
    I sure would love a refund for My expense

  59. monie says:

    Received a letter today asking me to confirm how many I purchased, when, and where.
    We’ll see what happens next.

  60. Allen Payne says:

    I received a letter to asking the same thing sounds like they don’t want to pay the 28.00

  61. Judith says:

    I have not received a check in the mail as of to this date (7/20/2015) I mailed my form in via U.S. mail. I spoke with a REP at Carter Reed and they are investigating. I guess I am one of those that fell through the cracks.

  62. Dan says:

    I called some people are on the list to receive a check in august. already the end of august what gives.

  63. Betty says:

    I have not rec’d a check as of today – 9/12/15. I called on 7/22/15, was told I should receive a check in early August, called in early September. The lady told me more checks would go out, just didn’t know when exactly, not sure what the hold up was, didn’t sound concerned. I found it irritating.

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