Class Eligibility

All borrowers in the United States who, within the Settlement Class Period (August 19, 2010 through November 4, 2016) were charged by Seterus, Inc. under a hazard, flood, or wind LPI Policy issued or procured by QBE Specialty Insurance Company, QBE FIRST Insurance Agency, Inc. n/k/a NGLS Insurance Services, Inc., Praetorian Insurance Company, or QBE Insurance Corporation (collectively, the “QBE Defendants”), for Residential Property, and who, within the Settlement Class Period, either (i) paid to Seterus the Net Premium for that LPI Policy or (ii) did not pay to and still owe Seterus the Net Premium for that LPI Policy. Excluded from the Settlement Class are: (i) individuals who are or were during the Settlement Class Period officers or directors of any of the Defendants or any of their respective Affiliates; (ii) any justice, judge, or magistrate judge of the United States or any State, their spouses, and persons within the third degree of relationship to either of them, or the spouses of such persons; (iii) all borrowers who only had an LPI Policy that was cancelled in its entirety such that any Premiums charged and/or collected were fully refunded to the borrower or the borrower’s escrow account; and, (iv) all borrowers who file a timely and proper request to be excluded from the Settlement Class. Each such qualifying member of the Settlement Class shall be referred to as a “Settlement Class Member.”

Estimated Amount


You will receive 10.5% of the Net Premium if you were charged for an LPI Policy issued by QBE Specialty Insurance Company during the Settlement Class Period. You will receive 6% of the Net Premium if you were charged for an LPI Policy issued by Praetorian Insurance Company or QBE Insurance Corporation during the Settlement Class Period.

Proof of Purchase


Case Name

Edwards v. Seterus LPI Settlement
Case No. 1:15-cv-23107-DPG
District Court for the Southern District of Florida

Case Summary

This lawsuit involves Lender-Placed Insurance (“LPI”), which is insurance (hazard, flood, or wind) that is placed on a borrower’s property to protect the borrower and mortgage lender when the borrower’s insurance policy lapses, or when the borrower does not maintain a homeowner’s insurance policy that is acceptable to the mortgage lender. When an LPI Policy is placed pursuant to the borrower’s mortgage contract, Seterus pays premiums to the LPI insurer who writes the policy, and then Seterus charges the borrowers for those Premiums.

All Defendants expressly deny Plaintiffs’ allegations and assert their actions were fully authorized under the mortgage instruments and by law. They also expressly deny that the QBE Defendants paid Seterus “kickbacks” or provided any other improper benefits in connection with the issuance of LPI policies and otherwise deny that they did anything wrong. There has been no court decision on the merits of this case and no finding that Defendants committed any wrongdoing.

Settlement Pool





Edwards v. Seterus LPI Settlement
P.O. Box 2995
Portland, OR 97208-2995

19 responses to “Seterus Force-Placed Insurance Class Action Settlement”

  1. WL says:

    They should have more class actions brought against them for failure to post payments; falsifying accounts; Actually they should be put out of business.

    • FS says:

      Isn’t that the truth?

      • Shelby outlaw says:

        My mother is going through the same thing. They are Over starting her bills but why haven’t they been caught ? IM SUPER PISSED AND THIS IS GOING TO BE A HELL STORM.

    • Richard Rodriguez says:

      I couldn’t agree more that company should be out of business they took over my mortgage and added all these fees and Drive by charges and all kinds of items until finally they priced me out of my mortgage I wound up doing a deed-in-lieu with them and it was almost like they knew the market was going to change because it happens right before I could have sold my property and actually made a few dollars.

  2. Rachelle Humphrey says:

    They are the most crooked mortgage servicer on the planet. I successfully won my home back in federal court after they had done MANY ILLEGAL THINGS. They they need to be held accountable. I would still like to pursue further action, as they turned my life upside down for no other purpose than greed and not giving a crap. They are owned by IBM.

    • Patty Stevens says:

      Rachel it would be great if you could let me know what Attorney you used. Seterus has done terrible things to my sister and I documented many of the items for her – her home is in the Chicago area and foreclosed but still occupying the property due to another person who had not been served eviction papers. 906-228-7140 if you would prefer to call me or have your attorney call. Thanks for any consideration you can give.


      I would like to do the same. They caused much undue hardships and health issues due to extreme stress.

  3. WL says:

    Yes, Seterus is crooked as can be. Every payment I made I sent via certified mail – return receipt. They lie and commit fraud beyond belief. This is a servicer that needs the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau needs to investigate fully – tear their offices apart. The people you talk with are the rudest individuals. They do not respond to Qualified Written Request (even though Federal Law mandates they do so within 5 days) – Make sure everything you do with them is documented and documented again, correspondence must be sent certified mail-return receipt (make sure you put the certified mail # on your check, payment stub, etc. They are insisting I never paid my property taxes when I have a receipt that shows they were paid to the county. Wish a law firm would go after them for all the other fraudulent practices they have committed nation wide. It’s horrendous

  4. sharon says:

    They are my current Nightmare. I filed an insurance claim, and the insurance company made the check out to both Seterus and myself. The claim is for roof damage, and getting my roof fixed. I am still waiting for the Money Seterus is holding the money hostage. Had I known they would keep the money, i would not have signed the check before sending to them. Meanwhile I have a tarp covering the roof to keep water out. You would think the integrity and up keep of the property would be there priority.

    ADMIN – HI Sharon,

    I don’t think this case has anything to do with money retention by the lender.

    • WL says:

      File complaints against them with Fannie Mae (if that is who backs your mortgage, state attorney general, CEO of Seterus, US Treasury, Federal Trade Commission). Be sure you save all communication and document everything – Seterus will lie – any correspondence should be sent via certified mail return receipt (keep copies of everything you send).
      Several months ago I had one of their monkeys come by to look at my house – refused to give me his name, couldn’t speak English – told him to get off property or I would have him arrested – took picture of him and his vehicle license plate. Looked like a thug.

  5. Ann you g says:

    Seterus, along with QBE, that happens to be an office right beside Seterus, robbed me bond and at one point even told me, yes we owe you money, but you will never see. It. I can document very lousy, illegal thing they did, I hav all the paperwork that backs my claim . It’s July 18th, am I able to join this suit.

    ADMIN – Hi Ann,

    To see if you are a member of the class please refer to class eligibility

    • WL says:

      Seterus is now switching to a different insurance company – they will do the same thing over again. The fraud they are allowed to commit is outrageous. They have not deducted the payments from my balance for close to a year now and I’m sure what they are doing is fraud; I always make a payment by sending a check via certified mail, return receipt and check when the check cleared as well as print out a copy of check. Everyone should make a “Qualified Written Request” to obtain all the information Seterus has – that is a RESPA (and falls under federal laws if ignored). Problem with Seterus is they have different contact information for different things – not one central office. They should be sued under a class action for all the financial damage they have caused. Speaking to the rude, ignorant customer people is just not worth it – even though I have made a “QWR” the stupid idiot keeps directing me elsewhere or gives a response “you can look on our website”. Geesh – one of the worst to do business with.

      ADMIN – Hi WL,

      I am sorry you are feeling frustrated. I wish I could help you out.

  6. jill pannoni says:

    They charged me for a flood policy with Travelers through FEMA and my agent (who received commission) and also charged me QEB premiums. I did have FLOOD IN 2010 and Seterus insisted their name be on the check and still questioned Travelers handling of the claim. They never stepped forward with any QEB flood coverage They were the “servicer” for Bank of America who TOOK THE MORTGAGE FOR SALLY MAE. The layers and layers of the mortgage industry and the insurance INDUSTRYSHOULD HAVE BEEN CHANGED WITH TODD- FRANK BUT WAS NEVER ADDRESSED. ENOUGH IS ENOUGHh.

  7. leo says:

    I would like to know has this lawsuit become finalized and when will there be a payout to all clients.

    ADMIN – Hi Leo,

    Here is the update directly from their website

    UPDATE: The Court held a Final Approval Hearing on April 14, 2017 and entered the Final Approval Order and Judgment on that same day. No appeals have been filed. To receive your cash award or credit, you must submit a claim by no later than July 17, 2017. Eligible claimants will receive your cash award or credit within 180 days after the Settlement becomes Final and effective.

  8. leo says:

    hi is the 180 days up yet ? I’ve submitted a claim over 8 months ago and all necessities that was asked of me ,still waiting and watching. I am very much up on when the final approval was.So now what’s the hold up ?

    ADMIN – Hi Leo,

    I don’t know but you can contact the class action admin and ask. This is their email:

  9. Vernell Williams says:

    Please contact me concerning Seterus lawsuit they destroy my life my mortgage went from 516 .00 to 928.16 a month they try to foreclosure on my on my home after l got behind l was hit by a car an it chattered both my dsc damage my lambar 1 4 and 5 and now l am having health issue you the have lie to me on several occasions they said yet hire a company to put a septic tank and l don’t have one and charged me 500.00 they said they mowed my yard and mow my own yard charge me 300.00 several times they not a company that are working with you only again you .
    I am very sick but l will fight until l died my address is 4495 St Thomas Street Bolton MS 39209 my number is 6012132573 my mother and father built this house it is all l know it was built with love and hard work can’t let them take this away from me l don’t care my father died with stage four cancer a proud man my mother died from lupus a proud woman . This one place where love always was memory that give me strength it is not just a home is full of loving memories of my childhood

    ADMIN – Hi Vernell,

    We are unable to help you. We are simply an informational website.

  10. Carol M Pyne says:

    I was suddenly totally disabled from a brain injury and Sererus socked it to me for flood insurance and as a result lost my home. I received a letter that I was included in the forced flood ins class action lawsuit and told that I did not have to do anything but haven’t heard anything about it since. What should I do? Am I or am I not included? Can anyone help me? My email is mscetop2424@

    ADMIN – Hi Carol,

    The deadline for this settlement has passed and you may no longer file.

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