Class Eligibility

You are a member of the class if you own a Mazda vehicle with a Takata brand air bag. To verify if your vehicle is included in this settlement please utilize the VIN checker here

Specifically as follows:

A current owner or lessee of a Subject Vehicle distributed for sale or lease in the United States and all of its territories and possessions, as of June 9, 2017, or

A former owner or lessee of a Subject Vehicle distributed for sale or lease in the United States and all of its territories and possessions, who sold or returned, pursuant to a lease, a Subject Vehicle after April 11, 2013 and through June 9, 2017.

Estimated Amount


As a member of the class you may be entitled to one or several of the following remedies:

  • An Outreach Program;
  • A Rental Car/Loaner Program;
  • An Out-of-Pocket Claims Process;
  • A Customer Support Program; and
  • A potential Residual Distribution.

Proof of Purchase


Case Name

In Re: Takata Airbag Products Liability Litigation Mazda Settlement
No. 15-MD-2599-FAM
United States District Court for the Southern District of Florida

Case Summary

The lawsuit alleges Mazda manufactured, distributed, or sold certain vehicles containing allegedly defective inflators manufactured by Takata Corporation and TK Holdings, Inc. that allegedly could, upon deployment, rupture and expel debris or shrapnel into the occupant compartment and/or otherwise affect the airbag’s deployment, and that the Plaintiffs sustained economic losses as a result.

The lawsuit pursues claims for violations of various state consumer protection statutes, among other claims. Mazda denies that it has violated any law, denies liability, and denies that it engaged in any wrongdoing with respect to the manufacture, distribution, or sale of the Subject Vehicles.

Settlement Pool




Click here to check the deadline that applies to you. In most instances the deadline will be 11/1/18


Auto Airbag Settlement Settlement Notice Administrator P.O. Box 3207 Portland, OR 97208-3207 1-888-735-5596 (Toll-Free)

22 responses to “Mazda Takata Airbag Class Action Settlement”

  1. David says:

    Can I claim medical expense on this claim. Metal fragments cut my face and arms and had to go to the hospital after the accident.

    ADMIN – Hi David,

    Refer to the settlement agreement which reads as follows:

    Notwithstanding the Release set forth in Section VII of this Agreement, Plaintiffs and Class Members are not releasing and are expressly reserving all rights relating to claims for personal injury, wrongful death or actual physical property damage arising from an incident involving a Subject Vehicle, including the deployment or non-deployment of a driver or passenger front airbag with a Takata PSAN inflator.

    • Ron H. says:

      I wish to make claims for the “non-deployment” of the Takata Airbags, from an accident in my 2003 Dodge Ram ,while in Alabama .Inwhich injured myself and my family members .Also ,I purchased a 2016 Mazda 6 , in 2016, inwhich I still own today.Can my family and I be compensated for damages ?

      ADMIN – Hi Ron,

      This settlement is not for non-deployment. For non-deployment you may need to contact a personal injury attorney.

  2. Del says:

    Does my 97 626 fit in there anywhere? Thanks

    ADMIN – Hi Del,

    Did you use the tool provided and entered your VIN to check?

  3. dan whitaker says:

    When will the class members start to see some of the benefits of the lawsuit??

    ADMIN – Hi Dan,

    Air bag replacement is happening as I type. As for cash reimbursements those will take way longer.

    • Dan whitaker says:

      It is now may, any update on refund checks? Everyone knows these vehicle have or had bad airbags and the value had gone down like the Titanic!

      ADMIN – Hi Dan,

      I am not aware of any updates.

  4. Kimberly Miller says:

    What if I sold a vehicle after receiving a claim to have the repairs made to my airbag and didn’t get it fixed. Would I still qualify?

    ADMIN – Hi Kimberly,

    I don’t think so. But the current owner would.

  5. Kelly says:

    I use the verification tool it says that my VIN number is eligible or whatever. I was the sole owner of the car bought it brand-new in 2006. I have the bill of sale from the car dealership but in late 2016 possibly January 2017 normal wear and tear issues we’re developing on the car and I had received a notice from Mazda in the mail in regards to this issue with the airbags and between all of that I decided it wasn’t worth fixing the car so I had it junked .would I still qualify

    ADMIN – Hi Kelly,

    It includes a former owner clause but I believe it is only for expenses. Please refer to the long notice.

  6. Cynthia A Hockert says:

    My Mazda qualifies but there is not a “certified Mazda” dealer in my area. Now what?

    ADMIN – Hi Cynthia,

    You will have to find the nearest Mazda even if it is a drive away.

  7. dan whitaker says:

    Do we have a date on when settlements will be passed along to the consumers.

    ADMIN – Hi Dan,

    The repairs tend to happen right away. Cash reimbursements take longer.

  8. R G says:

    Whats the results of the final Feb 8 2018 hearing ?
    On the original card i got in the mail it said something about $5k per applicant, is that the case ? or whats the amount each applicant will get ?

    ADMIN – Hi RG,

    Please refer to question 9 on the FAQ.

  9. Jessica says:

    I had a vehicle that had the recall but it was totaled before I was able to fix it. Am I still eligible since technically I had the vehicle.

    ADMIN – Hi Jessica,

    Former owners are also members of the class.

  10. R G says:


    i double checked, and the letter i got in the mail said the following:
    The court will hold a hearing on October 25 2017 to consider whether to finally approve the settlement and a request for attorneys fees up to 30% of the Settlement amount and award of up to $5000 to each Class Representative.

    I can send you an email with the card i got back in the summer if you provide me with your email.

    Please advise how this changed now to $225

    ADMIN – Hi RG,

    You need to contact the class action administrator to get the details regarding distribution.

  11. R G says:


  12. Rachel says:

    How long will this settlement take to be finalized (approximate date)?

    ADMIN – Hi Rachel,

    I don’t know. I do know that Takata was seeking bankruptcy.

  13. Denise C Hughey says:

    Has the settlement refunds begun being sent out yet

    ADMIN – Hi Denise,

    Nobody has reported checks to us.

  14. Riley S Waubano says:

    Did anyone get a check from this settlement? yet?

  15. Dan whitaker says:

    Just wondering is the money back a farce and did the attorneys get all the money???

    ADMIN – Hi Dan,

    The attorneys will get their share and you will get yours in due time.

  16. David Dwyer says:

    Is it true payments started going out in November.

    ADMIN – Hi David,

    I have heard a similar rumor but I do not have confirmation.

  17. Ro Baptiste says:

    How do I update my address?

    ADMIN – Hi Ro,

    By mailing a letter to the class action administrator.

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