Class Eligibility
Purchasers of Sylvania covered products from Sept. 22, 2005 to July 11, 2014. Products included are
  • SilverStar ULTRA, SilverStar, XtraVision or Cool Blue replacement headlight capsules;
  • SilverStar, XtraVision or Cool Blue sealed beam headlights; and
  • SilverStar fog or auxiliary lights.
Estimated Amount
$10 minimum per valid claim Note this is just an estimate and the amount may be more or less depending on the number of valid claims.
Proof of Purchase
Not Required (If you received a notification in the mail you don’t need to submit a claim. You will automatically receive a check).
Case Name
Imran Chaudhri v. Osram Sylvania Inc.,, Case No. 2:11-cv-05504 District Court for the District of New Jersey
Case Summary
The plaintiffs alleged that the manufacturers of Sylvania headlights overstated the brightness, road visibility and life expectancy of some of its premium headlights. Sylvania reportedly sold as many as 60 million replacement headlights during the Class Period The defendants deny the allegations and stand by their advertising. The defendants however, have agreed to settle out of court to avoid the expense and uncertainty associated with a long litigation process.
Settlement Pool
Sylvania Class Action Settlement Administrator P.O. Box 1939 Faribault, MN 55021-7194 Seattle, WA 98124-5123

40 responses to “Sylvania Headlight False Advertising Class Action Settlement”

  1. amy becerril says:

    i have purchased sylvania.

  2. Gail McDew says:

    I purchased sylvsnia headlight on my on my 1995 Jeep Cheroke in 2003.Both of my front Left and Right Were replaced

    Hi Gail,
    I encourage you to submit a claim for the Sylvania headlights class action settlement. You don’t need a receipt.

  3. Tom Cashel says:

    I’ve had at least two sets of these headlights in the last 5 years

  4. eric barker says:

    I have installed silverstar light bulbs on 3 of my vehicles, 1992 honda civic,2000 dodge durango, 2004 honda accord.
    i have replaced both headlamps in each one.

  5. Joel says:

    Why do you reply to say you bought it? It would seem that you would submit a claim and let that be that… Plus I miss the humorous quips in the case summary. KCCO

  6. Mark says:

    So how much of the $30 million will go to the attorneys?

    $10 settlement? It’s a joke! How about a full refund of the purchase price? My SilverStar Ultras lasted 9 months, roughly 400 hours. FYI, that is well below the industry standard of 800-1000 hours for halogens.

  7. Johnny Wilson, Jr. says:

    I purchased two for a Nissan

  8. I bought one of these and thought it was defective when it died in 3 weeks so I had another one put in. That one lasted a few months. Replaced it for second time with a different brand.

  9. Robin says:

    I don’t know which kinds I bought. I bought one a couple of years ago for a lexus and one over the summer for a Kia. How do I find out if it’s the right kind?

  10. Skip Clements says:

    These lights are sub standard. I purchased two for my Nissan Morano and two for my Ford Explorer.
    Both burned out within 6 months.

  11. Barbara McCormick says:

    I purchased the bulbs

  12. Jason Surrett says:

    I bought some if these headlights for my jeep

  13. Hayley Serketich says:

    I purchased these bulbs for my mazda

  14. Linda sullivan says:

    I have replaced these bulbs multiple times. Thought my car was defective but now I think it’s the product.

  15. Victoria Morgan says:

    I have bought Cool Blue replacement headlight capsules from Sylvania Headlight

  16. michael bradley says:

    l bought some for 2008 dodger charger and a f-150 ford in july 2012.

  17. Wendy says:

    My suburban had these and one of them went out a couple of weeks ago and caught on fire. Now I have $8000 worth of damage. I got the settlement card in the mail last week about the class action thing and thought it was ironic. Has anyone else had a problem with fire from these?

  18. Joe says:

    I have purchased many silverstar bulbs and never had any of them fail or burn out.On my accord they are about 10 years old .Im willing to bet the ones having problems is because you did not install them correctly.when you install these bulbs you cannot touch the bulbs with your hands or fingers because you will leave oily residue which will cause the bulb to burn out.Read the package it says this on the instructions.Also if the bulb you install is not fully in its socket or its housing it will melt anything near it which can result in a fire.

  19. Jo Montgomery says:

    the deadline says March 15, 2015 but the claim form says the deadline to file claims has passed. ???? this should be removed from active refunds.

  20. Jo Montgomery says:

    Oh even I got the date wrong – March 20th, 2015

  21. Jon says:

    Bought ours in April, burned out yesterday. Looks like I’m outside of the claim window.

  22. Dave reppucci says:

    I’ve purchased 3 sets of sylvainia headlights for each of my cars in the past

  23. Diane Parker says:

    I purchased headlight for my in may of 2014two have we out. Need tobuy some more’ I need them.

  24. chase says:

    I got a card in the mail over a year ago when are they paying

  25. Maureen says:

    When can we expect a check? I filled out the claim form a while ago.

    ADMIN – Hi Maureen,

    According to their website this class action was finalized on June 3rd 2015. The defendant has 90 days to send payments out.

  26. Kenneth says:

    Got my check today 8-14-15 eleven dollers and seventy cents woo hoo i think a stick in the eye is better

  27. Edward Marrs says:

    I do not remember buying this bulb ,and I received a check payable to Phil Marrs ?

    ADMIN – Hi Edward,

    If you did not purchase the bulbs and your name is not Phil just return the check to the sender.

  28. Shaun says:

    I received a check today for $11.82 that should cover half of a light bulb. Lol

  29. Tim says:

    Got a check the other day, unexpected but will go put it in the bank.
    In regards to the bulbs directly, have had no issues with them and have had them in two vehicle and each for well over a year. Performance is satisfactory and longevity good so far.
    Were they as bright as claimed? Do not know, I did not put a light meter to them or do a apple to apple comparison against another.
    One of the other respondents mentioned installing properly and I agree, if not installed properly for these bulbs or any high intensity bulb, they will fail. i.e. Do not touch the bulbs, wipe clean of oil dirt, seat properly, etc.
    Nonetheless will cash the check, but like many such Class Action suits, my feeling is that this is a overblown, lawyers will make big money (approx. $10 million) and for the most part their is nothing wrong with the bulbs if installed properly. Just away for some lawyers to bring in money and due to the cost of our legal system, easier for Sylvania to settle than to keep paying big money to drag this on through the court systems while paying high legal fees, experts testimony, doing third party testing, etc and than to have the claimants to just file another appeal and drag it on even more.

  30. Natasha Richardson says:

    I receieved a check in the mail, but the name os completely WRONG, not even close. Whom do I talk to in order to get it reissued? I went to the website and it is down. This seems like a crapshoot to me.

  31. Dan Martin says:

    I have gone through 3 different sets of Sylvania products. Two sets of silverstars and one set of extravisions. I used them on my 91 jeep cherokee. All bought at Autozone in Taft, CA. The longest run was 8 months on the extravisions. The light output minimal and the pattern was scattered at best. Very disappointed.

  32. Efrain says:

    A full refund would of been nice…

    ADMIN – Hi Efrain,

    You are so late to this.

  33. Bobby Torrez says:

    Had silverstars in all of my vehicles and never heard anything about this they should take this down my father in less got a check a few days ago he passed away almost 2 years ago how did he get it

    ADMIN – Hi Bobby,

    He received a check post-mortem because he applied as a class member while he was alive.

  34. Alvaro Gomez not know what wrong says:

    I just but silver Star ultra light for Kia optima LX 4 cylinder head lamp when out

    ADMIN – Hi Alvaro,

    Not relevant to this settlement.

  35. Mike Ratledge says:

    How do you make a claim? I never got anything about it and I purchased four or five sets.

    ADMIN – Hi Mike,

    You are too late. This has been finalized and paid.

  36. A R E says:

    Dont buy this crap brand and dont believe andvance or silvania false advertising they just respond that you wont qualify for something but never will give you a real explanation

    ADMIN – Hi Are,

    This settlement was paid a long time ago. Why are you griping about it?

  37. kevin says:

    i have not received a check or was i notified by the mail. i have an 2001 3500 dodge. last year i had an issue with the brightness of both headlamps. the lights came on but, where not bright and the high beam indicator light on the dash came on. they (bulbs and new head lamp assy) where bought in 2012. the light blub melted the wires and head lamp assy. then finally blew/ melted the fuse along with the wires..and i have not found the recipet. so my lost…. but fyi i take ever light and replace them to another brand including my house… lost a customer….

    ADMIN – Hi Kevin,

    It sounds like you had a far more complex issue than the one tackled by this settlement. Regardless, if you were a member of the class by all means contact the administrator to figure out the whereabouts of your little check.

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