Class Eligibility

You are a member of the class if at any time from July 23, 2009 until February 25, 2018, you purchased or paid for some or all of the purchase price for 45mg, 55mg, 65mg, 80mg, 90mg, 105mg, 115mg, and/or 135mg Solodyn and/or its generic versions of one or more of these dosages, in Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Florida, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Louisiana, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Oregon, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Tennessee, Utah, Vermont, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico, in tablet form, for consumption by yourself or your family.

Estimated Amount


Proof of Purchase


While at the time there is no POP requirement don’t be surprised if the class action administrator asks for evidence of purchase post-submission

Case Name

In re: Solodyn (Minocycline Hydrochloride) Antitrust Litigation
Case No. 1:14-md-02503
U.S. District Court for the District of Massachusetts

Case Summary

The lawsuit alleges Defendants, delayed the availability of an allegedly less-expensive generic version through allegedly anticompetitive agreements with the other Defendants. Plaintiffs (those who brought the suit) allege that Defendants did so through the unlawful settlement of patent lawsuits in which the patents covering Solodyn were in dispute. Plaintiffs claim that Defendants’ actions denied End-Payors who paid for Solodyn® the benefits of competition and caused them to pay higher prices for Solodyn® than they otherwise would have.

Defendants deny these claims and deny they did anything wrong. No court or other authority has found that Defendants engaged in any wrongdoing. This notice is not an expression of any opinion by the Court as to the merits of Plaintiffs’ claims or the defenses asserted by Defendants.

Settlement Pool





In re: Solodyn Antitrust Litigation (End-Payor Action)
c/o A.B. Data Ltd.
P.O. Box 173034
Milwaukee, WI 53217

29 responses to “Solodyn Generic Delay Class Action Settlement”

  1. Calvin burns says:

    Yes I have used this

    ADMIN – Hi Calvin,

    Consider filing a claim.

  2. dory cooper says:

    I used this too!

  3. Dawn Matthews says:

    I have used this product.

  4. Dawn Matthews says:

    I have used this product

  5. barbra king says:

    I have used thjs product

    ADMIN – Hi Barbra,

    That makes you a potential class member.

  6. Shane manac says:

    I have used this to

    ADMIN – Hi Shane,

    That makes you a class member.

  7. Julie Holda says:

    I have used as a treatment.

    ADMIN – Hi Julie,

    If you believe you are a class member file a claim using the link provided.

  8. Julie Holda says:

    I have used.

    ADMIN – Hi Julie,

    That makes you a class member.

  9. Billy cross Jr says:

    I used this product too.

    ADMIN – Hi Billy,

    If you are a member of the class consider filing a claim.

  10. Jack Robinson says:

    I have used this product before.

    ADMIN – Hi Jack,

    If you are a member of the class consider filing a claim.

  11. Sondra D Rhodes says:

    I have used this product but I live in Texas! WTH?

    ADMIN – Hi Sondra,

    Texas is not included

  12. Kaitlyn Foster says:

    I have used this product!

    ADMIN – Hi Kaitlyn,

    Did it work? What were you treated for?

  13. Lenaiya says:

    What is the point of ppl posting comments here saying “I used this product?” And…? It’s like, if you used the oroduct (if you really did “use this product” i believe your statement should read “I was prescribed this medication” or “I was taking this Rx” bcuz “i used this product” sounds like you’re talking about shampoo or glass cleaner) Shouldn’t you just submit a claim form? I am sure this website administrator is thinking the same thing, lol. Every single comment says the same exact thing, and i can sense that the administrator felt it unnecessary to respond to every single one. I know you guys prolly think im nit picking or uptight or have nothing better to do, but the truth is, i just felt compelled to post bcuz it just made no sense. Do you guys not read all the comments posted before you? If you did, what on earth would compell you to post the same exact comment that the ppl before you did? Couldnt you just read the responses to THEIR comments? I am so intrigued by this group of ppl here hahahaha please dont think im being weird or mean, i am just baffled, thats all. Lmao. I dont mean any harm. My disposition is that of a humorous one and of great curiosity. Peace

    ADMIN – Hi Lenaiya,

    I used that product too 😉

    • Lenaiya says:

      That’s too funny

    • Lenaiya says:


    • Robert Jones says:

      These people are [offensive language removed] . I might as well reply to every post on here and say…. THE SUN COME UP THIS MORNING All you [offensive language removed] that made that stupid statement,, I USED THIS PRODUCT Know you are lying maybe 1 in 100 of you used it The rest of you are what i CALL frequent filers… YOU WILL FILE ON anything YOU THINMK WILL PAY A DOLLAR THEN WHEN THEY DO PAY THE DOLLAR,, YOU WILL [offensive language removed] BECAUSE ITS ONLY A DOLLAR.

  14. Sharlon Gee says:

    I used this product

  15. Ivy C says:

    I have used its prescribed product, minocycline hydrochloride. My question is if it also relates to pets because my pet had the tablet form and the vet bill was nothing to sneeze at.

    ADMIN – Hi Ivy,

    I don’t think so.

  16. Rob says:

    I haven’t used this product…ever.

  17. Renetta C. says:

    I have used this product.

    ADMIN – Hi Renetta,

    Excellent! That makes you a class member.

  18. steve says:

    Cannot file the claim online. Why?

    ADMIN – Hi Steve,

    You can ask the class action administrator.

  19. Tasha D Daniels says:

    I tried to submit a claim but once I click on it yhe message says that it has been removed Please send me a link so that i can submit a claim or a number to callso that i may proceed on Thanks

    ADMIN – Hi Tasha,

    Please reach out to the class action admin directly.

  20. GWENDOLYN BELL says:

    Please add me to the lawsuit, I used this product.

    ADMIN – Hi Gwen,

    We can’t add you. You must file a claim yourself.

  21. May says:

    I AGREE 100% with LENAIYA May 12, 2018 comment. A MIND is a TERRIBLE thing to WASTE! Please Folks READ, READ, READ before asking or posting UNNECESSARY comments to the Admin. OVER and OVER again!!! It’s NOT Rocket science!

    ADMIN – Hi May,

    One can only pray and hope.

  22. John says:

    What does generic equivalent mean? I have taken minocycline hcl, is that the generic equivalent?

    ADMIN – Hi John,

    minocycline HCl is the generic equivalent of the product.

    • John says:

      So I am eligible to complete the form?

      ADMIN – Hi John,

      Refer to class eligibility. Most likely you are.

  23. ralph troisi says:

    when do we get payed,and are they gonna have to pay more then money,i hope so

    ADMIN – Hi Ralph,

    Please keep checking the original page to find updates related to payment timelines.

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