Class Eligibility

The two classes include all Persons who, between May 23, 2010 and December 16, 2016, purchased, at Safeway Inc. retail stores in the United States, any Safeway Select Extra Virgin Olive Oil Products except for resale. The “Pure Or Extra Light Olive Oil Settlement Class” means all Persons who, between January 1, 2012 and July 31, 2015, purchased, at Safeway Inc. retail stores in the United States, any Safeway Select Pure Olive Oil or Safeway Select Extra Light in Flavor Olive Oil, except for resale. These two groups will be referred to collectively as the “Settlement Classes”.

Estimated Amount


Class members may receive from 25 cents per bottle to $1.50 depending if they select cash option or voucher option

Proof of Purchase


Case Name

Kumar v. Safeway Inc.,
Case No. RG 14726707
Superior Court of the State of California, County of Alameda

Case Summary

A lawsuit was brought against Safeway. The lawsuit alleges that Safeway improperly marketed the Products as “Imported From Italy” and/or “extra virgin.” The lawsuit alleges that most of the olive oil in the Products originates from olives grown in other Mediterranean countries, which is then shipped to Italy for blending and bottling before being exported to the United States. The lawsuit also alleges that, with respect to Safeway Select Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Defendant’s suppliers’ procurement, bottling, and distribution practices did not adequately ensure that the oil would meet the “extra virgin” standard through the date of retail sale or the “best by” date on the bottles. Plaintiff challenged the alleged misrepresentations on behalf of herself and consumers who bought the Products.

Safeway denies that there is any factual or legal basis for Plaintiff’s allegations. Safeway contends that its labeling is accurate, not misleading, and in compliance with all applicable rules and regulations. Safeway further contends that at all times it identified all countries of origin of the olive oil on the label of the bottles. It also contends that its Extra Virgin Olive Oil met or exceeded extra virgin standards when bottled and sold. Safeway therefore denies any liability. It further denies that Plaintiff or any other members of the Settlement Classes have suffered injury or are entitled to monetary or other relief. Safeway also denies that this case can be certified as a class action, except for purposes of settlement.

Settlement Pool





Safeway Settlement Claim Administrator
P.O. Box 404041
Louisville, KY 40233-4041

30 responses to “Safeway Olive Oil “Imported From Italy” Class Action Settlement”

  1. mary lamb says:

    25¢ – wow

  2. mattie gregory says:

    didn’t know the reward would be so much!!

    ADMIN – Hi Mattie,

    Sarcasm won’t get you anywhere.

  3. Tina Carter says:

    Not enough

  4. David salieb says:

    I wanted something else

    ADMIN – Hi David,

    Like what?

  5. J. Kelly says:

    Why bother? This is a disgrace!

    ADMIN – Hi Kelly,

    Why let them keep the money?

  6. Chief Running Bottom says:

    imagine cashing that big 25 cent check at the bank.

    ADMIN – Hi Chief,

    That is going to be so awesome!

  7. karen forrester says:

    i would like something else

    ADMIN – Hi Karen,

    What would you like? A cookie?

  8. Devi Brookins says:

    The majority goes to the lawyers that handle the cases.

    ADMIN – Hi Devi,

    In this case you are correct. The costs of representation exceeded the amount of the award. In the majority of the settlements the amount received by the lawyers is smaller than the amount distributed among the class members.

  9. Carlo says:

    Up to $7.50 in vouchers

  10. Kery Ramirez says:

    I, Kery Ramirez, purchased Safeway Select Extra Virgin Olive Oil products between May 23, 2010 and December 16, 2016.

    ADMIN – Hi Kery,

    Thank you for telling us about your purchase but we want to remind you that leaving a comment does not count as filing a claim. You must use the links provided to file a claim.

    • George says:

      Father, I cannot tell a lie. I, George Washington, chopped down that cherry tree.

      ADMIN – Hi George,

      You don’t take notes on your iPhone each team you buy olive oil just in case?

  11. Anna Faerber says:

    I have for sure bought their vergine olive oil. I grew up in Italy but lived in Hawaii and only used Safeway as my grocery when I lived there! I cook only with extra vergine olive oil and I use a lot of it. I expect the label to match what is inside the bottle!

    ADMIN – Hi Anna,

    I am with you. Totally disappointing.

  12. Mark Embree says:

    , I purchased Safeway Extra Virgin Olive Oil products between Apr. 23, 2010 and December 20, 2016. This was a main staple for my main meal. But they should never
    Put different olive oil in to cheat the customers

    ADMIN – Hi Mark,

    Terrible thing to do. I feel cheated too.

  13. judith says:

    cash please

    ADMIN – Hi Judith,

    Your choice of payment is to be made on the claim form.

  14. Kathy Watkins says:

    This win is about principal and quality being misrepresented. Way to go consumers!! We can make a difference! And on that note, I will take my .25 with a winning smile.

    ADMIN – Hi Kathy,

    Hopefully you are claiming more than a quarter. I always buy my oil at Safeway.

  15. Ruxy Walsh says:

    Really frustrating you need a receipt to get more money. It’s like that for all the suits. It’s not fair, no one keeps grocery receipts for years back. It’s just a scam so lawyers get more & the consumers who got ripped get screwed twice.

    ADMIN – Hi Ruxy,

    I keep my receipts.

  16. H Croom says:

    Where on the claim form do I enter the number of bottles of each item purchased? I couldn’t find it.

    ADMIN – Hi H,

    Click on section five. When you click yes you will get a dropdown menu.

  17. Mark Henik says:

    Quality misrepresented

  18. gwenda bowman says:

    no comment dominicks sold this also

  19. Liz says:

    Any idea when we may see a check?

    ADMIN – Hi Liz,

    After deadline and all appeals have passed. So maybe a year or two.

  20. Nakendra Griffin says:

    I feel duped into buying this product when they did not withhold their end of the bargain.

    ADMIN – Hi Nakendra,

    File your claim,

  21. Valerie says:

    But yet the attorney wants $1.4 million. LOL.

  22. selena j white says:

    i always got the large bottles i use it for cooking mostly and for my hair

    ADMIN – Hi Selena,

    File your claim

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