Class Eligibility

The Court decided that the Settlement Class includes all individual residential and small business consumers enrolled (either initially or through “rolling over” from a fixed rate plan) in a Starion variable rate electric plan in connection with a property located within Connecticut, the District of Columbia, Delaware, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Ohio or Pennsylvania (the “Service Territories”) at any time from 2010 through and including the May 24, 2017.

Estimated Amount


The class action administrator will determine the level of damages as well as the number of valid claims and he will distribute accordingly

Proof of Purchase


Case Name

Gruber v. Starion, Inc.,
Case No. X03-HHD-CV-17- 6075408-S.
Connecticut Superior Court, Judicial District of Hartford

Case Summary

The lawsuit alleges that Starion falsely claimed in its contracts with customers that its variable rate for electricity supply services would “reflect” the “cost of electricity” that Starion “obtained from all sources,” which Plaintiff alleges constituted a representation that Starion’s price for variable rate electricity would fluctuate in accord with Starion’s cost of procuring that electricity. Plaintiff further alleges that, contrary to this representation, Starion in practice failed to decrease its variable rate when wholesale market rates went down. The lawsuit further alleges that Starion’s variable rate customers suffered monetary damages as a result of this alleged misconduct.

Starion denies all of Plaintiff’s claims and says that it did nothing wrong. Starion specifically states that it followed all terms of its contracts with customers, and that Plaintiff’s claims are without factual or legal merit.

Settlement Pool





Gruber v. Starion Energy Claims Administrator
P.O. Box 43034
Providence, RI 02940-3034

95 responses to “Starion Electric Variable Charges Class Action Settlement”

  1. Patricia Blake says:

    This Rebate Claim is for my personal claim for my condo. However, as President of the Condo Association I signed up the 5241 N. East River Road Condo Association for the same service. Therefore, I should be receiving a postcard with separate Claim ID and PIIN Codes. The addresses are the same and are two (2) separate accounts, with the same mailing address. Thank you.

    ADMIN – Hi Patricia,

    Send a certified letter to the admin with this info.

    • Cassandra M Barnes says:

      If I receive a post card with my claim ID# and my pin# do that me I will be getting a settlement?

      ADMIN – Hi Cassandra,

      That means you have to file a claim.

    • Michael BROWN says:

      So how is this is going to work and how do we know how we is going to get paid and from who?

      ADMIN – Hi Michael,

      Judge decides if settlement terms are fair, anybody who opposes for valid reasons can appeal. Judge considers the appeals. Appeals are resolved and case is finalized. Once the case is finalized the class action administrator validates every claim and proceeds to calculate the benefits for each class member. Once the benefits have been calculated the funds are distributed per the terms of the settlement.

      • Ernest Hodnett says:

        Claim ID#10235853 SNR-10235853-2

        I’ve received no subsequent communication regarding this case since I got notification of the settlement.

        ADMIN – Hi Ernest,

        This case has not been paid but you can contact the class action administrator to check on the status.

    • Marcelino Feliciano says:

      I one of the persons that files my claim. Marcelino Feliciano and I live at 1355 Grand Concourse Bronx, New York 10452 apt 1G. And I have not been compensated with yous decision that yous came to for the law suit. Norma Rosa c/o Marcelino Feliciano call me at 3473165807. That you for your help.

      ADMIN – Hi Marcelino,

      Please contact the class action administrator for updates.

      • Norma Rosa c/ o Marcelino Feliciano says:

        I’m Marcelino Feliciano and would like to know when are we getting our funds back. Please contacts me at 347316-5807.

        ADMIN – Hi Marcelino,

        Settlements are traditionally paid once the administrator has validated your claim, the final hearing has taken place and all appeals have cleared.

    • Carmen R. Viggiano says:

      I would kindly appreciate it if you could reissued the check for the class act settlement of Gruber v. Starion Energy Inc. Check number 0003005287 amount for $14.94 made to Carmen R. Viggiano. Claim #:SNR-C-10655304 5318. I accidently removed a bottom portion of the check and the bank didn’t accept it because they needed that bottom part with the numbers. I have the check and the bottom part of the check in case you need it to reissued me a new check. Thanks

      ADMIN – Hi Carmen,

      I am not the class action administrator thus I cannot satisfy your request. If you scroll up you will find a subheading titled contact. Their info is posted there.

  2. richard fernsler says:

    what is going on with Starion Energy.

    ADMIN – Hi Richard,

    Refer to the case summary.

  3. enrico j. villamaino jr. says:

    what if you do not have the paper work from years ago?

    ADMIN – Hi Enrico,

    You could contact Starion to provide you with duplicates. I do believe they keep historical data.

  4. vivian A. Forster says:

    Ye.s I was with Starion and my electric bills were running $700-800 for a one bedroom apartment

  5. john says:

    I hate these third party power providers.
    They call you up, or knock on your door. Saying that they can save you money on electricity and gas. They just need some kind of numbers from you electric bill to see how much you can save.
    But they won’t tell you how much you can save until they get the numbers.
    Because without you knowing, they switched your provider to them.
    You may save money with them in the first couple months. But then, you price will all the sudden triple or more of what your original provider charged.

  6. gwendolyn martinez says:

    yes I have a claim number 10252038

    ADMIN – Hi Gwendolyn,

    What is keeping you from filing a claim?

  7. Michael&Edith Delaney says:

    I was a customer of Starion electric and if any good come out of this for I will be happy thanks

  8. renee emerson says:

    I was promised rebates and discounts and I didn’t get the variable rate promised my bills were higher.

  9. Carol Ann Zurawski says:

    Hi, I had the service from Starion Energy. The service from 3/25/16 thru 4/25/16. So, what do I have to do? My account # 3910637047. Thank You

    ADMIN – Hi Carol

    If you had variable pricing you are class member. Consider filing a claim

  10. carol reddick says:

    I’m a senior citizen and I don’t know if I qualify for this.

    ADMIN – Hi Carol,

    I don’t think your age hinders you from being a class member.


    I had a variable rate for two months and than switched to a fix rate. because I did not believe their claim that
    the variable rate would never exceed the rate of Duquesne light.

  12. Jacqueline D. Harris-Shorter says:

    Hi, I’m Jacqueline D. Harris-Shorter and i had the Starion Energy.

    ADMIN – Hi Jacqueline,

    Good to know! Why not file a claim if you had the variable package?

  13. James Thomas says:

    I was a customer of Starion Energy how do I know if I qualify for this.

    ADMIN – Hi James,

    Refer to class elegibility

  14. Vladimir Barsky says:

    WE are filling the claim. We were paying as much for energy for 1 bedroom apt to Starion as we used to pay for 3 bedroom single house 2.5 greater in SQ FT than apartment we are in now.
    Tatyana and Vladimir Barsky

    • Rhonda Floyd says:

      Rhonda Floyd don’t know if I ‘m elegibile please get backwith me Claim ID 10413498

      ADMIN – Hi Rhonda,

      Please carefully read the class eligibility requirements so you can find out if you are a member of the class.

  15. Nonso says:

    Hello, I had Starion Energy and They We’re charging an Arm and A Leg, Way higher than what I used to pay after they promised that their Rates Will be beneficial. I’m glad someone brought this lawsuit against them. So as I understand this Case is still ongoing? And settlement haven’t been reached Yet? Yes? So there is no guarantee that We’ll be getting any money/Settlement even after filling?

    ADMIN – Hi Nonso,

    You will get money but it may not be much.

  16. Nonso says:

    Also I’m worried about that disclaimer at the Bottom before You submit the claim about waiver any rights That You may have.. I just want to make sure that I’m doing/taking the max right thing/step possible. So, what other right do/did I otherwise have?

    ADMIN – HI Nonso,

    The right to hire your very own lawyer and go after them on your own.

  17. herman barnes says:


    ADMIN – Hi Herman,

    If you had the variable pricing program please consider filing a claim.

  18. Margaret says:

    Hi my name is Margaret they charge me an arm and a leg and they will not remove it off my electric I just want that to be off of it and they sent another company to me not knowing that it was almost similar to this one would like to put a claim on them my original bill was 1800. with the staroin it made it up to 5600 so basically $5,700 and I refuse to pay them I will pay my other Electric Company but not them. please help me my husband and I are on a fix income

    ADMIN – Hi Margaret,

    This case has nothing to do with your situation and we are not in a position to help you. Best of luck.

  19. Joanne kampa says:

    I have been a customer of station since 2010. Do I qualify? I believe I would. I did file a claim. The other day I contacted com ed and found out station is charging me at a rate of 11.99 when com ed rate Is 6.98. I sm cancelling station. Please advise if I qualify

    ADMIN – Hi Joanne,

    Read this carefully and tell me if you qualify:
    The Court decided that the Settlement Class includes all individual residential and small business consumers enrolled (either initially or through “rolling over” from a fixed rate plan) in a Starion variable rate electric plan in connection with a property located within Connecticut, the District of Columbia, Delaware, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Ohio or Pennsylvania (the “Service Territories”) at any time from 2010 through and including the May 24, 2017.

  20. Christine says:

    I am VERY happy about this law suit against the robbers at Starion. I was their customer for one winter–from Nov. (have to look up the year) through March of the following year, during which time they raised my rate by almost two thirds. At the end of the heating season I had to take $1,200. out of my savings to pay the balance. I am on a fixed income. I also filed a complaint with the Mass. Atty-Gen.;s office a few years ago. I have a claim number and just have to file the claim.

    I would also like some one to file a claim against Verizon–they are charging customers $2.50/mo for “router maintenance”, for old routers on the assumption the old ones will need repairs. Mine never has had to be repaired. It works fine for my needs.

    ADMIN – Hi Christine,

    If you are interested in pursuing a class action the best avenue is to contact a class action lawyer.

    • Daniel Piluso says:

      I am a disabled person ! Asking for help, I did sign up for starion Electric and also to be a stario Rep, they took $150.00 for me to be a representative & then I never heard from them again! Also signed me up for a year and over charged me!// also rising is doing the same thing to me with the wireless router and I only have a printer an iPhone and my laptop and desktop that I can’t even use anymore and you’re trying to get me to buy the new gigabyte router !

      ADMIN – Hi Daniel,

      If you are a member of the class, meaning you had variable rate by all means file. Otherwise you have a customer service issue and we cannot help you.

  21. Daniel Piluso says:

    I ment Starion Rep! & I said $150.00 for; I misspelled for, it was supposed to say from! (2nd sentence ) Also the word (rising) was supposed to say Verizon! Sorry for the miss spelling !

  22. Daniel Piluso says:

    Thank you!

  23. grisel says:

    Hola yo tengo el claim ID y el pincode pero no tengo el numero de cuenta q yo tenia con eyos ..para aserlo en linea..estoy llamando pero nunca contestan…

    ADMIN – Hi Grisel,

    Contact the electric company instead of contacting the administrator.

  24. Daniel Piluso says:

    How do I get information about starion class action lawsuit?

    ADMIN – Hi Daniel,

    You can click on the settlement page and read all the documents

  25. Pamela Banks (not "Camilla" Banks) says:

    I received a notice of the proposed settlement and filed my claim. However, the notice has my first name misspelled and I have not found a live person to talk to who can make the correction as I do not want to get a check I can’t cash. Please direct me to someone who can correct the error and resend me the correct notice.

    ADMIN – Hi Pamela,

    Send a certified letter that includes your claim # to this address

    Gruber v. Starion Energy Claims Administrator
    P.O. Box 43034
    Providence, RI 02940-3034

    On your letter indicate that you need your name to be revised.

  26. krystle says:

    Any word on when we should expect to receive payment. I had Starion for a long long time and looking to see when I will be reimbursed

    ADMIN – Hi Krystle,

    Settlements are generally paid after the deadline and once all appeals have been resolved. The deadline for this case is not until 10/30

  27. Krystle says:

    Good morning! Any updates regarding this suit?

    ADMIN – Hi Krystle,

    As you probably know the deadline to file was October 30th. With that in mind you should not expect any updates until the final approval hearing has taken place on November 13 and there has been an opportunity to submit appeals.

  28. Karren L Mathes says:

    I was a Station Energy customer and I put in my claim awhile ago back in July 2017 and I still haven’t received any word or settlement from this class action suit. Can someone send me an update??

    ADMIN – Hi Karren,

    You need to give the attorneys sufficient time to secure a final judgement and go through appeals before you see any updates. This settlement barely closed on 10/30/17

  29. robert cummings says:

    I was told after submitting my claim before october 31 2017 i would be informed how the case is and when to receive payment from that claim that i put in back on August 15th 2017. you sent me a card with my claim id: # 10081972-9 so can you let me know when i can receive my payment?

    ADMIN – Hi Robert,

    The administrator only contacts class members when there is forward movement on a case. Please be patient.

  30. Patricia says:

    I am a Station Energy customer and have been for years. I did file a claim. When will we find out the outcome? Then do I change supplier? who do I contact for that? Thank you

    ADMIN – Hi Patricia,

    The best way to find out when payments will be released is by constantly checking the official page. As for changing providers that is completely up to you. If you feel Starion is fair by all means keep them.

  31. yvonne brown says:

    When will y’all be giving out the checks in nyc

    ADMIN – Hi Yvonne,

    The deadline was barely at the end of October, now it is time to wait for potential appeals and for the case to be finalized.

  32. Cheryl Rodway says:

    Was there a final judgement made yesterday or are appeals being made.

    ADMIN – Hi Cheryl,

    I don’t see updated documents.

  33. Nancy Garcia says:

    I submitted a claim form… How do I get the money?? Check!!

    ADMIN – Hi Nancy,

    Generally, once the settlement has been finalized the admin will send checks via regular mail.

  34. Katricia says:

    Hi when i know when they sending the money

    ADMIN – Hi Katricia,

    The final approval hearing took place on November 13, now we wait for potential appeals. Once those have cleared the admin will validate the claims and send checks. The process often takes a long time. On occasion it will take years.

  35. Konlan says:

    When is my check coming ? Starion energy frustrated my life. It’s God paying them back. Because of them, I bang the door at every one coming to talk to me about bringing down my electricity rate.

    ADMIN – Hi Konlan,

    Settlements are usually paid out once the case is finalized and appeals have been resolved.

  36. Patricia says:

    I submitted a claim form. When should I expect the money? Thank you

    ADMIN – Hi Patricia,

    Settlements are usually paid once the case is finalized and all appeals have been resolved.

  37. Patricia says:

    I am still with Starion Energy.Do I change carrier, or was the problem resolved in court? I know I should have changed carriers when I received the notice of the settlement, but if resolved, is it still necessary? Thanks

    ADMIN – Hi Patricia,

    We cannot give you advice regarding your electricity to provider.

  38. Konlan nanleeb says:

    How do you calculate how much someone is entitled to from the 2 million plus?

    ADMIN – Hi Konlan,

    According to the FAQ for this settlement this is how the calculations will be made:

    Upon final approval, individual Starion customers who have filed a Claim Form (“claimants”) will be eligible to receive a share of the Settlement Fund based upon the power used by each claimant in each “Eligible Month” multiplied by the amount of the over- or under- charge in each month (as determined by the parties with assistance from electricity industry experts) to determine an amount of damages for each class member each month. The “Eligible Months” shall be based upon a simple calculation of the months in which Starion’s electricity sales exceeded its total costs plus margin based upon Starion’s financial records. In the event that claims made exceed the value of the net Settlement Fund after deducting all Settlement Costs (including the costs of notice and administration of the settlement and attorneys’ fees and costs incurred by Class Counsel and Service Awards as may be approved by the Court), each Claimant would receive a pro rata share of the net Settlement Fund based on his or her calculated loss. Because each potential claimant used a different amount of electricity and because we do not know the number of eligible claimants who will file valid claims, we cannot estimate the per-person recovery. However, claimants whose calculated loss totals less than $3 will not receive any payment.

    • Catinna mack says:

      Ok so when will we receive something?

      ADMIN – Hi C,

      The class action administrator has not yet posted updates.

  39. krystle says:

    Hello, any update on payment status? I haven’t heard of any appeals or anything

    ADMIN – Hi Krystle,

    None at the moment.

  40. Wanda C Robinson says:

    I filed a claim form on 7/13/17 on line and by mail and I called on 12/5/17 and they don’t show that I sent my claim form in what do I do next!!!!!

    ADMIN – Hi Wanda,

    When you filed a claim it gave you a confirmation # refer to that.

  41. Pris says:

    Has the case been finalized already? Has any settlement payments gone out already?

    ADMIN – Hi Pris,

    I believe they are still in the window in which appeals can be submitted.

  42. yvonne brown says:

    How many years you talking before they give out anything

    ADMIN – Hi Yvonne,

    That can vary depending on the nature of the appeals, from months to decades.

  43. yvonne brown says:

    And what if we don’t stay at the same address… How are gonna know anything

    ADMIN – Hi Yvonne,

    When you move you can send a certified letter to the admin reporting your change of address.

  44. Nikkia says:

    How long does Starion have to appeal?

    ADMIN – Hi Nikkia,

    Is not necessarily Starion appealing. It can be any individual that disagrees with the terms. Usually the judge assigns a time frame to file appeals. For the actual appeal to come to a conclusion it can take years.

  45. Michelle sreohenson says:

    When will I get my check u send a claim form in July

    ADMIN – Hi Michelle,

    The time that you submit your claim does not have any influence on the timeline for checks. The final hearing took place on November 13, we now wait for appeals to be submitted and fully cleared by a judge. When that takes place the class action administrator will begin the process of validating claims and issuing check. On occasion this can take years.

  46. Esha says:

    When will I know what happened to the case or get paid?

    ADMIN – Hi Esha,

    Usually payments are issued once all appeals have cleared and the judge has finalized the case.

  47. Gena Hartzell says:

    I did what was told to do.Received Post card.Filed claim by deadline.though,do Not wish to Ask Same Questions,over &over. It’s plain &Simple,Cut &Dry. File Claim &Wait to be Notified.I would like to ask though,if there’s A website other than one with Documents,that simply updates the progress,monthly maybe..even?!

    ADMIN – Hi Gena,

    If there is no forward movement on the cases the admins will not update the official website. No updates means no progress.

  48. Vicki says:

    Any update on checks yet?

    ADMIN – Hi Vicki,

    This is the latest from the website

    The Court in charge of this case still has to decide whether to approve the settlement. If it does, and after any appeals are resolved, benefits will be distributed to those who qualify. Please be patient.

  49. Michael McCleaf says:

    Please provide an update on the Station Settlement case number X03 HHD-CV-17-6075408-S. I have not received any information after sending in my claim. These guys were crooks and feel this is my only satisfaction!

    ADMIN – Hi Michael,

    The administrator has not updated the official page. When they do I will be the first one to share on our Facebook page.

  50. Nancy Garcia says:

    When will the checks be distributed?

    ADMIN – Hi Nancy,

    Here is the number you need to call to check on the distribution date.

    • Stephanie Osborne says:

      Don’t see a number

      ADMIN – Hi Stephanie,

      The number is 1-844-540-6004

    • Konlan wadinbe says:

      Please can u give me the number to call? This settlement is taking too long

      ADMIN – Hi Konlan,

      Class action settlements can take years to come to full resolution. The company that handled this one is:

      You can try contacting them directly.

  51. krystle says:

    What is the status of payment? I called the number but it does not say, it just says they have settled. thank you!

    ADMIN – Hi Krystle,

    The class action administrator has not provided further updates.

  52. Linda E says:

    I would like the number please to check on the settlement and rebates please.

    ADMIN – Hi Linda,

    Please scroll up to find it!

  53. krystle says:


    ADMIN – Hi Krystle,

    None at the moment.

  54. Wanda C Robinson says:

    Have the settlement been approved by the court yet?

    ADMIN – Hi Wanda,

    I don’t see an update on the official page. Here is the # to call the admin.

  55. Humauoon zakeria says:

    My name is humauoon zakeria I wanna know the case as been settle please let me know I was been over charge on my bells thank you

    ADMIN – Hi, H,

    I have not seen an update for this case since the November hearing.

  56. Rose says:

    Can we get a approximate date of payments being disbursed ? No one seems to know anything ?

    ADMIN – Hi Rose,

    You can’t because there isn’t one.

  57. krystle says:

    any updates?

    ADMIN – Hi Krystle,

    None at the moment.

  58. Paul Levasseur says:

    I filed my claim in October 2017. The claim administration number 844-540-6004 does everything BUT give you a way to talk to a person directly. I really would like a number of a real person that can answer questions about the claim.

    ADMIN – Hi Paul,

    This is the group handling this case

  59. Nancy Garcia says:

    OK April 6 the n still no payment!!

    ADMIN – Hi Nancy,

    Have you checked with the class action administrator?

  60. Wanda C Robinson says:

    Why they are not updating something?? You would think they would know how long this process would take!!!

    ADMIN – Hi Wanda,

    Appeals are very complex and nobody knows how long they take. Many turns and twists.

  61. Smithy says:

    Called several times. Was told checks would mailed in april, we are into May and no checks. Can’t even find what happening

    ADMIN – Hi Smithy,

    Reach out to class counsel.

  62. Thomas Hamilton says:

    I received a settlement claim form in July of 2017. I filled it out and sent it in. I noticed from some posts here that people are talking about receiving cards with ID#s and PIN#s. Did miss something? I was not sent this card.

    ADMIN – Hi Thomas,

    Your best bet is to reach out to the class action administrator to check if your claim is on the record.

  63. charmaine wellington says:

    Hi my name charmaine wellington and was a starion customer.i just wanted to know when are we going to receive the funds from yall

    ADMIN – Hi Charmaine,

    We are not the class action administrators but we can tell you that generally settlements are paid after the deadline and once the final hearing and all appeals have been resolved.

  64. Wanda C Robinson says:

    What is really going on with this class action lawsuit?

    ADMIN – Hi Wanda,

    You can read more about it here

  65. Konlan Nanleeb says:

    Hi please how come I haven’t received any check yet?

    ADMIN – Hi Konlan,

    I don’t believe the checks for this settlement have been distributed.

  66. Konlan Nanleeb says:

    So if all appeals have been resolved why are the funds not being disbursed? Can someone please tell me what is going on? Is there any number to call?

    ADMIN – Hi Konlan,

    Here is the contact information for the class action administrator

    Gruber v. Starion Energy Claims Administrator
    P.O. Box 43034
    Providence, RI 02940-3034

  67. Charmaine wellington says:

    Im just trying to figure out why havent anyone been payed yet

    ADMIN – Hi Charmaine,

    Contact the class action administrator. They should be able to provide you with info.

  68. Vincent Robinson says:

    I have moved and I’m still waiting for my refund. When will I know and how can I be informed of the status of my refund? Us some kind of elaborate prank because everytime I call the number to check on status all I get is a automation. I filed a claim when I received the post card and haven’t heard anything yet. How do I update my new address so whenever it comes I can receive my refund….

    ADMIN – Hi Vincent,

    You can update your address by sending a letter to the class action administrator that includes your old address, new address, claim # and other pertinent account information.

  69. Konlan Nanleeb says:

    What’s going on with the settlement?

    ADMIN – Hi Konlan,

    You can contact the class action administrator to check at

  70. Arthur Antonio says:

    Good After Noon,

    Checking to see if the settlement has been approved by the court and when funds may be sent out. Thank you Arthur

    ADMIN – Hi Arthur,

    No updates yet.

  71. sue says:

    I called a month ago and they told me a couple of weeks for the checks, when are the checks coming??????????

  72. Dorothy Burrell says:

    I have not heard anything about the class action lawsuit whsts goin on my claim id is 10407223 and my snr number is 10407223 7

    ADMIN – Hi Dorothy,

    I don’t think this settlement has been paid yet.

  73. Cynthia Dabrowski says:

    Your Claim ID is: SNR-10105249-9
    Please provide an update re my claim. I had filed it online 7/18/2017. Thank you.

    ADMIN – Hi Cynthia,

    I am not the class action administrator. You need to contact them directly.

  74. Konlan says:

    What is going on with the settlement?

    ADMIN – Hi Konlan,

    Not distributed yet.

  75. Maisy says:

    I got my check today

  76. Sandy Smallwood says:

    I received my settlement payment check but I don’t feel it is a fair amount

    ADMIN – Hi Sandy,

    There is nothing you can do to contest it. It is up to the admin to determine the amount.

  77. wanda robinson says:

    I received my settlement and I think 2 wait all this time for that amount of money is a shame!!!! I was with Starion for 3 years

    • Jay says:

      Can you tell who it was from and if you don’t mind me asking what state do you live in? I moved and I have to tell the post office what to look for

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