Class Eligibility

Class Members of the StarKist tuna settlement include all U.S. residents who purchased any of the following StarKist products between Feb. 19, 2009 and Oct. 31, 2014:
  • 5 oz. Chunk Light in Water
  • 5 oz. Chunk Light in Oil
  • 5 oz. Solid White in Water
  • 5 oz. Solid White in Oil
NOTE: StarKist 5 oz. Chunk White in Water is not included in the class action settlement.

Estimated Amount

Up to $50 in cash or tuna vouchers
Proof of Purchase
No Proof of Purchase Needed
Case Name
Hendricks v. StarKist Co., Case No. 13-cv-00729-HSG U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California
Case Summary
the settlement resolves claims that the manufacturer under-filled certain tuna products in direct violation of federal law.
Settlement Pool
$8,000,000 in monetary compensation and $4,000,000 in vouchers
Hendricks v. StarKist Co. Settlement Administrator P.O. Box 40007 College Station, TX 77842-4007 1-888-643-6376

532 responses to “Starkist Tuna Class Action Settlement”

  1. Carey Rehm says:

    It sure would be nice if a “5” oz. can of tuna meant that there was 5 ounces of tuna in the can!!!

    • E. B. Tyree-Phelps says:

      I thought the Starkist tuna cans were becoming more like so many other prouducts ie; candy bars, slimfast etc. pay more get less. I really think Starkist is the better tuna product and I wasn’t happy about having to open so many cans and depelet the pantry to make enough family size servings. It would be wonderful if the tuna in oil was more readily available.

      • Barbara S. says:

        I totally agree that there is less tuna and more water and oil in StarKish Tuna, which is a real ripoff for the consumer.

        • Emily says:

          I’m glad that I wasn’t the only one who thought that there was more oil /water in the cans than tuna.
          Where’s Charlie the Tuna?

        • j goldberg says:

          Well, it’s a good thing you ONLY consume “supersized” foodstuffs from fast food outlets; heaven forbid you ever feel threatened and made a victim of by what the healthy among us would consider a sensible, healthy portion size….

          • Ryan K says:

            I thought it was just me that has noticed the tuna is gross tasting and no matter how much i drain it still is mushy…. i’ve bought the tuna at different times and yet they all are the same way. I will be buying another kind, though I read bumblebee is having a slight problem too?

            ADMIN – Hi Ryan,

            Keep in mind this settlement is not about product quality.

    • Laura says:

      I totally agree!!

    • shawn amaral says:

      I like starkist tuna seems like alot more bones in the cans and suppose to be solid tuna and when u open them more like chunk tuna

      • Miranda says:

        I am noticing this with at least every other can having a bone or scale-like items in the can. I got a rather large bone today and will be contacting Starkist. Don’t remember ever finding anything in my tuna when I bought Bumblebee.

        • concerned says:

          two things.. first, I had not received my money either. I am very disappointed in starkest and how long this is taking. They sure didn’t waste any time altering their product and taking our money. The other issue (I read above) about finding bones in the product – I hope they have not resorted to doing this because they got caught and are trying to recoup some of the money they are supposed to be paying OUT… apparently WE are the ones paying and receiving our own refund… thanks starkest, way to ‘man up’.

          • Diane says:

            I have not received my coupons, and yes the tuna taste different now, WHAT’S GOING IN WITH STARKIST? my daughter won’t touch the stuff anymore ;(

          • Karan L. tressler says:

            I have not received my tuna voucher either. I still have my claim number and filed mine on September 11, 2015 what’s up with that Starkist? Will there have to be a lawsuit for failure to honor your class action suit for those of us who filed?

            ADMIN – Hi Karan,

            There won’t be a class action for failure to honor anything. They are still in the process of finalizing this settlement and have not yet started distribution.

          • Shirley powell says:

            I filed my claim in Oct. 2015 and I haven’t received a refund. Who made all the money? Evidently the customers didn’t get compensated.

            ADMIN – Hi Shirley,

            Please note that settlements can take a long time to be finalized. We are just starting to receive checks from settlements that had a deadline of 2014.

          • John says:

            When i filled out the claim, I was approved but have not seen or heard anything about the money due to me any idea when we will start to see them?

            ADMIN – Hi John,

            When you file a claim they are not approved or denied. Claims are simply submitted. Once submitted you must wait until the deadline has passed. After the deadline has passed there are options of appeals that may further delay the process. Please be patient and don’t make any plans with the funds or coupons you expect to receive from the brand.

          • kate says:

            i haven’t received my settlement money either, does anyone know when it is supposed to arrive? they settled 12-17-15….anyone????

          • Sunny says:

            Be patient.. There must be 1,000s of them to go through and process.. Takes time.. My husband did the Redbull settlement about a 1 1/2 to 2 years ago.. Totally forgot about it.. Then all of a sudden it came in the mail.. But I would love to hear an update on the December 2015 hearing..

            ADMIN – Hi Sunny,

            The terms of the settlement were rejected by the judge. He found the terms to be unfair to the final consumer. Now we wait.

          • Alicia D Hickman says:

            I have not gotten my money either how can we contact someone about it

          • khawla qasem says:

            hi we filed a claim and asked for gift certifacate never heard from any one

            ADMIN – Hi Khawla,

            This is under appeals.

        • Tuna Piano says:

          Are yoi freaking serious? Are you trying to get MORE money from this company on false terms? I was one hundred percent legit on my claim that had to be filed by November 20th 2015, I still haven’t received my compensation, and here you are trying to kick a company when it is down. The “bone” you probably found in your tuna was probably your snaggle tooth!

          • says:

            really??? not nice at all.u may not like what she said happened truth is noone does so smart thing .BE NICE. i understand ur feeling but we all must wait it out. everyone play should have no time for hatred .ALL OF US THAT SPENT ALOT OF MONEY ONLY TO GET THE **** END OF THE STICK .IT WILL ALL WORK OUT.

          • Paula says:

            Did you ever get your refund? I haven’t

        • MarkFL says:

          Actually, I have been more unhappy with Bumble Bee. Several times I opened a can that had so much water in it, I thought it should have been labeled “tuna soup.” As a result, I have mostly been buying other brands unless I see the Bumble Bee on a BOGO deal.

        • Z-MAN says:

          Some years back we found bones and scales in Bumblebee Tuna. Since then we have never bought another can of Bumblebee.

      • Denny says:

        All tuna, when canned, contains bones. The bones actually “melt” during the high heat canning process. Not sure how you are finding bones in the can, unless there was improper canning.

    • Me says:

      I never received my rebate at all šŸ™

      • Brittany says:

        We never received ours either. Did you hear anything about it?

        ADMIN – Hi Brittany,

        Please take a moment to read my responses to all other commenters.

        • brian szymanski says:

          I applied and filed a complaint a few months ago for my refund but i still have not received anything yet when will i get it around

          ADMIN – Hi Brian,

          It may take a long, long time for this to be finalized.

          • Maureen Lawlor says:

            I filed my ckaim on 10/12/15. Claim #62152584401. How much longer will this take? I m waiting and wondering! !!!!!:-[ :-[ :-[ :-[ :-[ :-[ :-[ :-[ :-[ :-[ :-[

            ADMIN – Hi Maureen,

            No promises were made as to how long it would take to issue the checks and coupons. Be patient.

          • Charlotte Sellers says:

            What do you consider a long, long time?

            ADMIN – Hi Charlotte,

            Some people are just getting their checks for settlements that were finalized three years ago.

          • Kelly says:

            Well according to online records the case has been settled since December, 2015. It doesn’t take that long to start mailing out the coupons/checks.

            ADMIN – Hi Kelly,

            Please note that the terms of the settlement were rejected. It will be a while before we see any updates on this matter.

          • Teri says:

            How will they let us know I have my claim number about estimated time

            ADMIN – Hi Teri,

            They will not let you know. Instead when the parties reach terms that are approved by the judge there will be a class action administrator that will process every claim and send your check. This may take years.

          • Joni says:

            I guess I will die before I get the 50.00 voucher. I HATE Bumble Bee. EVERY can I got in the past had LARGE bones in them. BUT, now, when I buy Starkist, I am finding small bones AND scales !! If I ever get the voucher, I may just donate it to charity.

            ADMIN – Hi Joni,

            Hopefully you will still be alive when this settlement is resolved.

        • Celeste Wagoner says:

          Dear admin I can’t seem to find your other responses as to why we have never received our money or vouchers so why not take a second and respond to us with an answer this time

          ADMIN – Hi Celeste,

          You have not received vouchers or checks because class action settlements take a long, long time to be finalized.

          • Leisa R says:

            I have not received my check either. Another law suit required? Midland, TX

          • M Simmens says:

            Why should it take so long

            ADMIN – Hi M,

            All settlements take a long time. Imagine if you will trying to validate millions of claims and process the checks…

          • Charlotte Sellers says:

            Well, since StarKist screwed up, they should be required to pay for the hiring of thousands of temporary employees to get these checks out. I don’t think that should be too difficult a job, do you?

            ADMIN – Hi Charlotte,

            That is what a class action admin does. They have a large number of employees that review claims. These employees are paid via a portion of the settlement.

          • Goddessoflubbock says:

            What validation? It didn’t require proof of purchase.

            Lent is almost here. Looking at other options…

          • brian szymanski says:

            When will i get it about how long

            ADMIN – Hi Brian,

            We don’t know for sure. It could be months or it could be years.

        • kelly k says:

          What if addresses or phone numbers change before the settlement gets finished processing?

          ADMIN – Hi Kelly,

          You may submit changes to the class action administrator.

          • Jill B says:

            How do I get in touch with the class action administrator to change address.

            ADMIN – HI Jill,

            Their information is listed on this page under contact. Just scroll up.

        • Connie wallace says:

          Has anyone heard from Starkist as to when we will be getting our settlement.

        • Georgiana Lee says:

          I never got mine either šŸ™

          ADMIN – Hi Georgiana,

          Please scroll up and carefully read the responses we have provided to other commenters.

      • Mickey waits says:

        When can I expect compensation for claim number 62016348601

        ADMIN – Hi Mickey,

        Kindly contact the class action administrator to ask about the status of your claim. We are just an informational website.

      • Sharon says:

        I never received my rebate been over 3 months going on 4

        ADMIN – Hi Sharon,

        Most settlements take a long, long time. For example people are just starting to receive their checks for Red Bull.

      • dolly says:

        I have no received my entitled rebates as yet.

      • Cynthia says:

        Me either. Do you know when they will give it out?

      • Elia acuna says:

        I have not received anything yet.

        • DORIS robinsoN says:

          Oh come on, it has been years, are you waiting for us to all die

          ADMIN – Hi Doris,

          I don’t think the courts are waiting for you to die. They have class action members of all ages and it would take decades for everyone to die. The case is under appeals. It won’t be paid until the appeals are resolved.

    • Paula McGraw says:

      I like tuna. But to me you pay more the name brand then whay you get inside , i didnt make the claim because people who dont eat tuna filed to gey the free money

    • Jared Carroll says:

      I filed a claim 10/14/15, and have heard/seen nothing. My claim# 62123314601. What is the time frame for a response from Starkist?
      Just curious.
      My mailing address is
      9225 Dragonfly Way
      Strawberry Plains, Tn. 37871

      ADMIN – Hi Jared,

      Fulfillment of class action settlements is not like ordering coupons or filing a rebate. On occasion it takes years before you receive a check. Once I hear more about this I will post it on our Facebook page. To clarify I am not the class action administrator. Our website is simply informational.

      • Joanne says:

        I filed my claim on 08/27/2015. Still waiting………………

      • peggy says:


        ADMIN – Hi Peggy,

        You are correct. A California judge found the settlement to be unfair to consumers.

      • Diane Fraser says:

        So what I am understanding is I could be dead before I get anything from this company. They are allowed to continue selling their products and make money but not honor the settlement decision. IF they honored their obligation to all of us customers they just might make more money so where is the business sense in not giving us what is due us?
        Very disgusted with this whole process.

        ADMIN – Hi Diana,

        You are not understanding correctly. Starkist is not placing an impediment on the settlement. It is a judge looking for the longterm protection of all consumers who is delaying the process.

    • Judy Shaddix says:

      I have read all the questions listed and I too need to submit a change of address. BUT you stated to scroll back to the top and view the contact info. I have call that number but it is a recording and it does not give you any option at all to change your address. Can you help please.

      ADMIN – Hi Judy,

      Write a note to the admin and send it in the mail. Your heading should read change of address and you should include your claim number and name. Send it via snail mail.

    • Patricia Schumann says:

      I have not received my refund to date. Maybe I should have opted for the tuna, it may have been quicker. I for one REALLY bought the tuna. I will not purchase anymore until they make good on their refund…..It is not about the money so much as it is about ripping me off………………………

      ADMIN – Hi Patricia,

      The delays are not the result of Starkist not wanting you to have your tuna. The delays are due to a decision made by a judge looking for your best interest .

  2. Judy militello says:

    I eat it once a week.

  3. Galina Petruchok says:


  4. Karl Hansen says:

    I buy Starkist Tuna almost exclusively. Specifically Solid White in Oil or Water

  5. Rita Levy says:

    I bought and still buy approximately 3 to 4 cans of Starkist solid white 5 oz cans of tuna per week and would like to be included in this suit. Please advise on how I should proceed. Thank you.

    Hi Rita,

    To include yourself in this class action you must file a claim by clicking on the link above that points you to the claim form.

    • Ryann says:

      I have not recd the $25 check, or $50 worth of tuna. Wondering what’s going on?

      ADMIN – Hi Ryann,

      Please review prior responses and read the latest update on the settlement page.

      • Brandy Vickery says:

        I also have not received anything. I read the updates but there is nothing stating how much or when the claims will be paid. Any information will be great.

      • Deb says:

        Thanks for asking that question Ryann ! I too, was wondering when we would see the checks/vouchers.

      • Lisa says:

        I would like to know what happened to it too!!!

        ADMIN – Hi Lisa,

        We look forward to tell you more about this class action when we have sufficient information to share.

      • Jacqueline says:

        I still haven’t received any money or anything from this settlement either.

        • Janice Tonn says:

          I have not recieved my refund and my daughter has not recieved her coupons. What is going on here?

          ADMIN – Hi Janice,

          In response to your inquiry please take a moment to read my responses to all other comments.

      • Michaelene says:

        I have no received mine either and the most updated information doesn’t tell us anything about when to expect or even if we should expect payment. So can you let us know.

        ADMIN – Hi Mchaelene

        I will absolutely let you know when I receive an update.

        • Katie says:

          What if my address changes before “a long, long time”?

          ADMIN – Hi Katie,

          If you move you submit a notification in writing indicating that you have moved.

      • Rochelle says:

        I have not recieve a check either and I have been looking and I dont see an update ADMIN. please copy and paste. Thanks!

        ADMIN – Hi Rochelle,

        I don’t believe the checks have been processed yet. You can contact the administrator at Call (888) 643-6376

        • lanica says:

          Hi Admin
          I called the number and there is no way for us to talk to a live person and when i press “0” still nothing just hang up what they record on the phone is what is on the website not helpful at all and i did my claim in October
          Please advise
          Danica Robinson

          ADMIN – Hi Lanica,

          If you are unable to contact them via phone try writing a letter.

      • danny joe dillon says:

        No free tuna or Nothing yet…Whats up

        ADMIN – Hi Danny,

        Please read our responses to other comments.

      • heather says:

        can you put up a link to find out this info??? didn’t receive mine either.

        ADMIN – Hi Heather,

        This settlement is not distributed yet. I will post a notification on Facebook once the distribution begins.

      • Autumn says:

        i saw that the case went to court in mid December 2015 to determine the settlement. Did this occur and was there a final ruling as to if the consumers will get what was asked? Thx

        ADMIN – Hi Autumn,

        Please refer to our responses to other comments

  6. Mary says:

    I called star kist can of tuna full of water no tuna they sent me a coupon for 65 cents

    • Melisa H says:

      I had the same thing happen to me. All water No tuna! They sent me a bunch of coupons for free tuna. Gave the tuna to my cats.

      • Sam says:

        Wow Melisa H!!!!
        There are starving people in America and you feed the tuna to your cat,you’re amazing!!! Not!!!!

        • Carrie says:

          I know what you mean, and I don’t think tuna is good for cats, at least a lot of it. Maybe because of Mercury in it? I’ve always heard not to give tuna to cats.

        • rp says:

          umm.. cat food is made from real people food, so your point is invalid and stupid

    • Rich says:

      This is a verywell run website and I have received checks from Companies that ripped me off! Everyone needs to keep up the good work! We (the public) need to keep doing our part by participating even though some checks are only for a couple of dollars! These class actions lawsuits punish companies the only way they understand, having to pay out millions in fines! The public is tired of being ripped off and lied to as well. Shame on major chains for selling vitamins for example that did not have the correct ingredients, as advertised on the bottles! Thank you Class Action Rebates!!

  7. Barbara Batchko says:

    I buy the four pack cans of Albacore solid white tuna weekly and would like to be included in this suit. Please advise on the next step to proceed. Thank you.

  8. renee skinner says:

    I eat star kist tuna all the time and would like to file a claim, but can’t get through to the claim form.

  9. Jeffrey Bard. b says:

    I bought 4 can a week never new always trust them

  10. Janiece Morgan says:

    I buy this brand every month because it’s the brand my mother bought when I was a child. I want the 25.00 dollars no more tuna please

  11. Janiece Morgan says:

    I purchased this brand because my Mother did when I was a child. I guess I’ll stop eating tuna. Please send me the $25.00 cash thanks!

  12. Janiece Morgan says:

    Please send me $ 25.00 cash, I bought this brand of tuna every month because my Mother did when I was a child.

    ADMIN – Hi Janice,

    Please submit a claim. We cannot send you a thing. We are simply an informational website.

    • Kelli brown says:

      I was hoping to be part of this as well as my mother in law we have purchased this brand faithfully for Years. But I unfortunately just found the post on my Facebook page is there any way to still apply. I tried filing a claim tonight but it would not go through I’m assuming because of the deadline, if anyone can help much appreciated. Thank you.

      ADMIN – Hi Kelli,

      You are too late to file.

  13. JIM BAILEY says:


  14. Ross says:

    Link doesn’t work anymore to join the class action settlement

    ADMIN – Hi Ross,

    Link is currently working

  15. Marty Rightmyer says:

    Have been using Star Kist for years, I was wondering why the contents changed so much. More watery and not as good.

  16. Sheila Rhoades says:

    No matter what route i take starkest claim form website is down says web page not available. But of course they don’t want to pay out what a way to rip us off again

    ADMIN – Hi Sheila,

    The server was down yesterday. It appears to be working today.

    • Lynda says:

      Sheila, they have had the settlement information available and public for many many months. I think for Starkist to give a rebate without proof of purchase is very commendable of them.

  17. Joe sumara says:

    how come i cant download the rebate form?

    ADMIN – Hi Joe,

    The servers are under a lot of stress due to high traffic.

    • randy roy says:

      I filled out he on line form the day it was announced on Yahoo well over a year ago to receive the canned tuna and I still have no received the 50 can coupon. what’s the deal . is this normal to take this long when I signed up the first day it was announced

      ADMIN – Hi Randy,

      Class actions can take years. This one in particular will be pretty complex since there are so many class members.

  18. Linda Osborn says:

    I for personal reasons do not eat meat..I do eat a lot of tuna and canned chicken. ..because it doesn’t look like a animal in my food. …I’ve always chosen Starkist because of the quality of your product. I’m not exaggerating, I eat 3 to 5 cans a week of the 5 oz. cans of tuna or solid white chicken and would like to be reimbursed for not receiving what I paid for…
    Thank You
    Linda Osborn

  19. Vickie Campbell says:

    We go through 2 to cans a week.

  20. Vickie Campbell says:

    We eat 2 to cans a week

  21. Michelle says:

    We go through tons of tuna and now that I think of it, I do drain quite a bit of water from it. I never thought to weigh it. No biggie, but over years and years, this is a nice treat to get back what we thought we were already buying. I buy the solid white albacore and the regular tuna packed in water.


  22. Terri Cooper says:

    I buy starkist tuna all the time because it is the best. There is a lot of water or oil in the cans. But you cannot beat the flavor

  23. Marie Castagna says:

    We buy tuna every time we go food shopping. I did notice that I need to use 4 cans nowadays. In the past was using 3 to get the same amount to make lunches!

  24. jack says:

    does anyone know how the vouchers work?
    Is it a voucher for $50 worth of starkist products, or is it for X cans of tuna that starkist says is worth $50, or what?

    ADMIN – Hi Jack,

    Generally speaking the vouchers are for smaller amounts. For example you may receive 50 vouchers each one good for a can of tuna.

    • Tonya says:

      Hi, Admin

      Will you be able to use all the vouchers at once? Or is there a limit (ex. 3 per transaction…etc).

      ADMIN – Hi Tonya,

      In my personal experience stores limit the number of vouchers you can use in a single transaction.

  25. lori dudeck says:

    i eat alot of your product, almost daily. i buy the tuna in oil.

  26. Luanne says:

    I always buy the chunk light in water. This brand is my preferred brand. I still like it and have bought many cans. It seems to be the most economical product in the grocer these days, and its good!

  27. Kyle Politis says:

    We buy starkist tuna all the time. And also like to be included in the 25 dollar cash back. thank you

  28. Betty Driscoll says:

    We have used Starkist tuna, usually 5oz, for years and enjoy it.

  29. Betty Driscoll says:

    We have used Starkist, usually 5oz, for years and have enjoyed it very much.

  30. Jim Murphree says:

    I don’t buy starkist tuna just for that reason

  31. Leonard Lake says:

    I go through five to six cans a month.

  32. Leonard Lake says:

    I go through five to six cans a month.

  33. Taylor Cline says:

    This is very kind of you i spend a lot of money on starkist tuna!

  34. susan cohen says:

    I buy the 4 pack.

  35. susan cohen says:

    I buy the single cans.

  36. Alan Austin says:

    I buy the four pack of tuna at least once a month it should be great too receive a compensation

  37. william schempp says:

    Where may I find the form for the starkest class action settlement?thank you

    ADMIN – HI William,

    You can find the form for this class action settlement by clicking on the link provided above.

  38. Emily Servin says:

    I buy a couple cans each week. I have noticed the amount has lessened over time. How unfortunate the consumer can’t rely on the quality of the product. Just last night I opened a can of chunk light in water and felt like I was draining an awful lot of water! I used to be able to make 2 sandwiches with one can, now I can only make 1.

  39. patsy brown says:

    every week I buy 3 can of starkist tuna for my family

  40. Pam Blackburn says:

    I have been taking my mother [age 91] to buy groceries for several years & she buys 2 cans of water packed tuna every month so thank you.

  41. Alice M Gordon says:

    Dear Sirs/Madames

    I have been buying all your various tunas and it is true, once you remove the liquid from the can the tuna is greatly reduced.

  42. Liz Downs says:

    I been buy tuna quite a bit.

  43. janet depaul says:

    We use starkist all the time but lately I was wondering why the amount is much smaller then before mostly water

  44. Maria Floro says:

    I buy them whenever i am at the store, for years now. I got a lot if they were on sale like 5 cans and if i have to go for long trip out of the country, i gave it as a present, i buy like 10 cans – a dozen for them, they love it. but they and i noticed that the content was lessened!
    I just bought 2 cans yesterday , cause one is not enough for my sandwiches now! Thank you

  45. Mary Divin says:

    Starkist Light Tuna in water is the only tuna I eat. Usually average 1-2 cans per week. Have done this for years because tuna is good for you and I just plain like it. I usually make a casserole or tuna salad. I thought it seemed like there was less tuna in the cans for a while now but just figured it was like everything else…….pay more, get less and the companies make all the money. Glad I saw this today. I’ll be signing up for it today.

  46. Doris says:

    A very good source of omega, it is consumed weekly in my home; all the varieties are good. As with everything, less product, higher cost.

  47. Pat Young says:

    Always buy Starkist,very disappointed in the amount in each can. Have to use 2 and sometimes 3 just to make enough for husband To have at least 2 sandwiches and my 1.

  48. Pat Young says:

    Very little amount in each can.

  49. Betty George says:

    I get tuna every day for lunch included in my weight loss diet plan… I love it

  50. Betty George says:

    I purchase by the week I eat tuna every day for lunch included in my weight loss diet plan… I love it

  51. Lawrence W. Gorman says:

    We’ve used Starkist for years as my Folks did before me. Have found out we required several cans to the make our Tuna Salad, then the one used in the past.. Please send the $25.00.

  52. Ellen Hofer says:

    I thought there was more water in the cans and the tuna didn’t go as far

  53. lynda lyons says:

    I was telling my husband that we were being cheated. I am so glad that enough of us complained that we were heard. I had called the company to complain and have not to this day gotten a reply.

  54. BEVERLY KAPLAN says:


  55. L Sands-Matos says:

    My husband is a body builder and competes throughout the year and eats alot of Starkist tuna during his competion as part of his nutrition regimen. I eat it as part of my diet. I am not happy that I have to pay more for less. We love it however as consumers we should get what we pay for. We have been buying this for years and we can tell the difference when it comes to portions in a product. We use to get more tuna in the can back in the days. It just isn’t fair.

  56. desirae says:

    What a bummer. Does anyone know how long it will take to receive the money?

  57. Asad Williams says:

    My family and are big tuna eaters and always use the starkist for many of recipes that require us to use it for numerous dishes.

  58. Elaine Guido says:

    My can was full of water very little tuna.

  59. marvell McDaniel says:

    I always buy your Tuna I think it’s the Best .

  60. ella unrath says:

    My family eats Starkist tuna every week. Consumers should get what they pay for.

  61. Ron C. says:

    agree with the comments about the amount of tuna in the can….always less than 5 ounces in total product “tuna” content. When I pour off the water and use the lid to squeeze out, the lid is always lower than at the halfway point on the can. Just saying……

  62. LC Buesch says:

    I’m not condoning what Starkist has done but I do hope all you “sue happy” folks realize that nothing is free…and everyone will end up paying for your “freebies!” This time next year, the tuna will probably cost twice what it does now. Is it really worth it?

  63. Jermaine collazo says:

    I’m stuck with a bunch of recall tuna. I want my money back

  64. george anderson says:

    I would like a rebate if I have been ripped off.

  65. Trevor says:

    I bought the 5 oz can of Starkist Tuna and it was noticeably under filled. Not impressed with my shopping experience

  66. Donna Durr says:

    Glad I came across this. I eat Starkist tuna on a regular basis.

  67. Vikki Davis says:

    I am on a special diet due to chronic illness and tuna is recommended on my diet I eat starkest solid white tuna fish regularly I notice it looked different with lots of water I thought that was the way it was suppose to be it looked real messy to me The thought of what they have done effects my trust with the food industry I don’t know what to eat any more because of them I want to be compensated 22551

  68. Cynthia Hull says:

    We buy tuna all the time ! And I agree something was not right it looked different and even had a different smell!

  69. Miranda Sullivan says:

    I purchase Sunkiss Tuna every week and feed it to my children! They love tuna and I always thought I was was doing the best.

  70. Deborah McCarley says:

    OMG, did not know their was a problem with starkist tuna. I purchased these products every week and eat this product 3 days a week for lunch. I have been eating starkist tuna every since I was a little girl.

  71. Rochelle G says:

    I’m glad to know I wasn’t the only one thinking that their was way more oil then tuna. Starkist tuna was one of my family’s favorite.

  72. Robert says:

    Cans are getting smaller, less tuna, same price. Get six or 8 pack at BJ’s. Charlie should be ashamed.

  73. Traci Jackson Antoine says:

    This is disappointing.

  74. Sandy Peterson says:

    I purchase the one packed in water I purchase a couple cans per month

  75. tachelle Harris says:

    I love tuna but where is the tuna no tuna in the can.

  76. Debbie knarr says:

    I have bought 4 cans every week would like to be included in this settlement case

  77. Abigail Tacker says:

    I eat this everyday. Seeing this dissapointed me.

  78. Jennifer Mcpherson says:

    I have bought tons of tuna for uses in everthing I make. I would like to be included in this suit bcuz I noticed it looked different & tasted sour-ish.

  79. R.W. Benson says:

    I have bought several cans of the identified product.

  80. Audrey George says:

    I have been eating a vegetarian lifestyle and began in 2008- I buy Starkist Tuna every week.. I noticed the difference and spoke to the store and called the Company, was told there was no difference. I am an Executive Chef, owned an European Style Bistro… really disappointed that a company with such a long standing brand, would jeopardize it like this I want to be part of the class action.

  81. Lynn paulson says:

    When do we plan to hear about the tuna refunds?

    ADMIN – Hi Lynn,

    In many instances it takes years to get your refund.


      when I let them know I would be happy with the tuna fish I was charged a small fee for mailing tuna fish. IPAYED WITH DEBET CARD .IM FINE WITH IT IF THIS IS WHAT EVERYONE ELS DID.

      • Bryan Barnes says:

        Peggy!! I also chose tuna fish for this settlement, but I have no idea about your debit card experience. My understanding is that we will receive coupons, as they are probably NOT going to mail you the cans of tuna. What contact did you have that led to your supplying debit card information? I’m confused. Best of luck.

        • peggy mcconnell says:

          they said I needed to pay for postage to mail it .did any one pay for postage besides me? I called the bank and I do have a copy where they took it out.

          • peggy mcconnell says:

            just wondering why they get to keep my 2.50 cents for how ever long they please.

            ADMIN – Hi Peggy,

            I have no idea what you are talking about. There is never a class action settlement that takes money from you.

          • peggy mcconnell says:

            well it happened to me.

  82. Cintra Payton says:

    I always buy Starkist tuna from SAMs club for my family loves tuna sandwiches on toasted rye bread which makes it an easy meal for me to prepare

  83. Janice sanderson says:

    I like tuna. My husband loves starkist tuna with pickles.

  84. Gwendolyn House says:

    I have purchased starkist tuna for the last 4 or 5 years every month for my kids lunch and we eat tuna and crackers on the weekends for snack. Yes I want to be in the settlement….

  85. Lindsey Turner says:

    I but this frequently we love tuna salad around our house in the summer but I always buy cans and make my own because I don’t like the texture and flavor of the premade. I would like to be included.

  86. Sari Aldumiare says:

    I totally agree that there is less tuna and more water and oil in StarKish Tuna, which is a real ripoff for the consumer.

  87. Patricia Stone says:

    I buy Star-Kist Tuna weekly. I am so very disappointed. WOW!

  88. Christine Lee says:

    We buy Star-kist Tuna frequently. Glad they are taking this step!

  89. Sandra Wills says:

    Glad to see that satirist is going to fix this problem. I’ve notice more water than tuna in cans.

  90. Leroy O'Neal says:

    There was more water than tuna.

  91. Leroy O'Neal says:

    There was more water than tuna in can.

  92. Shaun says:

    I submitted the form a while ago, never got my $25!!

    ADMIN – Hi Shaun,

    Checks are usually mailed around 3 – 6 months after the claims period closes. The claims period on the Starkist Class Action closes in November, so if everything goes smoothly you could expect a check in mid-2016.

  93. Karen Neppach says:

    I have always only eaten Startkist Solid white tuna and still do. I typically use 8 cans per month. I was not aware of any class action suit against Starkist. Since this is the only tuna I eat I believe I should be a part of this class action suit.

  94. Robert Triggs says:

    This has been going on for years. Its about damned time they got sued for it. Most of the time their tuna cans are less than half full of tuna meat. And it’s so mushy it’s not worth eating. A total ripoff.

  95. Tenita Galloway says:

    I use these products for my family all the time whether its for tuna salad,sandwiches or casserole. I agree with the majority of the comments and I will be filing a claim. Fyi we go through at least 8-10 cans a month.

  96. Keisha Newman says:

    I buy this all the time for me and my family! I will be filing a claim. We buy 8 to 10 cans every month or so.

  97. valeria butler says:

    I buy this tuna all the time but the last time I bought it it had a weird smell nd taste to it…so I will be filling a claim

  98. Samantha Tucker says:

    I have recently bought the 5 oz. can of chunk light tuna in water, and theres more water than tuna in every can ive bought so far. very disappointed!!!

  99. Ashley Greene says:

    My kids and I love this brand of tuna …I was unaware of the law suit and is very disappointed because My kids take tuna for lunch at least twice a week. we also eat it regularly at home.

  100. M. Espinosa says:

    I knew something was off, I used to get starkist tuna all the time because I felt they offered top quality tuna. But then I started to notice how their cans were barely full and I had to use double the amount for certain dishes. I was so disappointed that I had to start buying the off brand.

  101. M. Espinosa says:

    get it together.

  102. John c. czukiewski IV says:

    I have recently bought several of the 5 oz. can of chunk light tuna in water, and theres more water than tuna in every can ive bought so far. very disappointed!!!

  103. shellie cormier says:

    We always buy starkist tuna it is the best didnt want to get ripped off though please send me my $25 dollars

    ADMIN – Hi Shellie,

    Per the instructions provided above you must click on the orange link that leads to the claim form and file a claim. We cannot file the claim for you.

  104. Shane Tofteberg says:

    I had recently bought (3) 5 oz cans of tuna for a salad and the cans were almost 1/2 full. Was not happy.

  105. Jackson Kellenberger says:

    Have since switched to other brands of tuna. My most recent Sunkist cans were of questionable quality and were thrown out.

  106. Marcus M says:

    I got a claim form in the mail. The website asks for a 9-digit claim number, but my claim number is 11 digits long. What is going on here?

    ADMIN – Hi Marcus,

    Are you sure you are looking at the right settlement?

    • Marcus M says:

      Yes, the claim is Hendricks v. Starkist, the number starts with SKH followed by an 11-digit number, then a separate 4-digit number. No pun intended, but it’s starting to smell fishy…

      Hi Marcus,

      Please contact the class action admin directly to obtain clarification.

  107. Mona hall says:

    We eat about 4 to 5 cans of these different ones a week. Noticed alot of water in all.

  108. jennifer schreib says:

    I have bought this product a few times and I have a few cans still I bought as of late and I had more water then meat in my cans.

  109. carrie jenkins says:

    I think there’s to much water in the can

  110. Mona hall says:

    We eat 4 to 5 cans a week. Noticed it was a lot of water in each can.

  111. Janeth V Armstard says:

    Janeth V Armstard.

    Note: I am a truck driver and I eat a lot of tuna when Im on the road.

    ADMIN – Hi Janeth,

    We removed your personal information on this comment. If you want a refund we need you to complete the claim form as described above.

  112. Keshia Tucker says:

    What I purchased seemed to be more minced then anything which was odd, and the cans weren’t as full with tuna.

  113. rodney hill says:

    a little bit of tuna was in my can

  114. Melissa Ortiz says:

    What a disappointment very unsatisfactory

  115. kate Martin-Dragon says:

    I have always thought Starkist was a quality product but recently the quality has been so poor I do not think I will purchase this product anymore, unless they “up” the quality considerably.

  116. kimberly angst says:

    i purchased Starkist tuna from the Grocery Outlet store in Marina Ca.

  117. Ruby Williams says:

    I use a lot of starkist tuna not enough tuna

  118. VALENA SHEPHERD says:


    ADMIN – Hi Valena,

    Please be patient. For a settlement to be completed it may take years.

  119. Betty Jenner says:

    I always buy Starkist Chunk LIGHT Tune in water…in the multi-can (4- 6 cans) pack each month. I have noticed that the PRICE is increasing, while the meat inside is DECREASING! It takes me 2 cans to make as much as 1 can use to make for Tuna Salad sandwiches…and I eat a LOT of Tuna.

  120. Syree Anderson says:

    I made tuna for the grandchildren, and had to use three cans because after the water / oil was drained, there was hardly any tuna left. they should put the actual amount of tuna on the label

  121. Donna B says:

    I submitted my claim a good 6 wks ago, and have yet to get anything. Any idea when we’ll actually see the $25/$50 voucher?

    ADMIN – Hi Donna,

    Please be patient. At times it takes years if there are appeals associated to a class action settlement.

  122. Gail saunders says:

    There is not as much tuna in the can as it used to be

  123. SANDI PETERMANN says:


  124. Kim Genereux says:

    I even have a box of old saved tuna cans because I like to have them for mixing art paints. Strange that they don’t want any proof of purchase though. btw I did notice since 2005 that the tuna content was getting skimpy, so I always would shake the cans to get a sense if they were full or kind of sloshy sounding. I was right all along!

  125. Kathy Durbin says:

    It’s a shame, that this is what is coming of our products. Raise the price, and lower the product and/or it’s quality. Tuna is one of the few, ‘affordable’, ‘healthy’ foods. It’s just wrong to ‘cheat’ the consumer.

  126. Omar Ramirez says:

    How many claims can a household claim with three adults?

    ADMIN – Hi Omar,

    In reviewing the long notice I don’t see a limit per household.

  127. Susan Evans says:

    Starkist is the only tuna I buy. It was very disappointed in the extra water in the cans. I needed 2 cans to make many of my recipes.

  128. Mary upshaw says:

    I’ve tried over and over to summit a claim, but it keeps going to no data received every time. It simply won’t let me fill out a claim form.

    ADMIN – Hi Mary,

    Consider filing a paper form.

  129. Noelle Malone says:

    cans were never full

  130. Deborah Waldman says:

    I eat a lot of solid white tuna as I do not eat meat or chicken.

  131. Eileen Castonguay-Kindell says:

    In the cans light on tuna lots of water

  132. Eileen Castonguay-Kindell says:

    hardly any tuna

  133. Cris C says:

    Thought it was just me & that I couldn’t get more than one sandwich from each can.
    I used so much of this stuff I’m glad there is now a suit. Does make a killer tuna dip though.

  134. tina mills says:

    I have typed 3 comments I bought a can of starkest tuna 5 oz there was only 3 tablespoons of tna the rest ws water. I’m really happy theres a lawsuit

  135. Ella says:

    I have been buying a ton of this brand tuna for years!

  136. Ella says:

    I have been buying Starkist Tuna for years!

  137. Samuel DeAmaral says:

    My family eats this product on a weekly basis. Its sad to hear from a brand we trust

  138. Liz molackee says:

    Just don’t buy it anymore

  139. Liz molackee says:

    Dont buy it

  140. Peggy Miller says:

    I always trusted this product for 35 years. Oh Charlie shame, shame, shame

  141. Dortha Haws says:

    Starkist is my go to brand. it’s amazing how corporations are cheating customers.

  142. Nichollette Yarbrough says:

    I buy 30oz of starkist tuna every month

  143. Darlene Taylor says:

    A very small amount of tuna so much water I purchase about 4 cans over yrs start tasting like lead from the top. an cat food roten…

  144. Darlene Taylor says:

    a very small amount of tuna I purchase about 4 cans yearly ..start tasting like lead from the top.

  145. Darlene Taylor says:

    start tasting like lead from the top, I purchasing cans over the yrs…

  146. Billy Blackmon says:

    I thought they were just reducing the amount of tuna that comes in the can

  147. Patricia says:

    I have been buying Starkist Tuna for years!

  148. Mirma Johnson-Majors says:

    I just thought that they were reducing the amount of product and making up the weight with something else the way so many companies do. You know only get one sand which out of the can.

  149. G. Campodonico says:

    I used to buy the albacore in water and used it to make pasta alfredo with it, my son loved it and after a while had to use 2 cans instead of 1 cause I couldn’t find the fish.

  150. Gale Kempka says:

    Just thought it was like everything else, pay the same get less.

  151. Gerald says:

    We noticed that when making it did not seem like there was ever a lot.

  152. Matt J says:

    Can’t believe this….I eat Starkist Tuna at least once a week!!!

  153. Michael Wesley says:

    Purchased many cans of this tuna for my snack after the gym.

  154. rebecca says:

    I’m a vegetarian so tuna. Tuna sandwiches are a must especially the tuna melt, and the kids love them as well.Tuna cassarole are also a favorite.
    $1.00 can is not cheap anymore and some time even more, I prefer the oil. can’t always find the oil so i have to get the water.
    I buy at 6 cans of the 5oz.oil twice a month or 6 cans of the 5oz. water twice a month.
    that’s 12 cans for the month. I have to open 3 cans sometimes 4 order to have enough to go around.
    I get the light tuna and the light tuna is not light tuna, and some cans have less than 2 tablespoons of tuna in them.
    the solid white is not always solid white.

    my daughter takes tuna for lunch. i have 1 daughter a vegetarian and grand children from both daughters that are vegetarians. tuna, salmon etc is as important to us as meat is to others.

    ADMIN – Hi Rebecca,
    If you are a vegetarian we strongly suggest that you abstain from eating tuna products. Tuna products come from a fish not a plant.

  155. kevin goad says:

    I have many of my grocery receipts with way more cans purchased than the few allowed in my online form, why can’t i submit more of these rip off cans??

    ADMIN – Hi Kevin,

    I wish I had a good answer for you. Contact the admin or ask to be excluded and bring up a separate lawsuit.

  156. Rolonda Piggee says:

    I now have to use 2 cans instead of one to get 1 sandwhich

  157. Phyllis J Kurt says:

    Have purchased many cans we love tuna did not know there was a problem

  158. Stephanie Harrison says:

    No ive spent alot on your product 25.00 willnt due look like ill be filing a lawsuit

  159. wanda says says:

    I buy star kist tuna to use in salads and sandwiches.

  160. Sherry says:

    I purcased 8 cans of this tuna. Can I get this settlement.

  161. David Carroll says:

    I buy this tuna every other week or so

  162. Katisha felton says:

    Tried to return cause it was out of date and they denied me had my receipt and all

  163. suzanne butterfield says:

    Starkist Tuna Customer during this time

  164. janice litchfield says:

    purchased had receipt even though it was outdated refused to take it back

  165. Joan lane says:

    I sent in a claim on August 29, 2015. Claim number 61244903101. Haven’t received vouchers yet. When may I get them?

    ADMIN- Hi Joan,

    You will get them when the settlement is finalized and the payments processed. It may take a while.

    • Kat says:

      I submitted my claim in August and still haven’t received my check. Dummy me, I just bought 12 cans of solid white Starkist Tuna. Guess I won’t hold my breath for that check.

    • Gary says:

      any news on when the refunds will start?? it was suppose to be 10 days after final verdict…does that mean 10 days from Dec 17th 2015?

      ADMIN – Hi Gary,

      Class actions are all about patience and perseverance. You will eventually get your check if you are a qualified class member.

  166. davey reynolds says:

    I tryed to return and was denied

  167. angela dunsin says:

    bought many can of starkist tuna in water or oil over all years in suit and most were short

  168. Kimberly Oross says:

    I have purchased many cans of this brand tuna, and have also noticed the amount of product inside has decreased also!

  169. Rachel Clark says:

    Starkist Tuna is the only brand of tuna that I have purchased over the past decades, and so did my mother. It was the only brand that I’d come to trust. As an adult, I have come to notice the amount of space in the can that was lacked product, but honestly thought nothing of it, and had come to accept it as normal. I love the tuna in oil, it’s what my mother purchased, and I have since having my own family followed suit. We have all loved the tuna over the years. Whether I was preparing tuna sandwiches, a snack, or just eating it straight out of the can, it has been a staple for at least two generations that I know of. It seems many corporations are willing to cut corners any more.

  170. Vincent Buonocore says:

    I have purchased many cans over the years (4 pack) as well as (single cans) because I really like Starkist tuna. I noticed that the cans appeared more water than tune (guess I should have weighed them). I almost stopped buying it but then started getting full cans.

  171. Nicole Furlong says:

    I have always purchased and currently have five cans of of it in my cabinets now. I get the 5 oz solid white in water.

  172. Lisa says:

    I just today weighed a can of albacore tuna in water and it weighed barely 3 oz. It’s supposed to be “4 oz. drained weight.” How do they get away with that? I think I will stop buying this brand unless they change their ways and I get what (I thought) I’m paying for.

  173. frank yam says:

    I always buy starkist tuna , at least once a week ,6 can at a time ,i stop buying it cause i notice it the tuna is less inside the can. i would start buying again since now the mistake is corrected . please send the $25 dollars

    ADMIN – Hi Frank,

    Did you read the instructions?

  174. KENNETH W, BROWN says:


  175. KENNETH W, BROWN says:


  176. ana bilal says:

    I been purchasing over the years

  177. Dawn Hull says:

    Submitted my claim immediately but never received a check. What’s the time frame for settlement checks to be mailed?

  178. misty hawkins says:

    dont know how many times i have found bone in my tuna

  179. connie Hollomond says:

    I noticed that I was eating the entire can , It was only enough for one person

  180. David jackson says:

    I have purchased about 6 can for my lunch at work

  181. Latoya sanders says:

    I buy starkist tuna every week i would lile to be eligable for this refund

    ADMIN – Hi Latoya,

    Not anymore. The deadline has passed.

  182. Wylene Hill says:


  183. Kathleen Wells says:

    Submitted my claim in August – still haven’t seen a check. Can’t imagine what is taking so long and ready to check with my state’s consumer affairs office.

    ADMIN – Hi Kathleen,

    Before you do that you may want to carefully review the dates and timelines associated to this settlement.

    • Maria says:

      Dates and Deadlines
      Exclusion deadline:
      November 20, 2015
      Objection deadline:
      November 20, 2015
      Claim filing deadline:
      November 20, 2015
      Final Approval Hearing:
      December 17, 2015 at 2:00 p.m.

      Just read this. ..

      • mallin says:

        We have received word that we will get a $25 rebate from Starkist .. claim #61227917901…when can we expect it? RJM

        ADMIN – Hi Mallin,

        We have no idea. If you share your whole email with us on Facebook we are happy to read it for you and try to see if we can figure out when you are supposed to receive the monies.

      • j goldberg says:

        Yes. Those among us who are also able to read have already read that; what it doesn’t spell out is that in class action settlements it often takes years for the actual payout to be dispersed.

  184. Katie says:

    You guys are hilarious posting your outrage over freaking tuna and commenting about your purchase instead of CLICKING THE CLAIM FORM…

    • Heather says:

      Hahaha, I was thinking the same thing Katie!! The difference of tuna they’re “noticing” is .02-.12oz and hardly noticeable.

  185. Jody says:

    It’s after the final date, any info on when claim checks will be issued?

    ADMIN – Hi Jody,

    As soon as we receive information regarding the checks we will post it on our Facebook page.

  186. Melissa Harman says:

    I filed my claim on Aug. 29 (#61230045701) and still have not received the money. Are these going to be coming soon? Thanks

    ADMIN – Hi Melissa,

    Please note that the date you file has nothing to do with the timeline to receive payment. The final approval hearing is scheduled for December 17 2015.

  187. Sue W says:

    hi – just curious, but a couple people have been told that they could see their check/vouchers mid 2016, others have been told it could take years…that’s a little confusing – I just figure when I see it, I see it lol…it is nice, tho that companies are being held accountable for their product. The big thing that gets me with this brand, or any other I’ve tried, for that matter, is the cans say “chunk” lite, when it should say “mush” lite…it’s more shredded than chunk šŸ™

    ADMIN – Hi Sue,

    We will know more after the final approval hearing on December 17, 2015.

  188. Heather says:

    Thank you Maria!!! When you get to the page, is not the first thing you should do, is read all about the lawsuit and itā€™s rules, guidelines, deadlines, etc? Itā€™s like alot of people just get to the page, scroll down, and leave a comment saying send me money or vouchers. Or they complain about why they havenā€™t received their money/vouchers. Or want to know how to they apply for it, when if they had ā€œreadā€ the info, it tells you itā€™s too late or that the final hearing isnā€™t even till Dec 17th. And yes, I guess they didnā€™t provide the tuna that was quoted, but I think itā€™s pretty nice they are doing something to show their ā€œapologizing.ā€ They could just simply apologize. Just my opinion.

  189. jd chandler says:

    When will we start getting our vouchers i filed along time ago and have heard nothing anybody know?

    ADMIN – Hi Jd,

    Because of the size of this settlement it make take many months for the admin to validate the claims and send the vouchers and checks.

  190. Andrea says:

    I love making Tuna Salad with Starkist. I begin to notice it took more cans than usual.

  191. Steve says:

    Thanks for reply. I just wondered if the Hendricks vs. StarKist tuna proposed settlement was approved at the final hearing on Dec. 17th or if the entire process was perhaps rejected by one side or the other, thus sending it back to the court system to be modified in some way?

    ADMIN – Hi Steve,

    This case is moving forward. It is finalized and the admin has 150 days to issue the checks and coupons.

  192. Angela says:

    I do not know what my claim # is. How can I find it?

    ADMIN – Hi Angela,

    Your claim # was given to you when you submitted your claim. If you lost it you can call the class action administrator and see if they can track you by name and address.

  193. Cheri Brakensiek says:

    I filed a claim in August #61019189301 and understood refunds were coming Dec, 17th. Where is my refund?

    [address removed to protect the privacy of the commenter]

    ADMIN – Hi Cheri,

    The final approval hearing was on December 17. The date of a hearing has nothing to do with the timelines for checks and vouchers.

  194. Jeremy says:

    I know its past the deadline but when were they suppose to mail out the vouchers i never recieved it yet? I submitted a claim when this was started thats why i am asking.

    ADMIN – Hi Jeremy,

    The coupons and checks are not yet in the mail. Once we hear more about this case we will post on our Facebook page.

  195. Ramon says:

    Ya i love starkist but it really sucks when i buy a can 5oz worth with my hard working_money and don’t get a full 5oz

  196. Annastasia says:

    Was wondering what the facebook page was so i can monitor about when to expect the vouchers from the lawsuit.

    ADMIN – Hi Anastasia,

  197. Christine Keen says:

    Is it true that the company has 5 months to issues the checks and vouchers? Assuming the time period started on the date the settlement was finalized that would be around the middle of May, correct?

    ADMIN – Hi Christine,

    Per the final agreement you appear to be correct in your calculations.

  198. Laura K. Smith says:

    What is the status of this settlement? I completed the form, but have heard nothing back on this. Thank you!

    ADMIN – Hi Laura,

    Please read our responses on the other comments.

  199. Cassandra Hersey says:

    How do I receive my reimbursements? I have not heard a thing and filed a claim 8/27/15 and I have the claim #. Where do I go or who do I call to find out what I need to do?

    ADMIN – Hi Cassandra,

    Please read my responses to other commenters.

  200. Lisa says:

    The website listed “” has malicious malware!!! When will the distributions be sent?????

    ADMIN – Hi Lisa,

    I just checked the website and it is working fine. As soon as I hear more details regarding distribution I will post it on our Facebook page.

  201. Jeff Smith says:

    Haven’t received the vouchers for the tuna. When should I expect it? My claim number is 61425107901.

    ADMIN – Hi Jeff,

    Please refer to my responses to other commenters.

  202. Connie Wallace says:

    I just read through the.comments on the settlement. Were we supposed to have recieved a updated email on the acceptance of our claim to advise us if it was approved.I have not recieved any neither have anyone I know..Kindly advise

  203. brendalyne williams says:

    When I I receive the benefits from the lawsuit

    ADMIN – Hi Brendalyne,

    It often takes years for a class action settlement to be finalized.

  204. Joyce says:

    Is there a site where I can get the status of the vouchers?

    ADMIN – Hi Joyce,

    As far as we know the vouchers have not been issued. We will update our Facebook page when there is something to report.

  205. Heath B says:

    Submitted my claim way before cut off date but never received a check or coupon. Still waiting

  206. Dave says:

    I would like to know what happened to my free cans of tuna. I eat alot of starkist tuna, and filed a claim. Enough is enough. Starkist please take care of your customers.

    ADMIN – Hi Dave,

    This settlement is not yet finalized. Please be patient.

    • Gabby says:

      Actually, it has been settled for at least a few weeks now. I still have not received anything either.

      ADMIN – HI Gaby,

      They have millions of claims to fulfill. It will take them a long time to get the fulfillment process rolling.

  207. Valeria says:

    Why are refunds taking so… long ?

    ADMIN – Hi Valeria,

    They are not taking long. It is not uncommon for a settlement to take years. That is the norm.

  208. Mark Johnson says:

    I would like to know they passed this move you pulled (Starkist) ????REally!!!! you know was that amended in by law because you have a deadline to pursue! so by adding this you get more time and it’s one of your best sellers so,
    NOTE: StarKist 5 oz. Chunk White in Water is not included in the class action settlement.
    Nice move it bought you time..I did both oil and water and i best your water is top leading on the list over oil..
    Anyways good luck and no matter what is at hand..i still Eat Your Tuna…)

  209. Valeria says:

    when will consumers be receiving their checks?

    ADMIN – Hi Valeria,

    As soon as we hear something about this we will post it on our Facebook page.

  210. Carolyn says:

    I would really like to know where my free tuna is to & so does my mom? It shouldn’t take that long to process $25 checks or $50 in vouchers. I haven’t bought starkist tuna since this has happened and I use to tell my husband and mom that it seemed to have more water or oil than it did tuna!

    ADMIN – Hi Carolyn,

    Please refer to responses we have given to prior commenters with the same question.

  211. Ronald Louk says:

    love star kist tuna(h2o) filed 8/29/15 is there “lite at end of tuna…” Waiting

  212. Jason H. says:

    everyone just be patient refunds are coming

    • Diann says:

      When do we get our tuna

      ADMIN – Hi Diann,

      When the settlement is finalized and the claims processed.

  213. Matt says:

    I don’t think they are going pay, everyone I know who filed a claim has got nothing.

  214. Mary says:

    What happens if you requested a check but then have to move before it gets sent out?? How do you fix that? I read that it should be finalized by mid May of this year but we are going to be moving and gone from this address by April (not sure what the new address is yet but once we do know can we request and address change?)

    ADMIN – Hi Mary,

    Two options. Mail forwarding and/or changing your address by contacting the class action administrator.

  215. Diane says:

    Hello, Any idea as to when we will receive payment? I filed by deadline. What if we have an address change?

    ADMIN – Hi Diane,

    We have already addressed this question in other comments. Please refer to prior responses.

  216. Diane Fraser says:

    Thanks answering my question. I am wondering if the company filed anymore paper work with the courts to delay sending out the vouchers and money? I know this is sometimes what happens if they don’t like what the court approved.

    ADMIN – Hi Diane,

    The company is not trying to appeal.

  217. Patty says:

    When will Starkist send the settlement? I signed up a long time ago for the class action lawsuit, way before deadline.

    ADMIN – Hi Patty,

    This settlement applies to millions of people. It will take a little while for the admin to put all the pieces in order and start issuing checks.

  218. Taunya Taylor says:

    Never received any refund what happened?

    ADMIN – Hi Taunya,

    Please note that checks and coupons have not been issued yet.

    • Linda says:

      Do you know when the vouchers will be issued?

      ADMIN – Hi Linda,

      Vouchers will be issued when the class action admin finishes processing and validating millions of claims.

  219. Mark Schmidt says:

    Me and my girlfriend and a few of our friends all filled out the rebate form. My friends got their checks and me and my girlfriend didn’t receive our checks why is that?

    ADMIN – Hi Mark,

    It is imposible for someone to have received a check as this settlement has not been distributed yet.

  220. Jim says:

    Hey, ADMIN! How about you stop the vague answers! What “Settlements” page are you referring to?? Provide a damn link! I’m moving soon, so I’d like to receive my coupons before I do so…

    ADMIN – Hi Jim,

    Chances are you are going to move before they process your claim. Remember this settlement had millions of class members. If you scroll up on this page you will notice a field that reads “contact”, right next to the word contact you will read this information:

    Hendricks v. StarKist Co. Settlement Administrator
    P.O. Box 40007
    College Station, TX 77842-4007

    You will use this information as follows:

    1. You can call the admin and report a change of address. If the admin does not have a live operator please refer to # 2.
    2. You will write to the admin using the address provided above. On your note to the admin you are to include your claim number and personal information and indicate that you need your claim to be updated with your new address. You don’t need to use a form for this you can use a regular piece of paper and envelope.
    3. Your change of address request does not need to be certified but I would highly suggest you certify it that way you have a record for your own files.
    4. As a backup measure submit a mail forwarding request at your postal office. That is a free service but only valid for a few months.

  221. G. Brown says:

    Is there any indication when the settlements will be distributed?

    ADMIN – Hi G,

    Not at this time.

  222. Andrea Worth says:

    Thank you for the info. Any form of payment should not be expected till May 2016.

  223. Susan says:

    I submitted a claim the end of August and nothing received. Almost February seems too long of time to wait. I can’t find one update on FB or anywhere else.

    ADMIN – Hi Susan,

    There are no updates yet. The class action administrator has not yet issued coupons or checks.

  224. Jesse says:

    Haven’t received my voucher it’s Feb 2016

    ADMIN – Hi Jesse,

    Due to the sheer size of this settlement the administration and distribution might take a while. To learn more about the status you could call the administrator at Call (888) 643-6376

  225. MM says:

    I filed a claim and I have since move how to I change my address?

    ADMIN – Hi MM,

    To report a change of address send a note via mail to the class action administrator. Make sure you include your claim #. You can find their address by scrolling up and looking under the field titled “contact”.

  226. Dina says:

    Dear Admin –

    I am reading over these comments and your patient replies. Kudos to you for doing this job and keeping your cool in a textual medium with all of these stupid people asking the same questions over and over without taking the time to read previous comments or replies. Good job! Gotta love the “vegetarians” wanting to know when they will get their free stuff! A vegetarian shouldn’t even BE making claims here…HAHAHA! Have a nice day!

  227. Doug says:

    I always thought there was something fishy going on with the starkist tuna cans…we used to use one can for sandwiches and sometimes we needed to use 2 cans I thought it was just me…a couple of times there was hardly any tuna just water but I never filed a complaint…was not worth it over a couple of cans….Im 55 and have been using starkist tuna for over 20 years my kids are using it now…hopefully they will change their ways…very good healthy product…

  228. ND says:

    I understand now from the Administrator’s numerous comments that it will take a long time to receive refund checks – I didn’t realize it would.

    That said, I did find the comments from others very interesting – particularly the numerous incidents reported of cans filled with mostly water or water and bones. I’m glad I had to come here to find out about the delay in refund – would never have discovered these additional problems/complaints otherwise.

    I’m going to have to rethink the purchase of this brand in future.

  229. Richard Diedrich says:

    Where the hell is my coupon? I filed for this rebate, back in Sept. I haven’t seen anything yet. I opted for the $50 dollar coupon for tuna.

    ADMIN – Hi Richard,

    It is our understanding that the admin has not yet begun distribution. This means your coupons have not even been printed or mailed. Some settlements take years to be fulfilled.

  230. Don says:

    I’ve used Starkist for years but wouldn’t use it at all if Costco wasn’t 50 miles away.

    Costco’s Kirkland White Albacore canned tuna is a much higher quality than any of the major brands.

    I’m also waiting and waiting on my vouchers.

  231. Brian Ckimko says:

    Received my $50 vouchers and my wife 2 sons and mothers got theirs plus we got 5 25 dollar checks! Thank you starkist! Love the chunk lite in water!

  232. Judy Harper says:

    I filed in time but have yet to receive anything Southborough Dr.
    Claim # 61527514101

  233. Cheryl Burns says:

    Where’s my tuna ??????

    ADMIN – Hi Cheryl,

    As I mentioned before settlements take a long time to be finalized. Chances are you won’t be eating your free tuna during lent.

  234. Gail says:

    I no longer buy the cans due to being on the road now, we buy the packets. I saw a few people had mentioned finding bones in the cans. I find them quite a bit in the packets also, very gross.

  235. charlie hall says:

    Send our rebates .You are only caning the flames against your company.Settle up now.Be honorable.

    ADMIN – Hi Charlie,

    We are not the company or the admin. We are simply an informational website.

  236. charlie says:

    chunk light is now mush

  237. pbruner says:

    i just thought it was like everything these days you pay more get less product.

  238. Amber says:

    How do I change my address??

    ADMIN – Hi Amber,

    You change your address by sending a notification via mail to the class action administrator.

  239. ReBecca Lollar says:

    it has been almost 5 months when I filed my claim & haven’t gotten mine either!!! What’s the major hold up??????

    ADMIN – Hi Rebecca,

    I don’t think there is a hold up. Most settlements take a significant amount of time to be paid.

  240. Andreia Liborio says:

    I filed my claim in August, I haven’t received my ck either

    ADMIN – Hi Andreia,

    Please refer to my other responses. The checks have not been issued.

  241. Susan Gosine says:

    Filed my claim in August, ’15 on line, the claim form receipt shows my claim # is -1(?). Will I still get my claim refund? Also, a friend of mine had 2 separate CHARGES of $2.50 on HER CREDIT CARD from the Starkist Tuna Lawsuit? What’s up with that? She NEVER puts her credit card number on anything, and doesn’t use a credit card for groceries. How did they get her number? and what’s the charge for?

    ADMIN – Hi Susan,

    That sounds strange. Please contact the class action administrator.

  242. Larry D. Hervey says:

    When will the refunds be sent?

    ADMIN – Hi Larry,

    Refunds are commonly sent when a settlement is finalized and all the claims are processed.

  243. barbra hurman says:

    My claim was filed on September 2, 2015, on line received receipt that shows my claim number and I have not received a notice or a refund from the class action lawsuit. Will it ever happen or was it just a ruse? Still waiting.

    Hi Barbra,

    I encourage you to read all the comments specifically the responses I have given other community members. A class action settlement is not like a rebate where each instance is processed upon receipt. You must wait until the whole settlement is finalized and all appeals have been completed and then you will receive monies. In some instances this process takes years.

  244. richard thistle says:

    Glad to see the full can of tuna my favorite tuna solid white in water sorry I had to file a claim

  245. BillyJack says:

    If you’re ever curious as to where to find greed in this country, look no further than a Class Action Lawsuit message board. You people are demanding something that I’m sure you had no idea about until the news reported it. Some of you even said that you’re depending on either a $25 check or a $50 tuna voucher. Seriously? Go to a food bank if it’s that bad!

    • Hungry For Tuna says:

      My food bank had a sign on a particular blank space on the shelf where you would find Starkist tuna. It said you should sign up for the class action suite.

  246. john says:

    when will payment or vouchers be sent out? How can we check if claims have been processed.

    ADMIN – HI John,

    We have no idea. For example the Red Bull case closed in 2014 and they are just barely paying it now. Be patient.

  247. Mike says:

    Also submitted a claim and never got a refund.

  248. Heidi F says:

    I filed my claim for free cans in August 2015. No refund. No free tuna. Nothing. So I no longer buy Starkist.

  249. Stephen S says:

    I filed the claim….have not heard a thing — what gives?

  250. Kris says:

    Hi Admin, I appreciate all the frustration that you must be feeling with the lack of information and the people questioning the status. If they created a website to file the claim and get additional information, it would be nice if they would provide claimants with the ability to check based the claim number. It would make things less frustrating and would be something easy for them to do. Thank you for trying to keep on top of this. The issue is with Starkist and the attorney.

    Hi Kris,

    The situation with this settlement is not claim-specific. By this I mean that nobody has yet received a check or coupons because the settlement is not quite at that stage. If the admin was to set a system that allowed people to check by claim number the response for everyone would be pretty standard. We are mainly dealing with consumers that are unfamiliar with the way a settlement works thus they get restless when the process does not advance as quick as they think it should.

  251. Linda S. says:

    What is the outcome of this claim. I submitted my claim on 8-30-15.

    ADMIN – Hi Linda,

    A class action settlement is not based on the date of your submission. It is based on the important dates set by the judge. It may be a long time before any of us see a check.

  252. Cheryl Tears says:

    This Lawsuit has taken so long, I nearly forgot about it. I NEED TO UPDATE MY ADDRESS.. PLEASE LET ME KNOW HOW TO UPDATE MY ADDRESS. It is sad when you are led to believe you are getting what you paid for only to find out it’s not true. Hopefully, StarKist has fixed this problem.

    ADMIN – Hi Cheryl,

    This settlement has not taken long. It is taking the type of time that most settlements take. To update your address you must contact the class action administrator. Their address is available by scrolling up.

  253. Jeff says:

    So, will the judge’s rejection of the settlement mean that we will no longer get our vouchers/checks?

    Will we have to resubmit our claims?

    ADMIN – HI Jeff,

    In reviewing the most recent documents I don’t see a rejection. I see this

  254. Rhonda Lane says:

    I filed my claim before the deadline and still have not received my coupons. What is going on with this?

    ADMIN – Hi Rhonda,

    I encourage you to read our responses to other comments. In short, the checks or coupons have not been issued yet. Be patient.

    • Hope Joseph says:

      We sent in a claim-the # is 60366336901 quite a long time ago. I retained the copy that it said we should keep from Aug 26, 2016 but we never received the check. I know another person who did it and received the check quite quickly. Our email is

      ADMIN – Hi Hope,

      The settlement was rejected by the judge. They are not working on revising the terms. It may take a long time before you receive any monies.

  255. Dena Livingston says:

    Myself and a family member took part in filing this claim. At this time we have recieved no response. Makes me wonder if this was a scam …..

  256. Carla says:

    Never received my tuna

  257. frank says:

    waiting to make more money so they pay with interest money good business move but i have not bought one can since suit something fishy?

    ADMIN – Hi Frank,

    At the moment this settlement is pending. A judge rejected the settlement finding that some of the terms were not fair to the consumer.

  258. ramona maynard says:

    i filed in August 2015, when are we getting our settlement.

    ADMIN – Hi Ramona,

    Not anytime soon. The terms were rejected by the judge.

  259. Sarah says:

    When is the next hearing date?

    ADMIN – Hi Sarah,

    I do not know. As soon as I hear more info I will share it accordingly.

  260. Steve says:

    I need to change my address i have moved since i filed the claim

    ADMIN – Hi Steve,

    The best way to change your address is to send a note via snail mail to the admin. Include all the pertinent info as well as your new address.

  261. perry mccarter says:

    Where’s the tuna or the money, If it was not for people like us you lawyer’s would not make million’s dollars

    ADMIN – Hi Perry,

    No tuna or money yet. The judge rejected the terms of the settlement.

  262. Rich Gibson says:

    what is the story?? is this a scam or what?? I filled out all the info on 8/28/15 and received a claim number of 61075783701 and told to retain for my records and I would get my $25.00 cash payment…got NOTHING yet

    ADMIN – Hi Rich,

    Not a scam, just delays in the process.

  263. Allen C. says:


    I noticed that reading some of the responses, one of them stated that the terms of the settlement were rejected. Were they rejected by the judge presiding over the case? And, if so, how will this affect the settlement? I am not impatiently waiting for the vouchers, I am just curious.

    Thank you

    ADMIN – Hi Allen,

    The judge presiding rejected the settlement because if hindered the consumer’s capacity to pursue future cases against the tuna packer. Basically the terms have to be revised and submitted to the judge for consideration. This may take years. Eventually we will all see vouchers or money but it may take a long time.

  264. Cindy says:

    I moved to a new address. How do I change my address for the claim?

    ADMIN – Hi Cindy

    You send your notification to
    Hendricks v. StarKist Co. Settlement Administrator
    P.O. Box 40007
    College Station, TX 77842-4007

  265. carolyn hailey says:

    i have a claim no. since sept . 1 of 2015. for $25 and have not received it. what do you mean the judge rejected it….

    are you going back to court?
    are we going to get anything–the ones that filed a claim?

    can you email us or update us on what will happen next? or by the rejection, does this mean no ones gets anything?

    ADMIN – Hi Carolyn,

    That means both parties have to come up with revised terms for the judge to consider. Once they have terms that the judge considers appropriate and fair the case will be finalized and consumers will receive payments if applicable. I can’t email you any updates but you can follow me on Facebook where I post the latest news on all the settlements.

  266. Connie says:

    I have moved since I filed a claim. Where can I send my new address to insure I receive my vouchers? Thank you!

    ADMIN – Hi Connie,

    Send a snail mail notification to

    Starkist ADMIN
    P.O. Box 40007
    College Station, TX 77842-4007

  267. lorrie says:

    I have a change of address and not really sure where to send it.


    ADMIN – Hi Laurie,

    Send a note via snail mail to the admin using the address we provide on the main page for the settlement.

  268. Jean Eisel says:

    Hi , I put a claim in on October 15, 2015….and I have not heard a thing? Have rebates been sent????

    Thank you.

    ADMIN – Hi Jean,

    The settlement was rejected by a California judge who found that the terms were not fair to the consumer.

  269. Teresa Davis says:

    Looking for my StarKist Tuna Refund? Is there a place where we can check the status?

    ADMIN – Hi Teresa,

    Per the last update the judge rejected the terms of the settlement. He did not feel the terms were fair to consumers. It may be a while before this comes to a full resolution.

    • anne knauff says:

      Teresa DAvis
      I saw your letter on starkest tuna class action .I wanted to tell u that there going back to court on march 15 2016
      I applied online in October or nov 2015 to get my cash refund for tuna fish .if u like to write back send a message to me .anne knauff

  270. Wendy says:

    Good god people read the comments posted by admin , if you need to change your address scroll to top or send it snail mail, refunds have not been sent out yet could take upto 150 days after everything is checked double check and so on .and this is a site for people who were unsuspecting and got ripped off by a major company , if you dont like then simple find some other form of entertainment , most of us dont mind paying for what we buy but thats just it we were over charged by actual weight of tuna . If you filled a claim before deadline sit back be patient ( it is a virtue) and just wait it will come .

    ADMIN – Hi Wendy,

    It appears it will take more than 150 days. Last I heard the judge rejected the terms of the settlement. He found the terms to be unjust for the final consumer.

  271. Vicky says:

    I would like the name of the judge in the lawsuit. I think he needs to be disbarred. I am beginning to think and for very good reason he was paid in…Tuna. [profanity deleted]!! Time for everyone to boycott. This tuna is probably coming from china and is probably really not tuna but maybe fido. #BoyCottCharlieTuna

    Hi Vicky,
    We commend your enthusiasm on this matter. But before you move forward and start a national movement you may want to take a moment to read why the judge presiding denied the judgement. In a nutshell he is protecting you and millions of consumers from unfair terms:

  272. anne knauff says:

    hi I filled out a claim in October 2015 for Hendricks vs starkest company to get a check refund for 25.oo I feel its a scam too its march 9 2016 today still no check in the mail .when are they going to court again .could u please email me back .anne

    ADMIN – Hi Anne,

    I normally don’t email back but I am happy to give you the latest updates via this reply.

    1. Not a scam.
    2. They are going reconvene on March 15 to address revised terms.

    You can take a closer look at the reasoning behind the denial on this article:

  273. How Do You Tuna Fish? says:

    So the judge rejected the settlement but doesn’t define what they think is fair settlement? I’m starting to think most of the people due settlements will either be dead or in nursing homes by the time they get their checks/vouchers.

    It would at least be nice if they revealed how many people made the deadline for cash and vouchers so at least WE could determine if the final payments were fair. Consumers who joined the suit by the deadline obviously found the terms acceptable. The only way it might not be if so many people signed up that the end results was something like $2 in cash or $4 in vouchers instead of $25 / $50. If the court released the numbers it would be easy to calculate. $8 million In cash would mean no more than 320,000 people could have signed up for full $25 checks and for $4 million in vouchers no more than 80,000 could have signed up without resulting in reductions in the settlements.

    ADMIN – Hi There!

    The rejection does not have anything to do with the potential amount; instead the judge is concerned with terms that were inserted after the initial approval that hinder your future ability to take legal action against the tuna packer.

  274. anne knauff says:

    when should we been getting our checks when they meet march 15 2016 .I check facebook often .thank u for answering me .anne

    ADMIN – Hi Anne,

    Not anytime soon. The judge will meet with the parties on March 15 to discuss the terms and then we shall see what happens.

  275. Theresa says:

    My God, these people act like that 25.00 or 50.00 in coupons is there only source of income or way to eat!!!! I just got a check for a class action law suit and it was settled 3 years ago…stop worrying about it….it will come, when it comes..if it does! Think of it as a surprise in the mailbox and be thankful

    • Tracy says:

      Exactly!! Someone with some sense

    • TUN4life says:

      Well said!
      Many people are asking about the money but I suspect they just want to know whats going on. There isn’t much updates available through the web; at least I couldn’t find any current news except for this thread. With all the questions/comments about the rebate status, its really sad to conclude they are just looking for an extra buck.

      TUNA for life!

  276. How Do You Tuna Fish? says:

    ADMIN, thanks for explaining why there is a delay. It would still be nice if there was disclosure of how many people signed on to receive cash / vouchers – which was known several months go when the deadline for signing up for the class action suit passed.

    Of course there is nothing to prevent Starkist from increasing their prices slightly or reducing amount in the cans by, for example – 1/2 ounce, and keeping the price the same in future years to compensate for the cost of the lawsuit. And as long as they comply with amount of actual tuna (minus liquid) for a smaller can – its 100% legal. With Starkist $12 million + legal costs is small change to the parent company from South Korea – Dongwon Industries. That’s the way it is with all lawsuits – be they tuna companies, car companies, drug companies, doctors or hospitals. In the end the lawsuit costs are distributed across all consumers of the product/service. The only exception being is if the lawsuit drives the entity out of business and they file bankruptcy.

    Companies in general are always Shrinking the quantity in the package to keep prices the same. One time I even caught the switchover. Years ago Quaker granola bars were 10 to a box and then shrank to 8 bars to box and both sizes were on the shelf at the same time. Price was the same. Of course they know consumers are price sensitive and don’t notice less in the package as much as price. Breakfast cereal companies learned that a long time ago. Now some cereal comes in boxes less than 9 ounces. They make the boxes taller and slimmer. Dominos sugar was 5 pound to a bag for as long I’ve been alive and a couple of years ago they finally reduced the size to 4 pounds while keeping price about the same. Of course as long as they are putting the stated weight in the package it legal. I regularly check Grocery Shrink Ray at the Consumerist website for heads up on these things. Maybe I should start weighing my bags of sugar? LOL

    ADMIN – Hi There,

    As you probably know I am not the admin of the settlement. You may want to try giving them a call and see if the total number of applicants is a number they are willing to discuss. I suspect participation was higher than expected just based on the amount of press coverage this case had.

  277. Tracy says:

    Dear Admin of this page.
    You are doing a great job.
    Wow there are a Lot of dumb people.
    Big Hug for you because you have to see all of the idiocy.

    For the rest of you, If you would try reading you would find the answer to your question already posted on this page

    ADMIN – Hi Tracy,

    It can be challenging at times but we are always reminded that there is a person on the other side of the screen who deserves a response. Thanks for visiting our page.

  278. Rick says:

    Just found this thread. Not worried too much about the money, but came across a saved email from when I filed a claim and thought “Oh yeah, where IS that $25?” No updates on the claim page, but this site was very informative (and a little disheartening to see how much people fret over such a little thing). Thanks to whomever is running this site.

    ADMIN – Hi Rick,

    You are quite welcome. There are plenty of food-related class actions so keep checking with us. Have a fantastic week.

  279. anne knauff says:

    what happen today march 15 2016 .I heard they went to court what happened .its says they finally settled the tuna fish settlement .can u find out whats happening .anne

    ADMIN – Hi Anne,

    Until the press releases something I won’t have anything to share with you.

  280. Keith Roux says:

    I find it funny that big corporations can stall and stall and stall because they have the big bucks while us little people who spent their money on a product we took in stride to be right and are fraudulently trampled upon, then you must wait for your result. One thing is for certain, be it Starkist or Kraft etc. once you burn me, your product does not seem to important to buy while there are so many others to choose from, makes me sick.

  281. ben says:

    oh how cute! Another tuna recall… media, word of mouth….hopefully your company wont survive….horrible pathetic company….the word is out …

    ADMIN – Hi Ben,

    Are you wishing for our destruction or Starkist’s?

  282. ken stockham says:

    I applied online unless that was all a lie as well…..have not heard a word……don’t buy starkest…..

    ADMIN – Hi Ken,

    Please take a moment to read the responses we have given to other community members. Class action settlements take time, sometimes years.

  283. andy says:

    What is the news on the settlement? Have not recieved anything yet?

    ADMIN – Hi Andy,

    We have not received information regarding the outcome of the March 16 meeting. Once we know something about it we will post it.

  284. T says:

    I haven’t received anything either. I purchased some tuna recently and it was awful. As much as I would like some free tuna, now I wish I’d asked for the money. Now Bumble Bee is recalling theirs. I tell you it’s enough to put you off tuna altogether. If my voucher ever comes I’m not sure I’ll use it.

  285. roberta marcheso says:

    I have not received any reimbursement either and this is March 18, 2016

  286. C Joseph says:

    So where is the settlement? I filled everything out and haven’t received a settlement or a letter explaining anything about this lawsuit.

    ADMIN – Hi C. Joseph,

    If you take a moment to review the responses we have given to other community members you will note that the judge rejected the terms of the settlement forcing the defendants to present revised terms. This took place on 3/16. Presently we do not know the results of this meeting.

  287. r says says:

    Filed a claim in August of 2015. Where is check from the settlement? Do I need to hire a lawyer to collect??????
    I have a claim number, now what??????

    ADMIN – Hi r says,

    Now you wait. This case may take longer than expected. Last we heard the terms of the settlement were rejected forcing the defendants to submit revised terms for the judge to assess and decide if the new terms are beneficial to consumers in the long run.

  288. Kenneth says:

    Well, I guess its about time to contact the court to let them know starkist is refusing to live up to the settlement,…and to ask for further damages be added to the settlement.

    ADMIN – Hi Kenneth,

    Unless you objected to the settlement you may not contact the court as disclosed in the long notice.

  289. Linda Johnson says:

    If I buy tuna it’s the albacore or a higher grade than the regular tuna; the regular tuna I give to my cat these days.

  290. Jenni says:

    If all I had to do was wait for a 25$ check or 50$ in free tuna life would be good. Seriously? They screwed people by misstating weight… yeah, big nono. I am in on the tuna settlement, but I don’t watch my mailbox, nor do I think about it much…

  291. Dave Malland says:

    Still waiting for compensation from Hendricks on class action suit win against Starkist. Submitted my claim on-line months ago. I smell a rat (criminals). Will call my congressman if this is not settled properly this month (March)!

    ADMIN – Hi Dave,

    I am pretty confident this settlement will not reach a happy conclusion in March. It may take a long while before the defendants present terms that the judge finds to be consumer-friendly.

  292. Richard says:

    So has anyone received either the $25 or the Tuna? Anyone at all in the entire country? Surely someone must have received it by now.
    I know I haven’t.

    ADMIN – Hi Richard,

    Nobody has received their money or their tuna. The settlement was rejected by the judge who found the terms to be unfair to you the consumer.

  293. Lisa Richardson says:

    Reading all these comments has given me quite the laugh today! And Admin, you have the patience of a saint. And those of you who say you are going to start your own lawsuits? That was some of the funniest stuff. This is not the golden goose that is going to make you a millionaire. You might get a few cans of tuna or a little cash. Forget about it, get a life, and just enjoy the results when you receive them. Not one of you is waiting on this law suit to eat dinner tonight, I guarantee. Please, read a book, go for a walk, go fishing even. If your life is consumed with the results of this settlement, I truly feel sorry for you. Sad life.

    ADMIN – Hi Lisa,

    I love your suggestion to go fishing. Perhaps tuna fishing may just do the trick…

    Thanks for visiting our website

    • hannah says:

      Lisa, I totally agree with you!!!! I was laughing also. I enjoyed the argument over feeding tuna to your cats or not. LOL! Have a great day going out into the world!!!

  294. anne knauff says:

    there notice about the tuna star kist that we will probably get our rebate check towards the end of the year .I don’t think its fair anne

    ADMIN – Hi Anne,

    Why don’t you think is fair?

  295. Chloe Paukune says:

    My claim has not been filled Claim Number is 60779573601 August 27 2015.

    ADMIN – Hi Chloe,

    Great to know. Now I encourage you to patiently wait for this case to be resolved under new terms that the judge presiding the case feels are fair to you and thousands of consumers.

  296. Rick says:

    Since the judge shot it down do we automatically lose? Do we have to re file? Just curious, I’m more of the go fishing type. Ha! Thanks

    ADMIN – Hi Rick,

    No need to file again. You just need to wait until the defendant comes up with terms that the judge finds fair.

  297. Lyndall Riedel says:

    Where’s my refund!!? It’s been 6 dos!

    ADMIN – Hi Lyndall,

    Have you taken a moment to read my other responses? If not please spend a little time reading the comments.

  298. Frank says:

    Why did we agree to the $50 in tuna product or $25 in cash if the settlement was not finalized….the system is such as joke in this country…understand people, they delay the funds (so far $12 million or about $10 million in cash) for a year or two or more so that StarKist can make approximately half back in interest over the several year period, people in the settlement die, get sick, move and don’t change their address and that’s money the corporation gets back and saves and it doesn’t pay out. Why did we waste time filling out forms and agreeing to the amounts if the settlement was not finalized? It would seem that we would fill out forms agreeing to the final amounts when a final amount is reached.

    ADMIN – Hi Frank,

    The judge is looking after consumers in general who are short sighted in their vision. Basically he wants to make sure that there is an option to take action against Starkest should they decide to engage in business practices that are unfair or illegal.

  299. LemonHed says:

    Reading these post was a fantastic way to relieve a little stress this afternoon. I filed my claim some time ago and will sit patiently, but am truly fascinated by all of the apparent damage this has caused to so many people’s well-being!

    Admin, it was stated prior, but I will say it again: Patience of a saint. Wow. Just wow.

    ADMIN – Hi There!

    Thank you for your sweet words of encouragement. Some of the comments and questions coming my way make me seriously question the efficacy of our educational system. Have a fantastic day and keep visiting.

  300. Mark says:

    gee, now i have to live in the same place until i get my tuna? (sarcasm off) lol

  301. Mark says:

    where are you moderating from, London? noticed the time difference.

    ADMIN – Hi Mark,

    I don’t moderate in real time. I go in and read comments when my schedule permits. Sometimes it may take me a whole day or more to get to comments.

  302. Charlie the Tuna says:

    Are you serious? Gonna call my congressman! Do I need to get my own lawyer? You people are insane. 99.99% of you probably didn’t hear about this lawsuit until it was big news online in August and now you want to act like this $25.00 is going to solve all your financial problems in life! Get a grip, if you need $25 that bad get in touch with me and I will let you mow my yard!!!

    ADMIN – Hi Charlie,

    How large is your yard? I charge a minimum of $50. šŸ™‚

    • Patricia Schumann says:

      Well gee Charlie, if they shorted us on tuna in the cans, I could say the same thing! If they needed the money that much to rip off consumers, I do not feel sorry for them. Pay back!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  303. william says:

    It is unbelievable i have summited my claim on August 31,2016. So far i have not gotten
    anything i am a can fish lover. I eat Starkist Tuna almost every day in all the way that i can prepare it, anyways i will still eating and bying it. But i puted my claim because i bought specially that brand.

  304. Momski007 says:

    Ditto LemonHed Hope they take their $25.00 and use for Remedial Reading Course.

  305. MikeB. says:

    So what happens if we move and the forwarding ends before they decide to send out stuff. What do we do in that case. I might be moving soon to different address and want to make sure that I get the vouchers.


    ADMIN – Hi Mike,

    You send a note via snail mail with your claim number and new address to the address provided in the main settlement page.

  306. mili d s says:

    When do we get our refund or voucher?

    ADMIN – Hi Mili,

    In the not so near future. This case is taking longer than expected. The next update will be on April 21st

  307. How Do You Tuna Fish? says:

    Trying to interpret all the lawyer babble in the filings is daunting. Its another reason why people don’t like dealing with lawyers. They seem incapable of writing anything in plain English. For any court document a “translator” should produce a summary that the average person can understand.

    From what I can see the next important date is another hearing April 21st? And its all about a couple of people on the Plaintiff side involving a few words here and there about including anti-trust once or twice and other minor word changes? Hopefully the judge will finally say what the language should be and get this over with.

    Was there any word on how many people actually signed up for the lawsuit so one could determine what the actual payout per person will be? I’m guessing based on all the press last summer/fall the amounts will be probably be cut in half or close to it. Especially since no proof was required in
    order to be eligible.


    You are correct on both counts. Participation was high so expect a smaller settlement and the next key date is April 21st.

  308. Marie Jones says:

    I don’t think we’re getitng anything. If you can, copy and paste this into your browser. Here’s a small excerpt from the article:

    February 23, 2016, 6:07 pm
    Tom Seaman

    A US judge denied final approval of a $12 million settlement for consumers accusing Starkist of selling under-filled cans of tuna, stating the terms unfairly limit the possibility off future antitrust claims against the company.

    Although the court ā€œrecognizes the costs stemming from a denial of final approval, in light of the reservations identified, all of which were raised by objectors, it cannot conclude that the ā€œproposed settlement is fair, reasonable, and adequateā€, according to the court document, filed on Feb. 19.

    ADMIN – Hi Marie,

    What this means is that the terms have to be revised to be more consumer-friendly.

  309. Nicole M says:

    Does anyone know how we’ll be notified when the settlement is finalized and the vouchers will be sent out? Do we just need to keep checking back here?

    ADMIN – Hi Nicole,

    Best way to find out the latest is to follow our Facebook page. I am prompt to post updates as soon as I hear something.

  310. Nicole M says:

    Also just started reading more of this thread and agree some of this quite sophomoric. With that being said, let me apologize if you had already answered my previous question. I just didn’t have the time nor the patience to read through all of it. I truly appreciate what you (admin) are doing. Thanks for wading through the muck and providing some answers.

  311. William Paul says:

    Just wait and see what the final results will be

  312. How Do You Tuna Fish? says:

    What happened in court April 21st? 2 weeks later and nothing. No new court documents that I’ve seen. Did the hearing take place?


    I have not seen any updates on this case. I suspect it won’t go forward until the judge receives terms that are fair to consumers in the long-run

    • Jeff says:

      Eh…. those terms were fair… 50 bucks worth of free tuna for people, 99 9/10% of whom (myself included) had no idea that they were getting “screwed” by Starkist. Personally, I think that sounds abundantly fair. šŸ™‚

  313. How Do You Tuna Fish? says:

    I guess we should all put a note in our Wills as to who gets the check/coupons since its likely most of us will be 6 feet under by the time they send out checks/vouchers. Its been a month since the last hearing and nothing. Not even a filing regarding the results that I can find.

  314. Alane Younger says:

    It’s now Feb 2017 and have received no settlement or rebate!!! Has anyone received yet?

    ADMIN – Hi Alane,

    This settlement was paid many months ago.

  315. Colleen Ward says:

    What was the final ruling ? When will the notice of the settlement and/.or the settlement be sent out ?

    ADMIN – Hi Colleen,

    Everyone got a $4 check because so many people applied for it.

  316. m wince says:

    Where’s my rebate ????

    ADMIN – Hi Mr. Wince,

    I have no idea. The checks were sent last year.

  317. colleen ward says:

    I am interested in the final settlement of the Starkist hearing . When will notification and/or rebate be sent to everyone in the class action suit ????

    ADMIN – Hi Colleen,

    This settlement was paid a year ago.

  318. Robin Martin says:

    I’ve not received mine either. This was very poorly orchestrated.

  319. John I says:

    Admin: I have an official claim form receipt, with a claim number, from 8/27/2015. No check or proceeds have ever been received. All contact information on the claim form receipt is accurate. Where, or with who, can I follow up upon the non-receipt of the settlement funds?

    ADMIN – Hi John,

    This settlement was paid many months ago. I don’t think you have any recourse at this point.

  320. Linda Stupar says:

    I filed 8/28/15 and have a claim number but I have no Product Voucher or Claim Check.
    Please advise us who have not received our claims what are the next steps to take.
    Thank you.

    ADMIN – Hi Linda,

    You are way too late. This settlement was paid out months ago. The window of opportunity to submit a request for investigation of missing checks is probably closed.

  321. Connie Griesbach says:

    I haven’t received my settlement either. $4 or $25, doesn’t matter. I have received nothing, but sounds lots of other folks didn’t either. What gives?

    ADMIN – Hi Connie,

    At this point there is very little you can do. It has been a long time and the settlement no longer has funds.

  322. Barbara Bower says:

    I submitted a claim #61970406801 9/26/15. To date have not seen a payment. I have changed my address as of 12/1/16 and would like to know how to provide you with the change of address. Please email that information.

    ADMIN – Hi Barbara,

    Please wait a few months for an update. These things take time.

  323. Joan Grups says:

    We filed a claim October 11, 2015 and have still not received a settlement. Is this still active? I have our claim number.

    ADMIN – Hi Joan,

    This was paid out months ago. If you did not receive your check it was probably lost in the mail. Too much time has passed and there is no recourse.

    • Christina says:

      So here it is, almost April 2018 and STILL I received nothing. So some got it and some didn’t? So for those if us who didn’t, we just gave all our information for nothing? And now we are being told there is nothing we can do about it?? Why is that fair??

      ADMIN – Hi Christina,

      Nobody has received anything from this settlement.

  324. william says:

    something is awful fishy with recieving my invisible voucher from my claim!

  325. Real Fishy says:

    Never saw a dime, eat tuna a lot. Time to switch brands.

  326. Frank says:

    I filed a claim last year and still haven’t received anything. Each time I checked, it said to wait as things are still pending. Was this a scam??

    ADMIN – Hi Frank,

    This was paid a few months ago. There was a large number of participants and people received like $4.

  327. Steve says:

    I don’t know who this “Admin” person is who’s telling people here that ” This settlement was paid a year ago.a year ago” because the settlement wasn’t final-approved until October/November of 2016. So obviously that is false information. Also, there were no checks for $4 as the Admin claims. Checks are only supposed to be for about $2.20. So again, more false information.

    I plan on calling Starkist tomorrow to find out what’s going on as I too have not received any vouchers. If they claim to have sent out the settlements then something underhanded is going on if this many people have not received any reimbursement. Perhaps we need file another class action lawsuit…

    • Laura says:

      did you ever find anything out? I haven’t heard anything either, and I filed a claim as well!

  328. lois spurck says:

    I didn’t receive anything and I have a claim number, won’t ever buy this crap again and I’m going to spread the word. Thanks for the watery, tu a flavored sandwich. Really helps a single mom, who chose your crap.

  329. Lisa Wallace says:

    How can I change my address?

    ADMIN – Hi Lisa,

    To change your address you submit a written request to the admin using the contact info provided above.

  330. Latoya Gilbert says:

    I would need to change my address and telephone number

    ADMIN – Hi Latoya,

    Please send a letter with your claim number to the admin, include your old and new address.

  331. D says:

    If anyone would check the site…
    “UPDATE ā€“ March 2017 ā€“ The District Court granted Final Approval to the Settlement but there were appeals filed, meaning the Settlement is not yet final. Appeals can take months or years to resolve, please be patient and check this site for future updates on the status of the Settlement.”

  332. Shirley Williams says:

    My address has changed. It is 2825 Bluegrass Lane, Apt. 608, Henderson, NV 89074. It was 5933 Natures Drive, Las Vegas, NV 89122. My phone number has changed. It was 702 218 0536. My current number is 702 351-5010. Please update.

    ADMIN – Hi Shirley,

    We don’t update addresses here. You must reach out to the admin

  333. Linda says:

    I have not received any settlement and I filed August 30,2015. When will we receive anything?

    ADMIN – Hi Linda,

    We don’t know. This case has been delayed.

  334. Sandi says:

    how do you let the admin know about your new address?

    ADMIN – Hi Sandi,

    I usually do it by mail. I send a little letter with my claim number my personal info and my new address

  335. Mary Morwald says:

    Still waiting. Don’t forget about us.

  336. Joleane Stroud says:

    I think its a SCAM bc I ve paid out of my checking account twice to get into the law suit Rather get my money back ive moved to a nother location , no guarantees so give me my 6 bucks back

    ADMIN – Hi Jolene,

    Who did you pay? You Should never pay to be part of a class action settlement.

  337. Pat McAndrew says:

    I applied years ago and never got a certificate for product. What?

    ADMIN – Hi Pat,

    This case has not come to completion yet.

  338. Chris Casteel says:

    when will this be resolved? still waiting

    ADMIN – Hi Chris,

    We don’t know.

  339. Linda says:

    Hello, I bought the Starfish Tuna’s mentioned between those dates. I would like to know if there is a claim form?

    ADMIN – Hi Linda,

    The deadline has passed. You may no longer apply.

  340. Angel Rohan says:

    still waiting for my refund, it’s been a long time, what is going on with this?

    ADMIN – Hi Angel,

    It is still tied up in court.

  341. Paul D McCartney says:

    First the disappointment of feeling cheated then a glimpse of remorse with the offer of a small refund/replacement. Still no justification. It has been almost two years since I have filed. Is there any end in sight. sincerly very upset consumer.

  342. David Davis says:

    This whole thing seems like a big joke on us still waiting for a refund/voucher. What gives admin?

    ADMIN – Hi David,

    It is all about the appeals.

  343. doug says:

    People don’t get your hopes up on the refund….they are dragging there feet …by the time its settled a lot of people will have died or moved and the pay out will be much less for starkist that’s what their plan is…..I used starkist Tuna for years, and because of the long wait I decided not to purchase their products anymore…..If they want to put the screws to the customers we should put the screws to them…don’t buy their products until we get our settlement…StarKist…. we customers have been very patient…stop with the appeals and get this lawsuit settled…

    ADMIN – Hi Doug,

    I am with you. Let’s not eat tuna anymore.

  344. andrew sloane says:

    I never received formal docs or any rebate. Please advise. Andrew Sloane

    ADMIN – Hi Andrew,

    This settlement is under appeals

  345. Alfred Ortiz says:

    I have a claim number, Would I still be eligible for it? If so who do I contact?

    ADMIN – Hi Alfred,

    This settlement is under appeals

  346. Claudia Clark says:

    As of today 7/19/17 you are telling me that the settlement is under appeals meaning no one that has filed a claim with in deadline has received zero? I have a claim # and my address has not changed. Comments dated earlier sounded like vouchers were sent but no one received and people calling scam. Please verify and thank you for your time on this.

    ADMIN – Hi Claudia,

    Yes it is under appeals, the direction of this settlement has changed so many times.

  347. joan dlaey says:

    I never got mine filed on time by the date specified

    ADMIN – Hi Joan,

    This settlement is under appeals.

  348. Jennifer Arizpe says:

    Is there a way we can change our address on file? I’ve since moved and divorced so I’d need to change my last name on file as well.

    ADMIN – Hi Jeniffer,

    Send a certified letter to the class action administrator.

  349. Doug Reese says:

    Hello: Filed September 22, 2015, but have heard nothing. What is up with this?

    ADMIN – Hi Doug,

    This settlement is under appeals.

  350. Dale Walker says:

    WHERE’S MY TUNA? It’s been 2 and half years. LOL. I guess I’ll go back to Skippy peanut butter.
    Let’s not let TUNA divide us as a country. God Bless us, because we need it .

    ADMIN – Hi Dale,

    You are awesome and I am giving you tuna for your birthday.

  351. Dale Walker says:

    all we have is tuna

  352. Mary Parsons says:

    confirm # 6218158001
    What is the status?

    ADMIN – Hi Mary,

    In order to confirm details regarding specific claims you have to contact the class action administrator directly. For your convenience I have included their contact info above. Just scroll up.

    • angelo felici says:

      where is my rebate

      ADMIN – Hi Angelo,

      This case is under appeals so you won’t see money anytime soon.

  353. Timothy Weaver says:

    What if I move? How do I update my contact information?

    ADMIN – Hi Timothy,

    Via snail mail using the address we provided for the class action administrator.

  354. DONNA HARRIS says:


    ADMIN – Hi Donna,

    No action needed aside from waiting. The settlement is under appeals.

  355. DONNA HARRIS says:

    MY CLAIM #62536328901 WOULD LIKE REPLY

    ADMIN – Hi Donna,

    The settlement is under appeals and nobody will get anything until the appeals are resolved.

  356. Mops says:

    Have not received anything for this settlement

    ADMIN – Hi Mops,

    Thanks for the update. Please note that this settlement is under appeals.

  357. GMWillis says:

    nothing here!

  358. Robin M Justice says:

    I would like to thank ADMIN for taking time to respond to all the comments regarding NO CHECK/COUPONS yet, You have said “it is under appeals” which means NOTHING YET! I am sorry people are not reading your comments about compensation, but I for one appreciate your time answering the same thing over and over!

    ADMIN – Hi Robin,

    On a more positive note the Quorn settlement was paid this week. Vegans all over received hundreds of dollars.

  359. Fay says:

    Still waiting on whatever I’m supposed to get…this was my Claim: 60668930301……I have since moved and no mail was forwarded and none received…..Wow

    ADMIN – Hi Fay,

    Case is under appeals. Nobody has received a penny from it.

  360. Christine L Hamner says:

    I’m very patient and grateful….

  361. P. M. Davis says:

    What is the Status of the Case and payment @ this time? I know these cases may take months or years but a notice or status should be issued at the end of the years for participants.

    ADMIN – Hi P,

    Nothing has moved forward.

  362. lois Collins says:

    just came across my claim form receipt dated October 15, 2015, have awards been awarded or are we still waiting,

    ADMIN – Hi Lois,


  363. Gail says:

    I’m still waiting for my 50 dollar voucher for tuna when are we getting it?

    ADMIN – Hi Gail,

    You will not get $50, you will get like $3 or $6 when all appeals have cleared.

  364. Harry A Peden says:

    I`m still waiting to hear some news. My claim # is 60375199801. Harry A. Peden

    ADMIN – Hi Harry,

    This settlement has not yet being paid.

  365. Dorothy K Martin says:

    Admin::::Could you please provide your address so one can update their most recent information? I have since moved also & would like to provide my new information, but I have no idea where to send this to or to who it should be addressed to. Thank you in advance

    ADMIN – Hi Dorothy,

    Scroll up and look under the subheading titled “contact”

  366. mary ann scalera says:

    made claim years ago claim number 62304878001

    ADMIN – Hi Mary,

    This settlement has not yet been paid.

  367. Robert B Condoian says:

    I am beginning to think this class action suit is a scam.
    I submitted my forms many,many years ago and have received nothing, nada, zero, zip from anyone.
    I have not moved nor changed any of the information submitted.
    What the heck is going on?

    ADMIN – Hi Robert,

    This case is still under appeals.

  368. Jim McKittrick says:

    Still waiting to receive settlement for my claim #60738263401.
    3 years is a long time to process this claim.

    ADMIN – Hi Jim,

    Still under appeals.

  369. Teresa Quesenberry says:

    Does anyone know if there is a way to update your address for the lawsuit, in case it ever Does get settled?? I’ve moved at least 2 times since filing (and even if you only move once…address forwarding is good one year and this has gone on for 3 so far). I’m probably even more screwed on this than we all were already by Starkist & the lawyers!!!!

    ADMIN – Hi Teresa,

    Send a registered letter to the class action administrator with your claim number and new address.

  370. carrie martin says:


    Is this claim still in appeals? Its been awhile since I filed it

    ADMIN – Hi Carrie,

    Yes, this remains in appeals.

  371. Carol Masters says:

    How do we update a mailing address while this is still in the appeals process?

    ADMIN – Hi Carol,

    Please send a postcard with updated information to Hendricks v. StarKist Co. Settlement Administrator
    P.O. Box 40007
    College Station, TX 77842-4007

  372. Pamela Carafello says:

    Can we change our address and email online?

    ADMIN – Hi Pamela,

    I don’t think so. I believe you need to write a letter.

  373. John Miles says:

    i still havent recieved a single thing from starkist. i also still have around 5 cans that i have saved just in case I need to prove they ripped me off. are they hopeing we will die before they make this crime right?

    ADMIN – Hi John,

    Case remains under appeals but I don’t think it is because they have something against you personally.

  374. Robin McNeely says:

    Filed a claim online and still never received my coupons this has to be a scam.

    ADMIN – Hi Robin,

    No, this is still under appeals.

  375. Cheryl says:

    Hummm???? All smells FISHEY to Me. Filed claim. Hear nothing. Appeal after appeal. Sounds like all this was designed to make the attorney’s and judges pocket money which leave us poor saps with nothing. Not even a single can of Tuna. This Stinks.

    ADMIN – Hi Cheryl,

    It is not uncommon for settlements to remain under appeals for years.

  376. Ellis Eff says:

    If the attorneys cared at all about the class members, they would update this every few months. Even if it’s just to say “still pending.”

    ADMIN – Hi Ellis,

    No updates basically means exactly that.

  377. John H Johnson Jr says:

    This StarKist pleading guilty to price fixing help settle our claim?

    ADMIN – Hi John,

    I believe this case is under appeals.

  378. Sherry Bauer says:

    I filed a claim on August 27 2015, still have cans in my house, found the printed receipt with claim number, but I have moved and need to submit a change of address, How would I do this. Still waiting for my tuna, my granddaughter wants to eat what is here.

    ADMIN – Hi Sherry,

    Submit your change of address via mail to the class action administrator.

  379. Roger Mann says:

    I wish had an update on what going on with Starkist Tuna Lawsuit as I did submit in it and was told I would be told as things change ..well have heard nothing yet since I contacted about it and submitted my claim 2 years ago

    ADMIN – Hi Roger,

    This remains under appeals.

    • Lee says:

      Hi, a friend said she received her voucher a while ago. Is that correct?

      ADMIN – Hi Lee,

      Not for this tuna settlement. There was another settlement for organic tuna that took place.

  380. Roger Hollon says:

    I read that the appeal was upheld in October 2018. How do I get info on how to claim awarded settlement.

    ADMIN – Hi Roger,

    You may no longer file a claim as the deadline has passed.

  381. magnusfl says:

    same here 2019 and no coupons
    Your Claim Number is 60227619601. Please retain this number for your records.
    PrintCase Code: August 26, 2015 and due to it I been boycotting them

    ADMIN – Hi Mag,

    This settlement remains under appeals. Nobody has received a thing. That is quite normal for cases with this level of complexity.

  382. SHARON says:

    Any new updates on this… April 2019 and I have still not receive my settlement!

    • Angelica (Admin) says:

      Hi, Sharon. Thanks for your message, and sorry to hear that. However, we ( are *not* the settlement/claims administrator of this case — we are only an online “newspaper” of various class action settlements involvingĀ various companies. Please contact the Settlement Administrator directly, if you haven’t already done so. The details are stated above. Thank you, and best of luck.

  383. Richard says:

    Any update? It’s April 15th and still no vouchers.

    • Angelica (Admin) says:

      Hi, Richard. Thanks for your message, and sorry to hear that. However, we ( are *not* the settlement/claims administrator of this case — we are only an online “newspaper” of various class action settlements involvingĀ various companies. Please contact the Settlement Administrator directly, if you haven’t already done so. The details are stated above. Thank you, and best of luck.

  384. Garnet Hahn says:

    I have moved since filing my claim, and also have a new email address. How do i change my address?

    • Angelica (Admin) says:

      Hi, Garnet. Thanks for your message, and sorry to hear that. However, we ( are *not* the settlement/claims administrator of this case — we are only an online “newspaper” of various class action settlements involvingĀ various companies. Please contact the Settlement Administrator directly, if you haven’t already done so. The details are stated above. You can only change your address directly with them. Thank you.

  385. Harold says:

    Please provide a current status for all of us with timely filed claims.

    • Angelica (Admin) says:

      Hi, Harold. Thanks for your message. However, we ( are *not* the settlement/claims administrator of this case — we are only an online “newspaper” of various class action settlements involvingĀ various companies. Please contact the Settlement Administrator directly, if you haven’t already done so. The details are stated above. Thank you, and best of luck.

  386. Christina Madden says:

    Just wondering if I am ever going to get my voucher? And if so do we know when?

    • Angelica (Admin) says:

      Hi, Christina. Thanks for your message. However, we ( are *not* the settlement/claims administrator of this case — we are only an online “newspaper” of various class action settlements involvingĀ various companies. Please contact the Settlement Administrator directly, if you haven’t already done so. The details are stated above. Thank you, and best of luck.

  387. Christina Madden says:

    I filed a claim for this lawsuit in the time frame that was allowed. I have since moved and also I believe have a different email address. How can I update that info so if this ever actually gets settled in my lifetime I can get what I selected.

  388. Amber says:

    I received $2.38 today.

  389. azbrat says:

    Any suggestions as to how to claim your $2.38 refund if you did not receive the email? Is there a process to verify that your claim number has been paid and to claim the funds outside of the link in the email?

  390. John H Johnson Jr says:

    Surprise, September 20 2019 is the day we’ve been waiting for.

  391. Greg says:

    Looks like there was some settlement on 9-20-2019. Not sure what will be coming other than a “thank you for all the money we made” from the lawyers.

  392. barb king says:

    Got a check for $5.03 today. Better than I thought it would be considering how many people lied about purchasing the tuna in question.

  393. barb king says:

    Correction: It was a coupon for product. Sorry.

  394. Leslie Britts Parkinson says:

    I received a voucher today for $5.02! WooooHooo

  395. ds says:

    Anyone else get a coupon for $5.03 off a purchase of starkist tuna cans? It was labeled from the lawsuit but all this time for a $5 off coupon :C

  396. Pat Burke says:

    For all of you who are waiting for your StarKist windfall, I got my reward yesterday, September 26, 2019.
    I filed in August 2015 when I first became aware of the lawsuit, and my patience was rewarded with a $5.03 off coupon on the purchase of any 3 StarKist products.
    My dreams of a $50.00 payday were dashed when I went to my mail box yesterday, I hope the lawyers do better than I did.

  397. John Wassum says:

    My grocery store refused to honor the coupon because it didn’t have an expiration date.

  398. Robert P Poklemba says:

    I got my $2.38 check yesterday.

  399. Susan Jaffe says:

    I haven’t heard anything or received anything about the about the Starkist Settlement. When will I hear anything and get my money?

    • Angelica (Admin) says:

      Hi, Susan. Thanks for your message, and sorry to hear that. However, we ( are *not* the settlement/claims administrator of this case — we are only an online “newspaper” of various class action settlements involvingĀ various companies. Please check the settlement website for any updates on the issue, and/or contact the Settlement Administrator directly, if you haven’t already done so. The details are stated above; just scroll up. Thank you, and best of luck.

  400. Lisa Wallace says:

    Hi Angelica, i too never received any voucher or settlement. i only have a claim form receipt. the phone number and links to the case above are no longer valid. Any suggestions on how to make contact? thank you

    • Angelica (Admin) says:

      Hi, Lisa. The Claims deadline expired and so the settlement website has already been taken down. Also, even if we wanted to help you, we couldnā€™t. Weā€™re just a class action newspaper ā€” not the Claims Administrator of this case.Ā As a last resort, however, we recommend that eligible claimants checkĀ the National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators (ā€œNAUPAā€) website viaĀ www.unclaimed.orgĀ for updates on when late claimants can claim their funds — unless the Settlement Administrator already disbursed any unclaimed portion of the fund via charity donations.Ā Best of luck.Ā Ā 

    • Shannon Dearman says:

      I also never received anything and I had proof… Someone is scamming

  401. Frank Scaglione says:

    I still have not received anything from this lawsuit and I do have a Claim Number. As someone previously stated, the telephone contact number is no longer valid. Does anyone have a good contact for those of us who have yet to receive a settlement?
    Please provide via email.
    Thank you!
    Frank Scaglione

    • Angelica (Admin) says:

      Hi,Ā Ā Frank. Sorry, but the Claims deadline expired in 2105, as you can see above. As weā€™re just a class action newspaper ā€” not the Claims Administrator of this case ā€” I’m afraid we have no further updates on this matter.Ā As a last resort, however, we recommend that eligible claimants checkĀ the National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators (ā€œNAUPAā€) website viaĀ www.unclaimed.orgĀ for updates on when late claimants can claim their funds — unless the Settlement Administrator already disbursed any unclaimed portion of the fund via charity donations.Ā Best of luck.Ā Ā