Class Eligibility
Class Members include all U.S. residents who purchased or leased one of the specific Subaru vehicles listed above between 2011 and 2015.
  • 2011-14 Forester (below VIN *529004)automatic
  • 2012-13 Impreza 4-Door (below VIN *033336)automatic
  • 2012-13 Impreza 5-Door Wagon (below VIN *886714)automatic
  • 2013 Crosstrek (below VIN *856139)automatic
  • 2013 Legacy (below VIN *048086)automatic
  • 2013 Legacy (below VIN *048086) automatic
  • 2013 Outback (below VIN *321435) automatic
  • 2011-15 Forester (below VIN *543624) manual transmission
  • 2012-15 Impreza (below VIN *270253) manual transmission
  • 2013-15 Crosstrek (below VIN *270284) manual transmission
  • 2013-14 Legacy (all) manual transmission
  • 2013-14 Outback (all)manual transmission
Estimated Amount
Extended Guarantee Extended 8 year/100,000 Warranty and Oil Reimbursement. The Subaru class action settlement will award Class Members an extended warranty, as well as cash reimbursement for costs related to an oil consumption repair.
Proof of Purchase
Case Name
Keith Yaeger, et al. v. Subaru of America Inc., et al. Case No. 1:14-cv-04490-JBS-KMW and Robert Tedesco, Jr., et al. v. Subaru of America Inc., et al., Case No. 1:14-cv-06317-JBS-KMW, District Court for the District of New Jersey
Case Summary
Subaru of America Inc. is agreeing to settle this class action in which they are accused of manufacturing a vehicle that burns excessive oil.
Settlement Pool
Subaru of America, Inc. Customer Retailer Services Department Attention: Oil Consumption Settlement P.O. Box 6000 Cherry Hill, NJ 08034-6000 855-384-8926

26 responses to “Subaru Oil Burning Class Action Settlement”

  1. Gelbert Fuentes says:

    Since I purchased the Forester2011 I been having problems with oil consumption and noisy engine at start up and valve or rings rattle noise when going from speeds 0 to 25 . Subaru dealer never found the problem the dealer simply said that the car is like that period .

  2. Linda Stabley says:

    My 2011 Subaru Forster is in repair of engine for the second time in one year time period. I am concerned that the problem will never be fixed and I belive should be considered a lemon. The mileage is less then 66,000. I am greatful that I have an extended warenty but that will not last forever and it was expensive.

  3. Joanne O says:

    Just last week my engine light came on in my 2014 Crosstrex and it was a faulty oil valve. I too have an extended warranty so it was covered except for the $100 deductible. I believe this was probably the issue with the other brand new 2014 Crosstrex I bought, but got replaced by Subaru. Under 500 miles Less than 1 month old had the same problem and after 3 repairs went to corporate Subaru legal and they made the dealer take back the lemon and get me a new vehicle. Definitely this issue continues seeing the 2 emails, yet no formal recall on the oil valve.

  4. Jeff says:

    This settlement was bullsh!t. I just found out. Nobody sent a letter to the car owners. My car burns oil like theres no tomorrow. Know im out of luck because the deadline pasted.

    ADMIN – Hi Jeff,

    I invite you to follow me on Facebook and sign up for our newsletter. That way you will never again miss a class action settlement.

    • Miguel says:

      I just purchased my 2012 subaru inpreza and im just finding out about the lawsuit what can i do if i have the problem

      ADMIN – Hi Miguel,

      You no longer have legal recourse under this settlement. In the future check for recalls and settlements before purchasing a car.

    • Deborah Greene says:

      I just got off the phone with Subaru. I bought a used 2013 Legacy. I’ve had to replace the oil 1400 miles and then 2800 miles after that. I was not aware that I was involved in any sort of lawsuit either

      ADMIN – Hi Deborah,

      Unfortunately, at this time there is nothing else you can do.

    • Tracy Landry says:

      I have a 2015 Legacy Limited 3.6 Automatic. The first time I noticed oil on the floor of my garage. Brought to Subura of Clearlake, Tx. They had to put a new head gasket. Got my vehicle back 3 weeks later. Noticed oil on the floor of the garage floor again!! Brought back to Subura of Clearlake, Tx. They told me it was a faulty head gasket and had to change again?! Was in the shop another 3 weeks. Less than a week later we noticed oil on the garage floor. Brought back to Clearlake Subura. They told me one of the mechanics stripped out the oil plug!?!?!? Was in the shop for another 3 weeks. Picked Legacy up and they told me to bring car back in two days because they had to do two oil changes?!? Brought back and they changed the oil twice?!? Two days after that , we drive to San Antonio to spend a weekend there. On the way back the motor made a weird noise and blew a piston in the motor which we were 114 miles away from home stranded. Contacted Subura roadside assistance and was told our warranty was out?!? So I have to leave my wife and two boys on the side of the road to go home to pick up my truck and flatbed trailer!?! They wanted to charge us 1200 to tow Legacy and another 300 for Uber. Once I get home I had to break a window on my back door to get in my home because garage door opener was on the Subura Legacy?!?!? Made it back and picked family and car up. Clearlake had my Kegacy towed and it’s been in the shop for a month now?! Thoughts??

  5. Craig Greff says:

    We have a 2013 Forester. It reached 90,000 miles and between the last oil change and now I have added 4 quarts of oil between changes. Where is the extra warranty info located.

    ADMIN – Hi Craig,

    According to the notice which is posted on the official page for the settlement the terms for the extended guarantee are as follows:

    If you are a Settlement Class Member who qualifies under this provision, you don’t have to do anything in order to receive the extended warranty. Subaru will notify authorized dealers regarding the Settlement and the extended warranty. You are not required to submit a Claim Form to receive the benefit of the 8 year/100,000 mile Extended Warranty.

  6. Stanley Peng says:

    Can Subaru still be sued with Lemon Law? I want to return my 2013 Outback. The engine oil light comes on every fewer than 2000 miles and I have been adding a quart of oil. I had a oil consumption test last year(2016) and the dealer told me there was no issue after an $80 out of pocket cost, only to find out soon after that the light came on. Dealer actually gave me 2 quarts of 5/30 oil for free and I had to use the first quart right away and then soon the 2nd after in less than 4000 miles since the oil consumption test. The test was faulty with overfilled oil to begin with. Why can’t Subaru just take on the fact that consumers are complaining and have to take the time to visit dealership? Having owners brining their cars back to dealership is already bad enough. Do you see the picture of pissed owners?

    I called the dealership today and was told my car was on the list of extended warranty based on oil consumption class action lawsuit. I demand a short block replacement(a risk that the Outback is screwed forever after visit to the shop) but was told to do another oil consumption test at a cost of now $90. This is a catch-22 situation that I waste my money and time with possibly another faulty test, yet have to add oil every fewer than 2000 miles.

    This sucks.

    To add another thing: the lightbulb of a low-beam headlamp was out and I was shocked to see that it’s nearly impossible to replace it without doing yoga and scratching to my arm and hands. This design is just simply stupid and whoever did this should be fired. What recourse do I have with this light bulb thing?

    This also sucks.

    It’s like marriage – perfect to start but starting to find shits that keep pushing ours threshold. My divorce with this car would happen if Subaru of America were found to be simply negligent. I have a 1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee AWD with quarter million miles – that’s call love. Subaru, you need to redefine your marketing.

    ADMIN – Hi Stanley,

    I am not prepared to provide legal advice. You can certainly contact a lemon law lawyer and get your questions answered .

    • Stanley Peng says:

      Fired away. Since I am opted out on this weak settlement thing, I have the right to seek lemon law against Subaru.

      ADMIN – Hi Stanley,

      We wish you excellent results. Please keep us updated.

  7. Michelle Lewis says:

    I had the same issue with my 2009 Outback with a Turbo engine, but that model year was not included. Any advice?

    ADMIN – Hi Michelle,

    If you believe this would qualify as a class action you can always contact a class action lawyer to see if they are willing to open up a case.

  8. M A says:

    I bought my THIRD Subaru Forester in 2014 and got so much BS from local Subaru dealership that “really nothing is wrong” with the oil consumption problem that I traded the POS in for a Rav 4 this past October. At 60K miles and the oil light always coming on before time for oil change (with the oil pan practically empty), I could not risk burning up my engine and being left without recourse. Subaru NEVER contacted me about my complaint or about any extended warranty. I travel frequently in my car for work and cannot be without a vehicle that “really, nothing is wrong” with. Any thoughts?

    ADMIN – Hi MA,

    Have you considered hiring your own lawyer to see if they can assist you?

  9. Laurie alberti says:

    I have a 2011 Subaru Forester which is consuming excessive amounts of oil. I have been complaining about this since 2016. Dealer and Corporate headquarters did not help me. Now at 170, 000 I am told I am out of the warranty. My car was in the dealer in 2017 at which time they checked off “Engine oil level & condition/leaks” none. My car was just in again and they checked off the same box, They fixed the catalytic converter for 1500.00 which was most likely damaged from the oil consumption.
    I was never contacted from Subaru of America or the dealer to advise me to come in for an oil consumption test.
    I called the attorneys for the class action suit, but was told it was settled? What are the options for those of us who are still fighting this issue?

    ADMIN – Hi Laurie,

    You don’t have much in the way of recourse. Try a lemon law attorney

  10. Judith says:

    My 2011 Subaru Forrester engine just blew 1 week ago. It is still being investigated by licensed and certified mechanics other than subaru. I have pictures and more evidence that the main bearing was in pieces and chunks and shavings were found in the front casing or cover and this is how Subaru treated me today…(see below)…needless to say i will never and i hope nobody else ever buys another subaru.! Hey everyone there are other 4wd suvs and sedans out there!!!
    Dear Judith,
    Thank you for this information. Unfortunately, with the information provided we cannot explain why this happened nor can we justify any assistance towards this repair. In order to justify financial assistance you must provide a full service history for the vehicle. If the vehicle is not properly maintained there is a chance that the engine will fail.



    fax 856-488-3016
    (make attention to SR#) Sincerely, Christopher Dickinson Subaru of America, Inc. Customer/Retailer Services Department 1-800-SUBARU3 (1-800-782-2783) Service Request Number: 1-30177034696

    ADMIN – Hi Judith,

    Thanks for sharing this with us, Hopefully you will be able to come up with maintenance records as well as documentation from the mechanic currently conducting the inspection.

  11. Carol says:

    I had the short block replaced in my 2011 Forrester last year. I’m still burning excessive oil. The car has 72000 miles on it. Should I have the short block replaced again or do have any other recourse?

    ADMIN – Hi Carol,

    We are not qualified to provide mechanical advice.

  12. says:

    I bought a 2017 impreza manual in 13,800 miles i have had to add 2 quarts of oil said they wanna do oil consumption test for 1200 miles thats bullshit i know they are gonna try and blow me off and do nothing so guess i will be off to the dealership to see how many people i can scare away from buying their lies and junk so pissed off right now bought new car and have to work on it like its junk

    ADMIN – Hi L,

    Sorry about that. If you feel there is a chance that many people are experiencing the same consider reaching out to a class action attorney.

  13. Jody Howard says:

    I called Subaru to confirm my 2014 Subaru Forester was part of this settlement. Yep you are covered they said. They did not clear it with the Service Manager at Dean Team though, Jeff Price, let me know that they were not in the business of giving away free oil changes and I’m not eligible. Well that wasn’t a good start so I asked him to call Subaru to confirm this is part of a SETTLEMENT. He wouldn’t, I was trying to scam them. I ended up talking to one of the Dean family. They had to tell Jeff that if the owners wanted to do this and Subaru wanted to do this then Jeff’s opinion didn’t matter. Well he started the oil test after being dressed down and sheepishly apologized after Subaru confirmed I was right all along. The oil test is drive 1200 miles and come back and they would see how much oil was used. When I came back the oil was low but Jeff quickly told me it wasn’t a problem. I would have to lose a quart of oil during this 1200 miles to be eligible for the repair and I had only lost one ounce. How do you know how much I lost was my foolish question thinking this was some kind of scientific test. We looked at the dip stick was the reply. And you can tell how many ounces of oil I lost from the dipstick? Yep, we are specially trained said Jeff. Another call to Subaru, Jeff isn’t right. It isn’t a quart of oil in 1200 miles it is one third of a quart. I offered to send my video to Subaru of checking the oil myself that day but Subaru indicates it can only be verified by one of the exceptional service managers, no other means of getting the repair other than have someone like Jeff confirm that their is a problem. So my car has dropped two quart of oil in the last 6 thousand miles but I’m screwed because the courts can have judgments but they aren’t going to work unless Jeff says so. A complete waste of my time, frustration beyond words. Don’t buy your car from them like I did, don’t have your car serviced by them like I did and don’t trust the class action lawsuit like I did.

    ADMIN – Hi Jody,

    Thanks for sharing. Consider contacting class counsel.

  14. Tamara says:

    2015 Forester, at 72,000 miles I’ve had to add a quart of oil in between oil changes for about 1 year. I had 1200 miles left until my next oil change last week and the oil light came on! The dealership did the oil test for free months ago and said that the oil consumption is normal! They gave me one free oil change. No one at the dealership mentioned the oil burning problem but why would they – it doesn’t help the Subaru image. I did research on the Subaru before purchasing it in 2015 but didn’t see the oil consumption problem. I think that I will go back to Toyota. I never had to add oil between oil changes with my camry! This is NOT a normal problem and irresponsible for a company that markets itself as so selfless and helping the planet! Lesson learned. . .

  15. uberu says:

    Called the lawyers in CA who settled the class action with Subaru. Was told that the extended warranty applies to all the vehicles with the VINs listed in the settlement regardless whether the current owner ever joined the class or not. Can you corroborate?

    ADMIN – Hi Uberu,

    Refer to FAQ it should give you clarification .

  16. Dave says:

    Our 2017 Forester sti (2.0 turbo) is at the dealer having the engine replaced. 30k miles. We had issues with oil consumption. 1 qt. Every 4k miles. Service dept did compression test and 1 cylinder had low comp. On acceleration we had check engine light no shift switch to sport mode by itself also ticking sound. Smoking exhaust. The model year looks too new for the recalls. Is it?

    ADMIN – Hi Dave,

    It is.

  17. Mss says:

    2011 Subaru Forester, all maintenance done, my odometer is at 31,800 I need $5,000.00 of work due to head gasket leakage, fouled sensors, engine harness and GOD only knows what else. I bought new, 5 miles on odometer. Subaru says it is my fault because I don’t drive enough. I have owned Subaru products since 1982, never believed could be treated so poorly by dealer and SOA. Interesting the number of females on this thread… if low mileage will blow the engine, perhaps there should be a low mileage warning light on the dash. I would think they should have notified car owners since they did not do an official recall. How honorable.

    Subaru, you should be ashamed, and, I am still dealing with the dishonest dealer. Would be interesting to see the ratio of men to women and who get factory help and who is refused. Yes, lemon law still applies, anybody want to pursue, en mass?

    ADMIN – Hi Mss,

    Consider getting a personal attorney that specializes in lemon law.

  18. Lynda Mintz says:

    It was interesting reading all your comments. I have 2011 Forrester and did not join the class action suit because at that time I was not having a problem. But now I do! I know it’s too late but I will take the advice and contact a lemon law atty or class action atty. WHY haven’t they fixed this stupid problem by now?? I was surprised to see how many newer models have this problem. The dealer did tell me that there was a leak inside the engine and for $2000 they would take it out and seal it and put it back. Whaaattt??? I didn’t do it, so now deciding what to do. I did get extended warranty info but that was ridiculously expensive. Time to get a Prius.

  19. Jean Zadeh says:

    I purchased a new 2015 Subaru Forester 2.5i in May 2014 and have had excessive oil consumption problems that have worsened since I purchased it. I am due for my next oil change in 2,500 miles and have already had to add oil, which is quite frustrating. I have had my vehicle looked at by dealerships on several occasions and have been told that there is nothing wrong with my vehicle. I decided to look online today to see if others are having this problem and it appears that I am not alone. Do I have any recourse regarding this problem?

    ADMIN – Hi Jean,

    Not via this settlement as the deadline has passed.

  20. JeanBeere says:

    I bought the same model, same year Forester as Jean Zadeh. This is beyond belief. I hope another lawsuit goes through for the rest of us. What if our VIN number falls in line with the class action suit but it’s “labeled” 2015 not 2014? I was told at the dealership it’s not covered because its a 2015 model. I said yes, but I bet it has a 2014 engine.

    ADMIN – Hi Jean,

    I would contact class counsel to see if you can get another lawsuit started.

  21. Shane Vasquez says:

    I am the owner of a 2012 Subaru Impreza which was one of the vehicles in which Subaru put defective parts in.

    Around a year and a half ago, I had gone to the dealer while my vehicle was still under warranty, complaining about high oil consumption. Their staff told me that it was “normal” for these vehicles to burn oil at a high rate and completely neglected to tell me about the lawsuit. At the time I didn’t know about any engine recalls nor the lawsuit.

    Over the past month or so I’ve had almost a constant smell of burning oil even after a fresh oil change, and now this past weekend I noticed oil in my exhaust.

    My question for you is, is Subaru to be held responsible for this? They knowingly neglected to alert me about this issue while I was still under warranty and now that I’m no longer under warranty, my engine is about to go because of their neglect.