Class Eligibility

You qualify as a member of the Settlement Class if you are an owner of a pre-1972 recording(s) which has been performed, distributed, reproduced, or otherwise exploited by Sirius XM in the United States without a license or authorization to do so during the period from August 1, 2009 through November 14, 2016.

Estimated Amount


Proof of Purchase


This settlement is about authorship you must prove that you own the rights to a song

Case Name

Flo & Eddie Inc v. Sirius XM Radio Inc.
Case # 13-5693 PSG (RZx)
United States District Court Central District of California

Case Summary

On August 1, 2013, Plaintiff Flo & Eddie, Inc. (“Flo & Eddie”) filed a lawsuit against Defendant Sirius XM Radio Inc. (“Sirius XM”), alleging on behalf of itself and a putative class of owners of pre-1972 sound recordings that Sirius XM, without a license or authorization, was performing, distributing, and reproducing those pre-1972 recordings as part of its satellite and internet radio services (the “Lawsuit”). Sirius XM denies any wrongdoing and contends that no state law, including California, New York, and Florida law, provides owners of pre-1972 sound recordings a right to control performances of those recordings.

Settlement Pool





Flo & Eddie v. Sirius XM
c/o GCG P.O. Box 35131
Seattle, WA 98124-1100

15 responses to “Sirius XM Pre 1972 Recordings Class Action Settlement”

  1. MARCUS CLOSE says:

    Paid for svc that was continually inturrepted

  2. Quandell Walton says:

    Not good

  3. Shayla says:

    Did not get great service in local areas

  4. Valerie says:

    Change to much.

  5. Elva says:

    Some people are so dumb. This lawsuit is for someone who wrote and has ownership to a song. Not for you morons who think it’s about your satellite radio service. I guarantee these jerks sign up for every single one of these class action lawsuits. What a holes…. Trump deport these ppl plz….

    ADMIN – Hi Ms, Elva,

    Deportation is usually related to immigration status and not necessarily to lack of common sense. I encourage you to not use your email from The Department of Veteran Affairs when engaging in forums such as this one, particularly if you plan to be ungracious. It would be virtually impossible for an individual to cheat in this particular settlement so you can relax and trust that not every single settlement is subject to potential fraud.

    • Glitter says:

      Lol, and just like that I found yet another reason to love this website

      ADMIN – Hi There,

      I had to edit your user name. While I agree with the sentiment it is not appropriate for this page.

    • Robert C Miller says:

      Thank you !!!!

  6. Elva says:

    I apologize for my comments earlier. It just irks me that some try to cheat the system. My apologies

    ADMIN – Hi Elva,

    No problem. Have a super day.

    • swamp drainer says:

      Trust us, its nothing more annoying than a govt employee using govt services for non govt business. You should be the one deported

      ADMIN – Hi Mr. Drainer,

      Regardless of the nature of her comment I suspect Elva is a US citizen therefore not subject to deportation. Unwise probably not not illegal.

  7. JEFFREY BEHR says:

    Service is always interrupted

  8. Formeka Ball says:

    Service always interrupted and they always take money from my account double the amount I usually pay!

  9. Ronald Kinsley says:

    I had Siruis and had the same occuring issues in disruptive service

  10. Sherrel lockhart says:

    Didn’t get great service

  11. Mr. Man says:

    I am sure the V.A.has more pressing matters omg omg deportation?

    ADMIN – Hi Mr. Man,

    I totally agree.

  12. LaQunda Wilson says:

    I paid for services that kept getting disconnected

    ADMIN – Hi LaQunda,

    Please take a moment to read the post. This settlement is about author’s rights.

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