Class Eligibility

Current and former Sprint postpaid and prepaid customer account holders (Sprint customers) who paid for unauthorized third-party PSMS charges after July 1, 2010 and who did not receive a credit for those charges may apply for refunds

Estimated Amount


Proof of Purchase


Phone Number

Case Name

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau v. Sprint Corporation
Case No. 14-cv-09931
District Court for the Southern District of New York.

Case Summary

This settlement resolves claims that Spirit Corp. consumers were charged by the phone provider for unauthorized third-party services on their monthly cellphone bill by premium SMS companies.

Premium SMS companies provide services like ringtones, wallpapers, and horoscope and celebrity gossip text messages.

Sprint denies liability but has agreed to settle to avoid the costs and uncertainty associated with a long litigation process.

Settlement Pool





Sprint Government Restitution Plan Administrator
P.O. Box 43364
Providence, RI 02940-3364

38 responses to “Sprint Premium SMS Class Action Settlement”

  1. James E. Hatton says:

    Thats one of the reasons i left Sprint.

    • philip says:

      At&t, T*Mobile have already settled and payments are pending….Verizon has a 12-31-15 deadline also for applying ??? Their ALL crooks, your probably being over charged now just in different ways!!! Like higher rates, they’ll get their $$$ either way….. 🙂

  2. michelle bowman says:

    That’s one of the reasons I left Sprint.

  3. Isabel Carter says:

    I had three sprint cell phones during this time for myself daughter and husband, I left sprint in 2011 because of the fees they kept adding on my phones after being a sprint customer for about 7 years

  4. Antonio Rodriguez says:

    I had sprint since last year and totally got screwed over, my bill kept going up, talking about “Framily plan”. Bs.

  5. Pamela Oatis says:

    I had Sprint for years and my bill became so messed up after they claimed they changed their policy of what unlimited mean. On or about the end of July and/or beginning of April while in the hospital I paid my bill and the payment was never posted. I was in there having my first child and connection to call my family back home as I live in another state. After that horrific situation I switched to another carrier when I got home with my child (15 days later). To date the account was never corrected and fees never given back. Thanks Sprint!

  6. Jay says:

    Left Sprint the first opportunity we got after 15 yes s, once our Children left the family plan.

  7. S Shaw says:

    there are so many restrictions of what I “can’t do”…
    so can someone please help me with a good verification phone number or email outside of the rebate forum. ?

  8. Ashena Jones says:

    Bill keep going up for no reason

  9. Angel says:

    This is one of the reasons why I left, I also closed my account only to find out they have been charging me for several months, and messed up my credit. I told them to check my account and see if I made any calls those months and was told no, Sooooooo, yep nothing. Sprint never tried to contact me since then, Why you ask? don’t know, I even have the same number since 2006. Tell me whats up with that, I have no money to take them to court either. 🙁

  10. Estella Pinner says:

    Be loyal to loyal customers

  11. Sylvia says:

    Had daughter plus 3 grandkids. Still have service with Sprint.

  12. SD says:

    My regular bill was $129.00 per month. after 13yrs with them they send me a bill for $1,890 and told me there was NOTHING they could do because I charged 3 I PHONES to my sprint account. Huh??? I paid my bill with my Debit Card so how was I able to use a SPRINT BILLING Account to purchase 3 phones that I didn’t need?

    They certainly don’t VALUE loyal customers!

    Worse BS Company EVER! They change a few names. Sell a few stocks, hide under a different umbrella and it’s STILL the same company!

  13. Chris Leonardi says:

    I’m still with sprint, but only because we are trying another plan,…but we can’t stand sprint,..very unhappy with the constant increase in fees….bills have been outrages every month

  14. Teresa Smith says:

    I’m currently a sprint customer and horribly disappointed with my service. My bill is over $350.00 a month for 3 months and they cant seem to explain why

  15. Beverly Carter says:

    I am still with Sprint and I have 5 phones but it seems to me that whenever I have a problem they take care of it I have been with them every sense 2007. I call about whatever my problem is and they seem to handle it and the only thing I don’t like now it that when I get a new phone they won’t waive my payment anymore like they use to. And I always ask to speak to the manager that is in charged.

  16. jason jones says:

    i am a sprint customer and someone had hacked my account and they still made me pay when i had proof that is was not me at all they would not come off the fees i dont evean play games on my phone and it was for games . i have been with them for 10 years and i couldnt get a break

  17. Ruby Moses says:

    I’m a sprint customers and waiting on a response.

  18. Vernon Shorter says:

    I am having member in Sprint since 2008. Please email me about refund.

  19. Deborah McCarley says:

    I am still with sprint and have been with them since 2006. They were thoughtful enough to send me notification about this lawsuit and for me to inquire and take this action if this applies to me and it does.

  20. jennifer schreib says:

    I am a sprint customer and I still have my phone with my husband and daughter and myself.
    we have been charged these charges. thank you

  21. Stephanie snook says:

    I had a spirit phone

  22. Syree Anderson says:

    been a customer of Sprint for years and have noticed an increase in prices, and every time you call they said they adjusted your bill and they haven’t getting ready to change cell phone carriers because Print does not keep his word and is very deceptive to its customers

  23. Latoya sanders says:

    I left sprint for this reason

  24. thomas pipes says:

    still with sprint. waiting for a refund.

  25. Joe Esposito says:

    I had sprint for 15+ years we had a family plan and always had problems with billing. Always over charging bills. I ordered a new phone from them and the same phone online was cheaper, so I tried to cancel the one from Sprint but it was sent FedEx they told me not to accept it when delivery and it was sent back. For six months I was billed for that phone, and I kept on calling them that I sent it back. They accused me of theft and that was the last straw with them. Then finally they called me that the phone was in their warehouse and sent apologize letters. But they never made good for it . So I dumped them in 2014.

    • Bobby D. says:

      Still waiting on my refund! Haven’t heard anything yet! Checks were supposedly issue last year! So what is the Hold up!

  26. Virginia A Creek says:

    Still with Spirit,just waiting for a refund.

  27. kelvin gilkey says:

    I’m requesting my refund back from sprint in the settlement in the over charge and is unable to locate the settlement form.

    ADMIN – Hi Kelvin,

    Leaving a comment does not constitute filing a claim. Please refer to the directions provided above.

  28. kelvin gilkey says:

    I submitted several comment

  29. Kimberly smith says:

    Bills keep going up for no. Reason

  30. Gail Reale says:

    I had a phone for 59.95 talk and text . I added a second phone for 10.00 a month more. Always some kind of thing I am billed for. We do not have internet and 1 phone only usesa few minutes amonth. No textibg at all. Stiil over 125.00 every month . Charged mt 250.00 for the 2nd phone because I did not want to extend mt contract. Everyoneijnowhasso much more for much less. Always 3rd party etc …

  31. bennie ruiz says:

    how do i know if sprint paid me the credit i put in my psms settlement adminust in may 1,2016 have two phone on my sprint account

    ADMIN – Hi Bennie,

    I have no idea what you are trying to say. Perhaps you could reword your comment?

  32. Queen Esther Green says:

    I am waiting on my restitutions from sprint from 2016 , I have not received anything yet

    ADMIN – Hi Queen,

    Instead of waiting take the time to click on the case and go read current updates. If that does not provide you with the needed information consider reaching out to the class action administrator.

  33. DESIREE SMITH says:


    ADMIN – Hi Desiree,

    Report your new address to the class action administrator.

  34. Donald Reichart says:

    I am no longer a Sprint customer, How do I receive my rebate. I applied for the restitution claim 12-10-15, and I have heard nothing back since.
    Thank you

    ADMIN – Hi Donald,

    I believe this was paid out already and you no longer have recourse for escalation.

  35. F. Clark says:

    I’ve been waiting for my Restitution since I filed on Dec 28, 2015. I think Sprint is waiting for us all to pass away before issuing any monies out.

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