Class Eligibility

To be included in the settlement, you must be a member of the Settlement Class. To be in the Settlement Class, you must satisfy three requirements:

  • First, you must be the owner of the copyright in a musical composition.
  • Second, you or someone else must have applied for or received a certificate of registration from the United States Copyright Office on or before June 29, 2017.
  • Third, Spotify must have made that musical composition available for interactive streaming and/or limited downloading without a license between December 28, 2012 and June 29, 2017.

Estimated Amount


Each class member’s share will be the percentage of the Net Settlement Fund equal to the number of streams of that class member’s claimed musical compositions divided by the total number of streams of all class members’ claimed musical works. In the event that a class member is only a partial owner of the copyright of a claimed musical work, that class member’s share will be discounted in accordance with that class member’s ownership stake.

Proof of Purchase


Case Name

Ferrick V. Spotify US Inc
No. 1:16-cv-8412 (AJN)
United States District Court For The Southern District of New York

Case Summary

The plaintiffs are Melissa Ferrick, Jaco Pastorius, Inc., and Gerencia 360 Publishing, Inc. They allege that they own copyrights for which registration has been issued or applied for in musical compositions that Spotify made available for interactive streaming and/or limited downloading without a license, and that Spotify did so with respect to other musical compositions owned by others. The plaintiffs allege that Spotify is liable to the Settlement Class for copyright infringement in violation of 17 U.S.C. §§ 101 et seq.

Spotify believes that plaintiffs’ factual and legal allegations in the lawsuit are incorrect and specifically denies any fault, wrongdoing, or liability to plaintiffs or the Settlement Class. In the lawsuit, Spotify has asserted defenses to the claims raised by plaintiffs.

Settlement Pool





Ferrick v. Spotify
c/o GCG
PO Box 10371
Dublin, Ohio 43017-5571
1 (855) 474-3853

78 responses to “Spotify Copyright Owners Class Action Settlement”

  1. Suelema P Ramos says:

    Can you please explain to me in layman’s terms so I can have a better understanding thank you

    ADMIN – Hi Suelema,

    If you wrote a song and the intellectual property belongs to you because you registered the song as yours (copyrights). If said song was played by Spotify without your permission you are a class member.

    • Pam Litten says:

      How do you know weather Spotify played your song.

      ADMIN – Hi Pam,

      You can do a search, Spotify is searchable.

      • Jamesetta Wilkerson says:

        What is the hold up on the Spotify settlement. I know the fairness hearing was suppose tobe held on December 1st. When will the claim forms be ready?

        ADMIN – Hi Jamesetta,

        Contact the admin to ask.

      • Doug Belshe says:

        How can I determine which of my musical compositions, songs, lyrics etc were used by Spotify without my permission ?

        ADMIN – Hi Doug,

        You can reach out to the class action administrator or you can do a search for your own music on Spotify.

      • Howard Washington says:

        My Music is on Apple as well they say I’m a settlement class when and how do I file

        ADMIN – Hi Howard,

        The admin will notify you when the claim form becomes available.

    • Iwona A Grochowski says:

      Yes, My name is pronounced: Evona, but legally, it is: Iwona A Grochowski

      I have received 4 cards, with corresponding numbers, which I will list below, and I was told I am supposed fill out this claim form, once it appears, below are my corresponding numbers,…

      Do you have any idea how much longer this will actually take,..? How much, I may receive from each number.
      And When will the claim forms, be available.

      ADMIN – Hi Iwona,

      You need to contact the class action administrator.

  2. Jo Graf says:

    did not recieve my code I moved recently

    ADMIN – Hi Jo,

    This is not a code-based settlement. Please refer to the terms.

  3. Betty C. Evans says:

    I would like some answers concerning the case the young lady brought against Spotify since I do own songs with copyright. I was sent a post card.

    ADMIN – Hi Betty,

    I encourage you to reach out to the class action admin.

    • Betty C. Evans says:

      Thank you very much, other than the post card I have no Idea how I am considered to be a part of this class action suit. since I write Gospel songs. however I will get in touch with the admin. of the suit.

      ADMIN – Hi Betty,

      If you don’t get a hold of the admin try class counsel.

  4. Fran Williams says:

    I received a post card with code numbers. I am 1/3 owner of the song. Our song was made public June 28, 2011. When will benefits be available?? Fran

    ADMIN – Hi Fran,

    Settlements are paid once the deadline has passed and all appeals have cleared.

  5. John L.Cotton says:

    I went on the website to fill out my Spotify Publishing Settlement Class Action claim forms online but it wasn”t there. Can you give me the information online where to go at so that i can fill it out on time before the deadline. Thank You.

    ADMIN – Hi John,

    It looks like they have not yet loaded the claim form. If you don’t see loaded soon please contact the class action admin.

  6. justin letlow says:

    Spotify recorded my song called Chewed Up.The band The Bleeding Gums are selling my song on line. Please call me at 541 480 1373.

    ADMIN – Hi Justin,

    We are not the class action administrators or class counsel. You need to contact them directly if you have a concern. Otherwise just file your claim as instructed.

  7. stadadius hill says:

    I use that app alot

    ADMIN – Hi S,

    This is not for users, it is for authors.

  8. Donna T Hatcher says:

    I would like to know if the the courts have ruled in favor of the songwriters.for stauatory infringement of copyrights. The court date was December 1, 2017.. But the judge needed more time to give final ruling on the spotify settlement per songwriter..streams and DOWNLOADS.. many songwriters are not agreeing with the small amount that Spotify are offering to settlement. I ENCOURAGE ALL SONGWRITERS THAT ARE APART OF THIS SETTLEMENT TO TRY AND GET THE STAUATORY INFRINGEMENT. WHICH SHOULD BE $150, 000 per song, plus future ROYALITES.. this would be a fare settlement too all songwriters that their COPYRIGHTS. Would not be infringed upon. We have been VIOLATED and SPOTIFY IS A BILLION DOLLAR GIANT, THAT HAVE EATEN THE FRUIT OF SONGWRITERS LABOR.. THEY HAVE MADE BILLIONS OF DOLLARS OFF OF SONGWRITERS NOW YHEY MUST PAY IT IS AS SIMPLE AS THAT.. POINT BLANK.. WHAT SHOULD THEY PAY? STAUATORY INFRINGEMENT FEE $150,000 PER SONG. AND FUTURE ROYALITES . WHOEVER’S IS READING THIS POST AND YOU HAVE BEEN A VICTIM, AND HAVE COPYRIGHT SONGS ON SPOTIFY.. THIS AMOUNT (STAUATORY INFRINGEMENT fee, IS WHAT YOU DESERVE AS SONGWRITERS

    ADMIN – Hi Donna,

    Sharing your comment so others can see your perspective as an author on this matter.

    • Donna T Hatcher says:

      Thank you for sharing..

    • Donna T Hatcher says:

      Thank you for sharing

    • Irving M J says:

      I have a question I received a Post Card from the court and decide to do nothing and be part of the class settlement if Judge Nathan decides to rule against the settlement do I have a chance to “OPT OUT” from the settlement the deadline for excluding yourself was September 12, 2017, unless you are one of the 435 Wixen Music clients subject to the Court’s December 15, 2017 Order. Can I OPT if Spotify is compel to amend the settlement or what about if the judge favor against it can I then sue Spotify after rejection. My nephew is an Attorney but not in that area plus I did not want to burden him with this plus I know infringement is very hard and complicated to prove and it could drag on for years but now that I have an idea of how many songs were infringed I recognize now I made a mistake 43.4 millions dollars is peanuts once they share it people that are in the class settlement will be very disappointed once they receive their pay I believe they will get less than five dollars to show for I knew this from the beginning and consider it to

      ADMIN – Hi Irving,

      You cannot opt out capriciously. You either opt out on deadline or you are in.

    • Irving Martinez says:

      Hi Donna, I don’t know if I still have the chance to OPT out because I did not exclude my self from the class action or submit an objection if when the Judge finally make a decision in favor of the settlement do I still have a chance to change my mind I agree with your post-Donna and one is probably questioning why I did not exclude my self when I had the chance to exclude my self from the settlement the reason was because I did not know the number of songs that were infringed but now I have an idea according to some of my sources claims that one of the attorneys gave an estimate of 300.000 songs after splitting the settlement each class member would receive 100 dollars this send the wrong message to the music industry that commiting copyright infridgement pays off. I receive a postcard and carefully to the time of reading it but I think I made a mistake in not excluding my self-proving copyright infringement is very difficult and it could take years before they make a decision do I still have time Donna.

      • Donna Hatcher says:

        No you do not have time too opt out or 3 excluded the experation date has already passed.. June 22 2018 is the final date for the approval of the settlement. If no one appeals.. but I believed at least one(1) person did appeal.. So this will prolong and delay all the distribution of this final approval of the settlement..

  9. Larry Henderson says:

    So far there is no claim form to fill out, don’t understand why. Don’t know exactly what to do.

    ADMIN – Hi Larry,

    Sometimes settlements are in limbo pending the completion of certain requirements. Just keep checking.

  10. gerald laney says:

    i received two letters from spotify regarding NOI what does that mean ?

    ADMIN – Hi Gerald,

    Are you an author of music?

    • Irving Martinez says:

      This means a composition can be re-recorded and/or distributed without the publisher’s express permission, provided the publisher is paid the standard royalty rates set out by Congress. The Copyright Act also requires parties acquiring compulsory licenses to provide publishers with a Notice of Intent (NOI).

  11. Franklin L West says:

    My name is Franklin L West. Claimant # 9B2646086E. I would like to know the state of the lawsuit as one of my songs is directly involved. Is there anything I need to do. I have only recently returned to NY.

    ADMIN – Hi Franklin,

    You need to contact the class action administrator directly regarding this matter. Just scroll up to find their contact info.

  12. John L. Cotton says:

    I totally agree with Donna , on the INFRINGEMENT fee of $150,OOO.OO per song and royality. AS a songwriter we labor day and night writing these songs from the depth of our heart to minister to peopie through music. SO please treat us fairly and I thank you for fighting for us in this settlement.

    ADMIN – Hi John,

    I don’t know much about the value of royalties so I will refrain from giving an opinion.

  13. Charles Weidman says:

    I received five post cards. Does that mean Spotify infringed on five of my copyrighted compositions?

    ADMIN – Hi Charles,

    I don’t think that is the case, unless each card has a different claim number. I would suggest that you contact the class action administrator prior to filing.

  14. Melissa Mckinney says:

    What is the 6/29/2018
    About and they used my songs without asking me not right in my book my child get punished for taking without permission Melissa Mckinney

    ADMIN – Hi Melissa,

    Preliminary deadline to submit claims.

  15. Martha Sanders says:

    I was in court on December 1,2017, and I heard judge Nathan say she has not made a decision on this class action case of ferrick vs spotify. I heard both arguments. It seems that she is focusing more on a larger percentage of royalties to be paid to all song writers and we do qualify for that, it was a win win situation for us. All writer will receive this % heigh. I hold copyright certificates of proposed songs. And I know how many people sang my songs and how much money was made from the infringement’s of each one of my songs. I believe the Honorable Allison Nathan work on fairness. Sincerely, Martha Sanders. 02/27/2018

    • IMJ says:

      I hope you are correct i just want to state don’t get your hope high but let’s just say if you are awarded only four dollars from the Net Settlement how would you feel I would say very disappointed and furious Judge Nathan was appointed by Barack Obama some mention that Judge Alison Nathan is looking out for our interest well we just have to see about that.

    • Barbara Best says:

      Martha how did you go about finding out which of your song(s) were used by Spotify ? How did you find the amount of money paid for the use of these songs without your permission ? I have tried to navigate Spotify to find this information myself and am unable to navigate the system effectively. I have also called the administrators number to no avail. Thank you for any information you can give me to help me find out about my own music being stolen. Barbara

  16. Steven Artis Eversole says:

    I’m composer song writer Steven Artis Eversole I have three songs on Spottily since 2009 I believe.
    I never have received any royalties or payment for my songs or work I believed they were registered
    for world wide distribution.
    I received a Postcard to and I am certified copyright with the library of congress since 2008.
    Don’t really know what to do!

    ADMIN – Hi Steven,

    You can reach out to class counsel to obtain clarification

    • Steve A Eversole says:

      I received my claim check the other day it was only $751.05 for three of my songs
      not sure whether or not I should cash it. not much money for copyright infringement. what do you think I
      should do?

  17. John L. Cotton says:

    Hello this is John Cotton again asking about is there any update on the Judge final approval and his fairness decision on our behalf the songwriter to get our fair share concerning our music. Please let us know when the claim forms and music tracks database will be out on your website. i’m praying and trusting that everything will work out into our favor and yours too. Thank you for fighting for us the lawyers on this class action settlement once again we have the “Victory “.

    ADMIN Hi Mr. Cotton,

    I went to check the official website and I don’t see an update.

  18. Felix M.Pichardo says:

    l received 5 cards,with different claim numbers,and with different control numbers…how to know at what song you are refering to…and l do not have the Spotify track numbers,how do l get them.thank.

    ADMIN – Hi Felix,

    You will need to contact the class action administrator.

  19. Irving Martinez says:

    For those that take the time to read my replies, I like to add that if you became part of the settlement don’t believe everything you read I’ve followed this case and I am somewhat familiar with the case some class members might feel bad because they did n’t exclude them self from this class action and they feel that they made a mistake like my self you should not feel bad because you probably made the right decision in not excluding your self and this is why one should also consider that many of the top publishing companies have decided to sue Spotify the publishing company Wixen Music Publishing, which licenses music from about 200 artists, including Tom Petty, Neil Young, The Beach Boys, Missy Elliott, and Janis Joplin, is suing Spotify for $1.6 billion, this work on ones favor or more like for all your class members and this is why I say in your favor the more people bail out the better for because you get to keep more money this I also consider when I made my decision to not exclude my self plus there are many benefits of the settlement that looked very attracted so don’t feel bad just knowing that your work was recognized by the biggest streaming company should make you very proud and to recognize that your work is good enought to be among the best so keep on writting and composing good luck.


    I am a member of this class act lawsuit against spotify and how can I find out how many times a song from spotify was streamed

    ADMIN – Hi Kristian,

    Chances are you can’t

  21. Bradley smith says:

    I recieved a post card does this mean that spotify has my music and if you cant tell how many times the songs been stream how do they know what to pay you this is a question from the previous post?

    ADMIN – Hi Bradley,

    This is a question that can be best answered by class counsel.

  22. John L. Cotton says:

    Hello this is John Cotton, again just want to know when will the judge give his finanl fairness approval on the Spotify Publishng Settlement Acton for the Songwriter of our songs being used by them without our permittion.When will the claim forms be online for us to fill them out before the deadline in the month of June. Please give us answer and update on this matter we just want what is belong to us songwriters for our music ok.Thank You! l

    ADMIN – Hi John,

    The official page indicates that the final hearing took place on May 22 and we are now waiting for the 30 day window for appeals to pass.

  23. Betty Carol Evans says:

    Hi my name is Betty Carol Evans, and I received a card stating that I had been identified, as possible owner of copyright , no one called me as they said they would, so how do I find out if my song or songs was used by Spotify.

    ADMIN – Hi Betty,

    If you received a card you are most likely a member of the class.

  24. Betty Carol Evans says:

    I will call Garden Ci8ty Group today since they were the ones who sent me the card.

  25. Gustavo Nunez says:

    Thanks for everything you do for us.

    ADMIN – Hi Gustavo,

    Your gratitude is much appreciated.

  26. Norma H Leal says:

    Thank you but will you make sure no one changed my phone number or address 210803 3382 P.o. box 769237 maybe someone should ask for the real Norma Jean Huron Leal and any other same name person be expose are you all checking true identity just had to say that.

    ADMIN – Hi Norma,

    For issues related to name changes you need to reach out to the class action administrator directly.

  27. Reginald says:

    You just may get screwed again. Spotify and Pandora paid this one guy $1,400 for streaming his song 14,000,000.l would not sue in this class .These prirates have to learn by paying half of their pirated wealth is a must .

  28. Betty Jean Webb says:

    What if the deadline passes and the claim form is still not available?

    ADMIN – Hi Betty,

    They will probably revise the deadline.

  29. Bradley smith says:

    I have lost my postcard am I still able to claim without a postcard?

    ADMIN – Hi Bradley,

    Yes but contact the admin to obtain your claim ID

  30. Hector Luis Villanueva says:

    My Name is Hector Luis Villanueva my first song is El Jave my second song is La Bocina my third song is Escoge my four song No money no honey five song El Domino I have our title and they registered in copyright I would to know how much is going to be my settlement if you need to talk to me call me at 862 235 2871 0r at 973 405 7409 thank you Hector Luis Villanueva

    ADMIN – Hi Hector Luis,

    You would be better off reaching out to class counsel. I don’t think there are specific amounts already documented.

  31. Hector Luis Villanueva says:

    Hector Luis Villanueva for 5 song is 1.6 million for each song and my song is in the radio and I believe it cost more but I believe it cost more then is my value with all my damage they did to me I believe it cost more I would like to know how many song it was sold because I know they sold more then million that is damage to me Hector Luis Villanueva june 21 2018 9:33

    ADMIN – Hi Hector,

    Reach out to class counsel.

    • Irving Martinez says:

      I have a question are all class members going to receive a share percentage of future royalties from all class members or is it just from the net settlement fund. Can I hear your songs?

      ADMIN – Hi Irving,

      I believe I have already answered our question.

      • hector villanueva says:

        my name is hector Villanueva copyright is suppose to help us out I paid copyright to protect my song I see that copyright does not help us at all my music is at amazon cdbaby itune I lost lots of money because this thing happening to right a song it take me more 2 or 3 week and sometime month thank you I hope I receive a good news attn hector villanueva

        ADMIN – Hi Hector,

        At the moment we don’t have any updates regarding this settlement

    • hector villanueva says:

      what is going with my music other people are getting there money where is my money I would like some offer for my music so how long I have to wait please answer soon I lost a lot of money I have 4 song cd baby amazon itune and spotify is the one who lost the settlement attn hector Villanueva please answer soon quick thank you

      ADMIN – Hi Hector,

      Your question can be best addressed by the class action administrator. Please feel free to contact them. Their info is posted above.

    • hector villanueva says:

      please what is going on is being month and nothing happening there is some people getting something and they have one song hector luis villanueva

      ADMIN – Hi Hector,

      Have you reached out to class counsel?

    • Hector Villanueva says:

      Claim for royalty program and spotify track Id

  32. Florence Miley , aka Flossy Miley says:

    I received three post cards and was told when I talked to a guy that forms were not ready and I would be contacted if I was involved , I have been checking but cannot come up with anything . I would like to speak back with a person if possible , my name is Flossy Miley 1-985-514-1011 thank you

    ADMIN – Hi Florence,

    For more specifics on this case you need to reach out to the class action administrator.

  33. Sherry Updegraff says:

    Are claim forms available yet?

    ADMIN – Hi Sherry,

    Not yet.

  34. Irving Martinez says:

    I have a question are all class members going to receive a share percentage of future royalties from all class members or is it just from the net settlement fund. Can I hear your songs?

    ADMIN – Hi Irving,

    I believe you a share of the net settlement.

  35. Irving says:

    Judges today are trying to discourage people from filing lawsuits because they don’t want the courts’ flooded with infringement litigation cases plus Judges tend to lean towards favoring the big companies like Spotify Judge Nathan explains that class members would be hard to prove monetary damages if they would file independently but I disagree, Judge Nathan is to rule and follow the law I’m thinking about the last appeal on this case could they be arguing Judge Nathan explanation on monetary damages. Copyright violation should be rule by the evidence and the facts not by monetary damages however awarding monetary damages should be considered for the fairness of all class members of this settlement.

  36. Garry B. Coston says:

    So Irving, what are we NOW waiting on? WHY no claims forms yet? You say say that litigants should not file individually or independently, but yet, no questions being answered or answered in a “watered down,” and general manner. Wanting to know how much damage was done, how many times songs were streamed, and how it is calculated relative to the money you will receive versus the times the songs were used or streamed are very legitimate questions. Attorneys, Courts, etc., tend to take advantage of people like us in class act suits/settlements because they know we don’t have much capital, most of us are bordering on low income, and we don’t have the will nor resolve to take the time to fight them. So Irving, I know this is exhaustive answering all of these questions, but at least give us a name and number of someone that can, and do the right thing, and put yourself in our place. Thanks Irving. Garry

  37. Irving says:

    Sorry, Garry for your frustration I know how you feel but you misunderstood my post I agree with you one hundred percent but I think you got me wrong I’m not an attorney neither an Administrator just a commentator.

  38. Katrina Thomss says:


    ADMIN – Hi Katrina,

    Thanks for your feedback

  39. Irving says:

    The Congress already passed the new bill of the Music Modernization Act according to the house of legislative is suppose to protect the artist songwriters and rightsholders but we will have to see about those claims now the bill goes to the Senate for consideration I believe this bill protects the companies and not the artist or rights, holder

    The Congress already passed the new bill of the Music Modernization Act according to the house of legislative is suppose to protect the artist songwriters and rightsholders but we will have to see about those claims now the bill goes to the Senate for consideration I believe this bill protects the companies and not the artist or rights, holder but who knows we will have to see.

    The Music Modernization Act includes:

    A new standard for mechanical royalties: Mechanical royalty rates will be based on what a willing buyer and a willing seller would negotiate in a free market.
    A new entity to administer blanket licenses for mechanical uses: A single entity will be created that has authority to grant blanket licenses for all musical works to digital media companies. The entity will collect royalties for musical works used from digital services and pay them to copyright owners. Digital media services that use this entity will be sheltered from liability for statutory damages. The entity will be paid for by the digital music companies, ensuring that all royalties will be paid to copyright owners with no commission. Digital music companies and copyright owners will still be free to enter into their own voluntary license agreements.
    Removes evidence limitations for public performance royalties: The legislation repeals section 114(i) of the copyright act, allowing rate courts to consider sound recording performance royalty rates when determining musical work performance royalties for digital services.
    Reforms the rate court system: Currently ASCAP and BMI are subject to the same two judges presiding over the rate courts that decide songwriter compensation indefinitely. Each new rate-setting case would be randomly assigned to a federal judge consistent with other federal litigation.

  40. Jerome Davis says:

    How do I participate in law suite my music is listed on Spotify also

    ADMIN – HI Jerome,

    If the deadline has not passed file a claim.

  41. Curtis Williams says:

    When will claim forms be available and if available please email me my form I’m waiting to here something soon
    Truly Curtis Williams.

    ADMIN – Hi Curtis,

    We will update it as soon as it becomes available.

  42. Larry Rossi says:

    I joined the Spotify case at the beginning. I don’t expect a pile of money. That is just a dream that a lot of people have. I am just glad that someone noticed my words enough that they wanted them turned into music for people to listen to. I am in the process of joining ASCAP. If I get another one of the postcards, I will just toss it. I can’t wait forever. Trials and court system can drag this legal stuff out for years. Will be contacting the website to find out any more info about the case. Good luck to all of you who are involved in the case. I may only get $100.00. That is okay. Definitely joining a company that will be able to further my song writing. I have the song writing ability…they have the legal ability. I have some more songs that I am sending in to get copyrights to. I still play the lottery here in California…May have better luck playing that than waiting for this settlement!

  43. Perry A. McLaughlin says:

    This has been a long dragged out case we just want to know when we are getting paid or even if we’re getting close

    ADMIN – Hi Perry,

    Not even close.

  44. Perry A. McLaughlin says:

    We as song writers we our always reaching for the brass ring. Always coming up with the best song that we can we struggle because we can’t find a publisher or a record company we’re we can hear our song by a famous artist

  45. LL says:

    Just curious about how to do something about the invasion of privacy via Facebook and cell phones, and every smart thing made. So my story is long so I will be brief. I was in a situation where I was unable to do anything or go anywhere except when my ex was there. Every horrible experience soon became a new song or parody and leaving me with no proof or idea what to do, I felt everything I said, circumstances I endured, and journal entries stolen, as well as making ad-lib songs to pacify my own feelings about the abusive and intrusive relationship. Now even if this is a load of crap, I am being serious. They take and use common people to beef up the already filthy rich people who get to implement their idea of what it must have been like but I am made to feel burned forever for my privacy and mental health being issues amongst the damage from being manhandled every day. I dont have proof, I’m just a little person who wants no one else to be in this position. I learned to be the only person who has a great deal of restraint and respect for the rest of us who are not being credited our own living hell so others can bank on it.

    ADMIN – Hi LL,

    It is best to consult with a lawyer.

  46. Irving M J says:

    UPDATE 12/3/2018:

    Three objector appeals filed on behalf of Andrew Paley, Tracy Silverman and Phynjuar Saunders (f/k/a Phynjuar Saunders-Thomas) were withdrawn with prejudice. Dismissals with prejudice of those appeals have been entered and can be viewed here.

    Two objector groups, (1) Kristin Diable and Tamara Dearing and (2) Watson Music Group, LLC, DM Records, Inc. and Kingfish Music Group, Inc., had also filed appeals. Those appeals were previously dismissed but remain subject to further court review. These appeals have caused a delay in the availability of claim forms.

  47. Sara Cook says:

    Copywrites must be worthless if people can do this to all of us.

  48. John says:

    Hi I’m John Saucer,

    I have been following this case from the beginning and now as I check the website for updateds it says that the site can not be reached….Did the site location change or what’s going on? I am trying to see if the claim forms are being issued now or not or what is the status update of the case?

    Please let me know where to find the updates and information on the case status. Thanks.

    ADMIN – Hi John,

    This is the link I have

  49. Barbara Best says:

    How do I find out which of my song(s) were used by Spotify without my permission. Please don’t tell me to check with the administrator and don’t tell me to do a check on Spotify. I have attempted both with no results because if you dial the administrator’s phone number all you get is a recording that does not address this issue fully. If you try to find your song on Spotify the process to find out was impossible to navigate. There should be an easier way for us, the victims, to find out which of our song(s) were stolen…Also, judging from the comments it appears this lawsuit will be a long drawn out process that only the attorney’s and Spotify will benefit from handsomely at our expense and creativity.

    ADMIN – Hi Barbara,

    Your third option is to reach out to class counsel. Their # is on the FAQ

  50. James Ronald Thompson says:

    CDbaby has released my music and duplicated my cds and pocketed most proceeds from everything. I discovered they are streaming my music worldwide in multiple location. They also duplicated my cds and sold them worldwide, Proof of sales are in item numbers and Walmart,com as well as multiple sites. They are pocketing the sale proceeds, The documentation collected thus far is in file: http://www, They have thus far ignored my cease and desist certified letter. They are currently streaming my music on Spotify and have been doing so probably all along. I received a notification letter from ab attorney but didn’t respond. I have 51 registered copyrights and every song on my albums being streamed is individually copyrighted. I signed and there up in 2008 with CDBaby and there was no agreement to stream at that time.

    I have filed a criminal complaint with the FBI unit IC3. I’m asking that others file a criminal complaint if they have been ripped off by CDBaby. I have thus far been unable to force hem to quit distributing my music although they stated in the agreement they would do do.

  51. James Ronald Thompson says:

    I believe that the supposed songwriter settlement of $43 million dollars is also a fraud. I submitted the copyright proofs linked to the Spotify airplay records and never received a dime for the unlawful streaming of my music. I believe that the attorneys pocketed everything.

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